Banksy Hotel Bethlehem

Banksy West Bank Bethlehem Hotel review: An antisemitic sham

The post will be about my recent visit to the Banksy hotel and the historical distortion and antisemitic imagery that was on show there, but first a little background.  I recently spent a few days in Israel as part of a delegation led and facilitated by the Zionist Federation. It was a small group, led by Arieh Miller (ZF) and included representatives from Sussex Friends of Israel (SFoI), North West Friends of Israel (NWFoI) and the Israel Advocacy Movement (IAM).

Every member of the delegation has a firm grounding on the conflict history. They are also highly active in the fight for truth. This allowed the group to engage far beyond just reinforcing views already held. It was possible to meet up with groups that would challenge us and more importantly cross into Area A, land under full Palestinian control. It has been far too long since I had been to places such as Ramallah and it was a good feeling to be back there. This is the first of several blogs I will produce on some of what I saw.

One of the places that we entered was a trip inside a beating heart of the Palestinian propaganda campaign. The ‘Walled off Hotel‘, a Bethlehem hotel drowning in sickening imagery. A hotel that was financed by Banksy, an England-based graffiti artist and political activist. This is what we found there.

Splits across the great divide

We reached Bethlehem in a minibus connected to an East Jerusalem travel outfit. This means both the driver and the guide were Palestinians with East Jerusalem residency. The discussions with the guide were illuminating, but perhaps not as much as the drive itself. For a full day we moved between areas A, B and C, switching from Israel to Palestinian control and then back again. We did so almost without knowing. A bus full of people driven by a Palestinian went into and out of these areas without once having anyone’s identity checked. Important evidence to show that the ‘freedom of movement’ issue is a geographic and political one. This is not what Apartheid looks like.

Speaking to Palestinians with East Jerusalem residency is as illuminating as having a dialogue with an Israeli Arab. These days, talking to an Arab from Ramallah or someone inside Gaza (which I do online) also brings to light a central issue. That the Arabs are not ‘one’ at all, but ‘several’. Each different group (Israeli Arab, East Jerusalem resident, PA controlled Arab, Hamas controlled Arab) has a completely different outlook on the conflict. Consider it a spectrum. In general the closer an Arab gets to Israeli control, the less that he/she wants the Palestinian groups (Hamas, Fatah etc) to have any type of say in his/her life. I will expand on this, and the implications, in a separate piece.

The ‘Wall’ and the hotel

The hotel was opened in 2017 in line with anti-Balfour activity globally. I have no idea what Banksy thinks or knows about the conflict, but I do know that the hotel does nothing to promote dialogue. On the one side, it can be viewed as an obscene gimmick. A privileged activist gaining self-publicity through a stunt that objectifies people immersed in a real-world tragedy. On the other are the Jews, who are thoroughly demonised by the false narrative presented inside. Jews become alien god killers, too greedy and racist to open their arms to a peaceful downtrodden people.  In the middle are the useful idiots. Ignorant tourists who come to the hotel, see the exhibits and then leave slightly more radicalised than they were before they came.

Banksy Hotel Bethlehem

The Guardian, when writing about the hotel, described it as ‘playful and strongly political’. The hotel is not ‘playful’ at all. The Guardian article even references the history video presented below. That the reporter watched the video and thought the only point she needed to reference were the closing remarks, shows how blind, dumb and ignorant those commenting on the conflict are.

The Banksy history

Inside the museum are several videos. The most important one is the one which places the conflict into context. It never matters how balanced you want to seem, if you distort the history you are intentionally influencing opinion in your favour. The Arabs are continually rewriting history to have this effect. They want people to bridge the gap between the good (the Arabs) and the bad (the Jews).

Watch the video:


It is difficult to overstate the historical distortion in the video. A clever piece of propaganda which uses additional imagery to convey further misconceptions. It completely denies Jewish history to the land and presents Jews as alien invaders. The only reason Jews turned up was because they had ‘nowhere else to go’. The Arabs inside the Mandate become innocent victims as all those around them fight. There is no connection at all to the tale in the video (the virgin Nakba) and what really happened. Anyone watching or digesting any of this video as fact has been tainted by antisemitic propaganda.

The Banksy Hotel and antisemitic imagery

Throughout the museum, there is use of Holocaust imagery, part of an ongoing strategy of equating the results of the 1947/48 civil conflict with the Holocaust. This one plays on both Holocaust and the idea that the value of life is not equal, with one Israeli tooth carrying more weight than over 2000 Arab lives.  (credit to SFoI, NWFoI and IAM for some of these images)

Banksy teeth - Holocaust

This one suggests Israelis kill for money. That Arabs die just so Israelis can test weapons and the conflict is only there so that Jewish business can thrive.

Banksy Jewish business

Babies, clothing, shoes. Everywhere you look is the image of a brutal Holocaust committed by money grabbing Jews upon a defenceless and helpless population. Devil against the angels.

Banksy shoes

Banksy gates

The next one is classic antisemitic imagery. Jews as god killers. An image of a Christ like figure with a red-dot sight on his forehead.

Endless hate in the Banksy hotel

There are many other similar images that will be uploaded by the groups who were there with me, and the IAM is also producing a video on the trip, but these few images provide a clear taste of the vicious propaganda on display. Our itinerary included various different faces of the conflict, but this was an important one. This is part of what we are up against, raw hatred dressed up as art. There is no middle ground to be found when facing such distortion and those who create it have no interest in building a dialogue. They want Jews to be seen as money grabbing god killers who invaded a foreign land and brutalised the inhabitants.

The Banksy hotel is a disgraceful blot on the landscape and full of antisemitic images. And the truth is that there is far more hate that went into building the exhibits within the hotel, than went into building the defensive wall the Hotel was designed to protest. One was designed to save lives, the other only sets out to demonise a people. Rather than join some of those we met who really want to make peace, Banksy chose to run with the hate.



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419 thoughts on “Banksy West Bank Bethlehem Hotel review: An antisemitic sham

  1. “Every member of the delegation has a firm grounding on the conflict history. They are also highly active in the fight for truth.”

    David now I know you are having a laugh.

    I guess you really meant apart from the sprinkling of crooks and perjurers.

    1. Dumb Bellamy lacks any self awareness.

      Hypocrisy, thy name is Dumb Bellamy.

      Happy Nakba!
      Happy VE Day!

      F*CK irish fascist de valera.

      “de Valera formally offered his condolences to the German Minister in Dublin on the death of Adolf Hitler in 1945, in accordance with diplomatic protocol.[76] This did some damage to Ireland, particularly in the United States – and soon afterwards de Valera had a bitter exchange of words with Winston Churchill in two famous radio addresses after the end of the war in Europe”

        1. Dumb Bellamy,

          Was your craven Fascist half-Irish/half-Spaniard/half-Wit De Vaelra

          the President of Appeasing Pro-Nazi Ireland or Merrykan or Espana???

  2. Counter chant this ditty…

    From the River to the Sea,
    Pal-e-STINE Will NEVER BE!

  3. Happy Nakba(*) to ALL!

    (*) The Nakba being the term coined to describe the 1948 FAILURE of 5 attacking Arab armies, none of which was a army of a non-existent “palestine”, to murder the Jews, to continue Socialist hitlers Holocaust against the Jews.

  4. So, a group of Zionists left their HOMES to go on a funded trip to Zion. Visited the occupied territories and then went HOME, choosing not to stay and live there. Understood.

    1. Well you do know the old joke…..

      ” A Zionist is a Jew that raises money to send some other Jews to go live in Israel”.

      And of course Simon, being about as Jewish as my grandma Maggie O’Hara, wouldn’t be able to stay anyways.

      1. Well Bellamy, you have the first part of your statement right about Zionism. It does not matter whether Simon is Jewish. Zionism is a spiritual connection to Jerusalem which is at the heart of being a Jew…for most. There are exceptions like Tony Greenstein and Naomi Winborne-Idrisi who were born Jewish, but do not have that spiritual connection to the point where they have joined the other side in the mistaken belief that if Palestine becomes a sovereign state, their efforts will be rewarded with an honourary citizenship of Palestine. Right?


        They and their kind will be forgotten while Hamas and Fatah fight it out for total control in a civil war that you will blame on the Israelis because that is what you do. It’s always the fault of the Jews for you guys.

      2. Stephen

        You critisize and mock Simon and question his Jewishness

        And you?

        You are so busy critisizing other peoples motivation (Arkush,Simon, BoD, JLC etc), that its got me wondering who the f–k gave you the godly power to dictate who is what and why

        Your commentary, besides being provocative, also smacks of extreme hypocracy; so I am wondering if there is some underlying reason for your animosity toward certain individuals and organisations

        Do try explain without using a one liner attempt at humour

        And do try answer ihe previous questions asked about some of your more inane comments

          1. Stephen

            Observing and commenting are not the same thing.
            Observing is a passive, with no active component
            You comment, which may not be dictating, but is an action; thus
            1) You make unsubstantiated allegations
            2) You insult people and refuse to say why
            3) You smear people without offering explanation
            4) You obfuscate to be provocative

            If that is observing then you need to rewrite the definition in the lexicon of the English language

        1. “gave you the godly power to dictate who is what and why”

          Whoops, perhaps then you can inform Mr. Collier that his assertion, that only a Jew can define whether others are antisemites or not, is farcical.

    2. occupied .. screech … screech … the Jews are not even a real people … screech …

    3. Yes, Davy, that’s right. Do you have a problem with that? Tell us what it is, and please go into detail as we always enjoy when people like out yourselves.

  5. I have not responded on this site for some time, but in my sabbatical, nothing has changed. Mr. Bellamy still treats this site as a ‘bit of a larf’ and the essence of the in-balance of his comments remain highly unconvincing. However, this is not the reason I have returned.

    Banksy is an artist. He is not a political analyst. He, similar to Roger Waters, has a middle-class background that carries the mantle of the privileged upbringing resulting in later years in a guilt complex that has to support the underdog, right or wrong. The naivity of Banksy and Waters is a common feature of the ‘arty’ middle classes which is why I cannot take their comments any more seriously than page 3 of the Sun Newspaper.

      1. Oh, come on. He came up with “Walled Off Hotel.” See, it’s Waldorf vs. Walled Off. He thinks this D list schmaltz is a super clever act of pure genius. Such is the state off pop culture in the waning days of the West.

        1. “waning days of the West.”?? Would that Israel ever reaches the West’s level of humanity, education and civilisation. Dream on

          1. I’ll tell you what, buddy. As far as levels of humanity go, the Jews passed you guys eons ago.
            The Jews didn’t throw YOU down a well. The Jews didn’t burn YOU alive. The Jews didn’t expel YOU from your own land nor from their land. The Jews didn’t pressure YOU to give up YOUR way of life or YOUR religion. The Jews didn’t make YOU slaves. The Jews didn’t pass discriminatory laws against YOU. The Jews didn’t subject YOU to pogroms. The Jews didn’t topple the headstones of YOUR ancestors. The Jews didn’t incite their people to murder YOU en masse. The Jews didn’t bar you from professions or the ownership of land. The Jews didn’t tell YOU that you are a stranger on your own soil. The Jews didn’t rename YOUR home and insist that their name for it is the ‘real’ name. The Jews didn’t question or deny that you are who YOU say are. I could go on and on. Do I need to?
            No, the Jews passed you well before you even got started, as far as “levels of humanity” go.
            You are a sterling example of European hypocrisy.

            1. You appear to be responding to the wrong post, Jeff. You are referencing Jews. I was referencing Israel for its abusive aggression and poor record on human rights.
              You’re not saying that these actions are being committed by the Jews within that state, are you?

              1. You’re not even clever.
                Your idiotic statement on human rights is not close to being true. If you were to take a survey on the worst human rights abusers you would find not only that Israel’s human rights record is light years better, you wouldn’t just find out none of the most egregious abusers are the subject of debates on whether their countries’ should exist, you wouldn’t find organized boycotts, and you would also find that no country has had a better record under comparable threats. In short, you are an ignorant, shallow loser and a bigot.
                If you look up a little history you would notice that some of the bill of particulars I laid out apply not just to Europeans but Arabs as well.
                If you need more info on the treatment of Jews by Arabs we can go there. Israel has treated the Arabs far better.
                Davy, you are a mess!

          2. As far as education goes, do you really want to talk about average IQ scores and Nobel Prizes? I don’t think so.
            Civilization? Jews had a fully developed one while your ancestors were wearing grass skirts.

            1. Wow, glittering prizes … very useful…… and Israel’s contribution to the modern world, other than being the most appeased state in History is ……. ?

  6. Stalin was purported to have coined the phrase ‘useful idiots’ to describe westerners that live a life of western created luxury and ease, endevouring to destroy that comfortable existance by giving support to dictitorial and genocidal regimes such as, but not limited to, the Soviet Union and Red China.

    Banksy, Waters and others fit the bill perfectly.

    And when it comes to Israel the normal mix of anti-capitalism (by capitalists), white guilt and a need to belong (because the west does not require any effort to belong), coupled with a dose of religous dislike/hate of Jews (deicide etc), Jew-envy (Jews control the world/Jew wealth), conspiracy theory ( 9/11 truthers, all wars started by Jews etc) and plain old Antisemetic Jew-hating racist bigotry creates a toxic mix which some just find too tempting not to miss.

    Cannot wait to see the commentary that this blog of Davids elicits from our followers from the lefty liberal, neo-fascist coalition that slink their way across the portal

    1. Peach you probly will have to wait a while before getting David’s acknowledgement he is on his way to Brighton to…….oh well let’s not go there…..for the moment

      1. She could hang around the stage door in Hove perhaps, where the HateFest is taking place.

      1. Many have tried to make you FLUSH, you inconsiderate, primitive turd world fascist neanderthal.

          1. I believe there are specialists who can deal with your type of paranoia, you sad waste of space.

              1. Crazy Lazy Davy,

                IslamPHOBIA, the “unreasonable” FEAR/PARANOIA of bloodthirsty followers of Islam in the wake of

                9/11, London’s 7/7, Frances Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan and Nice, Boston Marathon, Orlando, San Bernardino, beheading of Lee Rigby, Daniel Pearl, car ramming attacks on London and Westminster bridges, bombing of Pan Am 103, bombing of USS Cole, hijacking of Achille Lauro and the murder of a passenger, thwarted bombing of an inflight passenger plane with bombs hidden in sneakers and underwear, Mumbai massacre, Nairobi Mall massacre, Fort Hood, Garland, ISIS beheading videos, death threats by Fascist Iran against Salman Rushdie and Danish cartoonists, Bali, Brussels airport, Madrid, execution of gays and girls who offended some “family honour”, murder of Coptic Christians in Egypt, bombing of churches in Pakistan, near nuclear war between Pakistan and India, public threats of 9/11 scale attacks on the UK and Eurabia, …

                Oh, yes, Happy Nakba!

                1. Edward,

                  You are getting most excitable, no doubt you’ve been catching up with Trump’s triumph of engaging in oral sex with Bibi – don’t think the Christian Fundamentalists will like this behaviour though as it says its a little uncouth in the Bible.

                  1. Lonely Crazy Chris, Is your back sore from doubling over to self-fellate yourself?

                    Happy Nakba!

              2. Not too antisemitic, eh, Davey?
                Yes, of course, you know how those Jews are.
                Meanwhile, anti-zionists are a case study in paranoia. Do I really need to go into detail?
                But thank you for demonstrating that Jewish assertions of anti-zionism often being thinly veiled antisemitism factual.

                1. And what they all forget is we have 70 glorious years of Israel that makes them all hapless, helpless, envious and jealous as hell

                  Go Israel
                  Go Zionism
                  Go liberation and freedom for Jews after 2000 years of excile and persecution and worse

                    1. Are you saying no one ever subsidized the continuing existence and success of Great Britain? You need to do more reading.

  7. Stephen

    We agree on something

    The heavens will open, the angels will sing hosannas’, and the world will turn away in shock

    You are unblushable (if Shakespeare could create thousands of new words. I can create a few)

    we know, we now

    1. ….. and not just words, Richard.

