This piece on the cruel sewer of the far-left is not for the faint-hearted. The article contains sickening responses to the news of the passing of Lord Jonathan Sacks, the former Chief Rabbi. My research is here to provide a historical record. As such, this piece, however difficult to write or read – needed to be made public.

If you are easily offended or upset, I strongly suggest you give this one a miss.

The cruel and sickening responses

It is easy to go and find some anonymous troll making an offensive or cruel comment. It is for others to engage in distortion and propaganda. What is important to note about this blog is that these are not trolls or bots. These are real people and most have held or hold key positions in anti-Israel activism or other political circles.

I start with Mick Napier the chair of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Mick Napier cruel comment

That vile post by Napier was liked by Jacqueline Walker – ex Vice-Chair of Momentum.

jackie walker likes cruel comment

At the time of writing, Napier’s post has received around 50 likes and has been shared 17 times. Walker, not content in simply liking a grotesque post about Lord Sacks, set out to post some comments on her own timeline.

Moving south to our own Palestine Solidarity Campaign, we arrive at the Portsmouth Branch and a post from Jenny Flintoft:

Jenny Flintoft cruel and stupid

What is interesting about Flintoft’s post is that it highlights how uttterly delusional the Corbynite bubble is. She references JVL (Jewish Voice for Labour), as if choosing a Chief Rabbi of the JVL type is even possible. They are virtually all atheist. Most members of JVL would not know where their nearest synagogue was. I am not aware of any who would know what to do if they were to find it. Flintoft’s post is written by someone who does not live on this planet.

Cruel face of the Labour Party

The private Facebook group ‘Labour Against the Witchhunt’, could not let the event pass without a post. This share from David Avery:

And one of the responses to the post:

cruel wishes to rot in hell

Whilst reading these posts, along with 100s of vile comments that were deleted by the busy admin in other unofficial Labour Party Facebook forums, I had to keep reminding myself that these were ‘Labour Party’ people.

Corbyn’s cult often pushed themselves as ‘kinder gentler politics’. Meet Angie Stack. Stack was once a Chair of Governors of a primary school. Highly active politically, Stack was Chair of Bromley and Chislehurst Labour Party and Chair of her branch of Unite.

This is what she had to say:

Angie Stack

Koser Saeed uses the account name ‘Anya Zenn‘ on Facebook. Koser Saeed is the Editor of Spotlight Newspaper. This is how She responded:


Keir Starmer posted condolences on Twitter. Just scanning through the comments tells us everything we need to know about the continued existence of antisemitism in the Labour party. Many of these cruel comments are from Labour people. The hate is fully embedded in the party now, and I am not sure it can be salvaged. ‘Kinder, gentler, politics.’

All told I recorded and archived cruel and disgusting comments from over 270 different FB accounts. There is no need to reprint them all here. This is an example of just one comment stream:

cruel comment streamSeymour Alexander was for years the main photographer at events organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. This is how he responded:

Seymour Alexander

The only good Zionist….

And for those who still have doubts about the true intention of anti-Zionists. I can end with the words of Bruce Levy:

cruel. the only good zionist

He believes that the only good Zionist is a dead one. And for every ‘anti-Zionist’, there is one who is not even bothering to mask the hatred. When I posted a tweet about Jonathan Sacks – this was one of the responses I received:

This is the face of the hatred we face. We must never forget it.



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127 thoughts on “The cruel sewer of the far-left. Not for the faint-hearted

  1. I am no snowflake, but I stopped reading after a couple of these spiteful and disgusting comments. All these rats came crawling out of the sewers under shelter of Corbyn, that disgrace to a once-noble party, and clearly won’t crawl back any time soon. Keir Starmer needs to get very tough, and I hope he’s up to it.

    1. Are you blaming Corbyn for the comments? Why?

      Was Mick Napier’s tweet untrue?

      Are these comments more cruel than destroying a Bedouin Village?

