There is no real justice for Jewish people in the UK

Three years ago I was present at the pro-Hezbollah Al-Quds rally in London. In the process of whipping up the crowd to prepare them for the march, the leader of the rally, Nazim Ali, made several blatantly antisemitic statements over a loudhailer. After it became known that Nazim Ali was a pharmacist, complaints were made to the General Pharmaceutical Council. They took three long years to even arrange a hearing. Last week they published their determination – that the four test statements they had selected, whilst offensive, were not antisemitic. An embarrassing joke of a finding and a slap in the face for all of us. The obvious conclusion from this story is that there is no real justice for Jewish people in the UK.

Justice and the facts

The undisputed facts of the case are these:

Nazim Ali is a pharmacist and is also a Director of the Islamic Human Rights Commission. The IHRC is an extremist group ‘inspired by the worldview of Ayatollah Khomeini’. On the last Sunday of each Ramadan, they hold a demonstration on ‘Al Quds’ day, an Ayatollah designed, pro-Hezbollah, pro-Iranian march through London. Until proscribed in the UK, Hezbollah flags were ever-present at these rallies. Nazim Ali has been the voice of the Al-Quds demonstration for several years.

At the event in 2017, and before the gathered protestors began to march, Nazim Ali made several antisemitic comments about Zionists. Some examples: Ali claimed Zionists were not real Jews, he blamed them for the Grenfell disaster, stated that they genetically need to ‘occupy’ and suggested British Rabbis have blood on their hands.

Justice fails in the findings

The publication of the findings of the ‘Fitness to Practise’ hearing confirmed all our worst fears. The entire process had been a badly handled, incompetent affair, that resulted in a near total whitewash. The Committee decided that whilst offensive, the words of Nazim Ali were not antisemitic.

There are several *major failures* in the determination. These are the two that I consider the most important:

Antisemitism – In deciding what was and was not antisemitic, their Legal Adviser had provided them with the dictionary definition. The IHRA definition was included by the Council in the bundle of papers ‘for guidance’. In assessing whether a comment was antisemitic, the Committee decided it would attempt to judge the view of a ‘reasonable person’, with knowledge of all the facts and context. Someone with ‘no particular characteristics‘ (ie not Jewish).

Impartiality – both myself and Jonathan Hoffman were not considered impartial. They mentioned that I had just returned from a visit to Israel along with the fact my daughter recently volunteered for the Israeli Defence Force. They concluded that this meant I was not an ‘entirely impartial observer‘. For Jonathan they stated that he had described himself as being ‘of the Jewish faith’, before mentioning his public order conviction and the fact he had visited Nazim Ali’s pharmacy as the reasons why he too, was not fit to be described as a ‘wholly impartial observer‘.

They found we were of ‘little assistance’ in reaching their decisions (page 52).

The bitter pill we are forced to swallow

Having read the determination twice, it is difficult to overstate how atrocious the decisions were. I want to use this example – taken as to why the comment about ‘European alleged Jews‘ was found to be not antisemitic:

The Committee concluded that most reasonable people would not find anti-Semitic a part of a comment they could not understand when it appeared to make no sense. (page 56).

In other words, because Nazim Ali had been unable to explain clearly why he had used the phrase and because the Committee considered a reasonable man would be unable to decipher the comment – it therefore could not be considered antisemitic. This is absolute incoherent and absurd poppycock. What were they smoking?

All this shows is that the Committee had neither the expertise nor knowledge to do anything more than conduct a show trial. Nazim Ali blatantly stated that he regards approximately 93% of Jewish people as not Jewish (2015 survey, 93% consider Israel a part of their Jewish identity, 90%  support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state). How is this not a clear attack on Jewish identity? That even after three years of preparation, they still did not possess the basic understanding of modern antisemitic tropes (and the accusation about fake European Jews is a favourite of modern antisemitism) is nobody’s fault but their own.

Imagine a racist making an offensive comment about black people, using well-worn slurs to which a black person would be highly sensitive. Then imagine a committee led by white folk dismissing the claim, simply because it had neither the knowledge nor the understanding to comprehend what the argument was about. Farce? That doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The ignorance of the committee

From start to finish this hearing failed to deal with the problem seriously. It rejected offers of expert advice on antisemitism. On one of the most highly charged issues of today it was handed a dictionary and told to get on with it.  The Committee clearly felt they knew better.

There was no proper guidance on the anatomy of the Jewish community, which meant that the Committee was left evaluating everything under the illusion that the community is split between ‘Zionists’ and ‘anti-Zionists’. Once they had fallen into the neatly created rabbit hole provided by one tiny extreme cult called Neturei Karta, any chance of a real hearing was doomed.

As someone who is well versed in all the arguments, – reading the determination is like reading the deliberation of a man from Mars. The Committee may have meant well – but their own exaggerated sense of self-importance destroyed any chance they ever had of reaching a proper conclusion. Seriously. ‘It cannot be racist because we personally didn’t understand it‘ – on what planet is that justice?

Listen to the Jews

They had two Jewish people in front of them, but they didn’t ask either any probing questions on either Zionism or antisemitism. The Committee clearly felt they knew all they needed to. In the end they dismissed the *ONLY* real evidence they had – because those who provided it were not considered ‘impartial observers‘. The reason for the dismissal? We were Zionist Jews.

