Fifty-six antisemitic conspiracies- by members of the Labour Party

You are about to enter a twilight zone, a place deep in antisemitic conspiracy. Everyone mentioned has implied that they have been members of the Labour Party. Many explicitly say they joined because of Jeremy Corbyn. Because of the antisemitic nature of these conspiracy theories, ‘Israel, ‘Zionist’ and ‘Jewish’ are used interchangeably.

There will be two images on each conspiracy, the first evidence that the poster is affiliated to the Labour Party, the other an example of the antisemitic conspiracy theory that they shared.

I have created this compilation for a simple reason. Antisemitism is not about what one person says or believes. Antisemitism is a way of seeing the world, an ideology, and the pieces need to be put together for the dangers to be understood properly.

This is also available for download in a PDF or viewable as a video on YouTube.

The antisemitic conspiracies

One of the most widespread claims is that Israel did 9/11. I could fill an entire report with images just containing this antisemitic conspiracy theory, however I intend to provide just one example from each of the claims:

Israel is ISIS

trapman antisemitic

Or just fund ISIS:

Israel was behind Charlie Hebdo:

George Garside

Responsible for the November 2015 attacks in Paris:

Antisemitic claim nov 2015

The Zionists are behind the attack in Brussels too.

Louisa Livingstone antisemitic


Incredibly, some believe the Zionists even control the Labour Party. Sheem Bari is also admin for the FB Group ‘the Labour Party Supporter‘:

antisemitic sheem bari

The Mossad blackmail MPs to get them to defend the indefensible:

jones antisemitic

The basics are always covered. Israel controls the media:

And the Rothschild Zionists control the money and the banks:

Talmudic Zionists control the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia and are therefore responsible for Wahhbism:

Israel abducted and murdered 25000 Ukrainian children for their organs:

Bashir antisemitic

Or perhaps they traffic stolen children’s organs to sell the other way:

antisemitic noal

Or just want to kill the children (Khadija Hasan and Cllr Anne Kennedy are one and the same):

Jews control America. This is another widespread antisemitic accusation. Sometimes they use the word ‘Zionist’ instead of Jews. Sometimes not:

And the UK:


The Royal Family are ‘Hebrew’ anyway:


Jewish lobbies subvert democracy:

phil wallis antisemitic

Israel opened dams (that don’t even exist) to flood Gaza.

Elleanne Green antisemitic

Zionist Jews are not real Jews but rather Khazarian ‘imposters’:

antisemitic dee goulding


The Old Rothschild Bank expulsion story. This time from the neo-Nazi website politicalvelcraft:

In Bolivia too:

The Arab spring was a Zionist plot to kill the Islamic banks:

This is because the Rothschild’s are engaged in a Master Plan to rule the world:

antisemitic rothschilds

And Rothchild Zionists are responsible for all the wars:

Whenever something happens in the world, people are ready to blame the Jews. Like the recent attacks on the oil tankers:

The Jews killed JFK:


Jewish bankers sank the Titanic:

How about the ‘murder’ of Jewish Rothschild Princess Diana:

Michael Smith antisemitic

George Michael:

lynda fergusen antisemitic

Or when Sergei and Yulia Skripal are poisoned by Novichok in Salisbury:

Anthony howell

Or Malaysian flight MH17:

The London attack on 7/7 (and Istanbul):

And the attacks in Nice and Munich:

Nice and munich

Manchester of course:

And the London Bridge attack:

Alan rundle antisemitic

Grenfell is all about the Jews of course:

Grenfell antisemitic

Even the mass shootings in the US, become an antisemitic conspiracy theory:

Liz Farrell

The Mossad, which dominates MI5, are something to do with protecting British Paedophiles:

Perhaps because they corrupted the bible and are devil worshippers:


ZIonists were behind the Iraq war:

And the slave trade:

Child trafficking:

Pedophile rings with sex slaves:


Israel are trying to control and censor the internet:

antisemitic control internet

The UK are in debt, and we owe all this money to the Rothschild family:

Zionists occupy Ukraine: (Labour member Patricia Sheerin Richman was arrested in 2018 ‘on suspicion of distributing material likely to stir racial hatred’).

patricia sheerin richman

Israel killed its own citizens in a ‘false flag’ attack in Bulgaria in 2012:

Jews seek to imprison Americans for criticising Israel:

The Holocaust is all about Jews making money:


It almost goes without saying that some think the Holocaust is a Jewish hoax:


Perhaps that isn’t surprising, because the whole of WW2 was a Zionist plot:

Whilst the Holocaust was ‘fake’, the Jews killed 20 million Christians (‘Holodomor’):

Some just think Zionists are alien lizards:

antisemitic tony gratrex


Whilst others believe the entire planet is undergoing ‘Judaification’:

And if you want to blame someone for all this antisemitism, why not blame the Jews themselves:


If you have examples of others feel free to send them to me.

