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Amnesty’s human rights activist. Sorry, I meant terrorist supporter

The Amnesty report is not yet out and already Amnesty International have lost the input of a terrorist sympathiser. Yesterday, I released a teaser. The report is entering the final stage and is almost ready for final editing. With the information gathering stage behind me, I felt confident enough to release one item – about the true face of an Amnesty consultant in Gaza.

The Amnesty Consultant

Hind Khoudary worked as an Amnesty Research Consultant in Gaza:

Amnesty hind 1

Since the regular violence erupted on the Gaza border again, Hind has been a popular ‘journalist’, used by different media outlets worldwide. Amnesty pushed their ‘consultant’ too, using iconic images of her to turn her into some type of hero:

Like most propagandists her English output was always moderated, to show a ‘peaceful’ face to the west. She was also photogenic. Hind came across as a presentable, articulate, friendly, young, peace-seeking, progressive and is the type of ‘reporter’ western media outlets love. She spoke long and hard about the awful situation and how she just wants her ‘freedom’.

As is fitting of her role, she embellished her articles with endless tragic human-interest items which may or may not have been invented. When it came to the ‘Great March of Return’ Hind never saw a gun on the Hamas side. She spoke of the ‘tolerant’ Gazans who accept people who are different, reminding people that Palestinians are always so accommodating and peaceful. This balderdash has been swallowed whole by western media and Amnesty International are so embedded inside this false narrative, they regurgitated her poppycock verbatim.

Hind’s Arabic content was somewhat different. For example, she retweeted this which followed a thwarted terrorist attack. It talks about the Gazan casualties, but calls them ‘martyrs’. Notice the glorification of the violence. There is apparently nothing better than entering ‘paradise’ with machine guns:

There was this one too, as she retweeted the video of the Hezbollah leader Nasrallah’s when he made a recent threat against Israel. The tweet carries comments about Nasrallah’s ‘promise’:

Nasrallah Amnesty

One to bookmark

This one everyone should download or bookmark. Rarely do we catch the enemy with their trousers so far down. This is an instruction. The date is the 17th August. Violence has erupted and rockets are being fired at Israel. It tells bloggers and reporters to ‘self-censor’. To lie about the violence around them. To put Palestinian ‘national interest’ first and to make sure they are backing the ‘resistance’. In other words, to be propagandists. To hide the truth from the world and tell them whatever is necessary in the ‘national interest’. These people are not journalists, they are not reporters or human rights activists. They are Pallywood personified.

Amnesty propaganda

There is more. In a video interview in English, Hind is explicitly asked if she wants Israel ‘gone’. To which she replies ‘of course’. In the video Hind talks about how moderate and tolerant the people of Gaza are. When you remember she works in the ‘national interest’, all of the propaganda becomes clear.

And then there is this beauty. The post is about the death of two terrorists, Bilal al-Bana and Abdullah Abu al-Ata. B’tselem reports that both were engaged in hostilities (May 5) and both were members of the military wing of the Islamic Jihad. Not that there is any dispute, because the tweet mentions that too. It calls them ‘mujahideen’. Amnesty’s consultant calls these members of Islamic Jihad’s military wing ‘heroes’ and send them love hearts:

Amnesty terrorists


The Amnesty terrorist sympathiser

What we have here appears to be a terrorist loving propagandist who lies to protect the resistance. She tweets Nasrallah and dotes over Islamic Jihad terrorists. But she has also had input into Amnesty International. How much? Who knows? Just two days ago they produced yet another report on Israel. Is it any surprise? How much of Amnesty’s information is supplied by those like Hind? How much of their reporting on the violence of the last two years from Gaza has been tainted by a propagandist terrorist sympathiser? Anyone who takes Amnesty International’s Israel material seriously is nothing short of delusional.