      But still less of a creative writer than David.

      1. Davy

        I am not in competition with David; he does and I do.

        But you…….? Well mindless commentary coupled with mindless bias and some hate thrown in gives us our very own little wavy Davy

        1. Yep, David lobbies for Israel while you potter around on here. i.e. he’s still working and you’re amusing yourself in retirement.

  8. When the brainless creature … oops, ‘artist’ … Banksy came to my attention, I knew he’d soon enough become a mouthpiece for the most lunatic and mendacious far-left propaganda around.

    1. Leah27z,

      When is our marriage may I enquire?

      I ask as my Roman Catholic wife only allows me out of the home for short visits, perhaps 14 days max, as such, have we book our honeymoon suite in the Gaza Hilton Killing Field’s so we can marvel at the decent of the IDF and join in the killing ourselves if we get bored.

      1. The term “killing fields” is a reference to the regime of Pol Pot and his movement, responsible for the murder of millions. You or at least some of your friends probably thought Pol Pot was some cool liberator at one time.
        Are you really comparing that to Israel’s actions to defend herself against the Hamas movement of genocidal maniacs?
        Israel would need to go some great distance even to match the killing record of the British Empire, you dumb hypocrite.
        As far as those who have been killed, the IDF has gotten it mostly right. Britain couldn’t even match that record.
        So stick your double standards on your thumb, sit on it, and rotate.

        1. Jeff21st,

          I note we have another berserker joining the fold, so, just to ensure where we are old bean, I’m Welsh, that’s the country I was born in and the one I shall die in. Now, with regards all your British crap, I de seem to remember multiple crimes committed to adherents of the British Empire, which upon my own birth, thankfully had more or less ceased to exist, which I’m eternally glad about.

          Now, given I’m opposed to colonialism, specifically if its white man colonialism, you may understand why I’m a little sceptical about Israel and lands it claims, lands i’m led to believe for hundreds of years were toiled by simple folk, many farmers or herders who you know kill on a daily basis. Still, lets not let facts get in the way of your bollocks.

          1. OMG! And you called me a berserker?
            Posturing much?
            Tales of “evil” white men vs. “simple folk.” And the “white men” are now the Jews. Whereas, you have “learned your lesson” and are now ready to disseminate your superior morality and intellect to the rest of the world, which, to be honest, doesn’t sound like you’ve changed much at all.
            My goodness, you are one little messed up dude!

            ” lands i’m led to believe for hundreds of years were toiled by simple folk, many farmers or herders who you know kill on a daily basis”
            Yes, I do know a Freudian slip when I read one.

            But since you want facts, not bullocks, I’ll give it to you. If you live in the UK, you don’t know the facts, you’ve been fed bullocks. That’s a fact. Anyone trained in spotting bias finds it all over your media.

            That which you have presented here is racist narrative, pure and simple. Your declarations about the “evil’ white man is racist. Your notion that you represent a protector of idyllic “simple folk” is racist and oh so 19th century Wagnerian, and your centuries old claim (yes, it is centuries old) to be the ones who will teach the Jews about true morality are also racist and antisemitic. The idea that the Jews or the Arabs somehow need you if they are ever to get along only confirms your vestigial imperialist instincts. Your interference is destructive to all concerned, which, BTW, excludes you.

            You claim to represent facts over bullocks, and yet you are living in a fantasy world of asinine, ahistorical, dull and timeworn stereotypes.

            You live in a country with both a historically Arabist bent, and a history of antisemitism which it apparently is not close to getting over. Your media is slanted almost beyond belief, and yet you think you’re going to tell everyone where it’s at? Hilarious.

            1. Jeff

              I call Chris a progressive racist bigot

              He also claims to be some sort of historian and college lecturer!

              Firstly he believes that all colonialism started in the 15th century and was the sole preserve of white Europeans.
              He conveiniently ignores the history of colonialism before that date by every clan, tribe, city state, state/country and religion and sect before then.
              He ignores the Arab/Muslim colonial empire that was built after Mohammed
              He ignores the Turkish Ottoman Empire
              The Mughal Empire
              The Chinese Empires of the various Dynasties
              The Greek Empire
              The Roman Empires
              The Egyptian Empires
              Even the Zulu Empire, which though small, grew by attacking and absorbing nearby tribes till they became absolute rulers in their area of Southern Africa until the British Empire defeated them
              And the Aztecs, and the Incas and the……….; the list is endless

              Secondly he believes that all slavery was started in the 15th century by white Europeans and was directed solely at black slaves.
              He once again has forgotten the history of the world since man became able to control his environment and destiny; and that history of slavery in every facet of its manifestation has been part of society.
              See list above and add to it.
              He also forgets that the first time in the history of man that slavery was banned and became illegal was under the British Empire by the British.

              So Chris to my mind is a progressive racist because he ignores history and blames the ‘white man’ for all the worlds evils

  9. Very interesting post David. It is vital that all decent people expose the pro-Palestinian’s attempt to rewrite reality. This hotel is pure propaganda and needs to be exposed as such. As usual, I take great delight in the fact that the pro-Palestine loons here are incensed that you had the nerve to tell the truth and expose their nonsense (again).

    1. Does Norm seriously believe that David is describing things as he truly sees them? It’a pro-zi/Israel blog. He has a message to trumpet.

    2. They’re not really pro-‘palestinian’. They’ve been in the habit of slandering Jews for centuries. They have been so morally confused for so long that many of them aren’t even aware of it. They are like white American southerners were within my own living memory, spouting all sorts of uncomplimentary racial stereotypes, while all the time sincerely believing they were being entirely fair.
      That Jews have been right while everyone else was wrong has been demonstrated many times throughout history, and yet it doesn’t make the slightest dent in these bigots thick skulls.

  10. Banksy could have used his Western privilege and money to encourage peace and bridge-building between Palestinians and Israelis. Instead he creates this sick joke, even choosing a name that sounds like the American “Waldorf Hotel”. The man is sick. The left wing he is part of have succeeded in creating hatred and division in the Middle East, and this is a far greater and more harmful division than the wall this is meant to protest against. So sad to see. Thanks David for uncovering this twisted place and revealing it’s true intent to the world.

    1. Absolutely demented stuff, not only the usual insult that Banksy is now an anti-semite, but shit you just espoused about building peace. Israel don’t want peace, or was last nights hostilities against Syria a mirage of mine?

      1. Hi John C. Chris Rogers is David’s pet “Loves-Jews-Hate-Zionists”. Not sure what kind of animal that makes Rogers. He super simple to trigger and so is always good for a laugh!

          1. Did you respond to the thread on the Egyptian expulsion, or do you just quietly accept you were wrong?

            1. Just read your reply on that thread. You answered my question. I would say that their expulsion was far more civilised than that afforded to the cleansed Arabs by the Jewish militia. Those expelled from Egypt had their Zion to go to, and the homes also left by the cleansed Arabs. Of course BOTH expulsions were vile acts.

              Now, do you have an answer to my question concerning the exhibit shown?

              1. Your question is a straw man. As part of the blog I also uploaded several images that did not contain explicit Jew hate but rather either Holocaust equivalence or Arabs as angel themes. I was absolutely clear on that. You carefully selected one of those as if you had a relevant point. You didn’t. Unless you care to argue that the image of the Christ like figure is not a play on the antisemitic accusation of Jews as Christ killers, you do not have an argument here. As for your sickening response on the expulsion, I think it is funny how little those who obsess about Israel know. You clearly have no idea about the Jewish expulsion from Arab lands as your questions to me showed. Why is it you are so obsessed about something you know nothing about. Earlier Chris suggested Israel holds a less diverse population that the UK. These notions show such pathetic ignorance. Israel’s ethnic diversity makes the whole of Europe look like a continent of white supremacists. It makes it hard for anyone to take you all seriously when you display such hate for a nation you are so ignorant of.

                1. “As for your sickening response on the expulsion”??

                  Of course you don’t answer questions. Your blogs are dishonest misrepresentations of facts. False accusation after false accusation.

                  From your own own description of the Egypt expulsion the massacres and village destruction that the Arabs were subjected to were far more heinous than that afforded the Jews.

                  You included the exhibit … for what purpose? Whoops, a question … how remiss of me.

                  “You carefully selected one of those as if you had a relevant point. You didn’t. ” I did. You have no legitimate answer.

                  1. Your arguments are built on a mix of ignorance and straw men. You then try to support your position with empty statements like ‘you have no legitimate answer’ or ‘your blogs are dishonest misrepresentation of facts’, which is funny considering you don’t know many facts.

                    Most, yes most of the Arab Palestinians RAN from their homes to avoid conflict. Isn’t this what normal people do in civil conflict, take their families to safety when they can? Why do you believe the Arabs acted differently from the way civilian populations act in civil conflict? In other areas there was brutal fighting and massacres occurred on both sides. Within the context of a civil conflict, expulsions also occurred as one side gained the upper hand on the internal road system and was still facing onslaught from invading Arab armies. Yet somehow you compare this civil strife with state sponsored ethnic cleansing of an innocent civil population based on the fact they were Jewish? Not in one state, but in many. How about 180 Jews massacred in Iraq in 1941? Does that count? Almost a million Jewish Arab refugees made their way to Israel after violence, persecution or expulsion. Some like the Yemenites began doing so years before the creation of Israel. Just because you are ignorant of the history, it doesn’t give you the right to suggest my facts are wrong.

                    As for the image it clearly marked under a title that says ‘Babies, clothing, shoes. Everywhere you look is the image of a brutal Holocaust committed by money grabbing Jews upon a defenceless and helpless population. Devil against the angels.’. I think it is explicit and does not for one minute suggest the image itself contains Jew hate. Each image has to be placed in context with other images, such as the one which suggest Israelis do it all for the cash or the one that suggests Israelis are killing Christ. Therefore you have created a straw man, and are doing nothing but empty chest-beating when you suggest I am unable to answer it.

                    1. The words in your blog “Babies, clothing, shoes. Everywhere you look is the image of a brutal Holocaust committed by money grabbing Jews upon a defenceless and helpless population. Devil against the angels.”

                      Are they YOUR words, David or are they words displayed with the exhibit within the Hotel? Just for context sake.

                      You’re making it unclear.

      2. Wanksy Banksy should REALLY afflict the comfortable and try his hand at

        drawing the “Prophet” Mohammed.

        Let’s see Wanksy Banksy really take a stand.

      3. Chris

        Your comments are like a Xerox copy.

        They are all of a similar vein; there is nothing new

        Occasionally you will allow your anti-Israel/anti-Jew bias slip away to allow some rational comment; but those occasions are so few and far between that they get lost in the general bumpf that is offered

        1. “They are all of a similar vein; there is nothing new”

          Because the truth endures, Richard.

  11. Dear Mr Collier,

    Given the anti-semitic representations you found in Banksy’s Hotel, and no doubt his entire back catalogue of work, may I enquire if you, Scoffie, Euan Philipps and Saul Freeman have reported Banksy to the Labour Party Stasi for anti-semitism?

    Will there also be a Royal Commission into Banksy’s anti-semitic work and will all his work, having been found totally anti-semitic, be eradicated from the Planet?

    1. History will put him, and some of the obsessive creeps around here in their place, as it did Hitler, Goebbels and the rest.
      Banksy is not going to come off looking too good. Another con man in the Jew hating racket.
      His hotel and the “history lessons” therein is nothing more than Piltdown man redux.

      1. Jeff21st,

        The only thing history will put in its place is Israel and the berserkers who presently run the racist entity – its a satisfying thought is it not?

        1. Oh, so Israel needs to be put in its place.
          You sound like your ancestors. Except you justify it through some awful, pathologically racist cultural Marxist narrative instead of the old Christian bigotry. You may have left your parents, but they haven’t left you.
          History has already put Israel back in its place. That’s what the Arabs and useful tools like you object to…because you’re racists.

          1. Ho Ho Chris Rogers, Didn’t take long for Jeff to work out exactly what you are all about!!!

            1. @Garfield the Stalker,

              I’d not accept a single word keyed out of your keyboard mate as you have been outed as someone who’s a perjurer. Need I say anymore you liar & lover of Palestinian deaths.

              Now off you go with your Palestinian head on a pike and have a lunatic day.

  12. simon is not the only criminal mind in the tiny ragbag that make up SFI. Meet Fiona Sharpe.

    When it was realised by the Hasbarafia ” high ups ” that it was better to have the likes of SFI inside the tent rather than outside it, and that, carefully managed, they could be quite handy as useful idiots , they also realised that, in Simon, they had a huge presentational problem. His energy was indispensible but he was, and remains, a public relations disaster.

    Hitherto, Simon, as SFI founder, had been the one that was quoted. As well as being commander in the field, he was the spokesperson, and one much favoured by the Jewish Chronicle. Indeed Simon and Sandy Rashty were very much an item, and were an entertaining double act that we are sorry to see go, now that Sandy is going up in the world. The way that they lined up the pins for each other on twitter was hilarious.

    The suits knew better, and when Simon had his twitter account pulled for threatening Hannah Weisfeld,something had to be, and was, done. Unfortunately, SFI being a very small and meagre gaggle, the options were few. Fiona was the best in the way of an ” acceptable face” they could come up with. Fiona is easier on the eye than Simon but not easier on the ear, as those that stood outside Ecostream can testify. As can the judge that threw out the charges in the recent court case, on the grounds of Fiona’s false testimony, and that heard her calling the alleged aggressor a “ fascist cunt”.

    However, she is being carefully minded and is certainly an improvement in print and typescript. Unfortunately, when it comes to principle and veracity, she is scarcely any improvement at all.

    Rather Fiona is an habitual liar, as a perusal of her comments re Southampton University conclusively demonstrates. She is very fortunate not to have been prosecuted for perjury in respect of her false testimony before a Brighton judge, referred to above.

    The whole business originated in a demo and counter demo outside Ecostream in Brighton. Following the demo Fiona and Sandra Gross went to Sussex Police, and made complaints of racially aggravated harassment against one of the anti Ecostream demonstrators. Sandra Gross is disabled and confined to a wheelchair. This is presumably why she was selected for the role, the sympathy card and all that. Racially aggravated harassment is likely to be seen as so much more despicable when directed against a disabled person.

    Be clear, the scam, as the SFI FB page makes clear, was a conspiracy on the part of the whole of the, admittedly small, SFI collective.

    As a result of this complaint, it was decided, by the Directer of Public Prosecutions, no less ( !!!!), that there should be a prosecution. This despite there being no evidence except the shaky word of these two women. ( or so it was thought at the time.)

    The two women made written statements to the police alleging that……

    The defendent had called them ‘nazis’, in a personally threatening and abusive way that caused them deep alarm and distress ‘as jewish women’. They alleged that he had come over to where they were positioned, called them both ‘fucking nazis’ and shook his finger at themin a menacing way.

    They repeated these statements to their lawyers and to the court, both verbally and in writing.

    Unfortunately, unknown to the simpletons of the SFI gaggle, the whole ” incident” had been captured by video cameras both inside and outside the store. The defence lawyers were in possession of the video material and chose not to make its existence known to the prosecution. A choice they were perfectly entitled to make .

    When the defence informed the judge that there was video evidence, Sandra Gross burst into tears. She perfectly well knew what it was going to show.

    What it showed was ……..

    That, throughout the period of time in question, the defendant was standing several yards from the ‘victims’. At no point did he stand anywhere near them. On the video he was heard to say ‘You’re all nazis – all the zionists are nazis’.

    The prosecution accepted that this video evidence captured the entirety of the incident. With the witness statements directly contradicted by video evidence, the prosecution case collapsed.

    The judge therefore ruled that the defendants behaviour had not been threatening, that his words were not personally directed at the witnesses, that his words alone in this context had not caused alarm or distress, and that the video footage showed that no one else at the demo had taken any notice of what he said – let alone been distressed. Therefore: ‘No case to answer.”

