Hate followed the brutal terror attack of Lucy, Maia and Rina Dee

Hate in the shadow of a terrorist attack

Whenever they occur terrorist attacks are met with global sympathy – except of course when they happen to Jews in Israel. But even for those of us who have become used to the blatant double standards, loaded headlines, and insincere commentary that regularly accompany these tragic events, the raw hate that we saw following the tragic events of last Friday still took us by surprise.

The Brutal terrorist attack

The Dee family had moved from London to Israel in 2014, and went to live in Efrat, a town situated in the Etzion bloc between Jerusalem and Hebron. The family held dual citizenship, and the father Leo, had once been the Rabbi at the Radlett synagogue in Hertfordshire.

On Friday, 7 April 2023, during the Pesach break, the family set off for a holiday to Lake Kinneret. They split into separate cars for the journey. As the car carrying the mother, Lucy and two daughters Maia (20) and Rina (15) reached Hamra Junction, it was attacked by Palestinian terrorists. Once the driver had been injured and the car had crashed, the terrorists walked up to the car and shot all three at point blank range. Maia and Rina were killed immediately. The mother, Lucy died three days later in hospital.

The natural response is heartbreak

This was a family torn apart in a brutal killing by Palestinian terrorists. Lucy and her two daughters had their lives stolen from them by hate-filled people who believe that killing Jews is a religious duty. The ideology of the terrorists is the same warped religious ideology that massacred innocent people in Manchester, London, Paris, Nice, Madrid, Brussels, New York, Berlin and 100s of other places around the world. They all had their excuses. The father, and the remaining children will somehow need to pick up the pieces and it is almost impossible for any normal person not to feel heartbreak for those that are left behind.

With the Jews it is different – even from the mainstream

Whenever terrorist attacks such as this occur there is usually a united outpouring of sympathy. Across the globe, landmarks and famous buildings are lit up with the colours of the victim country – as a means of standing in solidarity in their moment of heartbreak.

Charlie Hebdo solidarity

Except of course when it happens to Jews in Israel. At best we see a few meaningless words of condemnation from key political figures, but even these can be wrapped up in talk of ‘violence on both sides’ – thus equating Jews who are defending themselves against terrorism with the death cult of the terrorists.

Newspapers also rush to ‘blame the victim’, with most editors making sure they write the word ‘occupied‘, more often than they inserted humanising details about the innocent civilians that were murdered. Outlets like the Guardian stayed true to form and spent more time bashing Israel than criticising the terrorists.

Imagine for a minute an article about the Manchester Arena bombing focusing on what the UK and US did in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan rather than the young concert goers who were massacred at the venue. Salman Ramadan Abedi was an angry terrorist personally caught up in the devastation of Libya, but not a sane newspaper editor in the western world would have tried to rationalise his actions in the way that Palestinian terrorism is always excused. Had one done so, it is doubtful his newspaper would have survived.

The murder of Jews is treated differently. Somehow the media always finds a way to suggest we deserved it. And let us be honest here, the only reason this attack even got the limited attention that it did – is because the victims held a dual British citizenship.

The sewer of hate

Following the attack, those of us who spend time fighting back on social media, saw levels of hate which was beyond anything seen in recent times. These dead Jews – an innocent family brutally slain, got the anti-Israel propaganda crowd working overtime. It was almost as if the haters picked up the scent of Jewish blood, and it sent them into raptures. I have written about this death cult before (and here).

It is impossible to detail in full what unfolded, because there were literally millions of vile comments made online. But I can try to outline a few key strategies of these haters as they sought to silence the sound of Jewish mourning. As always I will avoid the easy ‘low hanging fruit’ of screenshotting the output of trolls – new and anonymous accounts that deliberately post outrageous and antisemitic comments. I have also avoided the celebratory posts of the Palestinians, those that danced in celebration and handed out sweets. What follows are a few examples from those people that want you to believe they are ‘human rights activists’.

At first they posted fake images of the girls in uniform to try to pretend that soldiers had been shot – even though one of the victims was only 15:

Because of delays in releasing the names (and real photos) due to the Jewish holiday, this actually worked for a while and quite a few of these types of images were shared.

The main thrust was about the Jews ‘stealing’ the land or forcing Palestinians out of their homes. Total hogwash given that Efrat was built on purchased land in an area that had been ethnically cleansed of Jews in 1948 – but even to engage their lies is to enter a rabbit hole that gives legitimacy to an insincere argument deliberately dangled as bait.

Blaming the Jews

The next strategy was to turn it on its head. Yes these children were victims – but victims of their Jewish parents – who radicalised them! This example (there were several posters who followed this line) is actually from a ‘human rights’ solicitor, Fahad Ansari:

hate ansari

For every Fahad Ansari who took the time to construct a means of blaming the Jews for the attack, there are 1000s of those who don’t even bother to wrap up their antisemitic hate:

If you want a serious example of ethical acrobatics, there is this example from Ali Abunimah, the key face of the propaganda rag Electronic Intifada. Abunimah actually believes that the ‘violent extremism’ that must be ‘condemned’, is not the terrorism that murdered innocent civilians, but rather that of the Jews who went to live in Efrat:

Ali Abunimah - hate

Then there are the comments of those like Jackie Walker, the ex-Momentum Vice-Chair. In the middle of all the noise (on the 10th April), Walker tweets this, implying that the terrorist wasn’t a terrorist and perhaps the Jews got what they deserved.

Jackie Walker - hate

These types of responses did not come from trolls. They came from lawyers, those who run media outlets, and well-known activists. This is the true face of anti-Israel activism – victim blaming as Jews bury their dead – and standing up to excuse or deflect attention away from brutal acts of terror. When those supporting Israel wave the Israeli flag, it is a symbol of hope and of life. Those in our streets waving the Palestinian flag represent the opposite.


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64 thoughts on “Hate in the shadow of a terrorist attack

  1. Tbh David I really do think this incident is a potential game changer (moving forward) in the way people think about Israel and their ongoing struggles against Palestinian terror

    The sheer brutality of this attack and the deliberate targeting of unarmed young women in this way has sent shockwaves all around the world

    How can any right thinking civilised human being not feel anything but revulsion and hatred towards these cold blooded murderers ?

    The left wing wokerati that have always simplistically viewed this conflict as a battle between good 🇵🇸 and evil 🇮🇱 have been rudely awoken from their slumber

    And those that seek in any way to justify such a callous and cowardly act of cold blooded murder in doing so only succeed in exposing their own hateful and bigoted prejudices

    1. With respect, Ken, I beg to differ. The following is but one completely typical response to an article on the murders in ToI:

      “They should have stayed in Europe. The girls were in the army spying while living in the West Bank. Not very smart! Especially driving with tags from isn’treal!”