I cannot repeat this often enough. Nobody knows what is really happening in Gaza. Palestinian clans are extended families. Even demonstrations against Hamas rule are moderated. Bloggers, reporters, activists, nobody is truly independent. Everyone in Gaza needs an income and they all have family that can be reached. The situation may be tragic and unwanted, but it all means that *NOTHING* that comes from the Strip should be taken at face value. Western media sources that use ‘reporters’ in Gaza without providing a caveat for their viewers are doing little but regurgitating and propagating Hamas propaganda. Amnesty International? Well they don’t care. On the subject of Israel, they have long since stopped being a human rights organisation. It took just 5 minutes to find Hind Khoudary’s real sympathies. When hiring Israel haters, Amnesty obviously do not engage in any background checks at all.

This was just a teaser. Almost 200 pages are ready to go, and I am not going to give any more spoilers now. But the question surely must be asked. How is it possible that Amnesty have a network of people on the ground who all speak Arabic and nobody noticed that Hind was busy tweeting this kind of hate? I am hopeful the report will give you the answers.

Way beyond Amnesty

But the truth here goes way beyond Amnesty. The online propaganda magazine ‘972’ also shared the words of our Amnesty consultant. She got to tell the whole activist world about the ‘bloody scenes’ she will never forget. How many times was this shared by BDS activists? It isn’t even just one article. Hind is a regular. Anything perhaps, to further the BDS cause. It is likely that the only thing that will probably upset them about all this is that she was exposed.

Amnesty Hind Khoudary

The Turkish channel TRT World have used her as well to ‘spread the truth’ to the world. I don’t think it will surprise anybody that Asa Winstanley’s propaganda rag, the Electronic Intifada have published her articles as well.

Electronic Intifada

The London based Middle East Eye, seem to love her, and have over a dozen articles by Hind on their website.

People already accuse them of pro-Muslim Brotherhood bias, this won’t exactly help their CV. You’ll be pleased to know she learnt her trade being mentored by ‘we are not numbers‘ and taking part in the US Middle East Partnership Initiative. Groups in the west are eagerly helping these media types ‘learn’ how to spin their stories better, just as western universities are falling over themselves to offer students placements in law courses, so they can learn how to use our own systems against us.

Signing off

A few hours after I published the teaser, Hind’s Twitter Account was no longer available. Her Facebook account has also been taken offline. It seems as if Amnesty International have lost some of their ‘reliable’ ears on the ground.

hind khoudary deleted account



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98 thoughts on “Amnesty’s human rights activist. Sorry, I meant terrorist supporter

  1. +972, where they try to convince you that Palestinian Arab terrorism can always be explained away as benign everyday activities.
    “Ahmed was standing innocently holding his meat cleaver and grenade when he stumbled through a gaping hole in the security fence quite by accident into Israeli territory (Occupied Palestine!). He tried to explain that the shiny metal of the cleaver would make it easier for ‘Palestinians’ to see him directing traffic through all the smoke of the burning tires, which are really all just makeshift barbecue grills for the peaceful Gaza picnic on the Israeli border. Of course the Zionist sons of apes and pigs gunned him down just for throwing the grenade toward the occupation of ’48.”

  2. David accuses Amnesty of terrorism support.

    Read PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center Event Apr. 23 2018.

    “It’s an honor for me to be here at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center. We’re
    celebrating Israel’s 70th anniversary, and we can celebrate at the same time, and for good reason, for three reasons Menachem Begin’s legacy. There are many reasons to celebrate Begin’s legacy, but I believe that three things make him stand out as a TRUE HERO of our people.

    The first one is liberty. Begin was a great champion and fighter for Israel’s independence…..

    …. I think Begin is remembered with AFFECTION AND RESPECT”

    David, Begin was a TERRORIST.

    Begin was leader of the terrorist group Irgun when they participated in the Deir Yassim rapes and murder of the inhabitants of that peaceful Arab Village. The Arab survivors were loaded onto wagons and paraded through Jerusalem in a sick triumphant display.

    Isn’t Netanyahu supporting a terrorist?

    David, do you also condemn Begin’s terrorism?