    2. “Corbyn, that disgrace to a once-noble party,”

      Explain. Don’t you crawl back under a rock.

      1. Going full Ilhan Omar are we Michael? You really don’t want to go here.

        From your perspective as a person that has a deeply held and sincere opinion on Bedouin that he formed 5 minutes ago, define ‘village’ for us please.

      1. You have to get in quicker Bellers. Now this is just a vague post floating in the thread and not at all provocative or snarky to whomever you were replying.

        Standards dear boy. Standards.

  2. David, the only thing that has a stronger reek of desperation than Lynx Africa is Panto Provocation.

    Shame you can’t put on Snow White with only Dopey, Dopey, Dopey & Bellers.

  3. This was never just about the ‘headline acts ‘. Williamson , Walker , Greenstein, Napier , Winstanley etc all thankfully now expelled . It’s about the tens of thousands of Corbyn’s foot soldiers , who espouse such views as those published by David . Go to their Facebook walls and there amidst the photos of family , well kept gardens and cherished pets etc you will find this rancid Jew hate . Sometimes overt, mostly masked as hatred of Israel , but always replete with the memes and imagery one would normally find in the pages of Nazi history and contemporary far right filth . This is what scares me more than anything . People you would pass in the street and never guess as harbouring such hate .

    All it requires is a focal point . The lightning rod which brings these people to the surface . That person was and remains Corbyn and his lieutenants. His transition from a nobody back bencher to leader of a major Democratic Party is as remarkable and dangerous as that of any other totalitarian racist in history . Give thanks that his reign is over , but it will take a superhuman effort , and the resolve to purge Labour of the culture which provided for Corbyn . Leave it to fester and it will eventually destroy Labour for good.

    1. Much waffle there, Harvey.

      EHRC found no fault in Corbyn, found no institution racism in Labour. Still you smear as dishonest David does.

      Feel better now?

      “totalitarian racist”? just the opposite. Are you a supporter of the occupation?

      1. “EHRC investigation found that the Labour Party has committed unlawful acts.

        We have published a report about our findings, including our recommendations for change.

        The Labour Party is now legally obliged to draft an action plan to tackle the unlawful act findings we made. This should be based on our recommendations.

        Once the action plan is agreed, we will continue to monitor it. If the Labour Party fails to live up to its commitments in the legally binding action plan, then we may take enforcement action.”

        And this all happened on Corbyn’s watch?


        Disgusting really…..

        1. “On Corbyn’s watch” EHRC found improvements had been made on investigating accusations of antisemitism. 2 instancesc of not following procedures. Big deal.

          Instances of Corbyn antisemitism were never found.

          5 years of Collier and ‘Jewish Community’ lies and smears unfounded.

          1. “The Labour party could have tackled antisemitism more effectively “if the leadership had chosen to do so”, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) concluded as part of its 130-page investigation released on Thursday.

            The watchdog also found that Labour breached the Equality Act in two cases – relating to the former London mayor Ken Livingstone and a borough councillor, Pam Bromley – “by committing unlawful harassment” against Jewish people.

            Here is a breakdown of some of the key findings.

            Labour leadership
            “We found specific examples of harassment, discrimination and political interference in our evidence,” the EHRC said in its foreword, adding: “But equally of concern was a lack of leadership within the Labour party on these issues, which is hard to reconcile with its stated commitment to a zero-tolerance approach to antisemitism.”

            No individuals are named as being responsible by the watchdog. Instead, the report criticises the party hierarchy broadly for failing to take decisive action, despite what it says are “recent improvements” in handling complaints.

            “Although some improvements have been made to the process for dealing with antisemitism complaints, it is hard not to conclude that antisemitism within the Labour party could have been tackled more effectively if the leadership had chosen to do so,” the report states.

            Interference in the complaints process
            The EHRC concludes that “there was political interference in the handling of antisemitism complaints”, which it said was part of a “wider practice” of the leader of the opposition’s office getting involved “in disciplinary cases that were deemed ‘politically sensitive’”.