    1. Dear God. Still twirling in ever decreasing circles . It’s truly amazing how the body is able to survive on a diet of crumbs. Few hundred die hard followers on twitter and barely a comment on your execrable blog such as it is. I’m genuinely sorry for you so much so that I would possibly treat you to a Black and Tan in a Provo pub of your choice.

    2. Stephen

      The skies are opening , the lord is coming.
      You have entered a whole, intelligable comment.

      You have of course, as is your want, included a lot of unsubstantiated allegations against particular people that seem to have attracted your venom.
      Yet you have never offered any evidence into why you think these individuals and individuals are wrong/evil.

      I am aware that SFI and Simon hold a particularlly obvious standing within the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish brigades because he and the SFI collective pioneered the first of the current pro-Israel activist blueprints for countering the current hate fest that calls itself pro-Palestine.

      Incidentally, I do not find the so called pro-Palestinians pro-Palestinian; I find them purely and solely anti-Israel, and very often anti-Jewish (in the classical sense of Jew hatred).
      These so called pro-Palestinians do nothing to improve the lot of the Palestinians and help them build the institutions of a state

      Their actions help to keep the Palestinians as a backward, rural population that coincides with their idealistic and utopian view of what the poor oppressed citizens of the ‘Third World’ should be.
      They talk of all the bad that Israel (and its Jews do); reading and watching the media paints a picture of the eternally evil Israel versus the absolute innocence and goodness of the Palestinians.

      Both parties are caricatures of the fevered imaginations of the western ‘lefty liberal neo-fascist’ coalition that has made the Israel/Palestine/Arab imbroglio the ’cause of the century’ and fact be damned

  13. Thank you for your insightful report on the Banksy propaganda motel. This is something we will never read about not see in American media. I believe that all banksy “art” in public places and on city property should immediately be painted over or removed as a symbolic protest and solidarity with the Jewish people. His “art” should be removed from public spaces in the US and U.K. Let’s begin this project today!

    1. Tell you what C how about you and me go along to Bristol tomorrow preferably St Pauls, and begin the the project tomorrow ? I at least have a bit of protection. I don’t rate your chances very highly.

    2. C,

      I take it you must be a NAZI, given if memory serves me correct, it was the Nazi Party in Germany post Weimar that engaged in a art and book burning exercise for material it deemed degenerate. Alas, given the racism inherent in Israel the country is indeed descending into Nazism egged on by fruit bats like yourself.

      However, lets ask Bellamy to hold off on this art destruction campaign whilst I organise a joint gathering with Marc Wadsworth and a few others who may enjoy a day out to Bristol’s St Pauls area, which I know well, whilst you can bring some of your white supremacist peers with you, or even some IDF peers – don’t rate your chances much, but then again I do enjoy a molotov cocktail now and again, particularly when fascists are on the receiving end.

        1. Oh Garfield the Stalker.

          Its a great shame Mr Saul Freeman, a particularly vile speciman of an ardent Zionist and supporter of genocide against the Palestinian’s, was unable to screenshot my entire 11.5K posts on Twitter from 2014-2018, regrettably, I did not have a full copy, as there were some blinding posts against warmongers and Rightwing traitors within the Labour Movement.

          Still, its great that Saul has gone to such great lengths to honour my disgust at ardent Zionists and Israeli apologists, never mind all those that push warmongering, which I’m utterly opposed too.

          Still, with regards Auto-Exclusion from the Labour Party, this was illegal and could have been challenged in Court, particularly given the McNicol’s Stasi Units use of my social media posts was illegal according to the ICO, particularly given the catch all nature of 2.1.8, which was used by abandon by the Labour Rightists to kick at least 10,000 persons out of the Party – still, nice to be kicked out for being environmentally concerned, which, twats like you can’t disagree with as its in the public record.

          Oh, and the one person issuing ‘pro bone’ legal advice to Marc Wadsworth has indeed applied for the legal position advertised by the Labour Party, and may even be a non-white person, so, we have the spectacle of Zionist racists and Israeli apologist racists conducting a witch-hunt against another ethnic minority person who practices Law in England and Wales.

          That sums it up well and thank’s for the link as I adore these homages to honest folk combating racism, environmental degradation and wanton warmongering.

          1. Chris

            You accuse the Zionists and Israel of commiting genocide against the Palestinians.
            Any moron can make ad hominem accusations; but the proof is in the evidence.
            So where is the evidence of this genocide.
            And evidece is provable fact, not emotive opinion,

            so EVIDENCE PLEASE

            1. First , Richard, you must have a definition for ‘genocide’ before you can describe actions as such. What’s yours? Any recent examples? Any within the past 100 years come to mind?

      1. Be careful Chris. You are openly supporting violence against civilians for what they think. As a side note I think your entire ‘white supremacist’ narrative is funny. Israel is a nation of the Middle East and Israeli citizens *in the vast majority* are immediately descended from people who have lived in the region since, well since forever. The idea that Israel is a nation of Europeans, can only be put forward by people who have either walked around Israel blindfolded, or have never been at all. European Jews are a minority group in Israel, that is shrinking with each passing year. Your entire narrative is just ignorant and stupid.

        1. Funny David,

          But, as i’ve made a note of, the very same white faces that hounded Marc Wadsworth are now trying to find out from the East Midland’s which legally qualified BAME individual is offering ‘pro bono’ advice to Marc, which is not illegal, indeed, its a right – mind you, its great the person/persons have also applied for the Labour Party legal job as ethnic positions within the Labour party structure are not representative of UK society, particularly given the numbers of ethic minorities living in the East Midlands – a place where the NF had its ugly face battered in the late 70s and 80s by Trades Union peers of mine.

          As for you other nonsense, how many Asians, African’s and non-white skinned folks live in Israel as an overall percentage of the population?

          No where near those percentages living in cosmopolitan and multiracial UK, many of whom suffering racism from Zionists and their Israeli apologist cohorts, Marc Wadsworth being a classic example of this disgusting racist behaviour by you and your ugly peers on the Right of the UK political spectrum.

          Proud to stand by Marc and all those oppressed globally.

          1. Chris

            David mentions the varied racial/ethnic make up of Israel, and you reply by referencing white faces etc, in the UK.

            You are obbsessed; and your obbsession seems to be whites, Jews, Israel and the British Empire.

            What you need is a little balance

          2. As for you other nonsense, how many Asians, African’s and non-white skinned folks live in Israel as an overall percentage of the population?
            No where near those percentages living in cosmopolitan and multiracial UK,

            Chris, thank you for showing you know nothing about the country that you are obsessed with. The overall percentage levels of Israel’s Asian, African and non white skinned population makes England look lily white. Far far more non whites live in Israel as a percentage of the population than in the UK. Would you like to explain how you think it is the opposite, and why your understanding of Israeli society is so far off the mark?

        2. David,

          As a reminder, here’s a Amnesty International Report condemning the Israeli Government’s plan to deport 10K African refugees – seems your Israeli racist government engages in similar racist activities to Ms May and her toxic anti-immigrant environment in the UK:


          I actually condemned May and the Home Office for the Wagon’s of Hate campaign undertaken in London in Summer 2013 – pity Saul Freeman can’t reference that little fact. No doubt you clapped about this vile gesture from a vile, racist Tory government.

        3. Given your penchant for statistics, David, what % of Jewish-Israelis are descendants of Jews that were resident in Israel at the time of its creation?

          1. It would be impossible to say but it would be high, because Israelis born today can all be grandchildren or great-grandchildren of Jews who lived in Israel in 1948. As Israelis marry Israelis at least one of the ancestors of most Israelis born would have been here in 1948. I think it is slightly unfair because such a statistic is weighted against the victims of the ethnic cleansing that took place of nearly a million Jewish people in Arab lands who would have arrived after 1948. These people are native to the Middle East, even though they were not born in British Palestine. Today most children born in Israel has ancestors that never left the Middle East / North Africa. My children have an Egyptian Grandfather and Moroccan Grandmother. Their Egyptian great-Grandfather was given 24 hours to leave Egypt or face Jail. He had to sign over all his possessions and was allowed to leave with his family and one or two suitcases.

            1. I think that they were allowed to sell their possessions before they left …. am I correct, David

              1. no. For some reason you choose to downplay a brutal ethnic cleansing when it suits you. Such hypocrisy. In this particular case a successful business in Alexandria, including the assets, was left behind without so much as a dollar of compensation. 24 hours to leave or go to jail and you think they could ‘sell’ the possessions? There are claims that more acreage of land was taken from the Jewish Arabs than existed in the entire mandate of Palestine. My wife’s fathers family had their bank accounts confiscated and were forced to ‘donate’ all their possessions to the government. Still, because these people were taken in by Israel, rather than used as political pawns, well I suppose that makes everything alright.

      2. Chris

        You have now sunk to the unimaginable low of accusing someone of being a NAZI because they want to destroy art and knowledge.

        The NAZIS are written into infamy because they were the first, and only people/group to reduce the killing of human beings to a beauracratic exercise in hate.
        The Nazis announced they wanted to solve the’JEWISH QUESTION’ by eliminating/exterminating the Jews,and set about that task as an industrial exercise, and six million Jews plus countless millions of others died as a result.

        Many regimes in history, including your beloved communists,marxists and socialists have resorted to book and art and knowledge destruction. They were not Nazis.

        The NAZIS were the only ones who resorted to human abbatoirs and gas chambers like Aushwitz/Birkenau and there like.

        To accuse anyone of being a Nazi is accusing them of being industrial mass murderers.
        You have shown yourself to being ignorant of fact and logic on many occasions; but this accusation of Nazism is of the level of the ‘gutter and sewer’.

        Get a hold of yourself

  14. I wonder what Prof. Finkelstein would make of these calls to burn the degenerate art of Banksy – maybe Collier could have visited the Gaza area and witnessed the slaughter of innocents, instead he goes on a Art Critique visit – had not realised he read the History of Art at Uni, so a man of many skills. Still, just to ensure Norm, Harvey, Galber, Leah27z and all other Israeli apologists and ardent Zionists vomit into their breakfast, here’s Finkelstein discussing events in Gaza this month:

    1. Chris, as David and the others on his Israeli funded jolly were unarmed it would have been unsafe to venture to the area. Those snipers have a blood-lust.

      1. Sure, Davy. First you talk a lack of “level of humanity,” and that was complete b.s., now Israeli snipers have a blood lust.
        In an earlier comment I called you a European hypocrite. I’d now like to change that to Medieval antisemite.

      1. Garfield,

        Finkelstein did not throw BDS under a bus, he made a legitimate critique of the BDS Movement, which he considers ‘unfocused’ and all over the show, which many of its own supporters would agree with. The veracity of the BDS campaign is still legitimate and its desire to end any, and all racial discrimination in the Holy Land’s admirable. However, I note you are unable to contest the main thrust of Finkelstein’s speech on Gaza delivered a week ago, which was damning in its delivery – typical paint and switch crap from the Israeli apologist brigade.

        1. Chris

          I have seen Finklesteen, and funnily enough you and he make good bed partners.

          He is obsbsessed like you.

          His obbsession is about The Holocaust, and its abuse for political and financial reasons.

          When I confronted him and said his notoriety was gained by his abuse of The Holocaust and it has stood him in good stead vie fame and fortune, he ran away from me and refuse to engage me or my argument.

          The only personalities and articles you ever reference are either derogatory or hate filled towards Jews/Zionists and Israel.

          1. “His obbsession is about The Holocaust….”

            Don’t knock Holocaust obsession …. it’s given Zionists a state of their own and ensured the Israeli gravy train of handouts and appeasement for decades now …. the card that is constantly topped up merely by mention.

            1. nonsense. By 1936 the British recognised the ‘Yishuv’ as a state within a state. Imagine if Israel had been created in 1938 and not 1948? How many could it have saved? Suggesting the Holocaust created Israel is to forget all the history of British Palestine until 1945.

              1. Israel was recognised as a state by the US and others in May ’48. It is fanciful to opine that it would have been recognised prior to the Holocaust. Many countries voted recognition under threats from the US that they would withhold economic aid. Jewish terrorism against the British, who had endured a long war in Europe was also an important catalyst in its creation.

        2. Watch the video . He called BDS a cult with no mainstream political support. Borat sat there like Bambi caught in the headlights just before being run over.

        3. Is this who you’re hanging on to, i.e., Norman Finkelstein? He is a sad case. I feel sorry for him.

      2. Did you mention ever decreasing circles Harv? o:)

        Anyways here is an interesting little exhortation from Dickie Millett re the Eurovision song contest….

        ” So if you are watching and are near a phone or have the app then maybe consider giving Netta your vote. It would be great if she could win and if she does it will definitely be next year in Jerusalem!

        Hopefully UK singer SuRie will also do very well…….”

        1. Good result don’t you think Stephen ?
          The voting App obviously worked .
          BDS heads exploding as I type.

  15. Chris

    I read the article; andit says that an issue has grown bigger than it really is

    This is the result of identity politics and the fact that there has to be a motive for every action, and that accidents no longer happen as there must always be someone responsible and motive is always evil

    Identity politics was the lefts way of beating their opponents into submission.

    Well the the lefts ‘attack dog’ methods are becoming mainstream.

    Your waffling on about Wadsworth and BAME/BME etc are no different.

    1. Galber,

      It has nothing whatsoever to do with identity politics, something New Labour types and New Democrats engage in continually, and has everything to do with systemic, institutional racism, which is actually expressed within the Labour Party itself – namely, the NCC Committee Kangaroo Court that Expelled Wadsworth was a white only affair, actually, a middle class white only affair.

      Of course, as a Zionist, discussions about inclusive societies go above your propaganda pay grade, not mine though.

      1. “white only affair, actually, a middle class white only affair.” … as was the mural that the deceivers claimed incorrectly was antisemitic.

  16. “any stick I can find to beat them with”
    Chris. A few threads ago.

    Hi Chris. I appreciate the sincerity of the above remark. These threads have shown that you are willing to use your full toolbox to oppose the positions that are taken here. But I’m not sure that BDS is really a trump card anymore.

    The collective is being legislated against in the majority of states in the US, it’s bank accounts are being frozen or closed in Belgium, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands and corporations like Intel, HP, Kraft and others are refusing to work with any supply chain partners that openly support their enterprise. Moreover, and notwithstanding your recent and much copy/pasted Portmangate content, most artists and performers actively shun BDS and the theatres, events centres and concert venues here all have a healthy roster of international talent. Our academics continue to be welcomed at universities and colleges around the world and we reciprocate with invitations to the world of academics who happily accept.

    You must agree that none of this is the way that you’d imagine a group to be treated that claims to support anti-apartheid. It was certainly not the experience of the legitimate anti-apartheid groups decades ago. It seems that the administrations, the banks, the businesses and the individuals have entirely rejected this claim and seen the collective for what they are.

    It seems to me that with BDS, its 15 minutes has now passed and I imagine that when you look more closely you may come to draw the same conclusion.

    1. Ian

      The tragedy is that BDS is not to actually stop people buying or using Israeli goods, because that is nigh on impossible.

      The sole point of BDS is the ‘demonisation and deligitimisation’ of Israel as a policy devised by sundry Israel and Jew haters at the Durban conference 2001.

      They just want to keep the issue in the news

      And as David has shown time and again on his blog, the divide between Israel hate and Jew hate is often not even faintly visible, and some posters here often illuminate that with their posts

      1. Richard, you seem to actually swallow all the descriptions that David has allotted to the the things he writes about, “hate”, “antisemitism” …….. No deep thinker you. I suspect that he has a motive for doing so … just a suggestion to you.

        1. Davy,
          I have read your comments, and you are in no position to say who is or isn’t a deep thinker.

      2. “And as David has shown time and again on his blog”

        As usual he claims much but doesn’t show, refusing to expand when questioned on his claims.

