Mental health and antisemitism – the shameful ridicule of Labour activists

Over the last few weeks Rosa Doherty from the Jewish Chronicle has spoken to several campaigners fighting antisemitism about the impact that struggling against anti-Jewish hate was having on their mental health. Yesterday, the Jewish Chronicle published three articles. The first contained a few case studies. The second featured some comments from mental health experts, taking a wider look at the impact anti-Jewish hatred was having on the community. The third was about lessons the Jewish community can learn about how to deal with these issues.

I don’t shy away from anything and remain fully aware that you cannot possibly face a tsunami of hate and abuse without it having an effect. I was more than willing to open up to Rosa to discuss the personal cost of fighting antisemitism. Others did too. Sara Gibbs spoke of ‘tearful nights, nights feeling disbelieved, ignored and alienated’. Miriam Mirwitch, chair of the Young Labour movement, did open up but also spoke of her reluctance to discuss the issue so as not to show weakness. Which in itself says much about the cost people are being forced to pay. Emma Feltham, probably the most notable non-Jewish face of grassroots activism against antisemitism, felt ‘forced’ to see a doctor because of mental health issues surrounding this fight. Like most who publicly defend Jewish people, Emma has also required help from both the CST and the police.

Rosa spoke to a handful, I know dozens. Behind the scenes a massive self-support network has opened up amongst activists. And what about the more public figures? Like Rachel Riley or Tracy Ann Oberman. All these brave female fighters have the added ingredient of misogyny to deal with too.

Avoiding the fight

It is possible to avoid the external confrontation – you can supress your identity and choose not to fight. You can even go further and conform, by publicly attacking Zionism. Or if you don’t want to go full on ‘anti-Zionist’, you can at least frequently seek reasons to berate Israel. In doing this you add a protective veneer and if the issue surfaces – you can point and claim you have all the virtue signalling markings of a ‘good-Jew’. But these are external superficial elements – inside, notions of self-doubt, self-loathing, feelings of vulnerability, anxiety and uncertainty will still take their toll. So this isn’t just about those Jews standing up and fighting – it is also about all those that aren’t.

Labour and Mental Health

According to the 2017 Labour Party Manifesto (page 73) ‘Mental ill-health is the biggest unaddressed health challenge of our age’. Corbyn explicitly referenced the importance of mental health at the Labour Party conference. Like most Labour Party positions, it does not seem to count if you are Jewish. After the article was released and with several Jewish people opening up about mental health issues, it was sadly inevitable that Corbyn’s posse would attack. There was ridicule, hate and even expressions of happiness at the suffering of others. Quite a bit of antisemitism too. Remember – this was a response to a discussion on mental health issues.

The Labour activist response

This is one example of what was posted on Twitter. It was tweeted by an account called ‘True Labour‘ to their 11,700 followers. At time of writing this piece, it had been retweeted 174 times and received 339 likes:

mental health issues

What followed in the chain were some truly disgusting comments: mental health all along

mental health mocking

mental health - need sectioning

The thread is all about Jews right? So look at this one. Jews must be rich? None of the people mentioned can have issues with poverty? Seriously what is it with these antisemites?

mental health

That wasn’t the only one. Eunice had this to say to his 8000 followers. We are apparently doing it all for money:

This tweet builds conspiracy into the mix. Not only do we all work for Mossad, but Israel – who I suspect are the alleged ‘paymasters’, are also responsible for the deaths of people in Yemen and Syria:

mental health conspiracy

Then there are Jews and their ‘bribery’:

Many just pushed the antisemitic argument that we are all just lying. That it is a smear campaign and it is the lying that is affecting our mental health:

Some people even displayed happiness at the news others were suffering:

I am hardly one to understand irony, but Susan Simpson had this to say to her 6000 followers:


The odd thing about that tweet is that Susan’s account has been running since 2014 and she has made 88000 tweets. That is *eight times* the number I have, and she managed it in only half the time. Perhaps I am not the one who needs to get ‘a bloody life’. It seems when it comes to mental health, everyone is worth of consideration under Labour’s manifesto – unless of course you are Jewish.