Once again the committee failed to grasp exactly what happened. What mattered was that we were *victims* and we should have been accorded the respect that ALL victims deserve. When Nazim Ali said European Jews were fake – he was talking about us. As he referenced greed, bloodlust and evil doings – he was talking about us too.

The Committee’s finding suggests that any victim would be of ‘little assistance’ to them because a victim has an interest in the case. They don’t want victims, witnesses just get in their way. This is a Committee that knows it all already.

The injustice of impartiality

In August 2020 my daughter made Aliyah to volunteer in the IDF. As any parent would, I went to see her when I had the chance. And here is the first problem with the Committee dismissing my evidence – in June 2017 when the event happened – I hadn’t been to Israel in 11 years and my daughter was a 16-year-old who was contemplating A-Levels and university. In other words the excuses for them dismissing the evidence I provided in 2017, hadn’t yet occurred.

The same can be said of Jonathan Hoffman. His altercation with Sandra Watfa the Holocaust denier only occurred in 2018. Similarly, he only visited Nazim Ali’s pharmacy because of the events that had already occurred in 2017. How on earth can you justify post-dating a person’s bias?

In truth the problem was that we were both Jewish. As the committee clearly stated – only a non-Jewish person is ‘reasonable’ to identify what is antisemitism. These people live in the Dark Ages.

Exploring the problem with bias

The Committee never bothered to understand antisemitism and couldn’t find the time to learn a little about the Jewish community and Zionism. Now I want to explore its reasoning for considering my evidence of ‘little assistance’ even further. They had a problem with where I went on holiday. So is it legitimate to ask where they went on holiday? Do Judges and panels and arbitrators need to complete a ‘Where Have You Been on Holiday?’ form before being deemed acceptable?

What about my daughter’s choice? Am I responsible for that? Does each of the members of the Committee need to explain exactly what each of their family members do prior to being deemed acceptable? My daughter, in the three years of Corbyn, decided that her immediate future lay outside the UK – this is an indictment of what the UK did to British Jews, it has nothing to do with me.

Once you start down this road – you end up in chaos.



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179 thoughts on “There is no real justice for Jewish people in the UK

      1. You make the case for a Jewish state so much better than I ever could…

        Well done Farmgirl…keep it up….


              1. So, Mr. Farmer,
                What have you achieved in your life?
                Nothing? Thought not!
                Invariably, those who post obsessive anti Semitic poison have a deep seated frustration about their own sad lives and seek to blame the Jews…‘‘twas ever thus!

      2. Whose land? I think you’ll find that the “someone else” came some 2,000 years AFTER the Jews settled the land, & 700 years after they were conquered by the Romans in their own land.

  1. “They had two Jewish people in front of them,”

    They had more that just two Jewish people in front of them.

    They had in front of them a rabid blogger who has for years smeared and insulted those with whom he disagrees, those who criticise Israel’s racism and its actions

    They also had in front of them one who had shown aggression to those with opposing views, an aggressive bully.

    The committee found no antisemitism (accusations of which are literally your bread and butter).

  2. Excellent research David . Surely this alone is enough to legally challenge the impartiality of the Fitness to Practise Committee.

  3. The reason for the dismissal? We were Zionist Jews.

    Well an alternative reason might be that one is a notorious criminal with a close relationship to the fascist far right and the other is his bestest

    1. “fascist far right” and “fascist far left” united today as they were in 1939.

      AKA LaBOOR and HamASS / Hezbola.

    2. Stephen

      Why is Jonathan a ‘notorious’ criminal. What was he actually charged with and what was the verdict. Methinks your conspitorially vivid imagination, and your fingers on the keyboard, have distorted your vision of reality.

      Incidentally you still HAVE NOT answered my questions as to why you called Israel a ‘basketcase’ and why you called Rabbi Lord Sacks a racist. Stop hiding behind this faux ‘villige idiot’ nonsense and just answer the question.

      If you are unable to answer, then stop making stupid comments. Leave that to the dimwit Michael and his Antisemitic comments.

      As the famous adage goes; ‘Put up, or shut up’

  4. Your favourite Rabbi here.

    Oh, how “your kind” Collier loves to play the victim for both personal gain, and to justify the sorry and pathetic existence of the racist, apartheid state.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to prepare my Hanukkah prayer and sermon.


  5. From reliable sources, I understand your IOF daughter is “with child.” Mazel Tov. Unfortunately there’s uncertainty as to who the father is.

    I recommend that your grandchild be sent to one of the many fine Madrasahs in Gaza.

  6. Wonderful to hear that your daughter has joined the IDF….

    A quick glance at the racist anti Zionist (Jewish) comments on this blog proves that he need for a Jewish state to exist has never been greater…..

    Hoping that she stays safe and well in these uncertain times…..and continues to fight the good fight…..

    1. The majority of Jews don’t live there, Dobby. The live safely elsewhere.

      They don’t need Zionist(racist) Israel … it’s a destructive adventure.

      1. The need for a Jewish state has never been greater….

        And you are the living proof of that….

        You make the case for a Jewish state so emphatically…

        Keep up the good work Farmgirl….


          1. Funny that someone who is isn’t Jewish says that there is no need for a Jewish state?


            Kind of like someone who isn’t Muslim saying there is no need for Mecca to exist? And describing it as Islamic Disneyland?


            Once again you prove my point most beautifully…


            Thanks for all your good work on here Farmgirl…

            We Zionist are truly grateful to you for all your efforts…


      2. Sharmuta, speaking of living safely elsewhere,

        Radical Islamist have made

        Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Paki-stan so UNSAFE, that Arabs/Muslims are flooding into Western Europe.

