The intolerant, angry and aggressive Rabbi for Human rights

RabbiHave you heard the one about the Jewish Rabbi ‘for Human Rights’ aggressively pushing another Jew in a church?

It may sound like the opening line from a stand-up routine, but this is what happened as a speaker from the organisation came to join the modern church choir singing the age-old hymn, ‘oh Lord, let us all demonise Israel’.

This was at St James Church in Piccadilly. The same Church that in late 2013 decided to erect an ‘Apartheid Wall’ to send a message about Bethlehem. The vicar of this church is Lucy Winkett. Someone who has obviously acquired the label ‘friend’, recognised by all those who don’t like the Jewish state of Israel.

I hadn’t expected to be there. Just up the road Daniel Schueftan was talking at Kings College and there had been trouble expected. With security worthy of El-Al I decided that Kings had indeed created a fortress for the Jews to safely hide behind. I left campus and headed off to the church.

I was accompanied by Jonathan Hoffman. We were late, and missed much of the talk being given by Rabbi Idit Lev from ‘Rabbis for Human Rights’. There were only perhaps 20 who had come to listen. As we arrived someone was making a comment that indicated the talk had been as biased as was expected. “I had to say something because you are giving people the wrong impression about Israel”. These were the first words I heard directed towards the speaker.

We sat, we listened we asked questions too. Mine was the last. I spoke only to correct some of the bile that I had heard come from the Idit Lev’s mouth. I had missed much of the talk, but it doesn’t take long before you recognise the usual poison.

The moment the UK representative of Rabbis for Human Rights suggested their movement be considered non-political was a particular highlight. There were several distortions in quick succession. The general picture was that Israel is a nasty, brutal place.

I brought up the misrepresentation of her talk. Asked about poverty in the UK, investment in Arab Israeli towns and suggested she should think twice about demonising Israel at a time of growing antisemitism. As always, for me, context is key.

The aggressive Rabbi

Following the event, Jonathan Hoffman went to approach the vicar about why this church constantly ends up with the ‘choir of the blessed demonisation of Israel’ singing loudly inside its walls.

Standing alongside the vicar in opposition to Jonathan was Sylvia Rothschild. Sylvia is another ‘Rabbi for Human Rights’ and the person I believe who assisted in having the event staged at St James.

Sylvia became aggressive very quickly and had no trouble physically pushing those she disagreed with. Yes, Sylvia Rothschild, a human rights Rabbi, became aggressive and pushed someone who had a different opinion to her.


Rabbis for Human rights protest at the way Israel defends its citizens, but turn aggressive and violent when faced with opinions they do not like. As we so often see today, the real face of the ‘hard left’ is anger, intolerance and violence.


Sylvia went on to accuse me of saying things I hadn’t. She dismissed any counter opinion and displayed another characteristic of the left, ‘mishearing’, which allows for all manner of baseless accusations. I had only spoken once, with a microphone, but had clearly become an ‘enemy’. She pointed me out and said she was ’embarrassed by me’. It was a sad performance by a sad little group. I was quite disturbed that a self declared human rights group could become visibly aggressive so quickly. This had been my comment.

When Rabbi Idit Lev talks, inside the room are people falling for the false narrative. The audience willingly laps up any decontextualised information or misrepresentation of Israel that can be used in the fight against the Jewish State.

Some that listen to those like Idit, are pushed over the edge, and they join the mob outside the room at the UCL. Soon they will join those banging on the windows and threatening me.  This isn’t Israel, this is 2016 Europe and anti-Israel rhetoric delivered to a crowd of people singing this hymn has consequences.

Why would a Jewish Rabbi, why would any Jewish Rabbi, want to do that to me?


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90 thoughts on “The intolerant, angry and aggressive Rabbi for Human rights

  1. That’s a Rabbi?
    By her mother she may be a Rabbi, but no Rabbi I’ve ever met has an anger and hatred etched into their face like that punim has.

    1. I think that is the issue here. Along with the fact we are dealing with those who claim some type of ethical supremacy…. she is one nasty piece of work.

    2. I’m sad to say that I gave seen that kind of anger in left-wing ‘rabbonim’ when challenged by those who dare to hold a different view and can substantiate it. Rarely manifests itself in shouting and screaming and even less in physical violence. But just watch their faces – especially their eyes – if you’re in ‘conversation’ with them and you ask questions to which they have no answer which bears any relationship to reality. One can almost feel the hate.

