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Zina the hounded- the hatred that never wants to talk

Last week I told the story of Zina who made the mistake of talking to a Zionist. This is an update of what followed. It is important to stress that this blog and the video I am publishing have been produced without Zina’s co-operation in any way. She remains an anti-Zionist and an adversary. Given some of the abuse she has received, there is little doubt this blog will be taken as further sign of her being little more than a ‘Zionist infiltrator’. Nothing could be further from the truth. What she is however, is evidence of how closed minded, extreme and brutal the anti-Zionist movement is and how swiftly it rounds on anyone who thinks or acts differently.

Brief background

Zina Abdullatif is a hard-core anti-Israel activist. Zina went to the Al Quds March in London. So did Joseph Cohen from the Israel advocacy movement. After the event, circumstances brought them together and they engaged in a dialogue. Each side, the Palestinian activist and the Zionist held their political ground. The meeting was respectful and after the event, they uploaded an image of themselves standing together holding their respective flags. Whilst Joseph was praised for his actions and even Zina received warm comments on Joseph’s page, the same was not true the other way around. Zina was instantly attacked and hounded by her fellow activists. The abuse was incessant.

After the Zina blog

The situation didn’t settle down. Zina had partially caved, but despite her apologies and calls for ‘peace’ amongst her friends, Zina was continuously hounded. Eventually she turned to the police for help:

Zina police

She also uploaded a video to Facebook in which she spoke of ‘unfair’ ‘horrible’ and attacks.

Zina – Ostracisation

Because of the notifications and messages she was receiving, only Zina can have any idea of how bad the situation became. But even then, because Facebook doesn’t notify you when unfriended or blocked, her own understanding is still not the full picture. Zina was now a contaminated figure and there was a full scale *international* campaign to get people to block her:

Haitham is a ‘freelance Palestinian photographer and documentary film-maker’. Think long and hard about that fact and consider the implications. Haitham was picked-up in my previous research into propaganda that comes from PA areas. The IHRC recently described Haitham as a ‘photo-journalist’, even holding an exhibition in his honour. Those who describe these ‘activist propagandists’ as ‘journalists’ should remember that they organise campaigns to block anyone who does not toe the line.

Some who tried to defend her also became pariahs.

Just a few days ago Zina was still a member of Palestine Live (image take 3rd June):

But she isn’t anymore:

Group Founder Elleanne Green must have removed her shortly after she unfriended / blocked Zina for her ‘mistake’. But it went much further than the close-minded reflex of Green.

Hate from the Maldives

The hate Zina has received is global. One of the key actors is a woman called Rina Idrus. Poor Rina is somewhat challenged. She believes there are only three ways I could have got the screenshot from Zina’s page.

Originally from Malaysia, Rina has been living in the Maldives for eleven years.  As a point worth remembering, every citizen is a Muslim and the Maldives have laws that state you can only get citizenship if you are Muslim. Practicing ANY other religion is illegal:


I did search Rina’s public profile, looking for a post displaying outrage for the fact that in her own country no other religion but Islam is allowed to be publicly displayed – but I found none. It seems for Rina the only thing that matters is her obsession with the one Jewish state in the world.

Attack on identity

Zina even had her Muslim identity questioned. This is Deb Turner, attacking the identity of Zina, whose father was born in Jerusalem:

Debbie Turner

It is important to understand the driving factor here. In this comment, Deb posted inside the group ‘Truthers against Zionist lobbies‘, Deb tells everyone what she thinks of the EU:

Others from the mob simply denied that any of her family were from the region at all:

Zina not Palestinian

Zina not Palestinian 2

Gary Spedding

Here is an interesting one. This is a thread about ostracising a woman just because she spoke to a British Zionist. It is a thread full of vicious anti-Jewish racism and bitter attacks on Zina. Gary Spedding, who paints himself as a moderate also posted on the thread. Did he tell people not to over-react? What about challenging anyone over the anti-Jewish racism? Did he protect the victim? No, he simply identified Joseph for the lynch mob. These pretend moderates quickly revert to type when the environment permits:

Gary Spedding Zina

Zina – Paid by Zionists

Just because she spoke to a Zionist, Zina was instantly turned into an infiltrator, in the pay of Israel:

