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Anne Frank wouldn’t Trust this

Make no mistake about it, the Anne Frank Trust UK is an insult to the eponymous Holocaust victim whose name it bears.


The Anne Frank Trust UK has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. A week ago they ran an educational workshop. One of the speakers that they platformed was Nasima Begum. She had previously claimed Israel is committing a ‘Holocaust’ against Palestinians and called for ‘death’ to ‘Zionist scum’.

Following a backlash, the Anne Frank Trust UK took down their promotional posts about the event. They stated that they would conduct an investigation into how someone who ‘may have views that are not consistent with their values‘ was delivering educational workshops for them. Five days later they issued an apology on Twitter (but not on Facebook).

The Anne Frank Trust UK’s ‘apology’

This was what they said in the tweet:

We apologise unreservedly for the offence caused, especially to the Jewish community, by a workshop we ran last week. See our statement here, which includes the steps we’re taking as a result.”.

The statement on their website set out the excuses for the lapse in judgement. This is what they said

  • It was a one-off thing – and they’d never worked with Begum before
  • They had put the event together in a rush

‘Weak’ does not even begin to cover it.

The Trust was attacked mainly for the first speaker, and this is what they reacted to. Everything in their apology is singular – one event – one speaker – one mistake. It makes one wonder what exactly they investigated.

The second speaker

And it is not like they had to look far. This was the second speaker at the same event – Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan:

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan is known on social media as “the Brown Hijabi”. Manzoor-Khan is also behind the ‘Nejma Collective’  – ‘a UK-based collective of Muslim volunteers working in solidarity with people in prison by sharing resources and mutual support, motivated by Islamic justice.’
The Nejma Collective‘s launch event’s key speaker was Shakeel Begg – who sued the BBC – and *lost* because they called him an ‘extremist who promoted and encouraged religious violence’.  Everywhere you look – you see similar connections. She has even spoken as a guest at an event by CAGE – an extremist group long associated with terrorism.
Just over a year ago – she posted an anti-Israel statement on Instagram accompanied by this picture of Leila Khaled – a terrorist and plane hijacker – who removed the pins from her grenades while attempting to hijack an El Al flight (they miraculously failed to detonate). Note also that the image chosen has Khaled carrying a gun:

Anne Frank Trust - suhaiymah manzoor-khan


In her ‘anti-colonial’ rant – Manzoor-Khan even outrageously refers to what is happening with the Palestinians as ‘genocidal’ – which is a direct reference to, and insult of the Holocaust. And not only does she align with groups that support the destruction of Israel – she has even opposed interaction with British Jewish groups because of their support for Israel:

boycotting israel

Sarah Nuzum – AFT’s Director of Education

But the real story of this piece began because I noticed that the Director of Education of the Anne Frank Trust UK – Sarah Nuzum – had blocked me on Twitter.

anne frank trust - sarah nuzum twitter block

I have never heard of Sarah Nuzum before – nor, as far as I am aware, have I ever had any interaction with her. I have no idea why Sarah Nuzum decided to block me – but I took it as a red flag. Perhaps there was something that she didn’t want me to see.  So with my interest given a dose of adrenalin (thanks Sarah) I took a closer look. The fact she had retweeted Jeremy Corbyn on several occasions, with the last just two months before he was finally squashed in the 2019 election, didn’t help much.

Amna Abdullatif – the three Hijabis

In March, Nuzum posted a tweet about new ‘appointments’, and tagged a tweet from Amna Abdullatif showing them together. From Amna’s tweet it appears that she was helping the Anne Frank Trust UK with the interview process:

Amna Abdullatif

Amna Abdullatif is one of the ‘Three Hijabis‘ – a group of three hijab wearing football fans who created a self-described ‘anti-racist platform’.

She has tweeted out enthusiastic support for Ilhan Omar – an American politician with a record of horrid antisemitic remarks.

Her stream is also full of links and retweets to demonising hate outlets such as Electronic Intifada and hashtags such as #stoparmingisrael. She was even promoting anti-Zionist events just a few weeks before she started work at the Trust. It is an Islamist view that sees only Palestinian suffering:

Three Hijabis

Although dozens of tweets were found of this type – there wasn’t a single tweet about Israelis sitting under the Hamas rockets, nor about the numerous deadly Islamist terror attacks on Israel soil. It was all the usual one-sided anti-Israel, propaganda drivel. Is this really the mindset needed for recruitment at the Anne Frank Trust UK? And just to show she has no problem associating with antisemitic groups – one of the other ‘Three Hijabis’, Shaista Aziz – is a Director at War on Want – an NGO that is constantly calling for the destruction of Israel.

