The Jerusalem declaration on antisemitism harmful to Jews

The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism – harmful to Jews

In reality, all this definition does is allow antisemites to get away with abusing Jews.

Recently a definition of antisemitism called the Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism was published. It presents itself as an alternative to the internationally accepted IHRA definition.

The birth of the Jerusalem Declaration

The seeds of the Jerusalem Declaration were planted in London and Germany. In the UK, there was the government-encouraged adoption of the IHRA by several universities, most notably UCL in London. In Germany, the Government has been restricting BDS activity, designating the movement antisemitic, and withdrawing all financing for groups that promote the boycott of Israel. This gave rise to a movement of academics that sought to oppose the move.

The reason the adoption at UCL is so important is that after it was adopted, several academics launched a fightback. The UCL Academic Board (the body of UCL academics) met and rejected the IHRA, demanding that the university ‘replace it.’

The key organiser of the UCL academic pushback was Seth Anziska. Anziska is an academic protege of Rashid Khalidi, a former spokesperson for the PLO in Beirut:

Anziska is a revisionist historian. He also spent some time in Beirut and his writing is just a list of attacks on Israel in academic prose. When Khalidi’s own credentials were attacked, it was Anziska who came to his defence. This means that the person who led UCL’s examination of the IHRA definition of antisemitism, spent years being academically shaped by an ex-PLO spokesperson.

The main problem with UCL’s pushback was that there was no alternative to the IHRA definition for UCL to adopt in its place – so it seems Seth Anziska made it his business to help create one. The result is the Jerusalem Declaration.

Like most hard-left propaganda exercises, they manipulate the title to add a faux legitimacy – ‘Jerusalem’ has very little to do with it – but it sounds Jewish and authoritative.

The Jerusalem Declaration

The declaration has its own website, which was purchased just three weeks ago. It sets out to be used in place of the IHRA definition. This is from the preamble:

‘We propose our non-legally binding Declaration as an alternative to the IHRA Definition.’

The basic premise behind the whole exercise is flawed – in that it suggests the IHRA definition threatens ‘free expression’. The inability of the IHRA to protect Jewish students at Bristol, or enable Bristol university – which has adopted the IHRA- to deal with the antisemitism of Professor David Miller highlights just how much of a straw man argument such a premise is.

The definition goes on to create enough windows for almost every antisemite who isn’t doing a Nazi salute to freely climb out of. One way or another, almost everything becomes excusable. The definition includes the usual hard-left ‘all racism matters’ doublespeak that renders everything written almost unintelligible. It makes it of no more use to a victim of anti-Jewish racism than a bacon sandwich on Yom Kippur.

No other minority group would have a definition of racism about them written specifically to permit much of the abuse they suffer. Only with anti-Jewish racism do people feel the need to write definitions to carefully protect the racist.

Because the Jerusalem Declaration arises from within an Israel-hostile or antiZionist ideology, it allows for hard-core antiZionist ideology to run free. It is a definition of self-preservation, written in the knowledge that they are losing the battle. It cedes some ground deliberately, in order to avoid losing the war. This makes it inherently self-contradictory:

For example, it seems to support Israel’s existence but doesn’t, using doublespeak to create windows of antisemitic opportunity. This is one of the examples given of what constitutes antisemitism:

Jerusalem Declaration right to exist

It may sound nice, but it removes the right to Jewish self-determination – which makes it self-contradictory. Jews do not have the right to exist and flourish in Israel (which is the overwhelming choice of Israelis) if Israel can be taken away from them under an externally created and artificial demand for equality. Destroying Israel under a faux banner of equality is the goal of BDS, which of course becomes allowable under the new definition:

Jerusalem Declaration BDS

This also fails a basic test in that it doesn’t seem to understand real racism at all. Discrimination – the most basic of racist attitudes – is missing from the definition. Logically, if the authors accept that some verbal attacks on Israel are driven by antisemitism – then holding Israel to a double standard is on its face unfair, and becomes an obvious red flag of anti-Jewish attitudes.

The ‘double standard’ element that is specifically included in the IHRA is a glaring omission in the Jerusalem Declaration – and one that renders it useless.

Why on earth is it okay to treat Israel differently?

Imagine this playing out in a non-Macpherson world. The MET Police would be free to remain institutionally racist and to continue to pick on BAME communities and discriminate, as long as no member of the police force actually said something that was blatantly racist.

Another inexcusable failure occurs because the Jerusalem Declaration allows for Israel/Nazi comparisons in that it suggests that ‘criticism that some may see as excessive or contentious’ is not antisemitism. Nazi comparisons, therefore, become excusable.

Jerusalem Declaration Nazi analogy

That position is absurd and such standards do not apply to racism against any other minority group. If the Jerusalem Document actually saw itself as an educational instrument, it would certainly have included Nazi analogies. The fact it does not – highlights that it was written to allow antisemites to be freely antisemitic.

The politicised definition

Three of the authors, Elissa Bemporad, Alon Confino and Derek Penslar wrote an introductory article in the Forward. Written in the article are the words that expose the Jerusalem Declaration for the insidious, hard-left and dangerous document that it really is. This is the fourth paragraph in the article:

Jerusalem declaration

This paragraph makes the authors sound like hard-left Corbynites. They accept there may be some problem with antisemitism on the left, but they want us all to deal with the real antisemitism – the ‘most dangerous threat’ – which is on the right. That is undeniably a politically loaded statement that immediately exposes the true intentions and political leanings of the authors. It is also demonstrably not true.

The most dangerous threat to Jews today comes from Islamist antisemitism – which notably the authors do not even reference. And because Islamist antisemites in the west, if they do vote, tend to ally with hard-left political elements, this has created a very potent and dangerous alliance.

Beyond the threats of white supremacy, the authors clearly do not understand modern antisemitism at all – and they show themselves to be little more than political activists who have taken it upon themselves to protect their own section of the political spectrum by selling out the majority of Jews.

Two of those authors-

Alon Confino has drawn parallels between the Holocaust (the industrial slaughter of the Jewish people) with the Nakba (the result of a tiny civil conflict that the Arabs sought and lost). Confino was one of the Israeli academics who tried to STOP Germany from introducing anti-BDS legislation. He also signed a letter calling on Tel Aviv University to boycott excavations in the City of David, suggesting the work was attempting to ‘Judaize the area’.

Elissa Bemporad signed a letter attacking Israel for blocking prominent BDS activists from entry into the country. Why on earth should any nation let foreign nationals enter, when their only intention once inside, is to do that nation harm?

Authors, coordinators and supporters

The Jerusalem definition has eight ‘coordinators’: The bias of Seth Anziska and Alon Confino has already been discussed.

Emily Dische-Becker is a journalist who often pushes harsh anti-Israel commentary – such as this article she shared written by an antiZionist declaring that Israel is obviously an Apartheid state:

Jerusalem Declaration, Emily Dische-Becker

Amos Goldberg wrote an article published in the anti-Zionist 972 Magazine, in which he pushed the blatant lie that the IHRA definition sets out to “shield Israel from all criticism”. The article also refers to non-Israel related antisemitism as ‘real antisemitism’. Goldberg also signed the letter defending BDS against German legislation. Stefanie Schüler Springorum also signed the letter in Germany. Brian Klug was a signatory to the declaration of the hard-left group Independent Jewish Voices in 2007. He has also argued against the very notion of ‘new antisemitism.’ David Feldman was vice-chair of the Chakrabarti enquiry – which led to a total whitewash of antisemitism in the Labour party.

What there isn’t in this far-left group that wants to water down the IHRA definition – is any real ideological dissent.

This is why its supporters include people such as Jackie Walker:

Jerusalem definition Jackie WalkerIt also explains why anti-Zionists and One-State absolutists such as Peter Beinart and Neve Gordon – alongside other toxic academics such as Richard Falk – have all signed it.

Other notable signatures include Sergio Luzzatto, who endorsed and then defended the infamous book, Pasque di Sangue (Passovers of Blood), which claimed that there was truth in the Passover blood libel.

Let’s face it – if Jackie Walker and Richard Falk support your definition of antisemitism, you have taken a seriously wrong turn.

Jerusalem Declaration – an unwanted, deliberate mess

For decades, little attention was paid to antisemitism in anti-Israel activism, and this allowed antisemitism to spread virtually unchallenged – in politics, on the street and in academia. On many campuses, antisemitism became the norm and it became so embedded that those challenging it were seen as the oddities or extremists.  The much-needed IHRA definition was introduced to help to educate and stem the tide.

The only thing the Jerusalem Declaration does is try to muddy the waters to the point that everything can slip through the net.

The motivation behind the Jerusalem Declaration is clear – it was written to attack the IHRA definition and stop its spread. The new definition comes from the hands of those who would never have thought about writing a definition of antisemitism otherwise. It will be used only by groups that have never fought antisemitism, only so as to attack the IHRA definition. Antisemites will use it to shield themselves from accusations of antisemitism. It is in effect, a carefully crafted ‘get away with antisemitism free’ card. It needs to be rejected and shunned everywhere that it surfaces.


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            1. A DUMB BITCH dishonestly hiding behind a male name accuses OTHERS of fraud?


              Get back to work you DUMB Sharmuta!

              Happy Nakba! 🙂

  1. Let’s face it – if Jackie Walker and Richard Falk support your definition of antisemitism, you have taken a seriously wrong turn.

    I am ok. 1.5 billion speakers of the language support mine

  2. David, the problem is that there is no criteria or standard for evaluating definitions of anti-semitism. You think comparing Israeli policy to Nazism is anti-semitic. Others do not. How are we to decide who is correct? Its unambiguously grossly offensive and uncivil to many people but so is the displacement of Palestinians to others.
    This central problem – who decides the definition of anti-semitism – plays into the hands of those who disagree with the IHRA. The debate around the JDA highlights this lack of objective foundation.
    I have heard arguments that only the Jewish people can decide what is antisemitism. I have even heard arguments that non-Jews should not discuss Jews. This is not going to move society forward.
    Any workable definition of antisemitism must be founded on principle, not unilateralism. The alternative is a tiered system of definitions that get progressively further from principle and closer to political. This may actually be valuable for categorising people and positions.

    1. This isn’t actually the problem. The problem is that antisemitism is so mainstreamed, that there is serious pushback when people attempt to define it. Antisemites want to be antisemitic and as many in the west see Jews as rich, white, powerful and privileged (ie these people are antisemites too), they are more than happy to give other antisemites a free pass. The very fact a definition is needed at all is evidence of the problem. Can you imagine such a pushback for a definition of anti-black racism? Which sewers would such a pushback come from?
      As for the Nazi analogy. Given it is a factually incoherent analogy, I’d like to know why anyone would think suggesting the Jews in Israel are the new Nazis is not antisemitic?

      1. anti-Semitism
        antisemitism (noun)
        hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people.


        Not much meat for you in this the classic and sensible definition … and not one mention of Israel or Zionism. You are however enjoying a tidy living from all the ‘is it/isn’t it’ hogwash. Suppose you could go upmarket and become a Userd Car SAlesman.

          1. “anti-Semitism
            antisemitism (noun)
            hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people.”

            Yes this is definitely you….I agree…..

                1. Racism is an inherent part of white post colonialist British culture…..and is displayed on here in it’s full “glory” on a daily basis……

      1. Jordan is, sic, “palestine”, and it is located, in its entirety, on the EAST Bank of the Jordan River.

        Israel exists in its entirety on the WEST Bank of the Jordan River.

        And so-called “palestinians”, better known as Jordanians, have a REAL King and Queen, not the POS formerly known as “Chairman” Arafart and his hideous beard wife Suha – who BTW does not live live with “her people”, but in Paris France, later Tunisia, and who knows where now.

        Happy Pesach and Happy Nakba! 🙂

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  3. I’m throwing my support behind the Jerusalem Declaration. It’s Kosher. Pro-democratic and pro-free speech. Allows people to criticise Israel without being branded antisemitic. Zios don’t like that. Tough. End of story.

    Now let’s move on to more important issues.

      1. You’re right, but it’s useful to counter the IHRA with.

        Goodness knows how much money went into developing the IHRA and JD. Think of what could of been done with it instead.

        1. Could HAVE been done with it. i find the racists are pig ignorant/iliterate, always.

        2. ImaM Oron certainly is obsessed with MONEY … especially OTHER peoples money.

          Happy Nakba! 🙂

  4. the truth is antisemitic.

    “antisemitism is the surest sign of good mental health”. H.L.Mencken.

    when will the jews ever understand they are the cause of antisemitism, not goy. it’s jewish behaviour that causes it. if jews simply behaved like normal people the problem would go away. i guess jews are slow learners. they’ve had 2000 years and they still haven’t figured it out.

    to determine the causes of antisemitism you have to ask goy, like me. it’s useless for jews to continuously speculate and write endless books on the subject… deicide and other similar nonsense. just ask goy. we’ll tell you. you won’t want to hear the answer of course.

    1. This is what I mean Michael, Brucie, Bellers. This guy sets the standard for provocation here.

      Can you see Charles giving it “I’m a Rabbi, honest” or “Oooh, look at Scoffie” or putting a nice twee ” * ” in the middle of ‘bullshit’ ?

      He’s got his balls out and is totally uninhibited to give it both Jew – hating barrels. Take note when you ejaculate your tepid slogans in the next 600 posts.

          1. Seriously though. Check him out. Proper provocation. It took you over 600 posts in the previous episode to come up with ” Oooh, Israel is like Nazis”. Not provocative that.

        1. ImaM Oron, you’re NOT a Rabbi – you’re an deranged swinish ImaM

          “Mike Farmer” is NOT a guy.

          Radical Islam is NOT “the religion of Peace”
          – see 9/11, London’s 7/7, 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran War (1M dead), Pan Am 103…

          Neither HAM-ASS nor Fascist Iran nor ISIS, Taliban, are tolerant of gays, girls, personal grooming styles, NON-Muslims…

          Boycott, Divest, Sanction Pal-e-SLIME – lets see how people react when the Jihad is on the other foot.

          Happy Nakba! 🙂

    2. It’s nice that you’re this able to piss into the wind, but it’s nicer that no one on the right side of this issue is listening to you or anyone like you. Your posts are basically a dog shitting on a carpet; it’s sad that you think you’re a rebel instead of a cur with diarrhea, but it’s not my problem.

