Cambridge University event plugs Steven Sizer group

On 29 Nov, I spent 90 very-long minutes watching an anti-Zionist event at Cambridge. The event was advertised by the Cambridge Faculty of History. The title was ‘Jewish Solidarity with Palestinians: Antizionism, Activism and Liberation for All’.

In the middle of an awful episode in Jewish history – academics at Cambridge decided to bring together some of the fringe Jews that stand with antisemitic haters – so as to provide an orgy of lies, misinformation, and raw anti-Israel hatred.

Our Host – Dr Hana Morgenstern

Toxic events such as this only make it into the university space because of sympathetic faculty members. In this case it was Dr Hana Morgenstern. She is an Associate Professor in Postcolonial and Middle Eastern Literature at Cambridge. She was the only one at the event who didn’t actually speak, but her presence as the facilitator was her gift to the anti-Zionist world. Without her, there is no platform for this event.

I have previously discussed this issue of academic clones, with some campus spaces becoming conveyor belts for a series of anti-Zionist academics. Morgenstern achieved her PhD at Brown, and the acknowledgements section in her thesis is full of gushing praise for anti-Zionist academics such as Professor Ariella Azoulay. She was radicalised in the academic space and now she seeks to radicalise others. Morgenstern is a product of the demise of western academia.

Morgenstern recently signed a letter ‘from within the location of British imperial complicity, that opposed ‘Israeli settler colonial dispossession, ethnic cleansing, military occupation and apartheid’. The letter – signed by lots of brain-dead students and academics, even includes a reference to the bombing of al-Ahli al-Arabi Hospital, which as we all know – was caused by an Islamic Jihad rocket. Still, modern academia has little need for things such as facts anymore, and I am sure that the University of Cambridge is immensely proud that their academics are busy signing such nonsense.

Bottom line – if I was a Jewish student who needed Morgenstern’s academic approval to succeed – I would be both intimidated and scared. Such is the life of Jewish students these days. As it is, she helped put together an event that for an evening at least, turned Cambridge into a sewer of anti-Jewish hatred.

Speaker One – Emily Hilton

EmilyHilton spoke first – and with a ten-minute time slot, overran by about ten minutes. It is a thing with these people. Failing to realise most of their audience are excitable Jew haters who can never get enough, they begin to actually believe they have something important to say. The result? In a closed academic space Hilton drones on about absolutely nothing for far longer than anyone wanted her to.

Emily Hilton co-founded Na’amod. Hilton was once one of the key faces of Yachad  She was even listed in one of Jewish News’ young people to watch in 2017.

This has always been my key argument against the far-left groups such as Yachad. The problem is not in the theory. I am sure – wrong as she is – that Hannah Weisfeld’s (founder of Yachad) personal political ideology was built upon seemingly rational ground. The problem is that they take this naive nonsense and pass it on to children without providing those kids with the Zionist backbone needed to absorb and contextualise relentless criticism of Israel. We end up with those like Emily Hilton – an anti-Zionist who proudly stands at demonstrations organised by the Muslim Association of Britain. In this image she is surrounded by Jewish Voice for Labour and 10,000s people singing from the river to the sea. This is where the stars of Yachad end up.

Do not underestimate how dangerous Na’amod has become. They are currently recruiting amongst Jewish children throughout the country. Just a few days ago on X they had a friendly exchange with the Muslim Association of Britain.

The MAB are led by Anas Altikriti and Obada Sawalha. Altikriti is the founder of the Cordoba Foundation – described as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. Obada Sawalha is the eldest son of Muhammad Kathem Sawalha – an ex Hamas chief and long term ally of Altikriti.

These are the people Na’amod now hang out with. And Cambridge University is helping to provide Na’amod with a platform.

Speaker Two – Julia Bard

The list of speakers could have been pulled from an event five years ago. Anti-Zionist Jewry is a fringe and we see the same faces over and over again. A tiny group of people who have no influence beyond their use to antisemites. The second speaker, Julia Bard (Jewish Socialists’ Group) is a perfect example of this.

Bard’s talk was almost all about the Bundists – a left wing Jewish ideology that arose around the same time as Zionism. She tells everyone that Zionism wasn’t always the majority view – and there was once a large group of Jews – who believed that they could live wherever they were in peace. The largest of these groups were in Poland. Needless to say that they almost all died in the Holocaust. Except Bard leaves that part out of her speech.