Mental health and activism

These are not responses you would expect to see under an article detailing anxiety, depression and mental health issues. It is certainly difficult to call this an example of ‘kinder, gentler politics’. I want you to imagine this was not about Jewish people and antisemitism. You can fill in the empty space with any minority group or issue that you like. The outrage in Labour circles would be swift and absolute. Aynone attacking a minority in such a fashion, Labour activists would *rightly* identify all this as ‘Nazi’ speech. When it comes to Jewish people, Labour activists treat victims of abuse like the enemy. A group to be opposed, ridiculed and fought without empathy.

I spoke about to Rosa on the subject because the issues are real. There is no point denying that side-effects exist. Personally, I have faced down Saddam, Hezbullah, the Islamic Jihad and Hamas and it will take more than a few Corbynites to shake me or stop me from the necessary work that still lies ahead – but it doesn’t mean there are no moments of anxiety. They’ve doxed me, assaulted me, hacked my accounts, attacked my website, gone after my family and sent me untold abusive messages – and I remain fighting fit. Mainly because I am an old warrior with decades of experience, but also in part because I am open about it all.

Others are not so lucky or so open. This is having a real lasting impact on some and it is an important conversation. This isn’t just about a few activists – those standing on the front-line. Jewish people in the UK are nervous, anxious, self-doubting, feeling their core identity attacked and experiencing the ground shake beneath their feet. Parents are looking to their children, wondering just what the future holds here. These are unsettling times. Whilst Labour activists may laugh – the issues are real – and we need to be more open about them with each other.



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181 thoughts on “Mental health and antisemitism – the shameful ridicule of Labour activists

  1. The Jewish people have been silenced, persecuted, abused, robbed, converted by force, burnt on a stake, crusified, pogroms and genocide for almost 2500 years.

    All these endless years of sufferings, our spiritual leaders made us believe that it’s a punishment from God for our transgressions.

    Not anymore, no one will silence us.
    We must fight back against antisAntisem and Anti-Zionism or else we will lose our country once more and fidf ourselves at the mercy of the nations.

    There is a psychological price to pay, even physical danger, but that is much easier to confront than another millennium of persecution.

    1. Dumb Bellamy, your face is down when you take your preferred role of “catcher”.

  2. “I don’t shy away from anything and remain fully aware that you cannot possibly face a tsunami of hate and abuse without it having an effect.”

    So, ashamed now for your baseless lying attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, David.

    1. Farmer being a hypocrite again.
      Are you ashamed for your baseless lying attack on Jeremy Corbyn, Farmer?

  3. “There was ridicule, hate and even expressions of happiness at the suffering of others.”

    Always visible on your blogs from one of your most ardent supporters, David. ….. ain’t that so, Edward?

    1. What’s wrong with celebrating the 1948 FAILURE of 5 Arab armies, none of which was the army of an “existing Pal-e-STINE”, from slaughtering the Jews of Israel?

      Happy Nakba you Fascist whore!

    1. Stephen if you mean how ‘ridiculous and pathetic’ your post is, then yes we all know.
      Ridiculous and pathetic posts are what we have come to expect from you, Stephen.

      1. Farmer the toady, ask your idol Stephen the idle about living off welfare. He has been doing it since he moved to the U.K.

          1. No Farmer.

            David is spelt, D-A-V-I-D.
            Stephen is spelt, S-T-E-P-H-E-N.

            If you learn to identify letters in the English language Farmer, it might help your abysmally poor comprehension of English.

            1. By the way Farmer, as I’m in an exceptionally good mood tonight. As a goodwill gesture, if you want to write your name just write,
              And we’ll know you mean Mike Farmer.

            2. Sorry, was confused as David is the one living off the welfare of others.

              As in ….

              “If you can, please consider making a donation towards the ongoing research.”

              1. Farmer, sadly, you spend your life in a state of confusion.
                Confused about reality, confused about what is and isn’t true, confused about history. The list of items you are confused about is endless, Farmer.

  4. Oh dear.
    Now the Labour Party disciplinary system has turned into the ‘Hokey Cokey’ i.e. “in out, in out, shake it all about”

    Stephen and Farmer’s comrade in arms, Chris Williamson, is out again after two days.
    “An MP suspended by Labour for remarks about the party’s handling of anti-Semitism has again lost the whip – two days after being readmitted.”

