Gary Lineker - virtue signalling

An open letter to Gary Lineker

To Gary Lineker

I am writing this because you recently blocked me on Twitter. I am not an abusive guy, I am not an extremist, I do not spam – and I know what I am talking about. You apparently did not like that I disagreed with your post. You have the right to block whoever you want to, but effectively you just put your fingers in your ears – shutting out the truth.

All I really want to say is this – can you virtue signal at someone else’s expense – and leave what you do not understand alone?

Let me explain:

The Gary Lineker tweet

I want to talk about this tweet:

Gary Lineker tweet

Before discussing the content, I need to point out that this was retweeted over 16k times, and received over 78k likes. This makes it your most viral tweet in well over a year.

I took a sample of 200 of those retweeting you. Sure, there are a few ignorant virtue signallers amplifying your voice – but for the most part the tweet was used by antisemites, Islamist fundamentalists, Jew baiters, trolls and so on – who all climbed on your back in order to refuel their anti-Jewish hatred and/or attack Jews online.

It is not like you do not have form on this. Every now and again you tweet out something that describes Israel as ‘awful’. (examples 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) You’ve even retweeted toxic propagandists such as Ben White.

What being a minority means

Jewish people are a tiny minority group and there are far more antisemites than there are Jews in the world. Tweets like this don’t go viral because of ‘human rights’, they *only* go viral because Jews are vastly outnumbered by those that hate them.

So my first question is this: Just which audience are you performing for when you tweet anti-Israel material? Because I really doubt you want to empower people like him:

response to Gary Lineker tweet

Hypocrisy and the virtue signalling impulse

I do not believe there is malice or antisemitism involved. I assume you do it because errantly you have been led down a giant rabbit hole. Maybe it is a ‘this will make me feel better’, impulse after seeing a piece of online propaganda that disturbed you. I also have little doubt that you have been told by friends to ‘ignore the noise’ coming from those ‘Zionist extremists’ who loudly complain when you tweet this stuff.

On the same day as you attacked Israel you tweeted about your favourite stadium in Qatar. A stadium which was built with the blood of migrant workers. I am not even going to dwell on this hypocrisy. I just want to focus on the content of your tweet.

The demolished school

This is the demolished ‘school‘ from your tweet – the pre-fab building, standing alone at the top of the hill:

This image raises immediate questions.

  • Who is this school for?
  • Was it really operational?
  • It looks new – how long has it been there?
  • Is this building legal?

Answering those four questions is important.

So is answering these:

  • Is it possible that the school was deliberately placed there – so its destruction could be used for propaganda purposes?
  • Were the children placed inside – not to learn – but so photographs of them crying could be taken?

Did you ask yourself any of these questions before promoting an artificial narrative to millions of your followers?

Schools, mosques, and medical clinics

The truth is that the school was placed there recently, probably just so that the Israelis would knock it down. They just did the same with another building last week, that they called a mosque.

Although the small pile of rubble clearly does not back them up, they claim this ‘mosque’ was ‘100 square meters in size’:

mosque, lineker

None of the propagandist websites will tell you that this illegal structure went up about three months ago. It was built in a place called ‘Khallet Taha‘ in a region not far from your school. These are the lands the mosque was on:


Khalet Tala


Question: Just who is the ‘large mosque’ for?

Even more suspiciously – that pristine sign on top of the rubble – does not look as if it was hanging anywhere near a building that was demolished, but rather hastily placed there following a demolition. The sign says in Arabic ‘this is the house of God and this is the Masjid Rasool Allah’

And whilst looking at other footage from the area,  I came across a sign that looks remarkably similar (timestamp 20 seconds). The video was posted just recently:

The sign in Arabic reads ‘this is the house of God and this is the Masjid Rasool Allah’. It is the same sign as the one on the pile of rubble.

Printed signs such as this can be moved from building to building at will. Every illegal structure becomes a mosque, a school, or a medical centre. Find a piece of rubble and place a sign on top.

Whatever works best

They pick whatever works best for the time. In early 2020, they even tried to piggyback their propaganda on the pandemic:

This is all deliberate – non-schools, non-mosques, and non-medical clinics. None of these buildings are legal – and they are all part of a strategic propaganda war. When Israel brings down the illegal structures, footage gets shared widely in Arabic – to provoke anger – acting as an incentive for violence. Propagandists quickly translate it into English, looking for naive do-gooders to help them score political points.

