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As toxic an event about free speech and antisemitism as you will ever see

I have sat through many toxic events in my time, but even for me yesterday was something special. A gathering of no less than four of the Labour party’s ‘antisemitism’ stars, Chris Williamson, Jackie Walker, Tony Greenstein and Mark Wadsworth. As an additional bonus they had a special American panel member – the conspiracy theorist and anti-Zionist rock star, Max Blumenthal. It could have been even better. Ken Livingstone was due to speak but in the end was not well enough to participate. Maybe next time.

The event went on for almost two hours, with each of the participants giving a short speech before those watching were allowed to table questions.

It was hosted by ‘Resistance TV’, a YouTube channel with a whopping 800 subscribers. The event was titled ‘Defending Free Speech and Challenging Manufactured Consent’ and forms part of the ongoing Williamson campaign to start a new political movement. That’s right, all those that were forced out or expelled by the Labour Party want to create a movement where their toxic views will become part of the manifesto. Needless to say, Jews need not apply.

The speakers

Williamson chairs the event and gives a talk about the need for free speech. It is to be the drumbeat of the event. Williamson then quickly hands the floor to Tony Greenstein.

Greenstein opens by stating that the antisemitism in Labour is just ‘manufactured, simulated, created and falsified, before going on to say that the ‘whole campaign was contrived from the start’. Within minutes the tone for the entire evening has been set. When they talk about free speech, they mean they want freedom to attack the Jews.

I have seen all these people speak more times than I can care to remember. Listening to each and every one is like wading through a sewer. Some represent a deeper sewer than others. For example, Jackie Walker’s adoption of a Jewish identity, which she then used to bash the Jewish community organisations with, was one of the most toxic themes of the Corbyn era.

The speeches are guarded, but one by one they go beyond simply calling the antisemitism crisis a manufactured smear – it is unsurprisingly all about the powers that control.

The ignorance on display is truly outstanding at times. At one point whilst trying to prove how Zionism is actually racism, Williamson relies on the 1975 UN vote for evidence. As if he says to the crowd ‘see- we knew the truth back then’. When I see Williamson talk, I often wonder how someone so galactically silly can ever have been a sitting MP. If the Soviets and Arab bloc had wanted to vote that the earth was flat in 1975 – flat the earth would have been.

The universal power of those like David

The speeches are predictable. The key message is that the antisemitism does not exist. Instead, the unseen powers of the world are simply stifling support for ‘Palestine’. In Greenstein’s speech, which was mostly incoherent waffle, he goes on about the incredibly well funded and coordinated campaign, which he is certain does not originate in the UK.

These people actually believe that those like myself have extraordinary influence and power, all well-financed from Jerusalem. The monsters they have created in their heads are so powerful, that the only logical path for them is to build convoluted conspiracy theories for their positions to maintain any internal cohesion. The fact I am just some unfunded researcher, sitting with little more than a keyboard, access to the internet, an Oyster card and some recording equipment is not a possibility they are left able to accept. Their invisible monsters are simply too large to accept the truth.

The Q & A

How Venezuela and Syrian Assad supporting Max Blumenthal still makes sense to anyone is a question for the ages. Blumenthal operates like Ben White, in that he throws so many names and incidents into a never ending sentence, that you fail to realise there is no actual substance to the content. He intimidates the listener into believing that they are in the presence of someone with extraordinary knowledge.

At one point Blumenthal went on about how there is possibly a ‘military style operation’ out to discredit him. What he meant was that one Wikipedia editor has done something he didn’t like.

As is always the case, their conspiracy mindset comes across far more in the unscripted Q&A than it does in the short pieces they had prepared to say. Needless to say, this is all about the invisible ‘elites’ and Zionist power.

The questions were always going to play to the conspiracy crowd. Looking at the list of names making comments alongside the video was like a reunion of antisemites for me. Familiar names kept cropping up. People like Joseph O’Neil, who runs a deeply antisemitic group called ‘Interfaith for Palestine’ was an active viewer.

The interesting battle that I want to highlight took place in the comments.

The Free speech that isn’t

These people seek to create a new political movement and it is important not to dismiss them so easily. We drove them back, but this is not over. Their ideology is in firm control of many of our universities, unions and schools. To highlight the danger of allowing these people any sort of power, we only need to look at what happened in the comment section.

The event was primarily about free speech. Free speech? Any comment posted that criticised the narrative was instantly deleted. The moderator Sian Bloor didn’t leave anything that she didn’t like up for more than 30 seconds. This post for example, was quickly removed:


free speech

In a world in which free speech is paramount, why was it removed?

Dozens were removed. To show how toxic the situation in this little band of extremists has become, I will give one clear example. The following comment was made:

Zionist occupied governmentAs anyone researching antisemitism knows, ‘ZOG’ is neo-Nazi terminology. It is the stuff of Stormfront. The expression is mainly found in the US and comes from white supremacist, white nationalist, far-right, websites. This comment was too much for someone watching and they told the moderator to remove it:

get rid1

What happens next tells you everything you need to know about these people. The moderator Sian Bloor did take action:

The moderator deleted the complaint! Think about it, someone posts neo-Nazi terminology and the complaint is considered unwelcome. This at an event all about freedom of speech. As I said in the beginning, Jews are not wanted here. Incredibly, the moderator Sian Bloor was actually the National Education Union’s Trafford branch secretary until last year. The NEU! This is what has a firm grip of our children’s education.

The dangerous ideologues

It is wrong for us to feel complacent just because of the December election results. There are enough signs in today’s troubled world to suggest the battle is far from over. As Labour embarks on a self-cleansing operation (with the help of the orders that will come from the EHRC report), there will be extremist movements to the far-left that are large enough to create a political momentum of their own. Pay attention to them.

All these people are ideologues. And as a result of this they are so firmly convinced in their twisted global visions, that they cannot fathom why they do not receive massive popular support. For them, the obvious answer is that they believe they do – and so the creation of a massive conspiracy by those in control who are out to silence them becomes the logical result. Which means Antisemitism is a natural byproduct of these politics. Never forget this because these people thirst for a power they must never be allowed to achieve.



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112 thoughts on “As toxic an event about free speech and antisemitism as you will ever see

  1. Max Blumenthal (1.08.00 in the recording) accuses Richard Millett of calling him a “notorious antisemite” and that “A Holocaust Denier opened up for me” and said these were lies. So let’s look at what Richard wrote:

    Richard DID NOT call him a ‘notorious antisemite’ and the speaker before him WAS the Holocaust Denier James Thring.

    Simply Lies by Blumenthal.