      This from an apparently nice lady whose FB profile is filled with cat photos. The same woman referred to another person on that thread as a stinky Jew.

      1. “And those that seek in any way to justify such a callous and cowardly act of cold blooded murder in doing so only succeed in exposing their own hateful and bigoted prejudices”

        On the contrary Joseph….

        Seems like this “cat lady” just exposed herself for what she really is as I predicted !

        No point in even engaging with racist bigots like her who are best left to wallow in the hatred that consumes them…..


  2. Leo Dee’s grief is undeniable, and no one deserves to be faced with such tragic and heartbreaking circumstances.

    I wonder if he will and has ever, taken a moment to think about the same grief that thousands of Palestinian parents are going through at the hands of those he supports and encourages by his complicity with the occupation and apartheid in Palestine.

    1. Apartheid in Palestine is right

      But no apartheid in Israel where everyone gets a vote and all citizens are equal


    1. Sorry Neil, the words ‘Interesting’ and ‘Miko Peled’ don’t go together very well.

      1. David, many of those who believe that when you oppress and drive people into taking desperate and violent retaliation and suffer the consequences, are Jews. Who, unlike yourself, can see both sides of the appalling situation which exists in apartheid Israel.

      2. You may not like what Miko has to say but on watching the video, he has many relevant points.

        Ad Hominum attacks don’t make your case. It is important to look at Both sides of this issue and read widely to get a clear perspective.

        To paint the Palestine/Israel issue in Black and White only leads to more deaths of Civilians.

        Like the question of Apartheid. I have seen “Opinion” after Opinion after Opinion denying Israeli Aparthed exists while the people supporting this position avoid the International Legal Definition of Apartheid.

        Let full Knowledge frame your position on this. That is being honest.

        1. This is the basis of everything that is going wrong in the world. Here are two sides – both must be given equal weight. But the truth is not half way between itself and anything else.
          If Miko is a spreader of disinformation, I can call him out on it. I do not need to go down the rabbit hole of wasting my time addressing every distortion and every lie put forward in anti-Israel activism. That is why this research is successful. It attacks the pillars of the disinformation campaign, sweeping up a lot of the people who spread the lies as it does so.

          Miko does not tell the truth – therefore he is dishonest. I believe he KNOWS he is doing this. That is enough for me to disregard what he is saying because it becomes impossible to distinguish truth from fiction.
          I also reject totally the insinuation that somehow I have not ‘read widely’. I read them all and my bookshelf is full of books written by anti-Zionists. I would confidently wager – given your posts – you are being very hypocritical here. One of the silliest notions that exists on the anti-Zionist side, given these people exist in a bubble and don’t read ‘Zionist propaganda’ – is that the other side just don’t have the ‘facts’. Given I spent years undercover examining those ‘facts’ – I find the whole thing quite tragic. Trust me on this – I know far more about this conflict than you do. Also trust me – my version of events would be far more familiar to the average Palestinian than yours.

          Giving me a link to a Palestine Solidarity outlet to prove the ‘Apartheid lie’ just shows how far down your own rabbit hole you are. There has been a concerted effort since the Durban conference to apply the Apartheid label to Israel. This was done – in an agreement – as a means of replicating the success of the SA boycott. It had nothing to do with what was real – or the facts – it was just a bunch of propagandists sought the best way to boycott Israel and decided that if they could convince people Israel was an apartheid state then people would more readily boycott it. That is all this is. And it is a insult to the very real suffering that the people of South Africa suffered. Just because you repeat a lie – doesn’t make it any more true. In this letter, your source also accuses Israel of ‘genocide’. In this one, they accuse Israel of ‘ethnic cleansing‘. They promote Holocaust revisionist material on their website. It isn’t worth me doing a major breakdown of their lies – I have done many others – and they are all the same.

          Come up out of your toxic rabbit hole and take some air.

          1. The web page I referred you to covers links to the UN documents.

            Like many before you, you fail to address the International Legal Definition of Apartheid seemingly preferring your “Opinions” over International law. And the Legal Definition stands alone and does Not refer to South African Apartheid. Your SA words are a common Israeli supporter diversion. Too obvious.

            In fact, I have Never seen One Supporter of Israel discuss the Legal Definition of Apartheid. They just go on and on about Their “Opinions”.

            I used to be a supporter of Israel based on what I used to read in the NZ media way back in the day. One day I got into a discusion with a friend about who attacked who in 1967. I said it was Israel that was attacked and I would prove it.

            Surprisingly, once anyone does the open eyed and honest research they find the truth.

            If you are Honest in looking for the facts, you will do the appropriate research rather than sitting in an echo chamber of Israel supporters.

            The facts are available for those unafraid of finding out the truth.

            Maybe start with this – https://lettersforpalestine.weebly.com/research-list.html

            And this – https://lettersforpalestine.weebly.com/key-authors–books.html

            I invite you to do so.

            1. And again, nothing but a list of propaganda stuff – and from a source that uses Wikipedia (I mean come on!!!)….

              You can scream as much as you like about Israel being an Apartheid state – it still won’t be one. You have just bought into a Marxist-Islamist demonisation campaign. And you are just showing your ignorance by suggesting there are no legal arguments that support Israel.

              Sorry, but there is nothing here to argue with. You quote Miko Peled, Adalah, Palestine Solidarity Campaigns and Wikipedia. It’s first year student stuff.

              1. And Neil, perhaps you can explain why you are promoting Holocaust revisionist material on the website, alongside a plug of the book by Asa Winstanley…..???

                Why do you think it is important to twist the history of the Holocaust to make Zionist Jews – victims of the Holocaust – look bad?
                And why are you giving voice to antisemites in this fashion?

              2. There are a list of books written by Jews on the lists. (Benny Morris, Theodor Herzl, Avi Shavit, Avraham Burg, Brant Rosen, Efraim Karsh, Gideon Levy, Ilan Pappe, John J Meirsheimer, Marilyn Garson, Max Blumenthal, Miko Peled, Noam Chayut, Norman Finkelstein, Professor Nurit Peled-Elhanan, Ronen Bergman, Shlomo Sand)

                It is just that they may be Jews You disagree with. People should read the references for themselves rather than taking David or my opinions. Do the research and come to your own conclusions. . . Something that David seems to not want you to do by his comments?

                I note that you still Won’t look at the International Legal Definition of Apartheid as set out in the UN documents.