    1. Zzzzzzz. Sorry but every time I read your drivel I get sleepy. You’re like a stupider, uglier version of Ambien!

        1. Allergic to the Truth that 19 Muslims hijacked 4 passenger planes on 9/11 2001 and perpetrated the most savage, barbaric terrorist attack in History – murdering ~3,000 people.

          Islamofascism continues its bloody reign of terror all over the World. See London’s 7/7, Boston Marathon bombing, beheading of Lee Rigby on the streets of London, ISIS beheading videos, hijacking th 1972 Olympics and murdering athletes, thwarted bombing of inflight passenger planes with bombs hidden in sneakers and underwear, DC Beltway snipers, massacres at Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan, Bastille Day massacre in Nice France, 2019 Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka,

          Over to you Sharmuta.

          1. 3000?

            Much less carnage than Israel has perpetrated on Gaza in its attrition on the prison.

            1. Farmer,
              No one was firing rockets at commercial jetliners from the World Trade Center.
              What happened is that Muslim fanatics who hate the West, Jews, and all infidels, flew commercial jetliners filled with innocent civilians into buildings filled with innocent civilians, because, you know, their religion. This is much like Hamas who fires rockets at Israeli civilian communities in an effort, by their own say so, to kill Jews.
              You cannot compare a terrorist attack to a pitched battle and claim, that armed combatants are the same as hapless airline passengers and office workers minding their own business.
              So tell us Farmer about the 3,000 Arabs in Gaza who lost their lives within hours of a direct terrorist attack on them.
              Prison? Perhaps the ‘palestinians’ and their Arab brethren should stop holding their own people as prisoners in their dregs of history, Pact of Omar, rancid, supremacist war of attrition and annihilation against the Jews. That’s their prison. I’d say you have much in common with them, Farmer.

              1. None of the many Gazan children killed by Israel’s advanced US subsidised weaponry in its regular attritions on the prison were firing rockets at Israel either, Jeff.

                1. Oh look.
                  “attritions on the prison”
                  Farmer and his playmates at the troll farm have learnt a new phrase they want to use in their posts.

                  Predictable and puerile.

                    1. Farmer, exactly
                      Why troll, Gerald, or anyone else on this website?

                      Because that is what you do. Troll with the ‘copy and paste’ scripts and responses, given to you Farmer.

                2. Sharmuta, Why does Hamass use children as HUMAN SHIELDS and then shed crocodile tears?

                  Why does Hamass and Hezbola hide behind women and children?

                  Why did 19 Muslims hijack 4 passenger planes (any children on those 4 planes?) and fly them into buildings?

                  Why did British Muslims bomb London transport on July 7, 2005?

                  Why have Muslims killed, according to the UN, 500,000+ people in Syria?

                  Why does Fascist Iran call for death to America and Israel?

                  Why does Hamass and Fascist Iran execute homosexuals?

                  Why did a Pal-e-STINIAN assassinate US Senator Robert F. Kennedy in June 1968?

                  Why did Pal-e-STINIANS celebrate 9/11?

                  1. “Why does Hamass use children as HUMAN SHIELDS “?

                    Is that Israel’s excuse for shooting children? …. convenient, eh?

                    Any reservists living in S’derot?

                    1. LOL!
                      Sharmuta, Why don’t YOU offer yourself as a Human Shield for Ham-Ass / Hezbola???

                      YOU could win a Darwin Award.

        2. Ah, the Sharmuta calling itself “Mike Farmer” is allergic to the Truth of Radical Islam being at War with EVERYBODY, even FELLOW MUSLIMS (Sunni v Shiite v Wahabbi and the 500.000+ dead in Syria (Muslims raping, killing Muslims)

          and the 9/11 Terrorist Al Qada attack on the entire World.

    2. It wasn’t just Begin who was a terrorist. The vile apartheid Zio state has been riddled with terrorists from its inception.

