Hind Khoudary

Things are just not what they seem

The cover image to this piece is a classic, recognisable shot. A brave Palestinian journalist in Gaza, reporting from the front lines.

With no way of fact-checking ANYTHING happening in Gaza, the world’s media is completely reliant on these people. And from the BBC to loud-mouthed celebrities on social media – they all seem to believe everything they are fed. Mainstream media generally has a poor track record for accuracy, but when Israel fights against radical Islamic terrorists in Gaza – the standard of reporting enters a whole different level of foolishness.

It is time to meet journalist Hind Khoudary

Hind Khoudary – the Journalist

Hind Khoudary is an independent journalist from Gaza. She has 72,000 followers on X and 334,000 on Instagram.

Hind Khoudary 2

She regularly posts updates on what is taking place – and her posts are shared virally – such as a claim just this morning, that Israel had struck a school:

Turkish news agency Anadolu are one of the agencies that currently describe her as their correspondent. Yesterday she was giving them eye witness testimony about how hundreds of Palestinians were killed at the Jabalia camp:

Khoudary also writes for Middle East Eye, and here she is reporting in 2020 for Al Jazeera:

Hind Khoudary – the terrorist supporter

Incredibly, this Gazan journalist is a known terrorist supporter who has openly promoted lying to protect the resistance. Worse still – everyone already knew about this. In 2019, I had caught Khoudary openly supporting terrorists. In this tweet of hers. the glorification of violence (‘nothing better than entering ‘paradise’ with machine guns’) is undeniable:

These two Islamic Jihad terrorists who were killed in action (the terrorist group claimed them) – were described by Khoudary as heroes:

Here is one of them when he was not trying to pass himself off as a civilian:

And finally, this incredible retweet. Hind shares a post about how each person is ‘responsible’ for the security of Gaza – and instructs everyone to self-censor in the name of Palestinian national interest and to ‘back the resistance’. She is openly admitting she is a lying propagandist:

The Hamas snitch

Until my 2019 expose, Amnesty International had (incredibly) used her as a consultant. She is one of those that helped Amnesty ‘prove’ Israel was an ‘Apartheid state’ with her oh-so-honest reporting. Amnesty had even described her as a human rights activist.

The reality could not be more different. Rami Aman was an activist living in Gaza who worked on building bridges between Israeli and Palestinians. On Monday, April 6, 2020, he took part in a zoom call alongside some Israelis – and Hind Khoudary attacked him and the event. In a string of toxic posts on Facebook she denounced the event – eventually tagging 3 Hamas officials to get Rami arrested (or worse):

Within a few hours of her post Rami Aman was arrested by Hamas. He spent six months in jail, and when released he escaped Gaza and went to live in Egypt.

Hind Khoudary tells the UK – Israel targets civilians

Don’t think her lies don’t reach you. Here is the lying, terrorist supporter being given a platform by Channel 4 – and telling the UK audience that Israeli forces are still targeting civilians:

Do our channels do no due diligence at all? A simple search of her name would have exposed the truth – so they clearly did not bother.

Hind Khoudary spreads lies and propaganda – she supports terrorists – and works with Hamas to silence any dissent. Nothing coming out of Gaza can be verified. From the BBC to the NYT they all rely on these Gazans with ‘press jackets’ to tell them the truth. They feel they have no choice – and they place no advisory on their reports from the Hamas controlled strip.

Sadly much of our media has become an unforgivable mouthpiece for the Hamas propaganda machine.

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61 thoughts on “Things are just not what they seem

  1. I feel for all the Kaddish for Hamas nonces and all the Western wankers who see stuff like this from terrorist shite like Ghazi Hamad on GB News, Sky News, Al Jazeera (but definitely not the BBC) and don’t grasp the simple truth. They’re next.


    So, by all means let them expend their energies on poking Jews on social media and tearing up posters of hostages, some as young as 9 month old hoping they’ll avoid a kicking or worse. It will not save a single one of them when the savages realise they can’t beat us and turn their attentions to them. Good luck lads !

  2. Thanks for that, David. I think it’s beginning to dawn on people that the MSM in the UK and the USA are not to be trusted.

    The misreporting of the incident at the Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza where the BBC’s Jon Donnison rushed to report that Israel had bombed the hospital and that some 500 ‘innocent people’ – patients, doctors, medical staff and others – had been killed within 30 minutes of it happening might have proved to be the turning point; and this was exacerbated by the BBC’s mealy mouthed ‘apology’ that perhaps the content of their report could have been ‘better expressed’.

    But the BBC have learned nothing from this debacle and continue to simply repeat what Hamas tell them: the report on the 1,500 civilians killed in the Israeli bombing of the Jabalya refugee camp is a prime example.