Why wouldn’t they? After all, if people in the west are doing zero due diligence before sharing, they can literally put any old story to a pile of rubble, and it will go viral.

Distortion mixed with empty propaganda. And you share it with millions.

The very real mess on the ground

I have no intention of turning this into a long-winded explanation. There are many sides to this conflict – and this is not about whether or not Palestinians living in places such as Ramallah, Jericho and Nablus find themselves in a difficult and tragic situation.

In truth, in most places, life on the ground is relatively settled. Shocking as this may seem to those on the outside, most Palestinians go through their daily lives without ever seeing an Israeli soldier. The only police most see are their own.

Tragically, Palestinian maximalist demands – along with terrorist driven violence, led to a complete stagnation of the peace process. Radical Islamic terror groups rule the street, and the fractured Palestinian authorities cannot even hold an election because they think they will lose to the proscribed terrorist groups.


There are a few hotspots. Places in which Palestinian agitators can create violent confrontation with the IDF. This works well for them as it produces highly edited images of armed Israeli soldiers seemingly over-reacting – or Israeli bulldozers taking down illegal structures – images that are soon spreading virally online without any context.

This includes the area of the ‘school’ – which is now being called ‘Masafer Yatta’. The area – as per the agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority – is under total Israeli control (referred to in the agreements as ‘Area C‘). This case – the one on the school – is the result of a 22-year-old legal battle over a military firing zone.

Which raises another question. If Israel simply went around doing what it wanted, when it wanted – why would it take 22 years for a case to be settled in the Israeli courts?

Whether it is in Hebron, on Temple Mount, or near the Gazan borders they seek to ignite conflict. Anywhere in fact, that can be turned into a battlefield by Palestinians who want to fight. Peace and quiet is anathema to them. Numerous NGOs, long taken over by a union of Marxists and Islamists, rubber stamp almost every fake story that they can. Iranian or Qatari state media, ensure every word reaches the masses.

Endless propaganda and the strategic battlefield

Last week a Palestinian tried to attacked Israelis in the car. He then stabbed a nearby border guard in the face. When he lost a struggle to steal a weapon he was shot and killed. A UN spokesperson reduced it to a ‘scuffle’. This vile rewriting of history was then repeated in the Guardian newspaper.

There is no correlation remaining whatsoever between the event (the terror attack) and the way it was reported (an innocent man was shot). It is the lie that goes viral. Raw propaganda packaged for the international virtue signallers.

Why on earth would you want to get involved in this?

Spreading myths empowers the extremists. It perpetuates the conflict and pushes peace further away. Nobody in their right mind seriously believes those people attacking Israelis want a two state solution. Nor do those putting up illegal structures. They have deliberately created a battlefield (it doesn’t actually exist unless they come out to confront Israelis).

All this ends with people on the outside, people such as yourself – making it all worse by promoting the propaganda.

So please, can you virtue signal at someone else’s expense – and leave what you do not understand alone.




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55 thoughts on “An open letter to Gary Lineker

  1. Lineker blocked you because you are an unapologetic apologist for the racist, apartheid state and also labels everyone who questions the Zionist experiment as a Jew-hating antisemite..

    Not every Jew is a Zionist and supports apartheid Israel. By implying they do, you imply all Jews are alike and thus engage in stereotyping. Not kosher! Just like the apartheid state, you are becoming a pariah through your actions DC.

    That said, your Deputy Chief Rabbi will again invite all visitors to this blog to light the Zionist and Jewish Hanukkah Menorahs this year.

    1. Rabbi Bacon Butty the 1st….

      Doesn’t know the difference between a menorah and a Channukiah

      Doesn’t know what the messianic prophesies are

      Doesn’t know what a Shabbos phone can or can’t be used for

      Accuses others of lying when he/him has seven lies in his username alone

      Is as Jewish as a bacon butty….


      Thanks for the laughs RBB1….at least we can always rely on you for that….

      🤡 😆

      1. A foul-mouthed, street corner thug, bully and convicted criminal, like you “Ken?”

        Or an academic, scholar and human rights advocate, like me?

