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An evening with Zoom. Delusion, propaganda and defeat.

I sat through two events last night on Zoom. One was hard-core anti-Zionist, featuring several of the anti-Israel camps big names. It was all about how antisemitism doesn’t exist. The other was a much more mundane affair, with Yachad hosting Husam Zomlot, the ‘Palestinian Ambassador’ to the UK. I came away feeling depressed. The level of discussion was so weak. If this is the best that both camps can do, then they are extremely lucky that some people can be so easily fooled.

The defeated conspiracy theorists on Zoom

The first event was hosted by the anti-Zionist Miko Peled. Peled should need little introduction to readers of this blog. Having been to several of his events, and read much of what he has written, I think the time I called him a deflated, lying buffoon sums him up best.

Zoom meeting with Peled

The others on the panel were

  • Asa Winstanley the Electronic Intifada writer and ex Labour Party member. Despite his antisemitism, officially Winstanley wasn’t expelled, just suspended – and he quit rather than face the music.
  • Estee Chandler founder of the Los Angeles chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace. When an American Jew, hangs a US flag upside down, you just know she isn’t operating with a full deck.
  • Anya Parampil a hard-left correspondent for Russia Today in the US. She writes on Max Blumenthal’s GreyZone about all the things you would expect – Venezuela, Cuba, China, Assange and anything else that can help to attack the US and the West.

During the Q&A, a fifth face appeared, Jamil Mazen to pick out which questions to put to the table.

The event was titled ‘From Corbyn to Sanders‘, looking at whether ‘Zionists’ are targeting ‘progressive politicians’. To be honest, these speakers came across as defeated and dejected. The conversation was dull and each of the speakers in turn played their part. Miko Peled was the buffoon. Chandlers role was to keep quiet and simply nod in agreement when everyone else was talking. When Parampil was on she kept talking for ages, throwing in keywords without making a point. And poor Winstanley could not string two coherent sentences together. ‘Our Asa’ was beyond awful.

Lost they certainly have, and it showed. The thing is, because they are so convinced they are right, the more they get beaten, the more insidious and hidden they believe the enemy they face. The entire conversation was a conspiracy theory. These four used the word ‘they’ to describe the invisible forces against them at least 100 times. Each of these people seem to believe in a Zionist monster that probably even reads their private emails. They are so lost in conspiratorial nonsense, not a single concrete argument was made. I couldn’t help myself, in the end I even felt sorry for them (kidding).

Yachad’s Zoom propaganda evening

The next event was a Yachad Zoom event. Hannah Weisfeld gave the platform to the Palestinian ‘Ambassador’, Husam Zomlot. And she really did give him the platform.

yachad zoom event

Like most fringe groups Yachad need attention to make headway. This event was another Yachad winner. They put on an event with someone they know will raise opposition. The majority make a noise, Yachad get their name in print.

Weisfeld gave Zomlot all the time he needed on Zoom to push his propaganda stories. Not once was he properly challenged. At one point he even compared the divisions on the Palestinian street, which sees clans and factions brutally slaughtering each other, with the polite disagreements normally found between groups in healthy democracies. Weisfeld just sat there and let her viewers absorb the nonsense.

In the list of questions being posed were several ones that would really challenge the propaganda. Weisfeld ignored them, instead picking only those that would allow Zomlot to spout even more nonsense.

I have seen Mark Regev, the Israeli ambassador in action many times. He sits in front of hostile audiences and will take any question given to him. Sometimes I think he prefers the challenging ones because it means he is answering the questions he has to. This was different. Why wouldn’t Weisfeld put some of the more obvious questions to Zomlot? Instead the event came across like it was choreographed.

It was just awful. This is the type of stuff that brainwashes students who don’t know better. Zomlot just sits there and tells you everything you want to hear. The only trouble is that very little of it is true and he can’t even deliver on the bits that are true. This is empty, stupid, left wing propaganda. I don’t care that Yachad had him on – I care that they promoted his fairytale.

The SOAS flag girl

Another bit of news reached me yesterday. Last years I was at an event outside Kings that turned violent. I was personally attacked when someone tried to forcibly take my camera. Other pro-Israelis were also attacked at the event. One had their Israeli flag grabbed and torn. The person who did the grabbing was apparently Yasmin El Souda.

El Souda has just been voted in as one of the co-Presidents for SOAS Student Union. She is co-President of Welfare and Campaigns. She was supported in her campaign by Heba Hayek who was also at the KCL event. Hayek was the one frequently shouting through the megaphone. On her own FB page Hayek has images of the terrorist Leila Khaled, posing with a gun.

Hayek also has a Twitter account and she thinks it is shameful that Hamas STOPS people firing rockets on Israeli civilians and punishes those that do?

