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Verifying BBC (Hamas) propaganda – presenting exhibit A

Bombshell exclusive: The BBC doesn’t just push Hamas propaganda. The BBC even gets a Hamas terrorist supporter to help write the story for them!

To say the BBC has been in trouble over their reporting of the conflict would be a grievous understatement. The BBC has rushed to present Hamas propaganda as news. It has relied on the words of terrorist supporters to create stories that demonise Israel. The immediate public outcry has been so bad that they had to publicly apologise twice when cornered. Since October 7 the BBC has sided with – and chosen to believe – a radical Islamic terror group over Israel – a democracy and staunch ally of the United Kingdom.

The BBC’s relentless obsession:

This article published yesterday is a perfect example of how the BBC goes out of its way to demonise Israel – and the means through which it does so. If ever BBC executives are forced to stand before a panel at an inquiry – this should be one of the articles they need to explain.

It seems so benign. A human interest story about Gazan footballers who have been trapped by the conflict and could not play in the Palestine v Australia World Cup qualifier that took place yesterday (Australia won 1-0):

The BBC is not a local town newspaper. When looking at an article such as this – we need to analyse the motivation behind it warranting exposure to the BBC’s massive audience. Did the BBC put a team on this because it was such an important story that it needed to be reported – or is another dynamic at work; are they scrambling around for stories that demonise Israel – and this article got the green light only because it could potentially tick so many anti-Israel boxes?

Time to have a closer look.

Test 1 – is the pillar of the story true

We have no way of fully verifying the story. And importantly – nor did the BBC. But we can look at the evidence available:

Three Gazan footballers were named.

  • Ibrahim Abuimeir(FB)
  • Ahmed Kullab (FB)
  • Khaled Al-Nabris (FB)

The BBC tells us that these three footballers ‘should have been training for the World Cup Qualifiers’ and we are then told that Ibrahim is described by his trainers ‘as one of the star defenders of the Palestinian team’,

Well that is a fact we can check. This is the number of times those three players have played for the Palestine National Team:

None of them have ever played for the national team at senior level before. It is true they have performed at the U-23 level – and are part of the set-up for next year’s olympics – but that is not the same thing. There is no evidence AT ALL – these players were all going to be called up for the world cup qualifiers. In fact – evidence was found to suggest they would NOT BE as Abuimeir only recently turned professional and remains part of the 2024 Olympic u23 plans.

There is more. The Palestinian team doesn’t play many youngsters. In the current squad only one player is under the age of 23 (naturally a forward). The squad has NO DEFENDERS under the age of 24 (also quite normal for anyone who understands football). Two of the trapped Gazan players are defenders. Abuimeir (just turned 21) and Kullab (Just turned 22).

The BBC argument is that these three extremely young players – all coincidentally trapped in Gaza –  none of whom have ever played for the national team before – were due to be in the World Cup squad. This story is nonsense.

We can say certainly that the description of Abuimeir in the headline as one of Palestine’s star defenders is *blatantly untrue*.

One other point of note. The BBC also relies on the words of Ehab Abu Jazar – a coach of the Palestinian team. This is what Abu Jazar posted on the morning of the 7th October. In this post he suggests that if someone does not see the events of Oct 7 as a great thing- then they are not really Palestinian. Perhaps FIFA need to look closely at him:

As nothing about the Hamas attack appears in the article – we have to conclude that the BBC journalists just forgot to ask his thoughts about the Hamas attack when they interviewed him.

The obvious conclusion is that this appears to be a typical fake news Palestinian story. Cleverly crafted – but falls at the first hurdle when checked for accuracy. How did it get through the BBC fact checkers? It seems obvious that there weren’t any.

Test 2 – the trojan horse

Having concluded that the pillar of the story is false – the next test is to identify the real message carried in the story. On the surface, this article is about the lack of movement of these footballers during a period of intense warfare. A little frustrating, but hardly a gamechanger. However, because it is not even true, the article was clearly designed to slip through other messaging. When it is read – it is obvious that the article sets out to demonise Israel.

