Corbynites seek to ignite a race war with the Jews

Many people think that with the election done, the battle is behind us. They use several arguments to rationalise this – chiefly based on the idea that the troublemakers are a small fringe who have been ‘dethroned’. This type of blinkered and naive vision is the same short-sighted, stick-your-head-in-the-sand strategy that allowed for Corbynism to arise in the first place. Even the first wave of ‘Corbynism’ may have single-handedly managed to bankrupt the Labour Party. Our problems are deep-rooted and societal, they won’t just disappear because we want them to. As some of us rejoice and think it is over – the haters are using the defeat to radicalise the troops even further. They have a tried and tested strategy and the leaked Labour report was part of it.

The leaked report

The leaked report is a clear piece of internal sabotage. Corbyn’s allies formulated the report – chose which quotes were for use and which were ignored – and then leaked it. It is undeniably part of a civil war. Then they turn their anger onto those exposed in the report, who they say ‘sabotaged’ the party leadership – but hey, isn’t that exactly what they are doing themselves?

Taking the report at face value or addressing it as a legitimate piece of evidence is an extremely dangerous thing to do and plays directly into sinister hands. It was written not to investigate, or tell the truth, but to shift the blame and deflect the conversation. To suggest that an alliance of those ‘pesky Jews’ and ‘Blairite Zionists’ scuppered our children’s chances for a better and fairer future.  Most importantly, in an act of brazen chutzpah – the story suggests that the reason antisemitism wasn’t dealt with – it was everyone’s fault but the antisemites and their allies.


The Communists used ‘agitprop‘ to spread their message to the masses. This type of propaganda fits neatly into the design. The report – obviously written with the knowledge that the EHRC is about to tear the Labour Party to shreds, is designed to protect the movement from the fallout. All propagandists need is a piece of paper that looks like it says something. The illusion of an excuse or argument.

Reasonable commentators see it for what it is and so ignore it. This is part of the strategic thinking too – they know it won’t be taken seriously by the mainstream. This allows Corbyn’s propaganda machine to claim they are being ignored. It adds to the fuel of ‘us’ against ‘them’ and exposes a media machine designed to protect the ‘Zionist elite’. This plays out exactly like the script.

Report leaked and with the ‘real enemy’ (those pesky Jews) clearly identified, it is time to up the stakes. We should be paying attention because what is occurring is truly frightening. The attempt to ignite a class war clearly failed them, so they now turn their attention to mobilising agitation between the ‘races’.  Activists such as Jackie Walker and Salma Yaqoob have been openly inciting on social media.

Salma Yaqoob’s incitement

Salma Yaqoob has a history of being to the left of the Labour Party, alongside toxic characters such as George Galloway. Like many of the people pushing extremist ideologies, Corbyn’s rise gave them room to enter mainstream Labour Party politics. Salma Yaqoob even ran to be the Labour candidate in the Birmingham Mayoral election. She came third.  Yaqoob was endorsed by those such as Owen Jones, Aaron Bastani, Momentum and Unite – a true Corbynite candidate.

This is part of what Salma Yaqoob just put out on Twitter:


salma yaqoob race wars

This is a deliberate attempt to create an ‘us v the Jews’ atmosphere amongst BAME communities in the hard-left.  To label the largest Jewish representative organisation in the UK a ‘hostile group’. How can this person possibly be a Labour member?

The petition against the Jews

A petition to stand in solidarity with the MPs- and *all* the expelled Labour Members (which includes many antisemites and several hard-core Holocaust deniers) has several thousand signatures. It explicitly targets the Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council.

petition 1

Jackie Walker – inciting

If you think I am exaggerating, take a close look at this recent post by Jackie Walker:

Jackie walker race war

It doesn’t get much more explicit that that. Jackie Walker has been posting relentlessly over the last week on this subject – which left room for this threat of violence to be posted as a response to one of her posts. Someone actually suggested bombing the ‘BOD’:


race wars bomb the bod

An online sewer of hate

A few days ago, some Labour MPs joined a Zoom call alongside prominent expelled members of the party. Using the fringe Marxist Jews as cover to attack the Jewish mainstream – just as the communists did 100 years ago – the hard left are turning it into a race-based dispute. Posts from expelled Tony Greenstein and the toxic ‘Jewish Voice for Labour’ were written to bolster the argument. Suddenly it is all about the colour of the skin of those that took part.


race based conflict

It is as if the election never happened and we are back in Corbyn’s prime. Toxic antisemitic messages fill Labour’s Facebook groups and message streams. Corbyn’s Twitter army also goes on the attack:

twitter race wars

If Keir Starmer is to save Labour he has to stamp this out completely, that is a given, but we must fight far beyond those basic lines. It is not enough just for moderation and anti-racist principles to regain the helm of the party, for they may lose it again. These extremists are at work inside every part of Labour’s powerbase, nibbling away at people’s opinions. Agitating, creating division and setting people against the Jews. Look at their posts. They are not even trying to hide it anymore.