Bard has been pushing the same empty sales routine for decades. But Bundism died in the furnaces of Auschwitz and the weakness in her argument is too easily spotted.

Speaker Three – Haim Bresheeth

In truth, Bresheeth is the reason I put aside time during the war with Hamas to write this article. He is by far the most toxic member of the event. Bresheeth has even spoken at the Al Quds day event – the Ayatollah’s flagship day of hate.

Bresheeths’ history is long. He help found a group called Jewish Network for Palestine (JNP). His main coordinator David Cannon, is a rabid conspiracy theorist and antisemite.

The last time Bresheeth founded an anti-Zionist ‘Jewish’ group -he platformed Lenni Brenner at the inaugural event. Brenner and his Nazi – Zionist theory are behind the antisemitic bunkum Ken Livingstone felt compelled to air.

His new group JNP was set up with several non-Jews such as Elleanne Green (founder of the toxic Palestine Live Facebook group) in the steering committee. In its opening meeting it was taking directives from the Islamic Human Rights Commission – the group behind the Iranian backed Al Quds marches in the UK.

This relationship between the IHRC and Bresheeth is important. In 2022 a new group ‘Convivencia‘ was founded. It presents itself as an interfaith group. There are three forces behind it – Haim Bresheeth (Jewish Network for Palestine), Mr. Massoud Shadjareh (Islamic Human Rights Commission, and Revd. Dr. Stephen Sizer (Peacemaker Trust).

  • A pretend Jewish group run by an antisemite
  • An Iranian backed Islamist group
  • Stephen Sizer – disgraced ex vicar banned from the Church for his conspiracy theories and antisemitism

And Bresheeth plugged this movement during his talk at Cambridge.

Which means that a group Stephen Sizer founded was plugged at this Cambridge University event. How on earth was this ever allowed to happen?

Speaker Four – Barnaby Raine

Barnaby Raine reminds me of Ben White in that he speaks quickly and wraps lots of intellectual sounding gobbledegook into his talks. But when you dissect what is actually being said there is little actual substance and a lot of false logical positions.

Raine cherry-picks and like most anti-Zionists he relies on flattening history – using examples out of time and place. Anti-Zionism in 1924 is not the same as anti-Zionism in 1949 – just as Zionist thought in 1895 and Zionist thought in 1955 are arguing against different realities.

Raine’s speech on the night was built around antisemitism *only* really existing in the form which suits him (the racialised antisemitism of the Nazis). In this manner he can conveniently solve it by simply fighting the far-right. This attitude just weaponises antisemitism for his own political purpose and does little to help actually defend Jews from those that seek them harm.

To create a post Holocaust anti-Zionist argument, Raine butchers history. In his twisted world his logic results in him describing the crowds of Islamists calling for Jihad as todays ‘semites’ (the downtrodden) which means those that oppose them (us) become the new Nazis.

He ends by calling on Israelis to cease to be Israelis (an end to Israel) and just becoming citizens of a cosmopolitan society. The totally delusional nonsense of the hard-left.

And then thankfully it was over.


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65 thoughts on “Cambridge University event plugs Steven Sizer group

    1. Well i suppose that would be a 4 year old’s understanding of what David has written. For us grown ups it’s a bit more than that

    2. Hey Rabby Gabby.

      In the post above is the IHRC, antisemites, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas…

      Is there any Jew hating group you won’t turn up here to defend?

        1. Na’amod literally went on a demonstration organised by the MAB.
          They literally sat on a platform alongside Bersheeth who speaks at AlQuds day and creates groups with the IHRC and Sizer
          Na’amod literally retweeted the MAB…

          Not sure exactly what part of this you are having difficult understanding. I didn’t place Na’amod there – they have done it to themselves.

            1. Now I am having real trouble understanding you.

              1. Are you saying that people can help, support, assist, befriend, associate with etc etc etc a terror group – and as long as they do not actually carry out a terror act themselves – then that is okay.

              Not sure the police would agree with you at all.

              2. And I have see you for years try to no platform and smear people based on the fact someone unsavoury was present. Na’amod literally went on an MAB march. MAB are the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK.

              Why are you here defending them?

              1. I’m defending them because they’re passionate and principled Jews, and the fact that they sometimes do and say things you disagree with (and indeed things I disagree with) doesn’t mean they deserve to have to deal with the sort of (often antisemitic) bullying you promote via the comments section on your screeds, David.
                There are real baddies out there but you fixate on a small group of practising Jews young enough to be your kids. Presumably it’s because they’re a soft target so going after them helps you work through the feelings of powerlessness you experience.

