Shame of it

What if… it wasn’t Ireland? The awful truth about the antisemitism report

On Thursday I published an indepth study into antisemitism in Ireland – much of it disguised as anti-Zionist activity. This is Ireland’s shame.

These are the facts:

  • The report was based on years of research.
  • The report contains 760 footnotes that provide concrete evidence to support the findings.
  • It exposes Irish politicians who have shared blatant fake news stories.
  • Shows Irish politicians have also like or shared horrific antisemitic comments.
  • That violence, intimidation and antisemitism are pillars of anti-Zionist activity on campus.
  • It proves that on the street that there is foul antisemitism from key ‘human rights’ activists – including support for the Protocols and Holocaust denial.
  • ThatΒ  traditional Christian antisemitism plays a significant role and Christian NGOs facilitate the spread of antisemitism.
  • And It shows that a lot of antisemitism denial occurs where antisemitism is at its most concentrated.
  • In response to the report the Jewish Representative Council of Ireland called on ‘all the Irish political parties and both Houses of the Oireachtas to take action.

And the response? Outside of the tiny Irish Jewish population and the small group of vocal allies that they have in Ireland – the response has been a wall of silence with just an occasional abusive comment thrown overhead.

But what if… it wasn’t about Ireland…..?

What if a report had just been published in London, showing that an MP had liked a post saying Hitler’ wasn’t wrong’. The 200 pages of the report went on to prove that there were a few Westminster MPs sharing blatant fake news from the accounts of rabid anti-Jewish racists and Holocaust deniers – spreading anti-Jewish hate into the population. That these MPs were found to be obsessed with lying about Israel and openly calling for its destruction. What if the report also showed many of the UK’s well-known ‘anti-racist’ faces believed that the Protocols were real, the Holocaust never happened and evil Jewish bankers were secretly behind all the evil in the world. That antisemitism was a growing problem of the most vile kind.

What if too, the Jewish organisations in the UK expressed their outrage and horror – calling on the UK to take immediate action against the anti-Jewish racism.

And then what if nobody responded? Not a single MP from any political party said a word. And not a single member of the press thought it was worthy of writing about.

What if nobody cared and the cries of the Jewish citizens were just completely ignored? What if antisemitic Corbynism had risen and the response of the UK population was just to shrug its shoulders and call the Jews a bunch of liars?

What would that say about Jewish life in the UK? Or the US – or anywhere that such horrific anti-Jewish racism – at every level – was so easily ignored. This is the awful truth about how bad things are in Ireland.

The silence and Ireland’s shame

The findings of the report are being covered in the US, UK, Holland, Israel and a few others on the way – but so far – not a word in Ireland itself.

As someone accurately pointed out to me – the main line from Ireland seems basically to be saying this:

‘You’re making it all up. There is no anti semitism in Ireland you lying, filthy, Christ killing, Palestinian child murdering Jew, and if there is any – you lot deserve it. Just get in the sea and free Palestine.’

Before anyone suggests I have overstated the vile nature of some of the response – here are just two examples of recent private messages I received. Just two of *hundreds* of personally abusive online or offline messages:

Ireland abuseAnd from the general abuse online – just one of 1000s:

I have clearly overturned a big flat rock. The response does more to show the depth of the problem in Ireland than my report possibily could. Silence from those that matter – and vile abuse from those defending their antisemitic cause. This is Ireland’s shame. And it provides *every-justification* for fighting back against it.


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65 thoughts on “What if… it wasn’t Ireland? The awful truth about the antisemitism report

  1. Poor David. Have the Irish just told you to fuck off ? Who would have thunked it. Ahh well. Better luck with the Mongolians maybe.

    Good luck with your mission to change Irish culture anyways. That should keep you off the street corners anyway. Maybe you should start with my aunt Cait. The anti christ in fish nets.

    1. I’m with Stephen on this one. He’s been going on about his Irishness here for years, his old Irish nana Finula and all his irish family back home in County Bogtrotter who are all definitely Irish just like him, and why would you make something like that up on the internet ?

      I stand with Stephen when he says that if all the real Irishists want to continue with their Jew hatred who are a few whiney Jews to stop them. As he says, it’s their culture and coz he’s definitely Irish, he’d know, right?

        1. Stephen (definitely Irish) agreeing with me ’bout Irish folk being bigots coz it’s their culture. Let his Irish nana (definitely real) be nana !

  2. Catholicism has suffered a precipitous drop in Ireland and seems to have been replaced by a venomous Antisemitism disguised anti-Zionism.

    And of course this sentiment chimes wonderfully with the likes of Bellamy and the fake rabbi called Levy. Stephen Bellamy tries to hide his animus in attempted humour.
    Levy just displays his Antisemitic rhetoric and Holocaust revisionism and denigration in plain sight

  3. I can’t be antisemitic Galber, I’m a Rabbi.

    Collier knows that Ireland, like Wikipedia, is an easy target and his MO is to take an minor antisemitic or anti Zionist incident and exaggerate it, turning it into another shoah, all the while attempting to put his hand in your pocket. Typical of “their kind” (Zios).