  5. Excellent as ever David . I hope you don’t mind but I’m attaching a further link on the subject . Much of it is a cross over with your own post which is in itself reassuring , however there will be new aspects for you to consider . To summarise , antisemites require a means to undermine the IHRA which In turn impacts on their ability to traduce Jews . This malign attempt to do as much tries to be too clever by half . It throws a few morsels of authenticity as a serious counter weight in the struggle against antisemitism. It will no doubt fool the unwary reader but it does not withstand even a cursory examination of the motives behind it . It’s an antisemite’s charter but it is not going to fly . That train left the station with the advent of the IHRA , but I have no doubt that it will provide succour and reassurance to antisemites including those that blight your excellent blog .

    1. Why don’t you start a blog Garfield, you wretch? We could never laugh too much!

      Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to pray.


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          1. Landed her in court . Do keep up little man . Incidentally you never answered why Asda kicked you out and why you defamed the company in your pathetic Facebook blog . You really are a nasty little antisemite .

            1. Impossible for me to be antisemitic TESCO Harve; I’M A RABBI!

              1. ImaM Oron, You are as much of a “Rabbi” as you are the prophet “Moooooooooooooohammed” or the Shiite “Mahdi”.

                Say Hi! to Khomeni for me.

                Happy Nakba! 🙂

  6. If you would like to know how much of an anti-semite you are, here is the list of statements compiled by the ADL that will show whether you are anti-Semitic…..

    How many statements do you agree with?

    Six are enough to put you in the category of an anti-Semite……

    * Jews are more loyal to Israel than to [this country/the countries they live in].

    * Jews have too much power in international financial markets.

    * Jews have too much control over global affairs.

    Jews think they are better than other people.

    * Jews have too much control over the global media.

    * Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars.

    * Jews have too much power in the business world.

    * Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind.

    * People hate Jews because of the way Jews behave.

    * Jews have too much control over the United States government.

    * Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust.

    * Ancient Jewish history is nothing more than a myth.

      1. This may be the same Stephen who asked “which Blacks ?” when responding to a comparable point on a BLM advocacy site, although I may be mistaken.

    1. Is that the same ADL that was exposed as a sham and trashed in the Israeli documentary ‘Defamation’?


  7. “there was no alternative to the IHRA definition for UCL to adopt in its place ”

    Silly given that the IHRA is a contrived widened-goalposts pro-Israel recent invention.

    Classic original definition, in every library.

    antisemitism (noun)
    hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people.


    Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.

    Manifestations might include the targeting of the state of Israel, conceived as a Jewish collectivity.

    *However, criticism of Israel similar to that levelled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic.*

    Antisemitism frequently charges Jews with conspiring to harm humanity, and it is often used to blame Jews for “why things go wrong.” It is expressed in speech, writing, visual forms and action, and employs sinister stereotypes and negative character traits.

    Contemporary examples of antisemitism in public life, the media, schools, the workplace, and in the religious sphere could, taking into account the overall context, include, but are not limited to:
    Calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews in the name of a radical ideology or an extremist view of religion.

    Making mendacious, dehumanising, demonising, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.
    Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews.
    Denying the fact, scope, mechanisms (e.g. gas chambers) or intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germany and its supporters and accomplices during World War II (the Holocaust).

    Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.
    Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.
    Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination (e.g. by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour).
    Applying double standards by requiring of Israel a behaviour not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.
    Using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g. claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterise Israel or Israelis.
    Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.
    Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel.

    This is the IHRA definition in a nutshell… what is the problem with it exactly ?

    What is wrong with it ????

    1. The first sentence is passible. “hatred” is hyperbole.

      Downhill after that, Dobby.

      1. So not much wrong with it then…even according to you ?

        Yes that’s what I thought too….


          1. So please tell me what you think is wrong with this definition…

            Seems very sensible to me….

            1. Its not about what is sensible Ken it is about the meanings of expressions as established by the sum force of the uses of the expression by the speakers of the language.

              If you spent an entire day on a random street asking passers by what they understood by ” antisemitism” Israel wouldn’t get a mention. Therefore any so called definition that mentions Israel is batshit.

              1. So any definition that even mentions the world’s only self defined Jewish state is not acceptable when it comes to defining what is or isn’t antisemitism?





                I think it’s you who is batshit Bellers…


                1. Ken, if I name my house ‘My Black House’ and someone throws stones at it, is that person a racist?

          1. Agree with Stephen too. He knows what he’s talking about!

            Pay attention Scoffy, er, I mean “Dobby.”

    2. “the state of Israel, conceived as a Jewish collectivity.” by Zionists that is.

      1. But not recognised as a Jewish collectivity by you – solely for the purposes of hiding (unsuccessfully) your inherent collective Jew hatred….



        1. It’s a Jewish, Muslim, Christian etc. state

          You didn’t know?

          That’s because you listen to Zionists.

          1. You don’t accept Israel defining itself as a Jewish state yet you do accept Iran defining itself as an Islamic state…

            Because you are basically a Jew hating cunt…


            That is all….


  9. President Hassan Rouhani said some vaccine manufacturers were refusing to sell to his country under US pressure.

    Evil if true, worthy of Hitler



      Meanwhile back on planet earth Iran are continuing to successfully roll out the Russian (Sputnik) anti Covid vaccine… reports of anyone turning gay post jab…..YET ?!?!?!

      Iran are also trialling their own vaccine……which is expected to get the go ahead for use early in May…..

  10. The Jerusalem Declaration is the “Gold Standard” definition of antisemitism.

    IHRA is way too politicized and biased and apologetic towards the racist apartheid state. Bin it.

    1. Alcohol addicted Rabbi….
      Drug addicted Rabbi…..
      Fake Rabbi….
      And that is all….

  11. As you so correctly point out, David, the whole idea of a bunch of arch antisemites deciding on a definition of antisemitism is both ludicrous and obscene. The Jewish people decide on what is or is not antisemitism. The one that amuses me is when they try to claim ‘antisemitism’ applies to Arabs as well. Well, sorry, there’s not a single dictionary in the world that agrees with you! The word was coined by German agitator Wilhelm Marr in 1879 and is unique to Jews whom it targeted for their supposed biological characteristics.

    1. Erin Jews don’t have any special privelege in respect of the meanings of words and expressions in the English language. Get over yourself ffs. There is not a single dictionary in the world that thinks they do.

      1. You pulled a real Bellamy with this argument, Bellamy. “Jews can’t decide what anti-Semitism is”? That’s a Bellamy with some Muck Framer thrown in. On both merit and personality, you’re an IDIOT.

      2. So, if the definition of antisemite as solely applicable to Jews is incorrect as you assert because “Jews don’t have any special privelege (sic) in respect of the meanings of words and expressions in the English language’, then you’ll support me in my allegation that I’m a victim of anti-black, anti-Asian racism and Islamophobia despite being a light skinned Jew. After all, those groups dont have a monopoly on the meaning of words and expressions. Or is it just Jews that don’t have the right to define themselves and identify the hate, bias discrimination, and prejudices against them?

        The term antisemitism was coined by a nonJewish German ( who was an antisemite) as a scientific sounding term to give legitimacy to his racist beliefs about the inferiority of Jews. NOT Arabs!

        If you have a problem with the fact that the word semite is included in the definition, then for consistency analyze Islamophobia. A phobia is an irrational fear of something. As in shaking and having a panic attack when one sees a hijab?

        You really are an idiot.

        1. anti-Semitism
          antisemitism (noun)
          hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people.

          No mention of Israel, the state that hosts a minority of world Jewry. This the accepted definition.

          1. Sharmuta, Southern Ireland holds a minority of world Hibernia. Does that Fact invalidate Southern Ireland?

            Happy Nakba! 🙂

      3. if you have a dictionary, which I doubt, given your obviously poor level of erudition, and you can actually read it, which I also doubt, find the word ‘antisemitism’ and educate yourself factually for once. None so blind as those who will not see.

  12. On Palestinian Land Day, we remember Israel’s plan to annex Palestinian land in the Jordan Valley.

    A reminder that Israeli security forces regularly attack and jail Palestinian children in what is supposedly the “only democracy in the Middle East”.

    Palestinians took to the streets of the occupied West Bank to commemorate “Land Day,” when 6 Palestinians were killed and more than 100 injured by Israeli forces during mass protests against Israel’s confiscation of thousands of hectares of Palestinian land in 1967.

    Never forget.

    1. Alcohol addicted….
      Drug addicted…..
      That is Levy the Loon……


    2. ImaM Oron,


      May ALL your Jihads turn into PERSONAL NAKBAS!

      Pal-e-SWINE treats Arab children as SLAVES given dangerous work of digging tunnels that collapse and crush them.

      To SAVAGE HAM-ASS, Hezbola, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Muslim Brotherhood, … an Arab live is WORTHLESS.

  13. It’s interesting that Meghan Megan, a privileged mixed race women, is able to allege victimhood because of her ethnicity, so severe that it supposedly led her to the brink of suicide and had no one to help her, despite her husband’s experience with similar problems and his ongoing involvement with mental health charities.

    And to challenge her version of events directly leads to being cancelled. Ask Piers Morgan or Sharon Osbourne. To challenge her is to be racist.

    I would imagine that British Jews can only dream of having their concerns taken onboard in such fashion. The UK today is a country where a teacher is hung out to dry by his school for teaching RE which touch on the cartoons of Muhammad, where teenage girls from white working-class backgrounds can be plied with alcohol and drugs by Pakistani rape gangs and receive no help from the police and where Israel is held up as a dreadful human rights offender.

    Which is scandalous. Israel is a small country in the middle-east with free and fair elections, an independent judiciary and a free press, and is beset by hostile neighbours where there is no opposition allowed, biased courts and press, outrageous homophobia, misogyny, intolerance of minorities and, of course, a genocide of Jews.

    By this, I refer to Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia. I could probably go on, but Western media ignores the grotesque intolerance of Muslim-majority countries, so I have no knowledge.

    Want to know a country that treats it’s Muslim minorities disgracefully? China, with the Uyghurs. But where is the tear-strewn protests over that genocide of Muslims in the UK?

          1. I bet you really believe that too….


            You should get out of your padded bedroom a bit more…..

    1. ‘The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.’

      1. I’ll take it from who it comes, convicted criminal.

        May HaShem show mercy to you and spare you eternal torment. After all, you did inspire and provide much aid to the Palestinian people and PSC through your antics in the UK that guaranteed the success of BDS.



        1. BDS has always been and always will be an unmitigated failure….

          Israeli GDP has actually tripled since it’s formation….

          ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

          Toda raba….


  14. ” Walters on March 30, 2021

    David, the problem is that there is no criteria or standard for evaluating definitions of anti-semitism”

    What is the criteria or standard for evaluating definitions of sexual harassment?

  15. Great win for Israel tonight away against Moldova. Four different scorers for the world’s only Jewish state in their 1-4 win:

    Eran Zahavi-Israeli (Jewish)

    Manor Solomon-Israeli (Jewish)

    Bibras Natkho-Israeli Circassian (Muslim)

    Mu’nas Dabbur-Israeli Arab (Muslim)

    But hey, ‘apartheid!’

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Not in my name.

      Apartheid Israel is NOT a Jewish state, it’s a ZIONIST state.

      1. Jewish and Zionist state….

        They are basically the same thing anyway….


        Am Yisrael Chai….


        1. Not all Jews are Zios and not all Zios are Jews. Many non-Jewish Zios are real antisemites, but the apartheid state embraces them nonetheless

          1. ImaM Oron,

            From the River to the Sea,
            Pal-e-SWINE Will NEVER BE!

            Happy Nakba! :-}

          2. Most Jews are Zionists and most Zionists are Jews…..


            The REAL Jewish antisemites are the Jewish anti Zionists…like you….

            Well you would be if you were even Jewish….

            ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

            “LEARNED RABBI….”

            ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  16. Didn’t Nazi Germany have a few Jewish athletes on their team during the 1936 Olympic Games? YES!!

    1. The ‘Aryans only’ policies in Nazi Germany caused many world-class athletes to be left out of competitions in the 1936 Olympics. Jews or individuals with Jewish parents were systematically excluded from German sports facilities and associations.

      What follows is a short list of specific athletes banned from representing their country in world events….

      Erich Seelig, Boxer, expelled from the German Boxing Association

      Daniel Prenn, Tennis, removed from Germany’s Davis Cup Team, and banned from international competition

      Gretel Bergmann, High Jump, expelled from her German Club in 1933, and from the National Team in 1936

      Helene Mayer, a fencer, was allowed on the German National team in order to appease international opinion.

      She herself was not Jewish, but she was viewed as ‘non-Aryan’ because her father was Jewish. She went on to win a silver medal.

      Levy you are not just a Loon……you are an embarrassment….


      1. 76 years ago today, Anne Frank died in the German concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. RIP.

        She would of been horrified, outraged and sickened of apartheid Israel’s persecution of the Palestinian people and condemned that racist, neo-Nazi apartheid state.

        1. If only the Jewish state of Israel had existed for Ann Frank to flee to then she may have even still been alive to this day?

          Maybe you can bake some of your world famous Ann Frank holocaust gingerbread biscuits in her honour….when Pesach is over of course?


          As if a holocaust denigrating sack of dogsh1t like you gives a flying fuck about Ann Frank….?



          1. Anne Frank, if still alive, likely would be living in poverty, like most “Holocaust” survivors in the apartheid state.

            And apartheid Israel is a ZIONIST state, NOT a Jewish one.

            1. Like you give a fuck about Anne Frank or any of the 6m Jewish victims of the Nazis?


              Israel is the world’s only Jewish state and a spectacular economic success despite the best efforts of the racist BDS…


              So get on your knees and suck on that one Shitforbrains….


      2. A copy and paste from Wikipedia you dumb, lazy fat fuck. Btw, you left out Rudi Ball.
        Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.


        1. ImaM Oron, you Pig Ignorant Pig,

          Pray for Nakba. I promise you’ll get bushels of it.

          Happy Nakba! 🙂

                1. Look in the mirror and you will see a



                  Disgusting really…


                  1. Dobby’s having one of those self-reflecting moments.

                    And don’t forget to wipe off the face paint “Dobby”

                    1. Tell us again how half the 1936 Nazi Olympic team were Jews oh LEARNED RABBI


                    2. ImaM Oron is UPSET that his prayers ARE being answered –

                      his prayers for

                      ETERNAL NAKBA.

                    1. The face paint Dobby.
                      Don’t forget to remove the face paint.

        2. Rudi Ball was only allowed to play because his friend and teammate Gustav Jaenecke refused to play without him. The Nazis wanted to win, and they knew they wouldn’t stand a chance without Jaenecke.

          Are you saying that only dumb, lazy fat fucks use copy-paste? What does that say about you and your ilk, given your countless copy-paste comments triggered by the “happy nakba” magic words?

