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On in cinemas now: a Hamas propaganda movie

On Sunday I went to watch a movie called ‘Eleven Days in May’ at the Crouch End Picturehouse. The movie is about the May 2021 conflict between Israel and Hamas. In the end I sat for almost 90 minutes and watched raw propaganda from Hamas – a proscribed terrorist organisation – being shown as ‘truth’ in a cinema in London.

Here is the story.

The Hamas propaganda movie

I am not going to talk much about the movie itself. The film presented stories surrounding Palestinian ‘children’ who had lost their lives in the conflict. We saw their parents, or siblings who spoke about how wonderful the child was, and how much they were missed. Often we got to see archived footage of the child. Heart-breaking stuff – but then it was meant to be.

The aim of propaganda is to mislead, often through misdirection. The movie wasted no time at all in setting the stage. If you follow the movie’s script, Hamas fired seven rockets at Israel – and in response Israel bombarded Gaza with indiscriminate fire for eleven days – killing dozens of children.

That isn’t what happened in the real world but the film doesn’t want to give any actual ‘truth’ to the audience. So there is no mention of the 1000s of rockets Hamas fired at Israel (which is why the conflict went on for eleven days) or of the targeting of Hamas leaders – which is why some of the children were tragically caught up in the conflict (you do not get to choose who your parents are).  There is more -the weakness under homes caused by Hamas tunnels is not referenced. Nor does the film tell you that many Hamas rockets fell short – killing children as they did so. All we get to see are dozens of dead children – all murdered by Israel (we are explicitly told in some cases children were targeted) because Hamas fired seven rockets.

The Jewish Chronicle, Jonathan Hoffman and Israellycool have all written about the factual errors in the film – which is why I do not need to expand on it here. In some cases even the ‘children’ themselves were misrepresented by the film. Have a look at those articles if you want more detail on that.

Hamas have the western left sussed

Hamas have the western left sussed – they really do. Whilst anti-Israel activists like to talk about Israeli ‘hasbara’ – the real propaganda experts here are the radical Islamic terror groups. The Islamic University in Gaza has units dedicated to turning students into Hamas propaganda stars. There is a factory in Gaza and it is churning out Hamas activists masked as journalists, charity workers, NGO staff, medical experts and endless ‘human rights activists’. Hamas propaganda training ensures the image is clean enough to dupe a western audience.

That is how movies like this come about. People in the west often have no idea what is going on. And they do not actually go to Gaza – instead they are completely dependent on the non-existent integrity of the Gaza crew they have partnered with. It works in a similar fashion to a news crew. The runners, researchers and photo-journalists operating in Gaza are the ones who actually put the documentary together – all under the watchful eye of the pro-Hamas Director of the Gaza based media house. Those in the west rubber stamp what they receive because they really do not have a clue as to how it was put together.

Hamas propaganda film put on by Picturehouse

Take the Co-Director of this movie – Mohammed Sawwaf. It took me just a few minutes to find that this guy is a hard-core Hamas fanboy. Why didn’t those involved in the film in London – or the film company that decided to show the film – or the sponsors of the film like UNICEF – even bother to do the tiniest bit of due diligence before green-lighting this production?

As the Jewish Chronicle article pointed out. Mohammed Sawwaf is no ‘peace activist’. He has celebrated the launching of rockets against civilian targets and called for the destruction of the State of Israel.

His father, Mustafa Sawwaf, was a key Hamas propagandist – and for a while was editor-in-chief of a Hamas run newspaper. Much of the Sawwaf clan appears to sit in the Hamas camp – as does Mohammad Sawwaf himself.

In 2012 Mohammad attended a Hamas celebration on the 25th year since the terror group’s founding.