    2. Ian,

      Come off it old bean, the Israeli state and its powerful mouthpieces across the USA and much of Europe are intent on destroying the BDS movement, basically as it constitutes a threat to Israel by highlighting clearly that a Jewish only State, or predominantly Jewish only state that professes to be a safe space for Jews, and jews only, can hardly be an inclusive State founded on principles detailed by those during the French Revolution. A safe space/place, nation for Jews only by its own definition must omit non-Jews and afford no protections for them. Thank God the nation I was raised in and Territory I now reside in is highly ‘inclusive’, unlike where you reside I’m afraid to say.

      1. BDS isn’t a direct threat to Israel, it is a threat to the Jewish diaspora.

          1. because it contributes to the deteriorating environment of diaspora Jews. You think the guy in Tel Aviv feels BDS? He doesn’t. The Jewish student on campus does. The guy running a business in Aberdeen does. The Jewish attendees of the Israeli philharmonic do. Those attending the Israeli film festival in London do. These are the people who BDS affect. The only people in Israel who feel the boycott are a few academics and a handful of artists but Israel has always faced boycott and they see nothing new in international hostility. Nobody else even feels it – so yes, it is a threat only to the well-being of the diaspora.

            1. Bingo, David. And, I sometimes think that that is exactly who they are really after.

              1. Jeff21st – No doubt about it. They are after diaspora Jewry. BDS does not help anyone. In fact, there are mountains of evidence to show that encouraging divestment from Palestinian Territories only harms Palestinians – as we saw from the Soda Stream fiasco.

  17. And the real intentions of BDS are very much the point Richard. Big business and the public sector have shown that there is no place for the promotion of hate even towards Jews and they have been falling over themselves to implement their legislation and their bans. There was never the faintest chance that BDS would be able to support the ‘apartheid’ tag which was central to its message. All that anyone had to do to rip it apart was to visit here.

    1. Identity politics is just tokenism that middle class tossers espouse, Wadsworth’s expulsion is about a black, working class person being kicked out of an alleged socialist Party that’s institutionally racist – the facts speak for themselves, i.e., not one BAME face in among the KKK gathering escorting Smeeth, and not one BAME face on the NCC panel, this despite London having a non-white population of 33.3% based on the 2011 Census. RACISM old bean pure and simple.

      1. Stop playing the race card. He’s not been expelled for being black . He’s been kicked out for being a lousy antisemite like you

  18. If we stick to the point Chris I imagine that you, as a supporter of BDS would have expected much wider support for them if their cause was just. After all this was the experience of movements that were formed to oppose real apartheid. By using the same tag against Israel with all of its terrible connotations, you’d have imagined that the world would have been equally wholehearted in its support. In fact, as you have seen the converse has been true across the world which has, for the most part entirely rejected the claim.

    Laws are being passed to outlaw the collective and prohibit its use of the normal tools and instruments that enable legitimate enterprises to function. This is not how the world treated the original opponents of apartheid, seeing the legitimacy of its cause and the sincerity of its actions.

    Even the most passionate supporters of BDS would struggle past these points. Most Arabs made their minds up very early on and saw that BDS offered nothing that would impact on their lives and in many respects would detract from them.

    As I say, it may not be today or tomorrow or even next month but you will come round to this view that BDS actually contributed to the problem and in any event will warrant barely a footnote in the sum total of the history of antisemitism.

  19. Ian

    I think BDS will be remembered by Jews in much the same way as we remember the boycott of Jews by the NAZIS and for the very same reasons

    Oh; and rodgers the bodger, I am not accusing BDS of being Nazis before you start twitching and wriggling your tail

  20. Rodgers the dodgy dodger

    Your progressiveness just exposes both your racism and reverse racism.
    Your identity politics and bias against the ‘whites’ serves to make your protestation to the contrary even more hypocritical

    1. Galber,

      When it comes to complete and utter twats, you are a wonderful example. First, I’m no progressive sorry to say, i’m a fucking egalitarian, one who recognises the inherent racism within British society and many of its institutions, same as I recognise the racism inherent in the Israel project sponsored by Zionists such as yourself – that I rail against all racism must come as a shock to you, alas, within socialism we take universalism seriously and apply it to all, not ‘chosen ones’ if you get my drift.

  21. Davy

    Your bumchum Rodgers claimed the Israelis were commiting Genocide
    I asked for proof
    You want a definition go rodgers the bodger and ask him
    And I’m still waiting for evidence to back the claim; evidence not emotive bodged opinion

    1. genocide

      The deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group.
      ‘a campaign of genocide’


      Do you accept the above, Richard?

    2. Galber,

      Not only are you a racist, rather hard to avoid being an ardent Zionist, you are now also engaging in homophobia, which is a disgrace. Of course, you are an utmost disgrace to humanity to begin with, but your attacks now on homosexuals just reinforces the view of what you are, namely: A bigoted racist and gibbering idiot.

      1. Chris
        You have been kicked out of Labour. Lost your twitter account. Is it not deliciously ironic that the only place you can spew your filth is on a decidedly Zionist blog.

        1. Harvela/Garfield,

          Just as a reminder, at least four of the seven accounts that made a complaint following a re-posting of a Tweet of mine of a Rightwing anti-Corbyn fake twitter account had their own accounts closed for racism – mine was closed for anti-warmongering comments, which I had an opportunity to remove, but refused to do so, i.e., I stand by them and will continue to oppose wanton warmongers, be they Yank’s French, British or Israeli zealots like yourself and Bibi.

        2. Harvela/Garfield,

          Whilst I understand your understanding on Contract Law in unincorporated Institutions is clearly lacking, the fact remains I was not kicked out of any political grouping, indeed, like at least 5,000 persons, all Corbyn supporting people from the Left, I was auto-excluded, which mean’t I was never a member of the Labour Party to begin with – although I was a full member from 83-98, a period which saw me participate in the election process of three Party leaders, the last being Blair, who regrettably and to my shame I cast a vote for in 1994.

          Again, learn some fact or STFU, the latter I recommend for fools like you.

        3. That it’s a Zionist blog will come as a surprise to David as he himself is unable to define it.

      2. Rodgers dodgy rodgers

        When argument/debate sinks into the morass of unsubstantiated insult, it normally shows loss

        You know me not.
        How do you know I am a racist as I have never referenced race, creed, religion, sexual orientation and similar except in reference to previous comment etc.
        You accuse me of homophobia, yet you do not know if I am homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual

        You are a sad/funny little man if the above comments are all you can offer

        1. “When argument/debate sinks into the morass of unsubstantiated insult, it normally shows loss”

          Richard, David’s blogs are ‘crafted’ thus.

  22. Re: Marc Wadsworth

    Does anyone know if there will be a KKK Caucus demonstration outside the venue that Marc Wadsworth and Alexi Sayle will utilise in London on the evening of Tuesday, 15 May?

    Further, given Alexi Sayle’s support for both Marc Wadsworth and Jackie Walker at the above venue, will he, like Banksy, be subject of a witch hunt and branded a anti-semite by the AS Witch Hunter Generals – perhaps Saul Freeman, Scoffie or the idiot Euan Philipps can fill us in on this and a plan of action.

    No doubt Norm, Edward and Galber can strut their stuff, however, I do recommend you bring some person’s along who’s skin ain’t white as it may give the wrong impression again. And we don’t want that do we?

    1. That’s a shame. The 15th is Israel’s Independence Day and we will all be celebrating . Would love to invite you but you appear to be auto excluded .

  23. Chris, I’m sorry to deflect from the issues that concern you on the UK political landscape. However I know that you also express your opinion from time to time on events in the Jewish State. With this said I though that I’d continue to contribute to the knowledge bank that may or may not inform your views on Middle Eastern Affairs.

    In the past few days whilst you and others were persecuting your war on social media we were engaged in repelling a barrage of 20 Iranian rockets launched at us from their advanced positions in Syria. Those positions now no longer exist. Concurrently 15,000 protesters advanced on our border with Gaza and according to reports in the Telegraph and the Independent, armed elements of the gathering emerged and threw grenades, launched pipe bombs and hurled incendiary devices over the border fence towards the Israeli troops on the other side. Against this level of provocation the Independent Human Rights Watch observers confirmed the Hamas Health Authority report of ONE fatality. This is a casualty rate of 0.006% at a militarized border control point coming under attack from armed attack.

    Now, you may or may not be surprised to learn that both actions are being characterised by our opponents as ‘Israeli Aggression’ and the soldiers that ensured ONE fatality, attributed to having ‘blood lust’. Given what little I know about you I expect you to fall into line with this view. I don’t think that you really believe this but I do believe that you have somehow convinced yourself that if you don’t continue with the mantra you are somehow making a concession which, despite all of the evidence against your view, is quite unthinkable. I accept that people form views and have prejudices and the older we get the less likely we are to change them. But you have to accept that a day may come when you look in the mirror and ask yourself whether you ever achieved anything from your dishonesty to yourself

      1. Nnnnnyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh………….

        My impression of rockets launched by Iran.

          1. Neither did we Richard. The game has changed now though as you may have noticed. Assad is being forced to watch on as a foreign power is using his country as a launch pad and this is setting him at odds with his allies. Putin has withdrawn his support in part by withholding the promised S-300 and S-400 air defence upgrades and has given us the nod to retaliate as required as long as we steer clear of Latakia. Arab leaders are openly supporting Israel which in itself would have been unthinkable only a few months ago and once again we have demonstrated our capabilities when threatened.

            Its worth noting that the lads at Jew Basher Central are still characterising all of this as Israeli aggression and some even pretend to care that we never handed the Golan over to ISIS, the mullahs or whichever group is claiming control of Southern Syria this week.

            The good news is that with our brilliant 4G network you can still get a decent signal in the shelter for a stream for Sky sports.

                1. Ian seems doubtful that anyone can ever care for other than Jews, beyond his ‘rationality’.

      2. Stephen

        Originally the Golan was part of the Mandate of Palestine, but due to gerrymandering between the British and French it was handed over to the French to keep them happy

        Further gerrymandering of borders was the creation of Jordan by Britain, which then used money raised from taxes on Jews in the remants of the Palestine Mandate to finance and support said Jordanian state.

        Funnily enough , although the UK has sided with all against the US embassy move to West Jerusalem, the UK among others has consulates/diplomatic offices in East Jerusalem that serve only Palestinian interests.
        No one seems to notice the hypocracy between these two stances

        1. Mandate states “in favour of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which might prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non- Jewish com-
          munities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by
          Jews in any other country ”

          Important is “A national home IN Palestine” … not OF Palestine AS a national home.

    1. There are reports that the attack came after Israeli forces bombarded Baath, a town in the demilitarised zone.

      Of course it’s not like Israel to trigger a rocket or two so that it can forcefully ‘defend itself’. I’m sure it didn’t happen for Cast Lead or Protective Edge. Honest.

        1. Nope! Of course you can contact the IDF who should deny it if it didn’t happen, ‘Ian’.

  24. Violent Arab protests are anticipated today following Israel’s sensational victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon last night.

    In another outstanding triumph for the Jewish State, Samarian songstress Netta swept the board after the public votes from the 38 participating countries beating Austria into second place. As the packed hall celebrated, celebrity hostess Daniella Rua confirmed to a global audience of 1.2bn viewers that the win meant that in 2019 the competition will be hosted at the Trump Arena in Israel’s capital Jerusalem.

    However, the joy was not entirely universal and sources in Ramallah have confirmed that the Arab leadership has petitioned the UNSC to pass a special resolution to rescind the vote citing a breach of the Wogan Treaty of 1962. Despite being offered a duet on 3 separate occasions, the Arabs have demanded that the international community acknowledges their 3000-year-old connection to camp musical entertainment.

    Speaking for the Campaign for Underrepresented National Theatre Stars (C.U.N.T.S) ‘Davy’, not his real name, said “The Zionist entity has a long history of lies and deceit to continue their oppression of the indigenous show folk of historic Palestine. We can exclusive reveal that Dana International was not even a real woman!!”

    In response to tangible threats, security has been bolstered at all Israeli borders today and Graham Norton has been allocated a police escort for his own safety.

    1. Ian,

      Will next years Eurovision contest be hosted in Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel, which i believe will be most apt. And maybe we can have a naval theme given the winner this year was in the navy – although, she ain’t too popular in Gaza.

      Anyhow, in my personal celebration of the triumph of Israel in the World’s most important musical celebration here’s a link to Father Ted from 1996, which just about sums up the croc-o-shite Eurovision is:

  25. Chris, I think we’re going to need something a bit bigger than an AirBnB with a dodgy rep on TripAdvisor. There’s a live audience of 38000 to accommodate so unless old Banksy opens up the Tamimi annex and sticks a few extra Portaloos out back I think that the Trump Arena will probably get the gig.

    Note to Readers; Please do not write in requesting booking information for The Trump Arena. Like the State of Palestine it is wholly fictional.

    1. Ian,

      I’m so excited about next year’s Eurovision contest that ideas are leaping out of my mind, as such, I’ll be applying for the job of ‘event runner & producer’.

      Thus far I’m considering building a very large Monsters of Rock size stage/podium in the border region of Gaza, my back drop will be Palestinian protestors protesting the 71st year of the Nakba – instead of smoke machines and onstage pyrotechnics, I thought we’d go all Francis Coppola and use tear gas, napalm, mortars and manpad launched missiles to liven matters up.

      The predominantly Zionist live audience can be armed with sniper rifles and butterfly bullets, not only to kill the Palestinian protestors with, but to murder some of the Contestants who’s songs may be deemed anti-semitic, or, who don’t pay homage to Israeli and Bibi as much as they should – that’ll teach the buggers!

      As a grand finale after the Israeli entrant, the IDF, struts its stuff I thought maybe we could detonate a few of Israel’s nuclear weapons – imagine that Soundstage with nuclear mushrooms sprouting as a backdrop.

      Further, we can employ Mossad to ensure all competing nations award maximum points to Israel, failure to comply of course resulting in a bullet in the forehead.

      Very excited I am, very excited indeed, but must also get some tanks, heavy artillery and a few Israeli airforce aircraft into the frame.

      Really looking forward to hit, and perhaps next year Israeli can hit the jackpot by murdering one million Gaza Palestinians, all whilst Europe watches the charade – wonderful stuff, wonderful stuff and Bibi will be so proud watching from his prison cell.

  26. Some fascinating creative input there Chris. Perhaps you can refine some of these ideas for the huge LGBT following and drop them over on a scented PowerPoint. The HR Team will start to look at these later in the year. Please accompany any application with a recent film of you performing (priority consideration given to applicants in spangly leotards) and mark the form “Ref. Israel4ever” Only relevant applicants will be recontacted.

    Good luck!

    1. Ian,

      As you should be aware, producers & organisers are not performance artists, as such, no need for me to give a little dance shall we say.

      With regards the LGBT crowd, I was thinking about getting Peter Tatchell to act as an advisor, but he’ll have to have some understanding how to protect the audience and guests from nuclear fallout – I’m thinking we can utilise pink umbrella’s and make quite a show of it, which I’m sure the LGBT crowd will adore.

      As for the key presenter, I was thinking maybe Banksy may do us the honour. Indeed, and given how loved he is in Israel, I was thinking we could erect a crucifix on the stage and have Banksy nailed to it Live on TV, obviously, this may cause him some pain in his presentations, but he’s a real trooper and one very much for performance art, so I’m confident he’ll play ball.

      1. Crazy Chris, Why don’t you crucify yourself?

        It might temporarily satisfy your narcissism. Think of the Darwin Award you’ll be awarded.

  27. Ian

    And the cherry on the cake is the Eurovision contest win

    BDS tried to politisize the contest, but in the end they may have increased Israels chances.
    I watched the scoring for the first time in maybe thirty years, but I can’t remember when I last watched as I think the music is awful

  28. Stephen

    Of course they were fired at the Golan
    Israel expected them to be fired only at the Golan therefore only air raid shelters in the Golan were opened

  29. Davy

    ‘important that the rights and status of Jews in other lands be unaffected’

    Well virtually the entire Jewish population of the Arab/Muslim lands of the MENA were Ethnically Cleansed and the majority of Jews lost all their possesions and wealth when they were expelled

    Now let us wait for your crass, illiterate one liner to try dispute the Jewish expulsion from the Muslim world

    1. No, was ethic cleansing … wrong. Less heinous than the driving out of the Arabs and the village destruction by the Jewish militia, this included massacres and rapes. David reckons the Arabs ran, Well, if your family is going to be shot and your girls raped then you would do. Silly rumour about that there was a radio message by the Arab leadership suggesting that they leave … just the usual Israeli hasbara.