Antisemitism sees Jews as the bogeyman. Everything that happens can be blamed on the Jew. When antisemitism spreads, the virus host sees three options for the Jew -to gather them together and supress them (the ghetto), expulsion or extermination. Never underestimate the danger of antisemitism spreading in a major political party.

The hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews”.
UK’s former chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks.



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121 thoughts on “Fifty-six antisemitic conspiracies- by members of the Labour Party

  1. Puerile attempt to link Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party to antisemitism.

    A few trace examples of extreme loopy views from a party with over half-a-million members, nothing more.

    There are ‘Edwards’ in all walks of life.

    1. There are those like “Mike Farmer” who we step on due to owners neglecting to clean up after their dogs.

    2. “Puerile attempt to link Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party to antisemitism.”

      I have heard such things in German speaking country only among Neo.Nazi circles. Nazis and right wing extremists are deeply offended by the idea that hating Jews has anything to do with anti-Semitism, and that mumbling about Zionist plots has to be understood as a sharp edged critique of Israel.

      This bullshit has become so normal to anti-Semites that they don’t even understand the word anti-Semitism different than a synonym for “making a point about Israel”. And this point is absolutely based on the human right to hate Jews, Zionists and Israel in away that nobody can call an anti-Semite anti-Semitic for quoting something about the “Rohschildts”.

      The “critics of Israel” are Nazi scum and enemies of humanity. They will rot and burn in hell.

  2. Farmer I agree with you that in any organisation, you will get a few ‘Edwards’.

    Will you agree with me that any member who is found guilty, after due process, of bringing the Labour Party into disrepute, should be expelled?

    1. If all that bring the party into disrepute are tried and found guilty, of course.

      Livingstone wasn’t, neither was Hodge for lying about Corbyn, and doing so in a profane manner.

      That she wasn’t expelled is the possible reason for Corbyn being seen as a wimp as he BENDS OVER BACKWARDS to appease the Zionist wolves.

      1. Anyone and everyone, who brings the party into disrepute, should receive due process.
        As long as that process is equally applied to all, is open and seen to be as fair as is possible, there shouldn’t be a problem.

        Word of advice Farmer. Bending over backwards does not appease wolves.

        1. “As long as that process is equally applied to all, is open and seen to be as fair as is possible, there shouldn’t be a problem.” .,…. I agree.

          Mark Wadsworth shouted at Ruth Smeeth and was expelled …. Hodge swore at Corbyn and wasn’t even disciplined .. “equally applied!?… Naw. Hodge is Jewish.

          “Bending over backwards does not appease wolves.” … certainly not appeasing the Zionists.

      2. You are an anti-Semite. It is no wonder that you think to a victim of “Zionist wolves”. Nazis in Austria and Germany are making the same point. And you are their brother in spirit.

        1. “You are an anti-Semite. ” I see that you’ve had your mind taken over too.

          The usual crap from you all … and none of you can show how. Donkeys led by donkeys.

          1. Your talent to stay blind in front of thousand of pages of anti-Semitic hatred is really impressing. The need to demonize Israel must be overwhelming like an addiction.

            When Palestinian news agencies use pictures from the Holocaust to present them as footage of Sabra/Shatila, Deir Yasin or Kefr Kassem, what is your reaction then? Do you applaude, criticise, or do you correct them: “Wrong comrade! The Holocaust never happened, so you can’t use pictures of it!”

            I am curious. When thousands of so called pro-Palestinians post, spread and promote the most disgusting anti-Semitic bullshit, do you enjoy this?

          2. “none of you can show how. ”

            I am guessing: the Holocaust never happened and the Rothschildt control the banks. Your denial is support. You are at the end where only Nazi scum ever meet.

