Amnesty seeking the destruction of Israel

Amnesty International admits – it wants the destruction of Israel

People who have been paying attention to the ethical demise of Amnesty International have known for a long time that the NGO has a problem with Jews and is helping those that seek the destruction of the Jewish state. I even wrote a 200 page report that covered the subject. But now that we have heard it straight from the horse’s mouth, there is no argument any more. Amnesty International has decided that there is no room on the planet for one tiny Jewish state. Amnesty can deny it all it likes – but these days the once respected NGO is as antisemitic as they come.

The truth was told by Paul O’Brien. O’Brien was talking to a Women’s National Democratic Club audience, it was a one-hour event, and the talk was also carried via Zoom. He is Executive Director at Amnesty International USA and is a key executive at the NGO.  Last Wednesday O’Brien finally came clean and told the world what everyone with a brain already knew. Amnesty International wants to wipe Israel off the map.

It was not recorded, or at least the recording has not been made available. Jewish Insider swiftly reported on what was said. O’Brien later said on Twitter that his words were taken out of context – but he only appears to have addressed one of the many problematic quotes. O’Brien also says he has seen a transcript, but it is pretty obvious that if the transcript actually supported him – he’d publish it. It says a lot that he chose not to.

The Paul O’Brien quotes

To understand the sinister Amnesty mindset let’s look at what was said. From the Jewish Insider report:

That one of Amnesty’s goals in publishing their Apartheid report was to “collectively change the conversation” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This change ‘needs to start first and foremost with the Jewish community,’.

O’Brien rejected surveys which show most American Jews are pro-Israel, saying ‘I actually don’t believe that to be true,’ O’Brien said regarding those figures. ‘I believe my gut tells me that what Jewish people in this country want is to know that there’s a sanctuary that is a safe and sustainable place that the Jews, the Jewish people can call home.’

Jews want ‘a safe Jewish space,’ not a ‘Jewish state’. ‘I think they (American Jews) can be convinced over time that the key to sustainability is to adhere to what I see as core Jewish values, which are to be principled and fair and just in creating that space.’

He said Israel ‘shouldn’t exist as a Jewish state,’ before adding the usual hard left nonsense that Amnesty ‘takes no political views on any question, including the right of the State of Israel to survive.’.

Support for the right of the people to self-determination also had a big ‘but’ – ‘we are opposed to the idea — and this, I think, is an existential part of the debate — that Israel should be preserved as a state for the Jewish people.’

Putting all that together it is difficult to see how Paul O’Brien can claim anything has been taken out of context. Everything we need to know is there. We read him – and Amnesty – loud and clear.

The imperialist, supremacist mindset

Reading through the quotes, it is impossible to overstate how disgraceful the Amnesty mindset has become. They are not dealing with human rights or international law at all. They are also wilfully ignoring the only people that matter – the Israelis themselves. Israel is a full and vibrant democracy. Amnesty talk to others about how conversations need to change – who on earth does O’Brien think he is?

He displays a classic supremacist, imperialist mindset. Neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians want the type of state that O’Brien is selling. O’Brien is no different from those in the 1800s that thought they knew best and imposed the will of the European empires on the rest of the world. Sitting in plush offices inside the world’s most powerful nation, he actually seeks to impose ‘regime change’ on MENA’s only functioning democracy. Why? What gives him the right to override the wishes of the Israeli population?

Does he ask them what they want? Is he at all interested? No, of course not. He knows that with Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, the Islamic Jihad and numerous other radical Islamist terror groups all out to destroy Israel, the Israelis are not going to be fooled by modern leftist doublespeak. So Amnesty talks to naive and easily fooled Europeans and Americans about how Israel needs to be forced into submission.

He ignores the wishes of the only democratic nation in the region, wants to destroy their state, force them into submission and then he dares to speak about respecting human rights. Is there no limit to this man’s hypocrisy?

Islamist submission

And ‘submission’ is the right word. Because every nation in the MENA region bar one, is an Islamist dominated oppressive state. There is not a single MENA state in which human rights are observed and protected to the level that they are inside Israel. Not one. So the problem is not human rights. If it were about human rights, there are a few dozen states that would be well ahead in the queue. The problem is that unlike every other state in the region – Israel has a Jewish character. And that is the *only* reason it is being targeted.