  4. Hi, I just attached your report in an email to the Irish president. Here is the text of my (restrained) letter FYI: I hope it may be useful. I will keep you posted.

    “Dear Sir, A Uachtain na hEireann,

    I have never visited Ireland. I once thought of applying to go to university in Ireland in 1967 but wound up going to university in Scotland instead (Glasgow).

    I spent my later young adulthood in London in the 1970s and , what with all the troubles and the terrorism, Ireland vanished from consciousness.

    I am now 73 (and in Canada since 1988) and compiling my bucket list. There is only one problem: I am Jewish and with strong family connections to Israel. My parents went there in their last years and are buried just southwest of Jerusalem, my maternal grandparents are buried there as are my paternal great grandparents; also many cousins, uncles and aunts.

    I came across the attached report. After reading it I was profoundly shocked and saddened. The Boyne valley and all Ireland’s noble monuments, it seems, will have to wait!

    I am writing to you as I was unable to find email addresses for the Irish ambassador in Ottawa (where I live) or to other suitable bodies. (When in doubt aim at the top!)

    Clearly, the Irish Republic has some soul-searching to do.

    Sincerely, mise le meas

    (forgive my meager Gaelic, I am very slightly more familiar with the Scottish variety)

    Daniel Bentley”

  5. Levy the pretend rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    I’ve asked you numerous times for evidence of your supposed rabbinical qualifications, but all you have ever done is obfuscate and change the subject with Holocaust denigration.
    And yes, Jews like you can be Antisemites

  6. Stephen

    You said it, not me.

    The tragedy is that you try to be sarcastic, when in fact it’s a truth that you are saying

      1. As Stephen’s other nana Fidelma (also definitely real) used to say in her village of Dun Juden ” If you isn’t better ‘un a Jewboy son, who is you better ‘un.” Gotta love that craic. It’s cultural you know.

      2. Your ‘truth’ only and festering with hatred . I suggest that the Irish relate to those who espouse terrorism against innocent civilians, like the Palestinian Arabs, because they set the tone with their IRA atrocities. Bellamy, poor ineffectual crater, has to work out not only his Holocaust guilt but his IRA guilt as well.

  7. I think we can all agree if the palestinians get their own state, all the vile anti-semitism manifesting in Ireland will simply disappear.

    1. Hang on a sec. Stephen said that jew hate was part of the ancient Irish culture and shouldn’t be interfered with. Now he’s saying it’s all about a Pally state. Another troll with his knickers in a twist.

        1. Two Stephens eh !

          One thinks Irish folk should be left to their Jew hating bigotry coz it’s their culture. The other reckons that they’ll drop all that culture like fat potato if the Pallys (whoever they are) get their own state. These two need to have a word with each other to sort all this out. They’re getting in each other’s road.

            1. I wonder which Stephen this is. Whichever one posted this has obviously put it in the wrong place. I told them they’d get in each others way. Silly Stephens.

    1. Eriin’s another Zio suffering from the “I’m a victim” syndrome. How much felt and what special privileges do you want?

      Give it a rest already. YOUR KIND (Zios) would do well to keep your head down and your mouth shut.

      1. Our Brucie’s acting out again I see, and note the very specific posting time; quite consistent with his general activity here since his return from “sabbatical”.

        In what circumstances would a person have their online activity restricted in such a way? Perhaps the use of he word “Mayer” in his sign-on details is a requirement imposed upon him as a condition of access to the internet, like a virtual tag. Who knows?

        I’ll keep an eye on this. Don’t want our boy to ‘bail’ on us again, do we?

        1. Didn’t your mate Hitler say if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it?

      2. Pally’s suffer from the β€œI’m a victim” syndrome. Boo Hoo. πŸ™

        Pally”s want to be able to attack Israel with bombs, missiles, jihad and make it Illegal for Israel to counter attack.

        It ain’t ever going to happen ImaM Oroan. Nakba is coded in your DNA and inherited for all time.

        Happy Nakba! πŸ™‚

        1. Ed, remember the days before he reinvented himself as Irish, Stephen would come here and bleat about defending his hard won freedoms against all his imagined foes ? That’s what all our Israeli Arab MKs did for real when they joined the coalition government, dumping Bibi and ensuring their hard won freedoms away from the kleptocratic basket cases in Ramallah. Our opponents hate this and know that all the internet slogans in the world can’t change it. Still, better that they piss around with their keyboards than with anything sharp, right?

            1. I wonder if Stephen means his Irishness (definitely real), the attack on his hard won freedoms (supa-dupa real) or the challenge from his imagined foes (mostest real).

  8. This is hilarious. Remember when Stephen thought that references to ice-cream in his posts would be a supa dupa wind-up of Jews here since Ben & Jerry had ended their contract to sell their range in Judea and Samaria ?

