The dangerous lies of our media

Another week, another mass demonstration in London calling for the destruction of Israel. If you disagree with that statement and believe that these are peaceful marches by people who only want a ‘ceasefire’ – then this article is for you.

I attended this one, as I have since they started three weeks ago. I turn up, I hear the chants, I take videos, I post evidence of extremism, and then we all go home. At least those attending go home – I return to a place that is feeling less and less like home every single week.

There are a few others that do this alongside me, and when evidence is uploaded of hate crimes we force a response from the police. But that is the way it works: the Islamic fags, the ‘Muslim army’ banners, the calls for jihad, the anti-Jewish chants – all those headlines – it is all us – making evidence public and forcing the police to act. If we were not there (the two or three taking photos) then the 1000+ police wouldn’t see any of it.

The police, the CPS and the media – all working in unison to ignore the problem of extreme Islamism in this country.

Yesterday there was a mob attack on an airport in Russia’s Dagistan. In the UK, the deputy editor of an Islamist magazine openly posted this threat:

He posted it because he exists in an environment without fear. These extremists have openly mocked the UK for years, and have come to understand that the police, CPS and media will all bend over backwards not to see him for what he is.

Look at these two headlines, reporting on the pogrom in Dagistan:

The Times telling it exactly as it is. The BBC getting lost in a world of cowardice and self-defining oblivion. They call themselves anti-Israel activists – therefore that is what they must be.

The media’s dereliction of duty

100,000 people – 80%+ of them Muslims, turned up to demonstrate in London. This is the way this was reported across the main UK news channels:

It is a full house; BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & Sky News. Each reporting in a similar style, mentioning the mass protest and then suggesting that the protest was about a call for a ceasefire. The media position appears to be a simple one – because these people are not physically destroying London (or whichever city they are demonstrating in) then it is a peaceful march. They give the Islamists a free pass.

If 100,000 people were there – then over 99% of them called for the destruction of Israel. This is a fact. Neither ‘free Palestine’, nor ‘from the river to the sea’ are chants about ceasefires. They are both about eliminating Israel. These two chants were sung more than any other. None of this can really be disputed. In other words, the media headlines have all been whitewashed to deceive people.

Islamist extremism – hidden in plain sight.

We have good reason to be angry. The ‘peace march’ as the media has described it – was organised by six different organisations:

I want to focus on the three Islamist groups; Friends of Al Aqsa, the Palestine Forum in Britain, and the Muslim Association of Britain.

1. The leader of Friends of Al Aqsa – Ismail Patel spoke to the gathered protestors at the end of the march:

Ismail Patel has called Hamas ‘the backbone of Palestinian resistance and survival’. He once said in a speech that ‘we are all Hamas’. Patel has visited Hamas’ leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza (Haniyeh left, Patel right):

2. The Palestinian Forum in Britain, is led by Zaher Birawi, who has met Haniyeh and other Hamas leaders on more than one occasion (see 1,2,) Birawi has even been called a Hamas operative (Birawi, left in image).

3. The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) has long been seen as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood (the Islamist mothership of Hamas) in the UK.  Anas Altikriti, a Director and former President of MAB posted an image of himself with Hamas leader Haniyeh on his own social media pages:

In other words, half of the organisers of these protests have had close ties to Hamas. So why are Sky, the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 *ALL* ignoring this vitally important fact. Can you imagine – even for a second – the same media describing a march organised by far-right groups as ‘peaceful demonstrations’ without referencing the political extremism of the organisers? It would never happen.

The main British news channels are bending over backwards to hide the extremist links of the groups that are putting 100,000 people onto the streets of the nation’s capital. They are reporting them as ‘peace marches’. This is unforgivable. Is it cowardice? Is it stupidity? Have they employed (in the name of diversity) too many (non-violent) extremist Islamists who are now busy skewing the news we receive? Whatever the truth, these outlets are now engaging in blatant propaganda that strengthens the hands of radical Islamic terrorists.

Let us have a closer look

The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas ties I have just mentioned represent the big picture that our media does not want to talk about. I am now going to highlight an example of the ‘small picture’ distortion from within the crowd itself. Our media are falling over themselves to present the genocidal chant ‘from the river to the sea’ as one of humanitarian kindness.