The story tells us:

  • On October 30 Ibrahim had a narrow escape.
  • An air strike hit his neighbour’s home
  • The impact also destroyed Ibrahim’s house.
  • Seventeen of his neighbours were killed in the attack.
  • “My grandparents were injured. It took us two days to pull them out.”

This horrific detail is also added:

“We found only one of the bodies intact. The others were ripped apart. Two bodies are still under the rubble. We haven’t been able to dig them out. We’ve had to identify people from parts of their bodies,” Ibrahim told Amr Tabash, a freelance journalist working for the BBC in Gaza.”

None of this can be verified. The BBC has added all these details as fact, but we have nothing to suggest any of this story is true.  There is not a word of caution about ‘verifying’ anything anywhere in the BBC article.

Potentially these are false or exaggerated stories created to demonise Israel that have been placed on top of the main story – which itself does not appear to be true. It is time to look at the journalist.

Test 3 – the journalist

Incredibly it took five journalists to put together this nonsense; Yogita Limaye, Amr Tabash, Naomi Scherbel-Ball, Nathalie Jimenez and Haneen Abdeen. But the only one that matters – is the only one in Gaza. None of the others can do much but trust what they are being told (although any of them could have looked up the players stats at which point it would have been obvious something was wrong).

The name of the journalist in Gaza is Amr Tabash and he was working for the BBC:

So I did what the BBC should have done – and went looking to see what Amr Tabash is all about. I found his account and then emailed three of the BBC Journalists asking for them to confirm the identity. They never responded. In the end Tabash was contacted directly. And a short time ago – he confirmed on WhatsApp that he was the journalist who helped film the BBC piece.

This is what the BBC journalist posted (among several other posts that appear to be glorifying the terrorist attack) on October 7th:

This is what he posted on January 27 2023 – after news broke of a terrorist attack outside a synagogue in Jerusalem that saw seven Israelis murdered:

And on April 7 2022 as a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv unfolded:

This man was paid with your license fee. He was relied on by the BBC to create a story for them. They believe what he told them.

Tax funded pro-Hamas propaganda

There is not much to add here. The British public should not be paying a terrorist supporting Hamas journalist to spread Hamas lies under the umbrella of the BBC. While my research may have taken time to complete – it only took a matter of minutes to realise something was horribly wrong with the BBC article. It is clear they do no fact checking at all.

If you are not yet convinced there is something wrong with this situation – nothing will convince you. We have an institutional antisemitism problem at the BBC, and it needs urgent independent investigation.


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28 thoughts on “Verifying BBC (Hamas) propaganda – presenting exhibit A

  1. David, what a crying, carping heap of drivelling self pity you write to deflect from the genocide your psychopathic Zionist friends are committing in Palestine. You know more than most that the BBC goes out of its way to defend the racist, apartheid, terrorist State of Israel but because they do not overlay all their broadcasts with the star of Zionism, you find the most flimsy of excuses to criticise them in the hope that their already Israel friendly coverage will become even more pro Israel. You are so transparent.

    1. Jack T: (whining like a stuck pig) “See Abdul. See what I wrote on that ZioNazi blog to support you. I said ‘apartheid’ loads of times like I’m supposed to and was really snarky to those filthy Jooo-ish infidels. So please, DON’T KILL ME !!!”

        1. Jack T: ( white with fear, shreiking hysterically. A stream of piss pooling under him) “look, look Abdul. I even wrote that shit you like where you blame the victims for being victims. For fucks sake PUT THE KNIFE DOWN. I HATE JOOOS. I’M LIKE YOU”


        1. Jack T: (a battered mess on the ground with trousers ripped and bloodstained to the arse, although not sufficient to concern the UN Male Rape Council. Masked Mahdi Army minions looking on lgrinning into their GoPros) ” ….kill…the…nans…and Joooo….babies. Spare meeee…gurgle”.