The Islamists want Israel gone. And NGOs like Amnesty, that have been absorbing employees who wave the flag of Pakistan, support the Pakistani cricket team and celebrate Pakistan’s independence day, have bent to the ideological bias of their politicised employees. They don’t see anything wrong with the dozens of states that declare Islam to be the state religion in their constitutions. There is little noise from Amnesty as Islamist state after Islamist state suffocates everything but Islam from within their borders. But they scream ‘genocide’ when Jews build houses in Jerusalem. The other group of Amnesty employees, ‘leftist progressive supremacists’, have been cornered into only being allowed to deal with things that do not offend their co-workers. Have you seen what bothers Amnesty these days? Over the last 4 years it has been Trump, Palestine, Kashmir, the Uighurs and Myanmar. Almost nothing else got a look in.

The Amnesty International that we knew has gone. They may as well be taking their orders directly from Qatar or Pakistan.

Tokenising Jews, silencing their voice

We are left with O’Brien sitting in his ivory tower talking about Jews. He says he knows what Jews think. He disagrees with surveys that suggest he may be wrong. O’Brien clearly thinks he knows Jews better than they know themselves. British Jews know this antisemitic feature of the hard-left all too well. We dealt with it as it ran rampant through the Labour Party. People telling Jews that they knew better than the Jews, what being Jewish was about.

Since when was it in Amnesty’s remit to cast aside surveys of American Jews and suggest that Amnesty know better?

Like many, O’Brien does not understand ‘Jews’ at all. I am sure he has one or two Jewish friends. People, with one foot already outside of the community who have turned their ‘Jewishness’ into something abstract and meaningless. Just as the Corbynites hid behind fringe hate groups like Jewish Voice for Labour, Amnesty have found their ‘acceptable’ Jews now too.

But Jews won’t be told by naive fools such as O’Brien what they do or do not want. We will reject Amnesty’s blatant antisemitism. The Jewish people were stateless for long enough. We know all too well how high the price can be for political impotence. And as we look at Ukraine – it is worth reminding ourselves of the reality of the world that we live in. The world needs a Jewish state that is independent and capable of defending itself. We need Israel. This is not up for debate.

Seeking the destruction of Israel

So now we know for sure. Amnesty International is seeking the destruction of Israel. O’Brien has his vision. He calls it a ‘Jewish safe space’. He says Israel should not exist as ‘a Jewish state’. We recognise this terminology. It is the same language that BDS uses. With Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran all making genocidal threats, O’Brien is trying to convince Jews they live in ‘Switzerland’.

He has the same problem many on the left do. He sees Jews as white and privileged and he sees Palestinians as ‘brown’ and gives them no agency. Rather than viewing the Islamist need for imperial domination as the problem, he sees the tiny Jewish safe haven as being the cause of the conflict. There is no point looking for logic, truth or consistency in this. It is the same incoherent modern leftist swamp in which antisemitism thrives.

The bottom line is this. Amnesty seeks the destruction of Israel. They want a world without an independent state for the Jewish people. They have clearly placed this at the top of their ideological wish list. There is no argument anymore. Amnesty International are as antisemitic as they come.


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64 thoughts on “Amnesty International admits – it wants the destruction of Israel

  1. Heaven forbid we were in the same position as the poor sods in Ukraine with Prime Minister Bennett having to do Zoom calls on the daily, begging for support from a disinterested world when Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran’s proxies bomb our civilian populations. As long as there were loads of dead Jews on the telly, we’d get the same platitudes from a geriatric yank, a UK buffoon and a French puppet all of whom would wear nice new T shirts with Israeli flags on and give us standing fucking ovations in their legislative chambers; all the while threatening harsh repercussions to the aggressors on their official Twitter feeds. Terrifying.

    Luckily, we smile at all the right times, keeping all the right people on side and make them feel like they have influence in our region. Meanwhile our air force controls the skies and our army ensures that our enemies are ‘neutralised’ the moment they threaten our safety. This is our reward for controlling our own affairs and being the hardest fucking bastards in the neighbourhood. We do like it this way.