After the 2012 festival, he retweeted Bara Nezar Ryan, son of Shiekh Nizar Ryan, (Spiritual Mentor of Iz A-Din Al Qassam Brigades). The image contains the ‘three remaining’ sons of the family:

Hamas propaganda sons of Hamas leaderIn 2011 on Facebook Sawwaf posted the message ‘May God have mercy on Abu Hassan Shamaa’:

Abu Hassan Shamaa was a founder / leader of Hamas, head of its ‘shura council’ and he died on 10 June 2011.

Sawwaf Wrote a reverential piece about Ahmed al-Jabari (Abu Mohammed), senior leader and second-in-command of the military wing of Hamas, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades. He republished this on his FB page, when al-Jabari was killed by Israel in Nov 2012. And posted his own grief-stricken message

The message reads “but our condolences are in you, O Abu Muhammad, that you have fulfilled a wish that you have longed for, and your firstborn son “Muhammad” preceded you for it 9 years ago’. (He is referring to the killing of al-Jabari’s son in 2004 by Israeli forces. This is all about dying for the cause and Jihad.)

Everywhere you look on his timeline there is Hamas – right up until this Tuesday morning, when he appeared on Al Aqsa TV – the TV station that Hamas set up as their propaganda arm after they took control of the Gaza Strip in 2006.

Hamas Propaganda

The naive west is being conned

Gaza is a propaganda powerhouse and the naive fools in the west just do not see it. The Islamic University in Gaza runs courses for shaping Hamas journalists to be ‘visibly west friendly’. They get told exactly what to present – which keywords to use – and how to appear as a ‘human rights activist’.

Sawwaf cannot hide himself because of the deep family ties to Hamas royalty – but others only have to play innocent on a carefully created profile page on FB – and they are hugged.

Take Salah El Haw – the Director of Photography for the film. His public facing FB page is relatively clean. Scratch the surface of his family and the veneer falls apart His wife Raja Ayesh has a thing about dead Jews. She openly posts Hamas videos with ‘love hearts’ above them. The post she shares carries text that calls them ‘the terror of the Jews‘.

And just so there can be no mistake here. On the evening of 29 March 2022, a terrorist attacked and murdered five innocent civilians in Bnei Brak. Shortly afterwards Raja Ayesh posted this message on Facebook:

I found plenty of others connected to the film or to Sawwaf who stand alongside Hamas and support violence, but the point has been made. With the face they show to us – they pretend to care about human rights – but when they think nobody is looking – they are openly worshipping Hamas and celebrating the murder of innocents.

Get the Hamas propaganda off our screens

The British co-Director – filmmaker Michael Winterbottom, did not visit Gaza for the making of the documentary- which suggests that this film was created by pro-Hamas propagandists without any real supervision whatsoever. This means we are left with a movie created by supporters of a radical Islamic terror group.

The film is even narrated by Kate Winslet to give it that extra legitimacy. How she fell for this, only she can know. The empty statement she has made over her involvement is just embarrassing.

The bottom line is this: The errors and omissions in this movie are not mistakes. The careful crafting to present Hamas as the unfortunate victim of a demonic Israel is deliberate, not incidental. The fact Israeli casualties are not mentioned at all was not oversight. This is a movie put together by those who identify with a proscribed radical Islamic terrorist group.

Raw Hamas propaganda has no place being shown anywhere on our shores. It should be dealt with the same way that an Al Qaeda or Al Shabaab propaganda movie would be. Picturehouse should take this movie off our screens and all those involved should apologise for allowing Hamas propaganda to be shown here in the first place.

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61 thoughts on “On in cinemas now: a Hamas propaganda movie

  1. Surely Kate Winslet could have worked out from her script what this film was all about.

          1. No news from your catch up with Lyra, Stephen?

            Maybe try Daniel Pearl. He’ll spill the beans about the recurring slaughter of the innocents. This seems to bother you.

              1. Wot huh?

                Does the “regularly recurring slaughter of the innocents” bother you Stephen?