SOAS extremism

Her Twitter feed is full of awful tweets. In this one Hayek retweets instructions to support the resistance and hold back information from the public about the firing of rockets:

These posts are public, and yet Hayek still received offers from both SOAS and Oxford. And others scratch their heads about why the UK environment is becoming too toxic for the Jews. How all this is possible, I do not know, but it explains the sorry state of our university campuses. The sooner SOAS sinks completely the better for all of UK society.

The truth project

From the beginning of June I will be publishing new material, both for students and activists. I am tired of seeing either inaccurate or ineffectual material being used to explain the Israeli case online. The subject is not difficult and far too often, pro-Israelis get dragged into rabbit hole discussions that they will never win. The language and messaging is often all wrong and some of the material provided for them to use is even self-harming.

I think we need to be better armed and not everyone can read through 100s of articles trying to find the truth. From the basic historical arguments to the modern campus discussions over BDS, I will be publishing new and easy to use material on a regular basis.

I am going to be using Patreon to support this. If you want to support this venture by donating just a few £/$ a month, please head to the Patreon site. I will also begin uploading unique material on the Patreon page on a monthly basis as a reward for those supporting me. If you are supporting me through regular or monthly donations via PayPal, I will give you access as well. Believe me, I see some of the arguments being put forward by our friends online. We need this project.



Support this research

Israel NEEDS our help. This research is unique – and it depends on community support. The results speak for themselves and for five years I have been creating headlines. I engage in research, much of it undercover, into anti-Jewish hatred, anti-Zionism and anti-western extremism. My work is fully independent and this independence is important for the freedom to go where I need to go. The Algemeiner recently named me as one of the J100 (‘top 100 people positively influencing Jewish life’).  If you can, please consider making a donation.

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35 thoughts on “An evening with Zoom. Delusion, propaganda and defeat.

  1. Winstanley said “Facts do matter” then proceeded to get his facts wrong. He said that an arms embargo on Israel was voted by the Labour Conference but was never official Party policy. Wrong – it was in the Labour Manifesto for GE2019.

  2. It is encouraging to read that this blog will, at long last, be providing the kind of information that will equip the Jewish Community to respond to the welter of outrageous lies and inaccuraices that pervade opponents of Israel, the Jews and Zionists. Notwithstanding, a proper understanding of how the Jews are targets for Muslim/left-wing anti semitism, which includes anti-Zionism, will need to include information about the Euro-Arab dialogue, as well as a comprehensive definition of what constitutes Zionism.

  3. Incidentally, what is your record of exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party, David?
    Do you have ANY record of doing that?

    1. Mike, stop deflecting. Besides, no matter how much you gnash your teeth, Israel will continue to exist.

      1. It will for the moment,. It has the US to keep it afloat.

        Just questioning David’s claim to oppose antisemitism everywhere when he plainly doesn’t.

        1. Oh Mike. I oppose antisemitism EVERYWHERE and I concentrate on the areas where it has concentrated. In the modern world it means three key areas – the hard-left, the Islamists and the far-right. Why you think I should stop concentrating on these 3 areas and start looking at the Tory party is beyond me. Are there going to be antisemites inside – absolutely – will they be protected by the party mechanisms – absolutely not. The Tory party is not an accomodating place and far-right antisemites will consider the Tory party ‘Zionist run’ and congregate in their secret little far-right groups – groups I am most definately fighting against and write about.

          Your deflection is weak and shows a grave misunderstanding about the spectrum of UK politics.

          1. “Islamists”, “Militant Islamists”, are ALL

            Ultra Right-Wing (executing gays, treating girls as sex objects, allies of national Socialists in WW2 and denying the Holocaust, denying genocide AND calling for a current day genocide)

            yet the “Progressive Left” have no problem sharing stages with them.

            The Red/Green Axis of Evil.

            The British people rejected Fascist LaBOOR this past election cycle, giving LaBOOR its worst Loss in 85 years.

          2. Oh, David.

            Though claiming to research and fight antisemitism EVERYWHERE you excuse yourself from investigating it in the Israel appeasing Tory Party.

            Your excuse for this is that you ARE NOT a member of the Tory Party.

            Now THAT, David is weak.

            1. Sharmuta, Why did the Racist, Pro-Terrorist LaBOOR Party suffer its Worst Defeat at the Polls in 85 years?

              Why did the Voters REJECT the Racist, Pro-Terrorist LaBOOR Party?

        2. Sharmuta, Pal-e-CRIME has the EU, US and 57 Muslim countries to keep Pal-e-SLIME afloat.

          And what does the world get for that Payoff???