And make no mistake – she is an official part of the Anne Frank Trust UK now – the ‘Assistant Director for Youth Empowerment’:


This raises three legitimate questions:

  • Would Zionist Jews even be allowed onto the programme?
  • Is this how and why two Islamist extremists ended up on an educational workshop?
  • If so – would the Anne Frank Trust UK tell us the truth about their investigation?

Onjali Rauf

Last November, there was a tweet from Nuzum about another event:

onjali rauf

Onjali Rauf is another head of an NGO that likes to spread anti-Israel propaganda whenever violence breaks out:

Onjali Rauf

The truth about these events of course was that rioting Palestinians deliberately took the rock throwing violence into Al Aqsa. Turning the Muslim holy site into a battleground within which Israel has a duty to restore order. Although you wouldn’t understand that from Rauf, who also took time to thank the anti-Israel SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon for posting a one-sided, ignorant tweet.

And Rauf also has a problem with Israel receiving weapons to defend itself:

These weapons that Israel needs, are to help to defend the Anne Franks of today. Jewish children that are under genocidal threat from radical Islamic terror groups and the various regional Islamist despots that regularly promise to wipe Israel out as soon as they are able. And of course – no anti-Zionist commentary can be complete without a comparison to the Holocaust:

Anne Frank Trust

The truth behind this one (which was spread as a lie that the Jews were celebrating the fire on the mount) was that the Jewish celebration was over Jerusalem Day and the fire had been started by Palestinians with fireworks. In any event, none of this excuses a Holocaust comparison.

Shagufta Iqbal

Another person at AFT’s ‘great event’ was Shagufta Iqbal (bottom in the image above). Here is Iqbal sharing an event about the ‘unholy alliance’ of Hindutva and Zionism:

Hindutva and Zionism

This is part of a growing Islamist campaign to tie Kashmir and Palestine together. The slogan ‘tested on Palestinians, used in Kashmir‘ is also connected to this trend. At the event itself, (although Iqbal would not have known this would happen) the moderator, an academic at Warwick, repeatedly compared people who support the existence of a Jewish state to Nazis.

The event speaker Iqbal promoted leaves us in no doubt about their antisemitic stance:

Amjid Khazir

And from another AFT event on Nuzum’s timeline, we are introduced to Amjid Khazir:Amjid Khazir

Khazir thinks this is funny:

Khazir’s timeline is an endless stream of retweets of hard-core anti-Israel activists. Which is why he can retweet something such as this:


It really is endless. Just three months ago, the Anne Frank Trust UK even promoted Alice Walker on their Instagram account:

Alice Walker

Walker has previously said that she is a fan of David Icke and has been called out over antisemitism several times. Walker published a poem called ‘to Study the Talmud‘ which feeds into some of the darkest antisemitic conspiracies on the internet.

The Anne Frank Trust UK’s Dejudaisation

We all know what this is about. Perhaps it is best stated in a retweet by Amjid Khazir (one of the speakers mentioned above) of hard-core hater CJ Werleman, when he wrote “Muslims are the new Jews

This is all about theft – appropriation. The Holocaust and Anne Frank are stripped of everything particularly Jewish. On the ‘explore Anne Frank’s Diary’ page on the website of the Anne Frank Trust UK, the word ‘Jewish’ does not even appear. Yet everything that happened to her – her entire experience – happened because she was Jewish. Someone looking at the site would actually need to download the ‘learn more about this’ link – to learn that her Jewishness had anything to do with her story at all. Inexcusable. Horrific. Deliberate. The universalisation and dejudaisation of Anne Frank.

Instead of the Jews – who in this woke, racist bubble are considered white, wealthy, and privileged – the Islamists slide right in. This has to be about them. The Anne Frank Trust cannot see beyond the hijab to the problematic ideologies that may be running within.

Simple fact. There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. They have majority rule in about 50 countries. There are dozens of nations where Islamic rule has all but suffocated out all minority groups. Without downplaying real bigotry that they certainly can face – their experience can be nothing like that of the Jews.

Had Anne Frank survived, and moved to Israel – all these people would be demonising her and her children. Had Israel been created sooner – perhaps she would not even have suffered at all. Failing to understand these issues – or build them into the Anne Frank story – signals a complete lack of understanding of Jewish history, Jewish identity, and anti-Jewish hatred. Today’s Israelis are descendants of the Anne Franks that made it out.

Let us not forget, that by the time Anne Frank’s family had moved into the ‘secret annex’ in July 1942, the ‘Palestinian’ Arab leader – Hajj Amin al-Husayni – had already met Adolf Hitler to try to gain assurances that Hitler would help to deal with the Jews in Palestine.

The Mufti meets Hitler

How can anyone have anything to do with Anne Frank and not understand the need for a Jewish homeland?

