Laura Murray, Corbyn’s trolls, a few porkies and a whole lot of hate

Yesterday Anne Frank would have celebrated her 90th birthday. Both Jeremy Corbyn and Laura Murray held her aloft. Clearly a message went out from Corbyn HQ to use the Anne Frank anniversary for a little pro-Jewish tokenism. Dead Jews are always easy to commemorate, it is the living ones that Corbyn’s people have so much difficulty with.

The quote Corbyn used to politicise Anne Frank was particularly harsh – he chooses the line where she writes:

“I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.”

It is only a partial quote and it is often used out of context as people strip from the meaning of the passage all the doubt and fear contained within. Read today the piece is utterly tragic, because we know how Anne’s story ends. This was one of the final entries in her diary. Penned on the 15th July 1944, Anne was just weeks away from capture and deportation. Anne Frank would not live to see another summer.

So how should we read Corbyn’s use of the message? The leader of a party embroiled in a deep antisemitism crisis and in a bitter struggle with British Jews, using Holocaust victims for tokenism – just what is he trying to tell us? Jeremy Corbyn is using Anne Frank to spit in our faces.

Laura Murray tweets

Jeremy Corbyn referenced Anne Frank during PMQs. He spoke of the Holocaust and then without faltering he welcomed Lisa Forbes, the MP embroiled in antisemitism scandal to the House. Laura Murray also pushed the Anne Frank message. This time on Twitter:

Laura Murray tweet

Murray was part of Corbyn’s inner circle and was appointed as the ‘head of complaints’. This puts Murray as the lead in the response team on antisemitism. Murray is not without controversy. According to the Times, she stands accused of stopping the suspension of Patricia Sheerin. Those who read this blog know Sheerin well and her antisemitic posts were exposed in my reports. Sheerin was later arrested, being questioned over ‘publishing or distributing material likely to stir up racial hatred‘. Murray is also facing a libel action from Countdown presenter and antisemitism campaigner Rachel Riley.

It was sickening to see Murray and Corbyn deploy one of the most famous Holocaust victims in an act of tokenism to Jewwash the Labour party. I said so and linked to Laura Murray’s original tweet when I made my comment:

my tweet

And then something strange happened. Several of my followers said they couldn’t see the Laura Murray tweet. The reason: she had blocked them. I dug a little further. The list of people blocked by Laura Murray seems long. It also includes many of the key antisemitism campaign accounts like GnasherJew, Euan Philipps & Emma Picken. These are just a few:

Laura Murray block list

This is astonishing. Laura is meant to be the head of complaints for Labour, the person who is paid to handle complaints of antisemitism in the party, yet she actively blocks many of those on the front line of the battle. As so many of my followers had indicated they were blocked, I publicly suggested Laura Murray may have used one of the ‘anti-Zionist block lists’ readily available on the platform:

Laura Murray blocks for what?

Laura swiftly responded to my tweet. She categorically denied the ‘block list’ suggestion. She also turned herself into the victim. It isn’t the Jewish people of the UK who have the abuse problem, it is Laura Murray:

Laura has every right to block abusers. Twitter can be a hostile and toxic environment. Laura claimed she had blocked people who were ‘regularly abusive’ towards her. So I checked and I looked at some of the interactions. Take Stuart. He tweeted ONCE to Laura Murray:

Stuart blocked by Laura Murray

I do not know what Laura’s definition of ‘abuse’ is, but it seems a real stretch to suggest Stuart was being abusive. It gets worse. @jewishpeacock never seems to have interacted with her. Yet is blocked. How and why did Laura Murray block someone before they even seem to have interacted with her? Mike Harris49 had only one tweet in which Laura was tagged:

Mike Harris blocked by laura Murray

And here we run into deeper trouble. Mike didn’t even talk about Laura. What he did was talk to a third party and reference Corbyn’s fondness of Hezbollah and association with Holocaust deniers in places such as Palestine Live. Both proven. Why did she block Mike after this? Is suggesting Corbyn has issues with antisemitism a blockable offence by the person in charge of the antisemitism complaints in the party?

The result of these checks is really disturbing. @Longridgebloke also seems to have had no visible exchange with Laura Murray on Twitter. Nor does @tweezerman7.

@Kenaidel had two tweets in which Laura Murray was tagged, neither of which was really abusive. @Devongirl_64 had one:

@donielrosenthal also only had one exchange. Critical, but hardly abusive. @solyentgreen made two tweets in which Laura Murray was tagged. Neither addressed Laura directly, but rather suggested the party is racist. Keiren Williams only asked Murray a question in the one single tweet he sent in her direction.

Laura Murray – this does not seem true

Which means we have a problem, because when Laura Murray responded to my tweet, she said she hasn’t used block lists and only ‘sometimes blocks individuals who are regularly abusive‘ towards her on Twitter.

This is clearly not the truth. It simply doesn’t explain how those who have *NEVER * appeared to have even tagged Laura, have been blocked. We can also see posts that are clearly not abusive, that resulted in people being blocked. Nowhere here is there evidence of the ‘regular abuse’ that leads Laura Murray to ‘sometimes’ block people. Perversely, as someone who is meant to be dealing with antisemitism, Laura Murray seems to engage in a strategy of blocking those fighting antisemitism. It is difficult to believe that some type of list has not been deployed considering some of these people have never interacted with her. Given the importance of her function, this is something that needs to be urgently looked at and addressed.

Laura sends abuse my way

Which leads to another problem. And that is the abuse I received because she responded to me. Laura Murray responded to my tweet and peddled a fiction. In doing so she set Corbyn’s twitter thugs on me. The rest of my day was spent deeply immersed in so much hate that @gnasherjew felt they could use these responses as an example of abuse:

gnasher, Laura Murray abuse

Misogynists all

One of the responses worth highlighting was this.

Laura Murray Saeen

It shows the twisted logic of the Corbyn clan. Put aside the ageism and false accusation of racism. Consider the central meaning. I ‘harass’ a professional woman who performs a political function by questioning or criticising her. For this I am a ‘misogynist’. What a low opinion of women this ‘Saeen’ clearly has, that they are so weak and feeble they are unable to deal with a non-abusive comment. Ironically, he calls me the misogynist.

But there is nothing funny about the abuse I received:

Those are just a few examples of the hundreds of abusive comments directed towards me because Laura Murray felt the need to distort the truth. She began the day by using Anne Frank to Jewwash. She ended it by dogpiling an antisemitism campaigner in an attempt to deflect attention away from what has become evident. Laura Murray blocks those very people she would be paying attention to if she was even partially interested in fighting antisemitism.

Murray is part of Jeremy Corbyn’s circle. Should we have expected anything less? Whether she likes it or not, I am clearly the victim of a high level of antisemitic abuse – by any definition. I have been a high-profile target for years. Yesterday Laura Murray was responsible for sending some more in my direction. I do have a thick skin and although incidents like this can get me down, it is rarely for long. The battle is a constant one. There is no ‘quiet period’, there are merely high tides and higher tides. I will rest, sleep and be ready for more. I am a British Jew and Corbyn’s circle are thirsting for power – I have no choice but to fight.



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316 thoughts on “Laura Murray, Corbyn’s trolls, a few porkies and a whole lot of hate

  1. Stephen, Michael; you guys move in these Comic-Commie circles. Is this a normal tactic or just another communications cock-up?