This guy was at the ‘peaceful demo’. Mohammed Qasim isn’t an outlier, rather he is one of those that stands in the centre of demonstrators leading the chants. This is a short clip of him leading chants at a recent demo:


It should be noted that he leads a chant of ‘from the river to the sea’ – I will return to this.

Here is Qasim with Husam Zomlot at one of the recent demos. Zomlot is Head of the Palestinian Mission to the United Kingdom:

Qasim has been to three demos so far. The footage above is from the 14th October. This is him at the other two on the 21st and 28th:

Celebrating Hamas

This is what Mohammed Qasim posted on 7th October as Hamas slaughtered 1400 Israelis. His posts leave us in no doubt as to his joy. On a post (left) that carries the Hamas emblem, he claims that ‘Israel is coming to an end’:

Here is a post from the 7th October of the Hamas logo, in which Qasim explicitly supports Hamas by name:

I have deliberately left the ‘responses’ his Hamas supporting post received as a visible element in the last image. As the proscribed terrorist group Hamas slaughtered Israelis – 32 people ‘liked’ or ‘loved’ that post. Importantly, there was no dissent at all. The pro-terrorist support is not an outlier – it is mainstream in these circles. Although our media won’t ever tell you this – the support of terrorism is a central pillar of anti-Israel activism. The only real question is whether the person tries to hide it or not.

From the river to the sea

I now want to introduce this last post. This is a man who was leading chants at the demonstrations in London. He sang ‘from the river to the sea’. The media has been bending over backwards to con people into thinking this is not an extremist chant – even though it obviously calls for the destruction of Israel. But don’t take it from me – take it from a person who actually sang it. Mohammed Qasim posted this vile image on 7th October – the day of the attack. We can see clearly what the phrase means – it means genocide. The sea is there, and the Jews are being forced into it.


What from the river to the sea really means

We can see the truth – even if our mainstream media news channels are desperate to hide it from us. I will leave you with this scary thought. According to his own posts Qasim is a Learning Support Assistant at a primary school.


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43 thoughts on “The dangerous lies of our media

    1. Before 7/10 David, I used to think that all the Gabriels were just posturing little pricks from the “Kaddish for Hamas” crowd who were trapped in their Uni Rag-Mag world where a 2.2 in Near Eastern Studies and Media and their mates from the Queers4Jenin Society framed their world view.

      I was wrong and now I see that all his demeaning and disruptive posts are just some a desperate attempt at an insurance policy when his credentials as a super sensitive progressive who went on the record disparaging Jews and Israel are burnt in his face by the Mahdi Army when it comes calling on all the infidels. The narcissistic cretin bleats that this is just me fantasizing about violence being enacted upon him. He’s a silly boy and a total stranger to me so what do I care for him. However I do have family in Brighton and I would hate to see any of them placed in harms way because of this idiot’s foolhardiness. He may well reflect on this as he searches for the next bile – filled rabbit hole down which to descend.

  1. In that last sketch you included all the Israelis are depicted as religous Jews.
    As anyone with a basic knowledge of Israel is aware, many of the black hatted Charedim are at best ambivalent towards the State of Israel whilst many are downright anti-Israel.
    That the Muslim Islamists depict Israels like that just highlights the fact that they are anti-Jewish Antisemitic racist bigots
    using centuries old tropes to spread their anti-Jewish hatred, whilst they find no difference between Israelis and Jews

    The pictures and commentary coming out of Daghestan illustrate yet another example of a classic anti-Jewish pogrom where mobs go out searching for Jews
    That they call them Israeli is besides the point, because if they had found any Muslim Israelis they would have passed them by

    That you and some from CAA are willing to subject yourselves to such hatred isappreciated by most in the Jewish community and is unreservedly applauded.
    The poison in all of this is the so-called jews who support of Hamas and the Palestinian attempts to eradicate Israel and the Jews as is explicitly stated in the Hamas Charter

  2. As long as Palestine remains under occupation and its people oppressed, Jews will NEVER be safe.

    An occupied people will ALWAYS fight back. Be it during the American revolution or in Palestine. Oppressed people will ALWAYS fight back.

    Over to you David

    1. Did you and the old dears get home safe Brucie? I was a bit worried about all your socked and sandaled tootsies being exposed to all the stomping steelies of those aggressive muzzies. Hopefully they were too busy kicking shit out of the UK coppers to bother your little circle.