  3. Interesting piece David

    What comes through from it is the overwhelming idea that Jews are an all powerful, murderous group that is responsible for all evil, and that control the world
    Evidence is not required; just innuendo and the ‘wink wink’ theory of chinese whispers

    ‘Elder of Ziyon’ had an interesting piece in Algemeiner recently (Anti-Zionism is Just the latest Flavour of Antisemitism) detailing the different, and changing faces of Antisemetic Jew hatred over the last approximately 2500 years
    The words change; the meaning and sentiment remain the same and are instantly recognisable.
    And the language of the Jew hating appologists alters to suit the current flavour of the Antisemetic Jew hatred on offer

    Its Israel and Zionists that now control the media, banks and poiticians; once it was the dastardly Jews that did that
    Its Israel and the Zionists today that harvest Arab and Christian organs; once it was the Jews that killed Christians for their blood for Pasover matza (no one seems to recognize 1) religous Jews are prohibited from eating or drinking anything with blood in it and 2) how were Jews supposed to survive in societies with no Christians)

    The same poison, the same Jew Haters
    No change

    1. “Evidence is not required; just innuendo and the ‘wink wink’ theory of chinese whispers”

      Similarly with accusations of ‘antisemitism’, that ever-changing mind-crime.

      1. You don’t see anti-Semitism in the examples above?

        Well, no wonder. An anti-Semite does think that “Jews control the banks” is a “critique of Israel”. Anti-Semites also think that their anti-Semitism is normal and accurate. Every anti-Semite is normal, as had been the majority of Nazi supporters. They all have been normal and moderate people, until it came to Jews.

        You are just fucking Nazi, who lives at the wrong time. People like you worked gas chambers and organised mass killings. Now you can only watch that Israel exists, you are unable to stop it and it makes you very very angry that Jews are still living.

        1. “An anti-Semite does think that “Jews control the banks” is a “critique of Israel”

          News for you. Israel is NOT the Jews. Most Jews do NOT live there and prefer NOT too.

          Put away your book of jibes and get your own life back.

          1. The usual bullshit. You can’t admit the fact that most of your “critique of Israel” is just plain Jew hatred without any distinction between “Jews and Zionism”.
            All your “anti-Zionism” or “critique of Israel” does never ever make a distinction between Jews, Zionism or Israel. That’s what the examples in David Colliers articles say. The “anti-Zionist” anti-Semitism bullshit of your friends, allies and co-workers for the destruction of Israel do not think one moment to employ such a distinction. The argument always appears when anti-Semitic bullshitters are running out of anything else to say.
            So, fuck you.

  4. “Similarly with accusations of ‘antisemitism’, that ever-changing mind-crime.”

    That sentence does not make sense.
    Can you clarify what you are referring to exactly?
    Anti-Semitism is not ever changing, it is what it is.
    “Mind-crime”? I know it was the Orwell prize awards last night, but, what do you mean ‘mind-crime’?

    1. “Anti-Semitism is not ever changing, it is what it is.”….. and just what is that, Gerald?

      David sees anti-Zionism as antisemitism or tries to put that mantra into the world.

      1. poppycock. Anyone who looks at the examples above and doesn’t see antisemitism (and in fact chooses to come and deflect as you have done) is seriously twisted.

        1. Do you see anti-Zionism as antisemitism, David?

          Let’s see if YOU are deflecting.

          1. It’s funny Mike, because that question is used by antisemites to deflect from antisemitism. Anti-Zionism is opposition to Zionism, which, certainly in the early part of the 20th century was a perfectly legitimate position. Of course Israel exists now, which makes anti-Zionism a rather twisted ‘out of time’ viewpoint. It is like asking someone who wants to stop you killing their 10 year-old child whether they oppose you because they think abortion is murder. It carries the same absurd logic. What on earth is anti-Zionism in a world in which Israel exists? Little more than a term used by antisemites, even though in itself it isn’t neccessarily antisemitism.

            Alan Madison looked at my Palestine Live report and much as you did, he said he could hardly see any antisemitism. Why? Because in his twisted mind, ISIS as Israel conspiracy, 9/11 conspiracy and so on is anti-Zionism. In fact, according to his theory, it seems someone can say whatever they like about Israel and it could never be antisemitism. An absolutely ridiculous position. So excuse me if I don’t take you seriously. You are not interested in doing anything but deflecting attention from and protecting antisemites. That’s it. That is what you are here for.