        The choice is clear.

        1. Definition of irony….


          An escaped mental patient with seven lies in his username alone….desperately trying to accuse other posters of lying about their identities?


          Keep up the “good” work RBB1

          You are doing G-d’s work

          Well….you think you are!


  2. Unfortunately this will make no difference. He’s been doing this for years. As a virtue signalling leftie, when it come to ‘taking sides’ in the Israel/Palestine conflict it’s good v evil with no shades of grey. He will believe every bit of Arab propaganda he sees.

  3. Sad piece David.
    But it puts into context the same use of propaganda and bias as employed by Jew haters and Antisemites over the centuries; the words change but the sentiment remains the same.

    And then you get Antisemitic trolls who spread and magnify these sentiments

  4. David, I must say, even for you, your letter was pathetic.

    To imply that the school was built purposely to attract the ire of Zionists or that distressed school children were purposely used by Palestinians to attract sympathy, or the absolutely ridiculous suggestion that for Palestinians to build on their own land is somehow illegal, it demonstrates just how base and indoctinated you are in Zionist madness.

    1. Hello Jack. Serious question. What else have you got?

      Think about Kanye. He has about 30m followers on social media, puts some really creative jew hate out there and is street smart with it. I’m guessing you have no followers, post provocations by the numbers and have used the same playbook copy/pastes since you got here.

      The silly rapper man has achieved fuck all from all his exposure and global following. You reckon you da man to out Ye, Ye?

      You must have something else, right?

      1. Calm down Ian, but you’re right, I do have something else – TRUTH.

        Which is something Zionists such as yourself will NEVER have.

        1. We have our Jewish state

          And you have your “Truth”

          Well….you have your own version of it….


          But it’s a fair trade so I will take that


          Happy Hanukkah


        2. Hello Jack. I was kinda expecting more than that.

          Remember Kanye gave it yards about Jews having to work for Christians and should be monitored in their homes with CCTV cameras.

          I’d imagined you’d at least have re-posted his shtick about how Jews should forgive Hitler. That would have been loads more provocative than your “ooh Zios are liars” chip.

          Am I setting the bar too high for you?

          1. Kanye should know better. The concept of forgiveness is a very complicated subject in Judaism.

            Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.

            ✡️ 🙏 ✡️
            Shabbat shalom

    2. You(So calledPalestinians) are a Cult ,not a religion as we would know it ,otherwise they( so called Palestinians,) would recognise that they could enjoy a safe and economic isociety for their people and live sucessfully next door to a succussfull and modern country.That is what Germany and Japan did after losing WW2. A Cult does not have the leadership to do that?

  5. At Hanukkah we should all be thankful for what we have

    We Jews have our Jewish state which continues to thrive and flourish

    And the Jew haters have their little coloured flags and internet chat rooms

    Long may this continue

    Happy Hanukkah everyone


    1. “Ken Dobkin”: And the Jew haters have their little coloured flags…

      What coloured flags “Ken”?

      1. Brucie’s back !! Who ya wearing today girl; Inverted Comma by Hugo Boss?

        I guess you’re a Rainbow Flag kinda sista, right? Careful waving it around your Arab pals. They get very bitchy about that sort of thing.

        Not to worry. Tell them you’re doing your god’s work.

        1. Ian, YOUR KIND needs to learn their place. Shabbat shalom 🙏

          1. “Ian” says Brucie’s crushing this year’s hot look; CAPLOCK Couture by Hugo Boss. A true rainbow queen.

            You go girl. You’re doing your god’s work.

  6. JackT

    You are this sites resident Antisemite

    Not only do you presume to tell Jews whether they are good Jews or bad Jews, you are now telling Jews and Zionists that you know the Jewish truth; your truth and you decide who understands it

    one of the true manifestations of a good Antisemite.. At least Charles that used to post here never denied his Antisemitism

  7. Brucie Levy, the fake rabbi(t) and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    Those little coloured flags are those that are flown for LGBTQ…. etc

    Maybe you should try flying them with your misogynistic, homophobic, undemocratic and intolerant Palestinian friends in Gaza and the ‘west bank’ (so named by the Jordanians when they illegally attacked, occupied and illegally Judea and Samaria and ETHNICALLY CLEANSED all the Jews between 1948 to 1951)

    1. In the past, neighbours in my neighbourhood used to display a MENORAH in their front windows during the eight days of Hanukkah, but during the last year or two, it’s gotten to point where hardly anyone does anymore.