                Persisting with Your “Opinions” over International Law.

                People should do their own research. Come to Your own conclusions with open eyes.

                1. Niel.

                  1. The definition of Apartheid does not agree with you. If you actually had read either B’tselems, Amnesty’s or HRW’s pieces, you’ll note that they argue that ‘the point has been reached’ or a ‘threshold has been crossed’. In other words – it is their opinion (and a misguided one). The notion that you put forward here – which is that anyone who reads the definition will ‘come to the conclusion’ is therefore false. It does not even stand up to those NGOs you are trying to hide behind. You do this because you have been duped. Simply saying ‘read the definition’ means you do not have a real basis for your argument. Israel is factually a democracy. All those NGOs that monitor democracy agree that Israel is a democracy. All you are doing is putting forward the opinion of biased NGOs.

                  And I see you are falling back on the ‘Jews I disagree with’ argument, which is a silly position to take up. What does their being Jewish have to do with it? Max Blumenthal is a Assadist and a Conspiracy theorist. Ilan Pappe has been called the world’s sloppiest historian. These are the people you hide behind. Tell me – which books do you recommend people read that *disagree* with your position? You don’t of course, because that is not where you are. You run a Palestine Solidarity Movement that promotes books that engage in Holocaust revisionism. Something you have still failed to address. Why is it important to you to smear Zionists during the Holocaust period?

                  You are also not engaging. You have not answered a single point here (most anti-Israel activists don’t – they have their sound bites but no real knowledge). You push so many myths on your website, I am convinced you’d flunk a basic history lesson on the conflict itself. Just telling people to read propaganda books doesn’t constitute research and the fact you think it does, really tells everyone exactly what they need to know.

                  But it is deeper than that with you isn’t it. Your FB page for example. You actually accuse some Zionists in NZ of being spies, questioning why they went to NZ at all (you say it is because they were ‘ordered’ there). You talk about a ‘master race’. You accuse Israel of arming ISIL. You say Syria didn’t use chemical weapons (!!) but instead imply it was an Israel false flag. You share conspiracy stuff about the USS Liberty. You said the Salisbury attack wasn’t a Russian attack at all – but again said it was a US or Israeli action – to support your position you even shared an article from RT Today – a Russian state propaganda channel. You stood up for Stephen Sizer a vicar who was thrown out of the Church for peddling antisemitic conspiracy theories. It isn’t really about the Palestinians at all is it? You have a thing for building global conspiracy theories around ‘Zionists’.

                  And then you do what antisemitic conspiracy theorists do – come here and play innocent. Why not show the readers here your true face? Neil – you haven’t just got lost down the rabbit hole, it has turned you into something nasty:

                  1. Kia ora David.

                    I note that you have, once again, made up and put a lot of words in my mouth that I never said.

                    I ask “Questions” of things that you then say are “Statements”. That is Dishonest.

                    But You, and your associates, have been doing that for years now.

                    You say that I run PSNA (www.PSNA.nz ) when I am just the Secretary to a nationwide Committee. So you Lie. Again.

                    On Israeli Apartheid, I say to people, Read the International Legal Definition of Apartheid. Then read the reports detailing Israeli Apartheid.

                    But you as Judge, Jury and Executioner, choose to Censor the link to those details. That, once again is dishonest. Shutting down one side of the debate. So much for “Free Speech”. . .

                    I have Never played “innocent”.

                    I have been a decades long supporter of Human Rights, and in this case, Palestinian Human Rights.

                    And I am in opposition of people who support and defend Israeli Apartheid. Not their Humanity as those who support Israel’s Slaughter of Palestinian Children, Women and Journalists are, but the Racist Ideology and Racist Politics that they cling to.

                    I have to wonder if you have Ever travelled to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, as Miko Peled has, and sat down to discuss the issues with Palestinians? To travel around and see the reality of the Vicious Deadly Occupation that you support? To sit and discuss with NZ Palestinians to hear Their stories of their forbears being driven from homes that have been in their families for generations onto a Death March across to Jordan. To ask them how they feel being able to go onto Google maps and see the houses of their ancestors, that were Stolen from them in 1948, that they can Never visit. How they feel, having a NZ Passport, being denied a visa by Israel to visit relatives who managed to stay in Israel.

                    Talking with Yoseph Haddad, a Paid Shill for Israel who rejects his heritage, is Not discussing the issue with Palestinians.

                    You seem to cling to the idea that Jew = zionist. And any criticism of zionism is anti-Semitic. I have some news for you. Many, Many Jews worldwide Reject zionism. (see here – https://ajv.org.nz/ ) They are Not zionists as much as you insist that they have no right to deny being zionist. And Many non-Jews are zionists. President Biden for one. Maybe Christian Evangelical Simon O’Connor would claim to be as well. You are using the same Trope that anti-Semites use in grouping All Jews as one single body. Shame on you.

                    Lastly, as you fight to defend the Racist/Apartheid state of Israel, you try to smear people (Me, other Human Rights activists, MP’s, UN Organisations, Human Rights bodies, etc) as anti-Semites. Is everyone You disagree with anti-Semitic? As Dr Hajo Meyer (Holocaust survivor 1924 – 2014) said – “An Anti-Semite used to be a person Who disliked Jews. Now it is a person who Jews dislike”.

                    Desperately trying to avoid the real issues of Human Rights in Israel/Palestine.

                    Even your Diatribe above and Censorship on this site is an attempt to stifle debate on Israeli Apartheid.

                    This seems to be the sign of someone who sees the world moving away from the accepted “Narrative” of the past on Israel and moving to see what Israel is really doing.

                    You seem to be Floundering around in a rear guard action.

                    PS. “David”.

                    David who?

      1. With reference to the remark I made to you above (about nothing changing even after this horrific atrocity), this thread is demonstrating nicely that being exposed is not, and has never been, an impediment for someone who would appropriate the grief of a family in mourning to score a political point, and who would even edge ever so closely to victim-blaming.

        1. Joseph

          I do agree with you of course I do

          And it took me a long time to accept that people exist who will always hate us Jews regardless of anything we do or don’t do

          But I think what these horrific murders have done is effectively give us a kind of litmus test

          All you need do is ask a simple question

          Can the cold blooded murder of 3 unarmed young women be justified in any way shape or form ?

          If you are a decent human being then you answer will undoubtedly be NO

          If you are a Jew hating sack of excrement then your answer will of course be YES

          It’s better to give your time to the former and ignore the latter who are not worth bothering with

  3. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about the latest tragic death in Israel. An innocent mother brutally gunned down, lost her battle for life. Her husband had to return to the cemetery where he had just buried their two beautiful young daughters, Rena and Maie, to lay his beloved wife Lucy to rest, his surviving children now trying to come to terms with the loss of their mother as well as their sisters.