  2. David, let’s face it, you love these events because it gives you something to moan about. Israel is a self-declared racist State and because more and more people are beginning to realise it you are desperate to pin your now discredited anti-Semitism smears on to anyone who recognises the truth.

          1. Ah, yourself then.

            p.s. if it’s obvious then you’ll be able to explain your ‘logic’.

            1. The logic is, you bag of infected pus: David knows what he is talking about, Muck is a sub-moronic shithead, and add one to the other and you get a great blog elevated by a filthy troll’s failures. Kissrd.

              1. David, Could you let us know which country the Sharmuta, who calls herself “Mike Farmer”, is posting from?????????????????????????????????

                  1. Based on the IP address?

                    I don’t mind you identifying my posting source based on my IP address.

    1. Jack T

      You seem to be a self declared Antisemite by your statements.

      Please tell where Israel has claimed to be a self declared racist state

      While doing this please take into account that most countries in the world claim to be Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Buddhist states .
      Israel being a Jewish state does not make it a racist state, and the ones claiming that it is a racist state because of that , would in that case be racist themselves

      1. “Please tell where Israel has claimed to be a self declared racist state”

        Of course Israel hasn’t claimed(or admitted) it is a racist state, it still describes itself as democratic, but its passing of the Nation Law where Jews are differentiated from non-Jews sets in law that it is.

        Is it that you don’t understand it, or are you also being deceitful.

        1. No, it’s you being deceitful. Jack claimed “Israel is a self-declared racist State”. That’s the idiotic claim that Richard was challenging.

      2. These are statements from the Nation State Law recently passed by the Knesset:

        The actualization of the right of national self-determination in the state of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.

        The state sees developing Jewish settlement as a national interest and will take steps to encourage, advance, and implement this interest.

        They are without doubt racist as is Zionism itself which declares that Jews are a nation who will reclaim Palestine.

        Just imagine if the British government for example said that Britain is a Protestant State and that the right of national self-determination in Britain is UNIQUE to Protestant people, there would be uproar at such blatant racism.

        The ‘Jewish settlement’ in pactice means the displacement of Palestinians and a denial of their human rights, again, this is blatant racism enacted in the self declared racist Nation State Law with which even many Jews disagree.

        1. You really are silly. This from Slovakia

          We, the democratically elected Slovak National Council,
          solemnly declare
          that the thousand years’ struggle of Slovak nation for independence (“self-standing”) has been fulfilled.
          In this historical moment, we declare the natural right of the Slovak nation for self-determination, as embodied by all international agreements and treaties about the right of nations for self-determination.
          Recognizing the right of nations for self-determination, we declare, that we also want to freely create the way and form of national and state life, while respecting the rights of everybody, all citizens, nations, national minorities, ethnic groups, the democratic and humanist legacy of Europe and of the world.
          By this declaration, the Slovak National Council declares sovereignty of the Slovak Republic as a basis for a sovereign state of the Slovak nation.
          Bratislava, 17 July 1992

          They are in the EU. What’s your problem?

          1. David, your justification for Israel’s position is quite absurd, where does it mention the self determination of any one religion? Even if it did, surely you are not going to say if one nation can do it, so can another?

            The truth is that quite apart from Israel’s racist injustices against the Palestinians which have been taking place for decades. The Nation State Law is a de facto confirmation of Israel’s self declared racism. The irony is however, it’s only yourself and those mainly outside Israel who follow your line of thinking, who care enough to argue. Netanyahu and his Zionist zealots don’t give a damn what others think, they know perfectly well they are racist but their attitude to others is – tough.

    2. Dear Jack shiT,

      From the River to the Sea,
      Pal-e-SLIME Will NEVER BE!

      Happy Nakba you fascist pig!

      1. Nakba?

        David claims to “fight antisemitism everywhere”

        David is telling porkies.

        When David was questioned about his claim of’fighting antisemitism everywhere’, which of course is a lie.

        Questioner : David, can you go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

        David : Do you think that’s a point?

        Questioner : David, would you like to go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

        David : I’m not a member of the Tory Party.

        Questioner : Antisemitism exists everywhere, if you are here to fight antisemitism you fight antisemitism everywhere.

        David : I agree

        Questioner : You seem to ‘specialise’ in antisemitism in the Labour Party, Can you tell me what your record is on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

        David : Your question is disingenuous …… I am a member of the Labour Party.

  3. Reading this article contributes to a course I am doing on Antisemitism by YadvShem, that is part of the Future Learn series of online courses

    The course covers anti-Jewish hatred and prejudice from before the Christian era through to its development into current Antisemitism, and then it’s expansion into the new Antisemitic Jew hatred that has become the anti-Zionism anti-Israel version of today

    A remarkable feature of hatred of the Jews is that it does not seem to require the presence of any real life Jews, as caricatures of what people perceive to be Jews is sufficient
    Thus, in Antisemitic and anti-Israel imagery, the Jews tend to be hook nosed, hunchbacked, black hatted Jews with long hairlocks and gold coins bulging in their pockets and dripping through their fingers

    Antisemitism seems to have divided into three loose groups
    1) Anti-Jewish hatred against the religion of Judaism in its earliest manifestations
    2)Antisemitism as the hatred of Jews as a race which became a feature of Jew hatred from about the middle of the nineteenth century
    3) anti-Israel and anti-Zionism which has developed after the rebirth of Israel in 1948.
    This hatred has made Israel the ‘Jew among the nations’
    Another manifestation of this Jew hatred is Holocaust denial, denigration and/or diminishing of its scope and the amount of Jews who were mass murdered in the gas chambers and firing squads

    1. “Reading this article contributes to a course I am doing on Antisemitism by YadvShem, that is part of the Future Learn series of online courses

      The course covers anti-Jewish hatred and prejudice from before the Christian era through to its development into current Antisemitism, and then it’s expansion into the new Antisemitic Jew hatred that has become the anti-Zionism anti-Israel version of today”

      So, it’s a creative writing course then, seeking to map the word Jew to Zionist, though that flies in the face of all logic.(All Zionists are not Jews, all Jews are not Zions PLUS Israel is a Jewish/Muslim/Christian state)

    2. “Another manifestation of this Jew hatred is Holocaust denial,”

      Absolute rubbish. Though Jews push that the Holocaust was all about them, the majority of victims were not Jewish.

      That may disappoint you but it’s certainly not antisemitic.

      1. Ah, there’s our sweet Nazi-defending Muck back at work. I never thought I’d see someone apply “all lives matter” logic to the Third Reich, but if someone was going to do it, it’d be a bottom-feeding cancerous sewer eel like you. BTW, since you don’t actually give a fuck about gypsies, Communists, dissidents, the mentally ill, handicapped people, Allied soldiers, or anyone else the Nazis murdered in large numbers, please go fuck yourself with a chainsaw.