    1. “Well you know, if you will align yourself with the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe”

      No Stephen I do not know.
      But as you are a lifelong member of “..the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe..”, perhaps you could enlighten us all with tales of your experiences as a member of this extremist fringe.

      I hope your adventures as a member of “the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe”, will be a lot more enthralling than your adventures as a Bedouin mud pie maker. Frankly they were mind numbingly boring, and I lost the will to live, before you got to the end.

        1. Yes, luckily I snapped out of it by listening to music by Mahler and songs by Leonard Cohen. Both of these are more uplifting than some of your tales.
          However, back to the subject.

          Now Stephen, how did you manage as a member of “..the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe..”?

            1. Farmer IF you could read, and you read Stephen’s tales about his exploits as a Bedouin mud pie maker, you would feel down as well.

        1. Quite right Farmer, I am being Gerald.
          The reason for that is, that I am Gerald.
          Unlike you Farmer, I do not pretend to be other people or post using other names.

          I am not surprised that you do, after all you are a proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud. Now off you go Farmer, and play with your balloon on a stick.

          1. What makes razor-sharp Gerald suspect two people with the identical initials, Mike Farmer and Marie Farmer, are one and the same poster?

            Has Gerald spotted something similar between the two names that no-one else has? It’s a mystery.

            1. Farmer yes, Mike and Marie Farmer are the same fraudulent person.

              Not a mystery at all, Farmer. You are a proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud, so you are only acting in accordance with your warped and twisted character.

              Once again Farmer you are digging yourself deeper and deeper into a hole of your own making. Please carry on it is quite amusing.

              Again Farmer, let us all know when you reach Australia.

            1. Stephen I don’t agree that the second ‘that’ is redundant.

              I am still waiting for your exciting tales about how you managed, and continue to manage as a member of “..the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe..”?

              1. Gerald doubtless one day I will get around to a concern about what you are in agreement with. At the moment I am preoccupied with last Sundays results in the the 4th division of the Albanian basketball league

                1. That is it Stephen.
                  When in doubt, dust off your old attempts at humour.

                  Problem is, they were not humorous before and they are not humorous now.
                  Are you not capable of original thought Stephen?

                  Better still why don’t you be humorous. The next time will be the first time. Who knows after your many failed attempts at humour, you might finally succeed.

    2. Michael’s slow off the mark on this one. He’s still over at yesterday’s blog. Have a look. He’s unwittingly defending Tommy Robinson. Poor sod. His approach to your game is so linear that he bites every time.

  2. David has used this blog to attack Jeremy Corbyn yet again.

    It is David that radiates “rabid”, “hate” towards Corbyn.

    David takes the opportunity to attack him for marking Anne Franks ‘birthday’.

    David is using the day not to remember her but as a vehicle to further demonstrate his vile hatred towards another whose boots he is not fit to lick. He shows what a lowlife he really is. Shame on him. Have some self-respect, Mr. Collier.

    Nothing, nothing on this page shows ANY antisemitic abuse towards him whatsoever. He’s despised because of his own actions, his personality. The fact that he is Jewish has nothing to do with how he is seen.

    1. Attacks on Jeremy Corbyn are shocking.
      Look at this one from a couple of days ago on a different thread on this website.

      Mike Farmer on June 10, 2019
      “Indeed, a quote by Mr. Corbyn(for some strange reason. Why is he bending over backwards to placate witchhunters? An attempt at PR?). I bet neither Mr. Corbyn, nor yourself, can explain HOW the mural is antisemitic”

      By someone called Mike Farmer, or perhaps it is Marie Farmer.

      1. Yes, it’s a mystery why Jeremy labelled the Antioligarch mural as antisemitic. Nothing about it is antisemitic. No-one on these blogs can explain how it is thus described.

        1. Oh dear Farmer, there you go digging yourself into a deeper and deeper hole again.

          Views about The Mural.

          Mike Farmer;
          “Nothing about it is antisemitic”

          Jeremy Corbyn;
          “I sincerely regret that I did not look more closely at the image I was commenting on, the contents of which are deeply disturbing and anti-Semitic.”

          No mystery at all there Farmer. Corbyn looked more closely and described it as “..deeply disturbing and anti-Semitic.”

          1. So, Gerald, not noticing anything antisemitic about the mural, quotes Jeremy’s statement.

            1. No Farmer.
              Back to the subject which is attacks on Jeremy Corbyn.
              Specifically the one you made on him, on a different thread, and are now trying to weasel your way out of it.

              No moral fibre at all, you are completely spineless Farmer.

                1. Trying to laugh off your attack on Jeremy Corbyn, does not change the fact that you did.
                  Clearly you are now regretting it, and wetting yourself in fear, because you have been caught out.

                    1. Farmer you are the one who is getting very shaky, now that your attack on Corbyn has been highlighted.

                      Deny it, as much and as often as you like, but it is there in front of you and everybody else.

                    2. “Why is he bending over backwards to placate witchhunters? An attempt at PR?). I bet neither Mr. Corbyn, nor yourself, can explain HOW the mural is antisemitic”

                      Farmer, your words; ‘Bending over backwards to placate witch-hunters’,
                      ‘An attempt at PR’.
                      ‘Neither Mr. Corbyn, nor yourself, can explain HOW the mural is anti-Semitic’

                    3. So Farmer as is clearly demonstrated by your own ‘post’.
                      You are;
                      an anti-Semitic liar,
                      a fraud,
                      and a HYPOCRITE

  3. Fair warning Michael. I am feeling particularly Zionistic today and may well be bringing an extra level of oppressive, genocidal, apartheid to the table from the Jewish State. So I suggest you dust off your inverted commas and set your automated responses to stun. Pass it onto Bellers too. His 2014 slogans won’t copy/paste themselves.

    Yikes !!!

    1. “I am feeling particularly Zionistic today”? You want to be on your own then?

      Again “the Jewish State”. Shall let you unpack.

    1. At least he is doing something Stephen.
      Let us look at your record. You are always going to do something or write something, but when it comes to it, you either forget about it or you are too lazy to carry out the task you have set yourself.
      The truth is Stephen that you are a lazy gobshite who is all talk and no action.
      Or, to put it more succinctly you are full of piss and wind

      1. Et tu Gerald. What do you do? When you are not googling your life away.

        1. Poor Stevie baby.
          Is the horrible man being nasty to you, by telling you the truth?

          Are you frightened of admitting the truth to anyone, including yourself, that you are just a complete nonentity.
          A lying gobshite, whose only ‘mission’ in life is to post attacks on people you don’t like. Who coincidentally just happen, in the main, to be Jewish.

          There, there, poor Stevie.

          1. Coincidentally, I get accused of being antisemitic by several retards on this blog who also just happen, in the main, to be Jewish, of sorts.

            1. What Farmer, you accuse yourself of being anti-Semitic?

              The only retard on this blog is you.
              Therefore to arrive at the thought that ,”I get accused of being antisemitic by several retards on this blog..” you must be counting yourself several times, as Mike Farmer, Marie Farmer, and Davy.

              And you claim that your three personalities, “..just happen, in the main, to be Jewish..”
              I think I’ll let Dr. Ian deal with that one.

            1. Stephen trying to switch the attention from your character flaws, is not going to work.
              As you appear to have finished reading the 4th Division Albanian Basketball results and league placings. Back to business.

              I am still waiting for your exciting tales about how you managed, and continue to manage as a member of “..the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe..”?

            1. No, unlike you Stephen I do not.
              So tell us all, are you getting treatment for your Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour about Jonathan Hoffman?