        1. I simply think that one article demonising an individual contributes nothing to the discussion. Wising up with one article. Who are you trying to kid?

            1. That’s cheap. Most of that is guilt by association. I never buy into that. Sooner or later you stand next to the wrong person at a march or demonstration. It is really weak…

      1. Someone ought to let Rothschild and Winkett know that if Bellamy, known for his antisemitism, indeed is foolish enough to send this to them, they would be in receipt of defamatory material.

        1. Amie do you really think I am stupid enough to be putting this stuff out without the screen shots ? Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be sued by Jonathan

      2. And of course Jonathan has form when it comes to SOAS

        “Jonathan Hoffman Lied When Claiming ‘Anti-Semitic’ Abuse”

        At a meeting called by Bricup on December 4th to support the Boycott of Israel one of the 2 speakers, Bongani Masuku, was disgracefully attacked as an anti-Semite’

        Apparently ‘Jewish’ and ‘Jew’ had been hurled at him ( Hoffman ) He hadn’t complained at the time but when a Tory student activist, Raheem Kassam made this allegation, Hoffman suddenly realised he was a victim!

        The BBC report of the meeting was quick as ever to take Hoffman’s point of view. The only problem? There was a video and whatever else it showed there was no anti-semitic chanting. Problem. The BBC quickly replaced the article and has now made a handsome and full apology for what happened to Naomi Wimborne of J-Big, Bricup and SOAS Palestine Society..

        Even the Zionist’s Community Security Trust, which had initially backed Hoffman up and which is no slouch itself at manipulating and distorting figures, has distanced itself from Hoffman’s bogus complaint, refusing to record it as an anti-semitic incident. But Hoffman? He goes merrily along making a fool of himself.

  2. BPC
    Re Bellamy.
    You may have forgotten your comment here

    Bellamy / Armbach / Bagon / Jewdas

    It may be one and the same . Then again maybe not . The one common denominator is that each incarnation is just a small time nebbach trying to get accepted to play the majors of Jew hate i.e. Abunimah , White, Mondo etc . They never made and never will . Best not to respond to this particular bottom feeder.

    1. Oh yes Harvey Garfield Jonathan’s erstwhile siamese twin

      Harv on the EDL

      ” There is a COMMON CAUSE (our emphasis) in countering the Socialists and Islamo fascists, ”

      Harv on Roberta Moore late of the EDL and now European organiser for Victor Vancier’s terrorist organisation the JTF

      the two state solution is an illusion.

      Israel should not give up one metre of land

      That he…

      admires the full on ballsy approach of Roberta

      And that..

      “Jews tend to keep their heads down. It’s our nice middle class assimilated, yet conscious of our difference character which prohibits us from getting up close and personal with our enemies. There are exceptions to this rule. Jonathan, Richard, Roberta and others.”


      “Roberta reminds me of one of the Bielski brothers, the red mist descending one. Good for her!!!”


      I don’t know much about the EDL (this after more than a year happily demonstrating alongside of them), and if you are still here Roberta figure you could go it alone if you were a mind to. It’s time to give it back to them 10 fold, let them know we are there at their Quaker/Methodist meetings. Their A1 soiree and university hate fests etc. The next Ahava/Tesco boycott and counter boycott is likely to be June 4th. PLEASE ENDEAVOUR TO BE THERE. ( emphasis added.)

  3. As past experience proves beyond a doubt, Jonathan Hoffman is very aggressive and emotionally unstable. I’m sure that Rabbi Rothchild felt threatened by him and was only protecting herself.

    1. not the case at all. The only thing Jonathan did was speak. It speaks volumes that this organisation, so quick to criticise Israelis who defend themselves from terrorists, resort to aggressive behaviour over words….

      1. I have it on good authority that the police at Holborn Police Station still remember Jonathan from his antics outside Ahava where he usually had a constable keeping a sharp eye on him. Jonathan was also escorted from Holocaust survivor Hajo Meyer’s talk at Portcullis House after raising his arm in a Nazi salute which is well documented. I shall say a prayer for him.

        1. Maybe Jonathan might also tell us about the time he was thrown out of the Albert Hall. I have always, regretably ,been short on detail on that one.

          1. There’s also another video of him SPITTING at an activist and making homophobic comments outside Ahava. May G-d forgive him.

          2. Again I was with Jonathan at the Albert Hall. The haters interrupted the IPO and got their Palestinian flags out. Jonathan bravely responded with an Israel flag. To salute the Israel Philharmonic who played through the haters’ interruption. And he didn’t ‘punch an activist’. He was chased and assaulted.