  4. “For example, Jackie Walker’s adoption of a Jewish identity, which she then used to bash the Jewish community organisations”

    Isn’t that what YOU’VE being doing recently because they aren’t as gung-ho with Israel’s proposed unilateral annexation of parts of the Palestinian territories?

    Hypocrite much?

  5. You have described Mark Wadsworth as one of the Labour party’s ‘antisemitism’ stars,

    Explain your smearing of him. Try really hard to be truthful.

    1. I’m not calling him an antisemite Mike, learn some comprehension skills. He was expelled for remarks to a Jewish MP at an event about antisemitism. Headline news. Thus a ‘star’ in the story.

      1. Your obvious intention is to spin that Wadsworth is an antisemite. Did you wrongly word it then, or was it deliberate?

        Learn some honesty and morals.

        You have become a byword for deceit.

  6. You have included a post by a “sid wright” that was removed. It should have remained to show what a liar Sid was.(unless it was ignorance)’ ”

    “sid” wrongly smears Wadsworth. “sid” lies that Wadsworth was r”ightly expelled” because he was a “racist antisemite”.

    David KNOWS that Wadsworth was expelled for ‘bringing the party into disreute”, NOTHING to do with antisemitism.

    David IS the sewer.

  7. I’m a little surprised that Muck Framer and Brutes Levy haven’t slithered over here yet to be completely lying arseholes. Oh well, the day is young 🙂

      1. And Muck the King of Shitheads has arrived! Extra points for your now-standard “caring about all Nazi victims since 2020′” bilge.

  8. I can’t recall hearing you complain when the far right were giving Nazi salutes at the London memorial statues last week. You know, that same far right who applaud Israel as a role model…

      1. That anti-Zionist site you smeared as anti-Semitic and attempted to link Jeremy Corbyn to with your usual disregard for the truth with your trolling blog?

        1. Sharmuta, The Voters are smarter than you are and see through your lies.

          Happy Nakba!

  9. 11 posts so far Michael. This one’s really got your back up.

    In the previous one you were asking what Zionism meant. Did you manage to find out?

    1. Have you noticed how Farmer is forever asking questions and demanding answers, yet he refuses to ever answer questions directed at him.

      You do play him rather well though

      The sheer volume of his comments on Davids blog lead one to the suspicion that he has become consumed by this blog, and lives for each and every new offering from David so that he can give vent to whatever it is that seems to drive him, issuing vacuous comment after vacuous comment
      I only glance at his comments when someone else has highlighted them
      The sheer volume of his comments would require of me to devote as much time to them as he does, and I have other things to do besides reading Mike Farmer

      1. Can Richard explain what Zionism is? Seems folk claim to be Zionist without knowing what it is.

        1. Michael, you keep asking people what Zionism means. How can you express opinions on it when you dont know what it is?

  10. Mr Collier, I agree with the commenter who said that you love these events.

    It gives you something to write about and your pretend outrage gives us something for to laugh at.

    Sounds like a fair trade to me.

    1. …. any excuse for a profitable fantasy …. plus it gives the family a break from him.

      1. Many people suffer from ‘victim mentality’ which is a psychological term that refers to a type of dysfunctional mindset which seeks to feel persecuted in order to gain attention or avoid self-responsibility.

        People who struggle with the victim mentality are convinced that life is not only beyond their control, but is out to deliberately hurt them. This belief results in constant blame, finger-pointing, and pity parties that are fueled by pessimism, fear, and anger.

        I believe Mr Collier caters to that crowd.

        – Dr Joe

          1. Nakba?

            David claims to “fight antisemitism everywhere”

            David is telling porkies.

            When David was questioned about his claim of’fighting antisemitism everywhere’, which of course is a lie.

            Questioner : David, can you go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

            David : Do you think that’s a point?

            Questioner : David, would you like to go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

            David : I’m not a member of the Tory Party.

            Questioner : Antisemitism exists everywhere, if you are here to fight antisemitism you fight antisemitism everywhere.

            David : I agree

            Questioner : You seem to ‘specialise’ in antisemitism in the Labour Party, Can you tell me what your record is on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

            David : Your question is disingenuous …… I am a member of the Labour Party.


        1. Herr Doktor, in your opinion, approximately how many Jews were murdered by the Nazis between 1939 and 1945 and again, in your opinion was this enough to engender sympathy for them and Israel ?

      2. That’s nice Mike. In keeping with your character you are attacking the Jews by siding with a troll that clearly uses Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death as his baseline

        1. You are one person who shouldn’t presume to talk about ‘character’, David.

          Yours is to lie, smear and deceive.

          Nature or nurture?

        2. Simply put Mr Collier, having a victim mentality means that you blame other people and circumstances for the unhappiness you feel.

          Playing the victim actually has a number of juicy perks. These rewards make it very difficult to break out of such a mindset, which is why most victims seem to be so emotionally invested in perpetuating this type of toxic behavior.

          Some of the benefits of engaging in victim mentality include:

          Not having to take responsibility for anything
          Other people lavishing you with attention
          Other people feeling sorry for you
          Other people are less likely to criticize or upset you
          You have the “right” to complain
          You’re more likely to get what you want
          You feel interesting because you get to tell people all of your stories
          You don’t have to feel bored because there’s too much drama going on
          You get to avoid and bypass anger because you’re too busy feeling sad

          Playing the victim actually gives you a lot of power: power to avoid responsibility, power to feel “righteously” sad and persecuted, power to avoid uncomfortable emotions, and power to manipulate other people.

          Here are some common signs to look out for:

          You’re constantly blaming other people or situations for feeling miserable
          You possess a “life is against me” philosophy
          You’re cynical or pessimistic
          You see your problems as catastrophes and blow them out of proportion
          You think others are purposely trying to hurt you
          You believe you’re the only one being targeted for mistreatment
          You keep reliving past painful memories that made you feel like a victim
          Even when things go right, you find something to complain about
          You refuse to consider other perspectives when talking about your problems
          You feel powerless and unable to cope effectively with a problem or life in general
          You feel attacked when you’re given constructive criticism
          You believe you’re not responsible for what happens in your life (others are)
          You believe that everyone is “better off” than you
          You seem to enjoy feeling sorry for yourself
          You attract people like you (who complain, blame, and feel victimized by life)
          You believe that the world is a scary, mostly bad, place
          You enjoy sharing your tragic stories with other people
          You have a habit of blaming, attacking, and accusing those you love for how you feel
          You feel powerless to change your circumstances
          You expect to gain sympathy from others, and when you don’t get it, you feel upset
          You refuse to analyze yourself or improve your life
          You tend to “one-up” people when it comes to sharing traumatic experiences
          You’re constantly putting yourself down

          From reading your blog, I would diagnose you as having an acute case of victim mentality.