Martin Milligan Zina

Martin Milligan, who made the comment above, is another who has already been identified in my research. A key activist in Scotland, he was featured in my report in the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC). This is why:

Milligan Zina 2

Scottish anti-Israel activism is full of antisemites. Here is another favourite for the SPSC having a go:

‘AlJakhbeer Jola’ is the latest incarnation of Jolanta Hadzic. Hadzic has had many personas, the most recent plays someone who is ‘Jewish’. This is one of Hazdic’s earlier posts – blatant Holocaust Denial:

The truth is that Zina is only relevant or useful to these people for as long as she acts as a shield for their antisemitism. This is a global movement of hate that has no interest in Zina, or anyone else, engaging in dialogue. A soon as Zina stepped outside, she became a demon and untouchable. The one who claims ‘Palestinian heritage’ cast aside by antisemitic thugs around the world. They simply had no further use for her.

Videos and final words

I can’t help Zina, nor would she want me to. Zina is trapped. She was fed lies and had her ideology shaped by the very movement of ‘Palestinianism’ that would eventually discard her.

Zina uploaded a video to Facebook, some of which I have included in the video that explains the story:



‘Palestinianism’ isn’t about Palestinians, it is about Jews and Israel. Zina is just an example of a far bigger problem. One that holds people captive, trapped in a conflict and with no permission to escape. Palestinianism has even held millions of people in refugee camps for three generations. If the power of the mob is enough to cower and silence an activist in London, just imagine how much more powerful that becomes in areas where groups like Hamas or Hezbollah rule the streets. What chance is there for peace, if even talking to a Zionist in London results in exile?



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96 thoughts on “Zina the hounded- the hatred that never wants to talk

    1. Fiona’s great. Not sure of the relevance of these posts Stephen. It seems a little like deflective spam to me.

      1. Not at all. You went on about so called moderates. So I joined in. Fiona is indeed a great perjurer and lucky not to be in jail for perverting the course of justice.

    2. Dumb Bellamy’s Islamofascist/Pal-e-STINIAN Crazies…

      – 9/11
      – 1993 truck bombing of the World Trade Center
      – 1968 assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
      – 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103
      – 2005 July 7th London transport massacre
      – beheading of Lee Rigby, journalist Daniel Pearl, James Foley and other victims of ISIS
      – Boston Marathon bombing
      – London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks
      – Bastille Day truck ramming attack in Nice France
      – massacre at Charlie Hebdo magazine offices in Paris
      – massacre at Bataclan music venue
      – massacre at Manchester music venue
      – massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando
      – massacre at Christmas party in San Bernardino
      – stabbing to death of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh
      – Fascist Irans death threats against writer Salman Rushdie
      – 500,000 dead in Syria (Arabs killing Arabs)
      – 1,000,000 dead in 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war (Muslims killing Muslims)
      – Mumbai India massacre
      – Nairobi Kenya mall massacre
      – Sadaam Husseins poison gassing of the Kurds of Halabja Iraq
      – ISIS beheading videos
      – Hamass executing gays by pushing them off rooftops in Gaza
      – Fascist Iran executing gays by hanging them from construction cranes
      – Coptic Christians being murdered in Egypt
      – murder of tourists in Luxor
      – Manhattan bike path car ramming attack
      – failed sneaker and later underwear suicide bombing of an inflight plane
      – failed SUV bombing of Times Square
      – public threats on placards of 9/11 scale attacks on the UK and Europe
      – Brussels airport bombing
      – bombing of USS Cole
      – Fort Hood Texas massacre
      – foiled attack on Garland Texas conference
      – death threats on creators of South Park cartoon series
      – Brooklyn Bridge shooting
      – Empire State Building Observation Deck shooting
      – Fascist Irans calls for Death to America
      – Taliban shooting girls who want an education
      – Muslim families stoning their daughters to death over “family honour”
      – DC Beltway sniper
      – Boko Haram kidnapping and raping girls in Nigeria
      – ISIS murdering Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai
      – ISIS burning Jordanian pilot to death
      – Taliban destroying two 1,500 year old Buddahs in Bamiyan Afghanistan
      – ISIS destroying antiquities in Palmyra
      – Hezbola and Hamass using children as Human Shields
      – Christmas market shooting in Strasbourg France
      – Armenian Genocide by the Turks
      – 1/15/19 Shabab terrorist attack in Nairobi Kenya
      – Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka

    1. Two nice early roadblocks Bellers. Must be a serious one this.

      What should we go for on this one, 100-150 posts?