    3. Short answer: would you rather be a Jew in an Arab country or an Arab in the Jewish country?

  3. Meanwhile back to where the real action is

    (((Jonathan Hoffman)))
    Your 2-pint milk containers leak when on their side, the top is not secure, please action
    Hi Jonathan, I’m sorry to hear this. Please let me know which milk you’re referring to and I’ll get this checked out further. -Nashaba
    (((Jonathan Hoffman)))
    Red top 2-pint
    I’ll be sure to get this passed on to the relevant team so this can be reviewed going forward. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. -Nashaba

    Replying to
    And provide me with updates please

    1. Sure that selling an iffy milk container to a Jew is buried somewhere in the ‘may be’ padding ‘antisemitism’ examples in the infamous IHRA definition wish-list.

      1. Aw, the fire’s gone out of you Fake Barmer. Even by your standards that was an example which made bread dipped in water look hearty. I’d feel sorry for ya, if you weren’t such a complete asshole.

      1. Is there a reason the trolls on this website are so f*****g stupid? You’re not even a good villain, Bruce. At least Muck Framer is sort of fun to burn down.

  4. David tweets – “I hear Jeremy Corbyn has said if he wins the election he would present a ‘credible leave option’.
    As I pointed out last week, for many British Jews, myself included, Jeremy Corbyn winning an election would create a ‘credible leave option’ of the ‘pack a suitcase’ kind. ”

    We all know your view, David, Either the result of your profound neurosis that folk are coming to get you, or your continued smearing of a party that would refuse to continue the appeasement of your favourite state that flouts all laws and conventions on its journey to become a home for only Jews.

    A Zionist’s racist heaven.

    1. Sharmuta, It’s time for you to round up more Arab children to be Human Shields for Ham-Ass and Hezbola.

      What kind of candy, dolls do you wave to entice Arab children into dangerous positions??? Or do you just whip them?

    1. Farmer as you are a proven fake, as well as a lying sack of anti-Semitic shit, for you to call anything ‘Fake’ is hypocrisy.

    2. Fake-news like “Islam is The Religion of Peace” (9/11, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103, Boston Marathon, hijacking of the 1972 Olympics, Al Qada, ISIS, HamAss, Hezbola, Taliban, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Shabab, Assad regime, Fascist Iran),

      or Socialism is “Progressive” (National Socialist Germany, Soviet Socialist Union).

      1. Fascist? … as in occupying, annexing, abusing, shooting by firing-squad, seeking racial purity ….

        Yep, that ‘s Israel.

          1. “occupying, annexing, abusing, shooting by firing-squad, seeking racial purity …. ”

            But you can’t deny that Israel does these things, Gerald, can you?

                1. Farmer in your post above you asked a question.
                  I answered your question.

                  That you asked a poorly phrased, stupid question is not my responsibility.

                  Now off you fly back to the troll farm.

                    1. Farmer you are too stupid to be believed.
                      First, you claim that I have the morals of a pig.
                      Second, you claim that if I was the offspring of a pig, and I quote, “You would have been taught decency and respect for others”

                      Obviously if your second post is correct then pigs do have morals.
                      So you were paying me a compliment, how very kind of you Farmer.

                    2. Farmer you have jammed both your feet in your mouth, and are now making it worse by contradicting yourself.

                      I love watching you fall into a trap, and then fail to squirm your way out of it.

                    3. Posted that if you were my offspring you would have been taught decency and respect for others.

                      Comprehension isn’t your forte …. despite your extra lessons.

                    4. No Farmer, a blatant and obvious lie.
                      You CLAIM to have posted this,
                      “Posted that if you were my offspring you would have been taught decency and respect for others.”

                      But this is what you posted,
                      “You would have been taught decency and respect for others. No self-seeking racist Zionism.”

                      Absolutely NO mention of “if you were my offspring”

                      Farmer the BLATANT LIAR!

                    5. Farmer still struggling and squirming in a futile attempt to cover up your BLATANT LIE!

                      Keep on digging the hole deeper for yourself Farmer, it makes it even more amusing.