        1. “Radical Islamist have made

          Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Paki-stan so UNSAFE”

          Simple Edward misses that is the interfering actions of the West that are responsible for the turmoil.

          1. Sunni v Shia is a conflict that has existed for 1,300 years Farmgirl…


            Nothing to do with “the west”


              1. Stupid Sharmuta,

                Why Muslims can’t get along, live in Peace, with fellow Muslims,

                how can any honest person claim that Muslims can get along with


  7. A very chilling description of a society /group bestowing upon itself the right to decide what constitutes racism of a different ethnic group without much knowledge of that group, and without calling for expert witness knowledge with which this definition/verdict can be qualified.

    A very interesting point David brought up was the fact that his and Jonathan’s views were classed as biased because of familial ties and/or legal issues, yet the same criteria were ignored in the case of the ‘legal experts’ where any potential familial bias was ignored.

    I was perusing the MacPherson Report discussing racism, and paragraph 6:4 reads as follows;

    “Racism in general terms consists of conduct or words or practises which disadvantage or advantage people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin. In its more subtle form it is as dangerous as its overt form”.

    Paragraph 6:13 reads as follows

    “Thus Lord Scarman accepted the existence of what he termed”unwitting” or “unconscious” racism. To those adjectives can be added a third, namely “unintentional””.

    A generous reading of the Pharmaceutical Society verdict of the complaint against Ali is that they were ‘unwittingly’ and unconsciously’ racist due to ignorance and their own perceived authority in deciding on something in which they were ‘functionally illiterate’ about. The less generous reading of this verdict is that they are part of an ‘institutionally racist’ mindset with preconceived ideas about Jews

      1. Any chance you can put up the link of the video of Lord Sacks leading the March of the Flags through Jerusalem in 2016?


  8. Michael

    You dimwit

    Why am I neurotic.Please supply reasons, as well as your certification to signify your ability to make such a diagnosis

    Am I now to await one your illiterate,contextless and nonsensical ‘Farmer one liners’ that with increasing frequency seem to be crossing the line from debate into classical Antisemitic commentary

  9. Michae

    You are a historical ignoramus

    Syria is a internal civil war between the ruling Alawite minority and its Iranian and Hezbollah backers and the Sunni majority and the Kurds. Add into that mix the Islamist supremacists who want to make a worldwide caliphate under Islamic control and you have an inter Muslim chaos.

    Pakistan is has been a disaster waiting to happen once the glue of the fight against the British Empire was over.

    And Afghanistan has always been a tribalistic, faction ridden and clan dominated country that was forever at war with itself, but for brief interludes where all the factions united to fight the common outsider foe.

    All three countries suffer from rampant corruption, clan driven intercine warfare and strongman type dictatorial rule. All three are self inflicted disasters and didn’t need the wests additional problems added to the mix that already existed

    If you are going to reply, try make an intelligent comment of sorts

    1. Mmmm. You haven’t referenced Iraq. Why not?

      Are you denying that the West initially backed the rebels attempting to overthrow Assad?

      If you can’t understand this post, show it to an adult who will help you.

  10. Michael

    You dimwit

    Corbyn i is an Antisemite by association.

    The Palestinians are committed to the destruction of Israel, and the murder of Jews.Nasrallah according to translations by MEMRI said that it is good that the Jews are gathering in Israel as it will make the Jews easier to kill in one place. Read the various Palestinian group charters.

    Corbyn was always willing to stand with people that actually killed Jews; Jewish children, Jewish women, Jewish men such as the cemetery gathering to commemorate one the killers of the Jewish athletes from Munich.

    And your comments in many cases feature Antisemitic tropes. Your animus is towards Jews And like all good Antisemites, Israel has become a very good vehicle to air/conceal your Antisemitism.

    You are obsessed with Jews, because when you refer to Israel/Israelis in the way you do it pertains to only Jewish Israelis

    1. Corbyn seeks freedom for the Palestinians. Israel seeks to imprison and control them.

      Corbyn is no antisemite. Snakes like Collier and yourself dishonestly map Israel to the Jews. You have no honesty, no morals.

      Corbyn laid no wreath on the grave of a terrorist. That’s just your usual lies/hasbara.

      It’s what Israel/Zionists are known for.

  11. Michael

    You support the Palestinians who want to destroy Israel.

    You posit this stupid statement…..”Are you denying that the West initially backed the rebels attempting to overthrow Assad?”

    One of the big complaints of the Syrian rebels is that the west did not help them; the west only became actively involved in a limited manner because of ISIS. Russia and Turkey and Iran were full time involved in Syria

    1. “”Are you denying that the West initially backed the rebels attempting to overthrow Assad?””

      Well. Are you?

      1. Sharmuta, Why can’t brother Muslims live in Peace with each other?

        Syria, Fascist Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistgan, are swamps of seething hatred of Muslims, homosexuals, disobedient girls, Christians, Hindus, Jews, …

  12. Just more and more poison from this devoid of morals champion for the brutal racist deceiving appeased state of Israel.

    Smears, more smears and misrepresentations … a real lowlife

            1. Israel’s Nation Law – “The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.”

              Oh look. pro-Jewish Racism.