    Can you imagine that in the U.K. soon, your choice could be Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister. Oh Shit!

      1. “…and looking to work with the Bord…”

        Oh my God, not the BORD!
        Is this the end of civilisation?

  5. Bellemy and Farmer must sit poised in front of their screens waiting for David to blog

    Then they both release a torrent of inane bile

    Occasionally Bellamey will allow a touch of intelligence to colour his posts (I once asked if he purposely acted stupid), but I have yet to see anything from Farmer that vaguely touches on intelligent discourse

    Farmer does seem to specialize in telling Jews that he is the professional on defining how Jews may define Antisemitism and Jew Hate.
    I’m waiting for him to say his ‘best friends’ are Jewish, or that he is a member of the tribe

    1. Hi Richard. Nothing wrong with having friends that are Jewish, Richard. Couldn’t see me having any Zionist friends. I’m against racism.

      Jews are no more able to define antisemitism than non-Jews. In fact David insists that Jewish and Zionist are one and the same, anyone not agreeing is lacking in intelligence is David’s slur.

      1. “Couldn’t see me having any Zionist friends. I’m against racism.”

        Farmer are you seriously suggesting that if you have Zionist friends, you cannot be against racism? Or you are a racist yourself?

          1. Answer the questions Farmer.

            Your attempts at deflection are as pathetic as everything else you attempt

    2. Hello Richard. I love David’s blogs. I don’t love the idiots, like Bellamy who thinks this is all a bit of a laugh which is why I don’t indulge in the dialogue. See you soon?

      1. As long as Muslims kill Muslims in Iraq, Afghnistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Fascist Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, Algeria, …

        I’m OK with that kind of antisemitism.

        Happy Nakba to you and your loved ones!

      2. “Richard, Jews don’t get to define antisemitism. It is that simple”

        This bijoux nugget is going straight into the ‘Bellers ‘n Mike; The best bits’

        Honestly, Every time I think it’s done they just sprinkle more gold dust on the table.

        I was going to title this section ” Choristers don’t get to define being buggered by Catholic priests ” but I reckon that’s too subtle, right?

      3. Thank you for articulating the way Antisemites try to define Antisemitism so that they can try prevent themselves being called Antisemitic Jew hating racist bigots
        Antisemitism is the only racism where the racists get to define their racism
        Farmer seems to to illustrate this point perfectly

        1. antisemitism – hostility to or prejudice against Jews because they are Jews.

          The perpetrator is in a better position to know whether he/she is being antisemitic than the victim who may have a persecution complex or as the posters on this page do calling anything snd everything antisemitic without being able to explain how.

  6. “It seems when it comes to mental health, everyone is worth of consideration under Labour’s manifesto – unless of course you are Jewish.”

    Stupid comment, David. Labour does not discriminate between Jewish and non-Jewish citizens.

    Your Israel,for whom you constantly lobby, does.

    1. When Muslims can’t even get along with fellow Muslims, how can any sane person claim that Islam is the Religion of Peace.

      There are checkpoints at every airport in the World,

      to screen passengers, luggage/cargo,

      due to “The Religion of Peace” – see 9/11, Pan Am 103, failed sneaker and underwear bombers, concern over liquid binary bombs.

      1. WWII, Holocaust, Crusades, Inquisition … all perpetrated by Muslims … oh wait.

  7. All of this is a typical carefully constructed Pollard scam. What’s needed is an analysis of the impact on the mental health of victims of the witch hunt

    1. Then, Stephen, instead of flapping your gums about it. Get up off your lazy arse and do it!

      Stephen you are very much the same as Boris Johnson. Both of you want to be something, but, neither of you want to do anything. A couple of bone-idle narcissists.
      Who can blame you Stephen, for a while now you have sponged off the benefit system in Britain. As long as you are getting money for being a lazy gobshite, you are unlikely to change.

      1. Shall repeat …

        “If you can, please consider making a donation towards the ongoing research.”

              1. Dirt? Was pointing out that it is David who requests benefits on every blog.

                It’s Gerald who calls it ‘dirt’. Are you criticising David’s requesting?