The story above is disgraceful. The Anne Frank Trust UK allows Islamists and antisemites to both work against the existence of the Jewish state and claim legitimacy as a friend of the Jews. They do this and they should not be allowed to do it in Anne Frank’s name.

Which means that the Anne Frank Trust should have made acceptance of the basic concept of a Jewish state a passcode – without which nobody is ever allowed to stand upon a platform with their name. That they have instead allowed anti-Zionists and antisemites – not just into the building – but to help them run the show – will forever be their shame.

They should do the ethical thing and change its name!


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102 thoughts on “Anne Frank wouldn’t Trust this

  1. I am sure this has been blown up out of proportion The Trust would never knowingly have any speaker who is in any way racist. They do so much excellent work trying to prevent racialism and to educate people on the Holocaust. There are definitely people behind this article who are aiming to causes trouble.

    1. Lydia. You really should think long and hard before posting this way. You just called into question my motivations for exposing antisemites. Amnesty do excellent work in places too – but were corrupted from within and are hostile to Jewish identity. One doesn’t excuse the other. There are not one, not two, but a whole run of AFT speakers – most of them driven by political orthodox Islamist values – who should not have been allowed anywhere near the name Anne Frank. At the VERY LEAST the AFT are NOT EVEN LOOKING FOR ANTISEMITISM before giving people platforms. That much is abundantly clear. And that is the weakest of the accusations that can be thrown their way. And yet you come here to attack my motivations for writing the article?

      It is this type of weakness – this lack of a backbone – this unwillingness to stand up for our own identity – that will see the demise of the Jewish community in the UK.

  2. Quite easy wins for the Jew baiters, these. As per, find your audience of uber-defensive, over-sensitive Jews in the diaspora and wind them the fuck up with material that is never too shameful and you’re guaranteed to make their days a bit worse. Easy targets, predictable outcomes, mission accomplished. Simple really.

  3. The Anne Frank Trust UK is an extreme example of the dejudaisation but, unfortunately, not new. I wrote about it in 2018 from a Dutch perspective.
    The dejudaisation goes farther than Anne Frank in the Netherlands. An example: a mainstream Dutch anti-racist organisation invited Hanan Zoabi to be the keynote speaker at the Kristalnacht commemoration.
    She equated Israeli Jews with Nazis.

    In Amsterdam, the “Anne Frank Stichting” has authority over the house where she was hidden, and has little connection to the Jewish community.
    A religious Jew wanted to wear his kippah to work in the front office. His superior, in a first reaction, told him no. The kippah would interfere with the neutrality of the organisation and could antagonise some of the visitors.
    His superior had previously worked for Amnesty.

    I called the dejudiasation, the left-wing misappropriation of the legacy of Anne Frank and the Holocaust, because it is mainly used in left-wing anti-Israel discourse.
    The misappropriation does not deny the Holocaust.
    Far from it, it emphasizes that the Jews who were killed were the victims of a terrible slaughter caused by discrimination, racism and bigotry.
    Essential is the emphasis placed on Jews being victims in the past.

    According to the misappropriation, today’s live Jews, the Zionists, are not victims. They are the oppressors; perpetrators of indiscriminate killing of innocents. The modern equivalent of the Nazis.
    Therefore, the victims of today’s live Jews are the real descendants of Anne Frank and the Jews killed in the Holocaust.
    For these people, Palestinians like Ahed Tamimi are modern-day Anne Franks.

    Here is a link to my post. If it is not appropriate in this context, I can remove it.

    1. Thank you. Putting links here is fine. And yes – I agree with what you wrote here. In many ways it also resembles dhimmitude. Jews can be accepted by the Islamists but only on the Islamists terms. There is no reciprocity. The Jews give it all up and the only thing they get in return is ‘accepted’ – providing they stick to the Islamists concepts of what is right and what is not.

      Black History month is never shared – nor should it be. Nor is Islamophobia Awareness month about Islamophobia and all other hatreds. We have Holocaust memorial day. That is what we have. And yet – that is the one that needs to be watered down and universalised. Flattened until it is not ours anymore.

      1. Anne Frank, a Jew, was a Palestinian?


        NOT the invading, imperialist Arabs from Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, etc.

        Happy Nakba you DUMB, Sack of Socialist SHITler!

  4. Perhaps not by design , but nevertheless the outcome is the same, it’s apparent that AFT has been infiltrated at the executive level by individuals with malign intent towards Jews . It’s not the only org to have its original purpose superseded by other causes .
    The Holocaust and its uniqueness is diminished and eventually disappeared . It is replaced by universal discrimination and suffering . The antisemitism that killed Anne Frank and 6 million like her gets no mention . Frank is reduced to a totem figurehead . A brand and nothing more . Shameful .