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28 thoughts on “Corbynites seek to ignite a race war with the Jews

  1. The ‘Corbynista’ wing of the Labour Party lost the election, and the only tools they seem to have left is using race and accusations of racism to forment antagonism among people.

    Very much a Soviet ploy from the ‘Cold War’;divide and forment conflict in your enemies ranks.

    A lot of the current Antisemitism/anti-Zionism of today is straight out of the Soviet playbook of 1960s and 70s

    Be interesting to see how the resident trolls try to spin this. As Stalin called them; ‘the useful idiots of the western world ‘

    1. “accusations of racism to forment antagonism among people. ”

      Exactly what Collier has been using against the Palestinian-supporting Labour Party for years now.

      Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only fights Labour

      Smear after smear after smear … all supported by gullibles such as Richard Galber.

      p.s. it’s ‘foment’, Richard.

      1. Farmer, Richard wasn’t referring to you.
        He mentioned ‘useful idiots’.
        And ‘useful’ is not a word anyone who has read your posts would use to describe you.

      2. Sharmuta, It ain’t a “smear” when it’s true.

        Hence Fascist Socialist LaBOOR’s worst electoral loss in 85 years.

        “After Britain’s Labour Party suffered a staggering election defeat on Dec. 12, the party’s stunned silence has given way to infighting.

        Labour lost 59 seats in Parliament — in its worst election result since 1935 — and now its members are split over how to bounce back.”

      3. Shut up Farmer!

        You are a nasty, narcissistic, pathologically obsessed troll. Your behaviour is worryingly unnatural & unhealthy. You offer nothing to this world & will be remembered only as a pathological Jew hater with a penchant for David. Are you in love with David? A spurned lover? Unrequited love? Do you feel rejected by David? You follow David around like a lost dog waiting for attention ie you are attention seeking as one aspect of your pathology.

        How many followers do you have Mikey?

        Does anyone love you Mikey?

        I agree with Gerald, you aren’t even a “useful idiot” but a “useless idiot” spewing ?with this result: ?

        You would be better to: ?

          1. “The Nakba” makes EVERYBODY (well… except for Sand Nazis and their supporters) feel better.

            Happy Nakba!

  2. Are they being mean to you again Michael?

    I’ve told you often enough. Stop whining that everyone has a better and more effective lobby than you. Get some better lobbyists!!

    1. Michael, you know when you whine about our lobbyists being more effective than yours?

      Just re-read a random selection of your posts and you can see why.

      Can you imagine the super-smart strategists at Lobbiers4Israel sitting around the planning table and saying ” Okay. It’s agreed. Lots of inverted commas. Tons of re-tweets of the enemy posts and 3 slogans on loop. That should do it.”

      They’d achieve as little as you do. Lucky our lads are on top of their game and get shit done.

      1. Nothing smart about Collier and the other liars, Ian.

        As they say, lies are half-way round the world etc.

        p.s. you must really love David.

        1. I do love effective activism that gets results Michael .

          Bleating on that we do better than your team hasn’t got you anywhere has it ?

          1. You see that’s where we are different, Ian.

            I like to see the truth being spouted whereas David, Gnasher and all the other liars and deceivers, being Zionists, will do anything snidey and untruthful to gain something.

            Not been taught right from wrong when being brought up. You prob. get the same satisfaction as a thief does after he’s pocketed someone else’s property

            1. So Farmer the following statement,

              “It is truly appropriate that while the act accuses him, the result excuses him, and when the result is good, it will always excuse him, because one should reproach a man who is violent in order to ruin things, not one who is so in order to set them aright.”

              Do you Farmer agree or disagree with it?

              1. Can’t agree that when the act accuses, the result excuses, Gerald..

            2. Still muddled Michael?

              It’s just your propaganda versus ours. We’re better so we win. If you want to win, get better at it.

                1. Nakba = Bliss.

                  (“The Nakba” being the 1948 FAILURE of 5 attacking Arab armies – NONE of which was an army of an existing “Pal-e-STINE” – to destroy Israel)

                  Happy Nakba Sharmuta!

                  1. Actually the Nakba was the driving out of hundreds of thousands of Arabs from their villages to create a Jewish majority in the soon to be Israel.

                    Mossad and Zionist groups later worked hard in MENA countries to persuade Jews to
                    emigrate to the needy Israel. The usual spin from David would have you believe that hundreds of thousands of them were ethnically cleansed

  3. Collier tweets “The Kurds are a stateless nation
    They suffered real genocide & ethnic cleansing
    They want the right to self determination”

    Perhaps ‘light unto the world ‘ Israel will identify with them and give them a section of Israel where they can have self-determination. Would mean of course driving out some Israelis and taking the land they live on.

    1. Stupid Dishonest Sharmuta,

      Islam is “The Religion of Peace” just as you are Male.

      Happy Nakba Dumb Bitch!

        1. A pro-Sand nazi Sharmuta calling others ‘dishonest’? Hilarious!

          Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, Sand nazi Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, LaBOOR party, ..

          That’s some “Religion of Peace” you got there Sharmuta.

          AND 75 years since the official UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of your fellow National Socialist Eurotrash filth.

          Happy Nakba to ALL!

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