Jewish protestor injured

Hypocritical tweets and violence, why a Jewish protestor ends up in hospital

Yesterday evening a 70-year-old Jewish woman was attacked outside an event that set out to deny there is an antisemitism problem in the Labour Party. Eye witnesses claim she was’ kicked in the face’. Live footage shows another woman being attacked and we also see the injured woman, on the floor, being attended to by police. Luckily neither of the victims were seriously hurt. This is a new world we live in now, where those who are responsible for the societal division and anti-Jewish incitement deliberately play dumb and hide behind empty slogans and soundbites.

It started with a tweet. Yesterday afternoon Jeremy Corbyn posted a tweet blaming the Conservative party for ‘the politics of division’ and for creating a ‘toxic hostile environment’.


The catalyst for the tweet was a new report showing an increase in hate crime. The figures related to religious attacks and like most statistics, can be read many ways. Numerically, anti-Muslim hate clearly leads the way. Innocent people become targets of hate through the twisted associative and conspiratorial mindset of the racist so there are predictable spikes after radical Islamic terror attacks. Yet the figures also show that you are twice as likely to be attacked as a Jew in the UK than as a Muslim. Jewish numerical inferiority simply shields the truth. And here is the crunch, the finger of blame for the attacks on the Jewish community has to be pointed towards Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. Yet here he is, king of all hypocrites, passing the blame onto someone else.

The event

There was nothing special about the event. Hosted at a fire brigade building at the Holloway end of Seven Sisters Road in London, this was a meeting of hate put together by Momentum, the SWP and the PSC. Currently these hard-left Labour Party supporters are engaged in a national tour trying to build unity so as to reject the adoption of the IHRA definition. Yesterday they were in London, tonight they are in Manchester. An event with a similar theme also took place last night in Sheffield and a couple of days earlier in Leeds. Tomorrow the circus goes to Bristol. Through a denial of the antisemitism problem in Labour, these events sell the idea of Jewish power, of Jewish media control and of Jewish political manipulation.

Some Jewish people went to this particular event to voice opposition. A few of the Jewish people were refused entry, some got inside, some of those were later evicted.

They were vocal outside. At about 20:15 one of the Jewish women protesting was attacked. Almost immediately a second was. The attackers were also female. The protest was being live-streamed by Ambrosine Shitrit, one of the victims. 70-year-old Sharon Klaff was ‘repeatedly kicked in the head‘ by the attackers. Sharon, suffering concussion, was taken to hospital.

Shifting Blame

You would think given an attack on two innocent demonstrators, that led to one being hospitalised, condemnation would have been swift. Think again. And it is here we see the real danger, not in the attack itself, but in the response. There were security guards standing outside the event. None came to help as two women were attacked.  I posted a tweet breaking news of the attack and the excuses came in really quickly. Just a few examples:

Scary to think that the ‘brought to justice’ referenced in that final tweet actually refers to the victims, not the attackers.

A few comments from the antisemitic cesspit ‘Palestine Live’:

Can you image any other victim of violence being treated in this manner. It isn’t just excused, it is condoned and understood.

Incitement against Jewish people

See how quickly violence is excused and the blame is shifted onto the protestors even though the video evidence clearly shows an unprovoked physical attack. Yet these posts/tweets highlight the danger of Corbynism to British Jews. Protest becomes ‘disruption’.  Opposing Corbyn makes you ‘far-right’. Zionists are ‘violent’ in the way they look at you. Jews who have voices are smeared through non-existent association. Zionists become ‘daleks’. It is the Jews who ‘threaten’, even as one is transported in an ambulance to hospital.

This whole pro-Corbyn movement is based on 90%+ of Jewish people being as bad if not worse than the Nazis. Think about that label and what it justifies. If Jews are Nazis, then who wouldn’t want to hurt them? If there was a real-life Nazi at the end of my garden, I’d sure want to take a pop. Jews are Nazis, and Israel, the homeland of the Jews, is a racist endeavour. These antisemitic labels are the very elements of the IHRA that this circus is trying to oppose.