    1. Stephen’s banging on about Kurt Kallstrom again, the Chief Product Officer at IKEA. He’s still mad that he ordered their “Frank” Double Wardrobe for one of his Nazi themed soirees and it didn’t come with the advertised secret panel. Poor lamb.

    1. Told you Stephen was still pouting after his Nazi themed party fell apart. Not only was he missing fittings from his IKEA “Frank” wardrobe but his “Chelmo” shower cubicle didn’t work either. He called IKEA customer services for a refund and they said “Don’t hold your breath son.” Poor mite..

    2. I didn’t forget Rosen Stephen, I decided it wasn’t worth putting him in. The platforming of Rosen is just a symptom of their dhimmitude.

  5. The Ann Frank Trust has been hijacked just as 4 passenger planes were hijacked on 9/11.

  6. Fascinating to read the social media comments on the DC Twitter feed. ” Get the BoD to intervene”, “Make the Chief Rabbi have a word”, “Talk to the Charity Commissioners” ” I’m telling on you” FFS !!

    If the Jew baiters get narked with summat they go dump 100 litres of red emulsion on their target, on the daily. When the cowering, snitchy diasporan Jews have their sensitivities poked it’s all ” send them a solicitor’s letter, but do it quietly”.

    Lads, you’re just being wound up by pros, to order. Get better at the game.

  7. The Anne Frank Trust. Another soft target. By labelling anyone or anything you disagree with as “antisemitic” you hope to gain traction and put them on the defensive. You can’t fool everyone DC.

  8. First the Antisemitic Jew haters try to demonise and dehumanise us
    Then they try to steal our history and say it is theirs
    Then they try to steal or takeover our institutions

    The first time I ever saw that was the Israel Society taken over by a bunch of anti-Zionist Antisemites at SOAS. I got evicted from the meeting for being pro-Israel

    1. “Evicted…for being pro-Israel?” Not true. You were doing a “Scoffy”; causing a disturbance and were removed for your own safety as well as for the safety of others. Come clean “Stinky Dick.”

    2. Remarkable Richard, or is it?

      When the diaspora Jew cares less about his Jewishness than the Jew hater does about hating Jews this is the inevitable outcome.

      Think about it. When anyone pops along to join one of Stephen’s little Nazi clubs and is asked “How much do you hate Jews?” The answer is always “A lot” and they’re in. When the Jew goes along to the Israel Society and is asked “How much do you love Israel?” They’d say “Well, I like to keep an open mind”. It’s just a matter of conviction and as DC has said, if the diaspora Jews simper through life in second gear there’s gonna be a lot more occasions when they’re thrown out of an Israel Society meeting for supporting Israel.

      1. This is really funny. When the Jew goes along to the Israel Society and is asked ” How much do you love your wife” they’d say ” Well I like to keep an open mind ”

        Ian you are stark staring fucking nuts

  9. Ian, when anyone, Jewish or not, stands up and says they love Israel, they put their heads above the parapet and they are marked for the rest of their time at university

    For young kids that isn’t at all pleasant

    At work it can destroy peoples careers

    1. Unhappily Richard, I doubt that this is a genie that can be placed back in the bottle and the children of diaspora Jews will inevitably face a few more small inconveniences and the odd kicking on the way to glittering careers in finance and dentistry.

      Alas all the little Benjys and Joshys are being packed off to their unis believing that polite articulate and reasoned debate, like they did at Grammar School will make all those well-meaning but poorly informed antisemites see sense. And even if they don’t, remember what daddy says “in 5 years you’ll be an associate at KPMG and will never have to see these people ever again so keep your head down and don’t make a fuss.” Perfect prep for life.

      Whose to say who’s right. I suppose there’s more satisfaction in investigating an antisemite for tax irregularities than knocking their teeth out in the back passage of the boozer,

  10. Brucie Levy, the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    Were you there at the Israel Society meeting
    at SOAS; dimwit

    An Israel supporter kicked out of the University Israel Society, led by anti-Zionist Antisemites.
    Of course they hated me. Their whole purpose was to steal Jewish imagery to attack Israel.
    And I went, because remarkable as it seems, I didn’t realise that the Israel Society had been hijacked by anti-Zionist Antisemites who were using it to attack Israel.

    Seems to me to be rather similar to what David is writing about

    The mAyer of London; rather the dimwit of the century 🤮😂🤣😂🤣

    1. Our dopey troll makes a timely intrusion Richard and rather reinforces the point of our discussion.

      Why would any of the gentle flower of suburban Jewish nobility forsake 6 figure salaries at Goldman Sachs and the gravel driveways of Radlet just to trade blows with a few feral shelf stackers on minimum wage. It may not advance the cause of Jewish continuity in the diaspora nor counter the vile ejaculations of the Jew baiters but it does keep the new Porsche Cayenne turbo in fuel. What’s a few Nazi provocateurs and their wind-ups compared to that, eh?