                    1. Farmer the reason you are not a joke is that anti-Semitism is never funny.
                      Lying scum, like you Farmer, try to pass it off as not really anti-Semitism or it was a jest.
                      The thin veneer covering your vile and disgusting views soon wears off.
                      When it does you have no excuses left, and nowhere to hide.
                      Your lack of originality demonstrates your lack of intelligence. Frankly Farmer you are very, very, boring.

                    2. Of course antisemitism is not funny, Gerald, neither is racist Zionism where one group, Jews, are given favour over non-Jews.

                      Accusations of anti-semitism, unfounded as they are from your pen, are also not funny. Despite asking how you describe me as antisemitic you have refused to spell it out.

                      You, Gerald, are a busted flush.

                    3. Farmer you have been told again and again, but, either you do not want to accept that you are anti-Semitic or, you are too stupid to understand that you are anti-Semitic.
                      Your problem, not mine.

                      No my flush isn’t busted, just used it and it is working fine.

                    4. “ they are from your pen, are also not funny. ”

                      Farmer I use a keyboard not a pen.
                      I suppose your problem is that you are only allowed to use crayons, so you do not know what a pen is.

                    5. “Your mind is limited.”
                      Indeed it is Farmer.

                      It is limited to;
                      Historical Fact,

                      Such a pity your mind is deranged Farmer, and you are unable to understand any of the above concepts.

        1. Stephen so you are confirming that, on the rare occasions you get off your lazy arse it is only to repeat something you have already done.

          That still attempts, to dodge the main point of my post.
          As you like to re-read the same thing time and time again, here is another opportunity for you to indulge yourself.
          “Then, Stephen, instead of flapping your gums about it. Get up off your lazy arse and do it!

          Stephen you are very much the same as Boris Johnson. Both of you want to be something, but, neither of you want to do anything. A couple of bone-idle narcissists.”

        2. Stephen you should be careful that when you cite a book, which are in reality a collection of essays, on examination they do not bite you on your lazy arse.
          From Bertrand Russell’s essay “In Praise of Idleness”

          “Every human being, of necessity, consumes, in the course of his life, a certain amount of the produce of human labour. Assuming, as we may, that labour is on the whole disagreeable, it is unjust that a man should consume more than he produces. Of course he may provide services rather than commodities, like a medical man, for example; but he should provide something in return for his board and lodging. to this extent, the duty of work must be admitted”

          So get off your lazy arse, you lazy gobshite and earn your bread!

            1. Is that the best response you can think of Stephen?

              If you had half the intelligence and wit that you imagine you possess, it would be ten times more than you actually possess.

              Have you always been one of life’s failures?
              Or, is it only since you moved to the U.K. and started living off the benefit system?

              1. “If you can, please consider making a donation towards the ongoing research.”

                1. Keep repeating it ad nauseam Farmer. Just like a child who has learnt a new rude word, and considers himself clever if he runs around the house repeating and repeating it.

                  Famer you are not just a retard, but, a retarded child.

  8. Anyway this is for Ian because he loves hoots.This hoot will take some beating.Wagner is a so called human rights lawyer who wouldn’t recognise a human right if it kicked him in the balls. He is leading the Equalitys Act charge against the LP. o:))

    ” If I was advising Williamson I would suggest he remains reinstated as an MP until the NEC overrules its decision. And I would considering suing the Labour Party if they disagreed”

    1. Not for me that one Bellers. By the industry standard definition, a hoot is only a hoot if there are more than 12 hootees who have any idea what you’re on about. In this case, if we take out Michael, you are still 8 short. Love the commitment though.

      I hear you know the abovementioned Wagner and Williamson better than their own wives, you crazy kid !

      1. Ian your not having the remotest fucking clue what is going on is just not my fault. Your immediate problem is that I am not going on about anything. You should take your comprehension problems to Wagner

        1. “He is leading the Equalitys (sic) Act”

          Stephen, now who is it you take your comprehension problems to?
          Judging by the standard of your English, it must be your toady Farmer.

          1. “If you can, please consider making a donation towards the ongoing research.”