      You keep safe out there. As you saw, it’s not just real and pretend Jews they’re slapping. As I said to that daft prick Gabriel, I’d hate for your old dears to be put in harms way because of your foolish behaviour.

    2. Tell me, Hamas oppresses it’s people. Why aren’t they fighting back? Probably would be a death sentence….

  3. Let us globalize the Intifada and may HaShem bring peace WITH JUSTICE. The atrocities committed by Apartheid Israel will open up a Pandora’s Box of horrors for Zionist Jews around the world, proving that the biggest instigator of antisemitism is Zionism.

    And cease and desist attacking the “Rabbi’s Rabbi” Gabriel, as he speaks truth and you know it.

    Over to you David 🎤 🐙

    1. Bless you Brucie. It’s a fair effort at an insurance policy for when Abdul and the Mahdi Army come a calling. But take heed of my words to that other Kaddish for Hamas nonce here . When they start to get biblical with the pliers on your foreskins, all the “but, but look. I wrote all that shit about Jews on the internet”, won’t help you at all. You’ll just be another white infidel for their great big choppers, and not the sort you like.

      Lucky for you, we’re doing our thing over here so you and your old dears can do yours up the High Street. Mind how you go now.

      1. Don’t forget to clean the latrines “Ian.” My American cousin’s taxes pays your salary.

    2. Joey lad

      You make such a great case for the reason why Israel needs to exist

      And you always have

      We sincerely appreciate the work you do for us here

      Keep up the good work


  4. JJ the fake rabbi(t) and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator.

    Not sure what far away planet you are from, or what history they taught there

    I’m sure, with your tunnel vision and limited historical knowledge, that you are unaware of the anti-Jewish Antisemitism pogroms of the Poles and Russians in the Pale of Settlement over a period of at least four hundred years. Centuries before the restablishment Israel

    And knowing of your constant Holocaust revisionism and denigration, you are well aware of the millions of Jews mass murdered by the Nazis. And that was also a decade before the restablishment of Israel

    Doesn’t really matter whether you reply or not, I’ve put this here for those who may not be aware of your bizarre hatred of Israel and your sick support for the genocidal murderers of Hamas. But then you have never been able to miss the bait

  5. I don’t care that you wave the flag of ‘human rights’, 🤪 or that you’ve become overnight experts in international law, that you shout fancy slogans you don’t understand such as proportionality, occupation and apartheid

    Your humanity is selective. In your mind, human rights don’t apply to us Jews because we are undeserving. You didn’t speak up when our women and children were horribly assaulted and murdered

    I don’t care if you think we are colonialists, imperialists and settlers and that we should just go back to where we came from

    We are back to where we came from

    I don’t care if you believe in a one state solution, a two state solution, a federation, an internationalized Jerusalem or any other theory drawn up in your ivory tower

    We won’t readily hold out our necks and endanger our lives in order to satisfy your thought experiments and placate your conscience from afar

    I don’t care if you consider yourself anti-Zionist but not antisemitic

    We’ve seen enough Jews around the world attacked over the last 3 weeks under the guise of ‘anti-Zionism’

    I don’t care that you think we are too powerful, too technologically advanced, too sophisticated

    If we didn’t build ourselves up to this point we’d get eaten alive by Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Iran and Palestinian terrorism

    I don’t care that you blame us for 1948 refugees, for the fact that they have no state, for the keys that they wave in their fantasy of ‘right of return’

    Three weeks ago we got a glimpse of what that ‘return’ looks like and what it means for our children

    I don’t care if you think we aren’t real Jews, that Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism, that Jews are a religion and not a nationality and so we deserve no state

    Your denials have zero impact on the strength of our ideals and the self-affirmation of our identity

    I don’t care that you accuse us of flaunting the myriad of UN resolutions, inquiries and statements

    They reflect more on the institutional decay of the UN than on us

    I don’t care about your media coverage, the lies, the equivocation, the acceptance of Hamas talking points and statistics

    You echo chamber is just a another weapon in their strategic arsenal

    I don’t care that you accused us of bombing the Al Ahli hospital

    It was only a matter of time before you found a symbol for Israel’s wickedness. The subsequent retractions were a fig leaf once the truth emerged that Islamic Jihad was responsible and that the hospital is still standing

    I don’t care that you see us as a criminal state, a terror state, usurpers, baby killers, Christ killers, Khaybar Jews or any other depravity that exists in your mind