    2. Hey Stinky Dick. If some uncouth individual called you a “Jewish Maggot” you know what I’d say.

      I will pray for you on Shabbat.


  11. Stephen

    As David said; the Dejudaisation of Jewish history in the name of furthering Jew hate and Antisemitism

    Your comments reinforce David’s argument, even though your comments are, in my opinion, made with malicious intent

  12. Another fascinating array of comments on the DC twitter feed in response to the hilarious AF meme at the redneck diner. The customary “shame”, “No words”, “sickening” et al prove the point that it’s fun to poke diaspora Jews because nothing happens. There are literally no consequences for the baiters.

    Now imagine if they’d done some brilliant George Floyd meme or one that questioned the legitimacy of gender neutral khazis ? The place would have been torched to the ground, the owners and their children brutalised and their future livelihoods destroyed for a generation.

    Jews just type a quick slogan and then run for cover. Shame.

  13. David,
    I’d like your opinion on a deeply disturbing issue, that takes dejudaization to the next level. The debunked “Ashkenazi Jews are Khazars” theory is making a comeback with a new and improved “Khazars have always been evil” twist. The source of this new conspiracy theory is the Kremlin. In a desperate attempt to justify their invasion of Ukraine, the Russians claim that they are really fighting against an evil Khazarian Mafia (Ashkenazi Jews) that took over Ukraine for some nefarious purposes. Russian trolls are spreading the new gospel on blogs and forums.

    The fun part is that the Khazarian Mafia conspiracy theory appeals mostly to the antisemitic far right, the same Nazis the Kremlin pretended to be fighting against in Ukraine…oh, the irony!

    The problem is that many people – even among those who don’t believe the Khazarian Mafia deception – don’t understand why the Jews-are-Khazars theory is deeply antisemitic. One allegedly half-Jewish poster even claimed that the troll peddling the Khazarian Mafia theory is actually on the side of ethnic Jews, because he seeks to protect them from converts, who don’t really belong to the Jewish nation! I asked the half-Jewish poster if she thinks Brazilians, Belgians, Americans, or Australians, are nations. She refuses to answer. Is there another angle I could exploit to make my point clear, should I insist on getting answers to my existing questions, or is this truly a lost cause?

    To be clear, this is not about convincing one poster on one forum. It’s about me learning how to put Jews and Jewishness into the right context and the right perspective. I’m swimming against a very strong current. Your blog is a real life jacket, so naturally I come to you for advice.

  14. As we’re on about Anne Frank, there’s some more choice content over on DC’s twitter feed about members of Stephen’s Nazi Club. Apparently they’re all fretting that a big Holocaust Memorial in the capital could make people feel sympathy towards Israel and want it moved to the back carpark at Aldi in Luton where it can be managed by the Muslim Brotherhood there. (chortle)

    Nowt new this. Former contributors to this site like Chris Activist and Michael/Maria Farmer (now dead) used to worry about the same things and old Brucie regularly gets in a terrible tizzy about such things.

    I do like this pivot though, and the energy that the Nazis are having to expend to push this position. Let’s hope that the whiny diasporan Jews see this for the wind-up that it is and not soil themselves in their customary impotence. That would be a shame.

    1. Ian would folks who went to Israel, couldn’t hack it and scuttled back to blighty count as whiny diaspora Jews ? There is no requirement to mention any names. Just in the generality.

  15. For anyone interested in the myth of the Khazar theory here is a little background.

    The idea was originally posited in a book by Arthur Koestler called ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’ written in 1976. Koestler was neither an academic nor a scholar, and the book offered no information on his sources, and no bibliography and references.

    This is the theory that the Ashkenazi Jews are descended from the Khazars who converted en-masse to Judaism in the Middle Ages

    I have not yet found this theory anywhere else, other than from the Antisemitic left and the Islamists, who use it as a stick to beat Jews, Zionists and Israel/Israelis. They love this because it justifies and legitimises their Antisemitic biases and anti-Jewish hatreds. So far I haven’t heard it sprouted by the far right

    1. Richard, there’s a link in my post to an article on the topic. The Khazarian Mafia conspiracy theory is on Veterans Today and other pro-Kremlin sites, and on far right Telegram channels. I won’t post links unless you ask.

      My point, however, was that Jews can be a nation even if some of its members are not ethnic Jews. I simply can’t understand why are ethnically diverse populations, like Americans, Brazilians, or Australians, considered nations, while in the eyes of non-Jews, non-Jewish blood automatically disqualifies a person from belonging to the Jewish nation. This is wrong on so many levels.