            It reviewed 70 complaint files between March 2016 and May 2019 and concluded that there were 23 instances of political interference by staff from the leader’s office and others.

            “These included clear examples of interference at various stages throughout the complaint-handling process, including in decisions on whether to investigate and whether to suspend,” the EHRC said.

            As a result, the equality watchdog concluded this “was indirectly discriminatory and unlawful” and it held that the Labour party was legally responsible for it.”

            Disgusting really….


            1. “concluded that there were 23 instances of political interference by staff from the leader’s office and others.”

              Didn’t Zionist ‘Friend of Israel’ Tom Watson attempt to garnish complaints of antisemitism to himself?

              Strangely the EHRC doesn’t mention Watson.

      2. Michael

        You dimwit.

        The EHRC didn’t find ‘institutional racism’ in the Labor Party because that is quite possibly out of the remit for language that can be used for an organisation like that, that has to couch its language in legalese.

        What the EHRC report did find was ‘UNLAWFUL ACTS’ and actions which need to be undertaken by 10-12-20.

        Michael, you say you are only interested in Israel’s actions against the Palestinians, but the general demeanor of your comments here on the death of Rabbi Sacks puts the lie to that

        You are obsessed with the Jews of Israel and the Jews of the rest of the world who hold Israel as a part of their lives. Your obsession is with Jews, and Israel is the means of concealing your intent. There is a name for that

    1. Stephen

      You repeat yourself again

      I previously asked you for evidence to back your claims, and like the ‘village idiot’ you pretend to be, you have never had the decency and good manners to answer.

      So again; where is your evidence to back your crass and nasty comments made on the death of a man that led the mainstream Jewish community for years?

      Your language is that of a bigoted racist unless you can back up your claims.

        1. A wabid wacist wascal, eh Bellers?

          I think you’ve finally succumbed to Elmer Fudd’s disease.

          I think Pfizer has a vaccine for this.

      1. “On lesbian and gay inclusion, Lord Sacks spoke out against equal marriage despite the fact that, as research conducted by YouGov for the Westminster Faith Debates has suggested, British Jews are now in favour of allowing same-sex marriage by roughly the same percentage as the population at large. Indeed, the chief rabbi is chosen by Orthodox synagogues that represent just over half of the roughly 75% of those British Jews who attend synagogue. He certainly doesn’t speak for all.

        So, for instance, Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, the chief rabbi for the Reform movement, commented diplomatically: “It has been an honour to represent British Jewry alongside Lord Sacks. He articulated the position of Orthodox Judaism with dignity and erudition. However, it is wrong to assume that he reflects the views of the majority of Jews in Britain, who are aligned with the general population in supporting complete gender equality and the diversity of family life including LGBT families and individuals.”

        Lord Sacks’s mellifluous voice may have charmed millions. But he was unable convincingly to explain why the dignity of difference does not also mean the dignity of diversity.”

              1. Well maybe you should learn to spell better ?

                You could start with the word “admittedly”?


  4. Hey Michael. You dipped you gnarly old toe into the “Bedouin Village” story. Presumably thinking it was an easy provocation.

    Knowing that you know sweet fuck all about this I asked you to define “village” just to show both the readers how totally fucking clueless you were on the matter.

    Very wisely, you’ve walked away from this now before you got a bit of a spanking again.

  5. Stephen

    Any buffoon and idiot can make wild and wooly statements; remember the fools that used to say the world was flat.

    So instead of answering and explaining why you called Lord Sacks a “rabid homophobic racist”, you compound the issue by now calling him a “religious fundamentalist bigot”.

    So are you going to supply verifiable evidence to back these two statements; or are you going to be a ‘bigot’ who accuses people of unmentionable things without supplying evidence

    At this point you being a pretend ‘village idiot’ is no excuse. If you can’t backup your crass statements you are a bigot.