                1. You are having a laugh aren’t you my dear Gabby

                  You are protecting Jews that align and associate with the Muslim Association of Britain. As Israel mourns – you come to protect those who stand with those who hate us.

                  But you see them as principled. And come here to defend them. Tells everyone all they need to know.

                  And don’t pretend they are kids. The Roisers aren’t kids. Hilton isn’t a kid. Abrams isn’t a kid. These are the people who put it together. You use cheap tactics to try to smear – but it won’t work with me. I see you Gabby. We all know what you are.

                  1. Actually, I said that most Na’amodniks (including Emily Hilton, who you wilfully misnamed throughout your blogpost, just like you wilfully misname me, which again I take to be some sort of perverted power game) are young enough to be your kids.

                    1. You are protecting Jews that align and associate with the Muslim Association of Britain. Scary thing is Gabby, you’d rather stand with them than people like me. You’d rather see them platformed – and work to convince people not to platform those like me.. etc etc

                      You are protecting Jews that align and associate with the Muslim Association of Britain.

                    1. You come to my blog and accuse me of stalking you? Malign? Abuse? Honestly Gabby do these arguments actually make sense to you in your head?

                    1. Why do you come to my website continually and then disgracefully accuse me of stalking you? Why do you abuse and malign and then play victim?
                      Why do you claim to support free speech but work to no platform those you politically disagree with?

                      Do you think your actions here are worthy or deserving of respect?

                      Also – while I am throwing questions at you that you are never going to answer, here is another one-

                      Why do you protect Jews that align and associate with the Muslim Association of Britain – who are seriously bad guys….

                    1. So after David comprehensively dismantles your entire argument your only comeback is to bleat about him misspelling your name?

                      That’s not childish at all is it?


  1. Going to these meetings is something that takes guts and willpower. The most challenging part about it all is the ‘jews’ who legitimate the philosophy and actions of groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
    Between these ‘jews’ and the likes of Naturei Karta they create spaces that give the anti-Jewish Antisemitic bigots oxygen to espouse their views with an aura of respectability.
    Thanks for your hard work and iron constitution

  2. oh come off it Gabriel

    When someone shills for terrorists, that is the Hamas Charter openly call for the murder of the Jews and the destruction of Israel, then they may not be complicit in the action but will be complicit in encouraging said actions.
    And if anybody denies the pure evil of the terrorism that Hamas effected on 7th October, and then claim they are ‘jews’, they should be excommunicated from the tribe because they are no longer Jews
    After reading your posts here I’m, no longer in whgich camp you have tossed your cap

  3. Gabriel, please tell me how Na’amod practice Judaism. Honest question, because I find it very difficult to understand how ‘jews’ that offer support to organisations that emphatically call for the murder of Jews can actually be called practicing ‘jews’

    1. I mean, attending synagogue, lighting Shabbat candles weekly, hosting and/ or attending sedarim, and, in at least one case, being a full-time congregational rabbi, are generally regarded as forms of Jewish practice.

  4. Maybe, but in my opinion supporting organisations that call for the murder of Jews, and desecrating Judaism by holding a shiva for people that were trying to murder Jews, is not in any way the actions of religious Jews. And I put Naturei Karta in the same package. All they do is give cover to anti-Jewish Antisemitic racist bigotry

      1. Free speech is a Jewish value?

        Again you are having a laugh. You have actively tried to no platform Jews whose views you disagree with. Haven’t you Gabby?

  5. I think saying kaddish for Hamas is more than inappropriate.
    Have you read the Hamas Charter which is truly a blueprint and call for the genocide of the Jewish people.
    If Jews can support Hamas they are truly beyond the pale and do not deserve the right to call themselves Jews

      1. I see that our comedy cleric (wouldn’t want to willfully misname him and get him all weepy), is back here doing his media response tactics.

        Frankly, if he was to suffer the fate of many apostates and dhimmis at the hands of the Mahdi Army (Hove Chapter) and be force-fed his appendages after they had been separated from the Mother Ship, I doubt that many would lose much sleep.

        However, what does bother me is that I have Jewish friends and family in Brighton and I am concerned that his eccentric behaviour as an imagined representative of members of that community may cause them and other Jews there to be placed in harms way. He may want to reflect on this before he makes his next round of puerile ejaculations.