  2. I aplaud your efforts to highlight the false presentations against Israel,and the failure to present the terrible denial of safe rights in Gaza through its control by Hamas.
    My undrstanding is that Hamas is already a proscribed organisation in UK and US,amongst others
    Mervyn Smith

  3. Hi, This cinema is owned by Cineworld. Perhaps a petition to the head office threatening a boycott might have some effect?

  4. What I find so amazing is that Hamas supporting westerners, and the other useful idiots that are so enamoured by it, are so blind/stupid as to be unaware of Article 7 of the Hamas Charter which calls for the killing of Jews, not Israelis.

    The entirety of the Hamas Charter is one anti-Jewish tirade by an organisation dedicated to murdering Jews and destroying Israel. I put Jews first because the Muslim Brotherhood anti-Jewish stance precedes the rebirth of the Jewish State of Israel.

    The Hamas Charter is a strong contender for top position with the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ in the anti-Jewish Antisemitic racist bigotry stakes that now seems to dominate the so called ‘left wing progressive’ politics in the west today

  5. You see Mr Collier it depends upon whether you view Hama’s as terrorists or a legitimate opposition to an occupying force which is committing murder and brutality against the indigenous owners of the land. Using your skewed reasoning, Putin, who is trying to occupy Ukraine, would be a hero and Ukrainians who are fighting the occupation, would be the terrorists. You typify the mindset of Zionists, you cannot see the Zionist occupation of Palestine for what it is, a carefully planned and brutally conducted dispossession of land and property from those who were there before Zionists hatched their despicable plan. You always deliberately steer clear of the real reasons for the violence i.e. the occupation and choose to concentrate on character assassination of those who, under international law, have a legitimate
    right to oppose it. You and your Zionist collaborators are the real terrorists.

    1. I know you’re not very bright, but isn’t it strange that every intelligent poster on this board (myself included, and no, you don’t qualify here or come close) would be pissed off if you were banished from posting? That your moon-faced revisionist history is WELCOME here, because it illustrates how pus-filled and weak your POV is? You’re not an enemy or even an opponent. You’re an ASSET.

      1. Thanks Ben, I appreciate your appreciation. You obviously recognise that my comments are not meant for the Zionist bigots here but are for any unwary readers who may be taken in by David Collier who attempts to give the impression that he is some sort of fearless undercover investigator, when in fact he is a Zionist cheerleader doing his best to hide Zionist atrocities in Palestine. The irony is glaring!

        1. Solid wind-up attempt there from Jack. Anyone feel wound up?


          1. No, I honestly felt bored reading that twaddle. He couldn’t have come near my point if he’d had it shoved up his ass like the villains in that great Everything Everywhere All At Once movie (side note: that movie is outstanding. It’s smart and funny and creative and has a point. It’s like the opposite of all things Jack-off).

        2. Jack shiT, you DUMB POS,

          You know what’s blindingly ironic?

          Islam proclaiming it’s “The Religion of Peace”.

          See 9/11, London’s 7/7, Mumbai, Pan Am 103, Bataclan, Charlie Hebdo, Halabja Iraq WMD attack, 500K+ dead in Syria (Muslim v Muslim Civil War), Fascist Iran hanging gay teens, stoning girls to death over “family honour”, threatening genocide, Pal-e-SWINIAN assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Sand Nazi Grand Mufti alliance with Socialist shitler, Boston Marathon bombing,

    2. Jack shiT…

      Zion Forever,

      Imperialist, Racist, Terrorist, Jihadist, Fascist Pal-e-SWINE


    3. Jack T(wat)

      Too stupid to recognise the racism in his own soul that infests everything he types on this comments board…..


      Ah well….never mind…..

      Btw there was a Jewish state that existed more than 3,000 years ago on exactly the same land that Israel exists today


      We Jews are the indigenous peoples of Israel not the Arabic speaking Arab invaders from the Arabian peninsula….

      For the history lesson…..you are welcome


        1. We Jews are indigenous to the land of Israel…..not the Arab invaders


          Since when did Arabic speaking Arabs from the Arabian peninsula become the indigenous peoples of a Hebrew / Aramaic speaking country?