          1. Ian, you have a serious and worrying obsession with sexual deviancy. I hope your local law enforcement agencies are aware of your predilections

            1. Scene: Midday on Luton High Street where several masked youths in “Mahdi Army is Mint” hoodies march towards the Al Johlsun Mosque to be met by cheering crowds handing out sweets. Behind them they drag a liberated Tesco trolley with a battered and bloody figure draped across the child seat with bloodstained rainbow T shirt proclaiming “Queers4Jenin say gas the Jooos” A faint guttural croak can just be heard.

              Jack T: ” Apar….teid…..Isray…el. ZioNa………..heeeeeeelp………me,…..”

              1. Leah, I’ve changed my mind, Ian is every bit as bad as you suspected. He obviously requires councelling to try and rid him of those apparitions he is having.

                1. Scene: Broad daylight on Luton High Street. Crowd of masked men and wimmin in burkhas hoot and holler as simpering white students of vegan origin, clearly bruised and bloodied are corralled into white vans and driven away to await fates unknown.

                  Abdul: “Dopey dhimmis. It’s not like we didn’t warn them all. Welcome to the caliphate of Hitchin you Muppets.”

                  Jack T: ” (gurgle) I’m…..a…..Musli….aaaagh”


    Can someone at BBC etc. explain the repeated weird and stupid complaint about only being able to go where IDF went ?

    So what? 

    And how does that disprove anything about Hamas’ Goliath underground?


    Behind the Blast Door: Hamas Terrorist Base Under a Hospital.

    Israel Defense Forces.

    Nov 22, 2023.

    IDF Spokesperson RAdm. Daniel Hagari reveals a hidden Hamas terrorism base beneath Gaza’s largest hospital—stark proof of Hamas’ direct threat to innocent lives.

    Israel Defense Forces @IDF:

    A first look into Hamas’ underground city, underneath the Shifa Hospital complex:

    Nov 22, 2023.

    ‘Post’ joins Israeli forces in Hamas’s Gaza tunnel underworld.

    Yonah Jeremy Bob.

    Jerusalem Post, November 22, 2023

  3. The BBC is basically dead now…

    They are finished

    As the unabashed apologists for terrorism (and anti Jewish hate) that they clearly are they can never be trusted again


    I have stopped paying my TV license and I would urge everyone to do the same

    1. BBC = Germany Calling and have been for years. I have been telling everyone that BBC are rabid antisemites since the 1980s.

  4. Amanpour selecting interviewees and desperately begging: please say “genocide” (On civilians uses by ‘Palestinian’ regime as shields)

    Longtime anti-Israel activist Christiane Amanoour, as part of demonizing Israel has also an obsession with semantics.

    At the time of protests against Judicial reform, Amanpour pressed at least one Israeli interviewee to use the T word – ‘totalitarian,’ in case reform goes through. But to her disappointment, it did not.

    Now, after Oct 7 atrocities by the Gaza fascist genocidal regime, who foresaw Israeli response and have always been using non -combatants to make sure they die, Ananpour knows all that, but her israelophobia virus has a particular obsession with name calling on the victim and only democratic entity in the region. The G word, bit, she is so desperate about that.

    So first she had Mr. Bartov on, and she tried to extract from him her desired slur, struggling, she kept pushing like, “when is going to be the line.. crossed” so it can finally–to her joy– be called that. But the real gist of lefty Bartov was that he is against certain people in the coalition and as soon as they are out. All is fine.

    Of the “amazing” points was, deeming “ethnic cleansing” on evacuating people so they’re not killed. What would anyone terming this as such, really prefer for those people to stay?

    But Amanpour didn’t give up, after Antonio Guterres was slammed for a lying post [] [] [] about “unprecedented” she found UN’s Griffiths still recycling Guterres pseudo line. She was so enthusiastic to post it on X.

  5. Thank you for your work! What haters are in the comments! Did you see the Israeli satire skits about the BBC?

  6. A Sky News reporter claimed that Israel released “children” – the Prime Minister’s spokesman attacked: “Do you even know what he was accused of?”