    Maligning and besmirching the dead is not a very nice trait, even if it comes from anti-Israel bigots and racists from whom we don’t expect more.

    1. “anti-Israel bigots and racists”?

      You surely aren’t classing being anti-Israel as being racist, are you, Richard?

  6. So the PSC reveals itself as an organisation where someone like Lord Jonathan Sacks…a world renowned and hugely respected pillar of the Jewish community…a towering intellectual philosopher and author…a man of great compassion and empathy….is branded “a racist swine”?


    And yet the words and deeds of actual racists are ignored or excused and sometimes even glorified ?


    Great advert for PSC….big well done to Mick Napier on this wonderful achievement….


    1. “a world renowned and hugely respected pillar of the Jewish community…a towering intellectual philosopher and author…a man of great compassion and empathy”?

      Fooled you too, did he? just like all the other Jewish sheep.

      1. Still awaiting your video link of Lord Sacks leading the March of the Flags ?

        Where is it Farmgirl ?


  7. Stephen

    Stop playing at being so mindlessly stupid so that you can avoid answering my question.

    Instead of answering and explaining why you called Lord Sacks a “rabid homophobic racist”, you compounded the issue by calling him a “religious fundamentalist bigot”.

    Are you going to now supply verifiable evidence to back these statements; or are you going to be a ‘bigot’ accusing people of unmentionable things without supplying evidence

  8. Stephen

    Another one of your broad, meaningless statements

    …..”Stephen Bellamy on November 10, 2020
    ……Admiedly it doesn’t pay as well as the antisemitism industry”

    How much does the Antisemitism industry pay, and where is this information.

    According to the IHRA document, and the EHRC report accusing Jews enmasse of doing things malignly for money and/or with malign intent is Antisemitic.

    Saying Antisemitism is an industry, and that people enter it only to make money, fits into the millenia old anti-Jew hatred that has seen millions of Jews being murdered

      1. Bit of a shift at the Shithouse today Bellers. Hard work all this not giving a flying fuck. Poor baby.

          1. Blood pressure problems Bellers? All your pointless poking to make you feel good about yourself has had its consequences.

            Ask your doctor about Enaldex.

            1. Not all, by not giving a flying fuck I have avoided blood pressure problems.The number of words you devote to each post makes me a little concerned about yours. All that caring just can’t be good for you

              1. Dont stress yourself over my game and concentrate on yours Bellers. Remember our roles here.

  9. Stephen

    What exactly is the point of you posting on this site if you say

    ……. “Rchard I couldn’t give a flying fuck what the IHRA document or the EHRC report says. I got ………my Oxford Dictionary to keep me warm”

    You seem to have trouble with Jews, Israel, Israelis and Zionists, yet all you can do is low level insult on the level of Bruce Levy and not far off from Charles, the self confessed Nazi sympathising Jew Baiting Holocaust Denier. You seem to skip ever closer around Antisemitic issues.

    And you still haven’t answered your crass comments about Lord Sacks calling him a “”rabid homophobic racist”, and then you compounded the issue by calling him a “religious fundamentalist bigot”.

    Why are you so frightened to explain your crass insults towards a recently deceased person; or are you just a common and garden Jew hater?

    1. Rabbi Sacks was a pervert, a poltroon, and a wicked and odious ziocon Jew. He is surely in Hell now.

  10. Sacks once led the extreme-right “March of the Flags” through Palestinian communities

    Described by Hareetz as a “carnival of hatred” which aims to “humiliate Muslims”, Sacks led the extreme right wing March of the Flags protests through Palestinian communities in 2016.

    Reports say that the annual march regularly features chants including, “death to the Arabs” and, “The Jewish temple will be built, the Mosque will be burned down.”

    Protesters have also vandalised shops owned by Palestinians, and violent confrontations are a staple of the march.

    1. Please let me have a video link of Sacks leading this march….

      Looking forward to your reply with much excitement….