    Check out this train wreck interview with the founders, attempting to justify their actions and getting into a spot of bother.

    To the interviewers point and the subject of this article, I wonder if they considered boycotting Ireland over its abortion bans.

      1. Could you imagine if there were a Jewish Father Ted? Thanks to the Zios, they’d accuse it of being antisemitic and it would be pulled off the air.

    1. Do Ben and Jerry have Irish ancestry?


      Wouldn’t surprise me…

      πŸ™„ 😁 πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜• 😝

      1. Very glad that Ben & Jerry’s taught those effing, racist, murdering, Judeo-Nazi, apartheid-loving, Zio bastard scum a lesson they’ll never forget. They also publicised apartheid Israel’s inhuman and brutal treatment of Palestinians

        I once met the great Jerry Greenfield and he embraced me – what a humanitarian! Should of offered to be the official Ben & Jerry’s Rabbi.

        When I first heard the news of the boycott, I got down on my knees and thanked HaShem. Then I bought out my local supermarket’s supply of B&J and threw a huge ice cream party for some of Beth Springfield’s children and teen groups..We even played pin the tail on the Zionist πŸ–

        Ben & Jerry’s are THE BEST! 🍧🍨

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray πŸ™

        1. And for anyone playing Brucie Bingo, Mazaltov ! That’s a full house. Winners are those who marked off all 9 buzzwords and 3 slogans with a bonus point awarded for him taking the bait.

        2. Ben and Jerrys basically tastes like dog shit…

          Which probably explains why Loonster likes it so much?

          Since his little “holiday” as a guest of Her Majesty…picking up dog shit has become his daily occupation…


          But in truth he’s much better at that than he ever was at being a rabbi….


          1. Ken Dobkin on October 12, 2021 writes:
            “Ben and Jerrys basically tastes like dog shit…”

            How do you know what dog shit tastes like Scoffy? And what kind of dog shit was it?

            1. What breed was the dog whose faeces you ate “Ken?”

              1. No Dog shit in Highgate Cemetery today…!
                Good job Loonster…

                Plenty in Regents Park though so I suggest you start there tomorrow…?

                Don’t forget your high viz vest and your ankle tag….


                But no need to wash your hands before you eat your lunchtime sandwiches…

                I’m sure you must be used to the taste of doggie excrement by now…

                πŸ™„ 😁

                1. Not sure about the taste, but πŸ’©’s the same smell as Zios.

                  Can smell your kind’s foul and vile odour even from Ireland πŸ€

                  Take a bath you smelly b’stards πŸ›

      2. Ben and Jihad

        The Official Ice Cream of

        – Al Qada
        – ISIS
        – HAM-ASS
        – Hezbola
        – Taliban
        – Boko Haram
        – Islamofascist Iran
        – the Assad regime of Syria
        – Muslim Brotherhood
        – CAIR

        1. What size boiler suit do you take Ed?

          You can have any colour you’d like, as long as it’s orange.

          1. And you know all about orange boiler suits don’t you Loonster?


            Now off to Regents Park with you….there is a ton of dog shit for you to pick up!


  9. OK. Eyes down for another round of Brucie Bingo.

    Let’s get the show on the road today with literature and a lovely book review. For a moving picture of Jewish life in a Northern Israeli town on the Lebanese border in the 80s, I’d strongly recommend “The Falafel King is dead” by Sarah Shilo. It’s published by Granta and translated into English and Hebrew, which is nice.

      1. Ian can you really afford the time to fuck about with me ? Irish gaelic is a tough language. It’s even harder than O level chemistry. You need to get started.

        1. Clearly I’ve got two Stephen’s to fuck about with now. Not sure which one this is but I’ve got you both nibbling today.

  10. David, I spent around 2 hours reading part of your devastating report on Irish anti-semitism AKA anti-zionism.

    I hope your study is spread far and wide and further shames Ireland – which was a friend of National Socialist Germany during WW2.

    There were some Irishmen who fought the nazis in WW2, but when they came back, they had to hide the fact that they did fight nazis.

    There’s a lot that’s rotten in Ireland.

  11. I lived in the west of Ireland for some years; probably the only Jew for miles. I occasionally used to tend the very neglected Jewish graveyard in Limerick. Initially, it was fine (in the late ninety’s) but then as the Palestinian Solidarity lunatics started up and gained more influenced, they managed to subvert several elites in turn: first, the Arts, then Education and finally, Politics. Obviously, they were pushing at an open door.

    My own puny efforts to stop it at an early stage had no effect whatsoever, as you might now expect.

    One day I watched an Ireland-Israel football game, played at Croke Park.Through the magic of the Internet, I was able to watch the Irish TV coverage and also the Israeli TV coverage side-by-side. While the Israeli commentators were being very fair and generous, the Irish ones were very often spitting venom at the Israeli players. I was so disgusted, I left the country in disgust shortly therafter and haven’t been back since. It’s more than a shame. Very many Irish are lovely people and the country is intensely, mystically beautiful.

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