  30. Chris

    The majority of Israelis are descendants of the brown skinned Jews that were expelled and Ethnically Cleansed from the Arab/Muslim lands of the Middle East and North Africa

  31. Davy

    The Arabs that left what is Israel left during a civil war and then a regular.
    That is what happens in every war; that has happened in every war since the advent of man

    The Jews were expelled because they were Jews; not because of war or any other reason.
    I repeat they were expelled because they were Jews.

    Hana Ahrendt in a piece on her refugee status said in effect that, most people become refugees because of what they did or because of war,; we are made refugees, not for any reason other than that we are Jews
    Or to put it another way; ‘we are made refugees because of who we are;Jews’.

    So now et us await another of your crass deflections that pose as replies or comments

    1. “I repeat they were expelled because they were Jews.”

      Whereas the Arabs were expelled and their villages destroyed because they weren’t Jews perhaps? See what I did there, Richard?

      There you have, not a comment, but a reply.(David please note!)

  32. Davy

    At this rate you will soon be able to don the mantle enjoyed by Stephen of being ‘provocoteur in Chief’

    The difference is that when Stephen so desires, he is able to offer a reasonable discourse

    1. Naw, the ‘provocoteur in Chief’ in this saga is David who creates a succession of blogs claiming all sorts of things, doesn’t present any serious evidence and then refuses to elaborate on the claim. Like walking walking round with a sandwich-board with propaganda on it and ear-plugs in.
      You say “a reasonable discourse” … perhaps you can explain then why the exhibit of the childrens’ clothing “is the image of a brutal Holocaust committed by money grabbing Jews upon a defenceless and helpless population. “

  33. Ian

    Am waiting in breathless anticipation for the Unsc resolution

    ‘dear ole Erekat’ has hedged the Palestinian bets by going to the UNGA with a resolution so that he can show how powerless the US veto in the UNSC is

  34. Davy, or whoever you may be

    I detect a hint of………, well you don’t have an argument so you are resorting to ad hominem attack against David and wild emotive allegations about the Israelis and the Arab flight

    So lets see what wiffle waffle you can come up with as an excuse for a decent argument.

    gigle gigle gigle

  35. Chris

    Your buddies in BDS tried to politisize the event to do Israel down.

    Well looks like they got ‘pied in the face’

    Go Israel
    Go 70 years of Jewish freedom and emancipation from the Jew hating rabble
    Go 70 years of Jewish excellence in Israel and the Diaspora in agriculture, science, medicine, industry and technology, music, literature, the arts…….., the list goes on.

    1. “Go 70 years of Jewish excellence in Israel and the Diaspora in agriculture, science, medicine, industry and technology, music, literature, the arts…….., the list goes on.”

      Ah, a wish-list.

    2. Galber,

      Your words amount to zero old bean, you are an ardent Zionist, an ardent Israeli apologist and propagandist of HATE, hate against more than 1 million persons under the age of 18 decaying in the World’s largest concentration camp, namely Gaza. You may find it funny, you may make your excuses, but you are complicit in human rights abuses on a unheard of scale. Fuck you mate, you disgust me.

  36. Davy


    The Arabs have accused the Jews of racism because the Jews refuse to rape their women.
    Now why would they do that except for propoganda purposes for the Jew haters like you

    Jews don’t do rape as a weapon of war; and only crass Jew haters like yourself ever bother to level that accusation.

    1. That they didn’t rape … or it wasn’t as a weapon of war, Richard?

      Think carefully.

      1. Unfortunately, these things happen in almost every conflict Davy, especially civil conflicts. No nation can take responsibility for the actions of every soldier or even every unit commander. You will always have abuse. You do know about how some of the Arabs behaved when they captured Jewish civilians don’t you? These type of discussions are dishonest because they seek to distort the real image of what happened. We know some people were expelled, we know a few Israeli soldiers behaved disgracefully, we know there were a few ‘massacres’ (I use that word in quotes because it is often overused) and we know there are several rape allegations. We also know that the Jews won, which means their forces were stronger or better organised than those that wanted to kill them. We also know that the Jews lost 1% of their entire population in this battle. We know that by January 1948 Arab irregular forces entered the Mandate to attack Jews. We know they started their ‘massacres’ as soon as they entered. None of this changes a damn thing, so I am unsure what point you are trying to prove.

  37. Davy

    Over many years I have come accross individuals like you that posses no argument other than a mindless bunch of non-ideas that they constantly repeat in various ways to muddy the water and stifle debate by trying to frustrate.

    You do not engage in discusion; rather you pose statements as questions to try elicit responses that you can then use to repeat the process over and over again.

    Your mind is made up and evidence and fact are unable to breach the walls.

    So you continue with your mindless one liners, provotive question cum statements, and we shall watch in amusement

    So now lets see what crass riposte you will now use; try some humour at some point if you are able

    1. Galber,

      You are a propagandist, one of a magnitude higher than Collier, which is saying something. Again, for all your bollocks, the fact remains you and your ilk are unable to refute serious charges made against the State of Israel by Prof. Norman Finkelstein and others who care deeply for the reputation of Jewish folk, indeed humanity itself, undermined by apologists like you complicit in these crimes. Do again refute Finkelstein’s latest speech, or latest book on Gaza, but the evidence is overwhelming and one day, as was the case with those who sponsored Nazism, international justice will catch up with you, Israel and your ilk:

    2. Gosh, Richard, must be hell for you, as an intellectual, to post on these blogs and not be revered.

      Evidence? Facts? Think you’ve come to the wrong blog for that.

  38. Davy

    If you don’t like what David says, why do you remain?

    Your presence here does neither improve nor detract from this blog.

    So if you go, no one will notice; and if you stay few will take much notice of what you say.

    I reply only so that anyone who sees this blog does not get the impression that you offer a representative view of said blog

    1. I remain, Richard, to refute the lies and propaganda that this series of blogs propagates on a regular basis, whether it be that Corbyn is an antisemite, of that a certain mural is antisemitic and other fanciful assertions.

      Sort of ‘lies can be half way round the world’ etc.

  39. Davy, or whoever you are

    That is probably the most profound statement that I could ever imagine anyone of you and your ilk ever managing to utter

    I have not yet managed to stop smiling

    1. Smiling? It’s probably wind … you seem to have a problem in that direction.

  40. Rodgers the bodger

    I am an ardent and proud Zionist;

    In so far as fact and geography are concerned, you are a tad deficient

    Firstly there are puported to be nearly two million residents in Gaza

    Secondly, Egypt has a border with Gaza so does not have control of all access or exit. I do find the anti-Israel/anti-Jew brigade refusal to acknowledge this point as either driven by pure Jew Hate or extreme ignorance.
    Possibly you could tell me why you and your ilk refuse to recognise this third land border?
    Or does hate distort fact?

  41. Rodgers the bodger

    That you hate me is a feather in my cap

    Your intolerant bigotry to whatever you disagree with has been amply displayed on your many posts.

    The best of them is your claims of my perceived biases which seem to come endlessly, but without any proof, other than cursing and unsubstantiated and unverified allegation

  42. Chris, as ever I understand why you feel compelled to express yourself the way that you do here. You want to remain consistent in your approach and see Israelis like me and people that support my country and Jews generally as the enemy. You would no more concede an inch in your position than you would place your genitals in the Magimix on a rough cut cycle.

    You and those like you do not view places like this as somewhere to test your own opinions nor indeed to have any sort of rational exchange. That’s fine. We’re all just strangers shouting banalities at each other on social media and I’ve said before none of it really matters.

    However you can’t expect to come here are make false statements without some consequences. One such falsehood is the remark above about concentration camps. I know that its part of the plan to use the worst thing that ever happened to us and accuse us of the same stuff. Your side seems very keen on that approach. However it’s all rubbish. The UNHCR observers, Amnesty Int. and Medicines sans Frontiers all confirm that Israel ships millions of tonnes of resources into Gaza through the Keren Shalom crossing point every month. You can actually stand at the border and watch it happen every day. Why do the Arabs need all of this stuff from us? Because despite receiving tens of millions of pounds of EU aid funding every week they do nothing to develop local industry and infrastructure but instead spend the money digging tunnels into our country and buying rockets from Iran. You will have noted that we destroyed another of these tunnels on Friday evening. They also confirm that the Arabs have set fire to their own gas pipes and infrastructure on their side of the border twice now in the last two weeks. More Israeli aggression no doubt?

    I expect that you’ll use your normal dismissal of this as Hasbara but that won’t do. If you want to tell us who you hate you’ve got to be sincere about your reasons; not just to us but to yourself as well. You can’t use the concentration camp lines when the Hamas leaders are being supplied with their electricity by us and their leaders have multi million pound Swiss bank accounts. You can’t tell us that you hate Zionist oppression when the Arabs are visibly and demonstrably destroying their own fuel lines.

    In twenty years time our country will be ninety years old, you’ll be an old man and you will have wasted decades conning yourself and trying to con others with falsehoods that seemed to support a prejudice that grew inside you half a century earlier. Is this how you see your life panning out?

  43. Rodgers the bodger

    I do so love it when a non-Jew comes along to tell us Jews who is the ‘good Jew’ and who is the ‘bad Jew’

    This has been the story of Antisemitism/Jew hate over a period of about 1600 years of the hate that has emanated from parts of the worlds Christian and Muslim populations, and is particularly prevalent and visible in what I call the coalition of ‘lefty liberal neo-fascists and Islamists’

    In your and your ilks minds eye all Jews that support Israel(Zionist) are bad Jews, while all Jews that oppose Israel are ‘good Jews’

    A number of times on this blog you have aired views, which I have drawn your attention to, that are patently Antisemetic.
    I believe that those comments are made because of your basic ignorance of the history of Antisemitism and the deletarious effects this has had on Jewish communities in parts of the world.

    Lastly I must thank you for your compliments to me as to the fact that I better David in what you in term as hasbara or whatever. I still think David is a far better scribe than I

    Would like to say in passing that your various accusations and allegations against me seem to be becoming more and more unhinged with the passing of time

  44. Galber,

    The evidence assembled by numerous quarters from the UN downwards speaks volumes, that you continually denigrate these serious charges and accuse all those who oppose Israeli brutality as anti-semites should remind us that you could not care less, that the suffering of a million youths alone in Gaza means fuck all to you.

    As a father, as an actual decent person who objects greatly to the horrors Israel inflicts on a daily basis, and has done so since its founding, who may I ask is the evil one. It ain’t me I can assure you.

    Now, just go and enjoy Israel winning the crap Eurovision contest, whilst at least some adults in the room in Israel demonstrate against Trump and the decision to move the US Embassy.

    1. You think the population of the UK is more diverse than the population of Israel. A totally absurd suggestion given the truth. In short you obsess about a nation you know nothing about. That’s it – that is the bottom line. People can make of that what they will. Why anyone here feeds your obsession is beyond me.

      1. David,

        Behind the curve as ever, unless of course its espousing BS about AS within the Left of the UK political spectrum. However, are you disputing the fact that a third of London’s population is not indigenous to the UK?

        Further, and another reason I can hold my head high is the fact that my own little Country of some 3 million persons does not fret or lose sleep at the fact that less than 2 million of our population is born in Wales. Indeed, we don’t put limits on the number of English allowed to live/reside within our boundaries, which currently stands at some 780,000 persons, not including Scots, Irish, other white Europeans and persons from all over the globe.

        Remind me Sir, which Nation’s leadership frets over fears that the Palestinian/Arab portion of its population constitutes an existential crisis if it constitutes more than 20% of the population?

        As for alleged accusations of obsession with Israel and its diabolical treatment of Palestinian’s and persons looking for safe harbour from Africa, the fact remains that Israel professes to be the only democracy within the Middle East and yet engages in practices that should make it an international pariah, as should be the case with Saudi Arabia and other states that flout international law continually.

        1. Chris none of the straw men you are trying to build helps clear up the mess. You said this:

          “, how many Asians, African’s and non-white skinned folks live in Israel as an overall percentage of the population?
          No where near those percentages living in cosmopolitan and multiracial UK, ”

          Which shows you are oblivious and ignorant of the nation over which you obsess. Israels diversity makes the UK look like a White Supremacist state. You think the opposite applies. You clearly believe it is full of ‘white skinned folk’. How can you be so obsessed over a nation you know absolutely nothing about? You don’t even know that the majority of Israelis are descended from people who never left the Middle East or North Africa. Stunning.

          1. David,

            Unlike you, lets put some facts and figures into the equation via the Jewish Virtual Library: , together with the World population Review:

            As for referencing White Zionist Supremacists, that’s an apt description for those ascribing to these views in the UK, aka the KKK Caucus that attacked Marc Wadsworth – not a coloured face in sight!

            Further, I’ll concede with regards Israel, and due to the fact that the actual political left is rather thin on the ground, lets just refer to it as the Zionist Supremacists utilising figures from the above quoted links on Israeli demographics.

            Oh, shall we discuss the Law of Return as well, and the fact that the majority of Jewish folk living in the USA are white, which may impact Israeli demographics considerably if they were all to up sticks and relocate to Israel – luckily, most are content where they are, despite Zionist efforts to force well integrated citizens of other nations to flee to Israel.

            Much to chew on here David, much indeed.

            1. There is nothing for me to chew on Chris. I know all about Israeli demographics. It is difficult to imagine a situation where anybody would talk a lot about a nation and not know even the make-up of the population.
              So why did you think Israel’s ‘non-white skinned folk’ were a lower percentage of the population than the UK’s ‘non-white skinned folk’? Why do you have such a gross misconception about the very make up of Israel’s population given your obvious obsession? How could you have been so wrong?

  45. Actually the reaction to this European thing is jaw dropping interesting. I knew Israelis were insecure and lacking in confidence but I had not appreciated just how bad it was.

  46. Yeah but you said you find rude shaped veg and wobbly man boobs interesting. The bar you set for ‘jaw – dropping’ must be just high enough to allow Wee Jimmy Krankie to walk under without stooping.

  47. Rodgers the bodger

    The UN is institutionally anti-Israel
    Its bias shines through in the multiplicy of anti-Israel resolutions proposed by countries who are very much worse than Israel could ever be.

    The Jews have been the object of hate for over three thousand years for various well documented reasons such as
    1) origanally hate against the Jewish religion from Greeks to Romans to Christians to Muslims
    2) followed by hate of Jews as people as defined by a German in the 1850s’ as Antisemitism
    3) followed by the hate of Israel as the ‘Jew among the nations’ when Antisemitism and Jew hate became an unacceptable manifestation of discrimination and racist bigotry

    The UN and its various bodies make a perfect fit for my point 3 above

    1. Galber,

      From the moment you accuse the UN of being institutionally anti-semitic you lose any respect for your views, which are blighted by your inability to accept some responsibility for the actions of Israel. As stated previously, you are complicit in its crimes against humanity.

      Unlike you, I condemn crimes my own nation state has undertaken allegedly in my name, the Windrush scandal just being one of many its undertaken since the Act of Union with Scotland, but its biggest crime still remains slavery, notwithstanding its own genocides induced by needless famines.

      1. more nonsense from the man who obsesses over a nation he knows nothing about. Here is an exercise Chris. If the UN is a fair minded body we should take notice of, and if your own nation has undertaken crimes and abused human rights (on a far bigger scale than Israel ever did I might add), how many times has the UN condemned the UK?

        1. David,

          More than 70 years of crap David, more than 70 years of crimes and ethnic cleansing.

          And Sir, unlike you and your ardent gang of Zionist cohorts on this Board, I, like many others across the UK, both recognise and condemn crimes committed against other indigos folks in far flung places by those claiming to represent the Crown.