            1. Have to disagree with you David. There is NOTHING that can be said about Israel that is anti-Semitic

            2. I’m asking YOU a question. Answer it, be honest this time. No bluster please.

            3. “Of course Israel exists now, which makes anti-Zionism a rather twisted ‘out of time’ viewpoint. ” -David.

              Were Zionism solely the creation of Israel where Jews can live I would agree. But Israel now is turning to racism, even embedding it into its Basic Laws.

            4. “even though in itself it isn’t neccessarily antisemitism.” …. as in at least 50 of your examples.

              1. If you think that at least fifty of the examples above are not antisemitic, you are either an antisemite yourself, a complete loon or nothing more than a troll. I have told you before, I do not care which it is.

                1. This ‘loon’ doesn’t read Israel as Jew, nor does he read Zionist as Jew. He reads Jew as Jew.

                  Perhaps the moon helps me notice your misreading of the featured examples.

                  Of course you don’t care, you’re just following your agenda.

                  1. Now you are just being silly. I mean really silly. How about stopping all immigration from (and then name every Muslim majority country on earth and only every Muslim majority country on earth). If anyone, and I mean anyone was stupid enough to suggest it was not an anti-Muslim law, because it didn’t explicitly use the word ‘Muslim’, he’d be laughed out of the room. But hey, nobody mentioned the word Muslim – did they? What about an anti-Muslim agigtator with an IQ of over 60 who deliberately left three minor Muslim states off the list so he could use them as examples of why it isn’t an anti-Muslim law? Fighting racism is about looking for and fighting it Mike, not finding every excuse to deny its existence. This is just basic stuff. Imagine the room you give racists. What you just said would scare any real anti-racist. All someone has to do is avoid the word ‘black’ and they can justify absolutely anything. How pathetic. Why don’t you just go away Mike, you don’t even seem clever enough to be worth bothering with?

                    1. No cleverness needed to see through your propaganda, David.

                      “THE TRUTH MATTERS”? … then write it for the readers to assess.

      2. Farmer you make a valid point that unless there is a clear definition of anti-Semitism, then some people will try to twist words and claim that their actions, deeds and words, were misinterpreted and were not anti-Semitic.

        Fortunately we have the IHRC Working Definition, which solves that problem.

        1. The IHRA thing is racist batshit. Fortunately we have the Oxford, CHambers, Collins,Webster dictionaries which emphatically does get rid of the problem

          1. Stephen the IHRA definition was approved by a resolution of the European Parliament, after a debate.
            The European Parliament is the democratically elected body that represents over 500,000,000 citizens of the EU. It is the second largest democratically elected body in the World.

            You might not like their decision, but, ‘tough tits’, that is democracy.

            Of course if you do not like European democracy, then your other option is to stick your head up your arse and blow bubbles through your ears!

            1. Ppff sweet fuck all relative to the 1.5 billion speakers of the language. THAT is democracy Free

            2. IHRA is a Jewish fashioned concoction that has never been tested in court and is NOT a legal definition in this country.

              How on earth can criticism of racist Israel be classed as antisemitic?

              1. “IHRA is a Jewish fashioned concoction”

                So tell me Farmer, exactly how is the IHRA a ‘Jewish fashioned concoction’?

              2. “…NOT a legal definition in this country.”

                But you could say that about many things in the U.K. Farmer.
                For example, look at this from the CPS website on Hate Crime. Look in the final sentence at how they define ‘hostility’

                “The police and the CPS have agreed the following definition for identifying and flagging hate crimes:

                “Any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice, based on a person’s disability or perceived disability; race or perceived race; or religion or perceived religion; or sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation or transgender identity or perceived transgender identity.”

                There is no legal definition of hostility so we use the everyday understanding of the word which includes ill-will, spite, contempt, prejudice, unfriendliness, antagonism, resentment and dislike.”

                No legal definition so they use the everyday understanding of te word. Which in the case of anti-Semitism is the IHRA Definition.

                Game, Set, and Match.
                New balls and brains for Farmer and Stephen.

                1. Roll on a court case where someone is accused of antisemitism using the IHRA definition..

                  1. Farmer I would prefer it was not necessary to combat anti-Semitism, because anti-Semitism no longer existed.
                    On the other hand you welcome the prospect of a court battle, even glory in it, as if they will become some kind of martyr.

                    Get help Farmer, you are a sick little puppy.

                    1. It needs to be shown that the IHRA definition is a farce and doesn’t satisfy the correct defintion; ‘Behavior hostile toward Jews just because they are Jewish.