When two people attack protestors standing by the Israeli flag, it is likely because the pro-Corbyn movement are publicly teaching their supporters that Jews are fascists and racists. That Jews are so powerful the ‘enlightened public’ aren’t even allowed to talk about it. They are taught that Antisemitism in Labour does not exist and Jews are using their power to silence dissent. If you haven’t seen it yet, that message is coming to a town near you. It is a show running nationwide. A show called ‘Corbyn’s Labour’.



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75 thoughts on “Hypocritical tweets and violence, why a Jewish protestor ends up in hospital

  1. Rich of a blogger who consistantly spits venom and bile against Jeremy Corbyn with NO evidence whatsoever to accuse others of ‘hate’.

    Now that IS hypocritical.

    1. Wow, you’ve just proved David right, on absolutely everything he’s written on this topic.

          1. Racist? See Israel’s racist Law “The fulfillment of the right of national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the JEWISH people.”

            Thankyou, Ted.

            1. Farmboy, What percentage of the population of Israel are Non-Jewish?

              What percentage of the population of Saudi Arabia, Gaza, Syria, Islamic Republic of Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Lebanon, Islamic Republic of Pakistan,

              are Non-Muslim?

              How many Jews live in Islamofascist Gaza???

            2. do you have an idea, what “national self determination” means? 🙂 seems you don’t.
              but I’m generous today, so I’ll explain it to you:
              it means, no other nation can create its national state inside the israeli borders 🙂
              it’s like stating that your apartment is only yours, because you own it, and if some occasional guest, that you hosted for a while, a girlfriend, or a roommate you let in because he was in trouble, dare to claim their fictional and non-existent “right” on it, or on some part of it, they can’t do this. they can live in the apartment, they have all the rights to use its utilities, they have the same right to vote and to be elected, so non-jews participate full time in all the decisions, they are legally equal with no discrimination against them. the only thing they are being denied is the right to claim that Israel isn’t a jewish national state, but an arab national state, or druz national state, or cherkesian national state, or aramic national state, or russian national state, or… name a nation of your choice, I’m tired… 🙂
              if it still sounds racist to you, try to imagine a chinese community claiming its right to England, demanding of you to accept and respect chinese laws, chinese leadership and actually, to become a part of China? or if the same chinese community suddenly decides to separate itself from the rest of the country and creates a country of its own inside England, with all the harming consequences of such a move… I don’t know if there are any attempts to do something like that in the UK, but I know that this peoblem is very alive and actual in Israel. and for Israel (not only for Israel, but especially for Israel :)), allowing such a thing is simply suicidal. that’s why this law came in. and that’s why all the good-hearted antisemites if tge world are after this law, seeking to eraze it. this law makes the distruction of Israel a bit more complicated mission. without this law Israel was much more vulnerable.

              hope, I made this point a bit clearer for you… and sorry for my poor english, I’m still working on it 🙂

              1. Really excellent summation Sophia. Don’t get distracted by the several trolls who post there courtesy of David’s munificence.

    2. There is no shortage of evidence of Corbyn’s anti-Semitism, either here or in the press reporting on Corbyn’s own actions and statements.

      If you object to Corbyn being partially blamed for this violence, you should have condemned and distanced yourself from it and then linked to a strong and clear condemnation from Corbyn himself.

    1. What is an okay age for a woman to be subject to violence Bellers and if she “is not innocent” are you saying she had it coming?

        1. Here, you’re commenting on violence towards women by mentioning someone called ‘Harv’ and on Twitter by talking about David. Why dodge the question? Do you think this woman had it coming?

            1. I see. You’ve gone down this path. Others have taken the route of suggesting that the ones that pushed and kicked the woman in the head were simply passers-by. Others still have said that the people were genuine participants in the meeting who were entitled to enter the event without being harassed and so the violence was entirely justified. 3 versions and yet a Jewish woman apparently over the age of 50 was hospitalised following a violent assault. Your’e saying you’re okay with this then?

              1. Ian you are wasting your time. I am not allowing you to set the emotive agenda. And I don’t answer have you quit beating your wife questions. ( David is pretty adept at dodging them too. )

                When the cops have established the facts ( including how serious the assault was and who was responsible and what the provocation was if any) and we are no longer relying on David’s eye witnesses then I will be able to judge what I am ok with. Given Sharon Klaff’s history I would be careful about making too many assumptions.