            1. Keep repeating it ad nauseam Farmer. Just like a child who has learnt a new rude word, and considers himself clever if he runs around the house repeating and repeating it.

              Famer you are not just a retard, but, a retarded child.

                1. No Farmer, as I have told you before, I do not hate you.
                  You are the same as a dog turd in the street.
                  Something that has to be dealt with.

                  1. Now it’s clicked with you, Gerald, there’s a difference between disliking and hating.

                    Seems people are disliked but Jews are hated.

                    Nothing is honest in antisemitism accusations. Dislike is touted as hate, criticising Israel is antisemitism, not being able to stomach Zionism is also antisemitism according to David’s lexicon. It ‘s his bread-and-butter, literally.

                    1. Farmer in your case it goes beyond ‘accusations’ of anti-Semitism.
                      You are, without any shadow of a doubt, a proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud.
                      You ‘claim’ not to accept it, or understand why you are an anti-Semite. As I have already told you, that is your problem. You can either fix your problem, or carry on pretending your problem does not exist.

                      There are two types of people who really annoy me. I will not tolerate fools or boring people gladly. You, Farmer tick both boxes.

                    2. Even Gerald doesn’t know how I am “antisemitic”, but true to type he’ll just parrot the word over and over. It’s what his cult does, blog after blog, comment after comment, ….

                    3. Farmer if you think I am going to get into a pointless exchange with you, when it is beyond all reasonable doubt that you are an anti-Semitic liar and fraud, then you really are stupid.

                    4. Naw, don’t expect you to have the balls to explain your slurs, Gerald. You’re just a Zionist parrot.

                2. So much hate, so much venom, so much terrorism ….

                  HAM-ASS, Hezbola, Fatah, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, Fascist Iran ….

                  a nasty bunch.

            1. Stephen on reflection I missed out three words.

              Between ‘Stephen’ and comma, insert “you lazy gobshite”.
              So it now reads;
              “Stephen, you lazy gobshite, now who is it you take your comprehension problems to?”

        2. Bellers this is one of those times when you have to accept responsibility for one of your crappier post.

          Even if you’re placing your usual roadblocks rather than making a sincere point you can’t just make like the paedo priest. ” Don’t blame me for buggering you, wee laddie. Take it up with the church.”

            1. It’s all about the Papal nonces Bellers and the top down complicity that gave a nod to kid-bothering for a generation. Makes for a lovely metaphor when talking to fakes like you lads. Really works for me.

              1. Well you know, you bring in kid buggering at every opportunity and none. It is very suspicious

                Stop slavering Gnash we have as yet no indication that he is into buggering cats

              2. Speaking of fakes, Ian. Return to the previous blog, read David’s 56 ‘examples of antisemitism’ looking for actual, specific examples of antisemitism.
                Can Ian hand on heart, find within them even 10 real examples?

                Let’s who is fake and who is honest.

                1. “Let’s who is fake and who is honest.”

                  More typos Farmer.
                  Farmer the Hand-Job Kid is at it again.

  9. Hey Bellers and Michael. Great that I’ve made the paedo-posting stick with you. It’s a cracking metaphor for you guys; you telling your euphemistic shagees on the receiving end that they’ve got the wrong end of the stick. Hehehe.

    I was going to go all Craggy Island on this but I think we’ll keep taking it up this alley for now.

          1. At least she’s got a looking glass to see Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dee rearing up behind her explaining what’s really going on. She was concerned that the tube of clear fluid in their hands wasn’t the type of smear that she’d heard about though.

            Paedo post perfection don’t you think Tweedles?

              1. You’ve really kept this trending Michael, way beyond my expectation. Perhaps it’s the mild titillation. Either way, as a man that has his book you’ll know that all the fashionable occupational psychologists will tell you, we all need our metaphor.

              2. No Farmer, as usual you do not comprehend the English language.
                To repeat your confession on this website, of your indulgence in ‘solitary sex’ causing you to make typos. Is not an act of perversion.
                To encourage it, or film it, may well be. But, I am not filming you, and obviously you need no encouragement from anyone.

                1. Your imaginings are as wild as David’s, Gerald.

                  There might be something in this ‘fighter’s against anti-Zionism have mental problems’ theory.