    And the refusal of the BBC to call Hamas terrorists terrorists implies that they are not and that our government and others are wrong in calling them that makes a mockery of the BBC’s claim to impartiality and honest reporting and implies that they know better, but the high heid yins at the BBC are either too dumb and/or too bigoted and/or too arrogant to see that.

    We need to expose the perfidy of the BBC and other MSM which act as mouthpieces for those who would destroy us.

    1. Brucie, seriously? If you’re looking to avoid a kicking or worse from Abdul and the Mahdi Massive you’re gonna need more than that. You’re barely touching the sides with that (and not in your normal way). I’d go back to the Holocaust shtick and maybe some decapitated Jewish baby gags. That may spare you the knife but I can’t promise.

    2. JJ the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

      You are so low down that you are scraping the barrel.
      But then Stockley Carmichael and you would get on just fine because you would be his perfect little puppy dog. He used to like his passive lit white slaves on a lead

  3. David, your technique is obvious – criticise the MSM so that they will bias their reporting in favour of the racist apartheid State, even more heavily than they do now.

  4. What’s the arrangement between yourself and “The Embassy”? How much are they paying you to spew your hate?

    Over to you David 🎤 🇮🇱

    1. That’s more like it Brucie; bold, visible and easily found when your back’s to the wall, Abdul’s knife at your throat and you squealing like a girl “I’M NOT A REAL RABBI. IT WAS A WIND UP.”

      You and your old dears mind how you go.

      1. In your dreams “Ian.”

        More likely I’ll be presented with a Palestinian award for the work I’ve done, both online and in person, to help destroy the apartheid Zionist state and make the world a better place.

        Over to you David 🎤 🐙

        1. Careful Brucie, you careless clot. You’re not supposed to answer to Brucie remember. Abdul and his crew will rumble you and have their scimitars at your scrotum faster than you can say “I’M NOT A REAL RABBI. I WAS JUST WINDING UP THE JOOOS.”

          Focus man, focus.

          1. Wrong again “Ian.” The only ones who’ll be given the scimitar treatment will be the apartheid state and its apologists.

            1. Never been good at getting your story straight have you Joey lad ?


              To say that you are as thick as pigsh1t would actually be an insult to p1gshit


              1. Old Brucie’s all of the place Ken and who can blame him.

                Imagine spending years copy/pasting “genocidal ZioNazi, apartheid Israel” slogans a million times only to discover that the Abduls hate goyim like him just as much and want his knackers on a skewer. Not saying Western whitey has woken up to this unpleasant reality. All the Kaddish for Hamas nonces are still pretending that their appeasement of slaughter coz it was Jooos will save them when the Mahdi Army comes a calling. It won’t. Sad fucks.

  5. If Israel is really that bad – why doesn’t the IDF just carpet bomb Gaza

    By today (2.Nov.23), sadly, some 20 IDF soldiers already died heroically while fighting the fascistic brutal Gaza regime.

    But why does Israel sacrifice its finest, brave, young precious soldiers going street by street?

    And this is not today with 242 hostages at the tunnels. 

    This was always the case, humane Israel risking its lives by going door to door, engaging in dangerous urban warfare – where the enemy is the only side that seeks civilian deaths of both sides.

    Gaza, Lebanon, Judea Samaria, Ramallah, you name it. Any anti terror operation. 

    And while Israel will keep sacrifice for the sake of human lives, haters will utter the fake G word. But not on genocidal Hamas charter, rhetoric, aims, plans, or other jihadists for that matter.

  6. Gaza City now encircled by the heroic IDF

    The end is certainly nigh for Hamas


    Did somebody say….intifada ??


  7. In this shul, we believe Hamas is an anti-colonial indigenous resistance who will be remembered as heroic freedom fighters who rewrote the rules of guerrilla warfare. May HaShem bless all of them.

    Shabbat Shalom.


    1. Good work Brucie !

      When the very real Abduls turn up in your front room….sorry, your shul, doing a bit of that freedom fighting on your little Brussels sprouts and going all guerilla on the blue rinses of your old dears, there may be one or two of them left who will say a Kaddish for you on the village green. Hehehe.

      And all that was heard was a low croaky entreaty “I’m not even a real Rabbi. I was just winding up the jooo………..” and then silence.

      Mind how you and the old dears go.