      People have come up to me and said: “You know Rabbi, I’m ashamed to be Jewish because of what Israel is doing to the Palestinians.” I would explain to them that apartheid Israel is doing represents the total opposite of what Judaism teaches.

      Many replied that because Zionist propaganda has been so successful in associating Judaism with the evil, Zionist state, many people incorrectly associate one with the other.

      Zionism has made Jews afraid to express their Jewish identity in public and until apartheid Israel is wiped off the face of the Earth, it will remain a major instigator of anti-Semitism and a real danger to Jews everywhere.

      Just saying.

      1. Meanwhile back here in the real world….

        More than SEVEN MILLION Jews are living happy and contented lives in the Jewish state of Israel


        That’s more than half of the total Jewish population of the world

        And yet this “Rabbi” wants to see it wiped off the face of the earth?


        What a cunt our Levy is…


        Just saying…..



        Happy Hanukkah everyone

        1. Your wrong Ken. Israeli Jews will be given an opportunity to live in 🇵🇸 Palestine. For those who don’t want to, they can leave.

          1. So you would allow Israeli Jews to continue to live under the jackboots of a Hamas led Palestinian leadership??


            Wow….so generous of you


            Thanks but no thanks

            We have our Jewish state

            7m REAL Jews are living there quite happily

            So you and your wimpy neighbours can go fuck yourselves

            With all due respect

            Oh and Happy Hanukkah


  8. Brucie Levy the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    Maybe they are scared of putting a Menora/Chanukia in the window because they are scared of being attacked by ‘progressive left wing neo-fascists and right wing neo-fascists and Islamists’

    That Antisemitism and anti-Jewish hatred is helped to spread by Antisemitic Holocaust denigrator and revisionists, of which in my opinion I count you as one

    1. “Maybe” Stinky Dick…but not really!

      Happy Hanukkah.

      🇵🇸 🕯️

  9. ✡️ HAPPY HANUKKAH! 🕎 🕯️

    Here are your alternative Jewish prayers to recite at sunset: 🕯️

    🕯️ “I light this candle in honour of the organisers, activists and fighters against Zionist occupation and oppression.”

    🕯️🕯️ “I light this candle against injustice and discrimination, in the spirit of the best spiritual leaders of Judaism throughout the ages!”

    🕯️🕯️🕯️ “I light this candle for human dignity and human rights!”

    🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️ “I light this candle against the Zionist settlers who take by force possession of the land that belongs to others, contrary to the Jewish values they profess to honour!”

    🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️ “I light this candle in honour of a free Palestine.”

    🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️ “I light this candle against the Zionist hooligans who cut down Palestinian trees and steal the olives, and who last year destroyed 5000 Palestinian homes, who besmirch the honour of Judaism.”

    🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️ “I light this candle to end the weaponisation of antisemitism.”

    🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️ “I light this candle for the love of human beings, wherever they are!”

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to spin the BDS Dreidel and enjoy the milk chocolate gelt 🪙🪙🪙

    1. Only one candle on the first night….




      Rabbi Bacon Butty the 1st strikes again


  10. PRESS RELEASE: Our panel of rabbis, scholars and researchers investigated Jeremy Corbyn, and as England’s Antisemitism Tsar, I am pleased to announce our investigation concluded he is no antisemite. ###

    1. Speaking of re-cycling last year’s seasonal provocations Brucie, it’s been exactly 1 year to the day that we were discussing your mum not being a halachic Jew. You got pretty cross with me at the time but conceded that this had a lot to do with the way you are now. I wonder if things had been different if you’d had a better sense of identity. Still, it is what it is and at least we get to spend the rest of our lives talking shite to each other on the internet.

      Pecker up son. You’re doing your god’s work.

  11. Remarkable how our own ‘dimwit’ Brucie Levy has managed to reduce over 3500 years of Jewish history to 100 years of conflict with the Arabs.