              1. Pro-Muslim Racism leads to

                9/11, London’s 7/7, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Pan Am 103, 500,000+ dead in Syrian Civil War, 1,000,000+ dead in 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war, Poison Gas attack on Kurds of Halabja Iraq, Boston Marathon bombing, stabbings on London bridges, Bastille Day truck ramming attack in Nice, checkpoints at airports world-wide,

                beheading of a French teacher over an “IslamoFAUXbic” lesson.

  13. “But Corbyn was not responsible for those flawed procedures.

    They long predated his election as leader. And further, his ability to influence the complaints procedure for the better was highly limited by the fact that the party’s disciplinary unit was firmly in the hands of a centrist bureaucracy deeply hostile to him.”

  14. David Collier
    Corbyn’s antisemitic, misogynistic Twitter is after Rachel Riley again. …

    Corbyn has tweeted comments attacking Racial Riley?

    Is that what you are saying, David? … or is it your usual misrepresentation?

  15. “You declare, my friend; that you do not hate the Jews, you are merely ‘anti-Zionist’. . . . And I say, let the truth ring forth from the high mountain tops, let it echo through the valleys of God’s green earth: When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews. . . . Anti-Semitism, the hatred of the Jewish people, has been and remains a blot on the soul of mankind. In this we are in full agreement. So know also this: anti-Zionist is inherently anti-Semitic, and ever will be so.”

    Doctor Martin Luther King……..

    1. Seems that Luther King is addressing an ‘antisemite’ as his ‘friend’. Mmm.

      Can we expect the ‘Jewish Inquisition’?

  16. Looks like Ian has flounced again. He probly is sulking because Ken has taken over what he regards as his ” role”. It was always a precarious basis for an O level chemistry fail’s self esteem

  17. Michael

    You dimwit

    Has it not occurred to you that people have lives and things to do other that engaging on a constant, and dare I say pointless exchange with you.

    Your comments are also starting to verge into the domain of Antisemitic conspiracy theory as your animus to Jews and Judaism become ever more apparent

      1. Sharmuta, I agree with Richard Galbers assessment of you.

        NOW GET BACK TO WORK – or you’ll be sleeping in the woodshed again tonight.

        Happy Nakba to All!

  18. Michael

    You dimwit

    What is racist about the ‘Nation State Law’ when read in conjunction with other laws that guarantee equal rights to all minorities.

    You suffer from tunnel vision that allows your animus towards Jews and Judaism to lead you into the domain of ever more fanciful Antisemitic and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories

  19. ‘In a meeting with the Jewish Labour Movement last month, Sir Keir was told that the organisation would not undertake antisemitism training for all Labour staff, as he had requested, while staff who were central to the failure to deal with antisemitism under Mr Corbyn remained in their jobs.’

    So, a Zionist group has been requested by Keir Starmer to give ‘antisemitism training’ to all Labour staff?

    UK Zionists have now taken control of Labour and its leader.

    Foolish, foolish Starmer.

    1. Finally a Labour leader who isn’t an open supporter of terrorism….and hasn’t laid wreaths on the graves of mass murderers…..


      1. Dobby, you’re just a lowlife ignorant Zionist.

        Corbyn never laid a wreath on a terrorist grave, he laid a wreath on the graves of Palestinians killed in an air-attack by terrorist Israel.

        To cure your ignorance I’ll inform you that Israel was formed through terrorism, Jewish terrorism. The two terrorist dwarves Begin and Shamir employed themselves with terrorism in Palestine whilst their fellow Jews and others were being murdered in the camps.

        Israel, true to form, elected these terrorists together with Ben Gurion to lead the state, terrorist ever since.

        1. Well it was formed through terrorism because the ruling British seemed to think that the Jews that had endured unspeakable horrors under the Nazis but somehow managed to escape to Israel (some still wearing their concentration camp uniforms) should be sent straight back to Germany?


          That didn’t play out too well did it?


          Ah well…at least a wonderful new modern democratic country emerged from that mess and long may it continue to be an example to it’s apartheid misogynistic and homophbic neighbours…

  20. Michael

    You dimwit

    Can you not see from those figures that everytime the Palestinians try to kill the the Jews. the Jews fight back.

    This is not the 1930’s and 1940’s and millennia before, where Jews were murdered with impunity by the likes of your Palestinian friends and others including the Holocaust where the Nazis mass murdered approximately six million Jews for the sole and only reason that they were Jews.

    Get your Palestinian friends to make peace with the Jews and the deaths will stop on both sides

    Before you reply do read this post properly and interpret it accordingly

    And before you come back with your mendacious claims about the grotesque killing of seventeen million in the Holocaust, go and look and the Nuremberg and other anti-Jewish Laws that were specifically targeting the Jews. Then look at the fact that the Jews were the only group systematically gathered from around occupied Europe to then be systematically murdered in various ways. Then look at all the people systematically murdered and you will see that the Jews were the only ones where families,, children, women, the aged and men were systematically murdered. The only other group that was specifically targeted by the Nazis on racial/ethnic grounds were the Gypsies. Then you will understand why there was a mass genocide by the Nazis and their acolytes, but that the Holocaust was a singularly Jewish catastrophe.

    I won’t hold my breath expecting an intelligent reply as I think you are incapable of posting anything objective and honest; possibly because you have an agenda that seems to be entering into the domain of Antisemitic and anti-Jewish conspiracy theory

  21. Michael

    You dimwit

    Are you unable to separate fact from the confusion of your over-active fevered imagination about Jews, Keir Starmer asks for training in /about Antisemitism.