          1. More online response tactics from our Comedy Cleric I see. Note the speed of reaction, almost like he’s checked all his “email me new comments” boxes to get here even faster.

            Such a self absorbed cry baby. Like anyone gives a single shit about his fate when the Masked Mahdi Marauders come a calling on the Infidel.

            Despite his silliness, I do think it is legitimate to post my concerns for my Jewish family members in his area who are likely to be placed in harms way as a result of his ill-advised utterances.

            1. Yes Ian

              We all saw what happened to inhabitants of those kitbbutzim close to the Gaza border

              Left wing peaceniks who once gave up their spare time to help Gazans get to their places of work in Israel all murdered in the most savage and brutal ways imaginable


              I think the moral of this story is that when someone tells you repeatedly that they want to murder you and everyone like you it’s probably best to believe them?


  6. Come off it Gabriel, of course they support Hamas otherwise why would they have desecrated the Jewish religion by saying kaddish for a Hamas organised and executed operation.
    Please stop trying to be stupid, because although I don’t agree with you I don’t think you are stupid

    1. The problem is, Richard, that that isn’t what they did. That’s the inaccurate way in which people in your circle like to describe what happened.
      Actually, these people (and this was before Na’amod was founded, by the way) said Kaddish for all the Palestinians who were killed by Israeli forces during the Gaza border protests.
      It was in no sense a ‘Kaddish for Hamas’. That’s a misrepresentation.
      You can read more about the actual event here:

      1. More disingenuous nonsense from our Comedy Cleric. This sort of toss comes from the same stable as “Jihad actually refers to a period of quiet reflection” and “From the River to the Sea” was just the Jordanian entry in the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest.

        The ex- Yachad child of my friend was there and she confirmed to me that the Kaddish for Hamas was a 100% a stunt conceived as an extreme provocation of their Zionist opponents. One imagines that our rather childish contributor is well aware of this but needs to deflect faster than the flippers on a pinball machine.

        1. Can everyone please stop posting responses to Gabby.
          He is deliberately trying to goad you into replying – and then sending me defamation notices.
          As I do not know who any of you are in real life – it is a complete waste of time – but this is what he does.
          For now I am removing his posting priviledges.
          He is what he is.

  7. As I said before, and I say it again; stop being stupid.
    It was a Hamas organised and Hamas executed operation trying to breach Israels border.
    It was Hamas and if you refuse to recognise that then you to can be potentially classed as a Hamas sympathiser or a mindless progressive western ‘useful idiot’ that is unable to distinguish between naked anti-Jewish Antisemitism and naked anti-Jewish Antisemitic anti-Zionist bigotry.

  8. Do please read my posts properly before making facile and silly comments.
    I used the word ‘potentially’ because I only know of you from a string of rather silly posts about Hamas and the ‘jews’ that appear to offer Hamas support

  9. Hamas’ fake numbers VS its attempt to massacre some 12,000

    Noted blogger exposes:

    Proof that Gaza Health Ministry just makes casualty statistics up.

    While true numbers:

    ‘More than 11,500 rockets launched at Israel since Oct. 7’.
    December 4, 2023 / JNS.

    Failing in attempting to slaughter some 12,000 (because of Israel’s defense systems), does not make the Gaza health ministry’s regime less genocidal.

  10. Regarding Oct/31-Nov/4 poll where most Arab “palestinians” support the Oct.7.23 atrocities…

    Nothing has changed since the February 1941 first poll (by Sari Sakakini) among Arabs in mandatory Palestine , whereby 88% supported Hitler, the Nazis.

    Arabism is racism.
    Islamism is bigotry.

    The dual intolerant war on the ‘other’ i.e. Israel = mostly non-Arab, non-Muslim.

  11. UN’s chief biased-with-a-vengeance like radical racist Arab Omar Shakir ‘bigot with a vengeance’?

    Remember longtine anti-israel activist Omar Shakir, since at least 2010 as he called for the extinction of the State of Israel , who was expelled from Israel on 2019 and three years later abused the HRW to promote his “apartheid” slur (by misrepresenting facts and changing its original definition)?

    Described as a bigot with a vengeance.


    Now, let’s ralk about the UN.

    Not that the UN wasn’t extremely biased against Israel for decades (hijacked by Arab Islamic large bloc, and more).