      See you and Michael along the way.

        1. Which is more than you could say about Simple Si . I doubt he would get a licence in view of his 18 month stretch sewing mail bags in Her Majestys Slammer Exeter. He sails through Ben Gurion though so Michael is probly right on that one.

          1. Now Stephen you are demonstrating that you are a lazy gobshite who can’t be bothered to read links before he responds to them.
            Laziness and ignorance, two human characteristics that you posses by the shed full.

  1. there is only the road of peace and clearly the most active on behalf of the Palestinian cause are want Israel eliminated. The pro-israel community must never allow itself to become like what happened to Zina.
    The fact is that someone has to lose. While Israel has won, the pro-Palestinian community seeks to change the outcome of 1948. They will only succeed if we let them.
    The war needs to end. For that Israel must accept a Palestinian entity and Palestinians must end their war against Israel. Nothing else is peace.

    1. For that Israel must accept a Palestinian entity WITHOUT embedded Israeli troops and without Israeli control of Palestinian defence weaponry. Unfortunately these are the current Israeli terms for the creation of a Palestinian state.

      Myself, I suspect that Zionist Israel has no intention whatsoever of ‘allowing’ a Palestinian state. It desires ALL of the West Bank. The world that appeases the state will look away.

      1. “Myself, I suspect that Zionist Israel has no intention whatsoever of ‘allowing’ a Palestinian state. It desires ALL of the West Bank.”

        Do you have any verifiable evidence from a recognised credible source to support your suspicions?
        I am sure you understand that nobody will give any weight or credibility to the unverified suspicions of a proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud such as you Farmer.

          1. So the answer is no.

            As you have confirmed, by your silence, you do not have any verifiable evidence from any recognised credible sources to support your suspicions.
            They are just the product of the imagination of a proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud, who is classed as a retard.

              1. Farmer if the only way you can justify, in your own mind, that those who do not agree with you or question the content of your ‘posts’ are ignorant, no problem.
                Far be it from me to burst the bubble of self-delusion you exist in. Obviously the truth, logic, history, and reality as well as the English language are all subjects well beyond your comprehension.

                But any sentient being with a modicum of intelligence can see you for what you really are, a retarded anti-Semitic liar and fraud.

                Now off you go Farmer, fly, fly, go and play with your balloon on a stick.

                1. I’ve just enhanced your post by inserting the correct punctuation, Gerald.

                  “Farmer, if the only way you can justify, in your own mind, that those who do not agree with you or question the content of your ‘posts’ are ignorant, no problem.
                  Far be it from me to burst the bubble of self-delusion that you exist in. Obviously the truth, logic, history, and reality, as well as the English language, are all subjects well beyond your comprehension.

                  But any sentient being with a modicum of intelligence can see you for what you really are, a retarded anti-Semitic liar and fraud.

                  Now off you go, Farmer, fly, fly, go and play with your balloon on a stick.”


                  1. How very kind of you Farmer.
                    Perhaps you will try to do the same for your own ‘posts’ in future. You certainly have not bothered in the past.

                    Spelling is a problem for you as well Farmer, you must try to do better in the future.
                    Otherwise your ‘post’ above will be another example of your hypocrisy.

                    1. Farmer you are making things up again.
                      Your lies are the same as everything else you do, poor, weak, and a
                      complete failure.

                      Compared to you Farmer ‘The Teletubbies’ are masters of the English Language.

                    2. By the way Farmer, I do not know which online ‘checker’ you used. Bu,t I do hope you did not pay for it. If you did ask for your money back.
                      There are some basic errors and breaches of well known rules in your ‘corrected’ version.

                    3. Wrong Farmer, wrong.
                      Can you ever get anything right?

                      So far, you have demonstrated that you are;
                      a liar,

                      Ignorant of;
                      and completely lacking in, even, a basic understanding of Israel and the Middle East.

                    4. Farmer every time you try to be witty, you either mangle or misquote a well known phrase or saying.

                      Is it any wonder that people laugh AT you Farmer, not with you.

