Academics against Jews – another shameful story

The ultimate purpose of peer review is to maintain integrity and standards in academic research. It is therefore a policing exercise. Academic research that has undergone peer review is considered to be validated and can be published in respected academic journals and spread around as ‘science’.  Wikipedia, other academics, journalists, and students build from these journals safe in the knowledge that the peer review system is working.

But what if it isn’t? What then? No politician will go near the minefield that is called ‘academic freedom’ – and anyone that even scratches at this basic premise is looked at in horror. Yet academia polices itself. It is the guard and the judge of all things contained within. And everyone avoids the most basic of questions – what if something is rotten inside?

Where there is power – there is abuse. And no institution – not even under the umbrella of academia – should be beyond the scope of external criticism, review and ultimately, if found wanting, be held to account. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Glasgow resurfaces as academics fight back

Glasgow University has just become the target for a large group of toxic academics. Over 500 ‘scholars’ (and I use the word loosely) have just signed a petition attacking the university for *apologising* over an antisemitic article that was published in a peer review journal on the Glasgow University website. They are not angry that the university published a paper full of errors and anti-Jewish conspiracy, but rather because the university apologised for doing so.

I know all about this ‘academic paper’ because I was the one that put it through a proper review, reported my findings, and after the university had a chance to look at the matter more thoroughly, they did the right thing and apologised. The paper in question was a sewer article, littered with errors, substandard scholarship and full of antisemitic conspiracy. The only question *ANY* decent academic should be asking – is how this article was ever peer-reviewed and published.

The petition claims that because the subject of the peer-reviewed article was ‘advocacy for Israel’ it was attacked with false claims of antisemitism. This pillar – upon which BRICUP just launched their petition, is unquestionably false. The error laden article promoted antisemitic conspiracy – which is why it was antisemitic. None of this has anything to do with advocacy for Israel.

All the usual names have signed the petition. Ilan Pappe, Nicola Pratt, Hilary Rose, Ronit Lentin, Ken Loach and so on. We know who signs these things.

The petition is 425 words long. It mentions peer-review four times. See how it works? They use the peer-review system as a sign of legitimacy. There are enough toxic academics inside the system to push through any anti-Jewish racist material as ‘peer-reviewed’ – and here we catch them trying to rely on the credibility of the system that permitted them to do it. That this article was published is all the proof anyone needs that the system is rotten – and the fact these academics try to rely on it – shows how easily the process is abused.  This whole story is simply a horrific indictment of our academic system.

Why aren’t other academics rising up in fury about this because it damages the credibility of all of them? Where the hell are they? Too few care as long as nobody interferes with them, so they are more likely to side with the antisemites who want their freedom – than the Jews being abused. This is how academia is being destroyed from within.

The poison is everywhere

When David Miller gets sacked over antisemitism – they speak out in anger. When the IHRA definition is adopted in order to ease identification of antisemitic discourse, they protest or create counter-definitions to undermine it, and when Glasgow University apologises for an antisemitic article – they rise up in horror.

There are academics that just want to be able to spread antisemitism without ever having to be held accountable. They create their own journals and organisations to legitimise themselves and have even developed their own antisemitic ‘scientific’ niche – that is perversely subsidised by British tax-funded academic institutions. Tragically there are thousands of these activist academics on campuses. How do we know there are thousands? Because they keep signing these petitions.

Not a new problem

The problem is not what is happening today, nor is the root cause of the horror with which some academics are viewing the adoption of the IHRA definition a modern affair. For several decades a cancer has been allowed to spread in our universities unopposed. These academics built a palace for themselves inside and have hidden behind the defensive wall called ‘academic freedom’ – allowing every discriminatory, abusive, and twisted antisemitic ideology to grow unhampered. The current position is so skewed, and so damaged, that it requires drastic measures to even attempt to unravel decades of systemic abuse.

Consider this. A Professor of History is on camera admitting that it is sometimes important, for political reasons, to lie about historical events. And he teaches on the very subject that he made that admission about. How is this different from a Doctor admitting that sometimes he deliberately gives the wrong medicine to his patients? Yet in academia – nobody even blinks. Ilan Pappe is protected behind a wall called ‘academic freedom’. This man is an activist who lies for his cause – this deserves no respect or legitimacy.