                1. “its always business Gerald”
                  Really Stephen, and what business would that be exactly?

                  “Tell us about your obsession with me”
                  Sorry to bruise your over inflated ego Stephen, but you are just another anti-Semitic nonentity. You will eventually slither back into the sewer you and your vile kind infest, and then another one will appear.

                  If there is one thing that I regret after more than 52 years in politics, it is that no matter what you do, or how many battles you win, anti-Semitism will raise its ugly head again and again. It comes back with a modified appearance, usually right-wing and now far left, but it comes back and needs to be defeated again and again.

                  Obsessed with you Stephen? No, you are just another pus filled, anti-Semitic boil on the arsehole of humanity.

                  1. Gerald – “after more than 52 years in politics”

                    Ian – “I bring 53 years of medical practice”

                    “Walter Mitty lives” …. then two come along at once.


                    1. Someone who ‘posts’ under different names could well be considered hypocritical and stupid for making irrelevant remarks about Walter Mitty.

                      But in your case Farmer, the words ‘could’ and ‘be considered’ do not apply. The words, hypocritical, stupid, and irrelevant, are a good description of the content of your ‘posts’.

    2. I hope the what’s his name, pro-Israeli blogger is smart enough to look over his shoulder every time he goes out in public. Heck, I wouldn’t even leave my home if I was him.

      My takeaway to the what’s his name, pro-Israeli blogger is this gem from Confucius: “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”

      1. Bruce, I reckon the what’s his name, pro-Israeli blogger doesn’t push his lies through ignorance. He pushes then deliberately for the purposes of mis-information … and it’s his living. Not a nice person.

  4. Think I once climbed Napes Needle in Wastwater with this Millet bloke. Seemed like a decent enough bloke for a socialist.

      1. Is that not the name of it? Maybe it wasn’t this Millet bloke either. Maybe it was Melanie Phillips. They all look the same in a kagool.

        1. Don’t think Phillips would feel comfy in a head covering. She’s funny like that.

          1. Maybe I was climbing up Coningston or Windymere. Maybe I just made it all up. ( Hey, bit like Dave eh Michael?)

            Bollox banter at the weekend lads !!!

            1. I’m sure that bollocks will be your main topic of conversation with the lads at the Festival, Ian.

              1. Lovely bunch of young men Michael, thanks for asking. Although I noticed a disproportionate number of hunchbacks.

                I asked one chap about this and he said that after Gaza Pride last year and the rooftop incidents with the local authorities, many of them bring their own parachutes.

                Luckily no such problems in the Jewish State. You should come. You may find it’s right up your alley.

          2. “But I am here to learn.”
            Glad to read it Stephen.

            If it is true, forgive my scepticism but you are a lying gobshite, then I suggest you learn the flight times to “Simón Bolívar” International Airport, and emigrate there.

            Sooner rather than later is preferable.

            1. I don’t like airports there are too many airplanes and airplanes go up too high. An I don’t like motorsickles cuz they go too fast. Canal barges are the ideal form of transport, low and slow. Now if there was ever a Simon Bolivar canal barge mooring quay…….

  5. Fair warning Michael. There are some people here that say that you are a just another one of millions of people that sits around all day write stuff on the internet, mainly for your own self gratification and because, like most of us you’re impotent to do much else. However, I always note your remarks because you’ve told me that you’ve got a book.

    Today I’m off to Tel Aviv where I’m told that 250,000 people will be celebrating at the Gay Pride festival. With this in mind I have to make another challenge to your defence of “The Mike Farmer 3”

    Despite all that you say, surely Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin’ gays.

    1. Sure that many were killed while he was leader, as many were killed under Bibi.

      1. You reckon gays have been killed under Bibi, Michael? Come on. He’s gained a few pounds lately but he’s always been known as a gentle lover.

  6. Well, typically, David again shows the neurosis and the “rabid hate” he has towards Jeremy Corbyn and he continues to paint his party as unelectable. Stinks that he berates Corbyn for marking Frank’s birthday. Collier just uses it to revert to type.

    All in support of Israel’s racist journey.

    1. Well, typically, Farmer again shows what a proven anti-Semitic liar and hypocrite he is.
      He attempts to criticise David, and hopes nobody will remember Farmer’s own attack on Corbyn.

      “Why is he bending over backwards to placate witchhunters? An attempt at PR?). I bet neither Mr. Corbyn, nor yourself, can explain HOW the mural is antisemitic”

      Farmer, your words; ‘Bending over backwards to placate witch-hunters’,
      ‘An attempt at PR’.
      ‘Neither Mr. Corbyn, nor yourself, can explain HOW the mural is anti-Semitic’ ”

      Farmer you have the morality of a shit-house rat, coupled with the memory and attention span of a moth.

          1. Still wondering what prompted a statement describing a non-antisemitism mural to be described as antisemitic. A mystery.

            Worked out why it’s being described as antisemitic, Gerald? You haven’t been able to tell us.

  7. I’m off on a racist journey to Nahariya this morning Gerald so I’ll wish you a lovely day with Michael. Try and get him to do a gag. I managed it earlier and he played along with a word play that may or may not have been a little homophobic. Bellers also tried one in May 2016 so i imagine that one will be coming round again quite soon.

    Anyway, must dash. Those Arab babies aren’t going to snipe themselves are they Michael?

    1. Leave it to the frightened young conscripts, Ian. They’ll just follow any orders barked at them.

    2. Enjoy your day off Ian.

      I’m happy to sit here and watch Farmer twist and turn like a condemned man on a gibbet.
      His attempts to divert attention away from his attack on Corbyn are getting increasingly desperate.

        1. “Corbyn is a wimp”
          Yes Stephen, and you are a lying gobshite.
          And Farmer is full of shit.

          What else is new.

          1. Certainly not the worthless antisemitism jibes. What would be new is any proof of antisemitism. Just a tourettes type outburst seen daily from you Zionists.

            1. Farmer everyone, who has ever read your ‘posts,’ is very well aware that you are a stranger to the truth and the English language.

              You are still trying to divert attention away from your attack on Corbyn and it is still not working.

                1. Poor Farmer, still trying to skulk in the corner and hope everyone forgets about his attack on Corbyn.

                    1. Farmer your attempts at diverting attention, from your attack on Corbyn, are becoming increasingly desperate.
                      What is the matter, is the rope getting tighter and tighter.

            1. Stephen I hope you are going to clean the mirror after you have ejaculated all over it!
              You know how excited a narcissist, such as you Stephen, gets when you see your own reflection.

                1. As classy as you admitting, to Dr. Ian, that the reason for your many typos is that you are constantly masturbating.

                  1. What little grip on reality Ian, David and yourself have. A fantasy world where ‘antisemitism’ abounds and people’s posts can be paraphrased to completely change the message.

                    Not worth taking any of you seriously really. Just worth pointing out the deceiving weasel words.

                    1. Aaah the stench of hypocritical Bullshit is strong with you tonight Farmer.
                      But Farmer, in case you have not noticed, nobody takes a proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud such as you seriously.

                      You are for amusement. Much the same as our Victorian ancestors would, pay a penny on a Sunday and, visit the local Lunatic Asylum to laugh at the antics of the inmates.

                      Here we can see Stephen and you performing for free. How our ancestors would have envied us. Although it has to be said that you and Stephen are very repetitive, with the same boring, very tedious antics all the time.