    2. We have always known what you are Joey lad but thanks for confirming


      Your Hamas pals are currently finding out first hand the real meaning of terror and are set to do so for many many more weeks and months to come


      Shabbat Shalom


  8. Johannes, JJ, Bruce Levy the multiple identities of the fake rabbi, deputy mayer of London(istan) and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    Fools live in fantasy land and fantasy land is for fools

  9. Johannes, JJ and Bruce Levy the fake rabbi, deputy mayer of London(istan) and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    Most, if not all, Muslim states have the Koran written into their constitutions as their guiding light.
    This is the book that says all non-Muslims are dhimmiss, or in plain English, second class citizens.
    This looks, tastes, smells and feels like a perfect example of Apartheid

  10. Isn’t it strange that the numbers of Zios in Gaza keeps changing by the day. Has anyone else noticed that?

    It’s just like after the Second World War…the same playbook…

    I can go into detail, but don’t want to go off-topic.

    Shabbat Shalom..

    1. Well the Gaza Health Ministry aren’t so good with numbers are they Joey lad ?


      Think they must have all attended the Johannes Juden School of Advanced Mathematics ?


      Shabbat Shalom everyone


      1. Similar to what happened after “The Holocaust.” The numbers kept changing until a final figure was negotiated to appease the Zionists. Fact.

        1. Attaboy Brucie.

          And let’s get your story straight for when the Abduls come a calling. “DON’T HURT ME. I’M NOT A REAL RABBI. I WAS ONLY WINDING UP THE JOOOS!!!”

        2. Thanks for admitting that the Gaza Health Ministry are liars

          (Duh 😝)

          And thanks also for putting the word Holocaust in quotation marks

          We Israel supporters are always grateful for the way that you so forcefully make the case for the continued existence of the world’s only Jewish state


          Shabbat Shalom


          1. Nope. Read again “Ken.” Nothing to do with casualties and fatalities.

            The Zios are always changing the numbers of their compatriots who are guests of Hamas in Gaza.

            As you know, lying is a common Zionist tactic, since you do it all the time.

            Now off to another anti-Israel protest.

            Over to you David 🎤🐙

            1. What a shift, Brucie.

              “Don’t hurt me Abdul. I did everything for you. Pretended to be a Rabbi, did all my Holocaust gags, supported your legitimate beheading of little babies and raping young girls, the lot. I’m not even Jewish FFS!!! Please put the knife down.”

              Still not sure it’s enough to save you fella but hey ho. That sounds like a you problem.

            2. Well I think it was you who brought up the Holocaust Joey lad ?

              Or as you put it “The Holocaust” ?


              We do appreciate the ( unintentional) work you do for we supporters of the world’s only Jewish state


              Thanks to you and those like you we know it will always have to exist to ensure the long term survival of Judaism


              Keep up the good work

                1. We both know that Judaism cannot survive without Zionism


                  But if it’s a fight to the death that you want then you seem to be getting your wish


  11. I’ll be thinking of you “Ken” when I’m pi$$ing on the grave of the racist, Zionist, apartheid state (after drinking some nice, kosher wine).

    Ahhh… 💦 🇮🇱🪦

    1. And I will be thinking of you when Al Aqsa is razed and our temple is finally rebuilt in accordance with the Messianic Prophesies

      Bring it on Joey lad….


        1. Well it’s something that you should be praying for every day Rabbi Abdul ??

          Something that every Jew prays for every day….


  12. It’s rather telling that the numbers of “protesters” that are attending these marches are already dropping significantly

    A few weeks ago it was estimated that more than 150k marched through London

    But yesterday that number was down to less than 30k ??

    The antisemitic nature of the earlier events is clearly having a negative impact on the more moderate sympathisers who are beginning to see these so called protests for what they really are and are quite rightly turning their back on them


    Ah well never mind….


    1. NOTE TO READER: A typical Zionist tactic is to lie.

      Another Zionist tactic is, whenever disagreeing, to bring Hitlers name up.

      NOTE TO READER: Record numbers of Jewish and gentile protesters rallied in Washington, D.C. and other cities Saturday.

      If anything, the anti-Israel ceasefire protests are growing larger.

      1. Oh dear Rabbi Abdul

        Your short term memory is really not good is it ? Overuse of marajuana is it ?

        You brought up the holocaust not me. And you also just brought up Hitlers name not me


        Anyway looking forward to seeing your Hamas supporting pals disrupt the Remembrance Day ceremony on Sunday and immediately lose any support they may have had from middle Englanders

        We know it’s going to happen don’t we Rabbi Abdul ?

        Always a good thing when vile sacks of excrement like yourself publicly reveal themselves for what they really are….


  13. The BBC is reporting this morning that a white male and several elderly white females have been kidnapped during the recent violent Pro-ISIS rallies in the centre of London. Eyewitnesses at the scene claim that the group were stood behind a decorators table chanting “Give ’em Aids. Give ’em Rabies. Chop the heads off all their babies” when several masked men screaming “death to the infidels” bundled them into a white panel van and headed off in the direction of Luton.