                    5. Farmer you keep digging a deeper and deeper hole, then jumping in.
                      Long may you continue to do so.

      2. Neat summary Michael. We hard core Zionists take a very dim view of having our hard won freedoms eroded by people that want us dead. Arab state in the middle of my country? Dont make me laugh.

    2. Palestinians don’t have arms like Israel do so how can it be a war. Palestinians only want peace and the right to return. I don’t know what the answer is but there is no one or two state solution until both sides agree to talk, and what is said by the PM of Israel is meant and acted on. I’ve heard Netanyahu say he wants peace then he goes and ordered shelling in Gaza. That isn’t going to bring peace. You zionists also talk about there not being occupation in the west back and also apartheid well I’m sorry but there is a 100% apartheid and it needs to stop then there will be peace amongst the people and they can all live together safely and happily. I really hope in my life time I see peace over there and the right to return for all Palestinians all over the world.

      1. The number of Palestinians who actually have a legitimate right to return to any part of Israel is crashing worse than the Hong Kong stock market. It’s into the low five figures’ now of populace and decreasing as more 1948-alive self-declared Palestinians do what comes naturally and die off from old age, cancer, AIDS and so forth. No one outside of that group has any right to become Israeli citizens. And they never will.

  2. Suppose the Palestinians take a dim view of a Jewish state being created in the land they’ve lived on for generations.

    1. Dumb Sharmuta, Even “the prophet” Mooohammed knew Jews were in Israel FIRST. Imperialist Islam was waging Jihad all over the Middle East – and playing the Taqiyya card.

      Even today, Muslims are killing fellow Muslims (Sunni v Shiite v Salifi v Wahabbi v Klingon v Romulan)

      so how can Muslims ever get along with NON-Muslims????

      1. You think Jews were the first to live on that land, Ted? Seriously? Read yer Bible.

        p.s, that’s the book where God tells you that you can have the land, after you’ve butchered those already there…. unless you see it as a fairy story of course. Do you?

        1. Sharmuta, Read yer Koran. That’s the plagerized book where Allah tells you that you can have the land, after you’ve butchered those already there…. unless you see it as a fairy story of course. Do you?

          How can Muslims live along side Infidels when Muslims can’t even live in peace with FELLOW Muslims??? See the Syria Civil War, the 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran War.

          Yer Taqiyya ain’t working here, fascist bitch.

          1. Remember WWI and WWII where Muslims and other Muslims fought each other. Millions and millions of people died….. or was it non-Muslims attacking and stealing land from non-Muslims …. white people perhaps. Are YOU a white-person, Edward….. more dangerous than Muslims or Jews?

            1. > WWI and WWII where Muslims and other Muslims fought each other. Millions and millions of people died…..

              EXACTLY Sharmuta, Muslims fighting each other, then AND today.

              Muslims wage JIhad aganist Bahais, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Zoroastrians, animists, ethnic Chinese, idol worshipers AND fellow. Muslims.

              Muslims can’t get along with ANYBODY.

              Muslims even hijacked 4 passenger planes and flew them info buildings, toppling two of them.



              1. Still a far, far greater body count than when Muslims are involved, Ted. You a white man? 🙂

    2. Ho hum Michael. Their problem and yours I’m afraid. You could always write more stuff on the internet.

        1. Yup, that is about the extent of it for you Michael.

          Still, it’s the taking part that counts.

          1. Yes Ian as General Custer said to his troops at the Battle of Little Big Horn, “Never mind men, it’s the taking part that counts.”

            Sadly, for him, he did get an arrow up that place where the sun never shines shortly afterwards.
            Perhaps Stephen is a long lost descendant of his.

                1. What? No English can live in his community? He is encouraged and subsidised to live there? Wow.

                  1. I doubt if anyone wants to live in the same community as Stephen.
                    The only reason you are ever allowed into a community is to see if you are capable of living independently, without constant care and nursing.
                    Really who would want a retard such as you Farmer, living in their community?

                  2. “What? No English can live in his community? He is encouraged and subsidised to live there? Wow.”

                    Bellers lives in Luton?