        3. Ooooops…

          The “LEARNED RABBI” is spectacularly losing the plot on the internet again….

          ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

          ? +? = ?

  17. Hey “LEARNED RABBI” !!!!


    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


  18. David,

    The Jerusalem declaration of antisemitism is, in fact, a gift that will keep giving to Jews, Zionists of all stripes, and Israel’s friends.

    Look at this little gem:
    “Political speech does not have to be measured, proportional, tempered, or reasonable to be protected under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights or Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and other human rights instruments”.

    Indeed. This phrase will turn around to bite anti-Zionists in the softer parts when they whine about statements of Israeli politicians, including far-right speech. It’s all legitimate, according to the Declaration loving parents.

    I particularly liked this part:
    “Boycotts, divestment and sanctions are commonplace, non-violent form of political protest against states”.

    The above effectively neuters any criticism of economic sanctions on Gaza by Israel. Gaza is, of course, not a state, but the ICC decided to treat the whole Palestinian Authority territory as a state, so there.

    I’m not a native English speaker, but logic is a universal language, and my logic says that phrases like “In the Israeli case, they [boycott, divestment, and sanctions] are not, in and of themselves, antisemitic”, or “Criticism [re double standard]…is not, in and of itself, antisemitic”, are deeply flawed. How can something as highly subjective as criticism be “in and of itself”? Do the Declaration midwives think that criticism naturally arises from God’s green Earth and aimlessly wander until it meets a human’s mind? Are not boycotts, divestment, sanctions and criticism products of human activity, and isn’t human activity driven by ideologies, biases, prejudices, ideals, logic (hopefully), and other less obvious brain activities? How can these be “in and of themselves” then?

  19. As a native English speaker I point out to Pisa that ‘blockade’ is not contained within ‘boycott, divestment, and sanctions’..

    1. As a person who carefully chooses her words, I point out to you that I didn’t mention “blockade”. I mentioned economic sanctions, like refusing to allow certain items into Gaza.

      1. Farmer has a major problem with reading and comprehension….as you can tell….

        ? ? ?

        It makes coherent debate difficult but entertaining…..


        1. No, export sanctions, a rather counterintuitive term, since it means blocking goods flowing into a country

          It doesn’t really matter, blockade is also legal under international law.

          1. Some thoughtful and informative posts here today Pisa. A very welcome break from the tired slogans churned out by the Pantomime Provocateurs.

            1. Thank you Ian. You’ll have to imagine a blushing emoji here, I don’t know how you guys put emojis in your posts.

              1. Me neither. anyway, I’m not sure how I’d convey ” Israeli, mostly indifferent but occasionally amused by online trollery from anonymous Jew haters” using an emoji.

                    1. > When I was Jane Ian used to fancy me like crazy.

                      So DUMB BELLamy is a Narcissistic Tranny?

                      EuroTrash sure are peculiar.

              1. That’s a nice slogan Michael.

                So when you’ve been rumbled occasionally tweeting as Maria Farmer and denying it, that’s the truth NOT being the truth.

                When you endorsed a tweet that said that “Jews are counterfeit human beings” and then denied it, that was the truth NOT being the truth again.

                So, to review your slogan above, to you the truth is ALWAYS the truth, except when it’s not.

                  1. Your obvious dementia does have it’s advantages dvantages FG

                    You can hide your own Easter eggs this weekend


          2. It’s a blockade, stopping goods and medicines entering Gaza.

            “blockade is also legal”. You, an Israelist, have an interest in legalities and international law? Well, well.

            1. Your Colonialist ancestors would know all about blockades…


              Like how they blockaded Jewish immigration to the British Mandate for Palestine during WW2 preventing Jewish refugees from escaping Nazi Germany…


              You an apologist for the henious crimes of British Colonialism and it’s White supremacy (we civilised them) has an interest in legalities and international law?

              Well well fucking well….

              ? ? ?

              1. Yes Ken. As I pointed out above, the truth is always the truth to our Michael, except when it isn’t.

            2. > It’s a blockade, stopping goods and medicines entering Gaza.

              What kind of “goods” Sharmuta? Bombs, missiles?

              What kind of “medicine” Sharmuta? Poison gas?

              Israel should treat HAM-ASS Gaza like the US, UK and SU treated your National SOCIALIST Germany.

              Marg Bar Iran! 🙂

              Happy Passover and Happy Nakba! 🙂

                  1. Dobby’s having one of those self-reflecting moments.

                    And don’t forget to wipe off the face paint “Dobby”

            3. Israel does allow medicine and medical supplies into Gaza. I’m not sure if Egypt does.
              As for blockading some goods. Damn straight they do. Weapons, concrete to build tunnels into Israel designed to infiltrate Israel and kill Israelis, fertilizers to make bombs, gas tanks to blow up things are all banned, You know just your regular old dual use stuff that is diverted for terrorism.

  20. A regular reminder that Israel is an apartheid state.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to pray.


    1. Tell us again about all the Jewish athletes in the 1936 Nazi Olympic games LEARNED RABBI….

      ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

      1. “Dobby,” don’t forget about the face paint. Clown.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I have Torah study.

          1. You’re right Edward, you’re a M Oron.

        1. A lot of people wear blue and white face paint where I live…

          Mostly Man City fans…

          But not me…

          I support Salford….


  21. You were protesting and wearing an IOF t-shirt, as well as the face paint, clown.

    1. Ah well, another week of Panto comes to an end and time for my bijoux flouncette.

      Make sure all the custard pies are stored away until next week and clear up all the shit from the performing seals. Should be quiet here as our Michael and Brucie will be off celebrating their Pagan Holidays.

      Shabbat shalom and chag sameach to all from the Jewish State.

      1. Not in my name – apartheid Israel is NOT a Jewish state, but a ZIONIST state.

        Shabbat shalom, chag Sameach.

        1. Bubalah, If you’re looking for somewhere in your name have a peep at Wankers Corner in Wilsonville Oregon. Check out the photos. They have a big supermarket there and always have shifts for new Wankers. I reckon you’re a shoe-in.

          Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to see if there’s some sheltered housing for Michael in Shitterton Cornwall.

      2. From the apartheid state? More likely from a tiny bedsit in Tower Hamlets.

        1. Definition of Irony….

          A non native “American” living in WASONA (White Anglo Saxon Occupied North America) whose ancestors murdered and dispossessed millions of indigenous native Americans stealing their lands and slaughtering their children….accusing an indigenous people (the Jews) of apartheid and racism for simply reclaiming and re-populating a country that was stolen from them…?


          You literally could not make this shit up….


        2. ImaM Oron and ImaM Aggot

          Tower Hamlets? Really???


          How Dumb Thou Art.

          Happy Nakba!

  22. Hello my name is Rabbi Dense BA.std ?….online rabbi and intellectual academic with multiple degrees in numerous religious subjects….and supermarket shelf stacking….


    I’m also a master of disguise….


    I like to spend my days denigrating the followers of my own religion and making jokes about the holocaust…as it is the solemn duty of every rabbi to do this….

    Expect to see me posting regularly on Shabbat because I have special permission to do that from Chief Rabbi Dense who is my great grandfather…

    I come from a very long line of Dense scholars and rabbis and the Dense Dynasty is very much respected amongst the followers and many members of the Dense community….

    You can’t just be born a Dense….you have to really work at it….which is what I have done my whole life….

    Hopefully this shows….!

    And I’m sure you will all appreciate the words of wisdom that you are about to receive from a true Dense scholar such as myself….


    Looking forward to reading your welcome messages….

    Rabbi Dense BA.std ?

  23. “Jews do not have the right to exist and flourish in Israel if Israel can be taken away from them under an externally created and artificial demand for equality. “??!?

    Equality is sickening to David.

  24. Ireland should be applauded, not condemned, in your vicious tweet David.

    Ireland is doing what’s right for itself and its people, not bowing down and cowering to the vicious, disgusting Zio apartheid state who demand special treatment. Those who don’t are called antisemitic, which puts them on the defensive. This must end.

    One of my campaign promises, if elected, is to make London a Zionist-free zone by creating a zero tolerance for racism policy.

    1. Looking for another place in your name Brucie? Check out Prick’s Middle outside Branson, Missouri. No supermarkets that I can see, but their Historical Society seems very active and they’re always keen to recruit new Pricks. You’re nailed on I’d say.

      ( Note to Michael. No pun intended towards your forthcoming Pagan festivities in the last sentence above.)

        1. Lovely thought Michael but me and the Israeli Zios are more than happy to have the Jewish State in our names.

          You may prefer Little Dicking near Saxmundham in Suffolk. Feels right for you. We know you like a Little Dicking.

  25. Shabbat Study Time:

    Faced with ICC investigation Apartheid Israel Asserts Moral Superiority Over The Victims Of Its Terror.

    Having created enemies by its own criminal behavior, Israel then claims the right to protect itself from the very people it alienated through these criminal acts.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.

    1. So, you’re pleased to support an ICC investigation. Perhaps it can be unveiled in your name. Floyd’s Knob Idaho may be a good location. They have a hiking club there and always welcome an extra Knob. I reckon you’d be a great fit.

      Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to help your fellow Pagan worshippers out with some basic carpentry.

  26. The truth must really hurt. Like a knife slowly twisting in your hearts – assuming you Zios even have one.

    1. Was that attempted provocation in your name Brucie? Pointless really but you may get more joy if you moved to Nipple Harland near Everett in Minnesota, They have the largest Norwegian Community in the US and are most welcoming of a prominent nipple. Sounds like a home from home for you.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pop out and get some extra nails to complete my little woodworking project for your Papist pals.

  27. Funny how Bruce still insists on maintaining the fake Rabbi act after having been outed as nothing more than a shelf stacker in some crappy American supermarket…
    You see wecan all pretend to be what we want to be on the internet and so Brucie thought it would be a great idea to pretend to be a Rabbi so he could not get accused of being antisemitic when espousing his anti Jewish bigotry and repeated holocaust denigration….
    HOWEVER our resident LEARNED RABBI (aka SHIFORBRAINS) clearly doesn’t know what a kosher phone can or can’t be used for….doesn’t know what a shabbat oven or kettle is….doesn’t know that cakes cannot be baked/eaten over Pesach…..
    But funniest thing of all…..he never knew that the bedrock of Judaism in based on the Messainic prophesies…
    Prophesies that include the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem…..where there is a mosque now….
    And it is basically impossible to be a Rabbi without saying a daily prayer for the swift coming of Moschiach….and (of course) the rebuilding of our Temple in accordance with these prophesies…..which a Jew hater like Bruce would hate to see happen…
    Poor Levy (aka THE LOON) hates being reminded of this….so I try to do this at regular intervals…
    Also… an effort to draw similarities between Israel and Nazi Germany Levy maintains that that half the Nazi Olympic team were Jews….
    Levy also (for some strange reason) thinks he is insulting me by accusing me of being an eminent London Economist….?
    Levy is a fake a fraud and a racist….
    Levy is not very bright at all…..
    Levy is basically a clown….
    Don’t be like Levy….
    That… all…..

      1. On the piss again FG?

        What am I saying? It’s Saturday night….

        Of course you are…..

        ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  28. Anyway happy easter everyone….

    ? ???????????

    And remember that without Jews there would be no Jesus…..


    1. Scoffy’s lost it! My prayers have been answered.

      HaShem is great!

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray and prepare for my TeleRabbi programme.

      1. Calls himself LEARNED….and can’t even get my name right….


        Brucey… are the gift that just keeps on giving…..


        Have a wonderful Easter everyone…


        Jesus (the Jew) loves you…

      1. Note to reader: Last sentence is feeble attempt to deflect away from IsraHELL’s crimes.

        1. From the River to the Sea,
          Pal-e-SWINE Will NEVER BE!

          Happy Nakba to Fascist Pal-e-SWINE! 🙂

  29. You know what’s genuinely interesting to me? I’ve been on a lot of sites that deal with Israeli/Middle East/Jewish issues and seen a lot of trolls, and this site has the most incompetent, stupid, and just flat-out outer-space trolls I’ve ever read posts by. There isn’t a single valid or interesting point that any troll has ever made on this site. Not a single one. And that’s kind of remarkable, to have that consistency of mania to the point of stasis.

    1. Isn’t this the same “Ben” who hasn’t outgrown his anal obsession?

      Yes it is.

      1. Is that our Brucie whose still looking for a place in his name. I’d recommend Finger Hole near Ilfracombe in Devon. Great tea rooms and they love to invite people over to Finger Hole. With your well scrubbed cleaner’s mitts I’m sure there’s an opening for you.

        Now I’ll excuse you. Your fellow Pagan worshippers are waiting for you to help them with their wood.

        1. Finger Hole? Sounds like an ideal place for Ben.

          Plenty of room for him there.

          1. Ahaha!! You’re doing my gag back at me. Cute.

            Now please excuse yourself. Your Pagan Holidays have started and they’re judging the False Prophet lookalike competition down the village hall and you’ll be late. Don’t want to make them cross.

            1. Ian: There’s no way in Hades that “Bruce Levy” is that poster’s name. I’ve been referring to it (not him) as “Brutes” but that seems too respectful for the waste of time and oxygen that this creature is. So I designated a new name for this troll–Waldo Jackworth. I think that’s the fake title it deserves. Spread the word 🙂

    2. “And that’s kind of remarkable, to have that consistency of mania to the point of stasis.”

      Beautifully and accurately observed there Ben…

      Given the nature of their overt stupidity our trolls do appear to be almost “other worldly”….


    1. Plenty of room in ‘Finger Hole’ for you too “Dobby.”

      Please tell why you were kicked out of Jews for Jesus. Too zealous?

      1. Or overzealous?

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.

        1. English not your first language?



          Btw what you do with your “fingerhole” is your business…


          1. Friday was World Autism Awareness Day. At Beth Springfield, we recited a special prayer to HaShem for neurodiverse people and their carers.

            As a public service, here are some signs of Asperger’s:

            * May run off on tangents
            * Tendency to speak incessantly about one particular subject
            * May not allow opportunity for the other person (or people) to say anything
            * May never really come to a conclusion in any conversation
            * May throw temper tantrums
            * May become preoccupied with a certain activity
            * May become overly attached to specific objects
            * May seem to lack empathy for others
            * Difficulty interacting with others


            1. Hands off Syria?

              ? ? ? ? ?

              You are very much welcome to keep that shithole….


              As for all the aspergers symptoms you have just listed….


              Ironic much ?

              ? ? ? ?