  16. In my opinion Judaism has always been an ethnic religion and tribe.

    Hence the reason why in antiquity the powers that be changed it from a patriarchal to a matriarchal based religion. To the best of my knowledge this was done because in pre DNA societies it was the only way to guarantee where newly born babies came from.

    Judaism is not a proselytising religion, hence why conversion into the faith is made so difficult

    1. Judaism used to be a proselytizing religion. This was the stated motivation behind the forced conversions and expulsion of Spanish Jews. In fact, Judaism was so successful at proselytizing, that Yemen was once a Jewish kingdom. Jewishness is not, and has never been, about blood, ethnicity, tribe, or race.

      King David himself was descended, according to legend, from a non-Jewish matrilineal line. Messiah himself, according to legend, will be a descendant of the same originally non-Jewish matrilineal line. Jewishness is not a matter of ethnicity.

      Many Jews in Diaspora still think in terms of small scattered communities. Living in Israel changes one’s perspective on what the Jewish nation really is.

  17. I disagree

    Firstly, because the Spanish claimed that Jews were proselytising does not mean the Jews were proselytising. If ever Judaism was a proselytising religion, by the Middle Ages and the Spanish Inquisition and expulsions of the Jews, proselytising was not happening. It was an excuse by the Church to persecute and victimise Jews to force them to convert to the true religion and repent for the ‘deicide’, the murder of Christ

    Secondly, as was the norm in early biblical times, tribes fought amongst each other and the victors took the losers and either killed them or absorbed them into their tribe. So yes, in the early days many Jews were often from these absorbed tribes. If this had not occurred Jews would have died out due to illness and weaknesses as a result of interbreeding amongst the tribe. Totally different to proselytising

    1. “…in early medieval times rabbinic Judaism was neither racist nor exclusivist, but a fundamentally spiritual entity, fostered by a group whose deep impulse was to reach out to the world and embrace it.”

      I don’t think early Jewish tribes needed converts to survive. Iraqi Jews have survived for 2500 years in a small, closed community. Judaism wasn’t then what it is now. The Jewish tribes’ religion must have been very similar to other tribal religions in the area. Religious syncretism and centralized leadership did most of the work, slowly leveling the ethnic, religious, and cultural differences between the tribes.

      Jewish mindset of today has been heavily influenced by nearly two millennia of persecutions. Our distant ancestors must have had a very different mentality.

  18. Shabbat Shalom dear friends and fellow human rights campaigners. Don’t forget to pray ✡️🙏✡️

  19. At least we have a people, are part of a people.

    Better than the rootless progressives of today who eschew the concept of people hood and are becoming nothing

    1. Scene: Stephen at the wheel of his Ford Focus tootling down the B553 to pick up a few bits from Aldi. Thinking about gravy pouring over his mash when…boom…a brilliant idea for a post on the internet. The road is busy and the pavements full of kiddies and their nans but Stephen has to post. He slows down to 25, grabs his phone and starts to type

      “aw nothing Richars d Since Zoinism…..” (sic)

      He barely looks up as the young mum steps out onto the zebra crossing with her double buggy a yard or so in front of him. His self satisfied grin was the last thing that she saw.

        1. Attaboy Stephen.

          Since I’ve got you here, what does “aw nothing Richars d Since Zoinism…..” mean?

            1. Oh dear, DUMB BELLamy hasn’t made much sense ever since he was thrown, pointy head first, from the Pub and landed nestled betwixt the curb and gutter.

              Happy Nakba to All! 🙂

            2. Seriously Stephen. If you come here to poke folk, you’ve got to write clearer so they feel poked. Was “aw nothing Richars d Since Zoinism…..” a poke and if so what did it mean?

              1. Ian you really do need to relax. After all the Americans are looking after you. But do keep in mind the old Polish joke circa 1944, re the Soviets rescuing Poland from the Nazis.

                This bird fell out of the sky and landed in a cow pat, only to be rescued by a cat. That is, not everyone that gets you out of the shit is your friend. That is you guys really must try to be a bit more self reliant. Can you really afford to be bothering your heads about typos on the internet when the hour is getting so late? I guess you are relying on The Great Realist Agent in The Sky back up. But that hasn’t served so well over the millenis has it ?

                1. And speaking of who’s looking after whom Stephen, have you signed up yet for our cheap gas supply available to UK homes next year? Nice image for someone here no doubt; Stephen walking into the shower with Israeli gas piped into it.

                  Now that is poetry.

                    1. Good. Sale agreed. Click on the link below with your credit card to hand and we’ll set you up in time for the winter cold snap.


                      Use the following in the first sign in form

                      User name; oirish_Ste?15041964

                      Password; N0Flyinfux4U

                      Note to casual reader. gas4goyim is a wholly fictitious business used here as a comedic device to sustain a thread of banter with Stephen in which I suggest that the state of Israel has hilariously agreed to be his domestic gas supplier. The link above is inactive and offers no discounted Israeli gas supplies whatsoever….for now.