                    2. Sharmut, The “Stench of Zionists”

                      is the Parfum of

                      ETERNAL NAKBA

                      for Terrorist Pal-e-STINK.

  8. David Collier – “Dead Jews are always easy to commemorate,”

    They certainly are by his Zionists ….. they are used to seek appeasement for their vile ends.

    1. ” they are used to seek appeasement for their vile ends.”

      Farmer my end is not vile, nor does it seek appeasement.

      1. Of course it’s vile, it’s a racist endeavour.

        Does not seek appeasement. It’s been waving the ‘holocaust’ card for decades. Remember the Holocaust targetted other than Jews though youwouldn’t know that from the related hasbara.

        1. What a ‘patchwork quilt’ of meaningless slogans and downright anti-Semitic lies.

          Have you ever had an original thought Farmer, or even a thought based on truth and historical fact?
          Very doubtful, given the content of the usual effluent you spew all over this site and others.

  9. Standard day in activist land then Michael; a clutch of inverted commas, a few luke warm insults and the usual Bit like/Seems like from your end. Tick off another purposeful day of life.

    Mine was lovely, thanks for asking. Got up to all sorts of Zio-shenanigans up north in our wonderful Jewish State. Despite the customary level of genocidal, apartheid oppression and colonial occupation almost no innocent Arab babies, young mums or nans were slaughtered. You’d have hated it.

    1. See your settling into your ‘Jewish State’, Ian. Too many Arabs for you in Israel were there?

          1. Back to Bit like / Seems like Michael; safer ground than gags eh?

            Why would you assume a godless, cutthroat fascist like me would have religious faith? Do you have religious faith Michael?

            1. Seems so, Ian. (gag)

              The manual of the Judaism faith doesn’t paint Him as being opposed to throat-cutting, Ian. How do you think Jews got the area that they claim to be their ‘indigenous home’. The manual tells that He told them to butcher those already living there. So,, yep, you could follow Judaism.

              Doesn’t Netanyahu rock at the wall? Hardly a ‘good’ man.

              1. “The manual of the Judaism faith doesn’t paint Him as being opposed to throat-cutting, Ian. How do you think Jews got the area that they claim to be their ‘indigenous home’. The manual tells that He told them to butcher those already living there. So,, yep, you could follow Judaism.”

                IF, as you claim, Farmer your version of this is correct then you will not have any problem in quoting the exact chapter and verses, and where they are to be found e.g. Chapter 1, Verse1.

                Alternatively, it is likely that, your ‘quotes’ are just a product of your diseased anti-Semitic imagination.

                1. Joshua 6:17

                  And the city and all that is within it shall be devoted to the Lord for destruction. Only Rahab the prostitute and all who are with her
                  in her house shall live, because she hid the messengers whom we sent.

                  Deuteronomy 20:16-18

                  16 However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.
                  17 Completely destroy them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—
                  as the Lord your God has commanded you.
                  18 Otherwise, they will teach you to follow all the detestable things they do in worshiping their gods, and you will sin against the Lord
                  your God.

                  Religion of Peace?

                  1. Farmer, where in your quoted extracts does it instruct to carry out ‘throat-cutting’ and ‘butcher’?

                    Why is it that you have completely ignored Deuteronomy 20:10?

                    1. You support Deut. 20:10, Gerald?

                      Akin to

                      ‘Give me yer wallet’.
                      ‘I am entitled to slaughter you then.’

                    2. Farmer three days have passed and you have still failed to answer the question I put to you. It is;
                      “Farmer, where in your quoted extracts does it instruct to carry out ‘throat-cutting’ and ‘butcher’?”

                      As for your strange question and mangled interpretation, my question was not about support for the actual verse but, and I quote, “Why is it that you have completely ignored Deuteronomy 20:10?”

    1. Are you busy Stephen?
      I am still waiting for your response to a couple of questions.

      1) “But as you are a lifelong member of “..the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe..”, perhaps you could enlighten us all with tales of your experiences as a member of this extremist fringe.”

      2) “..“its always business Gerald”
      Really Stephen, and what business would that be exactly?”

      In your own time Stephen.

      1. By the way Stephen if you use your usual excuse about ‘Albanian Basketball Leagues’, all you are doing is to confirm my description of you above as being ‘full of piss and wind’.

          1. Farmer just a few posts above this one, you will find one from me asking for Chapter and Verse to support your assertions about, what you term, “The manual of the Judaism faith..”

            You still have NOT provided anything to back up your assertions.

            If you do not, then you are confirming that my sentence about you above is correct. I will remind you of the sentence. “Alternatively, it is likely that, your ‘quotes’ are just a product of your diseased anti-Semitic imagination.”

        1. I am as interested in your description of me as I am in last Sunday’s results in the 4th division of the Albanian basket ball league

            1. To quote a great Irish writer and wit, Oscar Wilde, from ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’ “People are either charming or tedious.”
              You Stephen, my friend, have no charm. But, you are very tedious.

              You should read Wilde rather than the Albanian Basketball League, even at your late stage in life, you might at long last develop a sense of wit. Which would be an improvement on your current offerings of regurgitated, witless crap.

          1. Stephen, I am still waiting for your response to a couple of questions.

            1) “But as you are a lifelong member of “..the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe..”, perhaps you could enlighten us all with tales of your experiences as a member of this extremist fringe.”

            2) “..“its always business Gerald”
            Really Stephen, and what business would that be exactly?”

  10. I really do struggle with some of Michael’s posts. The most recent one about manuals and butchers is impenetrable.The truncated and over-abbreviated style may suit the people that write on twitter but it’s almost unintelligible here. Does he actually speak like that in real life?

    And anyone got any idea what rockin at the wall is in relation to Bibi and why Michael thinks that makes him bad? He really doesn’t like Jews does he?

    1. My post addressed your “Why would you assume…” post.

      You don’t seem:-) to have the capacity to comprehend my answer, but then you’re not alone among David’s resident trolls. Gerald never works out what is being said to him. I think your minds have been trained to not really listen to others. Your minds are not your own any more.

      Do I have a religious faith? No. I have my own tenets, don’t need another’s manual.

      1. Michael, you just write in a really odd way that affects intelligibility. I’ve seen that you guys like to use personal insults as a first response, but if you want your attacks to have impact on people, they have to understand what you’re trying to say.

        So, you’ve rejected the Judeo-Christian pamphlets and made up your own truth. Good for you. Consistency of approach to things is very important.

    2. Ian : Why would you assume a godless, cutthroat fascist like me would have religious faith?

      Ian seems to be suggesting that having a ‘religious faith’ doesn’t lend itself to being a cutthroat fascist.

      I’m pointing out that Bibi, who I consider to be such, rocks at the wall indicating that he has the religious faith of Judaism.

      Can’t help you EVERY time your comprehension deserts you, Ian.

      1. Yes Michael, I did acknowledge your use of contrived personal insults into messages; a common enough activist tactic as a tool for demeaning. That’s fine. It’s all part of the game.

        I still don’t know what you mean by rocks at the wall or how this makes someone bad so let’s move on.

        What do you think about the comments from the EU this morning that they have given up on the idea of a 2 State Solution? Given that they only ever used this expression to look interested in Arabs and prevent bombings in their supermarkets and stabbings and rammings on their city streets what alternative will they and you advocate to continue the pretence ?