    Your libels lay the groundwork for our dehumanization. Rings a bell. We will fight it

    I don’t care that you’ve inverted the truth by accusing us of genocide

    If positions were reversed and Hamas held the power we do now, you’d see what a genocide looks like

    I don’t care that you’re angry, boiling and outraged

    I don’t care that you’re glued to your TV screens and Telegram channels

    I don’t care that you’re mad

    I don’t care if you’re out on the street, waving your flag and chanting your slogans

    We won’t die silently the way you want us to

    For the first time in 2,000 years we are organized, we are motivated and we will defend ourselves

    We fight for light over darkness

    Morality over evil

    Not that it matters to you – but we will stick to the rules and hold the high moral ground not because you expect it from us, but because they are a value for us

    We will do so ethically and thoughtfully, for we are the People of the Book

    Our power and strength are our necessity, because the alternative for us is:

    Be’eri, Kfar Aza, Pittsburgh, Toulouse, Farhud, Hebron, Birkenau, Belzec, Babi Yar, Kristalnacht, Kielce and Kishinev

    Do you think for a moment that we would return to that reality just to make you feel a little better?

    You are deeply mistaken…


    For so, so long, I really, deeply cared

    I cared about fitting in

    I cared about what you think

    I cared about being a model citizen

    I cared about setting a personal example of how a tiny people in a tough neighborhood could still be a Light unto the Nations

    How the world’s oldest minority – now a majority here – could treat its own internal minorities par excellence amidst the complicated and messy reality of ethnic conflict

    How we could painfully dismember parts of our homeland and offer them on the platter of peace to Palestinians that want neither peace nor some parts (they want all of it)

    How we could dazzle you with USB sticks, drip irrigation, operating system kernels, Nobel Prize winners, swallowable medical cameras, deep tech, quantum mechanics, generative AI and cures for disease

    But now I’m finally accepting that you don’t care

    You never did

    You don’t see and you don’t hear

    And because I cared about what you think so much, that so deeply hurts

    But you don’t have my best interests at heart

    You take issue with my base identity, with what I represent

    Don’t expect me to wait for your approval this time

    It doesn’t matter what I do, you’re not going to change

    It doesn’t matter how I act, because your issue is with who I am

    Now I’m going to block out your noise, and do what it takes to win this war



    I no longer care


    Times of Israel

  6. Millions of rabid Hamas supporting racists have marched through cities all over the world for the last 3 weeks or so and what have they achieved ?

    Well apparently Bolivia have broken off diplomatic relations with Israel now…



    1. We see all the clips here too Ken; always fronted up by a pack of steaming Abduls, obviously masked as anyone with a just cause would be. Kicking off against British coppers, knowing that there will be no consequences. Behind them are always some dopey old soaks in their kagools, socks and sandals, simpering along at a super safe distance like the wimps that hide behind the bullies because they don’t want a kicking too.

      That’ll be all the Brucies and their old dears. Half an hour of hoarse chanting and then off to Costa with their attendance vouchers for a nice brew and a bun. Hard core!!

  7. What a warped mind you have David, it must be awful for you imagining hate around every corner.

    “Neither ‘free Palestine’, nor ‘from the river to the sea’ are chants about ceasefires. They are both about eliminating Israel.”

    Those two chants are not at all about eliminating Israel, they are about ridding Palestine of the hateful doctrine of Zionism, which has been responsible for the theft of Palestinian homes and land for more than 75 years. The fact that you choose to construe them differently is an indication of how badly Zionosis has affected your mind.

    1. Oh dear Jack. Do read my comments to those other Kaddish for Hamas nonces, Brucie and Gabriel. These posts will not save you from the Mahdi Army when it comes to your door. Hoping you can avoid your fate as an infidel simply by telling them about all the shite you posted about Jews on the internet will not help you one jot. You should be on your knees thanking us for standing between them and you and getting our hands wet with their putrid, festering blood so you Western wimps don’t have to. You’re welcome btw !!

        1. Don’t be so childish Gabriel. You and I both know that the Met experts say that Kaddish has many meanings. Which Kaddish did you speak out against? You really aren’t helping yourself here.

      1. Ian, just for the record and to show neutral observers, please list, if you can, some of the “shite” about Jews you say I have posted.

  8. Just wait for the intifada to be globalised. You ain’t seen nothing yet! To all Zionists, I’d suggest you be meek, stay indoors, shop online and do your religion via Zoom. If you do go out, make it brief and remove all religious jewellery, as the MET cannot guarantee your safety.