              1. Place your hands on your device Dobby and pray ? with me:

                Thank you, HaShem for this precious life. Thank you for his uniqueness, and for all the potential You have blessed him with.
                I pray, Lord, that you help us discover the key that will unlock his potential. Please continue each day to open his mind and heart to the outside world.
                Awaken those areas of his brain that are not functioning as they should, and strengthen him in mind, body and spirit.
                Bring him the gift of awareness, so that he can enjoy the wonderful gift of relationship with family, friends, and most of all, with You.
                Bring this precious soul a good night’s sleep at night, so that he and his family can receive the restorative rest they need.
                Help him to acquire an appetite for the foods and nutrients so essential to health and healing.
                Grant his doctors, so baffled by this mysterious condition, direction in their recommendations and treatments. For the sake of those struggling everywhere, bring truth and clarity to the medical establishment concerning this illness. Guide and direct doctors and scientists in their search for a cure.
                Continue to give the family wisdom, resources and guidance as they pursue treatment options. Help them to discern between those things that will help and those things that are a waste of time and money.
                When a true healing path is available, give his family the will and stamina to persevere on this path. Fill them with strong faith that transforms anxiety about the future into joy that the future is in Your hands.
                Let then delight in each day’s progress, no matter how small. Give them great joy that you have blessed them with this special child, and great trust in the breadth and depth of your love and healing power.
                HaShem, please bring about your servant’s complete healing. Whether that healing comes all at once or gradually, help the family to relish this journey of faith.
                Surround them each day with love, joy, and the positive expectation that can only come from a relationship with you.
                I pray these things in your name HaShem. Amen


                1. You’ll certainly be thrilled to learn that special needs individuals – CP, autistic spectrum, Down syndrome, visually impaired, deaf, AD(H)D, and other disabilities – are in very capable hands in Israel. We have special learning institutions, free of charge, for every kind of disability, starting when needed as early as less than one year old. The students receive free treatment in those institutions, including but not limited to physiotherapy, swimming pools, psychologists, specialists in language and communication, occupational therapy. Every student receives daily free rides to and from the learning institution, accompanied by a caregiver. Parents are paid by the state a monthly stipend to help them with special equipment and other expenses.

                  And yes, I know you’ll ask: non-Jewish citizens and illegal migrants are included in the above.

                  1. If it weren’t for the billions in foreign aid that the US provides, the dirty little racist apartheid state would implode.

                2. Looks like the post I made yesterday has struck it’s target after all….


                  Don’t worry Loonster

                  I’m only going to repost it say once a week….

                  Happy Easter Everyone


                  1. Go to IsraHELL and get your treatment then. One less patient for the NHS.

              1. Scoffy’s biggest enemy isn’t some brave Palestinian freedom fighter, but his sorry self.

            2. Noted, the 2 criminal Israelists bullying two small women. Can imagine what settlers do to the Palestinians while guarded by the IDF.

              1. Whatever they do it’s nowhere near as bad as the treatment meted out by your Colonialist ancestors to the indigenous peoples of the countries that they plundered….


                1. ‘South Africa’s apartheid policies had been ‘a Sunday picnic’ compared to the state of Israel’s brutal treatment of Palestinians’ – South African Trade Unionist Willy Madisha

                    1. OTOH, There is REAL apartheid and ethnic cleansing genocide in Islamofascist Ham-ass controlled Gaza.

                  1. Spin it however you like Bruce

                    Meshoe is a black South African lawyer who lived under South African apartheid

                    Just because he supported Trump (like many black people did and still do) this does not erase his past life….or disqualify the validity of his opinions on what is and what isn’t genuine apartheid


                  2. It wasn’t my ancestors that did that shit FG

                    It was yours

                    And anyway if you aren’t ashamed of your own history why should I be?

      2. Good afternoon Waldo Jackworth! My brother’s birthday is tomorrow and he deserves some truly great news. So if (just kidding on that “if”, I meant “since”) you have many horrible neurological and sexual diseases, could you detail a few of them for the records? That would make his and my day! Kisses to you, Waldo.

  30. The Pears Foundation pulled out because it had enough of you fucking Zios crying wolf about alleged antisemitism and defending the indefensible.

    Your fucking kind are all alike.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.

    1. Relax Loonster….


      Take your meds and go back to your padded bedroom….

      Nurse will be round with your pudding later……


      Happy Easter Everyone……


  31. The word IRONY has been redefined many many times on this message board…

    Farmer has done it several times with his memorable accusations of Israel being a racist state whilst simultaneously refusing to admit that there was anything wrong with British Colonialism…

    However today the LEARNED RABBI (?) has taken this to another level….

    The fake Jew fake Rabbi racist holocaust denying/denigrating sack of dogsh1t attempting to pull out a “special needs” card on me? His exposer and his nemesis?


    You literally could not make this shit up…


    Just emphasises how the phoney is the “plight” they are supporting….

    A fake plight and a fake people supported by frauds……


    And with every single thing you type here you expose yourselves as the fake racist vermin that you really are….


    Carry on guys…..


    1. “Farmer has done it several times with his memorable accusations of Israel being a racist state ”

      Wasn’t me that passed the Jew-favoured Nation Law, Dobbs. It was the Jewish-dominated Knesset

      1. Wow imagine a (self defined) Jewish state passing laws that favour Jews….


        Never saw that one coming….


        Imagine a self defined Islamic state passing laws that favour Muslims?


  32. This is a quick reminder from your friendly neighbourhood Zio that we will be celebrating Yom Haatzmaut, Israel’s national independence day in 10 days time. As a public holiday here in the Jewish State we will be enjoying festivities, street parties and beach BBQs together in the warm spring sunshine in joy and celebration of our amazing country.

    Trolls please note that your acerbic provocations may still appear here but are unlikely to receive a hilarious piss-taking response until the conclusion of this holiday period.

        1. Oh it is Michael. We never let a prejudicial stereotype get in the way of prudent fiscal management. Cash is king bubaleh.Ask our bent as a 9 shekel note PM.

        2. “I’m sure that it’s not because they’re tight.”


          Yes that’s right FG ….

          All Jews are tight….

          All blacks are savages…..

          All Pakis stink of curry…

          All priests are pedos….



          Omg I thought these kind of racial/religious stereotype references had died out with Bernard Manning….?


          1. Manning joke……

            I walked out of the station at Bradford and got in a taxi.

            Taxi driver said ” You are not a racist are you ? ”

            ” non no no no no ” I said

            He said ” Thats good cuz there is 10,000 white fuckers in this town “

            1. Manning points to a table in his Embassy Club.

              Says “Bunch of lads there, fought at Goose Green”

              Crowd claps.

              Manni8ng says “Argentinian bastards … what are you clapping ’em for”

            2. Zio version:

              I walked out of the bus station at Maale Adumim and got in a taxi.

              Taxi driver said ” You are not Palestinian are you? ”

              ” non no no no no ” I said

              He said ” That’s good cuz there is 10,000 racist Zionist settlers in this city“

          2. Manning’s club had had a good week, so he decided to splash out on a pair of tortoise shell shoes.

            Took him 5 hours to walk out the shop.

          3. Remember the Collier blog “First there was an Arab with a knife…”?

            Jews shouldn’t throw stones …

            1. Just wondering if our resident trolls have any Irish ancestry……


              It would explain a lot….


              1. – Dumb Bellamy and his familial, multi-generational fetal alcohol syndrome
                – IRA terrorist organization and alliance with Islamist terrorist organizations
                – Southern Ireland’s SHAMEFUL WW2 alliance with National SOCIALIST Germany
                – Southern Ireland’s kowtowing to nazi Germany


                Ireland’s ETERNAL SHAME for its cowardly unwillingness to take sides during WW2

    1. A regular reminder from your friendly neighbourhood RABBI that Israel is STILL an apartheid state.

      A few years ago, there were t shirts on sale in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City that read: “Celebrate Yom Haatzmaut, Shoot a Palestinian.” How many of those do you own Kay?

      1. Yes, yes. Very good Brucie and all very provocative I’m sure but isn’t today the day that you help your fellow Pagan worshippers handle their wood?.

        Now you should excuse yourself and get the tweezers in case there are any residual splinters in those delicate cleaner’s hands.

          1. “I’M A RABBI!!!”

            Keep praying for Moschiach rabbi and the world peace that will ensue with his coming and the rebuilding of our temple in Jerusalem in accordance with the messainic prophesies…..


            Never forget that it is your duty as a Rabbi to do this at least 3 times a day…..


            And may the redeemer come to zion and let us say….



            1. So, the Jewish leaders of a state that shoots civilians dead and regularly attacks its neighbours actually want peace?

              1. Peace with Egypt ??
                Peace with Jordan ??
                Peace with UAE ??
                Peace with Morocco ??
                Peace with Bahrain ??
                Peace with Sudan ??

                And at least 5 more deals with other formerly hostile countries on the way…


                Whenever Israel has a genuine peace partner there is always peace….


  33. ImaM Oron,

    Keep praying for ETERNAL NAKBA.

    I know people who know people – who will put in a good word for you.

    Everlasting Nakba for Pal-e-SLIME and it depraved supporters, is a shoo-in – as it has been since 1945.

    Happy Nakba! 🙂

    1. Edward, you’re absolutely right; you’re a M Oron.

      1. So, here I am back from a lovely long weekend in the Jewish State and i see that the trolls have taken advantage of my absence by trying their hand at gags; well copy/pasting some of old Bernard’s 1974 routine. Even old Bruce’s had a go although once again repeating someone else’s joke as a device to project one of his own prejudices. Nice.

        I’ll give him this one for free. It seems appropriate.

        Q. What’s the difference between a comedy cleric and a pimple?
        A. The pimple waits ’til your 13 to come on your face.

        Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get the flags and bunting out for Yom Haatzmaut in 9 days.

          1. No worries Bellers. If you ever fancy topping up your slogan Rolodex you can have this one as a freebie.

            Jesus walks into a motel, chucks a bag of 6 inch nails on the counter and asks “Can you put me up for the night ?”

            Ta dah !!

            Now if you’ll excuse me, i have to take the piss out of Michael and Brucie.

            1. One day a Jewish grandmother had taken her grandson to the beach for a play when suddenly a huge wave washed over the infant and pulled him out to sea.
              The distraught grandmother fell down on her knees, and sobbed, “Please God, don’t let my grandson die, please, he is my only grandson! He is the future of my family, please return him to me safely!”
              Instantly another huge wave rolls the infant back onto the beach and the grandmother looks up to the sky and said, “He had a hat!”

              1. This only proves that antisemites don’t really know anything about Jews. The people they hate exist only in their imagination.

                I’m curious, can you find the elephant-sized mistake in the joke? The so-called learned rabbi made the same mistake, by the way. Ignorance and bigotry are best friends.

                1. “I’m curious, can you find the elephant-sized mistake in the joke? ”

                  You didn’t get it?


  34. Seeing as we’re doing gags, here’s one for Brucie to tell down his local, you know the one. It caters for geographers and cleric impersonators. I think it’s called The Tor-paedo, just down from Lidl on the High Street.

    A river boat carrying two comedy clerics and a party of 10 cub scouts starts to sink when one of the ‘clerics’ cries to the other “Shit, there’s only 2 inflatable vest for 12 of us”. His mate replies “Screw the boys”. The other replies “is there time?”

    On me that, gratis.

    1. Sure “Dobby” will identify with this one:

      Q: What is the difference between a Zionist and a convicted criminal?
      A: A convicted criminal doesn’t make up lame excuses for things he denies doing.


      A pollster asks a homeless person, a cult member and a Zionist the same question: “What is your opinion of the meat shortage?” The homeless person asks, “I’m sorry, but what do you mean by ‘meat’?” The cultist responds, “Please forgive me, but what do you mean by an ‘opinion’?” The Zionist turns beet-red and screams, “What the **!#*!@* does ‘excuse me’ mean?”

      Q: Which Zionist film is most likely to win an Oscar?
      A: The Great Terrain Robbery, starring Sean Con-nery and Donald Smother-land.

      Q: Why did the Zionist claim to own your home?
      A: You couldn’t prove that it was in your family’s possession 2,000 years ago, so it must be his to claim.

      Q: What did the Zionist answer, on his job application form, when asked about his desired occupation?
      A: Occupation!

      All roads lead to Jerusalem … except the Jewish-only roads that Palestinians are not allowed to drive on.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.

      1. Brucie, you’ve got to work out the construct of the gag in order to land it. You’re struggling to squeeze an activist slogan and a gag into the same glass and coming out with neither.

        This is how we do it and Spoiler Alert; This may be a little too close to home for you.

        A Rabbi Impersonator, a paedophile and a liar walk into a bar. He sits down and pours himself a drink.

        You can use this is you want.

  35. Farmer sees Brucey with one of the laces to his new shoes undone

    “Careful Brucey. You may trip yourself up there! Better tie your laces up”

    “No I can’t do that. Not according to the instructions”

    “What instructions” asks Farmer…

    Brucey takes off his shoe and turns it upside down and shows it to Farmer. On the sole of the shoe is written the word…

    TAIWAN !!


      1. OK Michael, but like Brucie above, you’re confused about how comedy works; Bruce because his main aim is to make his activist point rather than be funny and you are just a bit too literal and if I may say so, rather joyless.

        Also, you both have a fundamental misunderstanding of Jews. It’s quite normal as you are both outside the faith and in your case very remote from it, having never met a Jew.

        Please accept that we do Jew gags much better than you gentiles because we are far more self deprecating with our shtick, have fewer boundaries and are happier being far edgier with our stuff than your more obvious material.

        In 2013 Joan Rivers was doing her thing from the Oscars and observed of Heidi Klum that no German had looked that hot since they worked in the Auschwitz incinerators. You lot couldn’t land that gag. You probably wouldn’t try and in any event it would probably be delivered with spite.

        Full marks for having a go but i reckon you’re on much safer ground with your “Nakba, that reminds me…….” shtick.

          1. As I said above Michael, you’re too remote and far too joyless to engage with Jew humour here and in any event it takes you miles from your intended agenda. Please take my advice and stick to the “Collier’s a liar…for money” routine. You’ve nailed that approach (seriously, no pun intended).

            1. Kay, you’re about as funny as ‘Elie the Wiesel’s’ invisible tattoo. He made a nice living off of that.

              No joke.

              1. There you go Brucie. Much safer ground with basic provocation and a much better fit for you than attempting gags. Solid!

      2. As evidenced from his above joke, one of Scoffy’s (aka “Ken Dobkin”) many bigotries is against Asian people. Except when he’s stuffing his fat face with Chinese food.