        1. Ian where did you get the idea that the EU had ‘given up on the idea of a 2 State Solution?’

          I’ve just checked the EEAS page, and this is the only statement released today, so far. “Federica Mogherini also met with Senior Advisor to the US President, Jared Kushner, to discuss the situation in the Middle East. She underlined the fundamental interest of the European Union for lasting and sustainable peace and stability in the region. In this context, the EU is ready to work with the US administration on the basis of its long-standing position, including the commitment to a negotiated two-state solution and agreed international parameters.”

          1. Gerald, you know our Michael well enough to realise that he never does any independent research. Why bother when he has his book, remember.

            My post above was just some made up bollox like most of the shit I write here. Just playing the game really and it amuses me when I get Michael to do his Seems like / Bit like routine or get Bellers to trot out one of his 2014 slogans or copy/pastes of the whiny yids he reckons are activist gold.

            I reckon I could keep this going ’til they croak it.

        2. There already is a “Two-State Solution”.

          It’s Israel (West Bank) and Jordan (East Bank).

          1. Edward have you ever thought of entering a civil partnership with Michael?
            You are two sides of the same coin. A pair of bigots, such as you two, would make a lovely couple.

            Currently, until they make scientific advances, you couldn’t have any ‘offspring’ so that is a relief for humanity.

              1. “What know you of humanity?”

                Farmer I know enough about humanity, to be able to correctly identify you for what you are.
                That is a proven anti-Semitic liar, fraud, and hypocrite.

                1. Never were able to substantiate your ‘antisemitic’ slurs, were you, Gerald?

                  You musn’t feel down, 99.9999% of such accusations are just hot air and lies.

                  1. Farmer whether you are deliberately ignoring the anti-Semitic content, and intent, of your posts and links, or whether you are too stupid to recognise the anti-Semitic content and intent of your posts and links, does not matter.

                    That your posts and links are anti-Semitic in content, and intent, is irrefutable. Anyone but an anti-Semite, or someone unable to comprehend the English language can see it for themselves.

                    “Hear now this, O foolish people and without understanding, who have eyes and see not, who have ears and hear not.”
                    Jeremiah 5:21

                    Yes, Farmer that sums you up.
                    Foolish, can’t understand, doesn’t want to see the truth, doesn’t want to hear the truth.
                    Farmer the anti-Semitic liar, fraud and hypocrite.

                    1. Still can’t substantiate your ‘antisemitic’ slurs, can you, Gerald?


                    2. “You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be!” —Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

                    3. “Still can’t substantiate your ‘antisemitic’ slurs, can you, Gerald? ”

                      Farmer the answer is clearly in the post above.
                      Are you really that stupid that you are unable to comprehend the English language. Rhetorical question as the answer is obvious. You really are educationally sub-normal.

                    4. Farmer I can understand why you would quote ‘Harry Potter’.
                      You live in your own fantasy World, with fantasy countries e.g. ‘Palestine’

  11. Well, think we’ve had enough of David’s trolls; antisemitism-accusing dumb & dumber.

    Sure this blog will be remembered for David scraping the barrel by using Anne Frank’s Birthday to continue his hateful slurring of Jeremy Corbyn, He can’t help himself.

    Next lobby blog, David?

    1. More memorable Farmer, is you twisting in the breeze as you tie yourself in knots and strangle yourself. Farmer the hypocrite. Trying to ignore, and hoping people will forget HIS attack on Corbyn.

      No chance Farmer.
      “Why is he bending over backwards to placate witchhunters? An attempt at PR?). I bet neither Mr. Corbyn, nor yourself, can explain HOW the mural is antisemitic”

      Farmer, your words; ‘Bending over backwards to placate witch-hunters’,
      ‘An attempt at PR’.
      ‘Neither Mr. Corbyn, nor yourself, can explain HOW the mural is anti-Semitic’ “

  12. Oh dear looks like Scoffie is going to do some community service Any ideas anyone ?

          1. How funny was it Bellers, as funny as when that fat lass from TOWIE fell through the stage floor on telly or funnier?

  13. The message from this verdict is that neither pro-Israel advocates nor campaigners against antisemitism can trust the police or the CPS.

    oooohhhhh naughty naughty

    1. “oooohhhhh naughty naughty”
      Stephen, now that you have had your orgasm thinking about Jonathan Hoffman, and once you have cleaned your keyboard and screen, I am still waiting for you to answer these questions.

      1) “But as you are a lifelong member of “..the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe..”, perhaps you could enlighten us all with tales of your experiences as a member of this extremist fringe.”

      2) “..“its always business Gerald”
      Really Stephen, and what business would that be exactly?”

  14. “Two infamous anti-Palestinian activists in London pleaded guilty to charges of harassment and threatening behavior on Wednesday. Jonathan Hoffman, a former leader in the Zionist Federation, and Damon Lenszner changed their earlier not-guilty pleas in exchange for government prosecutors dropping related assault charges.”

    1. Very powerful activism Michael and Bellers. This is a huge double whammy and a real blow to the Zionist cause. It is hard to see how it can come back from this any time soon.

      They’ll be dancing in the streets of Killijewboy tonight and as the German Oberleutnants recommend, I take my kippah off to you both.

        1. According to our records Bellers, you claim to have blushed here 1948 times in 5 years. This is quite common amongst people with Rosacea, so not to worry.

          When you did your ‘Oooh, naughty naughty’ shtick above, did your inner monologue do it in the voice of Hattie Jacques or Kenneth Williams?

      1. Don’t be so bitter Ian. It’s the taking part that counts. David is conspicuous by his silence. Obviously his victim blaming statement didn’t fly.

        But once again we have a reassuring confirmation that at least the judiciary are still impervious to Israelist threats and bullying. I hope the judge realises that he is now forever an antisemite.

        1. “It’s the taking part that counts”
          Quite right Stephen.
          Now why don’t you take part by answering the questions I put to you, which are;
          1) “But as you are a lifelong member of “..the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe..”, perhaps you could enlighten us all with tales of your experiences as a member of this extremist fringe.”

          2) “..“its always business Gerald”
          Really Stephen, and what business would that be exactly?”

          If you think that you can dodge answering the questions Stephen, then you would have to be almost as dumb as your whelp Farmer.

        2. This is a devastating body blow to global Zionism Bellers and the shock waves will be felt in every corner of the World. The sustainability of the Jewish State is hanging by the thinnest of threads today and millions of us face an uncertain future as a result. This is a massive win for you and Michael and there is little left for us now other than to iron our stripey pjs and book a standing space on the cattle wagon. Well played and dont forget to turn off the gas when you’re done.

          1. Ian you are being naughty, winding up Narcissus Bellamy and Farmer the Hand-job Kid.
            I’m busy for a day or two, so keep them in order.

            1. Oh come on Gerald. They leave the goal wide open, what else am I going to do?

              They take themselves so seriously it’s almost cruel.

          2. A tad neurotic there, Ian.

            Jewish, pjs, cattle wagon, gas. No mention of Roma, Poles, the infirm, Homosexuals.

            You’ve really been brain-washed by David.

            1. Michael, you have an obsession with Roma, Poles, the infirm and homosexuals. How come?

              1. If I don’t mention that they also died in the Holocaust none of you Zionists will. Certainly not David ‘it’s all about us’ Collier.

                1. How much time do you spend messaging Polists and Gayists and infirmists with your views on their rights to self determination Michael? Which of their blogs do you stalk reminding them that 6m Jews also died in the Holocaust?

                  You’re a funny fella!