                  1. Farmer is that the most original response you can think of?
                    Apart from being completely irrelevant to my post, the old ‘mental problems’ slur is very old and discredited. Before it collapsed even the Soviet Union had stopped trying to label those who opposed it as having ‘mental problems’.

                    Poor Farmer, not an original thought in your head. And those you do have are hackneyed and discredited.

                    1. Slur? did I read that right … slur? … as in ‘antisemite’?

                      Where do you think you currently are?

                      You’re in Slur City.

                      It’s the object of David’s blogs, to slur the opposition.

                      Slur … stitch my sides … that’s a howler.

                    2. Are you two clowns enjoying yourselves?
                      Your pathetic and puerile attempts are not only childish but very boring.
                      Although I should not be surprised, what else should I expect from Stephen the lazy gobshite, and benefit scrounger, or his toady Farmer who is incapable of any intelligent, or original thought.

                      Enjoy yourselves in your playpen ‘boys’, and Farmer stop doing that! You will go blind!!

                    3. “benefit scrounger”?

                      “If you can, please consider making a donation towards the ongoing research.”

                    4. Thank you Farmer.
                      For confirming that you are;
                      a toady,
                      incapable of original thought,
                      incapable of intelligent thought.

                      You never fail to walk straight into any trap. What a schmuck!

                    5. Quite right Farmer.

                      I doubt that I am the first to notice your lack of originality, or intellectual ability.
                      It is also highly probable that I am not the first to know you are a schmuck.

                    6. No Farmer, I do not describe you as an “antisemite”. You are a PROVEN anti-Semitic liar and fraud.
                      Proven by the content, and intent, of your own ‘posts’.

                      Try and get it right Farmer, you really are a waste of space.

                    7. Can hear that parrot again. Parrots just repeat what they’ve been taught to repeat, don’t they?

                    8. No doubt Farmer you can hear all sorts of noises, and voices inside your head.

                      Get well soon.

  10. Hey Bellers and Michael. What do you think of the PSC report out today (commissioned by WHC) which places the Pro-Israeli lobby group, Zevel as the 9th most influential in the UK?

    Is this another erosion of your hard won freedoms?

    Wow indeed !

    1. Is Zevel a Zionist group, Ian?

      If so the PSC seems to be saying it’s attempting to control UK decisions.

      But that’s a trope innit? Unless it’s true of course. Can’t be a trope if it’s true. Can it?

      1. Certainly Bellers. There’s a lot of competition. Since our lads discovered how easy it was to bung the opportunists in your chaotic, batshit crazy country there’s a waiting list. You’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more Zevel in the coming weeks and months.

  11. Here is another hoot for Ian. I know he likes hoots. The criminal Scoffie is going around saying the arch rabid racist head banger, Jason Silver committed suicide because he wasn’t allowed in Pal Expo. Maybe this kind of stuff really is as bad for your mental health as David claims.

    1. You mean that one of David’s claims might actually be true? Seriously?

      1. And speaking of grafting to make the “Dave’s bezzie is a wanker” stick Bellers, here’s Michael, right on cue.

  12. Don’t talk ill of the dead when they can’t defend themselves
    If you are going to insult the dead, at least supply facts, rather than ad hominem allegations and slurs.
    Insulting the dead as you have done is demeaning to yourself
    Not pleasant, not nice Stephen

  13. Anyway, that’s all from me for a while. Keep that activism going lads. You’re changing the world.

  14. At least we are providinng TRUTH on this blog. David only pays homage to the word when uses it as a header.

  15. you continuously reinforce the impression that you are a callous, unthinking person

    1. Ready to join the Israeli firing-squads at the fence firing into crowds of demonstrators?

      Stripping nationhood from your non-Jewish citizens as Israel has done.

    2. Richard I take no pleasure in Jason’s demise. And I see no profit in besmirching his memory. However it is Scoffie that has set out to exploit his death. The analysis could not go unchallenged. Quite frankly Scoffie is one evil bastard

  16. In that case Stephen, you need to be more careful with your choice of words and the way you use them, to avoid creating the wrong impression

    1. You’re on the blog where wrong impressions are legion. David’s constant hasbara on the Labour Party and its leader is such.