                    1. Ian what a ghastly thought.
                      Poor Luton.

                      Although the prospect of Stephen and ‘Tommy Robinson’ being trapped in a lift together, does put a smile on my face.
                      An anti-Semitic twat, and a Xenophobic twat. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving pair of Arseholes.

                    2. “Aren’t you a Zionist?”

                      Farmer I believe in the right of the Jewish people to re-establish their state in their historic homeland. I believe that the capital of that state, was, is, and should remain in the future Jerusalem.

                      Does that make me a Zionist?
                      That is for others to decide.

                    3. By the way Farmer, whether I am a Zionist or not, you and Stephen are a couple of anti-Semitic twats and ‘Tommy Robinson’ is a Xenophobic twat.
                      A pox on all three of you.

  3. You’re up to 13 of your messages now Michael.

    What did you think about the suggestion from one of the Arabs in Samaria saying that they should just finally accept that they lost, that they’ll never get a state in Israel and that their best bet for a stable, peaceful and prosperous future (his words) was to use that as the starting point ?

    1. A starting point to a ‘one man one vote’ Greater Israel where each citizen is a part of the Nation?


      1. No Michael, that’s your version. It doesn’t count. He wants to try a pragmatic approach where they admit they lost and that we have no responsibility to reward their defeat. Sounds fair?

        1. Since when are Zionists driven by fairness?

          They certainly won’t get a state in Israel, but may yet get a state in the West Bank.

          Israel DOES have the responsibility though to care for those that it currently occupying.

          1. Farmer, waiting for you to polish this turd of yours.
            “Israel DOES have the responsibility though to care for those that it currently occupying.”

  4. “What she is however, is evidence of how closed minded, extreme and brutal the anti-Zionist movement is and how swiftly it rounds on anyone who thinks or acts differently.”

    ….. and the Zionist movement isn’t “closed minded, extreme and brutal”, David, with its selfishness, militarism and eagerness to kill all in its path?

  5. I do agree with you Michael. Admission of defeat removes any expectation from the Arabs that Judea and Samaria will ever be anything other Israel just like the Golan with Syria or Iran or whovever is in charge there at the moment. I think you called it Greater Israel. I may use that.

    1. Hasn’t Russia had sanctions imposed on it for its occupation and annexation?

      Israel must be blessed … or appeased.

  6. “Xenophobic ??!? Aren’t you a Zionist?” asks Michael

    “Hang on a sec Michael,” replies Ian. “Are you defending Tommy Robinson as well now? I can see how he’s a good fit with The Mike Farmer 3, but I thought you were on the Marxist side of the antisemites not the Fascists. Have you changed sides? Does Bellers know?”

    1. Ian – “Are you defending Tommy Robinson as well now?”

      Obviously not, Ian. But your question is another example of how low your comprehension is unless, like David, you care little about the truth of your stated opinions.

  7. yawwwwn.

    If you actually cared about the self named “Palestinian people” you’d be addressing the facts that their own “brothers” keep them locked in refugee* camps without the right to citizenship. You’d be upset that they are merely maintained as a weaponized population. You’d be upset at the incessant unending child abuse that goes on by teaching Jew-hatred and violence and the upholding of terrorists as role models. You’d be upset that Hamas continues to make Gaza a disaster area by it’s never-ending violence and propaganda and the stealing of $$ earmarked for aid that goes towards building terror tunnels.

    But none of that bothers you. It’s not about “Palestinians”.

    It’s about JEWS.

    This is WHY Zina’s friends* damned her at the first sign of “normalization”, and why Zionists don’t. Treating JEWS as fellow human beings is verboten.

    This is likely why you deflect with your childish attempt at whatabouterry. That means I’m giving you credit for having a guilty conscience or at minimum a concern with appearances. Though I’m sure your reply will likely prove even that a bit too generous.

    1. “If you actually cared about the self named “Palestinian people””

      They lived in Palestine. They didn’t live in the created Jordan, they don’t live in the created Israel …. so, they are still Palestinians.

      Doesn’t Israel keep the Palestinians locked in the West Bank without the right to citizenship and the right to vote for who rules them?

      I’ll take no lessons on child abuse from one who suppots Israel’s actions.

      It’s not Hamas that seeks to make Gaza a disaster area … it’s Israel and the US. They constrain the Palestinians making any viable economy impossible.