                  1. Haven’t noticed any blogs by them accusing the rest of the world of not treating them as super special and painting falsehoods of others … just David’s and a couple of US ones griping about the BBC, Ian.

                    1. What are you putting in your search box Michael; “Polists seek self determination after Holocaust” or “Romaists seek self determination” or “Gayists seek self determination” or “the infirm seek self determination”?

                      Are you sure you’ve not found anything?

                    2. The right of a people to self-determination is a cardinal principle in modern international law (commonly regarded as a jus cogens rule), binding, as such, on the United Nations as authoritative interpretation of the Charter’s norms.[1][2] It states that people, based on respect for the principle of equal rights and fair equality of opportunity, have the right to freely choose their sovereignty and international political status with no interference. – Wiki

                      Present international law does not recognize ethnic and other minorities as separate peoples – Wiki

            1. I bet flying fucks are still on your bucket list Bellers. Don’t knock ’em ’til you’ve tried ’em.

    1. Same post 24 hours apart Bellers? Worried it lacked impact first time or that my hilarious flying fuck gag muted it? Go on. Make like the Arabs and have another stab.

  15. Bellers, you and Michael have had a refresher session with your pretend activist mentor down the boozer haven’t you. The signs are all there. Michael posting preposterous deflective Wiki quotes. You rehashing your archive of slogans and personal insults and that daft, ‘talk about him, not to him’ lark.

    What happened? Didn’t you get the impact you hoped for with your ‘mad yid is Dave’s mate’ story? You worked really hard trying to make that one stick as well. Michael doesn’t help much with his canned responses. In the past you were just some crank conspiracy theorist but your association with Mr F has just painted you as another vile Jew hater. As you may have said yourself; your associations will bite you on the arse eventually. Michael’s your Squidgy !!

    1. “another vile Jew hater. “?

      Seems poor Ian still hasn’t the remotest clue what is being said either.

    2. Oh poor baby is it because you are Jewish ? Jews are your thing. I don’t think about Jews from one day to the next. Get over yourself v

      1. Look Bellers, unless I have some mystical power over you that draws you to me, you are under no obligation to respond to my vacuous bollox and yet here you are.

        If your not-arsedness about Jews is so real why even bother mentioning it. It ought to be explicit from your not-arsed approach and yet here you are mentioning it.

        Seriously, I don’t think the two hander that you’re playing with Michael is helping you, especially his new levels of sycophancy where he comes over all Richard Hammond to your Jezzer Clarkson. Heed your own words son and be careful who you mix with. It won’t end well for you.

          1. Michael never got that memo, as you can see Bellers. Fair warning. His rather idiosyncratic brand of activism will do for you.

              1. Dunno Bellers. I heard the expression on that Ripper Street. It sounded bad.

                Also, if you really aren’t arsed about Jews why mention them in every one of your messages, you nutty obsessive!

              2. “Will I be sentenced to reading the last 50 years back copies of the Jewish Chronicle ?”

                No, Stephen. You will be sentenced to reading your own blog for 12 months, while listening to a continuous looped tape recording of Johnny Logan singing his Eurovision Song Contest entries.

                  1. So Bellers, still not arsed about sycophants?

                    How does it feel to have your won albatross necklace?

                    1. Ian, clearly Farmer has not been paying attention to Stephen.
                      “..winning entries.”

                      As the Blessed St. Stephen, the patron Saint of Lazy Gobshites, has declared “It is the taking part that counts.”

  16. Gerald, what has unfolded here is that in Michael, Bellers has acquired his own bête noire without even realising; the constant two-handers, the rehash of the Bellers slogans, the leaps to his defence with unsolicited qualifications and corrections.

    Old Bellers has been working so hard to get his tactic of “Look at this nutter. He’s Dave’s best mate” to stick, that he’s failed to notice that he’s got a nutter of his own clinging to his coat tails like Lionel the Limpet.

    Say what you like about the old cove. He’s a crank but he’s always been quite smart about keeping a smallish lid on his Jew hate. With Michael in tow now they may as well go the full 3 billboards.

    Funnier than those Arab lads that blew themselves up when they set the timer on the bomb, forgetting that the clocks had gone forward.

    1. Ian, I understand, and agree with most of, the contents of your post.
      Where I differ is where you describe St. Stephen as being ‘quite smart’. I prefer to describe him as insidious.
      As for Farmer, a.k.a. St. Michael after his habit of wearing ladies underwear, yes he is a millstone around St. Stephen’s neck.

      1. At least Michael isn’t a criminal like so many objects of admiration. O;)4

        1. “At least Michael isn’t a criminal”

          Have you performed a full CRB check?
          If you haven’t, then you are just guessing.

  17. “Jeremy Corbyn is using Anne Frank to spit in our faces.”

    Collier shows his “rabid””hate” of the Labour leader.

    Collier uses Anne Frank for a cheap propaganist jibe.

    Depths plumbed again.

    1. Farmer again shows what a proven anti-Semitic liar and hypocrite he is.
      He attempts to criticise David, and hopes nobody will remember Farmer’s own attack on Corbyn.

      “Why is he bending over backwards to placate witchhunters? An attempt at PR?). I bet neither Mr. Corbyn, nor yourself, can explain HOW the mural is antisemitic”

      Farmer, your words; ‘Bending over backwards to placate witch-hunters’,
      ‘An attempt at PR’.
      ‘Neither Mr. Corbyn, nor yourself, can explain HOW the mural is anti-Semitic’

      1. Can Gerald explain HOW the mural is anti-Semitic?

        Of course not, nobody can.

        Gerald can’t even give an opinion on it. Duh.

        1. Farmer again you try one of your pathetic attempts to divert attention away from your attack on Corbyn.
          No wonder Stephen wants to cut loose from a talentless waste of space, like you Farmer.

        2. “Can Gerald explain HOW the mural is anti-Semitic?

          Of course not, nobody can.”

          Jeremy Corbyn, clearly can this is what he had to say after taking a closer look at the Mural.
          “I sincerely regret that I did not look more closely at the image I was commenting on, the contents of which are deeply disturbing and anti-Semitic.”

          Now why would Jeremy Corbyn say that, IF he couldn’t explain why the image is ‘deeply disturbing and anti-Semitic’?

          1. Probably advised to by Tom ‘Friend of Israel’ Watson…. as it plainly isn’t.

            1. Farmer that may well be your opinion.
              But, that is all it is your opinion.

              As you have demonstrated beyond any shadow of a doubt, that you are an anti-Semitic liar, fraud and hypocrite. I shall treat your opinion, and you, with the contempt you so richly deserve.

              1. An opinion, as David’s opinions on Corbyn or Labour then are unimportant.

                I don’t think that the contents of these blogs ARE David’s opinions. They are constructions designed to prevent a Corbyn led government that would no longer appease Israel and its racist, war criminal actions. An opinion.

                1. Farmer again you try, and fail, to divert attention away from YOUR attack on Corbyn.

                    1. Collier(and I quote)..
                      “Lying, antisemitic, anti-west, terrorist loving, NATO hating, Jew-baiting, IRA supporting, community splitting, economy wrecking – Corbyn

                      A useful idiot for despotic regimes, terrorists and all our other enemies

                      Supporting Corbyn is not just stupid

                      It’s dangerous

                      Now, Gerald, THAT is an attack, from one who accuses others of hate.

                      A hypocrite.