      It’s his job.

      Funnily enough he’s changed his heading to emblazen the word ‘TRUTH’ up there. Hilarious.

    2. I am happy with my choice of words. Jason was a rabid racist. I merely am saying that I would not have gratuitously brought the matter up. But Scoffie gratuitously did. The truth matters

  17. If you sent links confirming your allegations, please resend them, as I would like to see the evidence

      1. Who is the one with the big mouth being a nuisance during a political march?

        1. Don’t worry Sharmuta, your hand mirror still tell you that you have the biggest mouth of them all.

      2. Dumb Bellamy, THANK YOU for this GREAT RESISTANCE Video!!!!

        Happy July 4th and Happy Nakba!

      3. Let me suggest the following counter protest chant…

        From the River to the Sea,
        Pal-e-STINE Will NEVER BE!

        Again, BIG THANKS to Dumb Bellamy for that wonderful video!

  18. I watched the video
    What was racist there
    Ne is no fan of Islam, but that does make him racist
    Islam is not a race, and has never been designated as one; either by its adherants, supporters and/or enemies and detractors.
    Islam has always been defined as a grouping of people, irrespective of race, colour or other factors, who believe in Allah and his messenger Mohammed, with the Quran and the Hadiths as their guiding texts.
    All the killings he mentions have been perpetrated by Muslims/Islamists
    So although his language may at times be intemperate, at no times can it be called racist no matter how you try to manipulate and twist the words

    And before you throw the usual canard about Jews not being a race; both adherants (but not all), supporters (again not all) and enemies/detractors (again not all) have on countless occassions called Jews a race (culminating in the Holocaust where the Nazis tried to eradicate the Jewish race by mass murder)

    And now we wait for Farmer to try dissemble facts by distorting history to say the intentional attempt to mass murder and erradicate the Jews was not Antisemetic Jew hate because millions of non-Jews were also murdered
    The Holocaust was particular to only the Jewish people, and in no way detracts from the genocidal horrors that the Nazis visited on the other countless million that were also mass murdered

    1. “So although his language may at times be intemperate, at no times can it be called racist no matter how you try to manipulate and twist the words”

      Calling synagogue leavers killers, murderers and thieves, reminding them that this is England and listing the number of innocent civilian deaths that have occured during the Gazan invasions would no doubt also be viewed by Mr. Galber as merely ” intemperate”. Certainly not racist.

    1. And YOU “Mike Farmer” are a part of the Axis of Sharmutas.

      Happy Fourth of July and Happy Nakba!

    1. Ah, Katie … the infamous racist.

      David will be shifting uncomfortably now having this displayed on his blog.

      David is a crusader(whoops) against racism. Aren’t you, David?

      1. Katie Hopkins is a publicity seeking, attention junkie.
        She is prepared to stir up any trouble as long as it gets her the attention she craves.
        I would love to see her starved of the oxygen of publicity so that she withers away and ends up in the dustbin of history, along with all the other anti-Muslim bigots and xenophobes, including you Edward, where they all belong.

        In the meantime I hope the Crown Prosecution Service is closely examining her videos, statements, and speeches with a view to prosecuting her for incitement if legally possible.

        1. Geraldo, Was Winston Churchill a racist, xenophobe?

          Without Winston Churchill (the Greatest Man of the 20th Century) leading Britain during WW2, where would the UK be today?

          And speaking of racists who should be starved of “oxygen”, you are blind to Jeremy Corbyn, Fascist Iran’s PressTV junkie George Gallowsway, and the many Fascist Laboor Party members who have been kicked out, temporarily, after all it’s just Jews they’re attacking.

          I’m sure Katie Hopkins would welcome an investigation by CPS. It would give her the spotlight and platform you wish to deny her.

          And two days from now is the 19th anniversary of the London 7/7 Underground and bus terrorist attack, perpetrated by radicalized, “militant” British Muslims..

          1. “And two days from now is the 19th anniversary of the London 7/7 Underground and bus terrorist attack”

            So the attacks took place on 7th July 2005, and two days from now 7th July 2019 is the 19th Anniversary?