    Once again there was a storm on the broadcast of the important British network: Mark Regev did not remain indifferent to the problematic definition of the foreign reporter. Was he accused?”, and she admitted: “I don’t know”

    N12 |  25.11.23

    Once again an approach from the “Sky News” network is embarrassingly exposed in front of an Israeli official. Mark Regev, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s spokesman for foreign media, was interviewed by the British Broadcasting Network last night (Friday) and emphasized to the journalist interviewing Yalda Hakim the great difference between the Israeli abductees who were released from Hamas captivity – compared to the Palestinian prisoners who were released in exchange from prison in Israel. In response to Regev’s words, the interviewer was speechless and had difficulty responding.

    During the interview, Regev said to her: “It’s like you’re saying they released children and we released children. I don’t accept that, we have two, four, five and nine year old children here – how can you compare that to a 16 or 17 year old minor who is involved in a stabbing attack or Throwing a Molotov cocktail or other acts of violence? You can say women and minors, but comparing it to a two-year-old Israeli baby is an exaggeration.”

    The interviewer Hakim told him in response: “Yes, I understand what you are saying, but there is also a 14-year-old boy (a released Palestinian prisoner).” Regev immediately answered her: “What was he accused of? Do you know? Did you check? Did he stab someone or did he pass explosives?”, and the interviewer replied in response: “I don’t know.”

    Regev continued to emphasize to her the big problem in comparing the two cases – on the one hand Palestinian boys who committed terrorist offenses and acts of violence, and on the other hand helpless and innocent toddlers and children from Israel. Regev’s response left the interviewer confused and speechless for a few seconds.

    This is the second time in the last few days that an Israeli official reacts angrily to an outrageous statement by the presenters of the “Sky News” network. Two days ago, an excerpt from the conversation of Eilon Levy, a spokesman for the information system in the Prime Minister’s Office, was published,  who was stunned by a Sky News journalist’s question – whether the fact that Israel releases three Palestinians for every Israeli abductee indicates that Israel underestimates the importance of Palestinian lives compared to Israeli lives.
    [ Mako]

  7. ‘”Keep waving” – the instructions Hamas terrorists gave to the Israeli hostages are exposed… They tried to present themselves as humane and as if they were taking care of the hostages who love them – but these are cruel terrorists who make propaganda about the lives of our kidnapped civilians!’

  8. ANIMALISTIC CULT Arab ‘Palestinians’

    It’s out in the open, en masse, in public!

    Regarding the latest:

    2 men executed in West Bank for allegedly spying for Israel, as mob cheers
    Men’s bodies hung on an electricity pole and later dumped in the trash as crowds call ‘traitors’ and ‘Allahu Akbar’
    By TOI Sraff and AP
    25 Nov 2023, 12:59


    Flashback to:

    The 2000 Ramallah lynch

    Described by UK journalist:
    “They were like animals.”


    ‘Palestinians killing Palestinians’

    2002. Glenn Beck.

    Caution, graphic.

  9. It was very heartening to see over 100k people of all races and religions and political backgrounds marching against antisemitism in London on Sunday

    The Jew hating vermin that infest this message board (Jack T) must have hated it


    1. Funny how times change Ken. I went to one of these things in 2013 when I was back in England. Trafalgar Square I think and there were around 50K in the crowd. I remember the counter demo comprising around 12 simpering white students of vegan origin in the obligatory keffiyehs and “Pooftahs4Palestine” badges, surrounded by around 30 coppers. Of course those were the days before Arab activism had celebrity endorsement and trendy hashtags and when the Met police upheld the law.

      Very decent turnout this time. Played !!

  10. PBS News Hour, November 28, 2023.

    When Nick Schifrin reported, even while quoting Channel 13 interview with Mrs Munder, he failed to emphasize the CAGES part.

    His clip was also showing a woman in Gaza, the woman complained that “they treat us like animals.. they tell us to raise our hands and evacuate.”