    Why has this upset me so much when it seems that every week there is a similar story in Israel? Perhaps because it came so close after the brutal murder of two young children, brothers, who died because a hate-filled man rammed his car into theirs as their Mum drove them home from school? Or because two young men, also brothers, were gunned down for the crime of driving through an Arab town?

    Within hours of this latest terror attack, another took place, injuring many tourists and taking the life of one young man, a Christian tourist.

    Somehow the British media glossed over the death of the Italian tourist. Could it be that that was because he wasn’t Jewish and reporting on his murder would show how indiscriminate Palestinian terror attacks are? Or was it that he was murdered in Tel Aviv and so they couldn’t link his death to some Israeli “crime” as Tel Aviv is in the heart of undisputed Israel? In this case they couldn’t cry their crocodile tears and then subtly victim blame.

    Ironic isn’t it? In the constant denial of Jerusalem as the capital of the Land of Israel (as it has been for the Jews, and ONLY the Jews, for three thousand years) the foreign media have always pushed that Tel Aviv should be the capital, so they couldn’t add the ubiquitous “occupied” in front of its name.

    Perhaps that explains why another senseless murder of an innocent Israeli who had made the fatal mistake of going out for coffee with friends just a few weeks ago never made it to the news at all. The British media saw no need to mention his grieving family, his devastated fiancée, even though there too doctors battled to save his life for almost a week after the cowardly terror attack, again in the heart of Tel Aviv.

    Watching the reporting on the BBC of the death of Lucy Dee, my stomach churned. It started so well, so sympathetically that for a moment I dared to hope that this time, finally, there would be justice for the victim. There would be no twisting of the tragedy to somehow explain and justify this horrendous, heart-breaking crime.

    My hope was in vain. To be honest, I knew from the first sentence, when the place where this vile murder took place was described as the “Occupied” West Bank.

    I knew it was futile to yell at the screen – the West Bank isn’t occupied. This lie has been repeated so often that it has become “true”. Futile to say that the Oslo Accords, signed by no less that Arafat, placed the stretch of road that the Dee family were driving on under Israeli jurisdiction.

    And then, when the scene had been oh so subtly shifted to the indecent suggestion that maybe, just maybe the victims had it coming to them … and I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.

    The very next sentence brought the justification for any cruel and senseless murder of innocents (as long as they are Israelis). The reporter linked this cold blooded assassination with the Temple Mount, or as she called it, Al Aqsa.

    To honour Ramadan, Muslim youth had flocked to the mosque and filled it with rocks, incendiary devices and other truly holy items – ready to attack any Jews who had the temerity to want to ascend to the Holiest Site in Judaism on the Festival of Passover. This in Temple times being the place where a million Jews a year would come to worship. For three thousand years Jews everywhere in the world have turned in prayer to face Jerusalem.

    This Passover, as every Passover, millions of Jews in Israel together with millions more in the Diaspora, recited the prayer “Next Year in the re-built Jerusalem”.

    The reporter made no mention of this Jewish connection, no mention of the denial of freedom of worship to the Jews. No, she spoke only of Muslim rights. Nor did she mention that Muslims actually turn away from Jerusalem and pray in the direction of Mecca, which is their most Holy Site. Their second holiest site is Medina. Muslims have always made haj (holy pilgrimage) to Mecca. When Jordan occupied the Old City of Jerusalem, no haj (holy pilgrimage) was made to Jerusalem.

    But putting the facts aside for the moment, the reporter made the connection between Jewish police presence on the Mount – put there to protect the Jewish families who wanted to worship in peace in this sacred place – and the murder of the innocent Dee women. This was to me the most appalling thing of all.

    To suggest parity between possibly over-zealous Israeli police clashing with violent young Palestinians bent on attacking Jewish worshippers, and the cold blooded and pre-meditated assassination of an innocent family going on holiday, goes beyond indecent.

    This blatant justification for heinous crimes – this “oh now we see why they [the murderers] might be angry” kind of rhetoric is a disgrace.

    Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t remember the BBC or indeed any of the British media – ever saying that really the Irish – whose country had been occupied by the English – were justified in placing their bombs in British cities. After all, weren’t they too just frustrated freedom fighters?

    (Conversely for the Muslim bombs that took so many innocent British lives, the lack of condemnation was, to say the least, puzzling.)

    I wonder when the next 2,000 people will die when Britain decides that it must again protect the Falkland Islands from Argentinian attempts to reclaim those islands?

    And yet, the Jews, who have only one tiny piece of land in the whole world to call our own, the place where Judaism began, the place where our ancestors lived, our history and our beliefs are rooted, are denied the basic human right to live in peace here.

    As a footnote: After each murder of Jews, Palestinians celebrate in the street. They hand out sweets and cakes. And the family of the murderer qualifies for the “pay for slay” award, a generous stipend for life (paid for by the generous UN and other benefactors who donate to help the “poor” Palestinians).

    The Dee family, who voiced no words of hatred, asked only that Israelis remember their loved ones and requested that we place an Israeli flag on our social media page, to remind us that we are one people and that we must always be united.

    And, by the way, Lucy Dee’s organs have now saved the lives of five people. If only her poor young daughters hadn’t been so mutilated by the rain of bullets, more lives might have benefited too.

    1. Pamela Levene, “Jerusalem as the capital of the Land of Israel (as it has been for the Jews, and ONLY the Jews, for three thousand years)”

      By believing the above, you show a dangerous level of ignorance. Judaism has NEVER been the only belief system in the Holy Land, even though Zionists would like you to believe it. Zionists from Europe, many of whom were secular, hatched the plan to encourage Jewish migration to Palestine by humouring religious Jews and going along with the myth that some god had bequeathed the land of Palestine to them.

      One day, the sooner the better, Palestine will become a single country where all who live there will enjoy equal rights. It will only happen though when religious nut-cases become a minority.

      1. Hello Jack. Do you remember your predecessors Michael and Chris Rogers? They may have been before your time. Both were avid daily trolls here for the usual life cycle of around 2 years. The former, in a lapse of concentration once admitted that he posted on these social channels to try to redress the sympathy that Jews and Israel got from the wider world and the merest mention of the holocaust got him sweating a triple shift. The latter, old Rogers, actually wrote in these columns that he would “take any stick he could find to beat the Jew over the head”.