          At least OPEC is crashing due to low oil prices thanks to President Trump.

          Happy Nakba, you fascist pig!

          1. Nakba? That reminds me.

            No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.

            Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only fights Labour

            1. British Voters rejected the Racist, Pro-Islamofascist LaBOOR Party.

              Tell us Sharmuta, WHY did British Voters REJECT the Racist, Pro-Islamofascist LaBOOR Party?

        3. That’s our Muck: bleating the same empty gas like a farting llama, licking his pus-filled tongue all over the Book of Holocaust Denial, masturbating about a day without Israel, and not having to convince anyone he isn’t worth a shit because it’s already been proven 500 times over. He makes Miko Peled look like a winner.

  4. Please rise. Place your hand over your heart and remain standing for ‘Fida’i’, the Palestinian National Anthem.


    On this day we remember the other Holocaust – the one which the media and politicians are not asking you to remember.

    Today, 15th May is Nakba Day or ‘Day Of Catastrophe’, the day Palestinians remember the creation of the state of Israel and the murder and ethnic cleansing of millions of Palestinian people which followed.

    Over 70 years on, most of the survivors are still living as refugees in countries all over the world. There are an estimated 5 Million Palestinian refugees living outside their homeland.


    You may now sit.

    1. Dear Bruce Mooooohamed,

      Happy ETERNAL Nakba! 🙂

      May all your Jihads turn into personal Nakbas!

      May all your vicious plots backfire and become familial “workplace accidents’!

      May all your terrorist tunnels COLLAPSE on you and your rescuers are busy at some jihadi funeral celebration!

      May all your friends suffer the same defeat as the racist LaBOOR party did!

      From the River to the Sea,
      Pal-e-CRIME Will NEVER BE!

      1. May one day you plead for Himmler and Eichmann to save you, Trailer Trash Ted.

    2. Bruce Levy

      The entire existence of Palestinian history is a reaction to Zionism
      If Israel and Zionism had never existed there would not have been the creation of a Palestinian people
      Palestinians as an Arabic people only occurred in the late 1950s and early 1960s
      Between 1917 and 1948 it was the Jews who were known as, and called, Palestinians
      So carry on spreading your racially bigoted Antisemitic rants so that you can confirm what we already think of you

    3. Oh Brutes, the 5 million number doesn’t exist for Palestinian refugees (you’re on the high side by about 4,950,000 and that’s being generous) but 5 million seems like the about of delusional spam trolls you’ll come up with before all is said and done. You’re a homeless, disease-ravaged man’s Muck Framer. Don’t ever change.

  5. Collier tweets “In 1948 the Arabs expelled or massacred EVERY LAST Jewish person that came under their control. Not a single Jew remained in the lands Arabs held

    Imagine if they had won the war

    So when they mourn #NakbaDay #Nakba72 and call it a catastrophe –

    It is because the Jews survived”

    This untrue!!

    How come that Mossad and Zionists groups worked hard to persuade Jews in MENA countries to emigrate to the newly created Israel. Some MENA countries forbade the Jews to leave… AFTER 1948

    Collier’s tweet is a blatant lie, in keeping with his hateful campaign against anything Arab.

    Just lie after lie after lie.

  6. ‘Emigration to Israel jumped from 8,171 persons in 1954 to 24,994 in 1955, increasing further in 1956. Between 1955 and independence in 1956, 60,000 Jews emigrated’

    Yet Collier says in another hate-driven tweet “In 1948 the Arabs expelled or massacred EVERY LAST Jewish person that came under their control. Not a single Jew remained in the lands Arabs held ”

    Amazing how these non-existant Jews were still there to emigrate up to 1956?

    Obviously Collier is tweeting bare-faced lies.

      1. How many Jews does Israel allow to live in Gaza? Forced them out didn’t they? You fool.

        1. Michael, please read your stuff before you post. You’re not here to support Israel. No wonder your mate Bellers wrote you off as a liability before he legged it.

  7. David tweets “… Over 20% of Israel’s population is Arab”

    Pre ’48 the Arabs were the majority in the region before the Jewish militia ethnic cleansing.

    Yes, David 20% Arab.

    If Ben Gurion had had his way it would have been 0%.

    Under Bibi’s, sorry, Trump’s peace plan those 20% will join the other Arabs on Israeli controlled reservations.

    What a vile bunch these Zionists are.

    1. Doing TripAdvisor reviews again for places you’ve told us you’ve never been Michael?

      You’re also very rude about Arabs considering you’ve never met any.

  8. I lived with Heba Hayek.
    She is truly an awful person. Abusive, racist, evil, vindictive and an extreme misandrist.
    VERY poisonous person. AVOID at all costs!!

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