          It is the Arab invaders who colonised not just what you call “Palestine” but also 99% of the Middle East!

          Anyway the Jews got their country back so it’s all good 👍🏼

  6. JackT, your anonymity is cowardly

    Your comment on Hamas and the indigenous population of Israel and your constant obsession with Jews is why I call you an Antisemite.

    You posted……

    ……’You see Mr Collier it depends upon whether ……you view Hama’s as terrorists or a ……legitimate opposition to an occupying force ……which is committing murder and brutality ……against the indigenous owners of the

    Firstly: the Hamas Charter Article 7, calls openly and unapologetically for the killing of Jews no matter where they may be,
    which is clearly very fascistic in nature. You are in effect saying that by whitewashing Hamas, that you are a fascist supporter that agrees with the anhilation of the Jewish race/people

    Second: the Koran specifically mentions the Jewish people (Chapter 17 Al-Isra or Bani Isra’il) and in other Surah talks of the Jews connection to Israel. At no point in the Koran are the Palestinians or Palestine ever mentioned. The Palestinians are a people that only came into existence in the late 1950’s as a Soviet Union cold war manoeuvre against the west

  7. Any land which has been invaded by colonisers is entitled in International Law to repel and remove the colonisers by any method it choses.

    Here is Article 7 from the Hamas declaration. The observant will note that ieven though it is full of religious mumbo jumbo, says nothing about killing Jews. You will also note that Jesus, who was Jewish, was not a Zionist interloper, he was a Palestinian.

    7. Palestine is at the heart of the Arab and Islamic Ummah and enjoys a special status. Within Palestine there exists Jerusalem, whose precincts are blessed by Allah. Palestine is the Holy Land, which Allah has blessed for humanity. It is the Muslims’ first Qiblah and the destination of the journey performed at night by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. It is the location from where he ascended to the upper heavens. It is the birthplace of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. Its soil contains the remains of thousands of prophets, companions and mujahidin. It is the land of people who are determined to defend the truth – within Jerusalem and its surroundings – who are not deterred or intimidated by those who oppose them and by those who betray them, and they will continue their mission until the Promise of Allah is fulfilled.

    1. It is the Arabs who are the colonisers….

      It is the Arabs who have justifiably been expelled from lands that never belonged to them and never will……

      And that……is all…….

  8. JackT

    Abraham was re first Zionist when he was told by G-d to move to what became known as the Israel; read your bible if you are capable and able.

    Moses was a Zionist when he led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt to the Holy Land/Israel.

    When the Jews were allowed to leave Babylon, they returned to the Land of Israel and rebuilt the Second Temple.

    Both the First and Second Temples were built on the Temple Mount where the Dome of the Rock stands today.

    It is rather ridiculous that we, the Jews, are being called colonisers by the people who colonised the Jewish lands and built their Dome on top of our Temple in the Jewish Holy City of Jerusalem. Both our Temples were built by Jews and destroyed by foreign invaders hundreds of years before the birth of Muhammed and Islam (historical fact)

    And Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi the preached in Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple there

  9. JackT,,

    You are quoting from the revised edition of parts of the Hamas Charter, that were amended to make the fascists of Hames more palatable to the ‘useful idiots’ in the west who Hamas needs in their genocidal war against the Jews. Various Hamas functionaries have made light of the 2017 Charter amendments, saying the original Charter is the organisations guiding light

    The original Hamas Charter 0f 1988, as translated by Muhammad Maqdsi for the Islamic Association for Palestine (Dallas, Texas in 1990) quotes extensively from the Koran and the Hadiths.

    Article 7 of the Hamas Charter states ……[M]uslim or Servant of Allah there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him…. from the Hadiths ‘Bukhari and Muslim’ (Imam Muslim, Salah Muslim, Vol 4. Translated by Abdul Hamid Siddiqui [Lahore, Pakistan: Sh Muhammad Ashraf 1976] p1510, Hadith no 6985)

    Hamas gave you (a western ‘useful idiot’) the kool-aid to drink, and you drank it hook, line and sinker like the good Antisemite you are.