            1. The Sharmuta calling herself “Mike Farmer” is projecting Terrorist Muslim

              – Al Qada
              – ISIS
              – Hezbola
              – Hamass
              – Muslim Brotherhood
              – Taliban
              – Boko Haram
              – Wahabbi
              – Lone Wolf (Boston Marathon, DC Beltway, Pulse Nightclub)

              Terrorist Jihadi atrocities

              on Israelis.

              A Pal-e-STINIAN assassinated US Senator Robert F. Kennedy, celebrated 9/11, murdered athletes in the 1972 Munich Olympics, burn American and British flags.

              “Mike Farmer” should have her plug pulled.

            2. “occupying, annexing, abusing, shooting by firing-squad, seeking racial purity …. ”

              That exactly what Muslims are doing to fellow Muslims in

              Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Fascist Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, …

              and to NON-Muslims elsewhere in the World (UK, France, Belgium, Israel, US, Canada, Australia, …)

                    1. Pro-Terrorist Sow, Not every Muslim is a terrorist,

                      but virtually EVERY terrorist has been a Muslim.

                      See 9/11, London’s 7/7 transport bombings, 1993 truck bombing of the WTC, ISIS beheading videos, beheading of Lee Rigby, beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl, Boston Marathon bombing, Pulse nightclub massacre, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Bastille Day truck attack in Nice France, Pan Am 103 bombing (Lockerbie), DC Beltway snipers, Manchester arena bombing, Mumbai India massacre, Nairobi Kenya mall massacre, 2019 Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka, hijacking of Achille Lauro and murder of a passenger (thrown into the sea), attack on the 1972 Munich Olympics, Rotterham rape gangs, Brussels airport bombing, Moscow subway bombing, poison gas (WMD) attack on the Kurds of Halabja Iraq, car ramming of pedestrians on London and Westminster bridges AND on Manhattan bike path, Bali massacre, Madrid train bombing, thwarted inflight bombing of passenger plane with bombs hidden in sneakers and underwear, …

                    1. Farmer who, exactly, is
                      “Ishtak Shamir”?

                      So you make up your own facts, your own version of history, your own version of the English language.
                      And now you make up your own people.

                      What a sad individual you are Farmer, living in a land of make-believe.

                    2. No.
                      But answer the question Farmer.

                      Who is “Ishtak Shamir “?
                      ISHTAK Shamir??

                      What an illiterate retard you are Farmer.

                    3. > Menachem Begin, Ishtak Shamir and Ariel Sharon were Muslims, Ted ??!?

                      Use Wikipedia you DUMB Sharmuta.

                    4. “but virtually EVERY terrorist has been a Muslim.” – Ted.