            As for Bruce Levy outside Ahava, Levy was banned by the Police. Jonathan was quite rightly protecting the shop from the BDS Haters

            Do try harder, miserable anti-Semitic lying coward toads named ‘Bellamy’ and ‘BDS Rabbi’.

            The more you defame him, the better he looks.

  4. See how the anonymous slanderers “Bellamy” (a rank anti-Semite) and “BDS Rabbi” try to turn the victim, Jonathan Hoffman, into the aggressor. But the camera doesn’t lie. It was Rothschild who was the aggressor. Well done to David and Jonathan (the Biblical brothers) for bearing witness and responding to the lies

    1. This is clearly the strategy. I was there and I know what I saw. It really was eye opening to see so much anger, aggression and intolerance from a group that speaks so readily about ‘human rights’.

  5. More lies from the anonymous defaming coward “BDS Rabbi”.

    Jonathan never made a ‘Nazi salute’ — I was there.

    “BDS Rabbi”, you are not worth the shit on my shoes. Every defamatory lie you spread just proves that Jonathan has hit your anti-Semitic nerve.

    Jonathan, if you are reading this – you are a hero – the lengths that the antisemites go to defame you proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

        1. Oh yes Harvey Garfield Jonathan’s erstwhile siamese twin.

          Have you repented and atoned for your sins outside a well-known supermarket in central London?

          What was the court’s verdict?

  6. One comment and one comment only. Mr Hoffman was screaming at the vicar in her own church. His voice was very loud and his posture was threatening. He already admits he had heard nothing of the talk, yet he was determined to take up all the time in the Q and A. I was standing between him and the vicar at the time I was being filmed – not knowing that this filming was happening by the way, but it explains why Mr Hoffman’s friends kept saying “dont push him” when I wasn’t pushing him – I was putting myself between him and the vicar who was the object of his disgraceful behaviour. I did not see why she should be threatened in this way in her own church.
    I am proud to be a friend of Rabbis for Human Rights, and to be someone who loves Israel. Also, I am much prettier than the photo suggests 🙂 Time for a new phone camera perhaps
    Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild
    Co Chair, British Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights

    1. Not true Sylvia, I was there. Jonathan was simply asking Rev Lucy Winkett why she persistently demonises Israel. Remember – in 2014 she was responsible for the absurd provocative model of the ‘Wall’ in the grounds of the Church. And Jonathan was not “determined to take up all the time in the Q and A”. He spoke once!

      You shoved him, I saw. That’s the way “Rabbis for Human Rights” deal with those with whom they disagree. Shameful. You showed them up for who they are.

    2. Sylvia

      I have no problem with Rabbis for Human Rights in Israel. As I said yesterday, as someone who was personally engaged in building bridges for several years, I fully support those trying to build real peace between the peoples there.

      Some of the actions over here are a different issue however, and when you begin to distort information to those who are already seeing Israel as some type of demon state, then you empower hate, not peace.

      As for your comments. This is a rather odd attack on Jonathan. You most certainly raised your hands and most certainly pushed him. How you can come here and excuse that behaviour, rather than apologise for perhaps ‘losing it’, says much about your own double standards. To be honest it is shameful.

      I had thought that perhaps you were wound up and in the heat of the moment, simply lost your rag. I am not vindictive, I understand human weakness and I was willing to allow you that credit, but today is a new day. We both know, that regardless of how you view Jonathan’s politics, there was no threat.

      If you wish to see footage of the vicar telling you it is all okay and to calm down as she herself was smiling, I will happily forward it to you. The truth is that you raised your hands, you pushed someone and you were visibly unhinged. As I mentioned, there is something disturbing about those who claim to stand on the platform of human rights and tolerance as you do, displaying such a lack of tolerance, such anger, such hate and yes, such a tendency towards aggressive conduct. A better person would have just apologised. Shame on you.

      Pass on my regards to those in Israel doing works of peace. Can you please also let them know that they should be more careful about how they express themselves over here. There is no context to the comments here and no true understanding. Some of the untruths (yes untruths) mentioned last night were disgraceful and uncalled for. They threaten me as a Jew over here because they incite those who hate us … if even the Israeli rabbis are saying it… then it must be true. Tosh of course, because in Israel, politics and religion is mixed (despite your lame protest yesterday), but to an untrained ear… it is a different matter.

      Regards and hope to meet you under better circumstances.