          – Dr Joe

        3. You are wrong again Mr Collier.
          I’m Jewish. Memegele is a Jewish name.
          I accept your apology. You can’t help being ignorant.

      3. Sharmuta, Is Business SLOW due to Coronavirus/Koranavirus or your galaxy of STD’s?

        Happy Nakba!

    2. Hi there Brutes! Sad to see you return to this board under an alias, but honestly happy you’re here providing stuff for 99% of the board to laugh at, instead of doing the many other disgusting things that a subhuman like you would do without an online outlet.

  11. Michael, in your remarks above you mention the word “annexation” in the context of Israel and specifically Judea and Samaria. In your opinion, will the civil rights of Arabs be better or worse in this scenario?

  12. Michael, I would not wish to speak for the family of Yasser Arafat. However, if I did I would ask you why, as a person who says that he is pro Palestinian you will not express an opinion on him. Specifically, in your opinion was he a worthy recipient of the Nobel peace Prize?

      1. Oh come on Ed. It was the obvious blocking move. David plays 5 rabid antisemites. Bellers replies with an ancient incidental Yid. He can only play the hand he’s got.

          1. Nakba?

            David claims to “fight antisemitism everywhere”

            David is telling porkies.

            When David was questioned about his claim of’fighting antisemitism everywhere’, which of course is a lie.

            Questioner : David, can you go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

            David : Do you think that’s a point?

            Questioner : David, would you like to go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

            David : I’m not a member of the Tory Party.

            Questioner : Antisemitism exists everywhere, if you are here to fight antisemitism you fight antisemitism everywhere.

            David : I agree

            Questioner : You seem to ‘specialise’ in antisemitism in the Labour Party, Can you tell me what your record is on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

            David : Your question is disingenuous …… I am a member of the Labour Party.

        1. Nakba?

          David claims to “fight antisemitism everywhere”

          David is telling porkies.

          When David was questioned about his claim of’fighting antisemitism everywhere’, which of course is a lie.

          Questioner : David, can you go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

          David : Do you think that’s a point?

          Questioner : David, would you like to go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

          David : I’m not a member of the Tory Party.

          Questioner : Antisemitism exists everywhere, if you are here to fight antisemitism you fight antisemitism everywhere.

          David : I agree

          Questioner : You seem to ‘specialise’ in antisemitism in the Labour Party, Can you tell me what your record is on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

          David : Your question is disingenuous …… I am a member of the Labour Party.

  13. Stephen

    I had forgotten about your severe animus against Jonathan.

    Could you please be so kind and remind me what triggered that animus

    Also why do you think Jonathan is going to be harassed by the law

    I know you have as much trouble answering questions as Mike Farmer, but please try to break the habit of a lifetime and JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION ?????

  14. Memeggele, or is it Mengele

    How many Jews over two thousand years of anti-Jewish Antisemitism have to die for being Jewish before we Jews are allowed to acknowledge that there are still people out there working to annihilate the Jews just like Hitler and the Nazis tried to do

    1. I am available for private consultation Mr Galber should you care to resolve your acute psychological issues.

      – Dr Joe

      1. Herr Doktor, in your opinion how many Jews would the Nazis have needed to murder to engender sympathy for Jews and Israel?

  15. Dr Joe (Memegle or Mengele)

    At which camp do you hold your consultations

    There were 4 different sections within the main camp
    I need to know which is the right one
    And don’t be forgetful about the one that was destroyed by the inmates

    1. David, I think you can assume this to be one of the more prickly subjects for The Resistance. Michael’s had loads of company here on this one but the tactics have been utter bobbins. Bit of tepid provocation, Michael obviously doing Michael and even post-flounce Bellers could only muster an incidental Yid. Seriously, they moan about Zio control but really they’ve just got to get better at this.

    2. You’ll have to travel to my spa/surgery in Austria. Very reasonably priced, regularly disinfected, spotlessly clean and my staff practices social distancing. With each booking you receive a gift set of Xyklon Bath Salts.

      1. Thought so Herr Docktor; a bit of provocation by inference rather than having the balls to really go for it. Just the same as the lame whiteys that jump all over the BLM bandwagon. Squealing for violent resistance over their Vanilla Frapaccinos in Starbucks. Their idea of looting is getting full price store credit at Harrods for an unwanted pashmina bought in the sales. Your idea of provocation is a silly name and some weedy references to Nazi Gas. You didn’t even have the bravery to spell it properly.

        Commit to the character or go home, wimp.

  16. Stephen

    Jonathan’s name is not Sandra Wafta so I’m still a little confused as to the connection

    Please enlighten me ?

    1. “the cops are showing an interest in his harassing Sandra Wafta online”

      The sentence tells you that Jonathan is harassing Sandra Wafta online.

      The sentence also tells you that ‘the cops” are interested in that harassment of Sandra Wafta by Jonathan.

      Perhaps you need help from a self-promoted ace at comprehension …. David.

      1. Michael, when you indicate that 6 million Jews murdered by Nazis is a minority of the 17 million murdered overall and therefore unworthy of sympathy, what number do you consider would have been worthy?

  17. David, Ian is also presenting a lack of comprehension.

    As a self promoted expert, could you help him out? His Lancashire school didn’t prepare him.

    1. Michael,you keep letting your guard down. We are playing a very long game here and you have to concentrate. If you can’t do that you will have more hiccups like this and scurrying back to your silly slogans won’t help you.

  18. Labour Party antisemites who want the freedom to criticize Jews remind me of the American evangelical community that wants the U.S. Supreme Court to give them the right to discriminate against gays and transsexuals.

    1. Some Labour Party activists criticise Israel for its actions. That is not criticising Jews. It may be that they are criticising those who are also Jews. Take note.

      i.e. criticising Trump is not misandry.

      1. It’s interesting to see that the intersection between the extreme left and actual neo-Nazis like the lovable and light-hearted Dr. Memegle runs through the comments on this site, and that you Mr Farmer, are not ashamed to be supported and associated with actual neo-Nazis who love to have a laugh over the torture and industrialised mass murder of other human beings. I suppose Dr Memegle at least, isn’t as historically illiterate as the left-wing fascists here who also swim in the sewer of Holocaust denial and don’t even realise they stink of racist shit.