          Do keep trying though David as its beyond your type to recognise, or even apologise for, crimes committed by the Israeli State against the Palestinian’s and its neighbouring States in the Middle East allegedly in the name of Jews globally, many of whom actually condemn Israel and desire nothing whatsoever to do do with it.

          1. nope – still doesn’t cut it. Why did you think Israel’s ‘non-white skinned folk’ were a lower percentage of the population than the UK’s ‘non-white skinned folk’? Why do you have such a gross misconception about the very make up of Israel’s population given your obvious obsession? How could you have been so wrong?

            1. David,

              I’d check other posts if I were you, whereby I supply full demographical detail from trusted organisations. Still, the figures are most fascinating, particularly the fact that my own Country of Wales has a far higher level of ethnic diversity than Israel, this based on the fact that the English are not Welsh, although they may share Celtic ancestry with us in Wales according to genetic studies – we also have some Neanderthal DNA within us, something to do with coming out of Africa and having relations with non-Homo Sapiens, which proves conclusively we are all the bloody same, although first wave African emigration, namely that that moved towards the Far East does not have Neanderthal DNA, my daughter does though, courtesy of her old man.

                1. David,

                  Please give the correct detail on the number of indigenous born persons in Wales and compare with the number of non-Welsh born persons living within our borders, of which the English constitute the largest segment. Again, we don’t fret about these figures, unlike some xenophobic Israeli’s we could mention who lose sleep over the demographic growth of the Palestinian population, be it in the Occupied Territories or within Israel itself – indeed, we don’t really care what ethnicity our First Minister is, unlike folks in Israel.

                  Now, tell me when Israel is going to have an Arab/Palestinian as its leader, particularly given the UK has actually had one Jewish Prime Minister, although it has yet to have a Roman Catholic Premier since the Act of Union, its had a sleeper Catholic in Blair though.

        1. Pluto? What did you discover when you stood naked over a mirror to admire Uranus, the Magician? Your better side?

      1. Pluto? Site of the “Farthest Mosque”?

        How many times are Pluto or Jerusalem mentioned in the Koran?

        Certainly if Jerusalem is that important to Islam, it would be mentioned numerous times in the Koran.

    1. Galber,

      More historical Revisionism again I see.

      However, may I qualify if you are talking about the Golem Heights, which i led to believe is a bit of a monster, or the Golan Heights, which is a geographic region that belongs to Syria under International Law and as recognised by the United Nations.

    1. At least Israel isn’t calling for the MURDER of Wanksy Banksy as Fascist Iran called for the death of Danish cartoonists for drawing a caricature of Mooohammed or as writer Salman Rushdie was for writing a book of fiction.

      Happy Nakba Crazy Chris!

      1. Edward,

        I thought you’d be celebrating with the other Trump groupies about an Embassy opening, instead, you confine yourself to these boards. Well done Sir, and congratulations on the Eurovision win, although I do hope Israel wins it for the next 100 years and bankrupts itself in the process.

        As a Trump voter Edward, have you evolved out of the trees yet by any chance?

        1. I’d rather be in a tree than living underground, as you do, as a snake, rat.

          America led by President Trump is on a roll of success.

          HAPPY NAKBA!

  48. The correspondents from have asked me to provide an update on the disproportionate savagery on this latest day of protest on the Israeli border with Gaza

    AP/Reuters correspondents on site have reported the Gaza Health Authority saying that 10,000 protesters are active at the border area today. Large numbers broke from the gathering and have thrown incendiary devices over the border fence causing damage to farm crops and fields on the Israeli side, whilst two groups have approached with wire cutters in an attempt to create a breach in the fencing. The Israeli Border Control personnel have responded with dispersal measures. There have been two fatalities and the Health Authority has identified that the victims have been confirmed as Hamas operatives. This equates to a fatality rate of 0.02% overall and 0.0% when only considering innocent civilians. This enables me to confirm that the savagery is indeed disproportionate and the readers are invited to draw their own conclusions from here.

    For those that bought single day subscriptions online from to watch their live Lust-cam streaming (in HD), the management has apologised for the disappointment and offered a partial credit card refund or a voucher redeemable for future events. Those who wish to take this further are referred to the customer services department using the following link

  49. Well, its nearly 3.00PM in Gaza and thus far today the IDF have managed to kill 16 unarmed demonstrators close to the Fence of Freedom – just another day in Israel, but great news about the Eurovision award, which after the Gaza Palestinian’s have had their grass mown by the IDF, perhaps the event in 2019 will be hosted on the bones of their dead bodies. How nice!

  50. is grateful for your post Chris. It is disappointed to note that 3 of the fatalities were Hamas terrorists who were attempting to lay explosives near the fence at the Rafah crossing but encourages you and your friends to continue to characterise this as Israeli aggression.

    Check out the live stream by clicking the Lust-cam icon (paid subscription).

    1. Ian,

      Shall we just refer to those three persons murdered as Freedom Fighters trying to lay fireworks at a fence in order to escape a Concentration Camp, which sounds about right, unless the explosives were Semtex.

      1. Crazy Chris, If Gaza is a “concentration camp”…

        – where are the emaciated people?
        – where are the piles of thousands of dead bodies?
        – where are the mass graves with thousands of bodies?
        – where are the piles of belongings of the prisoners?
        – where are the piles of hair from the shaved heads of the prisoners?

        Why aren’t people from Gazastan allowed into Muslim Egypt?

        Happy Nakba, you fascist piglet!

  51. I think that your version of events would be welcomed by and would be entirely consistent with their editorial agenda. They would be happy to receive your interpretation of the 18th fatality of the day identified as Hamas operative Khalid al Younis; a masked man with a pipe bomb who was shot shortly after launch.

    1. I’m Sorry Ian, but if you think 37 Palestinian’s killed by the IDF is some laughing matter it ain’t, and that figure has now been supplied by John Simpson & does not include those maimed by ammunition banned by International Law, namely dumb dumb and butterfly bullets. Still, glad you are enjoying the orgy of death, which really now does constitute a crime against humanity. Well done Israel!!!!!

      1. Chris

        Just to remind you that, “obviously, if your are opposed to sarcasm and irony, not my fault”. Of course, these deaths are regrettable and needless but it strikes me that some of the casualties are avoidable in so far as -as Ian mentioned on a previous thread- if the protesters stay away from the fence some (if not all) of the injuries could be avoided.

        The words of Macmillan are apposite, “jaw, jaw is better than war, war”. I don’t see either side making any great efforts on this front. More’s the shame.


  52. Sorry Chris. When anyone of any colour or background tries to blow up our border, fire rockets at us or attempt infiltration with murderous intent they’re going to die.

    The only thing I will be laughing at is the contortions you are going into to get your daily quota filled here. As I’ve said to you many times now, your only lying to yourself because nobody else is listening. It’s no way to spend your days.

      1. As sickening as one of those YouTube films of people picking big spots off their mate’s neck?

          1. Happy Nakba, Dumb Bellamy!

            FYI, The US Embassy is NOW in JERUSALEM, and more countries will follow Americas lead.

            Happy Nakba, you mad fascist pig!

            1. Edward I am about as interested in where the US Embassy is as I am in last Sundays results in the 4th division of the Albanian basketball league

            1. To an asswipe like Dumb Bellamy, a “good party” is one with burning tires, masks, molotov cocktails, knives, guns.

              Happy Nakba!

      2. Stephen

        How should Israel respond? Does Israel have to wait for the fence to be breached before responding? And, if so, what should it do once a breach occurs?

        What is the best course of action to minimise causalities and the loss of life on both sides?


    1. Ian,

      You are complicit in these murders and maiming of innocents – how you can look in to your kids eyes just miles away from these events is staggering. Thankfully, my own daughter is raised to respect all humanity, not a favoured few and i weep at these horrors, much as i wept when reading of the experiences of those who survived the horrors of the Holocaust. Well done mate, just turn a blind eye as nothing can go wrong can it?

      1. Crazy Chris, YOU are complicit in the murder of REAL INNOCENTS in London, Paris, Brussels, Moscow, Beslan, Boston, Orlando, San Bernardino, New York, Washington, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai, Gaza, Commercial Aviation (Pan Am 103 and 9/11), Nairobi and more…

        ALL the above are the work of your fascist jihadi friends.

  53. What is funny is that yesterday we were hearing about next year in Jerusalem and how we were going to see the real Israel and it turns out we only had to wait a day #Sharpeville

    1. Stephen,

      A very timely reminder. Alas its lost on the zealots who post on these Boards.

        1. As with all those who assisted Hitler & the Nazis with the Holocaust, you have blood on your hands Edward and are little better than those who murdered European Jews between June 1941-April 1945. Hope you are proud of yourself – you sure do seem to revel in genocide.

          1. Crazy Narcissist Chris, There you go again, projecting Islamofascist and your fascist malevolence onto Jews.

            Here is link to a Youtube of a 30 second Newsreel where your Socialist SHlTler meets and sits down with his ally the Grand Mufti (arafarts uncle) of Jerusalem.


            Plus anyone can Google Images “arab nazi salute”

            Arabs/Muslims doing nazi salutes. Who would have thought!


          2. Crazy Narcissist Chris, There you go again, projecting Islamofascist and your fascist malevolence onto Jews.

            Here is link to a Youtube of a 30 second Newsreel where your Socialist SHlTler meets and sits down with his ally the Grand Mufti (arafarts uncle) of Jerusalem.


            Plus anyone can Google Images “arab nazi salute”

            Arabs/Muslims doing nazi salutes. Who would have thought.

  54. Chris, I think it’s probably enough that I’m having a quiet day and have time to indulge you when you write stuff you don’t mean, to strangers who don’t care. It’s all done in the most contrived tone that it is hard to draw any other conclusions than your only real concern is attacking this site with the old “…using any stick I can find to beat them with.”

  55. Ian,

    Social Media & live streaming are allowing me to view matters as they unfurl in real-time. Trust me, you ain’t got anything to be proud of mate.

    1. I think that in the years to come Chris when you look in the mirror and reflect on how you spent your days, the decisions you made and the outcomes that were achieved you’ll probably question whether any of it was worthwhile.

      1. Ian,

        Unlike you I condemn murder of innocents by mad men – I owe that fact to my daughter, for to remain silent means I’m complicit.

        Nice to know you care fuck all for the suffering of a million souls under the age of 18 in Gaza – I trust your kids don’t grow up to exhibit such intolerance as you. End of.

        1. One million Human Shields for the old men of Hamass who hide underground in bunkers while they send old men, women and CHILDREN to act as Human Shields.

          BTW WHERE have you condemed the murder of innocents by the Mad Men of Hamass, Hezbola, Al Qada, ISIS, Islamic Jihad, PLO, PFLP, Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Al Nusra, ….

          There should be a long trail of posts where you have condmened those Islamofascist groups, IF you are telling the truth, Pinocchio.

  56. Chris

    Just to re-iterate that these deaths are regrettable and needless. It seems to me that casualties are avoidable if the protesters were to stay away from the fence.

    Same questions to you as to Stephen:

    How should Israel respond? Does Israel have to wait for the fence to be breached before responding? And if so, what should it do once a breach occurs? Is that the best course of action to minimise causalities and the loss of life on both sides? If not, what is? With your extensive insight gleaned from social media and live streams and your genuine concern for the sanctity of life your ideas will no doubt be invaluable.


      1. But for sure, as we type, David is busy analysing the profiles of the casualties and doubtless will soon be telling us that 99.999999 recurring per cent of them were direct descendants of Beelzebub. Anyways you can always count on the most moral army in the world to fuck up a good party

      2. I don’t know. It has been troubling me all day that if the response is disproportionate (and it looks horrendous over there), it implies that there is a proportionate response. Maybe the UN or other body with expert knowledge has suggested alternatives; I haven’t seen them. Any takers?


    1. Israel should respond without breaching International Law, ‘Peach’.

      Only reacting when the fence is breached and the snipers lives are in immediate danger. This has not yet been the case yet thousands have been shot by live fire. A war-crime.

      1. Pal-e-STINIANS and their JIHADI TERRORIST comrades should respect International Law and NOT

        hijack passenger planes, bomb passenger planes, bomb London underground and buses, hang gays, stone girls to death, bomb marathons, bomb airport terminals, behead captives and post the deed on the Internet, massacre nightclub patrons, satirical magazine offices, music venues, embassies, churches, synagogues, mosques, funerals, …

        1. All those shot had participated in the actions that you describe, Edward? Think carefully, a first.

          1. Davy, Just TWO days ago TWO families of Muslims, with their children, blew themselves up when they attacked a police station and church in Indonesia.

            Do Muslims use children, their children, as attack vectors.

            Why is Islam attacking people ALL OVER THE WORLD.

            Israel is just ONE target of Islamofascism.

  57. Chris, there may be times when a certain sincerity peers through your curtain of stick flailing activism, normally when your emotions take over from the carefully managed tactics you have decided to employ here. You will see how this juxtaposition present to the normal reader and leads people to conclude that nothing you say is very trustworthy.

    Oddly, I suspect that when you get cross and let your mask slip you may believe some of things that you say. I think that this is quite worrying and it should be to you as well. You often invoke your family in your posts and I wonder how you would feel if one day, one of them did some independent research of their own and used their findings to challenge some of your prejudices. I wouldn’t imagine that having your values stripped bare by the people closest to you would be too much fun.

    It’s not too late to challenge yourself Chris.

    1. Ian

      What a nice way of putting it and h/t for continuing to try to reach out. FWIW, I have quite lost faith in Chris. This is particularly disappointing as Chris represented the only regular visitor to this site with whom you could have a semi-sensible exchange without devolution into outright Jew hatred or ailurophilia.


  58. Rodgers the bodger

    That is why Welsh nationalists used to burn down the cottages of English owners

    How many Welsh live in England – probably more than in Wales

    Stupid non-argument to deflect from the conversation

    You seem very bitter; maybe you hate to much

    We Jews have learnt that the hate directed at us normally arises from reasons other than those stated; much of the animosity towards us seems to be driven by inadaquecy and/or jealousy.
    Occasionally its people using us to try define their own identities

    A fascinating subject, Jew hate; especially when non-Jews divide us into their interpretation of ‘good Jews’ and ‘bad Jews’

  59. Rodgers the bodger

    Either you need glasses or you do not read what I say.

    At no point did I call the UN Antisemetic

    I called it institutionally anti-Israel

    Do try to put a bit more effort into reading and understanding what I write

  60. David

    Davy has no interest in understanding

    By my reckoning he is trying to provoke by being obtuse and difficult; possibly he feels that by niggling away he can disturb our emotions,

    The language that he uses, the questions he asks and the way he asks them, and the statements he makes; these are not those used by someone trying to engage in debate

    He deserves to be ignored; but I am to lazy to do that and would rather humour the dear soul

    So lets see the one liner quip that will be offered as a reply – no doubt dripping in sarcasm with a touch of ….

  61. Rodgers the bodger

    Again the ‘good Jew’ v ‘bad Jew’ by the non-Jew

    Dear Chrissy, there is no nation/tribe/creed/ethnicity/creed on this wonderful planet of ours that has not done harm to others at some time – it is the nature of life

  62. Rodgers the bodger

    Again the ‘good Jew’ v ‘bad Jew’ by the non-Jew

    Dear Chrissy, there is no nation/tribe/creed/ethnicity/creed on this wonderful planet of ours that has not done harm to others at some time or another – it is the nature of life

    Most people – and the Jews prove this – pick themselves up and move on and rebuild ther lives, while remembering their past which becomes their history

    The Palestinians for some reason have not been able to do this and have perpetuated their misery instead of rebuilding and moving on.