    3. Rabbi, if Mr Hoffman raised his voice in the vicar’s own church, the affront should be compared to the desecration of that sacred space which has already taken place, first with the blasphemous anti Israel so called Christmas Carols, and then with the blood libels which the vicar allowed to be disseminated from within her own church, which I reported on here

      1. Thanks Amie. This of course is typical of the anti-Israel hatefests in Churches. When you push back, they accuse you of desecrating their Church — which of course has already been desecrated by their antisemitism.

        We saw it in recent months at Lichfield Cathedral, Hinde Street Methodist Church and Southwark Cathedral.

        It’s a charming game the Christians play, called ‘Jews can’t win’ – and it’s at least 5000 years old.

        1. The church was desecrated when they chose to erect a wall and labelled it an apartheid wall instead of its actual purpose which was a last gasp attempt to prevent Palestinian homicide bombers crossing a previously open border in order to detonate their bomb belts in buses , shopping malls , etc . I tried to discuss this with one of the church elders . She listened politely but chose not to respond in any meaningful way save to say ‘ we pray for the lives of all those affected by conflict . She could have been the pulpit reading out a prepared sermon of the week . She had her set view and had no interest in the reality of what life was like for Israelis during the Second Intifada. The church has succumbed to the Palestinian narrative and all the while Christians are being persecuted and ethnically cleansed throughout the Arab world .

    4. One state or two Rabbi ? If two why do you choose to work alongside with those who call for a Palestinian state from River to the Sea ?
      If one state , you do not represent the vast majority of not just British Jews but the population as a whole . Unfortunately , that makes you part of the problem . Either way , shame on you.

  7. And Sylvia, you claim to ‘love Israel’.

    How can someone who ‘loves Israel’ bring into a London Church an Israeli “Rabbi” who simply defames Israel and tells appalling libellous lies (“Poverty in Israel is due to Racism”)?

    And what is your view of the Rev Lucy Winkett — who is blind to Palestinian violence against Israel; parrots the lie that the security barrier has been declared illegal under international law; fails to recognise that Israel is the only country in the Middle East where the Christian population is increasing; and fails to recognise Islamist persecution of Christians?

    And who partnered with Interpal for the £30,000 ‘Wall’ in 2014 – ‘Interpal’, an organisation which in the US is designated as a terrorist entity?

    Look forward to your response Sylvia.

  8. “Mr Hoffman was screaming at the Vicar in her own church.”

    A new low.

    However, the consensus is that Jonathan Hoffman suffers from Asburger’s Syndrome. But still no excuse.

    I pray that he gets the support he so desperately needs.

    1. => “BDS Rabbi” aka PSC Groupie

      Jonathan has more worth in his little toe than ten of you, pathetic defaming anonymous Jew-hating cretin

    2. I think you may mean Asperger’s Syndrome
      Otherwise known as Greenstein’s affliction

      1. Harvey

        Rest assured that apartheid Israel will come to an end peacefully.

        Our Palestinian sisters will fight not with violence, but with their wombs. Soon there’ll be more Palestinians than zionists.

        It’s only a matter of time.

        Accept it.

        Shalom ✡

  9. Oh right – Judas – the anti-Jewish group who got found out when they send out a false notice from the ‘Board of Deputies’ cancelling a rally in Trafalgar Square. And then had to apologise.

    Do try harder, pathetic reptile of a BDS supporter.

    Been celebrating the arson in Israel have you?

    At least have the guts to reveal who you are.

    Like Jonathan and David do. Coward.

  10. I think it is telling that in a thread about someone being pushed by an aggressive human rights activist, the entire comment section has focused on the person who was the victim. It has moved off topic, been extremely personal and insulting.

    Those pushing at Jonathan are in quite a sick fashion suggesting that somehow he ‘deserved it’. Someone even suggested he deserved it and why, because he suggested, he has ‘Aspergers’, which is a comment I find deeply troubling. Is he suggesting the human rights rabbi became aggressive with someone with Aspergers and he still cannot see a problem with it?

    You can come and argue with me as much as you like, I can assure you, my hands will never be raised. There is no reason why vocal discussion, however much it annoys you, should end in any type of violence or aggression.

    It is enough now. Either stop deflecting or stop commenting. Either, or.