    But recapping the Oct 7 atrocities/ Swords of Iron highlights:


    Anger at Antonio Guterres for stating the “Palestinian” Oct 7 unprovoked attack atrocities on civilians “did not occur in a vacuum.”
    Called by some a ‘terror apologist.’

    Israel even demanded UN chief resign.

    Then in early November:
    ‘UN’s Guterres spreads Hamas lies to the point of complicity in terror.’

    Weeks later, after posting: “unprecedented” – he was ‘caught in a lie, slammed by users.’

    December 4:

    Israel accused the UN during the special session of moving too slowly to address reports that the terror group unleashed sexual violence as a weapon of war in its attack.

    Two days later, Dec 6:
    Israel revokes UN so-called “Humanitarian” Coordinator’s visa. Taking issue with Lynn Hastings position concerning Hamas’s October 7 infiltration of southern Israel, where it killed over 1,200 people and seized some 250 hostages.

    Hours after that, Guterres moves to extra ordinary measures:

    Israeli Foreign Minister:
    “Guterres’s tenure is a danger to world peace. His request to activate Article 99 and a call for a cease-fire in Gaza, constitutes support for the terrorist organization Hamas, and an inspiration for the murder of the elderly, the kidnapping of babies, and the rape of women. Those who support world peace must support the liberation of Gaza from Hamas.”

  12. BBC won’t report on:

    * Israel’s steps protect Gaza.
    * Hamas firing from hunanitarian zone * BBC deemed bias – poll.

    77% of British Jews say BBC biased against Israel during war.
    Israel National News
    Dec 7, 2023, 6:56 PM


    Watch: Hamas terrorists fire anti-tank missiles from civilian areas
    IDF troops directed a precise aerial strike against the cell. All of the terrorists in the cell were eliminated.
    Israel National News, Dec 7, 2023, 5:49 PM (GMT+2)


    IDF: Hamas launches rockets from within humanitarian zones
    Israel National News
    Dec 7, 2023, 11:52 AM


    Blinken: Israel is taking important steps to better protect civilians
    Israel National News
    Dec 7, 2023, 6:52 AM

  13. To Gabriel Kanter-Webber. Why are you so enthusiastic on the anti Jewish genocidal side – routinely.

    Show us one post you wrote here FOR Jews’ lives sake “rAbBI”?

    Happy Hannukkah to all who care for Jewish lives, rights!

  14. Happy Hanukkah everyone


    Praying for peace in the Jewish state and everywhere else too


  15. At the wave of “protests” – cloaked as “pro palestine, and some hypocritially talk about ‘racism.’

    The conflict in the ME is about the dual-intolerance, ethnic/religious: Arab racism and Islamic bigotry against the mostly non Arab non Muslim ‘other’ in their midst. Especially since the Nov 1913 hate poem by an Islamic Sheikh in the newspaper Falastin (Filastin, which caused Ottoman authorities to ban it). Then came the 1920s massacres incited by al-Husseini who invented the genocidal cries “abakh Al yahud”

    I copy here what someone posted a month ago:

    David Shor @DYShor Nov 9, 2023:
    I’ve seen HUNDREDS of marches by pro-Hamas folks in front of synagogues, Jewish homes, schools and institutions, in all big cities.

    I’ve yet to see a SINGLE pro-Israel march in front of a single mosque or Muslim institution. NOT ONE.

    Tell me again who’s facing hate.


  16. David, Im already on your email list.

    I noticed today that the BBC online coverage of Israel & Gaza credits a familiar name as their man in Gaza.

    He is named as Adnan El-Bursh.
    I recalled your recent article on Al Shifa medical staff & their attachment to Hamas.
    In another tweet from you on X you wrote of Dr Adnan Al-Borsh wo was Chief of Ortho at Al Shifa.

    Call me cynical but I’m aware that slight spelling changes in names is not uncommon in Gaza.
    I suspect that the BBC’s new man in Gaza is the former Chief of Ortho at Al Shifa.

    Your resources & skills are better than mine so I pass this on in good faith for you to do what you will with it.

    Thanks as always.