                    2. So Farmer on what authority do YOU decide what is the correct definition of anti-Semitism?

                      I, along with the Police in Britain, the U.K. Government, a number of other Governments, and the European Parliament have decided the IHRA Definition is the correct definition.

                      Why do you, mistakenly, believe that you are right?

                2. So what have you got againsg the everyday understanding of “antisemitism” ?

                  1. Nothing, because the everyday understanding of anti-Semitism is the IHRA Definition.
                    The only ones who scream and squeal about it are anti-Semites.

                    1. Farmer why are you always wrong?
                      Is it deliberate, because you want to be perverse?
                      Or, are you just confirming that you really are nothing more than a retarded anti-Semite?

    2. Hang on Gerald did it not change in 2016 when the IHRA racist batshit came to be ?4

      1. On 26 May 2016 in Bucharest, the Plenary of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance
        (IHRA) adopted a non-legally binding working definition of antisemitism under the Romanian Chairmanship.

        1. Antisemitism has led the international community to take a number steps in recent years: in 2004 the
        OSCE issued the Berlin Declaration and appointed a Personal Representative on Combatting Antisemitism;
        in Dec 2015 the European Commission appointed the first Coordinator on Combatting Antisemitism.
        2. The IHRA is the only intergovernmental organization mandated to focus solely on Holocaust-related
        issues, and accordingly has the responsibility to deal with the issue of antisemitism as it is directly embedded
        in the organization’s founding document, the Stockholm Declaration.
        3. The IHRA Plenary consists of 32 Member Countries – 25 of which are EU member countries.
        4. The IHRA is the first intergovernmental body to adopt this working definition.
        5. The recommendation that the IHRA adopt the working definition came from the experts of IHRA’s
        Committee on Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial.
        6. The working definition of antisemitism aims to guide the IHRA in its work and to illustrate how antisemitism can manifest itself.
        7. The adopted working definition of antisemitism is based on a definition first published by the European
        Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) in 2005, now the Fundamental Rights Agency.
        8. The working definition of antisemitism has also been used, for example, by the European Parliament
        Working Group on Antisemitism, the UK’s College of Policing and in police training in Estonia.
        9. The Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism call for adoption of the working definition in their London and Ottawa protocols.
        9. To date, the working definition has been adopted or endorsed by the following governments and bodies:
        the United Kingdom (12 December 2016), Israel (22 January 2017), Austria (25 April 2017) Scotland (27
        April 2017), Romania (25 May 2017), Germany (20 September 2017), Bulgaria (18 October 2017), Belgium
        (14 December 2018), Lithuania (24 January 2018), the Republic of North Macedonia (6 March 2018), the
        Netherlands (27 November 2018), Slovakia (28 November 2018), Republic of Moldova (18 January 2019),
        Czech Republic (25 January 2019), Greek Ministry of Education (11 February 2019), Hungary (18 February
        2019), France (20 February 2019).
        10. According to the US State Department “As a member of IHRA, the United States now uses this working
        definition and has encouraged other governments and international organizations to use it as well’. The
        working definition has also been adopted for domestic use by the US Department of Education.
        11. The Government of Canada states it “ strongly supports the working definition of antisemitism.”
        10. On 1 June, 2017, the European Parliament voted to adopt a resolution calling on member states and
        their institutions to adopt and apply the working definition of antisemitism.
        11. In September, 2018, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres acknowledged “the efforts of the 31
        member countries of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance to agree on a common definition of antisemitism.”

        I hope that answers your question Stephen.
        Would you like me to help you write your book as well?

          1. Based on your usual work-rate and output, as opposed to what you say you are going to do, you will need help.
            I would suggest that you ask your little toady Farmer, but, as is clearly self-evident his English is abysmally poor, and it does take him a long time to write anything, as he is only allowed to use crayons.

            1. I write less than you because I’m not in a nursing home …. I have a family and work to do.

              1. “I’m not in a nursing home ”
                Thrown out were you Farmer. Constantly ‘jizzing’ on the windows then trying to lick it off.

                “…work to do”
                Really Farmer, what work would that be?

  5. What a prophet ….the late great Aaron Dover

    ” Im Jewish; It takes Jewish privilege to be able to say this. It should not. But to actually question the dogma around antisemitism itself, is one of the ultimate taboos. It’s at the very foundations of the Zionist enterprise.