      While the US pumps over $3,500,000,000 of welfare to Israel EACH YEAR to maintain its grip on the Palestinians your $$ is perhaps all you would allow them.

      Alexi, you say it’s about JEWS??!?

      Put aside your desire to be hated, to portray yourself as a victim.

      It’s about ISRAEL and its actions. Israel is NOT the Jews. Israel houses a MINORITY of world Jewry. Israel does NOT represent the Jews much as the hasbara attempts to do.

      “This is WHY Zina’s friends* damned her at the first sign of “normalization”, and why Zionists don’t.”

      Zin’s friends were wary in case Zina had added the Zionist as a ‘friend’ on FB. That would allow the Colliers of this world to snoop and troll through the posts of her ‘friends’

      David himself castigates other Jews that do not agree with his Zionist views. He’s hypocritical.

      1. And there you have it Alexi. You were spot on. He’s the old bloke in the pub who knows your own home town better than you do and he’s never been there. Every boozer has one.

        His approach is so linear that he bites at anything. He was actually defending Tommy Robinson earlier. 5 blogs ago I got hin to defend Ted Bundy just by mentioning that one of his victims was Jewish. Try it. The contortions he goes into……

        1. Easy to see how Zionist accusations whether from David or his rag-tag band bear no truth whatsoever. TRUTH is unimportant to them.

        2. Ian’s Post

          Ian Kay on May 29, 2019

          I’m lucky Michael. You supply all the paints and splosh them on the canvas yourself. I take no responsibility for your brush strokes. Are you now claiming exclusive rights on your “Bit like/Seems like” game?

          Only 70 posts until target. i reckon I can get you defending Ted Bundy in that time. He raped and murdered Lisa Levy and 2 other Jewish girls in the 70s. Go on. Have a go. You’re on a roll…..

          Mike’s Post
          Mike Farmer on May 29, 2019

          “He raped and murdered Lisa Levy and 2 other Jewish girls in the 70s. ”

          Think you’ll find find that he murdered many, many others, Ian, at least 30. Because you don’t remember them I’ll assume that they were less worthy of mention and not Jewish.

          There those that would assume from your post that care only care for other Jews. I couldn’t possibly comment.

          That’s Mike defending is it, Ian? …. Alexi?

  8. noun: xenophobia
    dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.

    A religious variety of Zionism supports Jews upholding their Jewish identity defined as adherence to religious Judaism, OPPOSES the assimilation of Jews into other societies, and has advocated the return of Jews to Israel as a means for Jews to be a majority nation in their own state.

    1. “Dumbass”
      1. Someone who attempts to be a smartass but is too dumb to actually succeed.

      2. Someone who holds a stupid, illegitimate or completely baseless opinion with a perplexing amount of self-righteousness.

      3. Mike Farmer.

    2. Strenuous attempts at baiting here Michael. I’d go further. You’re no ordinary baiter but a clearly a class apart; a Master Baiter if you will.

        1. “A reason for the typos…”

          Farmer so you are suggesting that the reason for your many ‘typos’ is that you are constantly masturbating.
          So let’s add it to the list;
          anti-Semitic liar,

            1. Amusing is one thing, but as for self-abusing I’ll leave that to you.
              After all you are the self confessed expert.

                1. Yes, I understand the content and, importantly, the intent of posts.
                  Although I admit the, pre-school standard, gibberish you write does take a little more effort to decipher.

  9. Just testing your multi-tasking skills Michael. I think we’ll try something new. Let’s see how you do with concurrent blogs. We’ll start with the most recent two and see if your managed response system works that way. If you cope, we’ll move to three and then four. If you’ve set your notification settings for new posts this shouldn’t concern you. I love the smell of inverted commas in the morning.

    Salut from the Jewish State. xx

  10. Thanks for all the support towards me but I still hate Zionism. I am a proud Palestinian and I am what I say is a true Palestinian that is friendly and a peaceful person that’s all. If Israel
    Would give Palestinians the chance you would actually see every Palestinians person being like me and being friendly with you all. We all believe that the Jews deserve to live in peace what we don’t like is the apartheid, occupation and the arresting of Palestinians children.
    So demand that Israel should remove check points and demand no more bombs in Gaza and I promise you if we see that there will be peace amongst our people.

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