        Likely will claim Israel invented Chinese food.


        1. Shitforbrains….

          You are as Jewish as a bacon butty and as funny as a burning orphanage ?

          You are also a racist holocaust denigrating / denying sack of dogsh1t having exposed yourself as such multiple times on this message board….

          Now go and bake one of your home made holocaust box car cakes that you are always telling us about….

          No need to use matzo anymore….as if that makes any difference to you….


  36. Dobby is sitting in his room, wearing only a top hat, when Kay strolls in.
    “Why are you sitting here naked?”
    “It’s all right,” says Dobby. “Nobody comes to visit.”
    “But why the hat?”
    “Maybe somebody will come.”

    1. See above Brucie. You appear to be aware of comedy but are so keen to make your activist point that there is no way you’re going to land a gag. Coming from outside the faith, you and Michael are always going to struggle as you have no direct knowledge or experience of Jews and their shtick.

      I commend you for giving it a go but like Michael, you’re better off sticking to the provocations and “apartheid Israel” slogans here and leave the Jew gags to the Jews. Much safer ground for you.

      1. “Coming from outside the faith”?

        There you go again.

        I’m a Rabbi!!!

        1. How many times did you pray for the swift coming of Moschiach today “rabbi”?

          Or are you really just a rabbit ?

          1. Join me in prayer for the destruction of apartheid Israel and the “eternal punishment” of its civilian, religious and military leaders.

            Amen ✡️?✡️

    2. Here’s some Jewish humour at its best just for you rabbi Geyn kaken ofn yahm aun vashn in di khvalyes.

  37. Brucey and Farmer walking through London when a bus goes by and it’s wing mirror takes Bruceys ear off.

    Farmer bends down and picks up the ear and hands it to Brucey….

    But Brucey says….

    “No that’s not mine mate. Mine had a pencil behind it”….

    ? ? ? ? ? ?

  38. I think we can draw a line under the masterclasses in comedy gold now and return to normal service here. Fair play to Michael and Bruce for having a go though.

    Where they fail is the same place as they fail in their general approach. Both come here with very little awareness of Jews but lots of manufactured pre-conceptions. At least in Michael’s case, there was the good grace to admit never having met one. This may be true of Bruce as well. This is certainly an inhibitor for them when they try their hands at provocation and so often miss the mark by failing to understand what Jews care about. As we saw yesterday with their attempts to use comedy to force a point of bias, they just fall flat and make them look like the hapless Bruno Kirby character in Good Morning Vietnam.

    Anyway, I’m sure we can now relax and return to the customary slogans about Nakba and Collier, the “I am a Rabbi. Honest” shtick and the “oooh, look at Scoffie” copy/pastes.

      1. Ian is right about one thing though. My awareness of Jews is zilch. I couldn’t give a flying fuck about Jews and don’t think about them from one day to the next. Jews are Ian’sthing.

            1. “I couldn’t give a flying fuck about Jews and don’t think about them from one day to the next.”

              Which explains why it is you are on here 24/7 bashing Jews….or attempting to anyway….


              1. This is an Israel centred blog, Dobby.

                Collier’s love is Israel. Jews come second. Non-Zionist Jews come under attack.

                1. Here’s a friendly reminder from your local Israeli (first) and Jew (second) that we will be celebrating Yom Haatzmaut here in The Jewish State in just a few days time with much joy and happiness abound in our glorious country.

                  Note; No non-Zionist Jews were harmed in the construct and submission of this post (but it’s still early !)

                2. “Collier’s love is Israel. Jews come second.”

                  But are still on the same list huh?


                  Thanks for that “reassurance”

                  Means a lot to me


    1. Are you trying to demean Ken for pointing out that you tell fibs Bellers?

      That’s not very nice.

      1. The only thing that can be said with certainty on the available evidence, as any self respecting empirisist would know, is that I am saying that Ken is fantasising

          1. You were certainly demeaning Ken for pointing out that you tell fibs Bellers.

            Bit rude, that.

            1. I’m sure Bellers obsession with Israel is simply to do with choosing to stick up for the human rights of one specific random group of people for no particular reason whatsoever which anyone is perfectly entitled to do without having to offer anything by way of an explanation….



  39. Let us pray.

    Dear Blessed HaShem

    Please grant us:




    Thank you HaShem.

    In your name we pray.





      HAPPY >ETERNAL< NAKBA to Pal-e-SWINE and Socialist EuroTrash! 🙂

      1. Noted that Israel’s military is a wing of the US military.

        No chance of taking Iran ….. too few boots on the ground. Vital.

        1. Stupid Sharmuta, The UK LaBOOR party is a wing of Sand-Nazi Hezbola, Ham-Ass, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Islamofascist homophobic, misogynist, apartheid Iran.

          That’s why British voters gave the Sand-Nazi Lovin’ LaBOOR Party the boot and it’s WORST showing in 85 years.

          Happy Nakba! 😉

  40. Given that it is the solemn duty of every Jew on Earth to pray daily for the swift coming of Moschiach and the world peace that will ensue with his coming and the rebuilding of our temple in Jerusalem in accordance with the messainic prophesies….it could quite reasonably be argued that every Jew is (directly or indirectly) a Zionist….

    Including Rabbit Levy….. ? ? ?

    Must be difficult to come to terms with the fact that you ARE (and have always been) that thing that you hate so much?

    Now that’s gotta hurt….


    Ah well…..

    Happy Yom Haatzmaut Everyone…..

    ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

        1. Mike’s right.. JEW does not NOT equate to Zionism.

          Zionism is satanic – the exact opposite of Judaism.

        2. Not all Zionists are Jews.

          Not all Jews are Zionists.

          Logic clearly isn’t Dobby’s thing.

          1. It is the duty of ALL Jews to pray daily for the swift coming of Moschiach and the world peace that will ensue with his coming and the rebuilding of our temple in Jerusalem…

            That is all Jews….

            Zionist and non Zionist…

            Even Rabbit Levy is obliged to do this at least 3 times a day…

            Therefore all Jews are basically Zionists whether they like it or not…..


            Happy Yom Haatzmaut Everybody….

            ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

    1. Ken your logic skills are about on a par with David’s. You missed out a premiss that would turn your argument into a valid one. Rhat is every Jews fulfills his / her solemn duties .

      Jezuz I should charge for this.

      1. Next year in Jerusalem…


        I’m sure you must be familiar with that prayer rabbit ?


          1. The rabbit knows what I mean ?

            As you have never ever met a Jew….not even a fake one….you won’t…


  41. Jews living in the Diaspora pray “Next Year in Jerusalem!” each year at the end of Passover and Yom Kippur.

    After the destruction of the Jewish temple, the hope of seeing it rebuilt became a central component of Jewish religious consciousness and the most common way religious Jews have expressed hope for future redemption.

    The Talmud is replete with statements affirming the superior religious status of the Holy Land, the obligation of Jews to live there, and the confidence in the ultimate collective return of the Jewish people….

    Jewish belief posits that although the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed twice, it will be rebuilt a third time, ushering in the Messianic in accordance with the the Messianic prophesies which are the bedrock of the Jewish faith….

    If Levy was a Rabbi instead of a rabbit he would know all of this…..


      1. Whether it happens or not this is what we Jews pray for…

        All of us….

        This is what Judaism is ….

        And if Levy was a Rabbi or even Jewish he would have known this….


        But he’s not a Rabbi….not even a good fake Rabbi….

        He is a liar and a p1ss poor one at that….


        Ah well…..

        Happy Yom Haatzmaut Everybody….


      2. Sad Sharmuta, Your Jihadi and EuroTrash friends said that Israel, Zion, would never survive any Sand Nazi onslaught.

        But Israel did and does.

        Happy Nakba and Israeli Independence Day!

        Now all your pagan friends can do is slaughter each other.

    1. You’re fantasizing again. convicted criminal. Your fantasy will NEVER, EVER, EVER come true.

      1. Poor Levy….

        Pretends to be a rabbi and doesn’t know the first thing about Judaism…


        What a dozy c@nt he is….


  42. This is a Zionist interpretation to justify the continued illegal occupation, convicted criminal.

    You neglect to mention what happens to the Palestinian people, the original inhabitants of the region.

    1. This is JUDAISM….plain and simple….

      The fact that you don’t even know this exposes you as the fraud that you are…


      Silly rabbit….


      1. With that statement, convicted criminal, you are ignoring the ever-growing number of anti-Zionist Jews who believe in justice, compassion and dignity for an oppressed people. Zios don’t.

        1. Poor Levy…..


          Exposed once again as a fraud and an embarrassment to humanity….


          Ah well….

          Happy Yom Haatzmaut Everybody….



          Next Year in Jerusalem…..!



    2. > You neglect to mention what happens to the Palestinian people, the original inhabitants of the region.

      Your “palestnian people”? They’re a bunch of savages. Send ’em to Eurabia. The Fascist LaBOOR can deal with them.

  43. At 10.00 am this morning local time, a siren will sound throughout the Jewish State to signify the start of Yom HaShoah. We will remember the Jewish people that were exterminated by the Nazis and at the same time look out on our amazing country, momentarily silent and still in respectful contemplation and know that it’s existence and our strength is the greatest assurance that it will never happen again.

    This is our victory.

    1. What other musical instruments are available to entertain the masses for this propaganda exercise that the government uses to justify the existence of the racist, apartheid, genocidal, ZioNazi state?

      1. Oops….


        Brucey is losing it big time….


        Next Year in Jerusalem…..!

        In your name we pray Hashem…

        And may the redeemer come to zion and let us say….



          1. Bellers, you’re back here today talking about Jews. Yesterday you were bleating that “I couldn’t give a flying fuck about Jews and don’t think about them from one day to the next.”

            So which two days did you mean ?

                1. Aren’t I just and you’re a big fibber.

                  So which are the two days that you stop thinking about me ? You’ve only been coming here 7 years so it’s too early to start guessing.

          2. When our Moschiach comes he will gather all the Jews of the world to Jerusalem and rebuild our temple in accordance with the messainic prophesies…


            And may the redeemer come to zion and let us say….



            Btw thanks again for your interest in Judaism Bellers…..


            The interest that you repeatedly claim you don’t have….?


              1. Israel-Zionism is the complete antithesis of Judaism.

                1. All Jews pray for the swift coming of Moschiach and the world peace that will ensue with his coming and the rebuilding of our temple in Jerusalem…

                  It is the solemn duty of all Jews to do this…..

                  That is ALL JEWS…

                  If you were a Rabbi (or even a Jew) you would know this…

                  The fact that you don’t exposes you for the fraud that we all know you are…


                  Ah well…

                  Happy Yom Haatzmaut Everybody…


                  1. This is your twisted interpretation convicted criminal.

                    Jews that don’t agree with your interpretation, you label as non-Jews.

                    Just as stupid as your list of what defines a Jew. You seem to reserve that right for you and you alone.

                    Try a second shot of giving out Zionist ice cream.

                    1. This is not my interpretation rabbit ?

                      This is what Judaism is

                      It is your interpretation of Judaism that does not exist

                      If you were Jewish you would know this

                      But you are not

                      You are a fake and a fraud and a liar

                      And that is all

              2. Talking about Jews Michael ? But you say you’ve never met any.

                So when you talk Israel you’re talking Christians, Muslims, Druze etc. right?

                1. …. and Jews, Ian,…. even though Bibi says that non-Jews are not a part of the state, and non-Jewish citizens have no self-determination there.

                  Dobby says that he has none in the UK either. … that why you left Greater Manchester?

                  1. I see. So when you talk about Israel and it’s not just about Jews but every Israeli, what’s your beef with Israeli Muslims, Christians, Druze etc. Michael ?

                  2. I have no self determination as a Jew in the UK that is true FG….

                    It is only you white Christians that have that…..

                    But that’s how democracy works….

      2. KoraNazis “state” Surrendered, UNCONDITIONALLY to the US, UK and SU on May 8, 1945.

        Happy Nakba to All! 🙂

  44. Michael and Bruce; two people that are remote from Jews, have never met Jews but are keen as anything to follow the advice of their erstwhile team mate and former contributor here, Chris Rogers who said he’d use “any stick I can find to beat the Jew over the head”.

    We have Israel so we never have to live with Michaels and Bruces.

      1. Like many people of all faiths Michael, our host has probably visited concentration camps and places that record and report on the events that took place at them. Additionally there are large bodies of publically available information and resources available on those locations as you well know. This may have been helpful in informing his opinions and in writing his blogs.

        Have you ever visited the site of a Nazi concentration camp Michael or do you simply reference them like Bruce, as an attempted provocation of Jews ?

        1. I’ve been in a Palestinian refugee camp. Saw enough to last me a lifetime and convinced me to devote my life to help end Zionism.

          Have you ever visited Gaza? The world’s largest open air prison?

          Auchwitz has been turned into a tourist trap complete with gift shop. And if you’re lucky, an air show with an Israeli fighter jet flying low overhead.

          Apartheid Israeli schoolchildren take government-sponsored trips there in order to brainwash them to believe that there’s a huge antisemitic conspiracy and that the “Jewish state” (lol) is their only refuge.

          A trip to Auchwitz is like you-know-where for those with antisemitism on the brain.

          Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.



            Here is a video of the Gaza “concentration camp”

            What a living hell these people are suffering there…..

            Silly rabbit….

            Now let us pray for the swift coming of Moschiach and the rebuilding of our temple in Jerusalem as it it our solemn duty as Jews to do……

            And remember that any “Jew” that does not do this is a fake and a fraud and a liar…..

            And a RABBIT….

            Happy Yom Haatzmaut Everyone…..

          2. Also there are large bodies of publicly available information and resources available on Israel and Jews as you well know. This has been helpful in forming opinions .

            1. There is also a large body of publicly available information which documents the horrors of British Colonialism…

              It’s so important for people to learn about their OWN history…

              Don’t you agree FG?


            2. When you say Israel and Jews Michael, do you mean Israel and Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze etc or are you now saying that Israel is the Jews? This is different to what you normally say.

                1. What Shin Bet camp are you referring to Ian?

                2. No seriously Michael. Have you ever visited the site of a Nazi death camp Michael?

                  Not sure why Bruce feels the need to try and deflect. It’s a legitimate question.

                3. No, Ian, but I hear than many Roma, homosexuals and the infirm were taken there to be killed.

                  I also understand that it’s a very lucrative industry these days for trips.

                  1. Ian, have you ever read Dr Norman Finkelstein’s book ‘The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering’?

              1. Silly Ian. That would be Israel with its Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze etc

                Israel and Jews are of course two different subjects.