    I don’t think there is any special exceptional Jew-hatred, a special antisemitism field existing all around us throughout time. People are really very pissed off with Israel though.

    That’s why the public perception of antisemitism has to be cranked up now, because the gagging needs to be cranked up, because people are waking up smelling the bullshit and calling out Israel for its actions. Now that is the kind of antisemitism emergency that calls for a total propaganda war. Expect more assaults on free speech, the mines in the minefield are going to be increasingly sensitive. Expect increased casualties of public figures. Expect people to become more reticent about saying stuff; expect media and social media to clamp down on any anti-Israel sentiment.

    Because otherwise, you know at this rate, we European Jews will all going to the gas soon. Yawn.”

  6. Whenever I hear a ‘Jew’ make comments like this, I wonder where they have consigned all the incidences of Jew hate over 2500+ years; the pogroms, the enforced ghettoisation of Jews all over Europe, the expulsion of Jews from so many countries, the restrictions placed on Jewish worship, the restrictions placed on where Jews could live, restrictions on their movements, restrictions on the type of work they could do, and the list goes on and on

    These could not have been Israels’ fault as the Israel of today is but 71 years of age.
    Therefore Jew hatred in its many manifestations is a historic reality; and the ‘Jews’ that try to deny or diminish its reality beg the question, ‘how can you not see facts’ that are so abundantly avaiable for all to see.
    For non-Jewish Antisemetic Jew haters, facts and evidence have never been an important factor in their biases and hatred

  7. And Farmers arguments vary facilely from one mindless argumentative point to the other.
    Fact and evidence seem to be two issues to which he has no connection
    He seems to argue because he argues, rather than that he has anything constructive to say.
    It is very difficult to discuss anything with someone who is not interested in having a discussion
    He is here to obfuscate, dissemble and disrupt
    But then, there are countless thousands just like him/her
    hohum and tiddley winks

    1. Does Richard see all 56 examples as examples of antiZionism/antiIsraelism or antisemitism?

      Discuss with me.

  8. so are all all these examples of “antisemitism” untrue? every one of them? no truth at all? i think many of them are true, or at least contain sufficient truth to be valid. is the truth “antisemitic”? i guess it is in this Orwellian world we live in.

    1. Of course there are examples of antisemitism, as there are frequent examples of antiMuslimism on these blogs. What is NOT true is that antisemitism is rampant through the Labour Party much as David and his ilk spin it.

    2. Sigerico, yes, every one of them. Too many lie to debunk them all, but if you ask I can debunk what you view as the strongest argument.

    3. Glad to have the Nazi perspective screeched out with such mulish intensity…CHUZZ (I know your real name, and am glad you goose-stepped off this board in any incarnation).

  9. David, read the headline “Fifty Six antisemitic conspiracies ..” and your text several times.

    Why do you persist in spinning attacks on Israel and Zionists as ANTISEMITIC.

    Of the 56 Jews are mentioned only several times. This whole blog is DISHONEST.

    As I said, there are wild theorists everywhere … don’t join them.

    AntiZionist is NOT antisemitic.

    AntiIsrael is NOT antisemitic.

    Have you NO scruples?

  10. Stephen is that the best response you can come up with?
    Something that is totally lacking in logic and wit.

    And you the greatest living Irish wit since Oscar Wilde (sarcasm intended)

      1. Farmer while you’re crawling up Stephen’s arse, give us all a wave IF you find his brain.

          1. Not sure what you mean. This isn’t an argument created for Corbyn. Corbyn is merely an expression of the rise of the problem. This from Workers Liberty in 2010.

          2. Stephen if you were not such a lazy gobshite you would have noticed the question has already been answered.
            But, as it must be difficult for you to concentrate when Farmer has his head stuck up your arse, I’ll repeat it for you.
            “The adopted working definition of antisemitism is based on a definition first published by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) in 2005, now the Fundamental Rights Agency.”

              1. Who the Fuck cares?
                I thought Farmer was slow, but, Stephen you are 15 years behind.

                1. So Gerald knows what the expression ” antisemitism ” meant in 2005 but not what it meant in2004. That is a bit weird would you not say Ian ?

                  1. Stephen that was not the answer you were given. You might like to twist it that way in a failed attempt to make some obscure point, but, the same as all your other attempts at deflection and ‘wit’ they just fall flat.

                    Is your lack of intelligence and wit, apart from in your own imagination, the main reason why you are living off benefits in Britain?