            3. Dear Zyman Zawahiri, Jihadis, Taliban, HamASS, Hezbola, Shaheeds, Islamofascists, Sand Nazis, ImaM Orons, Euro Nazis, Fascist Iran, UK LaBOOR Party, Jeremy Corbyn, Louie FarraKLAN…

              HAPPY NAKBA!

                1. So first you’re happy with Israeli gas. Now you want the Russians to supply you. You’re getting into a right tizzy over this Stephen and winter is just round the corner.

                  Maybe check if the Oirish do gas. Your pretend nana Finola could set you up.

                  1. I am happy with any gas but happiest when its Ruskie gas. I wouldn’t have thought that was so difficult for you to understand. But then O level chemistry wasn’t difficult to understand so qui sais

                    1. Aah, right so.

                      How do you feel about receiving our Israeli gas into your home when it’s supplied through a Russian broker like Gazneft ?

                  1. We agree Stephen and don’t forget. When the Soviets turn off your gas you should fax them to say that you’re Oirish, honest (they never check) and your pretend relations definitely 100% didn’t side with Hitler. One tip. Don’t say you know me. Putin thinks all Jews are Nazis, bit like your lot.

  20. The Jew baiters here have admitted that they “couldn’t give a flying fuck about Palestinians” but maybe they’re missing a trick and should think again..

    For the hard pressed UK Yid basher, struggling with fuel poverty, desperate for our cheap Israeli gas to arrive and oppressed with a zero hours contract, stacking shelves for minimum wage, a solution presents itself. A £2200 net salary per month, free food and clothing and a residency uplift. All this and a generous 14.29% annual pay rise is within their grasp. See below for further details


  21. Stephen

    You are a dimwit

    Israel does plenty to look after the USA

    Free real time intelligence, design and testing of specialised smart weaponry, storage of and stockpiling of ammunition and weaponry for the US in a safe and stable country. And all at a fraction of the cost it would be if designed in the US. And Israeli intelligence is probably a whole lot more accurate than the American equivalent

    Now I’m waiting for the usual Antisemitic retort that the weapons are tested on the poor dear Palestinians, while ignoring the fact that the fascist darlings spend their time trying to kill Jews and have sworn to wipe out/destroy Israel and eradicate the Jews

    Now which of our Antisemitic little trolls will post; will it be Stephen, fake rabbi Brucie Levy or JackT, or maybe some unknown

  22. August 2, was International Roma Holocaust Remembrance Day. It marks the murder of the last 4,300 Romani and Sinti prisoners at Auschwitz-Birkenau, on this night in 1944, amid fierce resistance.

    Dikh He Na Bister! 🙏

    (🦗 Crickets from DC about this, of course.)

  23. Brucie Levy the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    You’re a dimwit and Antisemite in my opinion

    The IHRA remembered and commemorated this 😔 day without malicious trolls like yourself interfering

  24. Stephen

    They were also actual allies of the Nazis for about 2 years as they dismembered and destroyed Poland 🇵🇱.

    Stalin and his elites, ie cronies, are said to have been responsible for the deaths of possibly 35 million Soviet citizens due to serial mismanagement of the economy and the concentration camp network called the Gulags.

    And we mustn’t forget those murdered by the KGB and its predecessors, and those thousands executed after sham trials.

    All your comments on this blog point to the idea that you were/are a Communist sympathiser , what Stalin called his ‘Useful Idiots’; a rather apt description in my opinion

  25. Anyone know why Stephen’s been getting so cross with me in this thread?

    I’ve tried to help him get cheap Israeli gas into his house, offered useful safety tips to stop him getting into bother when he types whilst driving and even said that his pretend Oirish relatives were definitely not Nazi collaborators. And what do I get in return? Nasty remarks. Such poor manners.

  26. On August 4, 1944, Anne Frank and her family were arrested. She died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945.

    (🦗 Crickets from David the Zio)

  27. It’s never a good time to support apartheid Israel’s crimes.

    1. Brucie, I think we can agree that there’s nowt like a proper case study to boost local trade. The order books of Elbit, Raphael and IAI and now full after their kit was used with absolute precision to eliminate the big dog Arabs whom your government calls “terrorists” Don’t see Rafah Rockets R Us getting too much attention. Their stuff kills their own kids. Not ideal for biz dev…or even international sympathy, right?

      1. Could you please be a bit more vague David – er – I mean Ian.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to deliver a Hebrew lesson.


    2. Apartheid Israel?

      Yea I was watching the European Championship Athletics last night and the black Kenyan born athlete Lona Salpeter who won a bronze medal in the 10k final…representing Israel 🇮🇱

      Seems that Israel are really really shit at apartheid ?