    The Labour party no doubt does training in other forms of racism and discrimination as a result of the lessons of the MacPherson report; and nobody accuses those groups of taking control of the Labour Party because of that training

    Giving training in a subject does not constitute control of said Labour Party; unless you are secretly or out ignorance pushing the millennial old Antisemitic and anti-Jewish conspiracy theory that Jews are all powerful and control the world, and that all Jewish endeavour is undertaken with malign intent for nefarious purpose

    1. To have a Zionist organisation dictating to the anti-racist Labour Party how it should view Zionism(David) is a joke.

      1. > “the anti-racist Labour Party”


        LaBOOR got the boot by the Voters.

          1. Trump is President of the US.

            Corbyn was NEVER PM of the UK or anything else.

            Fascist LaBOOR put Pal-e-SLIME above the British people – hence LaBOOR suffered its worst loss in 85 years.

            Happy Nakba to Fascist LaBOOR!

  22. Michael

    Have you run out of things to say so you are back to peddling your Antisemitic canard that Jews only do things for money and always with malign intent.

    You take the most innocuous of activities, the writing of a blog about matters of importance to Jews and you imbue it with malevolent intent because it was written by a Jew with whom you disagree

    How many times have you copied and pasted this….

    …..”Mike Farmer on November 16, 2020
    …….Nakba? That reminds me.
    …….No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.
    …….Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.”

    Your comments are also starting to verge into the domain of Antisemitic conspiracy theory as your animus to Jews and Judaism become ever more apparent

    1. Every time your fellow Zionists Ted takes the p*ss out of the Nakba I’ll remind you that Collier spends his time smearing a Party that seeks to bring about a state for the Palestinians. Every poison blog sees him begging for money to continue his witch-hunt.

      The other Parties of course appease that racist state Israel

  23. Michael

    As I said….”Your comments are also starting to verge into the domain of Antisemitic conspiracy theory as your animus to Jews and Judaism become ever more apparent’

    If you have a problem with anyone on this blog, deal with them. It has nothing to do with David. David allows you to pollute the comments section on this blog without censoring you for some of your unpleasant contributions about Jews, Zionists and Israel just as he allows other to express their views.. How many of your anti-Israel blogs would allow pro-Israel Jews and Zionists to post on their sites using similar language to that which you use

    Using the Antisemitic trope against David for requesting donations for his perfectly legitimate occupation of writing about Antisemitism in the UK, makes you a peddler in race based rhetoric that is very well known. You are in effect agreeing with the age old attempts to prevent Jews from making a living because they differ from your supremist vision of what is in your opinion correct

    1. “Using the Antisemitic trope against David … ”

      No tropes. Just imaginings in your unsound mind. Bet you see pink elephants too.

  24. Michael

    Whenever you have nothing to say, or are incapable of voicing any coherent thoughts, you revert to using Antisemitic canards about Jews and their malign intent with money for nefarious purpose.

    How many times have you copied and pasted this favorite Antisemitic rhyme of yours…

    ……..”Nakba? That reminds me.
    ………No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.
    ………Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.”

    1. “……..”Nakba? That reminds me.
      ………No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.
      ………Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.””

      Nothing antisemitic at all there. Pure facts.

      This ‘antisemitism’ wave is just a product of neurosis … or in David’s case deliberate smears.

      1. Nakba?

        Just another reminder from your friendly neighbourhood Rabbi.

        Collier’s kind only smears Labour … for money.


          1. Nakba?

            A reminder from your friendly neighbourhood Rabbi:

            The Zio JINO Collier’s “research” into Tory antisemitism is fraudulent.

            “His kind” only smears Labour for money.

  25. The Palestinian Authority (PA), which rules over the majority of Palestinians, hasn’t held national elections since January 2005.

    The head of the PA, Mahmoud Abbas, turned 85 on Nov. 15 and is now in the 15th year of what was supposed to be a single elected four-year term??


    Makes you think what kind of a tin pot operation any future Palestinian state might be….or not be?


    1. How little Dobby knows.

      Does Dobby know that Israel and the US will only accept an election result where the PA is successful?

      Does Dobby know that Israel and the US will not accept an election result where Hamas is successful?

      Does Dobby know that Israel and the US(having prevented campaigning in Jerusalem) didn’t accept the election result where Hamas were DEMOCRATICALLY elected? Instead Israel arrested representatives and held them in administrative detention and imposed restrictions on Gaza?

      1. What election result Farmgirl?


        You mean the one from 15 years ago?


        Is that what you call democracy?




            1. What they voted led to them being imprisoned.

              Doesn’t really matter what they vote … or how many times.

              Bibi’s party gained less seats than his rival but … Bibi leads the country. Go figure.

              1. They got what they voted for that is true…

                Was a very bad move for them to vote for a proscribed terrorist group committed to murdering every Jew on earth…but that’s what they voted for and so they will just have to endure the consequences of that until the next election which will probably be around 50 years from now if they are lucky


  26. Brucie Brucie the foul mouthed Holocaust denigrator and pretend rabbi

    You were threatening to sue me for Libel a while ago; what happened or have you forgotten..

    You must be rather bereft of ideas and mindless sloganeerng that you are down to parroting Michael Farmer’s Antisemitic tropes about Jews and their malign intent with money.

    Maybe you should try and get a job in a supermarket or something. It may keep you out of mischief ???