This deserves no freedom

Funding from abroad – including Islamist funding – has created pockets of extremism, in which students are shaped to further the politics of the Islamist funders. This has nothing to do with science.  Nor does the infiltration of academia by hard-left political activists who abuse their position, deliberately shutting out alternative voices and pushing their own extremist politics onto their students as facts. ‘Critical thinking’ is allowed, but only within the confines of the carefully selected and biased reading material that the academic has listed on the module program. That process – which is occurring on almost every campus in the west – isn’t ‘science’ either.

A quick example. At the University of Exeter, there is a module ‘ARA3200‘ titled, ‘Gender, Sexuality and Violence in Palestine/Israel’. The module takes place under the umbrella of the Institute of Arab and Islamic studies. Within this Institute, Ilan Pappe is the ‘Director of the European Centre for Palestine Studies.’

This may be a subject worth exploring, but it is also undoubtedly true, given Israel’s relatively free society, that it is an issue heavily weighing in Israel’s favour. Can you imagine casting this lens onto Hamas run Gaza? Or into the heart of the streets ruled by the gangs of Jenin?

But truth is not what the course is about. The expected outcome for the student makes that clear. It is to learn ‘how gender sustains settler colonialism’ and look at how gender ‘shapes resistance’ in Palestine/Israel. It is one sided nonsense and openly hostile to Israel.

The module provides a reading list for students to use in order to help master the subject. It lists papers written by eleven academics:

Eight of the eleven openly support the boycott movement BDS, two others have signed petitions against the IHRA. There is no dissent here.

This is not an academic course built to challenge and educate students. It is one sided hate being taught inside our universities. Students who graduate can take an MA, people who get an MA can embark on a PhD – and when they are finished, they can take up an academic role themselves – usually on another campus – thus spreading the hatred. This is exactly what has happened over the last several decades in academia throughout the west.

Note the focus of the academics

Consider the three key battles being fought today. There is a protest over the sacking of David Miller who abused Jewish students. Another protest occurred over the introduction of a definition of antisemitism on campus that is written to protect Jewish students. And the third battle is taking place because a university apologised over antisemitism in an academic paper.

These are the battle lines hundreds of academics have decided to draw. And none of these battle lines have anything to do with helping Palestinians at all – they are all about attacking Jews. It makes it all kind of obvious when you think about it.


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108 thoughts on “Academics against Jews – another shameful story

  1. A few years ago a few academics submitted a paper that was supposedly ‘peer reviewed’, that was full of plagiarisms, nonsense and generally absolute rubbish on purpose to challenge the concept of prevailing ‘peer review’.

    When they subsequently revealed what they has done, instead of rectifying the glaring faults in ‘peer review’, the powers that be in academia came down on the authors like a ‘ton of bricks’.

    Your article here highlights the so-called ‘peer review’ system as the farce that it has become.

    Most, though not all, medical, engineering and scientific papers are still properly ‘peer reviewed’; the problem seems to lie mostly in the revisionist ‘humaniters’ and similar fields where opinion and emotion are far more important than fact.

    Another excellent article

  2. David Collier “When the IHRA definition is adopted in order to ease identification of antisemitic discourse ….” and within that short disingenuous collection of words lies a problem!

    The IHRA definition was adopted, not to ‘ease identification of antisemitic discourse’ it was adopted to cast its net so wide that anyone who criticises Zionism and points out its inherent racism can be called an antisemite. The whole purpose of the IHRA definition is to protect Israel and its apartheid against the Palestinians who are being made homeless in their own land by the brutal actions of Zionists. This is the truth which you should be investigating David, not presenting us with your phoney handshakes at the head of your blog whilst attempting to justify apartheid. What you don’t show is the knife in the other hand of the Zionist, ready to stab the Palestinian when his back is turned. (If I don’t steal your house, someone else will steal it – said the American Zionist)

    1. Hello again Jack. As you’d expect, I must remind you that you alone are saying it’s all about Zionists, whilst your fellow travellers amongst the UK and US Islamists, the Irish and even our own house trolls here are saying it is about Jews. You may be worried that your own rather tactical message is being lost in the noise of the Jew hate.

      As a more general question, what in your opinion is a “Palestinian” ?