    Should blow over by 2033.

    1. Do your religion via Zoom ?

      Again this sounds very much like a threat of physical violence to diaspora Jews ?

      Surprised that Rabbi Webber isn’t taking you to task ? He is usually sensitive (over sensitive?) to such things?

      Rabbi Webber ? Anything to say ?

      My prediction for 2033…

      The GDP of Israel will be at least double what it is now

      Hamas will be a footnote in history

      Palestine will still not exist just like it never has and never will


  9. JackT Our resident anti-Jewish Antisemite

    In the Jewish diaspora Jews all over the European world were being persecuted and murdered for two thousand years by the anti-Jewish Antisemitic racist bigots
    When it happened Jews could only beg for mercy, which seldom came. And then they had to live with the catastrophic trauma caused by the vicious Jew hate. And no country in Europe was immune from this anti-Jewish hatred.

    Today in Israel, we have suffered a catastrophic trauma with the murder, maiming mutilating and raping of Jewish civilians; Jewish babies Jewish children Jewish women and Jewish men massacred for the crime of being Jewish.
    But after the initial shock the Jews of Israel recovered and for the first time in two millennia have recovered and are pursuing the perpetrators of this anti-Jewish Antisemitic pogrom.

    And then we have a serial anti-Jewish Antisemite telling us. as he often has before, who we are and aren’t.

    Thank G-d for Israel and May the serial anti-Jewish bigots like JackT and his ilk wallow in the filth of their pusilanous anti-Jewish views

  10. JJ the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    I think you have forgotten that ISRAEL LIVES and that the genocidal Hamas murderers, mutilators and rapers of Jewish babies, Jewish children, Jewish women and Jewish men are being hunted down and vengeance extracted for their heinous crimes against humanity.

    But the how can a faux jew like you ever understand the basics of human decency.

    You and JackT both should go wallow in your own excretions

  11. 1. Why does the media quote Islamofascistic regime’s “numbers” of “fatalities” as if there were some kind of “facts?”

    2. Where are all the killed adults in the pallywoody clips of always “kids”?

  12. What is the real reason Islamofascist JJ/Johannes uses the Z word interchangeable with his ‘jooos’ term?

  13. Scene: Dark dingy basement, harshly lit with temporary site lighting rigs pointed at 2 disheveled figures cable tied to chairs by hands and feet, clearly the worse for wear. On the exposed brickwork behind, an ISIS banner hangs, later dismissed by the Met Flag Experts as similar but not the same as an ISIS flag. Video camera on tripod records events.

    Abu Abdul (AKA Kevin from the Chippy): “So, you say we should spare your lives because you posted tons of shit about Jooos and the Occupation on the internet, right?”
    Brucie: “Yes, yes. I really tried to wind them up. Holocaust gags and everything.”
    Gabs: “Me too. I jumped down more rabbit holes than Watership Down”
    Abu Abdul: ” Just one thing though. It says on your posts that you’re both Rabbis”.
    Brucie and Gabs:” NOOOO!! We’re not!! We’re not. It was just part of the wind-up. We hate Jooos and Israel. We support the peace loving Palestinians.”
    Abu Abdul: ” ‘Peace-loving’….Hahahahaha. You muppets. This is Jihad, and NOT the Met-version. Abu Ijaz, bring our the Sacred Scimitar”
    Abu Ijaz (Aka DeWayne from Morrisons): “What, the one we got off ebay?”
    Abu Abdul: “Natch. Now, you two. Want Hamas to say Kaddish for you? Hahahaha!!”

  14. “Mohammed Qasim posted this vile image on 7th October – the day of the attack. We can see clearly what the phrase means – it means genocide. The sea is there, and the Jews are being forced into it.”


    Note how this genocidal “ceasefire” Islamofascist chooses images of Haredi non-zionist or even snti Zionists Jews. Muslim-Brotherhood sounds almost most like JJ-apartheid-Johannes.



    Turns Out ‘Palestinian (so-called) Anne Frank’ Ahed Tamimi Is a Nazi After All
    By David Israel – 16 Heshvan 5784 – October 31, 2023

    Ahed Tamimi post on Instagram, October 30, 2023.