    One eyewitness who requested anonymity added, “It was awful. I could hear screams from the van and could make out someone pleading “DON’T KILL ME. I’M NOT A REAL RABBI. I JUST WANTED TO WIND UP JOOOS.”

    A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told us that the words “death to the infidels” have many interpretations and so no charges will be brought.

  14. JJ, or Johannes, or Brucie Levy the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    Oh haha Brucie, I think they are growing smaller as most people realise that they are actually fermenting anti-Jewish Antisemitic racist bigotry

    But then hey, a dopey dimwit who claims to be ‘deputy chief rabbi’ and something called ‘the mayer of London’ has got to be a little loose in the head.

    1. You define antisemitism as anything that’s anti-Israel, Richard Galber, so how does that square with your comment that numbers are dwindling because it’s “actually fermenting anti-Jewish Antisemitic racist bigotry”? That doesn’t make sense!
      Also, the Statue of Liberty in America (in “Jew York”) was recently occupied by hundreds of Jewish human rights, anti-Zionist activists! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    2. *NOTE TO READER: A typical Zionist tactic whenever they lose an argument is to resort to name calling, rudeness and vulgarity.

      1. Note to reader….

        Whenever a Jew hater is losing a public argument in a desperate attempt to turn it around they start to address an imaginary reader ??


        So please don’t be fooled


        1. Ken, ever wondered how many nonces and noncettes there are out there like Brucie and his type? Generations of useful idiots who have had their instinctive Jew hate easily and willingly re-purposed by mendacious actors in the Arab world and beyond as a way to ensure that “the Palestinian cause” remains forever as the stick with which to hit Israel and Jews over the head. A steady supply of Brucies, Jacks and Gabriels will keep this conflict alive for eternity and ensure that it is always my country that suffers the consequences from a brainwashed people that nobody in the Arab world wants over their doorsteps and who have been conditioned to play their parts as eternal victims exploited by their criminal leadership for profit.

          The joke of it is that they also need a viable Israel on the receiving end. Without us, the Pallys end up as someone else’s problem and nobody wants that. We’ve all been played for decades. At least now we are breaking the cycle and destroying one of the links in this ridiculous chain. Who knows, if we achieve all of our objectives there may finally be peace and Brucie and his old dears will have to find some other saps to fund their weekend brews and dunkers.


    Brief overview of the vast “Palestine” Arab-Nazism

    * 88% of Arab-Palestine pro-Nazism (Feb 1941 poll. *

    * Ahmad Shukeiri writing in his book (Beirut, 1969 * *) that they all cheered and prayed for Hitler. (Re 1940-1941).

    * “Palestinian” Arab leader, in Jerusalem, in spring of 1967: “We Arabs supported Hitler to get the British out of Palestine and to keep the Jews from taking it over – and that was our big mistake…” *

    * Dr. Zaid Hamzeh: “We Arabs Supported Hitler During WWII Because He Hated The Jews.” (Re 1941) *

    * Farouq Qaddoumi (b.1931), PLO Official: We Supported the Nazis in WWII. * *

    * Hundreds of palestine Arabs who worked with Mufti for Hitler. (1941-1945) [Historian speaks of 400 following his radical ways to/in Iraq and an entourageof about 60 in Berlin.*].

    * The major Arabic newspapers praising Hitler. (1932-1934) Al-Jami’a al-Arabiyya, El Karmil, Falastin*, Al-Jami’a al-Islamiyya and Ad Difaa’ (Al Difa).

    * Ad Difaa’s (Al Difa) I. Shanti who “had admiringly studied Nazi theory and practice. The paper was transparently pro-Nazi.” *

    * 1933, Mufti contacts German consul, pledges Arab Muslim coporation with the new Germany against Democracies. Just three months later he was happy to notify of efforts to establish an Arab Nazi Party in Palestine. Its rejecred at the time. *

    * 1933, May 22: the editor of ‘Al-jamā’ah al-islāmīyah’ [الجماعة الإسلامية] wrote: “When Hitlerism appeared, the Arabs cheered and rejoiced, saying: A blow from heaven in the hands of others…” *

    * ‘On March 15, 1935, Die Warte des Tempels wrote that many Arabs saw Hitler as the most important man of the 20th century and almost every Arab knew his name. Fascism and National Socialism with its anti-Jewish attitude were accepted positively by many Arabs.’ *

    * The Hitler-Youth modeled founded ‘Futuwwa’ * (1935-6) by the Husseinis (Jamal and Haj Amin);
    The Nazi club in Haifa – the ‘Red Moon’ *, other Nazi Arab youth groups *. (1935).