        1. Nothing for you here Stephen. We have agreed that you couldn’t give a flying fuck about “Palestinians” – whatever they are. I was keen to know whether our visitor shared your approach and just drops in for a quick poke. Funny how you guys are so not arsed but can’t go a day without it.

      1. Hello Ian. You’re sadly mistaken. No sane mind can misconstrue what I’ve written to ever be antisemitic.

        As for an answer to your other question; A Palestinian is someone who is on the receiving end of violent, Judeo-Nazi, Zionist apartheid.

        1. Don’t be silly Brucie. Of course you’re an antisemite. You and I covered this ground many episodes ago when you started all your silly “I’m a Rabbi, honest” nonsense. Why lie if not to provoke Jews ?

          We touched on how your own background of parental intermarriage and all the resultant biases that arose from it affected you and now you have all of your own prejudices against halachic Jews. Most normal people just do some work on themselves and move on with their lives. How come you couldn’t ?

  3. this is interesting
    Date: Oct. 25th, 2021

    Statement by Palestinian Christian Organizations on classifying six Palestinian human rights organizations as ‘terrorist organizations’

    Jerusalem, Palestine – Palestinian Christian organizations condemn and denounce in the strongest possible terms the decision of the Israeli Minister of Defense Benny Gantz issued on 22/10/2021 against six Palestinian human rights organizations, namely: Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights; Al Haq; Defense for Children International/Palestine; Bisan Center for Research and Development; Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC); and the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees. The decision designates the six organizations as ‘terrorist organizations’ as a prelude to closing them and banning their activities. The use by Israeli occupation of its domestic political legislations in “fighting terrorism” to incriminate these organizations, came after years of systematic campaigns against Palestinian civil society organizations with the aim of silencing them and their supporters in international organizations and coalitions that stand for peace and justice.

    This designation targets all Palestinian civil society organizations, particularly those working to defend Palestinian human rights, document violations against Palestinians, offer legal aid, and carry out international advocacy work on their behalf, urging the international community to safeguard the human rights of Palestinians, particularly their right to self-determination, and ending the Israeli settler-colonialism and its Apartheid regime.

    We, the undersigned Palestinian Christian organizations, while reiterating the illegitimacy of this arbitrary decision and its grave implications to civil society organizations and human rights defenders, call upon countries, the international community, partners and donors in general and international Christian institutions in particular, to reject and condemn this decision, prevent the Israeli occupation state from moving forward with these arbitrary and illegitimate practices in violation of international laws, to pressure Israel to revoke the decision; and to continue to support the right of Palestinians to justice, freedom, and dignity.

    Diyar Consortium
    Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center
    East Jerusalem YMCA YWCA of Palestine
    The Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI)
    Arab Orthodox Union Club Jerusalem
    Arab Educational Institute
    The Palestinian Christian Initiative / Kairos Palestine
    Bethlehem Bible College
    Wi’am: The Palestinian Conflict Transformation Centre

    1. This is Stephen Bellamy who offered his regular reminder to us in the previous episode, that he “couldn’t give a flying fuck” about any of this stuff.

      Wouldn’t want our casual reader to take his posts seriously.

  4. “Zionism is the greatest enemy of the Jews”, yet David Collier, just like Keir Starmer, claims to be protecting Jews when in fact he is harming them by his hidden agenda which is to only protect Zionists.

    1. Hello again Jack. As you’d expect, I must remind you that you alone are saying it’s all about Zionists, whilst your fellow travellers amongst the UK and US Islamists, the Irish and even our own house trolls here are saying it is about Jews. You may be worried that your own rather tactical message is being lost in the noise of the Jew hate.

      As a more general question, what in your opinion is a “Palestinian” ?

    2. Yes Jack….one crackpot Charedi rabbi did day that “Zionism is the greatest enemy of the Jews”

      So if you want to hang your whole anti Israel agenda on that one quote please be my guest….because it proves absolutely NOTHING….

      Now f@ck off back to Squawkbox…..and stay there…..little lefty lunatic…..

  5. Be very careful David. These academics have the brains and resources to take your site offline again.

    1. Chill out Brucie. You may not be able to visit or live in my lovely country but thanks to DC’s hospitality you have this place to visit every day, waggling your little legs in the air and make a right old fuss. Be grateful.