        Personally, I’m nearly 10 years into this vague voyage of voyeurism having looked on at the various transient members of your crew as they come, do their thing and then inevitably run our of steam and disappear or die. I wonder which bits of your shtick will be memorable in the years to come.

      2. Cheer up Jack T(wat)

        Israel is already a country where all who live there enjoy equal rights

        Probably the only country in the Middle East where that happens


        1. “Israel is already a country where all who live there enjoy equal rights”?

          Actually No.

          You might want to look at this link https://www.adalah.org/en/content/view/7771

          Actually read some of the 65 Israeli laws which disciminate against Palestinians. Be Honest in what you are reading.

          Pretend for a few minutes that You are a Palestinian and how the laws would affect you.

          1. Anti-Israel propaganda is dishonest. I have dealt with these laws in a report published on this website.
            Honestly, it is bunkum designed to demonise the only liberal democracy in the MENA region.

            Is the UK racist because there are crosses in the flag?
            Is the UK racist because Xmas is a public holiday and Yom Kippur isn’t?
            Is the UK racist because Westminster opens the day with a Christian prayer?
            Is the UK racist because the King’s official stamps all have crosses in them?

            According to Adalah’s benchmarks – the UK is an Apartheid state.

            Get a grip.

          2. “Pretend for a few minutes that You are a Palestinian and how the laws would affect you.”

            These “laws” you refer to are complete nonsense as David has said

            Besides if I lived in Israel I would be Israeli and not Palestinian !


            1. And just like that You show that You refuse to have any Empathy for Palestinians.

              I invite you once again to put yourself in a Palestinian Israelis shoes.

              It cannot hurt.

              Indeed, it can only make you more of a feeling Human Being.

              1. Why would I empathise with a people whose “plight” is 100% self inflicted?

                Why would anyone?


                1. Kia ora Ken

                  You may want to blame Hamas, or any of the other factions fighting Israeli Occupation as is allowed under International Law, but to Not Empathise with any of the rest of the Five Million Palestinians – Elderly Men, Men, Women, Pregnant Women, Children, Journalists, etc shows a level of Anti Palestinian Racism/Hatred that I just can’t fathom.

                  Although I Vigorously oppose David Cumin, Rob Berg and Juliet Moses support for, what I consider, Racist and Supremacist policies and actions of zionism and the state of Israel, I reflect on their Humanity and wish them well in my Buddhist Metta Bhavana on a regular basis. 4- 5 times a year at least.

                  I urge you to rethink your Rejection of showing Empathy for the Palestinians living under a Brutal, Vicious, Deadly Occupation.

                  To blame the Innocent for the actions of others is exactly what the nazis did in early 20th century.

                  Indeed, it is the very kind of Racist Trope that anti-Semites use against Jews.

                  And as Palestinians are Semites. . .

                  1. Neil, I don’t “empathize” with palestinians,

                    just as I don’t “empathize” with

                    Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Hamass, Hezbola, Islamofascist Iran, Fascist, Misogynist IRGC, Boko Haram, Wahabbism, PLO, PFLP, Jihad, Intifadism, Terrorism, Child Sacrifice, car ramming people walking on bridges in Londonistan, Nice France, stabbing writers like Salman Rushdie for writing a book.


                    This past April 15 was the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings by Terrorist Chechen Jihadis.


                  2. Again I say why would anyone empathise with a people whose plight is entirely self inflicted?

                    A people who were offered a country but turned it down?

                    A people who chose war over peace and have done so ever since?

                    There is nothing racist about that Neil

                    Nothing at all

                    The greatest enemy of the Palestinian people has always been their own inept leadership and the calamitous choices they have repeatedly made

                    It’s a sad state of affairs but they are victims of their own stupidity and nothing else

      3. @Jack T., I have questions.

        Like all other anti-Zionists, your arguments revolve around the issue of the geographical location of the main Zionist organizations in the early days of modern Zionism. However, the same argument is never used by the anti-Zionist left regarding other ethnic and race related issues, or political and religious movements around the world.

        Did God create the continents, put some Jews there on a whim, and told those Jews, and only those Jews, “do not dare leave Europe for other continents, or else…”?

        Have you ever tried to actually read the writings of early modern Zionists? I’m well aware that making up Game-of-Zionist-Thrones scenarios is anti-Zionists’ favorite hobby, but I’m a hopeless optimist…

      4. JackT, our resident Antisemite rears his visage once again

        Read the post from Pamela before making your snide uneducated remarks. She said, rightly, that Jerusalem has only ever been the capital of the Jews. Of course there have been other religious in the Holy Land, but Jerusalem has been the capital ONLY for Jews.

        In fact, if it wasn’t for the Jews, Jerusalem would never have been anything but a small unimportant backwater in the desert. Jerusalem is important and famous because of its Jewish nature and traditions

  4. Always well considered. You miss out Francesca Albanese’s comments on Twitter. I did sign a petition for her removal as UN Rapporteur

  5. A very sad piece on the state the way the modern new Antisemitism has evolved and developed


    As the world ignored, and now tries to manipulate the mass murder of Jews in the Holocaust into either insignificance and/or manipulates it for their own purposes, the murder of Jewish civilians is now treated in the same way

  6. JackT, our resident Antisemite rears his visage once again

    You say

    ” the same grief that thousands of Palestinian parents are going through “,

    but in your inimical manner don’t acknowledge the grief suffered by thousands of Jewish/Israeli parents who have suffered loss at the hands of Palestine/Arab terrorist; an example being the Argentinean Jewish Community Centre destruction by Iran/Hezbollah

  7. I love it when the anti-Israel/anti-Zionist/Antisemitic brigade claim Israel is an apartheid state when they misunderstand that the enforcement is of separation in South Africa was written into law. Every facet of South African life was dictated by law ensuring that mixing between the races constituted a crime. Even sex between the different races was illegal under the ‘Immorality Act’. Where are the ‘so-called’ apartheid laws of Israel

    And then what is even more ludicrous is when the refer to the Adahla list of so called laws that are supposed to constitute apartheid law. The Star of David in the Israeli flag and celebrating Jewish festivals/holidays in the Jewish majority state are two of the most glaring examples of their anti-Jewish bias. Most Arab/Muslim countries have Islamic imagery in their flags and celebrate Muslim festivals, and most state categorically that Islamic Law/the Koran are the guiding light and constitutional basis of their countries legal systems. Are they called apartheid states (by the Adahla standard)? NO. It is just the Jew hating Antisemitic hordes that call Israel an apartheid state to try justify their hatred and/or ignorance

  8. Kia ora David

    I see you still avoid the issue of Israeli Apartheid.