  2. Mr. O’Brian’s remarks are significant because of his lack of embarrassment in making them in a mainstream, center left forum. Antisemitism has become so normalized on the extreme left that it can be freely expressed even in an environment that isn’t supposed to accept the assumptions of people like him. There has been abundant comments on conservatives not isolating themselves from white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Progressives need to draw a line between themselves and antisemites.

  3. If the Russian invasion of Ukraine has done nothing else, it has demonstrated how essential it is for Jews to have a country run by Jews that will not depend on any other country to come to its aid in its darkest hour. For this joker to suggest a safe place for Jews can be created without Jews in control of it is ludicrous! I remember the days when Amnesty International was an honorable organization, highlighting terrible injustices inflicted on good people by evil regimes. Today, it has become a disgrace not worthy of any kind of public support.

  4. Progressivism and Antisemitism now seem to go hand in hand…..

    Progressives should rebrand themselves as REGRESSIVES because that is what they actually are…..


      1. Ooh, lucky you Ken. You got Stephen to wheel out one of his lesser seen devices; questioning a common term or expression and pretending like it’s the first time he’s ever heard it. Classic shithousery. Then again he is a lickle rebel solja and when duty calls our lickle hero leaps into action.

          1. You see Ken? Now he’s doing the inane repetition shtick. Reckon we’re good for a few more of these.

            Before you know it, it’ll be “oooh look at Dave’s bff Scoffee, being shouty in the street”, copy/pastes of his lickle rebel solja tunes and “I am Oirish, honest”.

            That’s Pokery with Purpose, my friend.

                  1. Tune Stephen and I don’t even mind that you’ve copy/pasted the same link with the same remark as you did in the previous two episodes.

                    Being a lickle rebel solja like you is not just about passion and heroism. It’s about efficiency; foighting da good foight one poke at a time.


  5. Following the failure of 4 existential wars , two Intifada and countless acts of terrorism , the far left in unison with Islamofascism, devised a new far reaching strategy to work tirelessly to create a schism within the Jewish Diaspora . By removing the underlying support for Israel , they could cut it off financially , politically and most important from Jewish immigration . Durban 2005 was where this strategy was promulgated along with the meme of Apartheid .
    They have to some extent seen success with far left orgs such as Yachad and Na’amod in the UK and JVP and JStreet in the USA . However that’s as far as it goes and while some low hanging fruit has been picked off , their end goals have moved further away with the advent of the Abraham Accords and of course the ever growing Christian Zionist Movement especially in the US .

    Jews in the Diaspora will always be a target given 2,000 years of persecution and the resulting compunction to assimilate . On the other hand Israelis have no such self doubt and will get along just fine without the Diaspora stragglers .

    The likes of Amnesty and others are biting on granite and as much as they would like to think their goals are long term , in reality the train left the station long ago and is heading in the other direction .

    Amnesty are quite deluded if they think otherwise . Many Western democracies have already rejected the so called report out of hand , leaving just failed Arab states, pariah states such as Iran and N.Korea and of course Amnesty’s dedicated echo chamber .

    1. Ooooo! It’s TESCO Harv slivering out from under his rock!

      Back to you rickshaw, Harv, you have customers waiting!

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray 🙏 ✡️

    2. Harv in the end days which of the Christian Zio options do you plan to choose ? Are you gonna go for burning in hell or for accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour ?

  6. The destruction of apartheid Israel would usher in an era of peace in the region.

    1. Cheer up Loonster….

      Nobody is boycotting Israel……because Israel is NOT an apartheid country…..

      Now take your meds…..and go back to sleep…….

      1. The United Nations says Israel IS an apartheid state. So does Amnesty.

        Both have much more credibility than you, Cretin “Ken”.

  7. This is your casual reminder that Israel is STILL an apartheid state.

    That. Is. All.

    1. But Brucie, if you can lie that your mum was a halachic Jew, what else can you lie about ?

      1. Unlike your beloved Rabbi, my JEWISH Mum (may her memory be a blessing) did not keep a Kosher home, but she was much an enemy of Zionism as much as me, because she believed in altruism, equality and dignity for Palestinians.