    If you say the conflict is between Israel and the Palestinians, then the period is even shorter

    Between 1917 and 1948 the only people who called themselves Palestinian were the Jews of Mandatory Palestine. The Arabs actively opposed being called Palestinian during this period.

    The invention of the Palestinian people/nation only happened in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s as a result of Soviet Antisemitism and Arab nationalism during the Cold War. It is possible that this could be construed as an act of extreme example of pure Antisemitic vandalism

    1. Don’t be unkind to our Brucie, Richard.

      The daft booby has told us that his life’s work is the complete dismantling of the apparatus of Zionism and the eradication of the Jewish State by any means. These are lofty aims for a lowly supermarket worker who’s main tactic is writing things on the internet. You have to admire his ambition.

  12. That’s right “Ian”, glad to have organised workers at Tesco, Asda, Morrison, Aldi, Lidl and Saintsbury’s stores and warehouses who render unsalable ALL produce and goods coming from apartheid Israel.

    So to all your readers; don’t buy Israeli produce, as you don’t know what was put on it.

    1. If I did not know you were a worthless troll, I would hand this to the police who – based on the threat inside your message – would need to track you down, arrest, and charge you.
      But you are a worthless troll, so I won’t bother.

      1. “worthless troll” DC?
        I’M A RABBI!

        1. “Ian” says, rabbis and priests are amongst the world’s worst sexual deviants, fraudsters and bigots, so the question is, why would our Brucie pretend to be one?

          1. You’re right “Ian.” RABBI Mirvis would agree. And so would RABBI Sacks. In fact, he’s looking up smiling right now!

      2. Reporting a RABBI to the police sounds antisemitic to me DC.

      3. ImaM Oron has clearly crossed the line.

        The Authorities should be notified. Zero-Tolerance for threats against the Public.

        1. Don’t buy Israeli products DeadHeadEd. Simples.

    2. Good man Brucie.

      As it is written in your New Testament “and verily the apostles of Jesus shall enter the local Minimart whereupon they will lower their undercrackers and crap in the kreplach and yeh, shall the provocation of the Jew be completed according to his word.” (Corinthians 6.2)

      Bot-bots akimbo Brucie. You’re doing your god’s work.

    3. Today, December 21st, is the 34th anniversary of the bombing of commercial passenger plane Pan Am 103 by terrorist jihadis. The plane crashed onto Lockerbie Scotland.

      Summary: In-flight breakup due to terrorist bombing
      Occupants: 259
      Passengers: 243
      Crew: 16
      Fatalities: 259
      Survivors: 0
      Ground fatalities: 11

      The jihadi responsible for constructing the bomb is now in US custody.

  13. Brucie Levy the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    You! A rabbi(t)! 🤣😂😁

    1. Hey Stinky Dick, there are still a few copies left of my latest book, “Let’s Kill Israel.” Would make a great Chanukah or Christmas gift. I’ll even autograph a copy.

      1. Rabbi Bacon Butty the 1st


        Spectacularly losing the plot on the internet on a daily basis for years and years and years



        Plain and simple


        But also quite funny


        1. Be fair to our Brucie, Ken.

          The silly sausage is only following chapter and verse of his New Testament where it is written ” and verily ye shall seek out the victuals of the Jews on aisle nine. Whereupon ye shall lower thine gatkes and piss on the Palwin and splosh the kneidelach with thy gentile waters. Thus shall the provocation of the Jew be fulfilled according to his word.”
          (Luke 4.1)

          Todgers in hand Brucie. You’re doing your god’s work.

          1. Are you reading from your Satanic Bible “Ian?”

            Anyway, just a rabbinical message to state that Israel is STILL an apartheid state.

            That’s it. That’s my comment.

            1. “Ian” says, no time for you to be commenting Brucie. You told us you’re scheduled to be shitting on the schnitzels and rogering some rugellach. Those Israeli products aren’t going to defile themselves, are they?

              Willy at the ready, Brucie. You’re doing your god’s work.

            2. Rabbi Bacon Butty the 1st….

              Proving without any shadow of doubt (and on a daily basis) why this world so desperately needs it’s only Jewish state


              Keep up the good work

              You wonderful lunatic


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