    What does that even mean? What is “animals” about trying to save their lives?

    Women held hostage by Hamas in Gaza kept in cages – report.
    By Joanie Margulies. Published: November 28, 2023.


    It was not as bad as Leila Molana-Allen’s usual Israelophobic propaganda who white-washes Palestinian terror “resistance.”85-year-old

  11. The Source with Kaitlan Collins

    Henry Kissinger Has Died At Age 100; Less Than Three Hours Before Israel-Hamas Truce Expires; Israel Says It’s Assessing Hamas Claim That Youngest Hostage, a 10-Month-Old Boy, And Family Members Are No Longer Alive. Aired 9-10p ET

    Aired November 29, 2023 – 21:00 ET

    COLLINS: Thank you very much, Doctor.

    In addition to that, we showed you, last night, an 84-year-old grandmother. She was in a wheelchair. She was among the hostages who was being jeered, it appeared, by the crowds, in Gaza, as Hamas was handing them over, to the Red Cross. Her family is here next, to share what she has been through.



    COLLINS: As we’re waiting, right now, at this hour, to see if this temporary truce, between Israel and Hamas is going to expire, or whether or not it will be extended, what it’s supposed to do, at Midnight Eastern Time? There’s a tremendous amount of relief being felt, tonight, for the family of 84-year-old Ditza Heiman.

    She was one of the 10 Israeli hostages, released yesterday. You saw her, in that video. She was the one in the wheelchair. And now, her family is learning details, about what her time was like, as a hostage of Hamas.

    Joining me now is Ditza’s grandson-in-law, Asaf Zohar.

    And thank you so much for being here. ASAF ZOHAR, WIFE’S 84-YEAR-OLD GRANDMOTHER RELEASED BY HAMAS: Thank you.

    COLLINS: How is she doing, tonight?

    ZOHAR: Physically, she’s doing OK. And we are extremely relieved that she is doing OK. Because, when we saw, the images of her, in a wheelchair, that was heartbreaking, because Ditza was never ever in a wheelchair.

    She’s an 84-years-old, extremely proud person. And she’s independent, and she’s living on — living on her own. She cooks for herself. She cleans for herself. She used to play the host for all 25 of us, when we showed up at her house.

    COLLINS: Yes, I loved those photos of everyone having a meal together.

    I mean, but you’re hearing more about what she went through? I know it’s not — you know, it’s a slow process. But what have you heard from her?

    ZOHAR: The story is coming out of her very, very slowly. And she keeps telling us that it’s her story to tell. So, the only thing that we can tell, for now, is that she thinks she was up in an attic, for quite a while. And she was away from everybody else. She was being held isolated from everybody else.

    But I got to tell you that the amazing thing about Ditza, that the story that Ditza is telling is the story of 240 other hostages that have been taken. And when you say these words, the hostages that have been taken, it doesn’t even — it doesn’t even begin to describe what really happened there. It’s just a crime against humanity.

    And when you say a crime against humanity, you actually mean that they are taking an 84-years-old grandmother, from her home, in a kibbutz? That is, I can’t even explain to you how easygoing the kibbutz was.

    You go into the kibbutz, and everything is green, and everything is nice. And you live right next to Gaza Strip. And you try to imagine that it’s a peaceful place.

    And then, this happens, on October 7th, which explains to you that these guys, who live across the fence from us are just savages. There’s no other way to describe the amount of pain that we are experiencing, right now, as a nation.

    Yes, I’m her grandson-in-law, and I experience this pain very, very personally. But I also lost 17 friends. 17 of my friends are dead, right now, because of that attack. And four of my friends are still being held hostage. Yosef (ph), his two sons and his daughter –>

    COLLINS: Yes.

    ZOHAR: — are still being held in Gaza Strip. And we don’t even know what’s going on with him.

    So these crimes are crimes against me. They’re crimes against you. They are crimes against entire the State of Israel and humanity.