        1. Muck admires and loves Nazis, frankly he’s gotten worse at hiding it. I can’t read the dark, bacteria filled cesspit that is Muck’s mind, but I hazard a fair guess he wants to claim victimhood by being ejected from this blog. He’s just that much of a pussy.

  19. Jack T (anonymity is cowardice)

    I have a translation of the Nation State Law in front of me.
    At no point is there a single racist statement within it.

    It does state that ‘Basic Principles 1 (c)
    ‘The exercise of the right to self-determination in the State of Israel is UNIQUE to the Jewish People’.
    This is a positive position towards Jews, but does not reference anybody other than Jews.
    All Palestinian documents on the other hand define themselves by their opposition to the Jewish State and Zionists and to Jews who arrived in Mandatory Palestine after 1917 (Palestine as a state and/or entity had never existed before the Mandate

    Firstly there is no determination of the size and borders of the State of Israel.
    Secondly it does not preclude any other peoples and religions from coexisting within the State of Israel.
    Thirdly it does not remove any rights,’human’ and/or other, from anyone living in the State of Israel.
    Fourthly it does not remove citizenship from any citizen of the State of Israel for any reason of religion, race, creed, colour and/or political persuasion.
    Fifthly it does not enforce the religion of Judaism on anyone, but as the State of Israel is a Jewish majority state, Jewish holidays are those enshrined in law (as is the case in almost every state in the world today.
    This list is not exhaustive

    There is another law that compliments ‘The Nation State Law’ and has to be read alongside it for clarity which is ‘BASIC LAW – HUMAN DIGNITY and LIBERTY’ which deals with human rights and equality before the law

    Therefore, I challenge you and/or anyone of the trolls on this site to detail where there is any form of racism mentioned in the ‘Nation State Law’

    Lastly every Arab State has the Qu’ran (Koran) firmly entrenched in their constitutions as defining principles of their laws and governance, which means Arabs/Muslims have superiority before the law

    1. richardgalber

      These are the two paragraphs I cited, ditrectly from the ‘Nation State Law’ and if you don’t think they are racist then it casts great doubt upon your ability to be objective, in fact it disqualifies you!

      “The actualization of the right of national self-determination in the state of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.”

      “The state sees developing Jewish settlement as a national interest and will take steps to encourage, advance, and implement this interest.”

  20. JackT (anonymity is cowardice)

    I have the ‘Nation State Law’ translation in front of me.
    It is not a racist document.
    It references only Jews in a positive manner.
    It needs to be read in conjunction with the ‘Basic Law – Human Dignity and Liberty’ which guarantees equality before the law for ALL ISRAELI CITIZENS irrespective of Race, Religion, Creed, Sexual Orientation and Origin.
    To ignore the above is to call into question your own objectivity and motivation.

    The term ‘UNIQUE’ is a perfectly apt one to describe the Jewish peoples connection to the Land of Israel (now State of Israel)
    The entire formative narrative, myth and history of the Jewish People is derived from the area; the Tribes of Israel, the Prophets, the Jewish Temple and its two destructions (once by the Persians, once by the Romans), and the Jewish Religious texts are basis for the Jewish peoples connection to the land.
    This is a history Unique to the Jews.

    The Land of Israel is also UNIQUE to Christians too, but in a different way.
    Jesus, the Jew from Nazareth, is the Christians ‘Son of G-d’ and his narrative is that of the Old Testament which is also the foundation of the New Testament.
    The New Testament is the continuation of the Old Testament, which is also UNIQUE to the Land of Israel
    Jerusalem is mentioned over seven hundred times in the Jewish Scriptures, it is mentioned untold times in the Christian Scriptures, it is not mentioned in the annals of any other culture or people or religion until the current times.

    In Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque were built in 691AD by Abd al-Malik years after Muhammad’s death; and their construction probably had more to do with dynastic conflict in the Umayyad period and the conflict with the Christian Byzantine Empire.
    Nowhere in the Quran is Jerusalem mentioned, either by its Jewish name of Jerusalem or the Roman name of Aelia Capitolina
    In pre-Islamic times the area that comprises the State of Israel consisted of countless formations and destructions of mini statelets and peoples,and the only surviving peoples/nation of that time are the Jews

    To Muslims , Mecca and Medina are UNIQUE to Islam because that is where its foundational narrative and histories and myths were created
    The Vatican is Unique to Catholicism but not Unique to Christianity as a whole.
    If you look you will probably find countless examples of other peoples with unique attachments to certain locales because of centuries and millennia old due to religion and/or custom

    Thus the concept of the ‘Land of Israel’ being UNIQUE to the Jewish people is correct, and is not racist, as no other group share the same attachment to the Land of Israel as Jews do.
    Jerusalem has never been the capital of any country other than the State of the Jews.

    The State of Israel taking steps to advance the interests of Judaism in Israel is neither strange , nor racist.
    If it stated that it would disenfranchise others in the pursuit of that goal, it would be; but it does not, and the Basic Law – Human Dignity and Liberty ensures that it cannot disenfranchise any citizens of the State of Israel
    Therefore this second point you highlight is moot ,and could never be racist in its present form coupled with the above Basic Law.

    1. Richardgalber, you illustrate precisely why it is impossible to have a sensible conversation with a Zionist, you jump through hoops to try and prove black is white and vice versa. The two paragraphs I quoted are without a shadow of a doubt racist. Not only that but the actions of Zionists in Israel show it to be the case. We have words and deeds to prove that Israel is an apartheid, racist State and by trying to drag the procedings off into the long grass and redefine what is written and what is being done you demean yourself.

      By the way, please don’t lecture me about ‘human digity’ it is the LAST thing Zionists respect when it comes to dealing with others who reject their colonisation.

      More and more young Jews are begining to see the iniquity in Zionism and are turning their backs on it in droves. The world will be a much better place when they take over and accept that Palestine has to be a place where everyone has the same democracy and human rights.