    2. The Fascist Left wages CENSORSHIP, which as we have seen here is easily rebuffed.

      Happy Nakba! 🙂

  6. “No politician will go near the minefield that is called ‘academic freedom’ –”

    What? This is no where close to being true. In statehouses across the country and at the federal level, politicians consistently atack academia with legislation aimed to curb academic freedom. Gavin Williamson threatened the funding of UK universities if they didn’t obey him and adopt the IHRA Definition. What are you talking about?

    You make these vast, sweeping and declarative statements with no effort to offer the slightest bit of evidence to support the claim. All the time. I hope you don’t conduct your academic work with the same sloppiness and irresponsibility. What a sad place, I won’t be back.

  7. “The error laden article promoted antisemitic conspiracy – which is why it was antisemitic. None of this has anything to do with advocacy for Israel.”

    Why is it so hard to believe that some people, especially those on the right, use fraudulent claims of anti-Semitism to deflect criticism of Israel? I’ve experienced it myself on this very site, which you know because you approve the comments.

    1. Bad faith explorations of bad faith are useless, which means that unless you want to be like Brutes or Dumb-Bell or Jack-off (a sad fate for any human, or even someone like you), it would be good for you to fuck off to a more hospitable (meaning asinine) blog. I think Sqwakbox has room for new commenters who are stupid. You’d be a star there.

  8. Zionism is the essential antidote to Jewish persecution in the diaspora…

    If the Jewish state of Israel had existed in the 1930s then there would have been no holocaust….

    No wonder Zionism is despised so much by Jew haters (self haters included) the world over…..


  9. Aren’t academics supposed to be intelligent?


    These ones appear to be as thick as pigsh1t….


  10. gaffer

    yiu said you were leaving us, but here you are hyperventilating again

    Either you are leaving or staying, but you can’t do both; do make up your mind

  11. As your Mayer of London, I’m proud to launch, along with our intelligence services, “Operation Pinocchio”, that will expose Zionist agents within the UK Government and bring them to justice.

  12. Jack-T (anonymity is cowardice)

    What are you trying to say with this
    Are you presuming to tell us Jews who we are; are you presuming to tell us Jews what Antisemitism is.

    Jack T on October 26, 2021
    “Zionism is the greatest enemy of the Jews”

    Your obsession with ‘The Jews’ is why I call you an Antisemite

    1. Jack T is a regular contributor to Squawkbox and was / is a huge supporter of Jeremy Corbyn….

      So it’s no wonder he hates Jews….

      Goes with the territory…..


  13. Bruce Levy, the fake rabbi and a Holocaust denigrator

    As fake as your so-called rabbinical qualifications, so is your attempt at obfuscation by intentionally misspelling ‘mayor’ by using an ‘a’ instead of an ‘o’

    Keep up the good work an be sure to tell your friends when you visit them in the sewer about your
    piddly attempts at humour

  14. When the defendant, helpfully makes the case against himself. This from our Brucie above;-

    “No sane mind can misconstrue what I’ve written to ever be antisemitic.

    As for an answer to your other question; A Palestinian is someone who is on the receiving end of violent, Judeo-Nazi, Zionist apartheid.”

    No further questions m’lud.

    1. Judge: “I find Rabbi Levy to be correct. ”

      “The filthy, racist Zio who calls himself Ian Kay is sentenced to spend 4 years in a Hamas re-education camp.”

      That is all.

      1. Loonster Loonstering…..and in full flow too….?

        It’s a wonderful (albeit slightly disturbing) sight to see…….

        But always entertaining………….

  15. Useful reference material on the “Palestinian Economy” from the Portland Trust in Ramallah. Short link attached here.

    Worth posting here to clarify the real world economics faced by the non-Israeli Arabs and their leadership and their continued emphasis on aid funding from the EU and the UN. These are the same aid funds that are NOT being directed to health, education, public works and investment in the private sector, but instead diverted to pay stipends to the families of imprisoned criminals and ‘martyrs’ who have murdered Jewish men, women and children.

    Note to trolls; No need to click through. Nothing for you here.

    1. Wasn’t planning to click through. Woul rather listen to the minutes of last months meeting of the Ballymena Orange Lodge being read aloud in the market place on a wet wednesday in Wexford.

        1. The documentary “Defamation”, made by a Jewish filmmaker, shows how antisemitism is exploited for ulterior and political purposes.