    * T. Wurst, the German consul in Jaffa: “Muslim Palestinians were deeply impressed by fascist particularly National Socialist, teachings and views.” (1936) *.

    * “Nazi flags and pictures of Hitler were prominently displayed in store windows. Booklets explaining Nazi methods of forcing Jews from the Reich were distributed freely… The shout of ‘Heil Hitler’ became a catchword which rang insolently over all Palestine.” (1936-8) *

    * The Mufti plans to poison the water of Tel-Aviv, asks fascsit Italy’s help via his then helper – Musa Alami. * (1936).

    * W. Doehle [Döhle], German consul in Jerusalem: “Arabs admire our Fuhrer.” (1937) **

    * Istiqlal’s Awni (Auni) Abd al-Hadi to Nazi magazine: ‘Arabs Like Nazis.’ (Jan. 1937) *

    * Despite Nazi officials’ objection at the time, the Mufti insisted to send M. Al Alami to Berlin. In ‘August, 1937, the visit had been arranged by Döhle, and al Alami, who was visiting Germany anyway, was granted an interview with Hentig on August 26.’ *

    * ‘All’ Arab Palestine celebrate Muhamnad’s birthday with Hitler, Mussolini photos.* (May-1937)

    * Both major newspapers editors, Falastin’s and Ad Difaa’s meet Goebbels aide, Nazi envoy Von Berk. (Dec 1937) *

    * Eichmann, after his 1937 visit, reported: “The creation of a Jewish State must be prevented.” * He wrote glowingly of “the national and racial conscience” that he observed while amongst the Arabs. He swelled with pride at how “Nazi flags fly in Palestine and they adorn their houses with Swastikas and portraits of Hitler.” *

    * Arab journals, ‘Falastin’ and ‘Al Difa’a’ publish every week articles with a racial tendency and frequently reproduce large portraits of various leaders of the Third Reich. (Reported in 1938) * * *

    * Nazi agent, Adam Vollhardt, sent to Palestine, and held several meetings with Arab leaders. He told Palestinian Arab leaders that “Germany was interested in the settlement of the question on the basis of the Arabs obtaining their full demands,” and the “Germans could continue to support the Palestinian Arab cause by means of propaganda.” * (July 1938).

    * ‘It is certain that in 1938 Canaris, together with Major Helmuth Groscurth, the head of Abwehr II at the time, met with the Mufti in Baghdad and remained in friendly contact afterward.’ *

    * In the summer of 1938 ‘Qawuqji first made contact with German counterintelligence.’ *

    * Arabs cheer Hitler’s talk on Palestine. * (Sep-1938)

    * ‘Arab club’ founded in Berlin. * Palestinian-Arab Darwish al-Miqdadi, its head in 1938. * Arab propaganda center in Berlin is justified, defended by then ‘Falastin’ correspondent, Issa Nakhleh (in 1939). *

    * 100 representatives from Arab Palestine at Nazi conference in Nuremberg [Nürnberg] (1938). *, as Fawzi al-Qawuqji [Kaukji] Kaukji receives them. *

    * Arab-Palestinian terror leader, Arif Abd al-Raziq, uses Nazi Der Stürmer lines in a circular letter to the British. * * It also proved, again, the Nazi involvement with Arab-Terror. (Sep-1938).

    * Journalist John Gunther (1939), “The greatest contemporary Arab hero is — Adolf Hitler.” *

    * In ‘May 1939, [Fritz] Grobba did mention financial assistance that Germany had recently provided to Arab rebels in Palestine through Saudi Arabia.’

    * In 1939, Jamal Husseini visits Hamburg – then ‘propaganda capital’ of Nazi Germany, ‘for ten days and returned Beirut eminently satisfied with the results of his trip.’ *

    * Leading to the (June 1941) Farhoud: On October 21, 1933, the Baghdad newspaper al-‘Alam al-‘arabi started publishing an Arabic translation of Mein Kampf in instalments : this continued well into the spring of 1934. The translator was Yunus al- Sab‍awi. * He was close to Hadj Amin and had planned the massacre of the Jews of Baghdad. * ‘The Grand Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, sought refuge in Iraq in 1939 with 400 Palestinian émigrés. Together, they whipped up local anti-Jewish feeling. An illiterate populace imbibed bigotry through Nazi radio propaganda. Days before the Farhud broke out, the proto-Nazi youth movement, the Futuwwa, went around daubing Jewish homes with a red palm print. Yunis al-Sabawi, who, together with the Mufti and Rashid Ali, spent the rest of the war in Berlin broadcasting propaganda, instructed the Jews to stay in their homes so that they could more easily be rounded up.’ * Jenin born poet, Buhan al Din Al-Abbushi,
    called for the people and the government of Iraq to expel or massacre the Iraq’s Jews. *

    * At the Farhoud, June-1941, the Arabs: ‘murdering and raping Jews, mutilating babies and stripping Jewish homes bare of every last object.’ * Up to 1,000 * fatalities of the Arab-Nazi pogrom.