  10. Stephen

    Abraham was there before the Canaanites, and the Canaanites disappeared like virtually evert ancient tribe before and after them. Learn some history rather than being a perpetual a–ehole

    When are you going to explain why you called the past and current Chief Rabbis racists; I have asked this question of you many times over the years and you refuse to answer

    1. Mohammed?
      Isn’t that that Saudi fella?


      Btw Abraham was from Iraq not Iran……


    2. Stephen and Jack havin’ a poke at some Jews now.

      Anyone feelin’ poked yet ?

      Anyone ?

    1. Yeah, barmy innit?

      ’bout as likely as finding 72 Virgin Arab wimmin in Jenin. Gotta love the religious nutters.

        1. Limited world view like you and your lot Stephen. That’s why so many of you like a good fisting; helps to widen your circle.

          Note to the Casual Reader. The gratuitous sexual reference above may or may not reflect reality and was simply inserted here for the cheap gag at Stephen’s expense. The use of the word “inserted” here is purely coincidental.

        1. Go on Stephen. You’ve taken the trouble to nearly post this twice. Land your gag.

          1. No. Oh please yerself.

            And what’s your deal with the Fylde coast, Stephen? It’s a regular part of your shtick of late. Does your made-up Oirish Nana Finola O’Jupoker live there?

          2. oh ok well its a multiplicity of reasons

            1) they couldn’t find a virgin

            2) they couldn’t find three wise men, or even one

            3) when the tide goes out you can’t even see the fucking sea

            1. Sounds delightful Stephen. I’m sure you and fictitious Nana will be very happy there.

              Anyways, off to my beachfront now. Glorious morning in eternal Israel. When you’re chattin’ to your invisible man tell him Ian seems happy.

    1. You’ve both got summat in common. Dave knows as much about Real Ale and Home Brew as you do about Oirishness.

      Note to our Casual Reader. I know it’s not that CAMRA. It was just the lazy man’s cheap gag at Stephen’s expense.

  11. Noticed how quiet it is here now on Shabbat without the demented (illegal?) rantings of a certain “rabbi” ?


    Have a peaceful day guys…..


  12. “The aim of propaganda is to mislead, often through misdirection”, says David.

    Takes one to know one.

    1. Some contributors here are obviously disingenuous, others just plain naïve.

      When two tribes go to war, both use propaganda as a tool, so it’s staggering that one side constantly bleats that the other is better at it. That’s rather the point isn’t it ?

      Don’t moan. Just get better propogandists.

  13. Seems Marie Van Der Zyl has been bursting into tears again. She does that a lot. Most famously during the hustings when she was running for BoD VP

  14. Setting aside all the religious voodoo as well as all the nutjobs who spend their time whispering to an invisible man, your admission of biases is more interesting Stephen.

    So, if the Soviets and their Arab puppets hadn’t gifted you the handy fiction of the “Palestinians”, what stick would you have used to beat Jews over the head with all these years ?

  15. Stephen

    What has Marie van Zyl got to do with this conversation other than as a vehicle for you to display your animus towards Jews by attacking the Jewish communal leadership.

    You have accused Rabbi Lord Sacks and the current chief Rabbi of racism, and despite numerous requests made to you to supply evidence to back up your asinine comments, you have never has the manners to reply in a serious fashion. In fact you have never replies at all

    1. Richard, cast your mind back to when Stephen got really cross with the late Michael (Maria?) Farmer, for cocking up his game of “Poke David Collier”.

      With very few exceptions, we ain’t here to discuss things.

      Let’s just enjoy the fact that as well as speaking to an invisible man, these nutjobs have to keep up the pretence for life of supporting a made-up cause. Nitwits.


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