  21. JackT (anonymity is cowardice)

    You say ‘it is impossible to have a sensible conversation with a Zionist’, and yet it is you who has offered no conversation, sensible or not.
    Your entire discourse is the denigration of Zionists and Zionism.
    You offer no argument or evidence to back your claim on the supposed ‘lack of human dignity’ by the Zionist other than an accusatory statement

    You talk of your wish to see a Palestinian State created where everyone has the same democracy and human rights’
    My question to you is this; can you show me one state in the Middle East and North Africa, other than Israel, that offers ‘everyone the same democracy and human rights’.
    Please don’t offer the vacuous argument without evidence that Israel is not a Democracy
    We will just skirt the awkward issue of elections in the Palestinian Authority (Abbas in the 14th year of his four year term), and Hamas taking power in an armed coup and never having elections, and their arbitrary arrest and detentions (and worse) of Palestinians that disagree with the leaders and their families and policies

    You also ignore the fact that the ‘human dignity’ you disparagingly refer in my post refers to a Basic Law in Israel.
    Basic Laws in Israel are akin to a form of Constitutional Law in Democracies.
    Therefore the BASIC LAW: ISRAEL – NATION STATE OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE needs to be read alongside any other law that complements it such as the BASIC LAW: HUMAN DIGNITY AND LIBERTY which guarantees the rights and freedoms of all Israeli citizens.
    Your failure to acknowledge this fact illuminates either your ignorance of The Law and/or your dislike/hatred of something you don’t like and that you disagree with

    You are entitled to your own opinions (no matter how vacuous and meaningless they may be), but you are not entitled to your own facts (unless you have conclusive evidence and argument to validate them)
    Please try to offer debate rather than mere accusatory statements as argument

  22. Richardgalber. This one statement from you shows that you are content to lie to support your case:

    “can you show me one state in the Middle East and North Africa, other than Israel, that offers ‘everyone the same democracy and human rights’.”

    Who are you trying to deceive, me, the readers or yourself?

    These two paragraphs from the Nation State Law show conclusively that Israel does NOT offer everyone the same democracy and human rights.

    “The actualization of the right of national self-determination in the state of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.”

    “The state sees developing Jewish settlement as a national interest and will take steps to encourage, advance, and implement this interest.”

    Not only does the above show that you cannot differentiate between the truth and a lie, Israel’s actions on the ground prove it.

  23. JackT

    Are you possibly a recent university graduate in the humanities that has not learnt to read and understand a text, and that obfuscation and accusation are the only way to debate and argue.

    My question again;
    What country in the Middle East/North Africa , besides Israel offers all its citizens ‘democracy and human rights’.
    Again lets skirt the awkward issue of democracy in the Palestinian Authority where the esteemed President Abbas is in the fourteenth year of his four year term, and Hamas in Gaza who took power in an armed coup in 2007 has not had an election since.If this is the ‘democracy for all’ that you are calling for, then I think you can deposit it up your rear end.
    Again let us skirt the awkward issue of human rights in both the Palestinian Authority and Gaza, where arbitrary arrests and detentions for disagreeing with either regime and/or their families and ‘cronies’ is common. If this is the ‘human rights for all’ that you want, then again you can shove it.
    And ‘Freedom of the Press’ in both entities is a desired but unattainable commodity.
    And LGBTQs’ live in fear of punishments ranging from public ridicule (the desired option) to death.
    And women are classed as lower than men in both fact and law.
    And the rest of the Middle East/North Africa is not any better.

    Concerning the BASIC LAW: ISRAEL – NATION STATE OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE, you keep repeating yourself and making the same accusations.
    You have not offered any argument as to why the law is racist.
    You have not offered any argument as to why this law denies ‘democracy and human rights’ to Israeli citizens

    You are entitled to your own opinions, you are not entitled to your own facts.

  24. RichardGalber (Zionism is racism)

    Are you so indoctrinted with Zionist myths that you believe your own hype?

    As you very well know, the concept of Zionism as proclaimed by its originator Nathan Birnbaum is based upon two main tenets. a) Jews are a nation and b) They are destined to reclaim Palestine.

    Jews are no more a nation than are Catholics or Muslims. Judaism is one of the worlds great religions established thousands of years before Zionism. As many Jews will confirm, Zionism is not part of Judaism. Zionists try to affiliate their racist beliefs to Judaism so that they can sling the anti-Semite accusation at those who challenge them. Jews throughout the world are disgusted at this attempted defamation of Judaism.

    I have a Jewish friend born and bred in Jerusalm, who said “My heritage is white European, my grandparents came from Germany, what connection do I have to the ancient Hebrews? – none”

    Secondly, which fortune teller informed Zionists that Jews were destined to reclaim Palestine?

    Incidentally, Many Jews, as in The Bund, disagreed with Birnbaum and saw him as part of the bourgeoisie. Birnbaum eventually turned his back on Zionism in favour of Jewish autonomy within Europe.

    “You have not offered any argument bla bla bla”

    I have shown the basis upon which Zionism operates, as proclaimed by Birnbaum and verified by paragraphs from the Nation State Law. In addition, Zionists in Israel have given you practical ‘on the ground’ proof that they are carrying out Zionist racist actions. You have the stated aims and you have the practical proof, which only a bigot would deny.

    You are entitled to your own opinions but as a Zionist, you have to deny the facts.

  25. JackT (anonymity is cowardice)

    Well well
    Definitely an improvement on your ad hominem attacks and allegations.

    You originally posted that you wanted a country with ‘democracy and human rights’ for all its citizens
    I asked if you could show me one example of a country in the Middle East/North Africa besides Israel that offered any ‘democracy and hu8man rights’ for its citizens.
    Whether you dismiss this issue with a silly ‘bla bla bla’ comment ,or not, Jews and Israelis are not as stupid as to disregard the evidence of what Arab/Muslim rule, predicated on the Quran as its guiding light, looks like for minorities and people who disagree with the situation.
    Awkward issues like Abass’ fourteen year rule of an original four year term, and Hamas’ lack of elections since their 2007 bloody coup also tend to expose the Arab/Muslim worlds disregard for ‘democracy and human rights’ for all their citizens.
    So if that is ‘bla bla bla’, then your bigoted bias against Israel becomes ever more apparent.

    So you have a ‘Jewish friend’ born and bred in Jerusalem, who feels that his heritage is white European.
    What about the nearly 0ne million Jews Ethnically Cleansed from the Arab/Muslim lands after 1948 purely because they were Jews and the Arabs/Muslims wanted to punish them because the Jewish State of Israel had prevented the Jews of Israel from suffering another Holocaust as promised by the head of the Arab League.

  26. JackT (not fully identifying yourself is a form of cowardice)

    You mention Birnbaum as the originator of Zionism..
    Zionism in one form or another has been part of Judaism since the Exodus from Egypt, since the return from the Babylonian exile, since the Exile of the Jews after the Romans defeated them in 135 AD and in the daily prayers about the return to Jerusalem.
    The only specific definition of Zionism is that it is the ‘National movement of Return of the Jewish People to The Land of Israel’ and the movement for ‘Jewish Liberation and Freedom’.
    Zionism is a ‘broad church’ of thoughts and ideas and not limited to any one persons specific interpretation.
    And the Bundists were so tragically successful in their endeavours to assimilate into European society that they and their movement were mostly annihilated during the Second World War

    It appears that you are not Jewish from your writings, yet you presume to tell Jews who and what we are.
    You say Jews are not a nation, but millions of racists and Antisemites would disagree with you.
    Limiting ourselves to just the present, Hitler murdered six million Jews by bullet/starvation/slavery/gas because Jews were a nation as well as a religion and he wanted to destroy the Jewish nation, many Christians and Muslims follow the ‘Replacement Theology’ doctrine which states that either Christ replaced the need for Jews and that the Jews misinterpreted G-ds word and must thus be punished as sinners, Farrakhan the US calling Jews termites and members of the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ and the list goes on and on.