            1. I know he didn’t Farmgirl…

              But if you can prove otherwise then please go ahead and do so…

              If you can’t then I suggest you shut the fuck up before you make yourself look like even more of a c@nt…if that’s even possible….


      1. Don’t know whether it was filmed, Dobbin … perhaps David was there. His sort of thing.

        1. So nobody with a mobile phone filmed the Chief Rabbi of the UK leading this march?


          Wonder why that is ?

          Could it be possible that you are telling a big fat lie ?


    2. You don’t want to touch this either Michael.

      You’ve copy pasted that from a tweet almost word for word and like the Bedouin, you know fuck all about this subject again.

      It’s a feeble and very superficial provocation and as usual it just makes you look rather stupid.

  11. Oh, look, David a pro-Israeli mourning the death of Erekat

    Paul Horsfield
    2 hours ago

    He should have been slotted years ago, it would have saved the money spent on his operations and care and possibly lives taken by people who took him and his rhetoric seriously. Under normal circumstances I would have sympathy for the family as they can’t usually be blamed for the actions of their family member, but in this case they’re as bad as he is.

    1. Still awaiting your video link of Lord Sacks leading the March of the Flags?


        1. No that’s not how this works Farmgirl….

          Either back up what you say or retract and apologise…

          Which is it to be….?

    2. Any crueler than the daily attempts by Arabs to stab our young mums, little kiddies and nans outside the supermarket.

    3. A little surprised you didn’t pivot here making excuses for the Nazi Holocaust, Muck, but I’m quite sure you’ll get there soon enough because troll gonna troll.

      1. Do you mean the Nazi holocaust that targeted 17 million, 6 million of them Jews, Ben?

        1. Why are you so keen to erase Hitlers “Final Solution” to “The Jewish Problem” from history Michael ?

          1. There are 2 reasons Ian: it gives Muck a chance to pretend he gives a shit about ANYONE who Hitler murdered (between the flailing gork attempts he makes to try and get Nazis off the hook for having the mass murder of Jews as their primary objective, and his usage of Communists/Gypsies/Gays/Disabled People as props to that end), and because despite his limp Leftist posturing Muck is totally down with fascism. Bonus reason: Muck is frankly not an intelligent guy and his posts keep highlighting his lack of insight.

              1. Do you give a shit what this guy thinks that Michael thinks Bellers?

                Course not, so I’ll just assume it’s one of your questions built on the warm diarrhoea foundations of the shithouse

                Please feel free to take that as a yes, a no or a meh..

  12. Michael comments that someone has made negative comments about the death of Erekat, even as he makes disparaging comments on/about the death of Lord Sacks. I doubt he is even aware of the contradictory element of his posts. He is such a dimwit

    1. Wow …. it’s dawned on Richard eventually that the dead don’t have to be Jewish to have things said about them. Pass it on to oblivious David.

  13. The Jerusalem Day Parade is done annually, containing a broad spectrum of Zionists. But where is the evidence that Lord Sacks led this parade; or is this just another case of hearsay being taken as fact in the anti-Zionist and Antisemitic world

  14. Arsen Ostrovsky

    My latest for @Newsweek: ‘Fighting #Antisemitism, Lessons From #Kristallnacht.’

    We must speak out. We must act out. We must never remain indifferent in the face of such hatred, bigotry and anti-Semitism.’

    Seems Zionists must also widen the goal-posts and include many things and insist that they too are antisemitic ….. deceptively.

    Arse writes ..

    That includes adopting the all-encompassing International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism, which refers not only to traditional Jew-hatred, but also to its modern-day manifestation, such as the delegitimization of Israel and attacks on Zionism that masquerade as legitimate criticism.

    1. Still awaiting your video link of Lord Sacks leading the March of the Flags?

      Where is it Farmgirl ?

        1. I think I asked for a video link ?

          I found one anyway……but no sign of Lord Sacks…..?