            1. “Mayer” literally means “dense p.o.s Jew hating fake f@ckwit”

              You are welcome……….

    2. Where are the BILLIONS of dollars Chairman of Jihad Yassir Arafart got from the EU, Arab countries AND the US?

  16. Bruce Levy (the fake rabbi and a Holocaust denigrator)

    Not quite sure of what you are on, but you seem to be becoming more delusional with each post.

    You don’t do very well on the humour front so just stick to insults etc., it suits you belter

      1. Is Brucie still whining about the power and effectiveness of the Israel Lobby? Which part of lobbying doesn’t he understand? Having a shit lobbyist is as useful as having a non Jewish Rabbi. No offence Brucie.

        1. Ian Kay on October 29, 2021:
          “Is Brucie still whining about the power and effectiveness of the Israel Lobby?”

          Power and effectiveness of the Israel Lobby? Apartheid Israeli agent, Shai Mascot, star of Al Jazeera series “The Lobby” could answer that question – if he wasn’t forced to flee the UK.

        2. An excellent example why people shouldn’t drink and type. I think I’ll use that in one of my future sermons!

          How can your Deputy Chief Rabbi be goyim?

          Shabbat shalom everyone.

          1. Love this from Brucie.

            “How can your Deputy Chief Rabbi be goyim?” Is like asking “how could I have fucked that 11 year old chorister. I’m a Catholic priest?”

            Good stuff Brucie !!

      2. ImaM Oron, Speaking of CHECKPOINTS…

        Why are there CHECKPOINTS at every airport in the World?

        CHECKPOINTS that scan passengers, luggage and cargo.


        Think 9/11, Pan Am 103.

        Should there have been a CHECKPOINT at the church where MP David Amess was meeting the public? You bet Sharmuta.

  17. Seems Scoffie has put in a complaint to LiberalJudaism and Brighton Shul about Gabriel Webber saying he had a track record of harassing young women.

    Sue the bastard I say.

    Oh wait Scoffie has a conviction for harassing young women.


    1. Throwback post from Stephen. First encountered him nearly a decade ago when he and the super chippy Gabriel came out together. Non casual readers may recall them both geting their Shithouse on here by trolling that Jews weren’t giving charity to vulnerable people when they also supported Israel. (Geddit !!!?!)

      I like that we’ve been at this for so long now that we can do nostalgia.

    2. Jonathan Hoffman does have a track record of he harassing people, especially women who he feels are a soft touch and won’t fight back.

      This Rabbi will be glad to testify against him.

    1. “hmmmm”

      That’s the most entertaining thing you have ever posted here Bellers….

      Well done….


  18. Bruce Levy (the fake rabbi and a Holocaust denigrator)

    Homer Simpson is calling you to preach in Springfield

    And your friends are calling from the sewers for you to join them

    1. David, You are mistaken; Jerusalem is NOT the Capitol city of apartheid Israel.

      Your blog Rabbi will continue to pray for your mental health.

      1. Excuse the typo; Capital, not Capitol.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray. 🙏

        Shabbat shalom.

        1. Don’t be silly Brucie. Of course you’re an antisemite. You and I covered this ground many episodes ago when you started all your silly “I’m a Rabbi, honest” nonsense. Why lie if not to provoke Jews ?

          We touched on how your own background of parental intermarriage and all the resultant biases that arose from it affected you and now you have all of your own prejudices against halachic Jews. Most normal people just do some work on themselves and move on with their lives. How come you couldn’t ?

        2. Rabbit Levy 🐰😳🙄

          Thinks he has special permission from the Chief rabbi to use his phone on Shabbat….


          But that can’t actually happen

          No such “permission” exists…


          Levy is a liar and a fraud and a Jew hating sack of d0gsh1t

          That is all….


          1. That’s not a polite way to talk about your Deputy Chief Rabbi, Scoffy, I mean “Ken.”

            1. I see that your multiple identities crises are still in full flow….?


              I will ask nurse to up your meds….


              Have a great day Loonster….


      2. ImaM Oron,

        Jerusalem, what Sand Nazis call “al quds”

        has NEVER been…
        will NEVER be the capitol of Pal-e-SWINE.

        Jerusalem is the ETERNAL Capitol of Israel.