    Now off you go to pray to your ‘lefty liberal neo-fascist Antisemitic progressive’ idols

  27. The High Court has ruled that it was permissible for Campaign Against Antisemitism to call Tony Greenstein a “notorious anti-Semite”.

    Greenstein, expelled by the Labour Party, brought the defamation case against CAA alleging they had libelled him. “Greenstein has long sought to have CAA struck off the register of charities,” noted a CAA spokesman. “We applied to strike out Mr Greenstein’s case because it had no hope of success at a full hearing and should not proceed. Today, the court agreed to dismiss the entirety of his libel claim, leaving only other minor aspects of the case to be determined at a later hearing.”

    In a 21-page judgement, Justice Tipples referred to the International Definition of Anti-Semitism in the case, reportedly noting that “on any objective assessment, an honest person could form the view that these tweets, in which the claimant has referred to ‘Jewish Nazis’, used the word ‘Zios’ (which he knows is anti-Semitic) and, having done so, referred to collaboration with the Nazis, were anti-Semitic statements he made.”

    Justice Tipples also reportedly ruled that “the claimant’s tweet compares the people of Israel to the Nazis and, on any objective assessment, an honest person could have held the opinion that that was an anti-Semitic statement from the claimant.”

    She added: “The claimant has no real prospect of succeeding on this issue (of libel).”

    Greenstein argued that CAA’s Chief Executive, Gideon Falter, had been malicious in describing him as an anti-Semite and he did not honestly believe that he was one. Justice Tipples dismissed the arguments, reportedly finding “this plea of malice is insufficient and should be struck out.”

    Falter said that for years Greenstein had sought to discredit the anti-Semitism definition and have CAA struck off the register of charities.

    “We have repeatedly called him a ‘notorious anti-Semite’ and today the High Court ruled that we were perfectly entitled to do so,” Falter noted after the ruling. “This is a humiliating defeat for Mr Greenstein who will now have to explain to those who paid his legal expenses through crowdfunding that he wasted their money on such a hopeless claim.

    “All that remains of his action is a minor data protection and privacy claim which we now look forward to dismantling at a future hearing, should he even progress that far.”

    CAA has shown that Greenstein has defended Ken Livingstone’s Nazi apologism, compared Zionists to Nazis and characterises the creation of Israel as “racist.”

    He has also repeatedly breached the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism.

    Greenstein was expelled from the Labour Party after a lengthy disciplinary process.

    A Labour Party spokesperson said at the time that The National Constitutional Committee of the Labour Party had found Greenstein had breached three charges of the Labour Party’s rule 2.1.8.

    Charges related to comments made by Greenstein on social media and his blog.

    Joe Glasman, Head of Political and Government Investigations at CAA, said, “We are pleased that the Labour Party has at long last begun to expel those it finds guilty of abusive conduct, but its action is more than two years overdue.”

    Greenstein has now been left with a legal bill of £68,000 which he must pay by 2nd December….

  28. “Justice Tipples also reportedly ruled that “the claimant’s tweet compares the people of Israel to the Nazis and, on any objective assessment, an honest person could have held the opinion that that was an anti-Semitic statement from the claimant.””

    So, ‘Justice’ Tipples also maps Israel, a Jewish/Arab/Christian etc. state, to the Jews..

    There was then no chance of justice in this case.

    1. There is a big clue in the Israeli flag as to what kind of a state it is…..

      Funny how you only seem to see what you want to see isn’t it ?

        1. Can’t speak for Ken, Michael but when I see my beautiful flag, I see the ancient colours of Judah, the traditional symbols of Judaism and an origin story deep rooted in the Zionist dream of a Jewish Home in our historic land. Quite gorgeous.

          Is that what you see too Michael?

          1. ??
            Can you spot it Farmgirl?

            There are religious symbols in a lot of countries flags you know…not just Israel’s….


            Can you spot the clue in this one too?
            Or this one?
            Or this one?

            1. The flag of Israel is the only flag with a hexagram-shaped star, popularly known as the Star of David. The star is a modern symbol of the Jewish identity, but was not originally a symbol of Judaism. It became a symbol of the Zionist community in 1897 since it was widely recognized by the Jewish community and lacked a religious connotation.

              1. Good Googling Michael, almost word perfect. I knew you’d know fuck all about this as usual.

                Saw you came unstuck again today with your slogans on that Twitter.

            1. So everyone has to go back to the countries that they originate from ?

              All Jews “back” to Ur Kasdim ?

              All Christians back to Bethlehem ?

              All Muslims back to Mecca ?

              Good luck with that one…..

              1. Please explain to me how you conclude that Arabic speaking Arab Muslims from the Arabian peninsula are the indigenous peoples of a Hebrew / Aramaic speaking country ?

  29. Michael

    Do you have so little to constructively say that you are reverting to copying and pasting your Antisemitic trope about Jews and their malign and nefarious use and abuse of money which I have included below,

    ….. “Nakba? That reminds me
    ……..No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.
    ……..Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.”