                Having said that it is looking increasingly like she was mugged for the sake of her phone. We will see.

    2. Stephen. Having watched the footage, I think it is absolutely clear Sharon was entirely innocent. I asked and was told she is 70. If you have evidence to the contrary, I would be happy to change that detail.

        1. And by ” not innocent” I meant she is not a non combatent. What actually happened I don’t know. I am sure the police and eventually the appropriate court wiestablish this for us. Won’t they Harv ?

          1. Are you characterising this woman as “not a non combatent” (sic) to justify her being hospitalised following a violent assault?

            So far you’ve remarked about David & “Harv”, made an in-joke and attempted to justify violence against women, all in response to an article about an elderly Jewish woman being assaulted at a political meeting.

            Good activism this.

            1. See above. I am not justifying anything because I don’t know what I would be justifying. We have it is claimed a violent assault during which she was ” repeatedly kicked in the face” but yet ” was not badly hurt”.

              Like I say, we will see, but I am increasingly sensing you are destined to look pretty stupid over this. We will see.

  2. Bellers, I couldn’t care less about your tactics for social media activism, your fears of concession to an imagined opponent or anything else. When an elderly woman, any elderly woman from any point on the spectrum is injured and hospitalised for vocal protest at a political meeting and someone like you makes light of it as you have I am never wasting my time calling you out for what you are.

      1. Que Nakba, Nakba
        Whatever will be, will be
        Your Nakba is for all to see
        Que Nakba, Nakba

        For the ignorant, “Nakba”, is the buzzword used to remember the 1948 defeat of 5 attacking Arab armies, none of which was the army of an existing “Palestine”, to defeat and decimate the Zionists of Israel.

        1. Actually, Nakba is the policy of Zionists, in fulfillmment if their political goal, of expelling indigenous non-Jews from their towns and lands and preventing their return at any cost, and razing their towns and villages and planting forests in their place (a policy known as ethnic cleansing).
          The Nakba started well before the “attack” by Arab countries – which actually never attemped to annihilate the Zionists, but instead only pursued limited operations, only focused on Arab towns and almost entirely oustide the territory of Israel (the only exceptions were simple crossings by Egyptian army to reach Arab territory; and in the case of Jordan operation was entirely coordinated with the Zionists).

          1. you read too many fiction novels. This is a fascinating telegram from Feb 1948. Look how many irregulars were already inside. Note as well, that the casualties on the group in the incident described came from repelling an Arab attack.

                1. Ed, check out the Saintly and much revered Douglas Murray on this subject. He is marvellous and I believe that Bellers and the Personae are massive fans.

                  1. Yep. Douglas Murray is among the best, along with Melanie Phillips and Pat Condell and I add Katie Hopkins and Bill Maher (when it comes to Islam).

          2. It’s a curious comment. David, do you think the existence itself of “Arab irregulars” in Feb 1948 in Palestine, is an argument?

            Let’s point out, btw, that Edward mentions the armies of “5 Arab countries”, he himself links the Nakba to an “attack” by “5 Arab countries”, and his version of history is obviously false (since the Nakba had begun long before), so we shall note he is first who seems to have been reading some fiction novel.

            All the things that I wrote before are historical facts.
            I wonder why you push the idea that the presence of irregulars itself would determine a different historical paradigm. Does the presence of irregulars itself mean that the Arabs were the aggressors? Obviously not. This is nonsensical.

  3. “There is no shortage of evidence of Corbyn’s anti-Semitism.”?

    There’s certainly a shortage in your locker and in David’s. You’re both running on empty.

  4. Lower than it would have been had Arabs not been ethnically cleansed from the region as their villages were destroyed by Jewish militia.

    Answer to question … Dunno.

    Perhaps the IDF knows how many they left when they evicted the settlers from Gaza, Ted.

    1. Farmboy, 800,000+ Jews were ethnically cleansed from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria. And their property was stolen and they are denied compensation.

      The 700,000 Arabs, AKA “palestinians” are the sad pawns of Islamofascist entities.