                1. Exactly Michael. So if Israel is Jews Muslims Christians Druze etc and you’re so critical of Israel, what is your problem with the Muslims Christian’s Druze etc. ?

                  1. Well, even without a stake in the state they do the bidding of the Jewish majority and engage in the suppression of the Palestinians in the territories.

                    But hey, everybody needs a job when the cost of living is so high.

                    1. So now you finally know what it’s like for us Jews and Muslims here in the UK who have to do the bidding of the white Christian majority…..

                      Democracy huh?

    1. “…two people that are remote from Jews?”

      I’M A RABBI!!

      1. Calm down Bruce. If you want to say you’re a Rabbi, a window cleaner or the Mayor of Wankers Corner USA, feel free. This is social media and you can be anything you want to be. Knock yourself out.

      2. Poor Levy…

        Thought he could somehow just invent his own version of Judaism to fit in with his own poisoned virulently antisemitic agenda….and then call himself a Rabbi……?

        ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

        Silly rabbit….


        1. “Thought he could somehow just invent his own version of Judaism”

          The Zionists did, Dobby.

          1. Judaism itself is essentially Zionistic

            The very essence of Judaism is Zionistic…

            This is what you are not getting….which is understandable….because you are an idiot….


            No offence….

            1. “Judaism itself is essentially Zionistic.”

              Are you serious convicted criminal?

              How does stealing Palestinian homes and natural resources, torturing, shooting and murdering Palestinian civilians, bombing Palestinian villages, murdering Palestinian children and babies, committing genocide, using collective punishment as a means of control, harvesting the organs of Palestinians to sell on the international market, encourage the suffering and deaths of Palestinians through the use of detention and checkpoints, as well as denying Palestinians basic human rights, equate with Judaism?

              1. Not the brightest are you Levy…

                And yet you call yourself LEARNED…



                  1. What question ?

                    Most of that shit you typed in that rant has only happened in your head…

                    And none of it represents what Zionism actually is…..

                    Silly rabbit….

                    Btw Loony Levy = David Irving = disgraced “professor” a falsifier of history a liar and a racist…..

                    Disgusting really….

          1. Says Holocaust denier and historical revisionist David Irving?


            Silly rabbit….


  45. The Jewish wedding is a finely detailed process, with hundreds of different customs and traditions.

    One of the most iconic ones is breaking a glass.

    At some point during the marriage ceremony (the exact point varies between different traditions, but usually during the end), a glass wrapped in cloth is placed on the ground under the chuppah, or bridal canopy. One member of the couple (usually the groom) stomps on it, and the congregation shouts “mazal tov!” in congratulations.

    Two of the most important events in Jewish history are the destructions of the first and second temples in Jerusalem.

    In Judaism, the temple is supposed to be the physical focal point of faith and worship. The first one was destroyed by the Neo-Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II. It was replaced by a second temple at around 530 BCE, while Jerusalem was occupied by the Persian Empire, and then destroyed in 70 CE by the Roman army. Now, the only accessible remains are a small section of its outer western wall.

    Breaking the glass is supposed to recall the destruction of the temples and rekindle the hope that one day it will be rebuilt. It’s a way of remembering the tragedy of Jerusalem even at the happiest hour….

    The breaking of the glass has taken place at every Jewish wedding since the 4th Century….

    Every Rabbi on earth would know about this tradition…..

    Except one…..


    1. Clearly a copy and paste convicted criminal.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Torah study group.

      1. Of course it’s a copy and paste….because (unlike you) I haven’t just made this up !

        It’s a centuries old tradition that takes place at every Jewish wedding in every part of the world….and if you were a Rabbi (or even Jewish) you would know this….

        I can only assume that you have never “officiated” at a Jewish wedding then rabbit ?

        Ever been to one ????

        And the only “crime” I’m guilty of is laying waste to racist vermin like you…..guilty as charged….



          1. Bellers, you naughty boy. Saying you don’t think about Jews from one day to the next and then coming here every day since 30th March to lay a turd in a Jewish airing cupboard. That’s not nice is it.

            You’re a bit of a fibber aren’t you?

            1. Airing cupboards don’t have ethnicity you silly boy. That is a category mistake. I have given you several free lectures on category mistakes. No more. Next one is billable. As a compromise I will accept shekel notes. Gnasher can wipe his arse on them.

              1. Oh Bellers. Your ignorance of Jews has always been your undoing.

                When I moved into my new home and shaved a centimetre off the end of my airing cupboard door after 7 days of living there, a bracha was made and a nice drop of Palwin #11 necked. For the uninitiated like you, this was the formal brit milah of my airing cupboard, you dullard.

                If you spent less time trying to construct shithouse posts and more time looking at the world around you, you’d feel more fulfilled and less obsessive about Jews.

                Anyway, I can’t hang around nattering with you all morning. I have to pick up a few bits for Yom Haatzmaut next week.

          2. DUMB BELLamy,

            Why don’t you try SOBRIETY for a change, you EuroTrash GutterTrash?

            Happy Nakba!

              1. Such originality…..

                Always a treat to read your and witty and well thought out comebacks….

                DUH !

                  1. It is Michael

                    Unfortunately your interpretation of what truth is… very different to what it actually is….


                    1. I’ve noticed a pattern with Davis, Ian and yourself.

                      You all misrepresent posts, claiming other than what has been said. Why is that? Is that the Zionism, a culture or some trait?

                    2. And you aren’t waiting for your Messiah to come back?

                      The one that you insist wasn’t Jewish?

                      Or is it just my faith that you feel is okay to ridicule?


                    3. “The one that you insist wasn’t Jewish?”

                      There you go. Dobby misrepresents.

                      Can’t help himself

                  2. Look at who is claiming that the truth is being misrepresented


                    Like you even know what truth is


                    1. Yes like you have never said anything about Jesus not being Jewish?


                      But if you have changed your mind about that then I’m glad

  46. Michael, I just noticed that you’re offering answers to questions. This is a first for you in 7 years. Interesting !

    I asked you to clarify above that when you criticise Israel and its citizens you mean just the Jews or all its citizens whether they be Israeli Muslims, Christians, Druze etc. If you mean the latter, I asked what your problem was with all the Israelis.

    Your replied, “Well, even without a stake in the state they do the bidding of the Jewish majority and engage in the suppression of the Palestinians in the territories.” Gotcha!

    So, you’re cross that all the Israelis mentioned above, whether Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze aren’t doing the things that you, a non-Israeli, want. This surprises me for several reasons. As Israeli citizens we all had a vote in the latest election and the majority of us chose not to vote for Netanyahu. He is not our PM any more as a result of that vote and in all likelihood may not be again. I’d have thought that you’d admire that democracy in action and it does rather debunk your assertion that one group of Israeli citizens is doing the bidding of another. It’s a bit like accusing Bellers, an alleged Irishman claiming to live in the UK of doing the bidding of the British majority and engaging in the suppression of the Irish in the territories. Do you believe this too?

    1. In the absence of a coherent reply from Michael allow me to reply on his behalf…


      NO COLLIER RESEARCH INTO…..well……you get the picture…..


              1. I’ll been enjoying some Kosher bubbly celebrating yesterday’s anniversary and giving thanks that UK taxpayers don’t have to support another billionaire.

                Shabbat shalom from your friendly neighbourhood Rabbi.


                1. Money from the Queen’s estates go to the exchequer.

                  The government gives a fraction of that money back to the royals to live on.

                  The queen is therefore subsidizing us.

                  Just saying.

                  1. Think about all the suffering people living in poverty, squalor and hunger in the UK. Homelessness is a huge issue as well.

                    And then think about how that money that was handed to the multi-billionaire Royal family on a silver platter could be better spent.

                    Their idea of charity was to go on TV and ask people who were as poor as church mice to donate more and more, just like many celebrities do nowadays.

                    1. Agree with Farmer on this one…

                      The Royal family are a huge asset to the UK and give back to our country much more than they take.

                2. Good to hear that you have been celebrating Yom Haatzmaut Levy…

                  Am Yisrael Chai


                  1. What does the royal family give back to the country?

                    And you’re right! I’ve been celebrating Yom Haatzmaut by joining my congregants in praying for the speedy destruction of the apartheid state and justice at the end of a rope for its leaders.

                    1. If you don’t like the way we do things in this country you don’t have to live here

                      We have enough racists already anyway

                      Don’t need any more

                1. Anyone who is white and owns their own house is a racist according to the Loony Left…

                  But actual racists that support vile racist mysognistic homophobic regimes like Iran are ok with the left?

                  Oh the irony…



      9 Apr 1948: Around 120 fighters from the Zionist paramilitary groups Irgun and Lehi attacked the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin massacring 100 to 150 or more. The victims included many women and children, some of whom were mutilated and raped

  47. David Collier
    Coming to the end of my latest #antisemitism project. I’ve never seen anything like it. ….

    Course not. …. you make it up as you go along …. always …. each one a fantasia on antisemitism.

    1. On this day in 1948, around 120 fighters from far-right Zionist paramilitary groups Irgun and Lehi attacked Deir Yassin, a Palestinian village of 600 people near Jerusalem.

      100-250 men, women and children were killed. With reports of rapes and mutilations.


      1. Menachem Begin was leader of Irgun at that time. Israel rewarded him with PMship.

        1. Menachem Begin. That reminds me Michael. Were you aware that he was the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, as was Arab Leader Yasser Arafat.

          Do you think they were both worthy recipients Michael ?

          1. The only reason Menachem Begin was awarded the Nobel Prize was because the committee was intimidated by the Israeli government who hinted that they’d be accused of being antisemitic if they didn’t.

              1. ‘Begin’s was a monster.”

                This implies that it was something that belonged to to Begin that was the monster…


                His cat?


                Or maybe even his rabbit?


                Or his clown?


  48. As it’s Shabbat again I thought I would repost this…

    Shabbat Shalom everybody….


    Funny how Bruce still insists on maintaining the fake Rabbi act after he has been outed as nothing more than a shelf stacker in some crappy American supermarket…

    We can all pretend to be what we want to be on the internet and so Brucie thought it would be a great idea to pretend to be a Rabbi so he could not get accused of being antisemitic when espousing his anti Jewish bigotry and repeated holocaust denigration….

    HOWEVER our resident LEARNED RABBI (aka SHIFORBRAINS) doesn’t know what a kosher phone can or can’t be used for….doesn’t know what a shabbat oven or kettle is….doesn’t know that cakes cannot be baked/eaten over Pesach…..

    But funniest thing of all…..he never knew that the bedrock of Judaism in based around the Messainic prophesies…

    Prophesies that include the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem…..where there is a mosque right now….

    And it is basically impossible to be a Rabbi without saying a daily prayer for the swift coming of Moschiach and the world peace that will ensue with his coming….and (of course) the rebuilding of our Temple in accordance with these prophesies…..

    He also knows nothing about the prayer that all of us Jews recite every Pesach and Yom Kippur….


    He also doesn’t know that a glass is smashed at every Jewish wedding ceremony in memory of the destruction of the 2 Jewish temples and in the hope that it will one day be rebuilt….

    Imagine a real Rabbi not knowing any of this?


    Poor Levy (aka THE LOON) hates being reminded of this……which is why I plan to repost this message every Shabbat….


    Levy also thinks he is insulting me by accusing me of being a rather eminent London Economist….? It seems that inventing a new identity for himself is not enough for the poor loon…so he has decided to invent one for me too?

    Levy is not very bright…

    He is also a bit of a c@nt….

    Don’t be like Levy….

    That is all….

      1. Cheer up Loonster…

        Be grateful that you will only be seeing this once a week…and not six times a day like yours and Farmgirl’s constant reposting of the “Tory Collier” thing….


        It’s surprising that doesn’t give you both repetitive strain injuries….

        ? ? ? ? ?

      1. Your complete lack of knowledge of Judaism gave you away Loonster….


        A fake
        A fraud
        A racist

        That’s what you are….

        It’s all you are….

        And that is all….


  49. If some individual said: “Glad the Earth rid itself of that rich, old, racist nasty white man.” I wouldn’t disagree.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray ?

    1. If you don’t like the way we do things in this country Bellers you are free to leave…

      I’m sure even Farmer will agree with me on that….

      I hear that Jerusalem is a nice place to live…?


        1. No chance. Even apartheid Israel wouldn’t let “Ken Dobkin” in. He’s just take up another hospital bed and waste psychiatric services.

          Besides, he’s not a real Jew.

        1. It wasn’t my ancestors that “civilised” the world whether they wanted it or not…

          It was yours FG….

          So I’m not guilty (by association) for any of that…

          But all that murder and mayhem and historical racism aside…Britain is on the whole a good place to live in….

          Oh and Levy….you aren’t even a good Fake Jew…you are just an embarrassment….and a fucking Loon…


  50. How cone you lot are on about the Brjtish Monarchy this morning? Is this part of some new attempt at provocation ?

      1. Oh right ho. I thought they’d got the wrong airing cupboard to shit in. Not sure wot sort of rise they’re trying to get out of this one. Do people give a toss about this sort of thing ?

        1. Basically if you are white and have the temerity to work hard enough to be able to afford to buy your own house then you are basically Hitler in the eyes of the left…


          Like I say…they are not the brightest….


            1. You know I’m right…

              In a wealthy country like the UK anyone can work hard and better themselves if they choose to do so….

              And the left hate that….

              Don’t they…?

  51. Fear not friends, that ‘nasty rich old racist white man,’ Philip Mountbatten, is suffering eternal torment with racist degenerate “Rabbi” Jonathan Sacks in ?.

    1. Still trying to figure out why they’re on about this here. Are we just ranting about things we hate? I fucking hate Piers Morgan and hope he spends a lifetime of torment in a small lift with Jedward. Not keen on cheese either. There!

        1. Michael, you claim to be British. Why do you reckon Bellers and Bruce have written such rude and aggressive posts about a deceased member of your Royal Family here on a pro Israel site when they both claim to be foreign visitors?

          1. “…your Royal Family”? Are you for real Ian?
            “Your Royal Family” weren’t too keen on sharing their obscene wealth with the people. ‘Their kind’ enjoyed the best of everything, while a large percentage of the UK population lived in squalor.

            1. How a large part of the UK population live is down to the Governmen, which for the past 11 years has been the austerity crazy Conservatives. Thank the falsified antisemitic accusations for part of that.

              1. True, the fake accusations of antisemitism certainly played it’s part (and we know who’s to blame) , but what have the Royals ever contributed to ‘common good’ of the country? The UK would of been much better off without them

                  1. Untrue.

                    It’s duty … not a pleasure.