    I often think that this situation occured because of the Europeans had a certain animus they felt towards Jews and thought that by perpetuating this conflict they could punish the Jews, maybe even to the extent of completing ‘uncle Adolphs’ grand project

    The Palestinians could have started/had a state in the West Bank and Gaza in 1948, but their Arab overlords didn’t want it

    So between the European powers and the Arab/Muslim nations, this situation has festered and grown to what we have today

    And while Palestinians are being murdered in Yarmouk by the Syrian/Iranian and other Arabs/Muslims we hear not a peep
    But if it was the Jews beseiging Yarmouk it would be dominating the air waves, TV pundits and politicians would be screaming blue murder,

    So tell me Chris, when Yarmouk burns we hear nothing, yet when the Palestinians attack Israel and get killed in the process you and your ilk go beserk?
    Is there something I am missing?

  63. Rodgers bthe podger

    Nothing revisionist there

    From 1948 to 1967 the Syrians on the heights used to make the lives of the Jews below a nightmare by constant shelling and sniping.

    When the Syrians attacked Israel in 1967, Israel beat them in a war and conquered the heights and
    because of their strategic value, and because of the way the Syrians used to endanger and kill the Jews below, Israel annexed the Heights,

    What is going on in Syria today proves the wisdom of that move.

    The Heights were originally part of the Palestine Mandate , but Britain decided to hand them to France so Syria got them.
    Much the same way as the Sanjak of Alexandretta was taken from Syria and given to Turkey

    War changes borders; its life

  64. Rodgers the bodger

    You are really throwing so many conflicting ideas into the pot.

    Racist white Jews – KKK – Wadsworth – white supremacy – white American Jews – white Israeli Jews.

    Does race dominate your world view

    You are obsessed

    1. Galber,

      You are a homophobic, racist Israeli apologist – I need say no more.

      Seem’s like Israel has pissed off many here in the UK with its murder spree in Gaza over the past six weeks – and Fuck Eurovision.

      1. Crazy Chris,

        You are homophobic, misogynistic, racist, fascist, jihadist, terroristic – I need say no more.

        Seems like “Radical Islam” has had an active month – see the dead in Indonesia and the Darwin Award winners in Gaza.

        “Jakarta (CNN)A husband and wife used their FOUR CHILDREN in a string of deadly suicide attacks on three churches in the Indonesian city of Surabaya that left 12 people dead, according to the country’s ranking police official.”

        The lack of respect for the lives of children used as wet bombs in Indonesia mirrors how Hamass uses children as Human Shields at the Gazastan/Israel border.

        Happy Nakba.

        1. Edward,

          As a tree dwelling fruit bat, and some one who votes for the Orange Golem, please stop taking the piss. Events in Indonesia are driven by the nutters Israel supports, namely ISIS – I can discuss the Philippines too if you’d like.

          Now, off you go you baboon and give a Sieg Heil to your glorious leader, the Golem.

  65. Rodgers da bodger

    According to latest population figures, the ‘Joos’ in Israel are producing more babies per head than the Arabs of Israel and a little more than the Palestinians

    Hows that for demographics

    And talking of that it was the dear old stubble studded Arafat who is supposed to have said ‘our womens wombs beat the Jews’.

    Yup; demographics is a big talking point in that part of the world

  66. Rodgers bodgers

    Always remember that old adage; ‘when you attack a man who has a gun, you must expect to get hurt’

    And don’t get to cross; its bad for the heart

  67. Rodgers the bodgers

    Temper temper; your tantrums do not bode well for your health

    I mean; your fighting for Wadsworth and calling all Jews white and racist

    If you think that people that openly call for the destruction of Israel, then attack it from their own territory with their backdoor via Egypts’ border, are going to be left to their own devices to realize their aims, then you are seriously demented

    Last time we let people like you look after the lives of Jews, six million were mass murdered

    So yes, we will defend ourselves and our families in Israel; and you can spew as much hate and venom as you like because the safety of our family and friends comes well before the rantings of tossers like you

    tik tak toc

  68. Stephen

    There is always some bright spark to introduce South Africa into this, and we can always be safe in the knowledge that we have you.

    I mean why not compare it to Bergen Belsen or what, because I am sure that there will be many who do.

    But why don’t you compare it to the Hebron and Safed massacres of Jews 1929
    Or the Farud in Iraq in 1941
    Or Morroco about 1905
    Or the Park Hotel , Netanya, 2002
    And all the countless other instances of Arabs Killing Jews; because that is the stated aim of the Gaza protests

    But no, dear Stephen brings up Sharpeville to compare Israel to apartheid South Africa and a demonstration by blacks about having to carry an identity document known as a pass.
    Those black people were not threatening to wipe out a country like the Palestinians are.

    You sir are both disingenuous and provocotive (chuckle chuckle)

  69. Rodgers bodgers

    Was waiting for you to say how sad you were for all the dead Jews of the Holocaust; it always comes up at some point just before castigating live Jews for defending themselves

    You get brownie points for your compassion

    Problem is, you seem to lose your compassion for live Jews

    Well we Jews, we are tired of people like you telling us how to defend ourselves when we are faced with protestors who have publicly stated that they wish to destroy our country and kill lots of Jews; its even in the Hamas Charter to kill Jews everywhere.

    So you go ahead and earn your compassion for the dead Jews of the Holocaust while we fight to defend the live Jews of today (many of my paternal granmothers family disappeared into the ovens of Nazi Germany)

  70. Rodgers

    So once again you try to compare the industrial mass murder of six million Jews who were led into gas chambers to the Jews defence of the families by a genocidal mob who have as an icon, haj Amin Husseini, who spent WW 2 as the guest of Hitler and the Nazi party.

    When you make Antisemetic comments like comparing Jewish Israelis to Nazis once it is a mistake; but when you repeat it again shortly thereafter then you must be called out for what you are, a Jew hating Antisemetic racist bigot

    It doesn’t take long for your true racist colours to appear

    1. Galber,

      More drivel old bean. However, given Gaza is the World’s largest Concentration Camp, that said Camp is currently held in terror by the IDF, and that, as with prisoners in Nazis Concentration camps, if you went near the barbed wire fence you were executed, then I suppose we can compare the actions of IDF snipers with Nazi executioners in Concentration Camps, as well as the Warsaw Ghetto – thanks for reminding me of comparative analysis.

      Whilst many Institutions in the UK may have adopted the IHRA definition of anti-semitism, they have not adopted any of the 11 alleged examples of AS that the Definition allegedly covers, most of which are Israel related.

      Further, I notice Collier’s and Hoffman’s good friend, Saul Freeman, has accused one Owen Jones of The Guardian as being a ‘Jew hater’ for condemning Israeli actions in Gaza.

      I condemn them too, alas I hate those that enable such murders and feel sorry for Jewish folk globally being tarnished by this shit allegedly done in their name, which it most certainly is not.

      1. It’s enough now Chris. We have already established you know nothing about the nation you obsess over. We have been given ample evidence (with your Wales diversity joke) that you are not here to do anything but stir people up based on empty propaganda, slurs and lies. I don’t really care about any of that and you are free to continue being a prick for as long as you wish to remain one. However, I refuse to accept your continual Jew as Nazi comparisons as anything more than a truly vulgar attack on the descendants of a real genocide. I let it slide once or twice, but you seem to delight in being spiteful to Jews. Can you please find a less disgraceful way of expressing yourself.

        1. David,

          I take it today’s events, and those since late March have not happened, no one has been killed and Palestinians and Israeli’s are celebrating the Eurovision win and opening of a new Embassy by the USA?

          Indeed, it must be my imagination and there is nothing to concern myself about.

          As a reminder, many folks in Europe had similar opinions about Hitler, it was all harmless fun and he’d be a good un, well until he ignited WWII and proceeded to murder millions in a Holocaust.

          Further, South Africa, Turkey and China are not too happy David, perhaps their anger is misguided, or they are plain old anti-semites itching to slag Israel off for any slight against the Palestinian’s.

          Enough actually is enough and its about time you bloody well offered some form of condemnation of Israel for its actions these past several weeks, instead, you slag off Banksy.

        2. David on one of HIS blogs writes “stir people up based on empty propaganda, slurs and lies”

          Classic, David. Classic.o

  71. Rodgers bodgers

    So you will remain complicit in the attempted mass murder of Jews again.
    An Antisemite in disguise
    A progressive racist who hates white people

    you have so many big ideas , can you tell me what the Jews of Israel should do in the face of this all out attack on Israels border.

    No obfuscating
    Just a suggestion!
    How should Israel respond Do tell without some arsehole response that is both stupid and impractical,,,,, and without thousands , if not millions, of dead Jews
    So do tell

    1. Galber,

      You are an absolute joke. What’s the question again, how should Israel respond?

      Its not a case of how, its a case of what its actually done, which is to imprison two million Palestinian’s in Gaza, control every aspect of their lives and when they protest, as all human beings surely would, Israeli IDF soldiers equipped with sniper rifles firing butterfly bullets kill and main 1000’s – do you deny these facts?

      Please instruct me since the end of March how many Israeli’s have been killed by Palestinian’s protesting their treatment in what’s now a killing field (Gaza border). It ain’t millions, actually it ain’t one person, unless one of the IDF snipers had a misfire and blew their own head off as a result of that!!!!

  72. Stephen

    A question (although you are incapable of answering, as is your bent)

    What army in the world that is involved in existential combat is more moral than Israel.

    Now knowing your reaction to questions, are we going to be graced with some infantile reply that is a weak attempt at humour; or can we expect a one liner about the dishonesty of BoD and JLC members.

    I always await with great boredom, but with a smidgen of interest, how you will attempt to befuddle the wuddle with your puddle

    1. Galber,

      You’ve plumbed a new low with that one: “existential combat.” May I enquire which drugs you are using, for they seem like the most powerful form of LSD I’ve ever come across – such a substance would sell well in South Wales.

      1. Up early to start the banter Bellers. Not even had a mo to get my V-shirt on…….

      2. Dumb Bellamy, A Terrorist (Al Qada, ISISI, Taliban, Boko Haram, Hamass, Hezbola, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Nusra, Al Shabab, etc.) isn’t a moral enterprise. It is a blood thirsty killing machine.

    2. “What army in the world that is involved in existential combat is more moral than Israel.”?

      Israeli Minister Bennett has stated that any Palestinian approaching the fence will be treat as a terrorist. That’ll be on their own land then.

      Does Richard think that unarmed Palestinians who approach the fence should be shot dead?

      Has Richard the same morals as Bennett and the IDF?

      1. The warning has been issued.

        The responsibility is on those who don’t heed the warning.

        Happy Nakba!

          1. Your ignorance of International Law is to be expected from you as a supporter of World-Wide Islamofascist terrorism.

  73. Dear bodgers Rodgers

    Israel may have pissed off many in the UK, but I am sure there are more that understand the sh-t Israel faces from the genocidal Hamasniks in Gaza and the likes of Antisemetic racist bigots like you.

    Your simplistic intolerance/ignorance of the dangers the Jews of Israel face if their enemies ever get the upper hand, even once, speaks volumes about your so-called liberalism and tolerance

    As the saying goes ‘FOR THE MANY, BUT NOT THE JEW’

    1. But Rodgers is not criticising Jews, he’s criticising Israel.

      p.s. for it to be slander it must blacken the otherwise good name of the criticised. Not possible with Israel.

    1. Congratulations, Richard. the state of Israel has managed to be judged the more moral in a competition between itself and the Islamic state (Isis).

      You may breath a sigh.

      1. AND the US, UK were also judged the more moral during WW2 when one compares and contrasts the US, UK with National SOCIALIST Germany.

        Happy Nakba!

  74. Stephen

    Blow away the cobwebs momentarily and indulge me with a little academic exercise and answer the question;

    what army in an existential war situation is more moral

  75. Bodger Rodgers

    You may think you are clever with your Nazi analogies, just remember these statements of yours are in print and they often appear at the oddest of moments to haunt you.

    So to our own dear little Antisemite, you may wallow in the detrius of your own intolerance and hate, as we have Israel and its glorious freedom and democracy that is available to all its citizens regardless of race/creed/religion/origin/colour

  76. Rodgers bogers

    If geography serves me right, Gaza has a border with Egypt.
    If Gaza has a border with Egypt, why do you not protest Egypts control of the border; whoops…..forgot, no Jews in Egypt to blame.

    You still have not given any concrete suggestions on how Israel could solve this problem other than your fervant desire that Israel either rolls over a dies, commits suicide or mysteriously disappears into thin air.

    So be a good lad and lets have your suggestion as to how Israel should defend itself other than what it has done to date

    Any fool can critisize; to offer concrete proposals and ideas takes effort

    1. Galber,

      You are aware all access to Gaza is cut off, you are also aware that its Israel that controls what goes in and what comes out, particularly after all tunnels were closed, that means destroyed.

      So, please answer the questions I raised with you and please instruct how Israeli snipers positioned some 500-700 meters from the protestors are in any way under an ‘existential threat’ – that’s one I’m really looking forward too.

  77. Rodgers der bodgers

    Instead of making purile drug related comment, why don’t you answer the question?
    Or are you incapable of such a seemingly easy task.

    What army facing an existential threat to itself and its citizens is more moral than the Israeli army.
    Bet you haven’t any examples ’cause there aint none’


    1. Galber,

      Could you please show me this mythical “existential threat” you wish to draw attention too, which is imaginary as the Gaza Protestors did not appear to have access to heavy armaments or nuclear weapons to help them breach a razor wire fence.

      Again, please instruct how many IDF combatants have been killed in the Fence area over the past several weeks, and remind readers how many Palestinian’s have been murdered and how many persons viciously maimed with butterfly bullets?

  78. Rodgers Rodgers

    Gaza has a border with Egypt

    Did you read that right; one of its land borders is with Egypt. Thats right. No Israel. No Jews

    Egypt is a Muslim state; they don’t have no Jews. Israel is not there. No Jewish Israeli soldiers .

    I cannot understand why everyone suddenly becomes geographically illiterate when it comes to the southern land border of Gaza

    It is as if a collective amnesia grips the world.

    And all I can put it down to is the fact that there are no Jews involved on that border so no one is interested

    1. Galber,

      Remind me the nationality of the snipers murdering and maiming Palestinian’s please, who to this observer at least don’t look like Egyptians, although i may of course be wrong.

      Further, and before your BICOM handled head explodes, why don’t you lie down, put this on You Tube and explode your head to sleep – there’s a good boy:

      1. Rodgers

        Are Hamas and the Palestinians calling for the destruction of Egypt. They are not

        Are Hamas and the Palestinians calling for the destruction of Israel. Thet are

        You are being disingenuous by trying to compare polar opposite situations.

        And before accusing Jewish Israelis of murdering Palestinians remember that if they were not agressively attacking the border, they wuld not be shot.

        Agressively charge at a man with a gun and expect to get hurt. No emotive issues, just pure reality

  79. Rodgers

    Read the Hamas Manifesto
    They attempted to soften its more anti-Jewish bits, but it is still a document that calls for the destruction of the State of Israel, and it quotes the ‘hadith’ that calls for the slaughter of the Jews, as when it was written Israel had already been vanquished five hundred and fifty years before (circa 135AD and the Second Jewish revolt in Jerusalem and its environs).

    If you say we must forget history, Hamas follows the Koran as its ‘Constitution’ and it was written 1400 years ago, as was the ‘hadith’

    The only reason Hamas does not have heavy weapons is because of the blockade (legal according to the UN Palmer report)

    Hezbollah in the north has a cocktail of heavy weaponry that exceeds that of many countries, which it was able to acquire despite UN resolutions and a UN peacekeeping force to ensure that they didn’t rearm; and Hamas and Hezbollah are two peas in the same pod

    So yes, there is an existential threat to Israel from Hamas.
    The only reason Hamas are unable to make good on their threat is that Israel is stronger than them

    I can’t change your mind about anything, but in your own private time please take an unbiased view of the situation,as you are uninvolved, except emotionaly, so you have nothing to lose if Israel is defeated.

    We who have family and friends living in Israel do have much to lose, so although we can view the situation dispasionately, we cannot afford to have rose tinted glasses.