                      June 30, 1924. Dutch Jew Jacob Israël de Haan was assassinated by Avraham Tehomi on the orders of Haganah leader Yitzhak Ben-Zvi for his anti-Zionist political activities and contacts with Arab leaders.
                      1937–1939 The Irgun conducted a campaign of violence against Palestinian Arab civilians resulting in the deaths of at least 250.
                      July 15, 1938* A bomb left in the vegetable market in Jerusalem by the Irgun injured 28.
                      July 25, 1938* The Irgun threw a bomb into the melon market in Haifa resulting in 49 deaths.
                      November 6, 1944 Lehi assassinated British minister Lord Moyne in Cairo, Egypt. The action was condemned by the Yishuv at the time, but the bodies of the assassins were brought home from Egypt in 1975 to a state funeral and burial on Mount Herzl.
                      1944–1945 The killings of several suspected collaborators with the Haganah and the British mandate government during the Hunting Season.
                      1946 Letter bombs sent to British officials, including foreign minister Ernst Bevin, by Lehi.
                      July 26, 1946 The bombing of British administrative headquarters at the King David Hotel, killing 91 people — 28 British, 41 Arab, 17 Jewish, and 5 others. Around 45 people were injured. In the literature about the practice and history of terrorism, it has been called one of the most lethal terrorist attacks of the 20th century.
                      1946 Railways and British military airfields were attacked several times.
                      October 31, 1946 The bombing by the Irgun of the British Embassy in Rome. Nearly half the building was destroyed and 3 people were injured.
                      April 16, 1947* An Irgun bomb placed at the Colonial Office in London failed to detonate. The woman arrested for planting the bomb, alias “Esther,” was identified as a Jewess claiming French nationality by the Scotland Yard unit investigating Jewish terrorist activities. The attack was linked to the 1946 Rome embassy bombing.
                      14 June 1947 The Reuters office in Tel Aviv was raided by “Jewish terrorists.”
                      July 25, 1947 The Sergeants affair: When death sentences were passed on two Irgun members, the Irgun kidnapped Sgt. Clifford Martin and Sgt. Mervyn Paice and threatened to kill them in retaliation if the sentences were carried out. When the threat was ignored, the hostages were killed. Afterwards, their bodies were taken to an orange grove and left hanging by the neck from trees. An improvised explosive device was set. This went off when one of the bodies was cut down, seriously wounding a British officer.
                      December 1947 – March 1948 Numerous attacks on Palestinian Arabs in the context of civil war after the vote of the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine.
                      1947 Letter bombs sent to the Truman White House by Lehi.
                      January 5–6, 1948 The Semiramis Hotel bombing, carried out by the Haganah (or, according to some sources, Irgun) resulted in the deaths of 24 to 26 people.
                      April 1948 The Deir Yassin massacre carried out by the Irgun and Lehi, killed between 107 and 120 Palestinian villagers,[55] the estimate generally accepted by scholars.
                      September 17, 1948 Lehi assassination of the United Nations mediator Folke Bernadotte,[58][59] whom Lehi accused of a pro-Arab stance during the cease-fire negotiations.

                      Now we know where the occupied get their terrorism from.

                    5. Farmer who is ‘Ernst Bevin’?

                      “..Letter bombs sent to British officials, including foreign minister Ernst Bevin, by Lehi.”

                      Farmer you retard!
                      You can’t even ‘copy and paste’ correctly.

                      The British Foreign Secretary (foreign minister is a lower pay grade) was Ernest (Ernie) Bevin.

                      So you can’t correctly name the head of Lehi, and you can’t correctly name, or give the correct title, to the British Foreign Secretary.

                      Retard in your case is overestimating your abilities.

                    6. The mere fact that you can only come up with 3 “terrorists” from 70 years ago to counter countless recent acts of terrorism by Muslims says it all.

  5. Poor Farmer, a blatant liar, fraud and anti-Semite working for a third rate troll farm.

    One of the most notorious, and to an extent successful, ‘troll farms’ is called the Internet Research Agency. It is based in the suburbs of St. Petersburg and owned by Evgeny Prigozhin, a friend of President Putin.
    Its activities are quite well documented, particularly since it was infiltrated by a Russian undercover journalist.
    It has a strict hierarchy.

    I can say without any doubt if Mr. Prigozhin read any of Farmer’s ‘posts’ the only task he would assign to Farmer, is to give Farmer a mop and bucket and tell him to clean the toilets.

    Farmer’s ‘posts’ really are that puerile.

  6. David Collier@mishtal

    Here is a question. In Brighton next week hundreds of antisemites are gathering at hate events as part of @UKLabour conference fringe. Jews like me have been physically threatened by some of these thugs. Is it safe for someone like me to go to the conference and walk in the city?

    You’ll be fine, David. You were fine last time you were there, weren’t you? Ignore the false rumours.

    Take the Family.

    1. What does something like you know about a family, Schmike, besides the fact that your own family doesn’t acknowledge that you exist?

          1. Muck Framer is bad at so many things but he speaks fluent asshole. That’s why his writing on this site makes no sense to normal people.

  7. “Not only is Israel the most democratic nation in the region, what is often overlooked is how diverse Israel’s population is.”

    Yep, as long as you’re Jewish you can come from far and wide to displace those living there for centuries.

    No diversity when it comes to being a part of Israel. Only Jews are allowed that.

    A strange democracy.

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