            Was Winston Churchill a racist and Xenophobe? Yes without doubt. As an example look at his attitudes toward Indian independence.
            Was Winston Churchill the greatest man of the 20th Century? Definitely not.

          2. “As Colonial Secretary in the 1920s, he unleashed the notorious Black and Tan thugs on Ireland’s Catholic civilians, and when the Kurds rebelled against British rule, he said: “I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes…[It] would spread a lively terror.”

            Of course, it’s easy to dismiss any criticism of these actions as anachronistic. Didn’t everybody think that way then? One of the most striking findings of Toye’s research is that they really didn’t: even at the time, Churchill was seen as at the most brutal and brutish end of the British imperialist spectrum. Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin was warned by Cabinet colleagues not to appoint him because his views were so antedeluvian. Even his startled doctor, Lord Moran, said of other races: “Winston thinks only of the colour of their skin.”

            Many of his colleagues thought Churchill was driven by a deep loathing of democracy for anyone other than the British and a tiny clique of supposedly superior races. This was clearest in his attitude to India. When Mahatma Gandhi launched his campaign of peaceful resistance, Churchill raged that he “ought to be lain bound hand and foot at the gates of Delhi, and then trampled on by an enormous elephant with the new Viceroy seated on its back.” As the resistance swelled, he announced: “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.” This hatred killed. To give just one, major, example, in 1943 a famine broke out in Bengal, caused – as the Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen has proved – by the imperial policies of the British. Up to 3 million people starved to death while British officials begged Churchill to direct food supplies to the region. He bluntly refused. He raged that it was their own fault for “breeding like rabbits”. At other times, he said the plague was “merrily” culling the population.”

            Edward, Winston Churchill was a racist, imperialist, right-wing dick-head!
            I am not surprised that you would admire him.

            1. Also on a Churchill bashing website ….
              “After the war he was quick to invent the iron curtain as he started the cold war against his hated Bolsheviks despite the fact that they had been his greatest ally in defeating Hitler and his nazis.”

              The “iron curtain” was drawn across Europe by the Soviets. Churchill only invented the phrase.

              Makes me wonder just how much on these websites is true.

              Must smile at this though “… he was appalled that the Israelis “take it for granted that the local population will be cleared out to suit their convenience.””

          3. On the other hand, were it not for Churchill many, many more of Hitler’s ‘undesirables’ would have perished.

            When the US imposed sanctions on Iraq hundreds of thousands of its infants died as a result. When interviewed Madeline Albright (USgov.) stated that the sanctions were worthwhile.

            Currently the US has biting sanctions on Iran. Little heart there for its population.

            1. Sharmuta, Were it not for the bombing campaign by the USA on Nazi Germany, many, many more of Socialist SHlTlers ‘undesirables’ would have perished thanks to the Buzz bombs and V2 rockets raining on London.

              And the Brits rightly bombed the crap out of Dresden. Little Bit O’Payback.

              Sadaam and HAM-ASS, HezBola using Human Shields is a common tactic employed by your friends.

            1. “Davic has duped you.”

              Who is Davic?
              Why is he, or she, trying to dupe people?

              1. To make the gullible desert Labour and naintain this Tory gov. that currently appeases Israel. Plain as day.

  19. “Today, we hold in our thoughts those who lost their lives & were injured in the 7/7 attacks. The bravery & humanity of our emergency services and those, going about their daily lives, who ran towards danger was – and remains – humbling. We remember you with gratitude- Tony Blair”

    1. No mention of WHO the 7/7 suicide bombers were and what their background, what “community” they belonged to?

      What “phobia” is being swept under the rug???????

      Why should Tony Blair or anyone else be fearful of Facts?

      Man! The UK is F’d Up.

      1. Edward do not use this sad anniversary as an excuse to spew out your anti-Muslim bigotry. It is not necessary and is definitely not wanted.

        It is not the U.K. that is “F’d Up”, it is you and your bigoted and xenophobic kind.
        There is no place for you, or those like you, in any civilised society. You just befoul the atmosphere and bring shame on the cause you allege to support.

        You, Edward, are a poster boy for those who seek to attack Israel.

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