    I think it was the Arab leader called Shoukri (the nascent Arab League) who called in 1946/7 for there to be a second Holocaust of the Jews.
    We Jews carry a lot of historical baggage of being persecuted and worse over centuries, and we don’t forget because there is always someone new out there with unpleasant plans for us

    Hannah Ahrendt wote a piece about refugees circa 1943, discussing her plight as a refugee, where she said ‘all other people become refugees for what they have done, we Jews are made refugees because of who we are’. She also went on to say that Jewish refugees refused to be refugees for long, and discarded their old status so that they could forget their past and become citizens of their new countries as quickly as possible. Imagine the Palestinians doing that. We can all dream, can’t we

    1. Galber,

      To the best of my knowledge, and the knowledge of all Intelligence gathering sources globally, neither Hamas or the palestinians have access to nuclear weapons, or an ability to manufacture said weapons. Again galore, in all the crap you spew, please instruct where the ‘existential threat’ exists, given Israel is armed to the teeth, courtesy of the Yanks and has well in excess of 200 nuclear warheads.

      But the Palestinians and Hamas poise an existential threat.

      You really can’t make up the crap you post mate.

  80. Galber,

    Nothing to see here folks, absolutely nothing genocidal about Israeli’s, specifically the more strident Zionist one’s. Its just a bad dream folks, like an Episode of Dallas. Oh wait, what’s this expose by by David Sheen, which is about four years out of date. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear:

  81. Another cracking day watching people tapping keyboards in frenzy, pretending to be livid about dead Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists, killed whilst attacking a militarized border with rockets and bombs. Truth be told if we opened the gate for them, pulled up a few stools, made a cuppa and watched them behead a few young mums from Kibbutz Nahal Oz or crucify some kids from Nirim it would still be called a understandable act of desperation from an oppressed people. No doubt some of the lads here would join in the chorus.

    For this reason it can be assumed that shits given for faux social media angst and remote, posturing politicos will remain at nil and our grans, mums and kids will continue to go about their days in safety.


    1. Ian,

      Still pushing the Hamas/Islamic Jihad meme I see, which is a joke. Still, Israel lost the PR war war old bean, the lie is out and its abundantly clear to many, many millions of persons globally that Israel is a rogue state.

      This is indeed a Sharpeville massacre moment, so enjoy your hubris, enjoy your Hasbara propaganda for change is coming.

      1. Crazy Chris, you are SO blinkered.

        It’s the Hamass/Hezbola/Fascist Iran/Islamic Jihad/Al Qada/ISIS/Taliban/Boko Haram/Muslim Brotherhood/Al Shabab/Al Nusra/… meme. And that meme has left a trail of death and destruction ALL OVER THE WORLD.

        Take your Taqiyya and stick it up your Nakba.

        1. Edward the Trump Voter,

          Being referred to as crazy by the likes of yourself and Saul Freeman really is a badge of honour for anyone on the Left of the UK political spectrum.

          I would be obliged if you perhaps could strike a medal for me to wear with pride, perhaps manufactured from the melted down scrap of the wheelchairs made redundant in Gaza via the IDF killing their occupants on Monday.

          Honoured Sir, honoured indeed.

          1. Crazy Chris,

            Please go to Gaza and run towards the Anti-Islamofascist wall that separates Fascist Gazastan from Israel.

            Hamass needs more Useful Idiots – and you fit the bill.

            Happy Nakba!

    2. I see that you’ve become a complete Israeli now, no concern for anyone other than Jewish-Israelis

      1. I see that you’ve become a complete Islamist now, no concern for anyone other than Muslims.

  82. No probs Chris. By all means keep up the self-pretence. But if you do this flailing around stuff in your own home and one of your family or friends challenges you with some independent research of their own, demanding to know why you’ve been conning them, your lack of integrity will do far more damage with people that you really care about. What if they actually read some of this stuff that you write for themselves? You’re storing up problems for yourself Chris so don’t say you haven’t been told.

      1. How about a drone service that sprays bacon grease on head scarf wearing jihadis?

    1. Ian,

      Keep drinking the Kool-Aid mate, although I’d keep to brands that don’t contain LSD.

      1. Chris, that is such a lazy come back. You could have written that in response to anything, by anyone, ever. I had you down as a braver bloke than that. By your own admission you’ve not been scared to swim upstream, often against an aggressive tide when you felt compelled so to do. So why the inhibition now?

        If you were doing this is some boozer face to face with someone, and assuming normal civilities and courtesies, you’d both present your cases, weigh evidence, challenge and re-challenge and then form a view. From the way you occasionally allow your real self to slip into this thread I doubt you’re the type of person that would just bang his hands on the table, shout rude remarks, follow them with disingenuous speeches and then refuse to listen to another point of view. But that’s exactly what you’re doing here. Come on. Why not conduct a limited experiment with honesty and see where that goes? I think you have it in you.

        1. “Why not conduct a limited experiment with honesty and see where that goes?”

          Ian, is it right to shoot Palestinians on their own land if they approach the border fence unarmed?

          1. David Collier, Ian Kay, Chris Rogers, Stephen Bellamy, Richard Galber. There’s a pattern here. The honesty starts with the individual poster. None of us has any responsibility to respond to an anonymous stranger. Where would it end? So consider taking the first steps into the world of credible and transparent activism and we can have a chat.

            1. Ian,

              The world witnessed a massacre on Monday, much of it via live streams – if you are happy with this massacre, fine by me, but at least i do refer to what it is, namely a massacre, and I’m appalled by it – of course Collier just likes focusing on Banksy, but will no doubt be getting the strength to write a 10,000 page dossier of all the hatred expressed against Israel on Social Media UK-wide. Such a dossier would stretch to 10 million pages if done at a global level.

              1. This what the face to face scenario mostly prevents, You start by using the word ‘massacre’ . Your table-mate asks for clarification and definition. You reply. Counterpoint is offered and the discussion flows. Here, you get to just keep saying ‘massacre’ a lot of times and then sign off. It’s not a proper conversation but that’s social media activism for you. So little effort is required to participate and so little is ever achieved.

                At least you use your own name to post…….I assume.

                1. massacre
                  noun: massacre; plural noun: massacres

                  an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of many people.
                  “reports of massacres by government troops”
                  synonyms: slaughter, wholesale slaughter, mass slaughter, wholesale killing, indiscriminate killing; More
                  murder, murdering, mass murder, mass homicide, execution, mass execution, destruction, mass destruction, annihilation, extermination, liquidation, decimation, carnage, butchery, bloodbath, bloodletting, pogrom, genocide, ethnic cleansing, holocaust, Shoah, night of the long knives;
                  rarebattue, hecatomb
                  “a cold-blooded massacre of innocent civilians”
                  a heavy defeat of a sporting team or contestant.
                  “the 25,000 ecstatic fans that packed into Coruna’s shabby Riazor Stadium witnessed a massacre”

                  verb: massacre; 3rd person present: massacres; past tense: massacred; past participle: massacred; gerund or present participle: massacring

                  deliberately and brutally kill (many people).
                  “thousands were brutally massacred by soldiers”
                  synonyms: slaughter, butcher, murder, kill, annihilate, exterminate, execute, liquidate, eliminate, destroy, decimate, kill off, wipe out, mow down, cut down, cut to pieces, put to the sword, put to death, send to the gas chambers; literaryslay
                  “thousands were brutally massacred by the soldiers”
                  inflict a heavy defeat on (a sporting opponent).
                  “we haven’t been massacred in any game over the last six years”
                  perform (a piece of music, a play, etc.) very ineptly.
                  “the choir was massacring ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’”

            2. That’s interesting then.

              I must assume that you choose which morals to rent for the day dependant on who you are going to meet.

              A sort of Mr. Ben’s ‘morals’ costume shop.

  83. Ian you are an increasingly interesting case. Your tough guy act for starters. You keep telling us that you rule the universe but clearly that is not enough. You need to be loved. That was a trait much in evidence among Afrikaaners

    It is a recurring theme.

    Love us we are just like you

    And then…..

    The self pity

    And then…..

    We have the happiest blacks in Africa

    This will hurt the blacks more than it hurts us.

    Like I said I underestimated just how interesting you are.

    You are on a loser here. You may rule for the moment but you will never be loved. I won’t be either but you are the needy one.

    1. You see Ian I am not fussed about Israel. It is a crappy racist kleptomaniacal basket case that with collapse under the weight of its racist contradictions. Nothing you and I can say will alter that. That is why I don’t waste time and energy arguing about the God forsaken fucking place. You and/or your descendents will go to hell with it. I couldn’t give a flying fuck.

      I am only concerned about its front orgs in the UK impacting on hard won civil liberties in this country in the meantime

      And you don’t put mackerel in nets. As an experienced mackeral fisher I can tell you how it is.

      First you locate yourself on the Yorkshire coast. You equip yourself with a lil boat, I always found Seaslug was a good name.

      Then you get a fishing rod and line.

      Then you tie about a dozen lil bits of silver paper to the line, judiciously placed. No hooks necessary. Then you wait for a flat calm sea in late August, early September and head out about a mile and just reel the fuckers in til you have got a boat full.

      Then you put em in buckets of vinegar. Then you hawk em around the caravan site the next day. Before you know you have enough money to keep you in gob stoppers for at least 2 months which is a shit hot state of affairs when you are 12 years old.

      I have to admit it doesn’t work so good in South Bucks

      1. If anybody questions whether Dumb Bellamy is out of his f’n mind, just read the above rant.

        Happy Nakba!

  84. Tough call. The “Down our way” stuff was consistent with his shtick but the chippy “Squiffy seen with Dave” paranoia was classic Bellers.

      1. You ask too much Bellers.

        Thought we’d moved beyond the one-liner multiple rehashes. I suppose you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

  85. Rodgers la bodge

    Have you ever heard of the ‘death by cop/soldier’ syndrome

    It’s very common in certain parts of the world, especially where there is a financial reward for the families of the suicide victim

    It’s very easy; all the prospective suicide victim need do is charge in a very aggresive and threatening manner towards armed police and/or soldiers.

    The overall situation at the relevant time and location affects the response by soldiers/police

    Thousands attacking armed police/soldiers is rated as an extremely dangerous situation for those soldiers/police and could be termed as attempting to overrun and harm said police/soldiers therefore triggering defence measures including live fire

    Unpleasant situation; but when attacking mobs are aware of consequences, they must take responsibility for their own actions

  86. Rodgers da wodgers

    Puerile response to the exestential threat the Palestinians pose to Israel.

    Where is the logic of introducing ‘nuclear weapons’ into the argument when the issue is the potential of Gazans overwhelming Israeli forces at the border by sheer number and then advancing into Israel, and what that would mean for the Jewish citizens of Israel.

    A few days ago one of the border crossings for goods/petrol/gas/medicines/food into Gaza was overrun and trashed by Gazans in an absolute act of vandalism which will negatively effect their living standards in the immediate future; it does not affect Israeli Jews at all

    A few years ago two young Palestinians entered the Jewish family home of the Fogels and besides killing the sleeping parents and children, and decapitated a few months old baby in its cot

    The above are only two of multiple examples of why the Jews of Israel do not trust the intentions of Palestinians and Mulims from which we have suffered over a period of about 1400 years; we have no illusions as to our fate if the Gazans overrun the border

    You have nothing to lose by the outcome in Gaza
    We Jews risk dead and injured families and more
    So it is not nuclear bombs we fear from Gaza, but the blood lust of mob violence that would follow a breach of the border

    1. Galber,

      Could you please instruct me where the Border is please, i.e., I take it that the Border is the one that portioned portioned the Palestinian Mandate in 1948 by the United Nations?

  87. Stephen

    A typical response we have come to expect from you

    If an army is a killing machine, with all it amazing firepower and resources, would it not be logical that there would be hundreds/ thousands/millions dead.

    Therefore the restraint evident in the low deaths rate in the face of the mass mob violence over about seven weeks on the Gaza border speaks volumes.

  88. Davy

    What International law has been breached

    What statute, promulgated where and by whom.

    If you want to quote law, then quote the laws as requested

    Any fool can repeat like a tape recorder, but to offer facts requires a modicum of effort and brain.

    1. The United Nations Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials hold that security forces shall “apply non-violent means before resorting to the use of force and firearms,” and that “whenever the lawful use of force and firearms is unavoidable, law enforcement officials shall: (a) Exercise restraint in such use and act in proportion to the seriousness of the offence and the legitimate objective to be achieved; (b) Minimize damage and injury, and respect and preserve human life.” Furthermore, “intentional lethal use of firearms may only be made when strictly unavoidable in order to protect life.”

  89. Rodgers wodgers and bodgers

    So its Sharpeville again

    In Sharpeville there was a protest against blacks having to carry ‘passes’, identity documents
    It was a fairly static demo on roads and fields near the township; no stone throwing, no en-masse charging armed police, no petrol bombs.
    The African National Congress (ANC) who organised the protests never called for the destruction of South Africa and/or the murder of whites
    In fact the ANC has never in its Charter, or elsewhere, called for the destruction of South Africa and/or the murder of whites

    Gaza has mass charging by mobs towards armed soldiers on the other side of a border fence; they throw and slingshot stones, they hurl firebombs and improvised explosive devices (pipe bombs) etc, they do use the occasional firearm.
    And they have stated in the Hamas charter, and often verbally, that their intention is to destroy Israel and murder Jews

    If you compare Sharpeville to Gaza you again display that amazing ability to misrepresent and distort fact to suit your own agenda

  90. Stevie boy oh boy

    Wild comments and allegations wilfully thrown around

    So my oft asked and oft ignored by you, questions on why you call Israel
    1) a basketcase
    2) the most dependant nation on earh
    3) a kleptomaniac
    and why you libel and disparage
    1) Arkush
    2) BoD
    3) JLC

    You are always very quick with the glib replies and mindless, vacuous comments; but always rather slow or totally ignore any attempt to ever put a bit of body to your accusations

    One can only deduce from that that you either have no opinion, in which case you should zip it, or you are a mindless idiot.
    Do enlighten us

    As we hold on waiting for inane commentary from Davy

    1. Tell you what Richard I will address the questions you ask that could remotely regard as empirical ones.

      What have I said about Arkush, the Bored and the JLC that you are questioning the veracity of ?

  91. Chrissy hissy

    What were people in wheelchairs doing at a violent protest/riot

    Maybe they are looking for trouble, or they are just plain stupid

    1. …. or just being on their own land, Richard?

      If straying from your own land, which none did, is punishable by death then let’s hear no more condemnation when settlers are murdered by those on that land.

      Does that apply?

  92. Hissy Chrisy

    When an estimated 40 000 to 50 000 strong crowd, dedicated to destroying Israel and murdering Jews, attacks Israels border and about 60 get killed and you call it a massacre, then I have to question both your evaluative abilities and whether your moral compass has gone awry.

    You are supporting Jew hating jihadists whose purpose is to try replicate the Holocaust, and you denigrate Jews for attempting to protect themselves. Shame on you

    Your moral compass, your so-called compasion index are twisted out of all recognition when it comes to the conflict between Jews and Arabs

  93. Davy

    The UN is not a law making body

    In terms of restraint, Israel is being totally restrained, as it would be possible with the Palestinian provocation for casualties to run into hundreds/thousands/millions (as the firepower does exist)

    Methinks the verbal barrage against Israel has more to do with the personal hate against Jews that many feel, and have felt, for countless centuries

  94. Davy

    Your inane comment has just reinforced my argument

    None have managed to stray onto Israeli/Jewish land for the sole reason that the Israeli army has prevented them.

    They have not entered Israel for lack of trying, and if they managed to overwhelm the soldiers at the border there would be thousands/millions of Jew dead, which would probably make you quite happy

  95. Bodger Rodgers

    The UN partition plan of 1947 was UNGA thus an advisory only (check Laws)

    The border runs along what became accepted by Israel and Egypt as the armistice line after 1949

    It is probably the easiest border to define between Israel and the Palestinians as it is accepted by both, and to the best of my knowledge has never been disputed by anyone, other than those whose stated intention is the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews [who are your friends I believe]

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