                    Your life is not your own.

                    (Dobby thinks he’s hard done to.)

                    1. Many European “royals” don’t live as extravagant as their British counterparts.

                    2. “It’s duty … not a pleasure.

                      Your life is not your own.”

                      First time I have ever agreed with you….

                      Feels weird !

            1. There are plenty of “cubts” on here Bellers…

              The fake rabbi being the king of all cubts…


              You are a mere amateur compared to the Loonster….


              1. Calling Dobby a c-u-n-t is too kind.

                Why aren’t you observing Shabbat and praying to HaShem to forgive your crimes, convicted criminal?

                Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.

                1. “Why aren’t you observing Shabbat and praying to HaShem”

                  So says the “rabbi” using the internet on Shabbat ?????????????

                  Brucey once again manages to redefine the word IRONY

                  DUH !!!!!!!!!!

                  1. Again, I have a special dispensation from the Chief Rabbi.

                    1. “I have a special dispensation from the Chief Rabbi.”

                      No Rabbi on earth can do that…..

                      If you were a rabbi you would know that….




                      That is all…….

                2. Whistling past the graveyard are you, Waldo.
                  Also, if you’re not praying for your own death you’re the most unbelievable masochist who ever lived.

                1. One and the same me thinks. “Dobby” has multiple personalities.

                  1. ” “Dobby” has multiple personalities.”

                    Says the guy who thinks he’s a rabbi but doesn’t know the first thing about Judaism ??

                    Ironic much ?

  52. Bruce, you have so many chips on your shoulder. I assumed your hatred of Jews was down to some bad experiences in early life. I guess your father was a Jew, your mother not and you got grief and suffered exclusion as a result. The anti Tory and Royalty thing is a more obvious reaction to being a low paid shop worker feeling unable or incapable of changing his lot. So rather than nuckling down and making the best of things like everyone else you’ve spent your life looking to apportion blame and rage against those targets; Jews, the rich and privileged. It must be very frustrating to feel so impotent.

    (Worth at least a ‘gulp’ from Bellers, I’d say)

    1. “So rather than nuckling down and making the best of things like everyone else you’ve spent your life looking to apportion blame and rage ”

      Good advice there for David don’t you think.

      p.s. ‘knuckling down’

      1. Nice one Mike! 🙂

        The Joooos David and Ian might learn something. But I doubt it.

        1. To refer to David and Ian as ‘Jooos’ is being generous.

          In word and deed, they are anything but.

    2. As always Ian, you’re so wrong with your assumptions.

      Unlike your pathetic past attempts at humour, your above comment concerning myself drew a chuckle.

      I’m off Sunday to attend an anti-Zio rabbinic conference in Jew York. Will be in touch soon.

      1. Look Bruce, I suspect I’ve hit a slightly more raw nerve with you than you will admit and I do not intend to exploit it. These are clearly your issues not mine. However it does explain the approach that you adopt here towards Jewish people, particularly if you view them as being broadly responsible for some disruption in your family or personal life when you were younger. Ostracization and judgement are cruel for anyone and I can see how this comes out in the things that you post here and the ways that you choose to post them.

        The anti royalty stuff that appeared yesterday must have been the result of some sort of tipping point for you. You’d made that post about your life’s work being the eradication of Zionism and you must have sat back afterwards and reflected on the impossibility of that task and the frustration that would derive from the inevitable failure. Imagine having to come here day after day, year after year knowing that the best that you can do to achieve your ambitions is type offensive posts and hope that a one or two Jewish people read them. I imagine that this must have opened up a much harsher truth about the general impotence that you feel in your life. Hence the rather wayward contributions here.

        It may be worth reflecting on these things and adapting your tactics accordingly. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m here for the long haul so I am more than happy to offer critique from time to time.

          1. Really Michael, I thought that these were quite reasonable observations about Bruce, especially the rather extraordinary posts he made here about your royal family yesterday.

            I have no feelings on this subject whatever. I noticed you did though.

            Maybe he is a bit chippy about wealth and privilege. Bit of a non-sequitur here though isn’t it?

            1. To be honest you generally find the same unwashed rabble protesting at all the same events here in the UK….

              The same mob that tried (and failed) to shut down an Israeli soap shop (no I’m not kidding) in Manchester during the last Gaza war could also be seen at the protests against Fracking and against HS2 and against Trump and at Extinction Rebellion events….etc….etc….

              These “career” protestors are basically anti capitalists and the thing they hate the most of all is anyone white who has (or is perceived to have) a lot of money…..

              So it’s no wonder they hate the Royal Family…..

              1. “the last Gaza war “?

                It wasn’t a war, it was a murderous assault by Israel using advanced US weaponry on a virtually unarmed people.

                1400+ civilians killed, over 500 of them children.

                Little wonder Israel doesn’t want a war-crime trial.

                1. Outrageous misrepresentation Michael.

                  Most of our advanced weaponary was designed and made in Israel.

  53. I am not an enthusiast of the new JDA definition either, as it still retains some confused and unnecessary language, in my opinion. But the IHRA “definition” was a joke. It was basically a nonsensical series of waesel statements whose only purpose was to weaponize the slur “antisemitism” as a tool against opponents of Israel, and sought to legitimize such use.
    The IHRA was actually understood by all users an attempt to shield Zionism and Israel from political and ideological threats.

    Its setting was fundamentally wrong because it was meant as focused on Antisemitism an abstract, immaterial “thought crime”, that is not a fact or a behaviour but an invisible motivation behind human actions, internal to the mind. This way, on evary political attack the Zionist would respond by shifting the topic from facts on the internal moral quality of attacker – it is basically a topic-shifting tool.

    One of the nonsensical points that stood out was precisely the “double standard” point specifically about Israel. Never mind that the creator of the definition itself, Mr. Stern, pointed out that “double standards are very common in politics” and therefore they mean nothing. His admission sheds a light, and maybe has something to do with why the IHRA definition almost does not contain any definite statement but always says that something “may” be Antisemitism (aka: or it may not).

    There is obviously no such thing as a standard in politics. If Israel was hold at the same standard of Russia annexing Crimea, it would be under sanctions. There is no standard as “criticism like the one leveled against any other country”, unless you consider that Israel officials themselves compare Iran to the Nazi every other day (they even call each other “Nazi”), that Regan used to demonize the Soviet Union calling it “the empire of evil”, Bush and Trump called other states they disliked “rogue” or “terrorist”, the Italian Northern League would call the Italian Republic “a thieve state” and Southern Italian “parasites”, not to speak of how the Pakistani call Indians or how Irish used to call the UK… There is obviously no “standard” in politics.

    1. Why write 4 paragraphs about criticising Zionism. Just have some balls and criticise Zionism. What do you imagine will happen? Some words opposing Zionism will exist on the internet, Zionism will continue to be a thing and everything will carry on as normal.

      I am an Israeli Zionist and I have absolutely no problem with you or anyone else writing things on the internet or anywhere else comparing me to an Nazi, calling me an apartheid supporting genocidal imperialist oppressor or a slaughterer of small Arab babies.

      I’ve got my Jewish homeland. You’ve got your computer equipment. Let’s enjoy what we have.

        1. Remind me again Bellers. Which are the specific days when you say you don’t think about Jews. You’ve been on this thread for 12 days now thinking about us. That’s quite a lot.

            1. Yes Bellers, I just wanted a reminder of which two days they were; certainly not the last 12.

                1. Sub 5 minute response time from Bellers. This mustn’t be one of the days when he “doesn’t think about Jews from one day to the next.”

                  Maybe he’s thinking about us every day. Bit obsessive, that.

                    1. Oooh, I can see you’re playing around with a new catchphrase Bellers.

                      My mate, the food demo girl got into bother with that at Waitrose ‘coz of her speech impediment when she told a shopper to try some Dijon with ” yer cock….yer cock….yer cocktail sausages”.

                      She was finally booted after the incident with the Country Slices.

                    2. Dumb Bellamy has as much cock on the brain as Sharmuta has in her mouth.

                      Now THAT’s a lot.

              1. Well Israel has already lasted a lot longer than the “1,000 year reich” that your hero Adolf was planning…


                Ah well never mind…


      1. Ian, you are mistaken (again). Nothing lasts forever. And that includes that vile, racist, apartheid shithole of a country you live in.

        1. No worries Bruce. Feel free to watch and comment. I have my country. You have your ambitions for its destruction. Let’s both make the most of what we have.

        2. ImaM Oron

          M.A.D. – Mecca Assured Destruction…. for starters.

          IFF the US or Israel suffer a WMD attack.

          Plus the Islamist world is TARGET RICH (Tehran)

          Is the Islamofascist Love of Mecca greater than their hatred of Zion???

      2. Why write three paragraphs on the author, when you are not able to write a sentence on the topic?

        Either IK is unemployed with a computer or a bot is using a generator of Ian Kay comments

  54. Anyway, it seems that the best way to ensure that you get to make your nukes and keep them is to make them quietly, hide them in some sand dunes, get some hapless shmuk to hint that they’re there and then spend the next 45 years not threatening to use them to obliterate other sovereign states whose ideologies you oppose. The alternative may result in the odd glitch.

    1. Wishing all my Muslims comrades and friends a blessed Ramadan.


      #RamadanKareem #FreePalestine

      1. Bruce, you recall all the Brits that left to join up with ISIS, the ones that left to fight with the Kurds and the ones that chose to join the IDF?

        How come you’ve not found your way to join your “Muslim comrades” and fight the brutal genocidal Israel apartheid Oppressors over here? It does sound a bit more dangerous for you. However, I’d imagine that with your strongly held views and your stated aim to make it your lifes work to eradicate Zionism this is the best you could do, right?

        1. Palestinians will conquer the apartheid state not with weapons, but with the wombs of their wives. How many times have I told you that?

          But there’s lots that can be done to hasten the end.

          1. ImaM Oron, Your Slimey “Pal-e-SWINIANS” can’t conquer ANYTHING.

            All they can do is win Darwin Award prizes funded by EuroTrash and other Islamofascist Jihadi savages.

            Happy Nakba! 🙂

  55. Was watching once again the excellent 2011 four-part TV series “The Promise” which should be shown in every UK school, college and university.

    1. Bruce, check out my question above. You said you had made it your lifes work to eradicate Zionism. Have you ever considered a more direct means of achieving this than writing things on social media and then watching and grumbling about Zios on the telly who frankly are just much better lobbyists than those on your team?

      I’m sure there’s more stuff you could be doing.

      1. Don’t worry your head off Ian Lots going on behind the scenes.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, have prepare for an appointment to counsel a couple that I’m marrying.

        1. Please stop typing shit and boycotting Israeli dates…


          Such a cunning strategy like that is clearly working wonders for your cause….


          By all means keep typing shit but please…..not the dates….!




      1. You’re absolutely right Edward, you’re a M Oron!

        Ramadan Mubarak!

  56. Harvey Garfield’s name is known to apartheid Israel’s immigration officials as just another nut case needing psychiatric treatment.

    1. Brucie, I bet you and Michael passed on watching the “Undercover Mosque” film above, dismissing it as a bit of Jooo propaganda. You lot should watch it. You’ll realise what you’re really up against and you should be shitting yourselves.

      Quite quickly you’ll realise it ain’t about Joos. It’s about yooos and they’re coming for you. They want to stab your coppers, behead your soldiers and blow up your concert arenas. Oh, and bleating to them “but I was on your side. All those years of writing shit on the internet and standing outside Zio soap shops in my cagoule and BDS badges ” ain’t gonna help you at all.

      They hate us but they know they can’t beat us and gave up trying years ago. You lot are much easier targets with your flaky belief systems and mewling liberal embarrassment. You’ve literally stood by and watched their invasion by invitation. Frankly, your only hope now is us, so if you ask really, really nicely and say “Zios are cool” with feeling, we may help you out of the shit. Alternatively you can ask Bellers to rustle you up some new slogans. They may work. Your call.


        “The documentary presents video footage gathered from 12 months of secret investigation into mosques throughout Britain. The documentary caused a furor in Britain and the world press due to the extremist content of the released footage. West Midlands Police investigated whether criminal offences had been committed by those teaching or preaching at the Mosques and other establishments”

        1. So many years standing out in the cold in kefiyahs and cagoules bleating about the evils of Jews and Zionism and these idiots haven’t spotted the threat in their own back yard. Even when bombs started going off in their tube stations and concert halls and coppers were being stabbed and rammed on their streets, they were still stood behind their decorators tables on the High Street handing out BDS badges and sniffling about apartheid Israel.

          They must think that when the Sharia Massive come a calling from Bradford and Luton with their machetes and large rocks they can just point out that they were the ones who spent years trying to provoke Jews on social media and everything will be fine.

          Ah well, they’ll reap what they sow. I have no sympathy for them.

          1. Ian Kay on April 13, 2021
            “So many years standing out in the cold in kefiyahs and cagoules bleating about the evils of Jews and Zionism…”

            No Ian, NOT bleating about the evils of Jews, just about Zionism.

            The Sodastream and Ahava shops CLOSED, Zionist cultural and promotional events DISRUPTED, THOUSANDS turn out to PROTEST the apartheid state, Israel’s subversive campaign against Palestine groups EXPOSED on TV, etc, etc..

            Face it, brand Israel is POISON.

            Happy to help!

            1. Decent return for a couple of decades of work Bruce.

              However, as I said to Michael earlier, you can’t whinge about the success of Israeli lobbying. The aim of the game is to win. If your team wants to win, get better lobbyists

              1. “We will defeat you not with weapons, but with our women’s wombs.”

                1. Nothing in the least bit misogynistic about treating a woman like a baby factory……is there Brucey lad ?

                  1. Don’t play dumb. You know what it means.

                    Palestinians will outnumber Zios in a decade or two.

                    Israel = The End.

                    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m due at our virtual Shul social.

                    1. The apartheid Israeli state is leaking people like a sieve. Seems those who can are emigrating abroad.

                    2. Maths is really not your thing at all is it Brucey lad ?

                      Israel’s population has grown by more than 2.5m in the last 20 years….and each year the numbers go up not down….

                      Anyway please excuse me I’m off to do my weekly shopping for Israeli produced goods…..

                      See ya !

                    3. You’re right Scoffy. Apartheid Israel’s population has grown. More Palestinians!

                      All the Joooos who can are emigrating. The apartheid state is a clear and present danger to Joooos.

            2. Wow you closed a soap shop yet the Israeli economy still tripled…?

              Big difference you made there Brucey…..