    1. David I hadn’t previously looked too closely at the video that is supposed to be evidence of Sylvia pushing Jonathan. I now have. We don’t see a push. We don’t even see Jonathan. We do hear someone saying ” don’t push him” ( Elliot Miller perchance ) . Don’t push him, not ” stop pushing him”. This has the same status as Miller screaming ” he hit a girl ! he hit a girl ! “.

      Sylvia says she didn’t push him. Even if she did the video makes clear it must have been the lightest of pushes. Hardly justifying the headline ” THE INTOLERANT , ANGRY AND AGGRESSIVE RABBI FOR HUMAN RIGHTS”. Many would think we had an example of contrived, stage manged melodrama here.

      In these circumstances Jonathan’s history is not deflection but highly relevant. If we have to choose between Jonathan and Sylvia as to who to believe, Jonathan’s history makes it a no brainer.

      Here is Richard Millett , one of Jonathan’s close associates, engaging in a similar piece of melodrama at SOAS a while back


        1. I take no notice of those that seek to use guilt by association as a way of smearing. It is unavoidable that those who seek to silence me or detract from my message will employ this cheap and gutless strategy.

          The video shows Sylvia not just pushing but directly talking to the person who tells her to stop pushing… her response to the claim,,,,, ‘he is shouting’….. not I didn’t touch him, or I didn’t push…. but self justification. Make of it what you will.

          I am here to say things as I see them. I am not here to provide support for Jonathan. This is a rabbi for human rights. Hers is the statement of ethical conduct. As I said to Sylvia above… we all lose it… it is human…. but given what occurred, even if she felt provoked… her behaviour was unbecoming. She should have played the human being and apologised…taken the ‘higher ground’… after all isn’t that what the organisation is meant to stand for.

          You don’t get to be so hypocritical without someone pointing it out.

          1. “I am not here to provide support for Jonathan.”

            A casual reader might be forgiven for getting a different impression, though.

  11. The current divide between various elements of the Jewish community that support the Jewish state and the ones who do not is not not new. Go back to 70 AD. It was the Jews of Jerusalem that gave up the names of the leaders of the Jewish Rebellion.

    There is Jewish soul and there is a Zionist soul, but they do not always come together.

    However, the issue here is the lack of cohesion with-in the pro-Israel lobby. We Believe in Israel want a front-line that is web based. The pro-Palestine lobby come out in numbers. Where is the firebrand Zionist that I grew up with? Without David and Jonathan on the front line, there would no loud voices to stand up for Israel so to both of you ‘gezinteheit’.

    I have been to many meetings like this and for those of you who have not, your enemy is NOT the Palestinian, but the left-wing middle-class. who act as if they are total humanitarians but are really saying that they have a big problem with a coalition Likud led by Netanyahu. Fact!

    1. Nice one, Mikey. 100% correct. Both David and Jonathan – and their supporters, yourself included – do a wonderful job in seeking to refute the lies of the quislings who support those who want the obliteration of Israel.

      1. I am grateful for your support.

        The meetings are often 99% pro-Palestine with a few pro-Israel . The pro-Palestine supporters come with an air of ‘seeking justice and retribution’ Also, the meetings can be like a trial with a case for the prosecution and a case for the defense. I am the case for the defense….if they let me talk.

  12. The important thing here is that people are advanced warned what they are dealing with when they encounter Jonathan. At least now Init, Sylvia and Lucy have seen him in his full obnoxious glory and will be ready next time.

        1. Mr , Bellamy – Would you be kind enough to inform on exactly where you stand.? I have noted your comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Time to call time. This miserable obsessive has messed in the playground all day as he has nothing better to do. Its enough.

  13. Sir/Ms – you seem yo be unaware why Israel is constantly pilloried. From outset, the Arabs made it clear that they did not want Jews ‘en masse’ in the Middle East. The Arab objection to Israel is primarliy racist.

    1. The BDS movement claims to support the Palestinians but they have yet to explain how and why expunging Israel will help them.

      Is it possible that those who support BDS are unaware that the objective of this movement is the obliteration of Israel, its removal from the map of the Middle-East? Are they blindly accepting rhetoric which appeals to their social conscience without challenging what they are being told? Are they so totally mindless?

      Or are they just antisemites in a different coat?

  14. Your point is a valid one. I was told by a pro-Palestine supporter who ALSO had sympathy with the Jewish state that the danger of BDS is not the boycott, nor the divestment, but the sanctions. To date the BDS movement has had very minor success…thank God.

  15. Are you an advocate of Israeli democracy, pluralism and tolerance or are you an advocate of the undemocratic alternatives proffered by Hamas?

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