        Happy Nakba and Workplace Accidents Mubarak for

        HAM-ASS, Hezbola, Fascist Iran, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Snake Yassin, Ayatoola Crapola! 🙂

  19. A Zionist Halloween

    A Zionist is distributing Halloween sweets

    When some hungry Palestinian children ask for some, the Zio says “they’re not yours to take” and accuses them of being terrorists, calls the IOF and has them arrested.

    The children are never seen or heard from again.

    The end.

    1. Good one Brucie.

      Meanwhile over at Palloween in Ramallah, the Arab leadership has successfully applied for £500m in emergency aid from the UK and UNWRA to give the hard pressed Arab kiddies some festive joy. The delivery arrives with 3 bags of toffees from the penny tray and half a dozen spooky masks. Abdul the book keeper pays £2.85 to Najeed’s Sweets and Novelties and transfers £499,989,997.15 to the Zurich account of one M.Abbas. He skim 10 large off the top for his trouble.

  20. Zionism 🇮🇱 and Halloween 🎃 are alike because they’re both satanic 👹

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray 🙏

  21. Brucie, I was thinking about your visits here. Your aim is to wind up Jews and you say the same things to the same people in every post and get the same replies. So how do you measure if it’s working or not?

    1. Think what you like Zio. its your fantasy. However, the greatest enemy of Jews is not anti-Semitism, but Zionism and those who support and defend apartheid Israel.

      1. It’s a question Brucie. You come here to wind up Jews using slogans and triggers that you believe will achieve this. You do it every day using the same content to the same people who give you the same replies. How do you know if your strategy is working or not?

        1. When you see an injustice taking place, as what the satanic entity of apartheid Israel and those who call themselves Jews are committing on Palestinians, it’s a sin NOT to do anything or remain silent.

          An example of the Jewish tradition of Tikkun Olam (Google it Ian).

    2. If it keeps him amused and off the streets I suppose it can only be a good thing?


      We have our Jewish state and Loonster has his multiple identities….

      We should always be grateful for the things that we have….


      1. Fair point Ken, and btw, I want my name put in inverted commas too and for Brucie to go “oooh, you’re Scoffie and so’s your wife .”

        As a gentile he should get that reference.

      2. Political and historical illiterates such as yourself “Ken” may believe apartheid Israel to be a Jewish state, but in fact many Jews around the world are distancing themselves from it.

        1. This is what I mean Brucie. You use the same slogans in the same way to the same people in every post. The strategy of massive repetition of your buzzwords and triggers can only be to wind up Jews as the words make no sense in any other context. Take “mayer” for example. So seriously, how are you measuring whether your approach is working or not?

          1. Loonsters will always loonster…


            It’s what they do best….


            In fact that’s ALL they do…


            And our Loonster is no exception…..

            🙄 😁 😉 😕 😝 😜 😂

  22. Bruce Levy ( the Holocaust denigrator and fake rabbi/rabbit)

    With your foul mouthed rants, the only place that is appropriate for your prayers is the ‘church of satan’; so be a silly boy then and go pray to your master

    1. Hey Dick, I don’t pay you much notice because your kind is hair today and gone tomorrow.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to have a 1-1 with HaShem. Dick.

      1. Brucie, I dont think you’re taking the question seriously. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that you come here every day with an objective, namely to wind up Jews and have no way of knowing whether it’s working or not ? This is entirely on you. You have to expend the energy to come here, take the time over your multiple posts, devise your triggers and have the patience to wait for response. It must be hugely frustrating for you, wondering whether the material will land, whether you’ve pushed the right buttons and then the eternal question, “now what?”.

        Do you test the material before you push it out, like with a focus group ?

        1. NOTE TO READER: Any criticism of apartheid Israel often leads to attempted personal attacks by Zios. This is a well- known and often used tactic to try and deflect from the established facts of genocide and apartheid committed by the racist, apartheid state.

          1. I am sorry that you feel victimised Brucie. I asked a perfectly reasonable question about the KPIs and analytics that you employ to measure the success of your tactics. If you find my questions about your strategy to be intrusive and insulting then you are rather missing the point.