  15. Was Farmgirl lying about Lord Jonathan Sacks leading the March of the Flags in 2016 ?

    Can Farmgirl provide the video evidence of this as requested ?

    Or will Farmgirl retract and apologise for being a liar ?

    🤥 ?

    It’s exciting….isn’t it ?


      1. Still awaiting your video link of Lord Sacks leading the March of the Flags?

        Where is it Farmgirl ??

          1. Thanks for the link to Book-Burners-R-Us ???

            I had to laugh at that pic at the top of the page of Corbyn with all his favourite trots……

            How the once mighty have now fallen…….hahahahaha…….

            Anyway……here is a clip of that violent Jerusalem Day march that you and Farmgirl seem to be having so much trouble finding…….

  16. Michael

    You’re a dimwit

    You whinge about something and then contradict yourself.

  17. Michael

    Constantly trying to deJudaise the Holocaust makes you into a prime example of a Antisemite

  18. Farmer can’t give you an answer because he doesn’t know if it’s true. As long as it’s anti-Jewish or anti-Israel he will believe it.

    Not only is he a dimwit, he’s also an Antisemite

  19. Michael

    You dimwit.

    Where did I ever say that being anti-Israel is Antisemitic.

    Do you ever read what anyone says? Do you ever try to understand what you read.

    Not only are you a dimwit, you’re also an Antisemite

  20. Michael

    What name is bullsh-t.

    Do try to give a semi-intelligible answer without it being some one liner that has no relevance to the subject and is not totally incoherent . That is if you are able, which on previous form is highly unlikely.

  21. Quick shufti at affairs in Panto Land. Business as usual, I see.

    Hi ho. Hi ho. This Zio has to go….

  22. Stephen

    For Michael they are ‘mere props’ in his battle to deJudaise the Holocaust and deligitimise Israel, Jews and Zionism

    1. It is yourself that seeks to wipe victims of the holocaust from History, Richard.

      You wish only to acknowledge and remember Jewish victims.

      Vile … and typical.

      1. So who were the specified victims of the Nazis Final Solution Farmgirl ?

        Was it the Catholics ? The Muslims ? The Quakers ?

        Do tell……

        1. Undesirables, Dobby …. as when the killing started … it wasn’t ‘Jews’.

    1. You’ve gone all Michael there Bellers; multiple repetitions of the same slogan or link.

      Do you do that other one “That reminds me. No Collier research…..” when someone says “Nakba” too?

      It’s trending with your team mates.

      Let’s see.

      NAKBA !!

    2. Haaretz is an anti government and anti Zionist rag (printed in Israel) which has about as much credibility as SquawkBox does here in the UK….

      Still the fact that it even exists proves that Israel has a free press…..which is something to be proud of….isn’t it ?

      Funny that even in that article it doesn’t say that Sacks led the march ?

      Here is a clip of what actually happened……but I couldn’t see Lord Sacks anywhere…..?


        1. Not the black guy on the left?

          I suppose all Jews look the same to bigots like you Farmgirl?


        2. Ayatoolas (khamei f.e.) with “beard and glasses Sharmuta,

          hanging gays from construction cranes..

    1. There you go Richard. The Bellers justification for calling someone a racist is cos Bellers says so. Were you looking for more?

  23. Stephen

    This is a fact free opinion piece by a British woman that would be as welcome writing in ‘MEMO’ and ‘Electronic intifada’.

    She is one of those that would in my opinion support the dissolution of Israel, so I don’t value her opinion very highly.

    You on the other hand, from reading your posts here, are in total lockstep with her views

  24. Stephen

    Trying to drum up business for your little blog then.

    I’ve no doubt that your writings about Rabbi Lord Sacks will be in your normal snide put down.

    Why haven’t you answered the question as to why you maliciously claim he is ‘racist’ and ‘homophobic’. You make these malicious claims but you never supply any factual evidence to back your mendatious accusations.