    The site I referenced has the links to the relevant International Law. Mayeb have a look?

    And the many reports and documentation of Israeli Apartheid.

    For anyone reading, the Amnesty International Executive summary makes interesting reading. https://www.amnesty.org/en/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/MDE1551412022ENGLISH.pdf

    Of course Davd has some carefully curated False rebuttal but people should read the actual report themselves.

    I have been readign about Israeli Apartheid in documents way back to 2002. Including Yesh Din, Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, UNGA 4th Committee, UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, Human Rights Council, International Human Rights Clinic at Harvard Law School and Addameer, Russell Tribunal on Palestine, Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa, President Carter – Book, Anglican Communion News Service, Al-Haq, Addameer, Habitat International Coalition, Human Rights watch, B’Tselem.

    And many, many more going back to 1967 and then 1948.

    I guess that You Insist that All these peopel are Wrong. Possibly due to anti-Semitic tendencies.

    But David.

    As Dr Haygo Meyer (Holocaust survivor 1924 – 2014) said – An Anti-Semite used to be a person Who disliked Jews. Now it is a person who Jews dislike.

    You seem to have constantly called most people who stand up for Palestinian Human Rights as Anti-Semites. . .

    On Racism. Maybe it is time for you to look in the mirror. . .

    PS. Have You Ever thought to put Yourself in a Palestinians shoes? You know. Empathise? If you did, would You say that what Israel is doing is Justified? That You were treated as an Equal in Israel or in the Occupied Palestinian Territories? With Equal Human Rights as Jews there?

    Have a go.

    1. It isn’t difficult to avoid something that doesn’t exist Neil. Israeli Arabs are factually the only free Arabs in the entire MENA region. They are literally the only ones who CAN VOTE in free elections. Calling it Apartheid makes a nonsense of the word.

      As for empathising with Palestinians. I spent years in Israel working alongisde them, building bridges for peace. My own newspaper was published at the Al Ayam publishing house in Ramallah. I can guarantee I have spent more time with them, trying to find a way out of this mess than you have. Have you REALLY empathised with them yourself? Can you point me to your blog attacking Hamas for what they are doing to the Palestinians in Gaza? Or how about Lebanon – where there is a real Apartheid system. Lebanon has kept Palestinians inside camps for over three generations – setting up a legal system that holds them down. can you point me to the blogs you wrote that empathise with them?

      It is clear to see from what you post Niel, that the starting point for you is not ’empathy’ with Palestinians. They are just the tool you use. If this was about human rights, you’d have found the much clearer examples far closer to home or defended the rights of Palestinians in places like Lebanon. No, it is clear from your posts you’d rather spend time promoting the rewriting of the Holocaust – something that has nothing to do with Palestinians at all.

      As for antisemitism, you literally spread antisemitic conspiracy around – using FAKE NEWS websites such as ‘yournewswire’to do so. And those you defend are not guilty of ”standing up for Palestinian rights’ – they are guilty of spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories about things like 9/11 or engaging in Holocaust revisionism. If you cannot look at a site like yournewswire (or any of the other junk sites you build your opinions from) and see it for what it is, I hardly think you need to be taken seriously. The sad thing is you do not just internalise this stupidity – you think it makes you clever and then share it all with other people – speaking out as if you are the wise one. It isn’t difficult to label you an antisemite when you spread antisemitic lies around with those who follow you.

      1. oh and Neil. My editorial policy on this site has been built from years of experience in battling antisemites. I will never edit your words and you can argue to your hearts content here. I am a bit of a free speech nut. But spamming this site with backlinks to your own conpsiracy laden junk site in an act of self-promotion – isn’t going to work. We have had people come here to do that before too. So when you try to pretend you are not an antisemitic conspiracy theorist and argue about an apartheid that doesn’t exist – I will edit out any link to your website. It shouldn’t be a problem for you – plenty more junk sites out there you can rely on.

        1. Kia ora David.

          It seems strange that you would set up a blog site, then enter into a debate on Israeli Apartheid on it reserving the right to edit peoples posts, refuse to publish posts that you disagree with or show you in a poor light and then delete links to the very information relevant to the debate – The link to the International Legal Definition of Apartheid, the many reports detailing Israeli Apartheid and a number of articles on Israeli Apartheid. You seem to fear people seeing the whole picture brought together and put in context. The PSNA site (it is Not mine) – https://www.psna.nz/israeli-apartheid is the only one which I know of which does so. So I understand why You will Censor this site from being seen.

          You Know that this is Dishonest.

          On your anti-Semitism. My opposition has always been to the policies and actions of zionism and the current state of Israel. I support Equal Human Right for All people in Palestine/Israel while you seem intent, using any means possible, to defend the current Deadly Abusive state in Palestine/Israel.

          I once was a supporter of Israel. (based on what was published in the NZ media) That was until I started doing the research to find out who attacked who in 1967.

          What You seem to fear the most is people doing Honest and Open eyed research into the issues.

          Publish this or not.

          What you have exposed is the Dishonesty You will use to defend the state of Israel.

    2. Not the brightest are you Neil ?

      Maybe try visiting Israel as I have done many times

      Not once have I ever witnessed anything that even remotely resembles apartheid


  9. Neil….

    As you are supporting the creation of an independent Palestinian state can you let us know how that state will function moving forward?

    How often will elections take place?
    How many MPs will sit in its parliament?
    How many female MPs will it have?
    Will it be safe for gay men and women to live openly as gay men and women?
    Will all citizens be free to follow the religion of their choice / birth (Jews & Christians etc) ??
    Roughly what percentage of the population of any future independent Palestinian state do you envisage would be non Muslim and would they have equal rights as citizens of that state?
    Will women be able to get an education and higher education ?

    Looking forward to your responses to my questions


    1. I wouldn’t hold your breath Ken.

      Maybe I’ve been dropping in here too long but have you noticed how this site always has its “Neils”? They may style themselves as Mike, Chris, Charles, Jack, Stephen or even as a comedy cleric but they’re all basically Neils.

      David has always had a very hands-off approach to moderation and many Neils see this as an open invitation to provoke some Jews, demean the host or simply play out their shtick to some imagined gallery. This new one fits the bill to a tee and will almost certainly follow the same predictable path and ultimately run out of steam, or as the zookeepers say about the pandas “eats shoots and leaves”

      Wonder what the shelf life of this Neil will be ?

      1. Kia ora Ian

        Someone who enters a debate (David) who reserves the right to edit other peoples posts, as well as refusing to publish the posts He doesn’t agree with or may show Him in a poor light, is Not “a very hands-off approach to moderation “.