    COLLINS: And you mentioned the kibbutz, and what life is like there. These are like villages, where it’s very familial, everyone knows everyone. And a lot of Gazans worked there. And there was, I mean, this was more of a left-leaning community than what you see. I think that’s something that people outside of Israel may not know.

    But you talked about your grandmother that Ditza was released. But she doesn’t have a home to go to.

    ZOHAR: That’s one of the things that you have to tell your grandmother. How do you tell your grandmother that she doesn’t have a home to go back to? Many of them —

    COLLINS: Did she know about the full scope of what had happened to her home?

    ZOHAR: We haven’t talked about that yet because it’s very emotional. I mean, you are talking about an entire community that’s just gone. And there are several communities there that are gone right now.

    I’m talking to my friends, on October 7th. I was talking to my friends, to three families. One of them has been murdered, as we were talking, on WhatsApp, texting each other back and forth.

    COLLINS: Wow.


    ZOHAR: Some of them are hiding in the attic, waiting for this to be over. Some of them were in a bomb shelter, telling me that there are grenades thrown at the door. And I can’t believe what I’m reading, and I’m texting back, and I’m trying to talk to them, and I’m trying to call them.

    And one of them, Mae (ph) and Liz (ph), were actually murdered, as we were talking. And then, her sister is writing to me, “They have been shot. They have been killed.” Their 7-years-old daughter is hiding in a closet, right now, texting me that “Mom and dad have been shot.”

    COLLINS: Wow.

    ZOHAR: And this has been going on everywhere, in Holit, Nir Yitzhak, I can tell you all these weird names of these kibbutzim. But you have to understand that these small communities have been trying to live, next to Gaza Strip, and have been trying to make a living, right next to the Palestinians, and trying to trade and trying to

    COLLINS: Yes.

    ZOHAR: Like you said, Palestinians were working there, with them together.

    COLLINS: That’s just heartbreaking. We’re glad that she’s safe. But I know it’s a long road ahead.

    ZOHAR: Yes.

    COLLINS: Thank you for coming, to share what that’s been like for her.

    ZOHAR: Thank you.

    COLLINS: And obviously, we’re keeping her in our thoughts.

    A lot more to come, on what the experience has been like, for many more of them. We’ll be back in just a moment.



    COLLINS: Thank you so much, for joining us, from Tel Aviv.


  12. Biased coverage example: NBC Nightly News 12/2/23

    Saying that Palestinians were killed in the south where IDF told them to evacuate to without adding the Dec-1 update that the IDF distributed a detailed msp with specific safe zones – is outrageous.

    By ignoring routinely Hamas or PIJ commanders eliminated, the coverage makes it appear that only on conbatabare killed.

    Moreover, by omitting finding weapons at UNRWA and in houses, it absolves the dead-baby strategy orchestrators at Palestine Hamas jihad health-ministry.


    IDF providing information to Gazans on how to move to safety
    IDF publishes interactive map to allow Gaza residents ot orient themselves, evacuate from specific locations if necessary.
    Israel National News, Dec 1, 2023, 10:22 AM (GMT+2)

    IDF Publishes Interactive Map Showing Gazans the Quickest Routes to Safe Zones.
    The Media Line Staff, 12/01/2023

    To help reduce the number of civilian casualties, the IDF has published a map of alert zones within the Gaza Strip that are intended to help Gazans locate safe regions while following the Israeli army’s instruction to evacuate specific areas in Gaza as fighting between Israel and Hamas resumes. The cease-fire came to an end on Thursday night after Israel charged the terrorist group with violating the terms of the agreement by firing rockets.


    Aviva Klompas @AvivaKlompas:
    According to an Israeli official, Hamas didn’t want to release the remaining female hostages because it doesn’t want them speaking publicly about what they have endured.

    Imagine what that means.
    Dec 1, 2023


    Hamas commander who killed six soldiers in Protective Edge
    Israel National News
    Dec 2, 2023, 9:58 PM

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