    * Burhan al Din Al-Abbushi in 1940-1942 wrote ‘poems in praise of Hitler, wishing him victory over Britain and France. Victory of the Axis, he explained, would serve as punishment to the Allies for their support of Zionism.’*

    * ‘In July 1941
    About 300 of Fawzi el-Qawuqji’s and Aref Abd er-Razeq’s men, with the aid of Sonderstab F, escaped from Syria to Turkey..’ *

    * 1941, Arif Abd al-Raziq meets Himmler; meets Goebbels who, according to him, had “made a great impression [sic]” on him, and who offered him to send Arabs to the SS. *

    * Nov-1941 – 1945. The Mufti (with hundreds of other Arab pro Nazis) work for Hitler, recruits Moslems for SS *, broadcasts for the Nazis and for genocide of Jews anywhere * and involved in Nazi-Arabic ‘Barid al-Sharq,’ contributors include Shakib Arslan. * and infamous radio broadcaster Younes Bahri. *

    * Reported in 1942: ‘Riots Reported in Palestine. French sources in Beirut, Lebanon, report that anti-Semitic riots have broken out in Palestine and that Arab nationalists have kidnapped Zionist leaders in reaction to disturbances in Iraq and the arrival of Jewish refugees from the Balkans.’ *

    * ‘In 1942, the Nazis created a special “Einsatzgruppe”, a mobile SS death squad, which was to carry out the mass slaughter of Jews in Palestine similar to the way they operated in eastern Europe…
    the plan was for the 24 members involved in the death squad to enlist Palestinian collaborators so that the “mass murder would continue under German leadership without interruption.” ‘ *

    * July 1942, as the facts arrived about the fate of the Jews, there was public jubilation among the Arabs. *

    * August 1942: CIA reports on ‘majority’ of Palestine Arabs’ anti-Jewish sentiments, effected by propaganda. *
    Not incidentally – Mufti’s crematoria plan was for 1942. * Later, in 1943, he toured the Trebbin concentration camp. *
    – Around that time, Himmler confides in the Mufti, among other things he tells him, they murdered [already] 3 Million Jews. * He later toured also Monowitz. *
    – Thus, in November 1943, at a rally in Berlin, he declared, “The Germans know how to get rid of the Jews.” **********
    And for six months had urged the Nazis to bomb Tel Aviv. *
    – He repeatedly intervened against rescue of children who were about to be saved into Mandatory-Palestine * His Moslem SS unites. *
    – In 1943, the Mufti intervenes against thousands of children about to escape into the Holy Land, but instead, therefore, perished. *
    – One of highlighted phrases of this Islamist-fascist broadcasts to incite the Muslim world was genocidal broadcast: “Kill the Jews wherever you find them, this pleases (he said) Allah, history and religion.” ***
    – September 1944, the Mufti reveals he knows about 6 million innocent Jewish deaths as he incites the Arabs against 11 Million Jews: “Is it not in your power, O Arabs, to repulse the Jews whose number does not exceed 11 millions?” (when it was known, there were around 17 Million before the war, in 1939). **

    * The opening of two Imam Schools, to serve both SS and regular Muslim units.* (1944).

    * The mufti noted that in 1944, “Germany agreed to supply us with arms for the approaching tasks, and to this end created a large store with light arms suitable for guerrilla action… In addition, the authorities put at our disposal four light, four-engine airplanes for the transportation of war materiel to Palestine, to be stored in secret shelters, for the training of Palestinian fighters and for their preparation for the battles to follow.” The material included ‘tens of thousands of rifles, machine guns and light weapons and great quantities of equipment and ammunition.’ “*

    * Arab-Nazi ‘Atlas Operation.’ * (Some opine, it was to poison 250,00 Tel Aviv Jews), (1944).