  28. Great example of reactive advertising from the Israeli creative team at Tudor watches. Programmatic ads on roadside digital screens in Tel Aviv last night.

    ” They should have bought a Tudor; Islamic Jihad agrees a ceasefire at 23.30 and is still firing rockets at 23.38. Tudor, for when timing is everything”

  29. Anybody see all of those pro Palestine protests that took place all over the uk this weekend?

    No neither did I

    Seems that nobody cares anymore about these fake people and even less about their bogus self inflicted “plight “

    Ah well never mind

    1. Ain’t easy being a Western whitey in the UK at the moment Ken, when all you want is to get on your Keffiyeh and kagool of a weekend and listen to the nutters screaming about rivers, seas and Jewish blood.

      When your own government has designated the PIJ as terrorists and the daft Arab fuckers are killing their kids with their own shitty rockets, you’re really gonna look a dick pretending to stand by these lads. Better staying home and poking Jews on t’internet with a brew and a dunker.

  30. Likely bought off with Zionist money. Didn’t Hitler have a few token Jews on the 1936 Olympic team?

      1. You’re absolutely right Edward. You are a moron. So here is your regular reminder that Israel is STILL an apartheid state.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray. 🙏✡️

        1. ImaM Oron, Continue praying for Eternal Nakba. Your terrorist, fascist, jihadist, pseudo entity called

          PHALUS-stine needs your help.

          Happy Eternal Nakba! 🙂

    1. The ‘Aryans only’ policies in Nazi Germany caused many world-class athletes to be left out of the 1936 Olympics.

      Jews or individuals with Jewish parents were systematically excluded from German sports facilities and associations. What follows is a short list of specific athletes banned from representing their country in world events…..

      Erich Seelig, Boxer, expelled from the German Boxing Association

      Daniel Prenn, Tennis, removed from Germany’s Davis Cup Team, and banned from international competition

      Gretel Bergmann, High Jump, expelled from her German Club in 1933, and from the National Team in 1936

      Helene Mayer, a fencer, was allowed on the German National team in order to appease international opinion. She was actually NOT Jewish, but she was viewed as ‘non-Aryan’ because her father was Jewish. She went on to win a silver medal, and on the podium, proceeded to give the Nazi salute….


      Levy….you are a tw@t….

      And you always will be…

      And that….is all


  31. Israeli media reveal that squads from the Israeli Ministry of Security hid historical documents related to the Israeli nuclear project and evidence of mass killings and destruction of villages during the Nakba.

  32. Fresh business opportunities and potential new jobs will be unlocked for the UK’s rail industry thanks to a new partnership signed by the Transport Secretary with Israel today (24 August 2022).

    A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be signed by the two countries to share expertise on large scale rail projects, following the successful launch of the UK’s Elizabeth Line earlier this year. 

    The benefits of the state-of-the-art line will be extended overseas, through the Department for Transport’s Crossrail International advisory company. This follows the introduction of the Elizabeth Line, which slashed fares by over a third for commuters across London and massively reduced journey times. The project is also estimated to pump £42 billion into the UK economy and has created more than 55,000 jobs and 1,000 apprenticeships while expanding central London’s rail capacity by 10%.  

    It is now hoped business opportunities with Israel, the UK’s third biggest transport goods trading partner, will not only enable firms to share valuable expertise, but boost economic growth and could lead to more jobs being created.  

    In July, the UK launched negotiations with Israel to upgrade the current trade deal, currently worth £5 billion and supports 6,600 UK businesses. The upgraded agreement would establish a modern, revamped trading relationship between two of the world’s services superpowers.  This includes seeking improved access to major public sector contracts for UK businesses and boosting opportunities for the services sector.

    In 2021 alone, the UK imported £144 million of transportation services from Israel, highlighting the close relationship between our two nations.


    Yet another spectacular BDS fail….


    Wonder how the “Mayer of London” allowed this to happen?


  33. Brucie Levy the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    So our pile of verbally fetid diarrhea has returned to spewing his bile whilst preening his undercoat

    The real Mayor of London has made such a foul-up of running London that it’s apparent that he has the fake ‘mayer’ of London behind him sticking his doo-daddle in everything and fouling the sidewalk

    1. No matter how big a hammer you use, you cannot pound common sense into stupid people.

      Shabbat Shalom friends!

      1. “No matter how big a hammer you use, you cannot pound common sense into stupid people.”

        Could not agree more…

        And every day on these message boards you prove your own point so beautifully…


        Keep up the “good” work “England’s Rabbi”


  34. Brucie Levy the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    You must have been looking at yourself in the mirror when you completed and posted that last post of yours

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