    1. Thx John… Funny, I was dealing with this a couple of days ago. You are absolutely right – the spelling of names – even the spelling of Mohammed, Mohamed, Muhammad, etc is used (I believe sometimes deliberately) to hide behind… Pretty certain they are different – but it is still on my ‘must be 100% certain list…

  17. My favorite memories of Sizer (not using the word “favorite” the way someone like Barnaby Jonesing would): slowly realizing he’d destroyed his career as a clergyman by sharing a Jews-did-9/11 post and then demanding “proof” that he was wrong, and then getting fired when he finally pissed off the CoE leadership too much to support; inadvertently proving that the Church of Scotland did a (grudging but real) good job in de-shitting a paper about how to marginalize Jews; and him looking in every pic that’s taken like he’s in day 8 of severe constipation.


    [CBS’ Charlie] D’agata: The UN has said repearedly there is no safe zone in Gaza. Your answer to them?

    IDF: ‘There is.’

    D’Agata: The Israeli military insists that they’ve assured safe passage of aid, but trucks are lined up on Egypt’s side of the Rafah crossing, waiting to cross.

    IDF’s Elad Goren: And we want to increase the humanitarian assistance. Now if the UN tomorrow will come to us and say, we need 300 trucks, they will get 400 trucks.

    So how do you move trucks in a conflict zone?

    IDF’s Elad Goren:
    Rafah is a big place. There is a corridor. And this corridor we are not attacking. So they can move inside that corridor.

    There is a different battle here between Israel and the UN, and again, it’s civilians, who are caught in the middle.

    And tonight, the Israeli military report that two soldiers were seriously wounded in a failed attempt to rescue a hostage, several kidnappers were killed…

    12/8: CBS Evening News

  19. Nov 2023.
    Non-Zionist (visibly) Hassidic Jews, passing by on 2nd Av Brooklyn, NY, were shouted upon by Arabs: “adbakh al Yahud” and something about filastin. The Jews ignored them.

  20. ‘Anti-Zionist Jews are a fringe’ Yes,, but they are a growing fringe now that many Jews are coming to realise they have been conned into believing that Zionism has any part in Judaism.

    Now is the time of year to again remind Zionist racists that Jesus was a Jewish Palestinian. Happy Christmas.

    1. Coincidentally, I saw one of those interweb films taken in a shopping mall in Vancouver, or Toronto about this. It featured a lovely little nativity scene with some mums and nans taking their little kids to see Santa. Then, about 300 masked blokes swarmed in with their box fresh keffiyehs accompanied by a few dozen fellow travellers of vague sexuality and vegan origin and began terrorizing the shoppers and the little kids, threatening the few policemen with extreme violence and death whilst screaming “Jesus was a Palestinian”.

      As I watched the gratuitous violence and the vicious hatred, I questioned which braindead dickheads were stupid enough to fall in line with these savages…….and then along comes Jack.

      ‘Nuff said.

      1. That’s a hell of an imagination you’ve got there Ian. Violence and sexual innuendo appear to be prominent in your psyche, but there again, you are a Zionist! – Nuff said.

        1. Tore yourself away from your nan and the Strictly Christmas Special for a bit of festive Jew hate, Jack? Good for you.

          Think on though lad. Chattin’ bollox on social media is one thing; being a Western whitey when these masked muzzie maniacs are on the prowl in your towns and cities is another. Mind how you go.

  21. Thanks for your concern Ian but I’m more concerned about the damage to world peace that Zionist bigots are causing, than anything else. Bet you never thought you would be on the side of those who have murdered at least 30,000 innocent people did you?

    1. 30,000 ?? Do me a favour Jack It’s at least 268,000 according to Hamas, 99.9% of them being little kids under the age of 6. Get your facts straight lad.

  22. JackT Our resident Antisemite

    Not very clever are you JackT.
    Firstly, look in the dictionary for the meaning of ‘murder’,and you will notice that it refers to premeditated and intentional killing; also known as mens rhea. That certainly does not apply here, where a war is underway against a group of Nazi terrorists who embed themselves in and under Palestinian civilian communities and fight in civilian clothes.
    Secondly, maybe you would be so kind as to show where you found your casualty figures and where they have been verified by independent sources other than the Hamas health ministry

  23. JackT Our resident anti-Jewish Antisemite

    Now you are trying to internationalise your animus towards Jews by saying that a religous Jew living in the Kingdom of Judea, ruled by King Herod during the Roman occupation, was a subject of a nonexistent Palestinian state.

    Nowhere in the Christian Bible narrative of the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ is there any mention of this mythical state of Palestine.

    As the saying goes, ‘You’re entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to your own truth’
    Instead of trying to justify Muslim anti-Jewish Antisemitism, go and get a life.

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