  8. Wonderful to see how the civilised world has so actively boycotted a GENUINE human rights abuser like Putin….

    It’s also wonderful to see how the same civilised world point blank REFUSES to boycott what is the ONLY free and democratic country in the Middle East….Israel

    Am Yisroel Chai……

  9. It seems to have now become the norm that Antisemites know exactly who and what Jews are , and can thus tell us Jews ‘how we think’.

    There have been a few posters over the years, an example being JackT, who specialise in telling Jews how to think while always referencing their Jewish ‘friends’. And they seem to get so agitated and angry when us ‘Joooos’ don’t heed their sage advise

    1. Some of my best friends are Jooos.

      Palestinian Hamantashen anyone?

    2. That’s right Richard. I spotted our Brucie over on the “BLM Advocacy” blog claiming to be an Evangelical Pastor and saying “I am black, honest” just to have a poke at some of the locals.

      Nah, just messing. It is funny though when goyim like him and others make it their life’s work to be the “I know best. Be like me” guys. Lucky for them that they have the internet. Otherwise it’d be the decorator’s table, a cagoul and a few soggy flyers down the High Street on a moist Monday in March.

      1. Bruce had a cushy number at ASDA till he was reported for vandalising Israeli products in other store groups and subsequently fired . He’s never forgiven the individuals who reported him 😜. After that he traduced ASDA obsessively on his Facebook wall . It shows the mark of the nebbach who was happy enough to take their money during his time blowing up balloons as their events coordinator . Best he takes a one way ticket to Gaza as long as he avoids the tall buildings .

        1. Our Brucie has mentioned a few times that the dismantling of the apparatus of Zionism and the complete destruction of the State of Israel is his life’s work. Vandalising property 2500 miles away and repeating “I am a Rabbi, honest” on the internet is one approach I suppose.

        2. Nice fantasy rickshaw puller, but you’ve got passengers to pull. Chop! Chop!

          1. Oh Brucie, we’ve covered this in our little chats. If your mum wasn’t a halachic Jew then you aren’t either. You know that. Of course it doesn’t stop you saying you are, but if you lie about that what else are you lying about?

            1. Hey “Ian” (happy to oblige) Glad that it’s you and you alone who sits in judgement and can define who a Joo is and who isn’t.

              1. No probs Brucie and thank you for your honesty. Sorry that you’ve let your circumstances define you. Much easier to understand why you spend so much of your time here trying to wind up Jews/Joos/whatever.

              2. Fucktard Levy…


                Is about as Jewish as a bacon sandwich….


                And that…is all….


                1. Ken. don’t be too hard on Brucie. We are all products of our upbringings. Some of my best friends are non-Jews from mixed marriages**. Some of them get by in life just fine. Others, like Brucie have a harder time with it and act out. Shame it’s let it define him and his life to this extent but that’s his choice.

                  ** I actually made that up but I think the point stands.

  10. Huge thanks to Stephen, Brucie and the house trolls. Entertaining me with your shtick here has helped to make me one of the 9th happiest on the planet according to the annual UN sponsored survey. Cheers and Shabbat shalom lads. (Inserts smiley face emoji, several Israeli flags and a big IDF tank obliterating an Iranian forward command post near Quneitra).

  11. Israeli Channel 12 revealed that Ukrainian refugees complain of attempts to persuade them to work in prostitution as soon as their plane landed at Ben Gurion Airport in “Israel.”

    These Jewish criminals take advantage of their rumbling bellies and anxiety for the future of their children. They use the fact that many of them have nowhere to turn to after their lives have been so horribly disrupted and offer them a “safe haven” and the prospect of a better life.

    Competition too for the many female IOF soldiers who engage in sex work in order to survive.

    Stereotypes types hard.

      1. They are Israelis, and your kind always likes to go on about “The Jewish State.” Can’t have it both ways “Ian.”

        I gave a cracker of a sermon the other day entitled “A World Without Zionism.” Galber would love it.

        1. “Jewish criminals” was your remark Brucie. Are you now saying “Israeli criminals” ?

          You are getting yourself in a bit of a tizzy here.

          1. Loonsters will always Loonster….


            Looks like F@cktard Levy has tied himself up in knots again….