      1. Corbyn does seem to like people who have murdered / intend to murder Jews.

        He has shared platforms with hem and laid wreaths for them and has called them his friends…..

        So I think that makes him an antisemite….don’t you ?

  25. Brucie babes the foul mouthed Holocaust denigrator and pretend rabbi

    What Shul do you claim to belong to and what organisation do you claim to be a rabbi for.

    This particular stream of posts is relevant to the death of Rabbi Lord Sacks and you appear to celebrate his death and call for another to die.

    You got ‘fired’ from a supermarket for bringing its name into disrepute, and I’m sure if you carry on along these lines you can bring whatever organisation you are now associated with into similar disrepute

    1. If you don’t back up your statements with facts, robust legal action will be taken against you for libel Stinky Dick.

  26. Stephen

    You dimwit

    Lots of people, me included, labeled Corbyn an Antisemite (mainly because of the company he kept and some of the things he was reported to have said)

    1. But nothing that you know of, Richard. Your ignorance must be a comfort for you.

  27. There have been a number of comments over the years about our very own troll, the Brucie, that said he worked at Asda (if my memory serves me right). Whether he was fired or left under a disciplinary cloud is a moot point. He appears to be an utterly unsavoury character though. It would be interesting to know which organisations he is involved with. A while ago he claimed to be involved with a human rights org (PSC or similar maybe) and a Jewish charity.

    1. Fringe Jews. Always so chippy. They want to be on the outside but are too FOMO to make the final leap.

  28. Michael

    We have been over this issue countless times.

    The Holocaust was particular to the mass murder of Europe’s Jews by the Nazis. If you want to find another name to cover the mass genocide that the Nazis perpetrated against the peoples of Europe, go head. But stop trying to deJudaise the Holocaust. That to my mind is pure Antisemitism.

    When have I ever denied the grotesque mass murders of millions of people other than Jews by the Nazis. You keep trotting out 17 million dead. I have always worked on about 20 million.

    The difference is that the thrust of the Nazi mass murder programme was directed at the Jews, specifically the Jews.

    What other group or nation had entire communities and families wiped out; children, women, the elderly and men. It is estimated that one and a half million (1500000) Jewish children were murdered by the Nazis.

    The only other group singled out specifically by the Nazis were the Gypsies (Roma).

    It is estimated that about 65% of Europe’s Jews were wiped out in less than five years.

    The Holocaust was a particularly Jewish affair, the mass murders being directly applied to Jews in the gas chambers and firing squads of the Einsatzgruppen. Children, women the elderly and men were all murdered because they were Jews

    There is no question that a major genocide was undertaken by the Nazis and tens of millions died; but the Holocaust was specific to the Jews.

    So stop trying to deJudaise the Holocaust. That to my mind is pure Antisemitism.

  29. The women who wrote the article in Ha’aretz that Bellers that Bellers keeps trotting out is a member of Yachad and the New Israel Fund (I’ve always thought they should change the name to the New Palestinian Fund).

  30. If you look on that Mick Napier’s Facebook page he has made no mention or tribute of Saeb Erekat, the Chief Palestinian negotiator, who died yesterday yet happy to vilify a great British Jewish leader. Indeed no mention of the man on the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign’s wall, the PSC or indeed any of the other ‘anti-Israel’ social media pages.

    The only conclusion one can draw is that they are not really interested in the Palestinians and are using them as cover for their Jew hatred.

  31. Brucie babes the Holocaust denigrator and pretend rabbi

    You have threatened me with all manner of Holocaust type threats like tattoos, soap and lampshades, blue striped pyjamas etc., and now you are threatening me with libel and slander charges.

    Go for it Brucie babes, go for it.

  32. It appears that we have a new troll on board; and he references himself to Corbyn in his name

    Without one shred of supplied evidence he goes on a insult driven rant of the former Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks.

    I’m wondering if this is a new persona for Stephen Bellamy because the sentiment is the same, but the language is coarser and more crude

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