    * 1944, Nazi propaganda material authored by the mufti was smuggled into Palestine in underground ways. Throughout the land, his supporters received his words with enthusiasm and a phenomenon that was evident during the years of the revolt repeated itself: the Arabs argued about the distribution of Jewish property after the victory of the Nazis; In Jerusalem and Jaffa, in Tiberias and Safed, they decided what would happen to the Jewish girls: for each one they decided their future rapist. *

    * 1945, before the Nuremberg trials, the ”Falastin”, in a leading article, defended Nazism. **

    * 1946, after the hanging of Nazi war criminals, the Arabic press were full with praise for dead Nazis. *

    * 1946, “Arabs Like Hitler,” as was evident from Arab press too. They “gave great prominence to the text of Adolf Hitler’s last will and testament under big headlines quoting Hiter’s allegations that the Jews were (suppose) responsible for the war”, more than any other, the Islamic Ad Difaa. *


    * Haj Amin al-Husseini’s pre and during WW2 Henchmen:
    the two Nazi collaborators Jamal Husseini* and Ahmad Shukeiri – Hitler helper ****, both, in 1946 had “justified the murder of six million Jews of Europe,” * and another Henchmen post WW2 (at AHC) – Issa Nakhleh, Nazi-regime fan *, was the major torch-carrier of Arab-Nazi collaboration 1960s-1980s. * * * * *** * * * *

    * 1947-8 Arabs recruiting/working with Nazis to fight the Jews in the Holy Land. *********


    “Palestinian” terror groups – Neo-Nazi connections 1960s-1980s. ***

    Even today, Hitler’s Mein Kampf ranks high on the best-seller list amongst Palestinian Arabs. The preface to the Arabic edition claims that his “theories of nationalism, dictatorship and race… are advancing especially within our Arabic States”. When Palestinian police first greeted Yasser Arafat in the self-rule areas, they offered the infamous Nazi salute. *

    Recent Nazism and Arab Palestine related cases, at Memri * and Palwatch **, some in news. *
    A 2021 security report *, a highlighted overview written in 2023 *, UNRWA teachers & Hitler *, some of swastikas by Arabs *
    Or Holocauat denial/trivializing and rewriting facts about / rationalizing Nazism by “Palestinian” leader: Abu Mazen Mahmoud Abbas. * * *

  16. *UPDATE*

    The “palestine” Nazi-Imam (under ‘Johannes’, ‘Joe_Juden’ or ‘Johannes_Juden’, JJ, etc.) spamming at [david-collier.com/] with Taqiyia as if he is “not” Moslem.

    * Denying the Holocaust (July 4, 2023)

    * Laughes about a “Kristallnacht vibe…”
    And again denying the Holocaust (July 17, 2023)

    * Recycling ancient Blood libel (Sep 24, 2023)

    * The racist expresses his venomous contempt for Jews. In his wording: “if your’e a joooo” (Sep 26, 2023).

    * Questioning the Holocaust and spews about ‘joooos’. (Oct 1, 2023)

    * Following gruesome atrocities by Arab Islamists “Palestinians” (Gaza regime –proxy of Islamic Republic of Iran– with other Jihadists and PFLP/DFLP), Oct 7, 2023, under a barrage of rockets, with sickening selfies, to the cries of Allah Akbar: torching up families, machine gunning youth; grenades into bomb shelters to suffocate masses, massacring anyone, beheading babies, raping at times before murdering the girl, at times after; mutulating bodies, snatching men women toddlers and the elderly into captivity (main targeted villages, peacenicks and who previously had called for a two state):

    * Mullah Johannes says: no sympathy (Oct 16, 2023):

    * Mocking the number of 6 million innocent victims perished in Holocast. (Nov 4, 2023).
    (He also knows that it was Eichmann himself who first came up with this number post WW2).

    * The loving Imam: “jew york.” (Nov 5, 2023)


    Dubbed “Johann von leers.”

  17. Ian

    If it wasn’t Israel and the Arabs/Palestinians conflict they would find another anti-Jewish Antisemitic bigotry reason to hate the Jews. And they always need their Stalin ‘useful idiot’ western lefty progressive jews to justify their anti-Jewish Antisemitic racist bigotry

  18. Exactly 110 years ago… the beginning of the “conflict” with an anti-Semitic poem by Islamist in the racist Arab ‘Falastin’

    1913 – Nov 8: Sheikh Suleiman al-Taji al-Faouqi [سليمان التاجي] (1882-1858) pens a vile hate poem, combining old anti-Semitic stereotypes with Islamic motifs in the influential ‘Falastin’ [فلسطين] newspaper.

    Israel-Palestine: Lands and Peoples. (2021). Germany: Berghahn Books, p. 270.

    Mandel, N. J. (1976). The Arabs and Zionism Before World War I. United Kingdom: University of California Press, p. 175.

    Morris, B. (1999). Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-1999. United Kingdom: Knopf, p. 65.
    Benny Morris, The War on History, ”Jewish Review of Books”, Apr 6, 2020.

    Gilbert, M. (2010). In Ishmael’s House: A History of Jews in Muslim Lands. United Kingdom: Yale University Press, ch. 9.

    Wistrich, R. S. (2010). A Lethal Obsession: Anti-Semitism from Antiquity to the Global Jihad. United Kingdom: Random House Publishing Group, chapter 21


    In 1914-15, periodical ‘Falastin’ was banned for its anti-Jewish racism, hatred by Ottoman authorities.