            I suppose that for our side it is easier to measure success and failure than it is for you. We needed our own country. We got one. Success. Arab armies tried to take it off us. We beat them several times. Success. We needed a thriving and sustainable economy. We got one. Success. See what I mean. Very straightforward. Less so for you. You hate Israel and want it gone. You write stuff about it on the internet every day but don’t seem to change anything. Not successful. You hate Jews and write stuff every day on the internet to wind them up. I ask you whether this works. You just get upset with me and write “apartheid”, “genocide” and “racists” loads more times. If you don’t know whether this works or not, how can you develop a success strategy ?

            1. Loonsters are not good at giving straight answers to straight questions…..


              It’s a Loonster thing……

              🙄 😁 😉 😕 😝

            2. You’re right Ian. Apartheid Israel has been successful in many ways:

              You wanted a pariah state
              YOU GOT IT!

              You wanted a state that’s the target of an international boycott
              YOU GOT IT!

              You wanted a state many compare to Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa
              YOU GOT IT!

              You wanted a state that is supported by many right-wing antisemites
              YOU GOT IT!

              You wanted a state wholly dependent on the USA
              YOU GOT IT!

              You wanted a state that practices genocide in the name of religion
              YOU GOT IT!

              You wanted a state that ignores international law
              YOU GOT IT!

              I can go on …

              1. Exactly Brucie. This is what I mean by measurable outcomes from a active strategy. Even someone like you can figure out the successes on my side.

                Now do the same analysis on your own aims, tactics and results.

                You want to dismantle the apparatus of Zionism. You want to see the eradication of the Jewish State. You want to end the support from other countries of the Jewish State. You want global and regional entities in the public and private sector to boycott the Jewish State. You want to wind up Jews on the internet.*****

                I can go on but that seems to be a general summation of your aims. So, what are you doing to figure out if your tactics are succeeding in any of those areas ?

                ***** I am happy to concede that you have been successful in finding a space on the internet that allows you the freedom to write “apartheid”, “genocide” and “racist” loads of times in your posts, but even that has been granted to you by a Zionist Jew.

                1. You’re such a wind-up Ian!

                  How many times must I tell you?

                  Israel is not a Jewish state, it’s a Zionist one.

                  1. Interesting Brucie. I’ve just checked and we are still the Jewish State. Nothing appears to have changed since you made your post. So, how are you measuring your success in promoting that opinion?

              2. Let’s rank Diarrhea-Brain Brutes’ insults here on a scale of 1-10 for how badly he misfired (1 means he was peak Brutes, 10 means he actually fell ass-backwards into a good point):
                1. 2–Being hated by the far-Left is pariah status inside their bubble, but with the 98.8% outside of that bubble not so much.
                2. 3–OK, I can say BDS actually EXISTS. But is it effective outside of its own bubble? Not really, no.
                3. 1–See said bubble.
                4. N/A–In fairness to the staggering level of support from genuine Nazis for Brutes’ salivating-level buddies like Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah, I won’t rank this one.
                5. 0.5–1991 called, Brutes, they want their talking point back.
                6. 0–Populations don’t grow in areas with a genocide Brutes; as a fan of Germany between 1933-45 you should know that.
                7. 1–Zzzzzzzzz.
                8. 0–Yes, you can go on…you can go on being a boring, easy to counter troll who isn’t 1% as smart as he’s lied to himself about being.

        1. We know you’re a M Oron Edward.

          From your favourite Rabbi ♥️

        1. We know you’re a M Oron Edward.

          I ♥️ Mayer of London

    2. Hey Dick, ‘Mayer’ means the one annointed to out fake Jews like you, Ian, “Ken”, Edward, Harvey, Richard, David and the other walking piles of excrement.

      Now if you’ll excuse me……✡️🙏✡️

          1. Pray for the swift coming of Moschiach ‘rabbi’ and the rebuilding of our temple in Jerusalem in accordance with the messianic prophesies…

            As is your duty as an ordained ‘rabbi’


        1. Also, a note of concession from me to you Brucie. One of your subtler tactics has certainly brought you success.

          You revealed above that you were designated as the one to out-fake Jews like me. I concede that in this endeavour you have been a complete success and I feel totally out-faked by you. Mazaltov bubaleh.

  23. Brucie the Holocaust denigrator and fake rabbi

    Aren’t you supposed to be partying with your friends from the sewer; they may even fall for your ‘fake rabbi’ line

    I’ve asked you for some evidence of your so-called ‘ordination’ papers; but as a true fake, you’re unable to produce anything

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