                  1. In 1936, it meant that people with the same anti-Semitic views as you and Farmer were in power in Germany.
                    You lost that time, and you will lose this time as well.

  11. Weird, this thread. If you’d just found yourself in the same room as the village paedo, would you seriously debate with them the appropriate definition of sexual depravity? I’m guessing not. Yet people seem quite okay to debate the definitions of antisemitism with Jew Haters. Very weird.

    1. Of course it’s weird.

      You have a blog writer who constantly in his many blogs maps ‘Mossad’, ‘Israel’ and ‘Zionist’ to ”Jew’ to create the impression that the criticism of those entities is evil antisemitism and all in the hope of preventing a government that won’t appease the actions of the Israeli state.

      Still, it’s a living, and an outlet for his simmering hate of Jeremy Corbyn. Not an honest job though.

      1. No Farmer, the person preventing Jeremy Corbyn forming a Government is Jeremy Corbyn. He is without any shadow of a doubt the worst Labour leader since Ramsay MacDonald.

        I was a Labour Party member for 30 years, how long have you been a member?

    2. Wrong Ian. If I found myself ‘in the same room as the village paedo, would you seriously debate with them the appropriate definition of sexual depravity?’ Yes I would debate with them. I would also discuss with them why their behaviour is wrong and harmful to others.

      Then when our debate and discussion was over, I would cheerfully pick up a chair and batter them into a pulp with it!

      1. As I said Bellers, when you see the paedo with his pants down shagging the little kid you don’t stop to check the text or debate the motive. Similarly, when folk see you and your Michael here with your metaphorical pants down trotting our your antisemitic bollox, nobody’s needs to be sauntering over to the bookcase for the big dic. They know it’s already out !

          1. Lucky for us Bellers, you and Michael always turn up here with the metaphorical bag of sweeties and lube in your hands. You may not be getting much penetration but we certainly don’t need to worry ourselves about definitions.

            1. A strange pair, Ian and Gerald, much given to filthy sexual descriptions. I suspect that you are lonely old men.

              David has different fantasies.

              1. “A strange pair”

                Farmer to be described as strange by you, a pervert who likes to wear his Mother’s undies when she is out is hypocritical.

  12. I am from Austria and have a long history of watching right wing extremists, Neo Nazis and all kinds of anti-Semitic ideology. I have observed the Labour party and PSC campaigns for quite a while and I am very grateful that David Collier along with others puts so much effort into the documentation of this scandal.
    But I have to say that I am always shocked by this imagery and the fact that these screenshots all evolve from a left wing and self declared humanist point of view is completely devastating. The Palestinian issue has ruined the left and made it a late revenge of Nazism after its defeat.

    The amount of hatred, wickedness and ignorance which has spread in the midst of Mainstream society matches the most fanatic and evil ideology of the most fringe and perverse Neo Nazi discourse of Eastern Germany and the most back warded Austrian provinces.

    Most far right politicians in my country who may harbour such thoughts can survive in their position if they only are silent about it.

    What the Labour party and PSC members post here is so outrageous that most Neo Nazis in Austria and Germany would blush.

    Keep up the good work, David. Together we will crush these motherfuckers into oblivion.

    1. “hatred, wickedness and ignorance”?

      An example of such, Jurek…..
      David Collier
      Apr 5

      Lying, antisemitic, anti-west, terrorist loving, NATO hating, Jew-baiting, IRA supporting, community splitting, economy wrecking – Corbyn

      A useful idiot for despotic regimes, terrorists and all our other enemies

      Supporting Corbyn is not just stupid

      It’s dangerous

      1. You are an anti-Semite. What else a reaction will you display other than this defensive and reality denying bullshit.

        People who defend Corbyn, the PSC and the rhetoric of these “anti-Zionist” left are Nazis, fascists, wanna be concentration camp guards.

        I have been fighting Nazis all my life. I know how they talk and walk. This way.

        1. So, you honestly think that the world that David paints is reality?

          He’s really conned you.

          Seek treatment …. now.

          1. “He’s really conned you”

            How do you explain, Farmer, that the only two people on this site who have not been ‘conned’, as you describe it, are the gruesome twosome.

            St. Stephen, the patron Saint of lazy gobshites. And his toady, St. Michael, the patron Saint of perverts who like to wear their Mother’s underwear?