    Janrense Boonstra, “Antisemitism, a History Portrayed”, SDU, Anne Frank Foundation,’ 1989, p. 101.

    Elie Kedourie, Sylvia G. Haim: ‘Zionism and Arabism in Palestine and Israel’ (RLE Israel and Palestine), Taylor & Francis, 2015. p. 8 *

    In 1920 it was reinstated by the British and at the time 1929-1930 – it worked with Haj Amin al-Husseini to incite the Arabs. It also promoted the forgery “Protocols.”

    * 1920 riot.

    * 1921 pogrom.

    * 1929 Hebron massacre (the Arab animalistic barbarian onslaught on non-Zionist Jews


    So much for “occupation” etc.

  19. Hands up, I’m not an activist and only come here as an admirer of Dave’s stuff and to take the piss out of Brucie and the Nonces.

    With that said I’m not sure about these weird 10 scroller posts that have started to appear here in recent episodes, normally attributed to a single Christian name and always an extraordinary and impenetrable read with millions of links and somewhat confused English (rather like Brucie’s).

    The more expert and experienced activists may know why these have suddenly started to appear and the tactics behind their inclusion. Frankly it feels totally incongruous to the customary fayre here and you have to wonder if it adds anything to these already idiosyncratic and often bizarre comment sections.

  20. PBS NewsHour Nov 7, 2023

    Nick Shiftin (formerly of Hamas’ mouthpiece – al-JihadZeera) interviews Mark Regev)

    Mick Shiftin:

    If Israel can kill one Hamas commanders and take out one tunnel and for example know that a hundred civilians, can be killed, would you take that shot?

    Mark Regev:
    Well, first of all we don’t know that a hundred civilians were killed. OK let’s be clear, I saw some of those pictures and they look like men of military age, and as you know Hamas terrorists don’t wear uniform. We have to understand that.
    It also has to be said, all the information coming out of Gaza is supplied by the Hamas controlled ministry of health and they’re giving out Hamas’s numbers and they have to be taken with a grain of salt.
    And I even dare say that even the pictures that are coming out of Gaza are controlled by Hamas and we haven’t seen, I must say, I challenge you, of a single Hamas fighter killed by Israeli airstrikes, no, they are only showing you pictures of civilians, are we to assume that we are only killing civilians which is obviously illogical, or is Hamas managing to control the pictures.

    Nick Shifrin:
    But but…the report women and children dying .I… I only have about 30 seconds….I..I…

    1. Attended Sunday’s huge anti-Zionist rally organised by the Mayer of London and the Deputy Chief Rabbi’s Office.

      Deputy Chief Rabbi Levy spoke and urged the tens of thousands assembled to BOYCOTT businesses connected to apartheid Israel and to dismantle Zionism in the capital wherever it is found.

      Over to you David 🎤🐙

  21. Looking forward to the Kristallnacht 85 years celebrations this weekend are you Johannes ?


    Don’t forget to daub the Cenotaph with your pro Palestine slogans will you ?


    What a perfect opportunity for you to reveal what you and your pals really are and to confirm what we have always known these protests are really about


    Don’t let us down will you Joey lad ??


    1. You may have seen this on the Beeb this morning Ken. Reports from the London Cenotaph suggest that an elderly white male in a kagool, socks and sandals was brutally beaten by several participants in the Pro-ISIS march also taking place in the Capitol today. The masked assailants were identified by the Met Police as members of the Al-Johlsun Brigade (Luton and Hitchin Chapter) who have been on a watch list for several months but were dismissed as peaceful activists. Witnesses at the scene heard the victim screaming ” DON’T HURT ME. I’M NOT EVEN JOOOISH AND LOOK. I DID A POO ON AN ISRAELI FLAG.” A spokesman at the A&E department at Watford General Hospital described the victim’s physical condition as stable but indicated that there was little they could do about his mental health

  22. JJ, johannes, Bruce Levy, (and all the other names you use), the fake rabbi, the silly MAYER of London and the Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    The Nazis are infamous amongst all genocidists for their attempts to eradicate the Jewish people, and the mass murder of the Jews of Europe.

    Now you being the ‘intelligent and clever’ person you claim to be, maybe you can explain to an ordinary person like me where the comparison between Israel and the Nazis comes from.
    I have always been a bit confused about when all the anti-Jewish Antisemites, sorry I meant anti-Zionist and anti-Israel mombies, compare Israel to the Nazis, what are their points of reference; what is it exactly that the Israelis have done that warrants this. Not slogans andopinions, but real facts

    Please, please, I beg of you, please explain this to me

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