    “Our message to the herds of settlers (i.e. all Israeli Jews) We’re waiting for you in all the cities of the West Bank, from Hebron to Jenin
    We will slaughter you and you will say that
    What Hitler did to you was a joke
    We will drink your blood and eat your skulls Come on, let’s go, we’re waiting for you.”

    I believe this is one of those occasions when no additional comment is required.



    Hamas terrorist: Shot crying children ‘until we didn’t hear noise anymore’



    In battle for Gaza stronghold, 100 women and children pushed forward by Hamas to act as human barrier

    Hamas Leader: ‘Women, Children, Elderly’ Must Die In Gaza To Help Our Fight Against Israel
    By Daily Wire News
    Oct 28, 2023,



    Bring Them Home.
    Innocent faces of 32 children held in tunnels by Hamas as distraught parents plead with terror group to release them
    While International aid agencies and charities back calls to free the 32 children

    Daniel Hammond in Jerusalem,
    Nov 1 2023
    …The Sun is today publishing the names and photos of all 32 innocent kids to back the plea of their distraught families: “Please free our children.”

    Who kidnaps kids? Where in the world is that the right thing to do?



    WATCH: Gaza “dead” bodies move on CNN report
    In case anyone needs a reminder dead bodies can’t move their heads. Just saying!

    Newsrael News Desk 17:30 Oct.30.23
    Pallywood production presents dead bodies moving!

    ALL Gaza Ministries are controlled by Hamas and nothing they report should be believed or used as evidence.



    Hamas Wants to Trade CAIR Leader in Federal Prison for U.S. Hostages
    17 oct 2023



    Earlier this month, Breitbart News reported on a senior Hamas official admitting the ultimate aim of the Palestinian war with Israel is to conquer the planet, so the world could finally be rid of “Zionism” and “treacherous Christianity.”

  15. JackT Our resident anti-Jewish Antisemite

    Its your peculiar ability to tell Jews exactly who and what they are that is your singular claim to fame. You always manage to quote your ‘jewish’ friends and an occasional Jewish writer; but it’s still just the same anti-Jewish bigotry

  16. Richard Galber, are you responding instead of Ian because he and you both know that he cannot substantiate the claim he made against me?
    When you Zionists recognise that Palestinians are human beings and are entitled to live in freedom and democracy in Palestine, peace in that area may just be given a chance.

  17. JackT Our resident anti-Jewish Antisemite

    I have no idea what Ian said.

    Your Jew baiting, your always telling us Jews who we are and aren’t is what is relevant

    1. Richard, I clarified to him that I am an Israeli and as Jack wishes me and my family dead, he is therefore my enemy. As a guide to our approach to dealing with our enemies I suggested he reflected on the site below. Clicking the tab “Neutralised Nonces” lists our accomplishments to date. It updates hourly.

      1. Ian, don’t be coy, you said I have talked “shite” about Jews yet you have not been able to show any evidence of it. This is typical of the garbage spoken by Zionists in an attempt to justify their illegal occupation of Palestine.

        1. Firstly Jack, I much prefer it when you Hamas terrorists put my name in inverted commas like Brucie does, thus; “Ian”. It adds an air of mystery and intrigue to proceedings, like I could be a Mossad assassin lurking in the shadows waiting to do something imaginative to your baytzim with some secateurs . Wouldn’t want your kind doing any of that raping of Jewish women and girls like your Abduls scream out on London streets or act upon on Kibbutzim in the Jewish State.

          Secondly, Am Yisael Chai, old son.

          1. Ian, you mean like this: “Ian Zionist shite”? It’s a bit crude but it fits in with your “style” don’t you think?
            Anyway to get back to the real issue. Palestinians want their land and homes back and they will never rest until Zionism becomes just another dirty word in the dictionary.

            1. Attaboy Jack !

              It’s good to see that you, Brucie and the rest of the goyim have finally woken up and realised that you’re all gonna need to show Abdul and the Muzzie Massive plenty of this stuff if you’re gonna avoid the same fate they plan for us. Luckily we’re strong as fuck and are blowing the local savages into oblivion. You weedy white bread westerners on the other hand haven’t faired so well in this region have you?

              If you really need our help when the shit hits your fan don’t hesitate to email us here for a free consultation.


  18. JackT Our resident anti-Jewish Antisemite

    Because you are always presuming to tell Jews who they are and what they are supposed to think anything you do say will be automatically suspect and invariably utter rubbish

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