    Even if Jews were originally only a religion, whether Jews wanted to be a nation or not, the idea has been foisted on us by sundry Jew hating Antisemitic racist bigots as a reality.
    In discussion with Antisemites on this question, I always find it so amusing that they deny the fact that I am part of the Jewish Nation while at the same time attributing all the elements and hallmarks of nationhood on Jews.

    Jew hated has followed thee distinct paths
    1) Hatred of Judaism as a religion until probably the ‘Age of Enlightenment’ in Europe.
    2) Hatred of the Jewish people as a nation and eventually being called Antisemitism in the Europe in the 1860’s, coupled with the hatred of Judaism as a religion
    3) Hatred for the State of the Jews – Israel . After World War 2 and the Holocaust, Antisemitism and Jew hatred became unacceptable, and a new form of Antisemitism was devised.
    This new hatred became anti-Zionism/anti-Israelism and includes the classic hatred of Jews as a religion, the hatred of Jews as a nation, and now anti-Israelism as the Jew among the nations.
    The sentiments of hatred remain the same; the terms anti-Israel/anti-Zionism/Antisemitism have just become usable interchangeably, very often with people not even being aware of them using the different terms at the same time

  27. RichardGalber (Zionism is racism)

    As a Zionist, you wrap Zionism up like a ball of string and pretend it is complicated to unravel. It isn’t, it’s simple, Birnbaum defined it as: Jews are a nation who are destined to reclaim Palestine. If you believe anything other than that, you are not a Zionist and need to conjure up a new word for your obsession.

    Zionism is racism and Zionist’s actions, words and deeds prove it. Some psychologists have described it as a mental illness causing people to believe they own something which isn’t theirs.

    It wasn’t indigenous Arab Jews in Palestine who came up with the notion of Palestine as a home for the Jewish ‘nation’ it was European Zionists who decided that they should go to someone else’s land and colonise it, giving zero thought to those Jews, Moslems and Christians etc who were already there and didn’t want the colonisers and the conflict which they rightly predicted would be the future outcome.

    As shown in this video:

    However, rather than go through all the Zionist myths here and you trying to spin and justify them, this web page answers most if not all of them and if there is anyone in the future who is curious enough to read this blog post, this is a useful resource:

    Incidentally, the Jewish friend to whom I referred, who I’ve know for some time and toured Palestine with, is mentioned on the above page, see if you recognise him?

    You are entitled to your own opinions but as a Zionist, you have to deny the facts.

  28. JackT

    Holding strong views on something but failing to identify yourself by name signifies an element of fear that by identifying yourself you may weaken your argument,
    Anonymity on this site is not required because, except for the likes of Bruce Levy, I have never seen anyone threaten anyone with physical and/or verbal violence.
    Therefore I find your anonymity a form of cowardice.

    The Jew that you mentioned, who you seem to hold in such high esteem, I have never heard of or met.

    The link that you attached is like a Palestinian Solidarity Campaign stationary room.
    Every article consisted of almost context free quotation,culled from various authors to suit a particular anti-Israel narrative; a process very easily done especially in the computer era with the cut and paste option.
    Truth can be manipulated, without lying, by both omiting and/or including selected text to suit and confirm your viewpoint; altering the truth by omission and commission I call it.

    Your original post said you wanted a state that would offer all its citizens ‘full democracy and human rights’.
    I asked you for an example of a country in the Middle East/North Africa that offers its citizens ‘full democracy and human rights’ which Israel does!
    Your answer was literally ‘bla bla bla’.
    Maybe you could find the time to answer what is in effect a very simple question!

    1. RichardGalber (Zionism is racism)

      Richard, you appear to have a morbid obsession in knowing who I am. The facts I present to you are facts, no matter what my identity.

      To say, as you have done, that Israel offers full democracy and human rights to all its citizens, shows that you are either a liar or completely divorced from reality. I would prefer to believe it’s the latter. Zionists who control Israel have zero intention of ever offering anything like equal rights to Palestinians. They just want Palestinians gone.

      In any case it should not be a question of OFFERING. Human rights are indivisible and in a civilised State, which apartheid/racist Israel most certainly is not, human rights automatically come with the territory of being human, they are not OFFERED. Which brings me back to a previous point about psychologists who say Zionists have a mental problem in believing they own something which is not theirs and is therefore not theirs to offer.

      But getting back to Birnbaum’s (Zionist) contention that Jews are a nation destined to reclaim Palestine. It shows a considerable stupidity for Zionists to then say Palestine never existed!

      Because of its intention to drive Palestinians out of their homeland using colonisation as a weapon, Zionism is an evil which people around the world, particularly young Jews, are at last beginning to recognise. It will therefore die its own natural death as soon as the old biggots such as Netanyahu, David Collier and the rest shuffle off. It’s a pity it has to create such mayhem before its demise.

      Whilst Zionism is around, imposing its will in Palestine, it is creating anti-Semitism, (some say intentionally) putting Jews in danger of being blamed for its murderous deeds during its occupation of Palestine.

      Thank you for giving me this platform to show, in what I hope other readers will agree, has so far been a civil conversation between us. I look forward to continue at length as Zionism crumbles.

      You are entitled to your own opinions but as a Zionist, you have to deny the facts.

      1. You really do talk a lot of drivel.

        Israeli democracy is intact and all its citizens are protected by it. You conflate (deliberately) with Israel’s attitude to its hostile neighbours – which has nothing at all to do with the way the nation treats its own citizens.

        You use ‘Zionism’ as a timeless term that is ridiculous given that Israelis consider themselves Israelis and whilst you term them as ‘Zionist’ – that is not what drives them and their defence of their own nation is no different from a Brit defending the UK. In 1948 Israel came into being and an Israelis defence of Israel as his ‘own’ is not made because of some ‘mental problem’ but because it is obviously theirs.