      1. 1) Arab Jews left countries or were expelled *subsequently* to the rise of Zionism and mostly after the Palestinian Nakba
        2) The Jews who left the Arab countries of which they were citizens were ethnical Arabs (of Jewish religion)
        3) Many of those Arab Jews – not all – were treated unjustly by Arab governments, stripped of their properties and/or citizenship; but the first question about bringing them justice and compensation should be: did they seek compensation? Is there an entity, a state, or an international agency who seeks compensation on their behalf? If not, why?
        4) the last and most important question: do they have a right to return? Do their descendants have a right to have their properties and citizenship back?
        Please note that there are European countries who grant citizenship to the descendants of European Jews who fled during WWII or during Nazi regime: the descendants of European Jews are recognized a right to return and to have citizens rights and to seek compensation.

  5. OK I am going to stick my neck out

    Make some statements that maybe won’t stand the test of time, though I think they mostly will.

    Sharon Klaff is 70. A well preserved 70 but I withdraw the assertion that she isn’t

    Sharon Klaff is the most obnoxious racist among David’s lunatic fringe mates.

    What is interesting has been the reaction among the smarter Israelists.

    The Israelist gutter press ” reported” it but with extreme caution.

    Even the scam merchants of CST have ignored it . Likewise JLC, LFI, JLM.

    On the other hand the lunatic fringe, led by David have gleefully jumped all over it .

    Here is what happened.

    The nut job Shitrit made a determined sustained attempt to disrupt the meeting, and got thrown out. Outside she continued to spout her crap through a megaphone much to the annoyance of local residents. Sharon turned up ( late ). Obviously the commotion attracted the attention of passers by including a couple of local muggers. Sharon was waving her phone about as she usually does and was mugged for the sake of it.

    Sharon did not sustain any measurable physical injuries but was very shaken up as anyone would be. Nonetheless according to the lunatic fringe she was kicked repeatedly in the face. Shitface forgot that she had previously stated she had been kicked in the back of her head She was hospitalised on the strength of shitface’s hysterical ramblings to the effect that she was concussed. She was discharged shortly thereafter not withstanding that the lunatic fringe claim she was detained over night.

    Nothing to see here but no Ian I am not ok with people getting mugged.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  6. Corbyn is vile scum. No wonder the little shites infesting this site (and others), Bellend and Farmyard Manure, adore him.

    1. I don’t know him much. I’m not from his country.
      His positions, as they are reported in my country, appear to be standard old left, quite common here. The remarkable fact is that he became the leader of the Labour Party.
      But what I can see rather clearly is how ridiculosly histerical and dishonest the “anti-semitism” media campaign against him is (and I note the intrinsically fraudolent nature of the ICHR definition)

  7. You’re just one of the simple flock, none of you can show that Corbyn is antisemitic … not one of you.

    1. Farmboy, Just Google “corbyn antisemite” and feast your beady eyes.

      Google “corbyn hezbola” and feast your beady eyes.

      Happy Nakba you Fascist Pig!

  8. Sharon Klaff is 70 years old fact. Sharon Klaff was beaton up on the streets of London fact. Anybody that tries to excuse or rationalise it any shape or form, for whatever reason is not only warped but a threat to Western values and sanity.

    1. On the streets of London is the active ingredient. And actually I have never been a big fan of western values by which I assume you mean the industrial/military complex.
      It is all Plato’s fault

    2. I did notice that Mark Lewis was among the lunatic fringers, without any proper thought, stupidly jumped all over it. But that is pretty much what we have come to expect from him.

      Anyway how is your race with Mauren to leave the country again shaping up ?

      Won’t be long now huh ?

  9. What are Western values, Mandy? Arresting minors at dead of night, blindfolding them, binding them and imprisoning them. Firing squads shooting protesters dead on their own land, flouting the Geneva Conventions at every turn? Israel thinks so. What do YOU think?

  10. Ah, Mandy. The one who kept shtum on television and didn’t dare to clarify her membership of a Zionist group. Naughty. ….. even deceitful. Oscar for that.

  11. “no other nation can create its national state inside the israeli borders ” … as I said … racism. Limited to the Jewish nation, not Muslim, not Christian.