    Using the Antisemitic trope against David for requesting donations for his perfectly legitimate occupation of writing about Antisemitism in the UK, makes you a peddler in race based rhetoric that is very well known. You are in effect agreeing with the age old attempts to prevent Jews from making a living because they differ from your supremist vision of what is in your opinion correct

    You suffer from tunnel vision that allows your animus towards Jews and Judaism to lead you into the domain of ever more fanciful Antisemitic and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories

    You’re constant repetition of this Antisemitic trope means that you ARE an Antisemite

  30. Great piece of research. I know you are right from my own experience of complaining about antisemitism in British institutions. They don’t listen to you, they misunderstand and misrepresent what you write (sometimes to an alarming degree), and as soon as they find one tiny bit of justification for ruling against you they will seize it immediately and look no further. They also ignore their own rulebook.
    In my last complaint I dealt with four people, hoping to find just one righteous person among them, but I found none.
    Even judges habitually decide which party they would like to win, and then find a reason – any reason – to justify their decision to rule in favour of that party: especially, as in the last case where I sat in court watching for two days, where the claimants are Jews seeking justice against an antisemitic opponent.
    Corbyn may have gone, but the people running this country’s institutions are little better than him and can’t be relied on to protect us. Longer term, aliyah is the safest option.

  31. Reading the Hamas charter is like reading an Arabic version of the Antisemitic tract, a proven forgery, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    They talk within it of killing Jews in the name of Allah, Mohammed and Islam.

    They are committed to destroying Israel and murdering Jews (not Israelis) as it is written in their charter.

    Mow Farmer supports Hamas like Corbyn does, and as Hamas is Antisemitic organisation, they are both Antisemites by association

  32. David Collier
    When Jeremy Corbyn was leader of @UKLabour

    -female Jewish MPs were hounded out of the party
    -Jewish members were chased out of their CLPs
    -Jews were accused of being Israeli spies
    -those who stood by the Jews were called traitors.

    Shocking some want him reinstated.

    Sol, Esq.
    Replying to
    Hi David, what have you done to tackle antisemtism in the Cuntservative party? Oh and no hiding under tables Thumbs up ps any thoughts on Islamphobia in the Labour Party? Statistically much more prevalent than AS? Nah? Thought not! #Hypocrite

  33. And one site says there is evidence of a Star of David on a gravestone from 3rd century Italy

    And another site says it was on Jewish prayer books from medieval times.

    But the Antisemitic Michael Farmer isn’t interested in the history of the Magen Dovid in Jewish history other than to use it to display his animus towards Jews by attacking Israel

    Whether the Magen Dovid is a relatively recent Jewish symbol or not, it is now recognized by most countries of the world as a symbol of Judaism and a symbol of the State of Israel

    The only Jews Michael likes are the dead Jewish victims of the Holocaust and the Jews of Naturei Karta

    Over the last few months Michael has gone from being a closet Antisemite to bringing it out into the open as his idol Jeremy Corbyn fell from grace and become political dinosaur because of his association with Antisemitism and Antisemites ??????

    1. “display his animus towards Jews by attacking Israel”

      Off you go again, foolishly mapping Israel to the Jews again , just as fork-tongued Collier does.

    2. “The only Jews Michael likes are the dead Jewish victims of the Holocaust ….”

      Why do you post such idiocies, Richard.

      I have limited personal knowledge of Jews. I don’t live in London and I don’t live in Manchester.

      My own experience of them has been on this blag.

      I’m not impressed by their willingness to swallow fantasies, but I don’t wish any of them dead and don’t hold the hate for non-Jews that seethes in Collier.

  34. Since when has it been Davids job to investigate Antisemitism in the Conservative Party.

    If anyone wants to put in the effort to do that,then let them; but stop whinging and whining about something that is totally irrelevant. If you can’t be bothered to do it yourself, or you’re incapable of doing it because you don’t have the ability, then that’s your problem. And if you do put in the effort and then ask/appeal for donations to cover your effort and expense, then good for you

    Carrying on about no research being done into potential Antisemitism while not endeavouring to do anything about it yourself is the epitome of a spoilt and incompetent person that suffers from an inferiority complex.

    Grow up and get a life

  35. “Since when has it been Davids job to investigate Antisemitism in the Conservative Party.”

    David tell the world that he fights antisemitism everywhere.

  36. David Collier
    So the breaking news is that Jeremy Corbyn has been reinstated.

    Which is a great victory for the antisemites

    And a heavy loss for every decent person in the UK.

    Typical hate-filled venom from a lowlife liar and smearer.

    Corbyn is a decent man …. you are a world below.

    For years you spun that he was an antisemite and that the Labour Party was institutionally antisemitic. EHRC proved you wrong.

    Laughable that given the dregs you surround yourself that you describe yourself and your cronies as ‘decent’. You’re not fit to lick his boots, but then you have Israeli morals. …. out of place in the UK.

  37. Michael

    I never said you want anybody dead. I said ….”The only Jews Michael likes are the dead Jewish victims of the Holocaust and the Jews of Naturei Karta”; the dead victims of the Holocaust can’t debate you and the miniscule sect of Naturei Karta agrees with you.

    You say…..”I have limited personal knowledge of Jews”,…… yet you use this blog to continuously pronounce on Jews, Israel and Zionism. You appear to then be offering your opinion out of sheer ignorance or sheer malevolence, and the result is a torrent of Antisemitic type language.

    I have repeatedly said that your comments veer into Antisemitic tropes; you disagree with this yet admit that ….”I have limited personal knowledge of Jews” ….and Judaism

    You then compound the issue by saying…….”I’m not impressed by their willingness to swallow fantasies”….. If you have limited personal Knowledge of Jews how can you say that the majority of Jews …” swallow fantasies”…….as if you know so much about what Jews are thinking, and casting doubt on the mental capabilities of the majority of Jews (something the Nazis did with great frequency).