        When the debate is on Israeli Apartheid, for someone to delete the very link to a site that puts the whole thing together with the International Legal Definition of Apartheid, the reports detailing Israeli Apartheid and a number of articles on Israeli Apartheid is plainly Dishonest.

        Given this, you may well wonder why people choose to not come to this site for Honest Debate. As they may quickly iunderstand that the Bullies control of the site will censor what they have to say.

        David (whoever he may be as he hasn’t said if he is David Collier the owner of this blog site, David Cumin of the IINZ and “Free Speech Union” or some other random David appointed as a chief censor) is that Dishonest arbiter in this, choosing what he wants people to see or what he wants to Censor.

        “David” says he won’t edit my text.

        But will he Censor my post?

        Lets see.

        1. Now to see if “David” will publish a post I made about whoever invited Yoseph Haddam to Auckland University to carry out a Nineteen minute long Stand over, wild hand waving, finger pointing, table slapping Misogynistic tirade opposing Israeli Apartheid at a young female student at Auckland University Clubs day. A Tirade that was secretly filmed (attributed to Perry Trotter) and published.

          How did Yoseph Haddad, from waaay over in Israel, Know about the Auckland University Clubs day?

          Who invited him to Auckland?

          Who Paid for him to come?

          Who organised Perry Trotter, a founder of the Israel Institute of NZ to Furtively film the encounter?

          This Bullying behaviour was notified to Auckland University Security and the New Zealand Police as Yoseph has been assessed as a danger to students on campus.

          Why was this man who is Paid to know, for years, the “Opinions” on the opposition to Israeli Apartheid, and avoiding International Law, put up against a young female Human Rights supporter whose main focus is on her studies? Such Bullying behaviour is Despicable but someone brought Yoseph here to do it. . .

          Why wasn’t it organised to have an open debate between Yoseph Haddad and someone as well versed in the topic as he was. Because Yoseph would have been shown to be a paid Shill and a Fraud. He only has “Opinions” on Israeli Apartheid and his position would have melted in the light of the facts. Facts outlined here – https://www.psna.nz/israeli-apartheid

          We started with Israeli Apartheid.

          Will “David” edit this post to hide the information that he doesn’t like?


          But, as a seemingly wise man once said. . . “We must struggle with ideas — challenge them and be challenged — rather than be forced to submit to whoever is in charge”

          1. I wonder if Neil will ever give a straight answer to a straight question ?


            No…. I don’t think he ever will….


            His type never do


            Neil it’s what you don’t say that says it all really


  10. Kia ora Ken

    I guess that “David” will make up and suggest I have said things that I never did then.

    This debate is on Israeli Apartheid and “David” is Desperate to divert the debate towards anything else. Censoring anything He doesn’t like or not publishing posts He disagrees with.

    Have You read the International Legal Definition of Apartheid and the reports detailing Israeli Apartheid? This site is the only one that I have seen bringing these together. Maybe that is why “David’ chooses to Censor the link.

    Do you have the honesty to read the details or, like “David’, do you fear reading what is written on Israeli Apartheid?

    “David” is full of Opinions on Israeli Apartheid or lack thereof, but he Avoids the Legal Definition.

    Don’t be like “David”. At least learn what the debate is all about.

    Nga mihi


    1. “palestine” is just one tentacle of World-Wide Jihad.

      That’s why there are Checkpoints at EVERY AIRPORT in the World

      to screen passengers, baggage, cargo

      for bombs and weapons – to prevent another

      – Pan Am 103
      – 9/11
      – Sneaker bomber
      – Underwear bomber
      – Binary Liquid bomber

    2. Neil

      Have you even read the article that is above this comments section ?

      This debate is actually about the brutal murder of 3 unarmed young women who were mercilessly shot to death by Palestinian gunmen

      What exactly do you have to say about that Neil ? Because so far you have said precisely nothing about it

      How disgusting you are


      Maybe it’s you who should learn what a debate is about before wading in and making yourself look like a complete idiot ??

  11. Neil

    You have verbal diarrhea.
    You repeat ad infinitum the same one sided progressive drivel that only gets any traction by constant repetition.
    One of the great Dictators, or one of their minions, said ‘if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth’. And another refered to his ‘Useful Idiots’, about fools that repeated his propaganda without worrying about the veracity of its content

    Apartheid was, and still is, the subjugation by law of a clearly defined racial group. The Arab/Muslim/woke mob tried to redefine its meaning when the ICC was being formed in the 1990’s. Possibly that is why that court has never been properly accepted by many countries. When you try to politicise a legal entity, you end up tainting everything associated with it

  12. What our latest Neil is doing here is what the TV critics call “establishing character”. All the Neils have done this at one time or another. Stephen did his “Oim Oirish” routine. Chris claimed to be Indonesian and Michael’s origin story changed depending on whether they were Michael or Maria. Charles styled himself a US redneck and the comedy cleric was simply confused. The common thread is always the ambition to project as some sort of legitimate poster. They always used to like Israel but became disaffected normally after a heart to heart with a very close friend who always happens to have been Jewish and seriously in-the-know about everything. I expect the new Neil to tell us quite soon about such friends, some of whom will definitely have been senior officers in the IDF but are now definitely anti-Zionist activists.

    If he is to be our new Neil, I give him 12-18 months max.

    1. I doubt he will be around that long, but he is a real character. Is Secretary of the NZ Palestine Solidarity group. Always find it funny when people from places such as NZ obsess about Israel. In fact, I have been so enthralled by his position and antisemitic conspiracy, I think I am going to do a piece on him.

      1. Wow, a “Real Deal Neil” I had my doubts at first when he kept going on about Kia-Ora. I thought he might have been an Odeon cinema usherette from the 1970s;

        “Choc Ices, Strawberry Mivis, Packet of 20 JewBaiters (filter tip)”

      2. There is also a NZ based fb group called “Aotearoa Standing with Palestine” which could seriously do with being looked at ?

        This group seems to tolerate (encourage) holocaust denial and anti Jewish hate speech and all in the name of a “free Palestine” or so it would seem ?


        Apparently a NZ Labour mp was a member of this group and used to post and “like” some very dodgy contributions


        Disgusting really


        1. Kia ora Ken

          If you have an issue with this group, take it up with them.

          You will find that the person who I think you are talking about is a New Zealand Jewish Woman who rejects zionism.

          I have discussed her posts with her and she insists she will continue with them as they are Her perspective.

          Go figure. Not All Jews are zionists.

          1. Ta daah!!

            Told you that some of our new Neil’s best friends would be Jews AND anti-Israel. Same with every Neil.