    You have made the case that it is NOT a democracy, which is fine by the Jews that live there. Please don’t claim that it’S A DEMOCRACY … THAT’S UNTRUE!

    1. of course it is a democracy Mike. It rates as a democracy in every international index of democracies. You simply repeating nonsense over and over again doesn’t make it any more real.

  12. Good post Sophia. Getting a “Jeezus” from Stephen is a badge of honour. As one of his much used slogans it normally follows a post to which he feels duty-bound to comment but has nothing real to say. You will see in this thread that it took 7 exchanges for him to be satisfied that it would not compromise his online activist strategy to share an opinion on violence towards elderly women.

    Your success in aggravating other Jew haters here is was a bonus. The passionate Zionists amongst us are reminded of the joy that comes from a Jewish State in which neither us, our children or grandchildren will ever have to rub shoulders with people with this level of hate, hear their voices in our lives or be subjected to their will.

      1. Aah Bellers, much as you may yearn for a shoulder rub from my pudgy Zio-digits you’ll have to seek your thrills elsewhere. The Jewish State has my full attention and after your shoddy Bedouin brickwork they’d never let you back in.

    1. If Sophia wishes to log ‘hate’ she should stick around. She’ll see it flow serially from the blog writer and his pet pouch, Edward.

      1. Bellers, if this is another of your personae its going to be a 3.5/10 from me. Way too obvious, not enough slogans and barely an in-joke in sight. Much prefer your Gabriel.

  13. My least favourite one is Leah, when I play Devil’s/Israel’s advocate. Hate the foul language and low-life persona.

  14. So, were the Arab parties in this ‘democracy’ to form a Knesset majority you would accept ìt as a Muslim state?

    “simply repeating nonsense over and over again doesn’t make it any more real.” …. as with the accusations of Labour Party antisemitism, David.

    1. I have no interest in discussing Labour’s antisemitism with someone who looked through the Palestine Live report and didn’t see any. You have no credibility whatsoever on that score.
      You question on Arab parties and so on is irrelevant. Israel is a democracy. Period.

        1. Stephen, given that Jeremy Corbyn isn’t the leader of Manchester I think that David will plump for the LP.

  15. You misquote me. Please correct.

    Israel is, OF COURSE, not a democracy.

    Seems our OPINIONS differ.

    1. Islam is, OF COURSE, not “The Religion of Peace”.

      See 9/11, London’s 7/7 transport attacks, beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby on the streets of London, London and Westminster bridge attacks, Manchester arena bombing, public threats of 9/11 scale attacks on the UK and Europe, Paris massacres on Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan, Bastille Day truck jihad in Nice, bombing of Pan Am 103, thwarted inflight bombings by sneaker and underwear bombers, Brussels airport bombing, Moscow subway, Beslan school massacre, Mumbai India massacre, Nairobi Kenya mall massacre, Bali, Halabja Iraq poison gas massacre, 1972 Olympics massacre, DC Beltway snipers, Boston Marathon massacre, Orlando nightclub massacre, Fort Hood massacre, San Bernardino Christmas party massacre, destruction of antiquities of Palmyra and the two 1,500 year old Buddahs of Bamiyan Afghanistan, near nuclear war between Hindu majority India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Fascist Iran and Hamass Gaza executing gays, Fascist Iran stoning girls to death over “family honour”, Rotherham rape gangs, bombing of USS Cole, 1993 truck bombing of the WTC, Luxor massacre, attacks on the Coptic Christians of Egypt, …

      “The Religion of Peace” is nothing of the sort.

      Which Arab/Muslim entities are “Democratic” and maintain separation between mosque and state???

  16. The Labour Party certainly does have a problem with ‘antisemitism’..

    The torrent of ridiculous false accusations being levelled against it by supporters of Isreal’s regime, from attempting to label an anti-oligarch mural as ‘antisemitic to insisting that recognising Israel’s racism is somehow ‘antisemitic’ even though only a fraction of Jews live there or even want to.

    Meanwhile millions need the austerity directed at the poorer in society need Labour at the helm, while such rubbish distracts

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