        3. Sharmuta, Can you explain how “Islamophobia” AKA “IslamoFAUXbia” is Irrational?

          Consider 9/11, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103, 1993 truck bombing of the WTC, Boston Marathon, beheading of Lee Rigby, murder of Yvonne Fletcher, Manchester arena, London and Westminster bridge rammings, Bastille Day in Nice France rammings, Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, “Pal-e-STINIAN” assassination of RFK, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan, Mumbai India massacre, Nairobi Kenya mall massacre, Moscow subway bombings, Beslan school massacre, Poison Gas (WMD) attack on Halabja Iraq, dynamiting of two 1,500 year old Buddahs of Bamiyan Afghanistan, ISIS beheading videos, …

          Of course not, nobody can.

  18. In the World of Michael nobody means anything they say.

    Corbyn didn’t mean to say that the mural was antisemitic.

    The Mike Farmer 3 didn’t mean to say ‘Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin’ Jews’

    Michael himself didn’t mean to say that the industrial slaughter of 6m Jews was ‘still far less heinous’ than when an Israeli soldier kills and Arab attacking his border with a grenade.

    Did Bellers mean to say that ‘at least Michael’s not a criminal’ ?

    1. Wouldn’t quoting my words enlighten the readers more as to whether you are merely lying with your wild paraphrasing, Ian.

      Do ALL Zionists twist words or just those on this blog?

      How’s the ‘What I say Farmer said’ vs ‘What Farmer actually said’ tome going then? Nearing completion, Ian?

      1. Every time I’m nearing completion Michael, you produce another gem.

        I’m pretty keen to see where you take MuralGate to be honest. That has huge potential for quotability, similarly the ringing endorsement from Bellers, lets call that CrimGate. And we can’t forget your helpful reminder that Poles and Roma killed in the war have the same right to self determination as Jews. Also, I also don’t think we’ve seen the last of The Mike Farmer 3 here. This may become my magnum opus.

        Just pop your home address down here and I’ll send you an advanced signed copy.

          1. Farmer, make up your mind. First you accuse the highly respected Dr. Ian of ‘paraphrasing’ your words, then you accuse him of having ‘spun’ them.

            Which is it, Farmer. Is Dr. Ian a ‘psycho paraphraser’, or a ‘sociopathic spinner’?

    2. Does Ian think ‘the mural’ is antisemitic?

      Can Ian explain the reason for his assessment?

      1. Which mural Michael; the antisemitic one or the other one ?

        Can you explain your reason for asking?

    3. Ian have a close look at Stephen’s post about Michael.
      “At least Michael isn’t a criminal like so many objects of admiration”

      He does not write that Michael is not a criminal, but that “Michael isn’t a criminal like so many objects of admiration.” Stephen does not specify who the ‘objects’ are, or who admires them. We can only surmise.
      For example, he may have meant that ‘Michael isn’t a criminal like Ted Bundy’ Which is probably true.

      I get a strong feeling that Stephen is tiring of Michael and wants to get rid of the millstone around his neck.

      1. I have a nose for these things. Michael does not have a criminal mind. Unlike a disproportionate number of David’s bestest associates. E.g Simple Si, Fi Fi Sharpe, Tone Deinison and not least Scoffie.

        1. “Michael does not have a criminal mind”

          I would class Farmer’s mangling of the English language, and his failed attempts to twist history, and the truth to suit his own agenda as criminal.
          So Stephen clearly you are wrong.

          As for your remark “I have a nose for these things.” That is Bullshit!

          Of those people you list as being “David’s bestest associates”, how many of them are Jewish?

                1. That would be Simon Cobbs who describes himself as a proud Zionist and Jew.
                  By what authority do you decide Stephen who is and who is not Jewish?

                  How many years of study did it take for you to achieve the qualifications necessary, to make such a decision on somebody else’s behalf?

                    1. So Stephen to cut through the waffle you have posted.
                      The answer to the first question is that you have no authority.
                      The answer to the second question is, that you do not posses any qualifications necessary to make such a decision.

                      Making assumptions is a habit of yours Stephen.

  19. Had great time yesterday at Bristol Refugee Festival. Treated myself to a Free Palestine brolly from the PSC stall. Will post pic when I get home

    1. Bellers, are there a lot of ‘Palestinian’ refugees in Bristol ?

      All together now; “From the Avon to the sea. Wessex folk will soon be free.”

      1. Probably less than there are Zionists in London, hesitant on making Aliyah.

        David the refugee didn’t stay.

          1. Meanwhile, in Israel, as has been the case for many years, the most popular name given to newborn boys for the entire population was Muhammad.

            Now that IS funny.

            The Muhammad state?

            1. Will the UK still be a democratic state when the majority of the population is Muslim?

              Thank the BBC, Der Guardian, Der Independent, Oxford for keeping Brits blissfully unaware of shifting demographics.

              The UK should turn over its nukes to a trustworthy Commonwealth state like Australia or Canada because the UK is turning into a Red/Green state.

              1. Teddy it is hard to judge who posts the bigger load of ill informed, bigoted crap. You or your ‘friend’ Mikey.
                You are two sides of the same coin.

                1. Gerald, is Muhammed, including its various spellings, the MOST popular name for new born baby boys in London???

                  True or False?

                    1. You don’t care. LOL!

                      Well said Turtle boy. LOL!

                      Well said Neville Geraldo Chamberlain.

                      Should Eurabia let anyone “migrate” into Eurabia and go on “the dole” as soon as they arrive?

                      YOU are why Brexit is the UK’s Last Chance to survive without a Civil War. Countries are building Walls to keep Third World hordes out. Londonistan is a Lost Cause – before the “Great Expulsion”.

                    2. No Teddy I don’t care.
                      Because you are using a nonsense story to stoke up the fire of your own anti-Muslim bigotry.
                      I note you don’t draw any conclusions about the most popular Girl’s name being Amelia. Is that because it is not, what you consider, a Muslim name?
                      You deserve Trump as a ‘Leader’, a draft-dodging, misogynistic, racist moron, who is full of nothing more than bullshit and bluster.

                    1. Sharmuta, …

                      and France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands….

                      I see Civil War breaking out in Eurabia.

                2. Gerald, YOU are the turtle ferrying the scorpion on your back, across the river.

                  Good Luck!

                  1. Teddy, did you get your degree in talking absolute bollocks from the same College as President Trump?
                    Did you study together, while you were both ‘draft dodging’?

      2. Correction I made a false assumption. It was not a PSC stall it was guys and gals from the Palestine museum. They think PSC are a bunch of wimps and collaborators. I have to agree with them Super duper brolly in any event

        1. Stephen first you claim;
          “Treated myself to a Free Palestine brolly from the PSC stall”

          Then you make the statement;
          “They think PSC are a bunch of wimps and collaborators. I have to agree with them”

          So Stephen, you think the PSC are “a bunch of wimps and collaborators”, but, even though you wrongly assumed that it was a PSC stall, you were originally content to give them money.

          To describe your stories as inconsistent and fabrications, coupled with your own confession of making false assumptions, is incontrovertible proof that you Stephen are a lazy, lying gobshite.

            1. What does you shopping in Waitrose have to do with the rest of your fairy story?
              Are you sure it was Waitrose you gave money to, or will it turn out to be another wrong assumption on your part, and you actually gave money to Aldi or Lidl?

                1. Farmer interesting that you attempt to make a feeble point out of a typo, but, neglect to comment on St. Stephen (patron Saint of lazy gobshites) the fearless fighter against Zionism, sarcasm intended, giving money to Waitrose.