            What a first class Loonster our Levy is….


      2. Lots of Israeli criminals and murderers claim to be Jewish, starting with every Prime Minister from Ben Gurion onwards. And that’s just scratching the surface.

        1. Still getting hung up about halachic Jews, Brucie. Honestly, you can’t change your past. Just learn to live with your present. Even you’re entitled to some inner peace.

  12. ‘Boxcar Brucie’ the pretend rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator,

    If Antisemites are left long enough their anti-Jewish Antisemitism will always expose itself. You called Israeli criminals as opposed to your normal references to Jews as Zionists

    You said…….’these Jewish criminals take advantage of their rumbling bellies and’. You are such a naughty boy. Or should I rather call you an Antisemitic hypocrite.

    Incidentally I’m still waiting for you to publicly supply some evidence of your so-called ordination as a rabbi. Until then please understand that we are rather sceptical of any of your alleged accomplishments

  13. ‘Boxcar Brucie’, The Holocaust revisionist and denigrator, and the pretend rabbi

    You said……’ I gave a cracker of a sermon the other day entitled “A World Without Zionism.” Galber
    would love it.’

    I was just wondering what part of the sewer you used for your ‘sermon’ and what group of rats and/or similar were your audience. No offence to real rats of course 😁😁😁

  14. NOTE TO READER: They are Israelis, and your kind always likes to go on about “The Jewish State.”

    Can’t have it both ways “Ian.”

    1. You still seem to be getting muddled Brucie.

      When you say “Israelis”, do you mean Arab Muslim ones, like the ones in the government, Arab Christian ones, like the ones who are judges or just the Jewish ones ?

      I’m all for your provocations but I do need to know what they are before I can decide whether I’m provoked or not. Can you clear this up ?

    2. Poor Brucie has tied himself up in a right load of knots hasn’t he…?

      🙄 😁 😉 😕 😝 😜 😂 😁

      Is Israel a Jewish state or isn’t it?


      This should be good…..


  15. ‘Boxcar Brucie ‘,the pretend rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and the

    It’s you Antisemites that always play it both ways.

    For you lot there is no difference with being anti-Jewish Antisemites and anti-Zionist, it’s just that sometimes you forget to pretend you’re not Antisemitic and tell the truth by mistake

    Still waiting for confirmation that proves your ordination as a rabbi

    1. From a Customer Service point of view Richard, if I were Brucie, I’d be far more concerned about the amount of time it is now taking Stephen to come to his rescue when he gets into bother. Normally there is a maximum call – out time in the contract of 12 hours and he’s certainly not getting that. We could send him the number for Oftroll.

      1. I don’t need rescuing when I speak truth “Ian.”

        1. If you feel that way Brucie, you’d better let Stephen know. He’s normally diving for his keyboard the moment you start looking a bit of a berk here. Shame if he’s given up on you.

    2. Are you saying there are no Jewish thieves, crooks and murderers in the apartheid state?

      1. “Jewish” thieves or Israeli thieves Brucie? You’ve already changed your mind about 5 times in this thread. I can’t decide if I’ve been provoked if you can’t decide how you’re trying to provoke me.

      2. Brucie is has backed himself into a bit of a corner hasn’t he?

        🙄 😁 😉 😕 😝 😜 😂

        What a dozy c@nt he is…..


        Embarrassing……as per usual….


  16. ‘Boxcar Brucie’,the pretend rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    You are thicker than a inert clod of dirt.

    I was saying that anti-Jewish Antisemites always try to conceal their Antisemitism by saying that they are anti-Zionist and that sometimes they forget to conceal their intent and use the term Zionist and Jew interchangeably.

    You did just that when talking about Zionists you referred to them as Jews.

    Ben Guirion always said that when we have Jews in prison as criminals etc we Jews can start to be a normal nation like the rest of the world.

    But you are to stupid and eaten up by your hatred to understand that

    1. It is a sad state of affairs Richard. Characters like Stephen and Brucie will live and die being nothing more than anonymous statistics on DC’s site analytics dashboard. It’s a lot of energy to expend to be a meaningless line of code in an infinite matrix. Ah well. At least they had each other.

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