        Your use of Birnbaum is equally ignorant. You treat Zionism as a religion with a holy scripture. Which in turn means what was said in 1883 remains holy. That is hogwash. Zionism beyond being a statement of right, is a political ideology – which means it evolves – and did so quite drastically before the formation of the state. Jabotinsky’s notions of Zionism for example – were chiefly formed against the reality of a hostile British government in the 1920s. Those that followed his path into revisionism ten years later were shaped by the rise of Hitler. Birnbaum himself evolved – leaving behind Zionism at a very early stage – flirting with the disastrous Bundist ideas before finally becoming orthodox.If you attempt to take a statement from a Zionist in the 1800s and use it to smear everything that followed – you are engaging in nothing but nonsensical propagandist acrobatics.

        The notion of ‘Palestine’ as a region prior to (and indeed was the cause of) the creation of a mandate named ‘Palestine’, was romantic Christian reference to the Jewish Holy Land and the places that Jesus walked. Palestine was and remains a colonial construct that had nothing to do with Islam or the Muslim majority population that resided in the area. You’ll find vague references to a region called ‘Palestine’ in the British archives, written obviously by Christian travellers or politicians – but almost NO MENTION in muslim writings anywhere. So when Brits spoke of Palestine – they meant Judea – not Arab colonised Muslim areas. The actual transformation of Palestine from Christian to Muslim occurred much later – as part of a post conflict reality / strategy. In fact, the first significant Palestinian national movement was anti-Muslim. It occurred in a period just after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Arabs in the region, mostly Muslim were pushing against the British control – and sought to create a pan Arab state. There was no Palestinian identity. Christian Arabs were scared of the Muslim domination and tried to work with the British – bridging opposition to Zionism and opposition to Pan Arabism. This chiefly Christian movement agreed with the British demarcation of the land for precisely the same reasons as British Christians saw it as Palestine – it was the Jewish holy land. They thought if they could persuade the British to avoid Zionism, they could shield themselves from Muslim rule in a newly founded Christian controlled British colonial enclave ‘ ‘Palestine’. Somewhat redundant to use in an argument for a population that is today 97% Muslim (the Christian Arabs were right – they needed protection and have been virtually ethnically cleansed by their Muslim brothers). Even taking this small adventure into account the ‘Palestine’ you say existed – never existed outside of the minds of romantic colonial Christians until AFTER the advent of Zionism.

        Given your lack of knowledge and reliance on empty propaganda, it is no surprise you resort to blaming Jews for the antisemitism they suffer. It is the signature tune of an antisemite.

        Facts? You don’t know the meaning of the word.

        1. David, your attempt to re-define Zionism as something other than Birnbaum has already defined is laughable. Most of the world know what Zionism is, they see it in action every day in Palestine/Israel with the vicious treatment of Palestinians and Jews who reject its concepts. They also see it codified in Israel’s Nation State Law.

          You compound your ignorant rant by typically saying I blame Jews for anti-Semitism when you know quite well I did not say that. Yours is the standard reaction of Zionists who try and conflate criticism of Zionism with an attack upon Jews and Judaism. To be clear, what I said was Zionists, who as you very well know, may or may not be Jews, have deliberately tried to tag Zionism on to Judaism and in so doing have put Jews in danger of being attacked, sometimes physically, by supporters of the far right with whom you associate.

          No amount of bleating by Zionists such as yourself is going to prevent a growing awareness by the public that what the UN said in 1975 i.e. that Zionism is racist, is true.

          In parting, here is another ‘toxic’ event for you to gnash upon. I look forward to seeing if you can restrain your hatred against Jews who completely reject the racist basis of Zionism and your attempts to associated it with the classic and respected religion of Judaism.

  29. JackT (being anonymous is a form of cowardice)

    Another long list of wild accusations against Jews, Israel and Zionists and the misrepresentation of the Basic Law: Nation State, by ignoring other laws which include areas which this law does not cover , such as guaranteeing human rights to all Israeli citizens irrespective of race, religion, creed.

    I’m still waiting for you to tell me where in the Middle East/North Africa, other than the Democratic State of Israel, that a ‘democratic state with human rights for all it’s citizens’ exists.
    Your later reply was ‘blah blah blau’.
    If you had an answer no doubt you would have answered; therefore we can safely take it that you cannot find any state in the said area, MENA, that meets these ‘human rights and democratic’ criteria other than the Democratic State of Israel

    Soviet Russia engineered the ‘zionism is racism’ resolution during the Cold War.
    This is the same Russia that created and spread the notoriously racist Antisemitic ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ which has been proven to be a fraud by multiple agencies.
    The ‘zionism is racism’ resolution at the UNGA is just another Russian expansion of the Antisemitic ‘Elders’ narrative.

    Quoting a single source narratives on Zionism (and what it means) is also another of your meaningless self serving ploys to try justify your personal narrative and crusade against Israel

  30. JackT

    Israel guarantees full ‘human rights’ to all its citizens, irrespective of whether they are Jewish, Arab, Muslim, Druse, Christian and no religion.

    Palestinians on the other hand are NOT citizens of Israel.
    Their ‘human rights’ etc are to be guaranteed by the Palestinian Authority, The PLO, Hamas and the various Arab states where Palestinians reside.

    In so far as who you are; you are on a predominantly Jewish blog, making various potentially racist comments about the Jews of Israel and the Jewish State of Israel.
    So within that context I am very interested to know who you are to see if you have any vested interest and history concerning your anti-Israel commentary.
    Hiding behind anonymity begs the question; what are you afraid of and/or hiding by failing to disclose your identity,

  31. RichardGalber (Zionism is racism)

    You accuse me of making wild accusations against Jews, please give me an example?

    You say “Palestinians on the other hand are NOT citizens of Israel.”

    There are approximately two million ‘Arab Citizens of Israel’ many of whom refer to themselves as Palestinians. At a stroke, Israel removes their self description and self determination because of course it can do it legitimately in its own eyes because the racist ‘Nation State Law’ says only Jews have the right to self determination.

    You asked me to answer a question based upon your own false premise that Israel is a democratic State. If that were the case, why is it only Jews who have the right to self determintion? and why can only Jews who have no connection with Israel other than religion, occupy Palestinian land and homes which had been in Palestinian posession for millennia? You really do need to learn the true meaning of democracy and not the Zionist version.

    Your final comment comparing Miko Peled to Der Sturmer is blatant anti-Semitism and is a typically vile Zionist expression of hatred towards Jews who despise Zionism. Is it any wonder Zionism is now being seen more and more as the disgusting anti-Semitic, racist mental abberation which it is.

    You are entitled to your own opinions but as a Zionist, you have to deny the facts.

    1. This is impressive in its way–you didn’t make a single true statement in a fairly lengthy post, even by accident. That’s hard to do. But Jack-off is a true man of miracles, apparently, as long as they don’t involve him being good at anything.

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