    This last post of yours exposes your ignorance of, and bias towards Jews, which is the cause of most Antisemitism in the world, from the millenia past until today.

    If you don’t want to be called an Antisemite then please stop acting and posting like one

    1. “.”I’m not impressed by their willingness to swallow fantasies””

      I am of course refering to those I’ve encountered on this blag and those that pronounce obvious falsehoods in the blogs and their tabloids.

      You’re on a sticky wicked accusing me of Nazism given Israel’s actions.

  38. Michael

    You’re a dimwit

    You imply that I accuse you of …..,”You’re on a sticky wicked accusing me of Nazism given Israel’s actions.”

    So first thing; Where did I accuse you of being a Nazi? I accuse of potentially being an Antisemitic anti -Jewish racist bigot.

    Second thing; What actions does Israel perform that are in any way similar to the Nazis. Remember that the Nazis are remembered for plunging Europe into a World War that lasted for six years and cost the lives of about fifty million people, including the intentional organised mass murder of millions. Additionally the Nazis created a system of specifically anti-Jewish racial discrimination and persecution that resulted in the deaths of two thirds of Europe’s Jewish population,by means of starvation,firing squads, gas chambers and crematoria, and for the sole reason they were Jewish.

    Even trying to compare any actions of Israel to the Nazis is mendacious because it tries to blame the victims of the mass murders of similar crimes where evidence is abundantly available to prove the absolute lie to this accusation. It is an accusation of such Antisemitic anti-Jewish sentiment that those that make are Antisemitic anti-Jewish racist bigots

    The Mufti of Jerusalem spent the war years as a guest of Hitler and the Third Reich, and the Hamas charter explicitly calls for the destruction of Israel and the murder/killing of Jews (not Israelis). So if you want to compare anyone to the Nazis, the closest match would be your Palestinian friends

    1. “Second thing; What actions does Israel perform that are in any way similar to the Nazis. ”

      Occupation, annexation, abuse of the occupied and moving towards ‘racial purity’.

      Israel also employs its firing squads at the fence for anyone who ventures within 300 from the fence though they are on their own land.

      p.s. Shamir admired Nazi methods, even attempting a deal with them to attack the British in Palestine, but then he was a terrorist, as was Begin.

      1. Now then Michael. I see you mentioned our former PM Menachem Begin. Did you know he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? You may also be unaware that this was awarded to former PLO Leader Yasser Arafat. In your opinion were they both worthy recipients?

  39. Michael

    You make this ridiculous statement, without stating the old boys apology……

    ….”Mike Farmer on November 17, 2020
    ……Jeremy Corbyn: Labour readmits ex-leader. ?”

    The poor old sod had to lower himself down to his knees and apologise and drink the bitter salts of remorse for his intemperate language

    He is an Antisemitic old sod by association. So are you. Go and get a life or go and lie in your own filth

    1. His language was truth.

      ‘lie’, ‘filth’ … you’re bringing Collier into this I see.

      “by association”? Lol. Idiot.

  40. Eh up! The bloke on the door said that Bellers had been looking for me. Only popped by to see if I’d missed anything. Apparently not.

    Michael’s remark “I’ve limited knowledge of Jews” was priceless though.

    I see the next episode is back to the old Trot. Probably give that one a miss. I could write the 264 posts now.

    If Bellers comes back, remind him he owes me a packet of Bamba.

    1. You just can’t do it can you ? Can’t stay away from here. Can’t not bring Jews into it. Pathetic. Won’t bother making agrrements with you again. Dunno what auntie Lotte would make of it all

  41. Michael

    Your one sided animus and prejudice against Jews is now fully exposed for the anti-Jewish racist bigotry it is.

    You said……”Israel also employs its firing squads at the fence for anyone who ventures within 300 …………………from the fence though they are on their own land.”

    To illuminate the racist bigotry in this statement, let us just analyse your bizarre supposition;

    It is a fact that when people face a firing squad, they are forcibly led to a position (a wall, pre-dug burial pit etc.) then lined up and shot. The Nazis and their acolytes did this with a frequency that belies belief. Countless hundreds of thousands of prisoners and civilians were forcibly removed from their homes, towns and cities and lined up and shot dead.

    The Palestinians in Gaza who attacked the border fence went there of their own accord, some possibly coerced by Gaza’s Islamist rulers, many bused in by Hamas and the other Islamist factions. They attacked the border fence of their own volition. Israel was totally uninvolved in the Palestinians arrival at the border fence.

    The Hamas charter in its first paragraph states unequivocally that their intent is to destroy Israel;………”Israel will be established and will stay established until Islam nullifies it”. …..It reiterates this sentiment throughout.

    The Hamas charter in its Article 7 quotes the Hadith (Muhammad’s sayings: Bukhari and Muslim) ; “……..until the Muslims fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them,…………..”

    The Hamas Charter I have was translated by Muhammad Maqdsi for the Islamic Society for Palestine, Dallas, Texas, 1990

    Hamas and the other Islamist factions in Gaza encouraged the civilians to Attack and cross the border to in effect destroy Israel. Israel did not ask them to come, and Israel in most cases wounded the attacking Palestinians rather than killed them.

    The Israeli soldiers did not fire at anyone other than those attempting to attack Israel. That is called ‘Self Defence’; but Antisemitic anti-Jewish racist bigots have decided that Jews are not entitled to defend themselves against people trying to injure and murder them.

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