              1. Aaah I see.
                But Farmer, if you have a brain and a strong mind why do you deliberately make yourself look like an anti-Semitic retard?

                1. To David, yourself and your ilk ALL those that don’t agree with you are labelled anti-semitic. It’s standard Zionist ‘thought’.

                  1. Farmer that does not answer the question I put to you. Would you like to try and answer the question put to you, or are you just going to ‘copy and paste’ pre-set answers given to you?

                    1. This question Farmer.
                      “But Farmer, if you have a brain and a strong mind why do you deliberately make yourself look like an anti-Semitic retard?”

          2. I’ve been conned to read, yes.

            And the reality is much worse than David is painting it here.

            The only one who is whitewashing the reality is you, you wanna be Nazi concentration camp guard.

  13. Stephen

    Why do you ask questions, but never answer any questions that have been directed at you

    I’m still waiting for questions I asked over a year ago

  14. in 1936, because no one did anything about it 6 million Jews and between 10-15 others were murdered and/or starved to death by the Nazis and their allies
    Today we are not waiting for the left and right wing Nazis/Socialists/Communists/Islamists to come and get us; we are confronting them as and when we see them (even when they try to troll us)

    And yes, many (but not all) anti-Zionists are Antisemetic Jew Haters who try to conceal their Jew hate behind anti-Zionism
    Now let us see how Farmer can twist and distort and fabricate this to mean something else, as is his normal wont

    1. Troll? No! I’m countering any falsehoods that David, or his groupies, post on here.

      Convenient that antiZionism is taken by yourselves to indicate antisemitism.

      Any fabrications are the work of your host as he relabels anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism as examples of antisemitism. Blatantly.

      Coincidentally nobody is currently doing anything Israel’s continued abuse and occupation of the Palestinians, in fact thd US is aiding them at every turn.

      1. What you think you are doing and what you are doing are two completely different things Mike. In your own fractured vision of the world it may seem as if you are bravely fighting the ‘bad Jews’. In reality you consistently prove the point of my blog. You bring to the comment section examples of the twisted nature of anti-Zionist thought and you show the face of those who stand against Jewish people. You turn a blog that might have seen a handful of responses into one with endless chains – with you deflecting, obscuring and belittling the fight against anti-Jewish hatred. You have no examples and no argument – just a drumbeat that would only resonate with those already infected. You would never convince anyone untainted of anything but the validity of my findings. I have long considered you one of this blogs most fruitful assets. People often ask me why I do not simply ban you. Why on earth would I? Someone who is publicly willing to flirt with Holocaust denial, deny almost every instance of antisemitism that can be found, and gets off on attacking Jewish people. You show the true emptiness of the antisemitic -anti-Zionist position. I could hardly hope for a better example of Corbynist antisemitism in action. And you bring it to my blog freely. So thanks.

        1. “anti-Jewish hatred”?

          You still persist in touting anti-Zionism and objection to Israel’s actions as antisemitism when any honest person wouldn’t.

          Yet to hear ANY indication that Corbyn is an anti-Semite. You have shown NONE.

          Take Horlicks at night do you?

          1. The EHRC are going to tear Labour apart over this. Then what? ‘Zionist influence or control over the EHRC’? Does that become the excuse. You are in a world of fallacy that requires the idea of an ever increasing Zionist powerbase just to maintain some sense of cohesion. It is why antisemitism is spreading amongst Corbyn loyalists. You aren’t making a case Mike, you are leaving historical footprints that will be used to show just how obsessed and blind those deflecting from the fight against antisemitism were.

            1. Not sure whether you actually believe your own mantra.

              As I see it Israel is your first love.

              ‘Antisemitism’ as with Ian’s fixation ‘child molestation’ is a powerful phrase.

              A party that is tainted with that slur has less chance of election that others.

              Therefore if David can spin that Labourites, or its leader, are antisemitic, even by dishonestly touting AntiIsraelism and Zionism(a racist endeavour) to antisemitism then job done.

              To those of sound mind it’s an obvious witchhunt.

              Oters, like the Tory Press, seized on your flawed Palestine Live Report to blacked Corbyn’s name, YOU even tried to paint him as a regular participant. You are dishonest, that much is clear.

              Let’s wait for the EHRC evidence and verdict.

              1. David kicked your arse so thoroughly here that I’m sure it’s still sore from that months later in a new year–though to be fair, what you do in private probably contributes to that as well 😉

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