                  Now what was that term? Aah yes ‘wimp and collaborator’

                    1. Think you’ll find that your carer, who makes your meals, buys your food by giving shops money, Gerald

                    2. I’ll ask my carer to buy a wedding present for you and Teddy.

                      Something from Ahava.

        1. “Not Zionists ….. unless you’re Jewish of course.”

          No wonder Stephen wants to replace the FarmBot.

      1. So Edward, when are you and Farmer getting married?
        Will it be Mikey and Teddy, or Teddy and Mikey?

        Don’t forget to post pictures online of your big day.

          1. Two slight problems Teddy.
            1) She is already married, and
            2) She is dead.

            However, back to the main event. Are you and Mikey getting married or just a civil partnership?

  20. British comps like to tell their kids that an E in their GCSE is a huge success and that they are entitled to apply for any job they want because everyone’s a winner. They set false expectation and the kids are totally ill prepared for the brutality of rejection. Then when a decent offer comes their way, far exceeding anything they could have expected from their previous efforts and endeavours, they are totally ill prepared to consider it, end up burning the school down and stabbing the nearest bystander.

    That’s the Arabs of Judea and Samaria today.

      1. “Everyone is entitled to apply for any job they want Ian”

        Stephen did you write that on the application form when you applied to be a ‘Tiller Girl’?

    1. “He is going to end up in jail for sure”

      Stephen is that another one of your assumptions? We all know how reliable they are.

      To answer your question, will I visit him in prison. No

  21. A $50bn offer is barely worth a thought to the Arab leadership. They have collectively embezzled more than that from EU aid funding over the years. With no end to that gravy train in sight what possible incentive would they have to adopt changes that require them to work for a living. Judea and Samaria don’t represent an occupation to them. They represent the easiest income stream on the planet.

    1. Ian, how could you?

      You have used the phrase that will have St. Stephen, the patron Saint of lazy gobshites, in a cold sweat!
      “ for a living.” Something that St. Stephen has avoided for many years, and continues to avoid.
      Why do you think he moved to the U.K., if not to take advantage of the benefit system.

        1. Is that the one you fill in regularly to hand into the JobCentre, to show which jobs you have, allegedly, applied for?

    2. Man cannot live by bread alone. There are exceptinos to this of course…….As for the easiest income stream on the planet surely that is the the handouts to Israel that gets more US aid than the whole of sub Saharan Africa put together. That is more than 300 billion AYEAR. And that doesn’t even include ” be nice to Israel ” bribes to Jordan and Egypt.

      1. You’re right Bellers. The Jordanians and Egyptians are nice to us. They saw what happened when they’re weren’t. Not pretty. We could throw our rattles out and send all their passport holders currently living as Pallys in Judea and Samaria back over the Allenby Bridge or across the Sinai. They’d be dead keen on that, right?

          1. “Being right is my hobby”

            Such a pity you are not very good at your hobby Stephen, in fact you are completely bloody useless at it.

      2. Dumb Bellamy said:

        > Israel gets >300< billion A YEAR?

        Where did you pull that bit of Taqiyya from?

        I'm guessing your FAT AZZ, the place you get all your great DUMB BELLamy ideas.

    1. “Israel is the most dependent country”

      Dependent on what exactly?
      Who provides it?

      Links to suitable* tables for comparison with other countries.

      * suitable, i.e. tables from credible sources. None of your usual Pallywood horseshit.

      1. Maybe he’s right Gerald. Maybe that’s what makes us the 9th happiest population on earth. More of the same please.

        1. Some Eurotrash and Sand Nazis are upset that the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2, pogroms, inquisition, crusades, khybar.

  22. Gerald if you go to my Twitter acc you can see my daughter taking refuge under my new brolly

    1. Stephen serious question.
      Under what name is your Twitter account?
      I will take a look.

        1. Stephen have you thought of taking your umbrella to Teddy and Mikey’s nuptials?
          It might be useful if it rains.
          That is IF they let Teddy into the U.K. One of the few actions that the U.K. Government has taken, that I support, is to ban entry to right-wing Xenophobic nut-jobs.

          1. Crickey. Never got that memo. Looks like my trip to the Cotswolds is on the skids.

            1. Ian, I think they are going to ask for your help.
              Once they have decided which one is to be the ‘bride’, they want you to ask your contacts at Tel Aviv Pride for advice on a suitable costume.

            2. Ian no worries. Just tell Immigration, when you arrive, that you are a Doctor, here to attend to Farmer who is one of your patients. They will let you in and, probably, give you a ‘gong’ for your efforts.

          2. Brollys are always useful if it rains. Even the ones saying ” Israel doing nothing wrong since 1948″

            1. “Israel doing nothing wrong since 1948″
              Stephen, as a slogan, that makes more sense than the one on the brolly in your photo. “Will be Free”

              What will be free? Teas, coffee, ice cream? If so, when and where?

                1. “A picture paints a thousand words.”

                  Is that your cunning plan to finish your book Stephen. Fill it with pictures, and count each one as a thousand words.
                  Don’t you think your editor and publisher might notice?

                1. US weaponry? It’s the BEST.

                  The ayatoolas are about to personally find out how AKBAR US weaponry is.

                  1. Naw, if Iran is attacked suggest Ian flees Tel Aviv. Doubt that Iran will be attacked … they aren’t the virtually unarmed Palestinians.

                  2. You are a clown!
                    If Iran is attacked the Middle East will go up in flames. The knock-on effect will be catastrophic for the World economy.

                    That is, without any shadow of a doubt, the post most lacking in any intelligence, but filled with infantile bluster and bravado, I have read here.

                    1. If the US or Israel suffer a nuke attack, Tehran get’s wiped off the face of the planet – for starters.

                      Think M.A.D.
                      Mutual Assured Destruction,

                      now Mecca Assured Destruction.

                      Mecca is the ultimate pressure point.

                      MAYBE… the threat that Tehran and Mecca would be annihilated in RESPONSE, in RETALIATION, to a WMD attack on the US or Israel, would temper the bloodlust and Mahdi craving of Islamofascist Iran.

                    2. Geraldo, What will happen to the Middle East if ISRAEL or the US are attacked?

                      Who is threatening Israel with annihilation???

                    3. Who are the aggressors? US and Israel.

                      They are the ones flying drones over Iran and other Middle East countries. That little old cowboy Bolton will get many people killed.

                      Iran needs Nuclear to stop US and Israel doing as they wish with the area.

                      Remember that the only country to have used the bomb is the US.

                    4. Teddy, so your response to an attack by Iran is to attack targets in Saudi Arabia?
                      Because if attacked, then bomb one of your allies. That should confuse the enemy.

                      You are dumber than Farmer.

          3. “right-wing Xenophobic nut-jobs.”?

            We let David the Zionist in, Gerald.

            1. “We let David the Zionist in, Gerald.”

              I may be wrong, but, I think you will find that David is a citizen of the U.K. Therefore he has every right to re-enter the U.K.

    1. What is with the “We let”?

      Are you suggesting that you have any influence about who can or cannot become a citizen? Or who can and cannot enter the U.K. legally?

        1. Good. In that case if you publish your e-mail address and telephone number, I’ll see it gets to all those people waiting in Calais, and those currently crossing the Med.

            1. Then post your e-mail address and phone number, Farmer.
              You will then find out if I have the ability or not.

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