              Now please excuse me as I’m off to buy some Israeli avocados….and DATES…..


              1. Ken Dobkin on April 13, 2021

                “Big difference you made there Brucey…..”

                If it wasn’t such a “big difference”, why then does the Zionist government spend so much time and resources to combat it?

                Maybe the star of ‘The Lobby,’ Shai Masot, could provide an answer!


                1. Basic maths not your strongpoint huh Brucey ?

                  As well as basic intelligence…..and “pretending to be a rabbi” ?? Not the best at it are you Loonster ?

                  Btw the GDP of Israel is now $390 billion which is 3 times more than it was than when BDS started…..

                  What a difference you are making…..keep up the “good” work……

                  And keep typing the shit you type….the IDF has no answer to your unrivalled keyboarding “skills”……

                  1. You didn’t answer my question. All you did was to try and wind me up, by abusing me in writing.

                    Why is the apartheid state spending so much time, effort and resources in trying to defeat BDS?

                    1. Scoffy, if you place your order now, the Blue & White Apartheid flavour ice cream may arrive in time for Summer.

          2. Ian Kay on April 13, 2021

            “They must think that when the Sharia Massive come a calling from Bradford and Luton with their machetes and large rocks…”

            Ian doesn’t have a single racist bone in his body. Not 1, but 206.

          1. Sour grapes Michael ? Lobbying is a competition. One side wants to influence thinking one way. Another side wants to influence thinking another way. Zios win because they’re better at it. My advice; get better lobbyists or face more losses.

            1. In the US, there is more outrage, more MSM coverage of the terrible homicide of George Floyd by a DUMB cop

              than there is over the Syrian “refugee” murder of >>10<< people in Boulder Colorado

              and the Nation of Pisslam follower who ran over and killed a cop in Washington DC.

              1. Your regular reminder that Israel is still an apartheid state.

                  1. It means Apartness.

                    ‘The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.’

                    The Jewish People are being treat apart from other Israeli citizens.

                    1. So therefore you must also define Britain as an apartheid state….? Given that (by virtue of being in the vast majority) it is only white Christians who are able to self determine (as Christians) in the UK ?

                      Personally I wouldn’t class Britain as an apartheid state…..but it seems you do ?


                    2. Dobby – “it is only white Christians who are able to self determine in the UK ?”

                      A complete plonker.

                1. ImaM Oron, This is your regular reminder that Pal-e-CRIME is still an apartheid, criminal, terrorist, Islamofascist pseudo-entity.

                    1. Think I’ll use the 617th post to ask our Bruce how his life’s work is going. You know, “eradicating Zionism and dismantling the Jewish State”.

                      I reckon that pretending to be a Rabbi on the internet could help with this.

                    2. We could also ask how David’s campaign to eradicate antisemitism is going.

                      It seems from his continued ‘chicken licken’ blogs that things are getting worse….. or is it his hope to widen the “great divide”?

                    3. You can ask anything you want of our host Michael. You’ve chosen to visit here every day for over 7 years and have ample opportunity.

                      Michael, it is far easier to see DC’s achievements than those of you, Bruce and old Bellers. You all foolishly and naively bleat about the Zio lobby but this is just a game where one team gains more influence than the other. If you want to lose less often, get better lobbyists.

                      In the meantime, perhaps just content yourself with a few hundred repetitions of your Nakba slogan per article. That seems to make you happy.

                    4. Note to reader: The Zio “Ken Dobkin’s” reply is an example of ‘deflecting.’

      2. I don’t watch Haarutz Ha-Rishon Ian.
        Come to think of it, I believe Nazi Germany had its own TV service as well.

  57. Yom Haatzmaut Sameach Israel

    73 years young (and over 3000 years in the making) but damn, you look good.


    To all the assorted schmendricks, schlemiels, schmocks, BDS, PSC and other haters; another year and Israel is still growing and thriving. It is stronger, more stable and less isolated then ever. Still, I guess having Roger Waters on your side counts for something.


    Suck on that one Shitforbrains….


    1. What does a Zionist and a school holiday have in common?

      No class.

      1. ImaM Oron was tasked to Blow Up a Bus,

        and he burned his lips on the tailpipe. 🙁

        Darwin Award!

        Happy Nakba! 🙂

  58. Noting Bruce and Michael’s provocative posts here and their frenzied rash of tweets, they don’t seem to have had any noticeable effect on the celebration of our 73rd year of independence as a Jewish State.

    Street parties, beach BBQs and open air concerts are all taking place as normal as we enjoy our public holiday together in the warm spring sunshine. In a few hours we will watch as our amazing air force flies by the length and breadth of our country, reminding us of the importance of complete military superiority over all of our neighbours.

    There seems to be no evidence whatsoever that Bruce’s life’s work of eradicating Zionism and dismantling the Jewish State is making any progress. However, it’s still only 8.30 here though so perhaps he and Michael have got something up their sleeves for later in the day.

    1. Reminds me of the time the German army marched down the Champs Elysee in 1940 . That was the sixth army. The same guys that had all that fun at Stalingrad. Hey ho stuff goes around and comes around.

      1. And good morning to you too Bellers. Yet another day for you here, talking Nazi imagery to Jews. You provocative little scamp.

        Think I’ll leave you to your obsessions though. Those kebabs aren’t going to barbie themselves.

            1. Thanks to DUMB BELLamy’s out of control drinking, he can’t think with only one functioning Neuron left.

                1. The IDF and IAF delivers NAKBA to Terrorist, Apartheid, Islamofascist Pal-e-CRIME.

                  Happy Nakba!

  59. Land grab, land grab
    land grab, land grab
    Hey you Brits want some Zio-nism?

    Bugs and lice
    they’re very nice.

    IDF loves killing, murder too
    They love the tasty smell of blood
    When soldiers come home from patrol at night
    they give their favourite yell;

    Land grab, land grab
    land grab, land grab
    Hey you Brits want some Zio-nism?

    Bugs and lice
    they’re very nice.

    1. What’s the tune for this Bruce? I dont think the meter fits. It may work as a sort of provocation if you could record yourself singing it and attaching as an audio file.

      I understand if you dont do requests but it may help you with your life’s work

      1. This is the Zionist version of “Hold Tight, Hold Tight’ sung by the Andrews Sisters.

        This song fits the lyrics like a glove.

      2. Here’s another:

        I might try busking on Ben Yahuda St to raise funds for Palestinian NGO’s the next time I’m in the apartheid state.

        Tune: “Bye Bye Love”

        To help the people of Palestine
        we won’t buy grapefruit or Israeli wine
        and if you’re wondering what you can do
        Please join the boycott and help them too.

        Don’t buy dates
        Don’t buy Jaffa fruit
        Don’t buy Israeli wine
        There’s a boycott going o-on. (Repeat)

        Tell all your neighbours, please don’t be shy
        Read all the labels before you buy
        If it says Israel, don’t hesitate
        don’t put apartheid upon your plate!’


        Check sweet potatoes, avocados too.
        If it says Israel, you know what to do.
        Just read the bar codes – those little lines
        Things made in Israel start 7-2-9.


        So help the people of Palestine
        and don’t buy grapefruit or Israeli wine
        And if you’re wondering what you can do
        Then join the boycott and help them too –
        Yes join the boycott and help them too!

        1. Nope, still not getting it. It really would help if you could record yourself singing along so that we get the idea. I think an MP3 file may work.

          This could be a big step towards achieving your life’s work.

    1. Zio propaganda made in Tell Aviv to discredit Palestinians and Hamas. Ironic because Zionism has been compared to Nazism countless times

      I’ve seen swastika flags displayed in the UK by right-wing extremists like your mates, the EDL.

      Haven’t seen your friend, the fascist Roberta Moore for some time. She still with the JDL? What’s she up to?

      1. Palestinians and Hamas have always done a first class job in discrediting themselves Loonster….they need no help from Israel….


        1. HAM-ASS, Hezbola, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, Fascist Iran.

          SCREW Pal-e-SWINE.

          Happy ETERNAL Nakba!

          Happy Israel Independence Day!

        1. Quite so Michael. Whereas your UK Islamic extremist loonies have limited access to firearms so content themselves with ramming your coppers, beheading your soldiers and blowing up kids at your concert arenas. Feel nice and safe?

          1. The mass-murderering Zio devil, Baruch Goldstein, is celebrated as a hero in the apartheid state.

            1. So you don’t feel at all threatened by the extremists that are targeting you on your streets and blowing up your tube stations? Is that coz it’s all about jooos and Zios and you’re neither of them?

              Good luck when they start stabbing the old dears in your frozen food aisles.

              1. How can you identify terrorist extremists?

                They wear kippas and call themselves Jooos.

                1. Don’t forget the thick eyeglasses and pimples.

                  They DO kick your lifted Ass-lifting Ass don’t they?

                  Happy Nakba! 🙂

            2. Land grab, land grab
              land grab, land grab
              Hey you Jooo want some Zio-nism?

              Bugs and lice
              they’re very nice.

              Zios love killing, murder too
              We love the tasty smell of blood
              When we come home from the checkpoint at night
              We give our favourite yell;

              Land grab, land grab
              land grab, land grab
              Hey you Jooo want some Zio-nism?

              Bugs and lice
              they’re very nice.

              1. Can’t think how you managed to end up with a nickname like LOONSTER….??

                Bit of a mystery that one is……

                Duh !

              2. ImaM Oron, You are SO CUTE when you CRY,

                like a BIG BABY.

                Happy Israeli Independence Day! 🙂

                Happy Nakba for Terrorist Pal-e-SWINE! 🙂

      1. Dont be shy Michael. My shite can only work with your shite. So keep that shite coming.

            1. It’s total obsession Ken. Frenzied daly tweeting,and aloganising s for nearly a decade with absolutely zero to show for it except the odd “Ha, look what I said”. You have to admire the commitment to such a futile endeavor.

  60. Funny how Brucey still insists on maintaining the fake Rabbi act after he has been outed as nothing more than a shelf stacker in some crappy American supermarket…

    We can all pretend to be what we want to be on the internet and so Brucie thought it would be a great idea to pretend to be a Rabbi so he could not get accused of being antisemitic when espousing his anti Jewish bigotry and repeated holocaust denigration….

    HOWEVER our resident LEARNED RABBI (aka SHIFORBRAINS) doesn’t know what a kosher phone can or can’t be used for….doesn’t know what a shabbat oven or kettle is….doesn’t know that cakes cannot be baked/eaten over Pesach…..

    But funniest thing of all…..he never knew that the bedrock of Judaism in based around the Messainic prophesies…

    Prophesies that include the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem…..where there is a mosque right now….

    And it is basically impossible to be a Rabbi without saying a daily prayer for the swift coming of Moschiach and the world peace that will ensue with his coming….and (of course) the rebuilding of our Temple in accordance with these prophesies…..

    He also knows nothing about the prayer that all of us Jews recite every Pesach and Yom Kippur….


    He also doesn’t know that a glass is smashed at every Jewish wedding ceremony in memory of the destruction of the 2 Jewish temples and in the hope that it will one day be rebuilt….

    Poor Levy (aka THE LOON) hates being reminded of this……

    Levy also thinks he is insulting me by accusing me of being a rather eminent London Economist….? It seems that inventing a new identity for himself is not enough for the poor loon…so he has decided to invent one for me too?

    Levy berates me for posting on Shabbat……by posting on Shabbat himself ????????

    Levy is not very bright…

    He is also a bit of a c@nt….

    Don’t be like Levy….

    That is all….

    1. Having you attempt to insult me is a compliment.

      Thank you and Shabbat shalom!

    2. You aren’t even brave enough to use your real name “Dobby.”

      Tsk, tsk.

      1. Loonster Bruce….


        Not content with inventing a fake identity for himself he invents one for me too….


        What a first class loon he is….


      2. Current Grand Cyclops of the Jew Bait Lodge and occasional contributor here, ‘Charles Alban’ was busy tweeting yesterday.

        In response to a DC tweet about the French allowing Jews to be murdered by Stoners, Alban responded by suggesting that all Jews should just go home to Israel.

        Is this the new party line for your team, Michael and Bruce?

        1. Think they should go to their latest homeland where they’ve lived for millennia. Ukraine, Poland, … Greater Manchester.

          1. Sharmuta, JORDAN is “palestine”.

            That’s WHOLLY and SOLELY on the EAST bank of the Jordan River.

            Happy NAKBA to ALL on the WEST and EAST banks of the Jordan River! 🙂

          2. Only been in Greater Manchester for around a century FG…

            And Poland doesn’t have much of a track record of protecting their Jews having allowed around 3m of us to get slaughtered by the Nazis…

            Anyway I know you somehow feel it is your divine duty to run our lives for us….but we Jews can take care of ourselves now…

            It seems to be working out much better for us that way….


  61. I’m a RABBI, not an antisemite and am certain that Michael isn’t one as well.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be working writing my book about boxcars.

    1. Thanks for the response Bruce. However the question was specific to the point raised by your team mate Charles Alban. He tweeted that all Jews should go home to Israel. Michael say that all Jews in Israel should go home to Europe. Do you support Charles or Michael ?

        1. Cheetham Hill and Crumpsall are certainly Jewish settlements…

          Muslim settlements too….

          Bit like Jerusalem…but more of a shithole….


    2. ImaM Oron, You and your fellow Imams, ImaM Aggot and ImaM Onster’s

      sincere prayers for Nakba have been answered… Affirmatively!

      Happy Nakba! 🙂

        1. Uh oh…

          Looks like Levy has been hammering the Manischevitz this weekend…..

          ? ? ???????

    1. From our Supermarket Sweeper, Brucie;-

      “Zionism has no place ANYWHERE in the world.”

      Lucky he has made it his life’s work to eradicate Zionism and dismantle the apparatus of the Jewish State. Attempting to provoke a couple of Jews on the internet may be a start.

      1. Apartheid IsraHELL is a ZIONIST state, not a Jewish one.

        And members of my congregation pay my salary, not a supermarket.

        1. ImaM Oron,

          Try this chant…

          From the River to the Sea,
          Pal-e-SWINE Will NEVER BE!

          Happy Nakba Darwin Award aspirants! 🙂

            1. Poor Levy…

              Locked up in his padded bedroom whilst we are all enjoying the spring sunshine..

              Ah well…never mind….


  62. If apartheid Israel claims to represent ALL JEWS then ALL JEWS have a right to speak out when they see injustices committed by that racist state rather than being labeled ‘antisemitic.’

    1. A right to speak out against Injustices.
      And an OBLIGATION.