          2. Shalom Neil

            So your only strategy is to cherrypick the opinions of specific Jews who happen to say things that you agree with and completely disregard the opinions of the other 99% ??

            And hide behind the cloak of “well a Jewish person said it so it must be okay “


            Seriously ??


            Yes you are right that not all Jews are Zionists

            But by the same token not all non Jews are anti Zionists

            This no doubt explains your rather comical rant about Yosef Haddad (an Israeli Arab) who advocated a for Israel


            And maybe you should check out a FB group called Christians United for Israel which has 120k followers ? ?


            Neil we all have our reasons for choosing to believe what we believe

            But seriously as a white citizen of New Zealand do us a favour and spare us the lectures on “occupation” and “land theft” and “colonisation”

            How about getting your own stinking house in order before you go pointing your finger at others….

            L’hitraot Neil


      3. Kia ora David
        You said ” I have been so enthralled by his position and antisemitic conspiracy, I think I am going to do a piece on him.”
        It looks as if I have an Enthusiastic Stalker. As John Minto, (Chair of PSNA) says, if you are not being attacked by for your stance on Palestinian Human Rights, you are possibly not pushing hard enough.

        And I have observed, the greater the attack by political zionists (on MP’s, Human Rights activists, UN agencies, Human Rights Organisations and any more) to try to silence your voice for Human Rights, the more effect you are having. Seemingly Anyone who stands for Palestinian Human Rights is an “Anti-Semite”.

        * As Dr Hajo Meyer (Holocaust survivor 1924 – 2014) once said – “An Anti-Semite used to be a person Who disliked Jews. Now it is a person who Jews dislike”.

        * Shulamit Aloni (Former Israeli cabinet member and winner of the 2000 Israel Prize) – “‘Anti-Semitic’ – It’s a trick. We always use it” to stifle Legitimate Criticism of Jews and zionist Israel

        Indeed, Alternative Jewish Voices in New Zealand have called out the prominent zionists David Cumin and Juliet Moses for their False Smears of anti-Semitism. You can find them here – https://ajv.org.nz/

        Maybe people should read the results of a survey Alternative Jewish Voices did on “What happens when we speak about Palestine in Aotearoa?” https://ajvnz.files.wordpress.com/2023/01/ajv-j4p-survey-report-final-ver2-1.pdf

        excerpts follow:
        This survey speaks about a category of social and religious harm in Aotearoa. Because it confuses opposition to Zionism with a hatred of Jews, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s Working Definition of Antisemitism (IHRA WD) enables Zionist individuals and organisations to make false and unanswerable accusations of antisemitism against their fellow New Zealanders. New Zealanders are being labelled as antisemites for upholding the UN-recognised rights of Palestinians, or simply for making statements about their Palestinian or non-Zionist Jewish identity. In 2022, two national surveys of antisemitism were distorted by classing opposition to Israel’s illegal occupation as a prominent form of antisemitism. The NZ Jewish Council survey explicitly labelled every respondent as an antisemite if they held views consistent with global human rights reporting, and with our basic democratic norms.
        Antisemitic speech essentialises, denigrates, discriminates against, or seeks to harm Jewish people.

        However, a growing number of people have been accused of a new form of antisemitism described as political antisemitism, anti-Israeli antisemitism or left-wing antisemitism.

        This idea of a new antisemitism is deployed by Zionist and pro-Israel groups to discredit, demonise and delegitimise individuals and organisations who advocate for the Palestinian cause.
        Experiencing accusations of antisemitism directly

        Asked about their own experience of being accused of antisemitism when speaking about Palestinian rights, two thirds (67%) of our respondents had direct experience of being accused of antisemitism when speaking up for Palestinian rights with almost half (49%) experiencing this more than once and 7% either frequently or very frequently. A third (33%) of respondents had never been so accused.
        The comments attracting most accusations of antisemitism were comments on the actions of the Israeli state, politicians, police or military forces (93%), the history of Palestine/Israel (66%), and Palestinians’ equal entitlement to UN-recognised individual or collective rights (62%).
        Our respondents also included some people who experienced seriously harmful outcomes from encounters with accusers and these tended to be people within the Jewish community or of Arabic descent. There were several references to harms to relationships: harms to friendships, damage to family life and ruptures in relationships with the religious community. It is worthy of note that all respondents mentioning relationship harms were members of the Jewish community.
        * No longer go to my synagogue on a regular basis.
        * The nastiness significantly affected my health and my general sense of safety and belonging in the Jewish community.
        * Alienated me from participating in Jewish community activities.
        * I often feel alienated within my community. I feel silenced even within my family.
        * Intimidation and ostracism. Loss of friendships and damage to family relationships.
        One respondent described actions taken by accusers that went well beyond simply making accusations and tipped over into deliberate and malign attempts to discredit and threaten their wellbeing.
        Family members were contacted by Zionists in Australia and NZ and they were told to silence me and stop me from speaking out on social media…Was stopped from giving a pre-organised talk and workshop at a Jewish event…was told it was not permitted to talk on the topic after all at the last minute…I received Death Threats and Threats of Violence which were probably from hasbara trolls. My Social Media Identity Name was Stolen (duplicated, that is) and used to make actual anti-Semitic comments…to try to discredit me.
        It would be interesting to see what you have to say. As is exposed above, will You get people to make anti-Semitic statements in My Name?

        Or like Dane Giraud who was embarrassed on Twitter, in a fit of Anger and Embarrassment wrote his “Hit Piece” on me.

        Will you do as Dane Giraud did? Striking through My words and Replacing them with His words to totally Change what I had written. As has been shown by Your actions in this thread, Probably. Similar to your editing My posts here to Gut them of the arguments I have made.

        But because of His edits of My words, Danes “article” has been widely discredited and recognised for what it was. Dishonest and Him putting His words in My mouth.

        Is this the zionism You Cling to?

        Dishonest? Censorship? Editing people who you disagree with’s posts. Putting words in other peoples mouths.

        1. Shalom Neil

          I’m loving the paranoia on display in your latest (mostly incoherent) ramblings


          Not healthy for you but very entertaining for us !


          L’hitraot Neil


  13. It would seem that the word IRONY has been redefined once again on the pages of these message boards…


    This time it would seem that a WHITE New Zealander (a country that was colonised and occupied by WHITE European settlers – and still remains occupied TO THIS DAY) feels he is entitled to lecture us all on how we should and shouldn’t live our lives and how we should have empathy with those who don’t deserve it ?


    You really couldn’t make this sh1t up


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