The smear tactics of the Jeremy Corbyn cult. A case study.

We all know that the Jeremy Corbyn cult uses smear tactics. It can be well highlighted by this case study. It is a worthwhile exercise to show just how empty and crudely constructed these smears can be.

My website was attacked on the evening of the 22nd December. It was down for several hours and when the server restored the site, it remained unstable as the new security systems were configured. I have ample proof of the attack. For example there are numerous emails from the host company as they attempted to deal with the problem, including one that confirms a DDOS attack. Someone also kindly archived how the website looked at the time of the attack:

smear tactics 1

The antisemitic mindset of the Corbyn conspiracy cult

Everyone knows there are bad people in the world who pose a danger. But for the antisemite, this does not hold true for the Jews. In the eyes of the antisemite, the Jews *are* what is bad in the world. So when Jews complain they’ve been hacked, they are lying. When they say they are victims of antisemitic abuse, they are conspiring to smear someone, and even when six million of them ‘go missing’, they have somehow deceived the world just to gain power and make money. It does not matter that in some cases the antisemite has replaced the word ‘Jew’ with ‘Zionist’, the seams always show where it has been stitched in.

So through the eyes of the antisemites, the attack on my website could not be real. It did not take long for someone to write up a version that turned the DDOS attack into a conspiracy to smear Jeremy Corbyn supporters, and of course being Jewish, make some money whilst I did it. On 30th December, the Prole Star upload an article that did just that:

Prole Star smear tactics labour

The Prole Star and its editor

The Prole Star is a Jeremy Corbyn support media. It self references as a socialist site ‘counteracting mainstream media bias’. The Facebook page has 6000 followers.  On Twitter, they have another 10,000. It seems to rely on freelance writers desperately seeking media to publish their articles. The Editor and chief contributor is Maria Roberts. Roberts has been writing for the Pole Star for over two years.

I don’t know much about her. Her Facebook friends include Jacqueline Walker, Tony Greenstein, Piers Corbyn, Jon Lansman and Grahame Morris MP. Beyond her editorial role at the Pole Star, her profile also suggests she is a Director at a Company called ‘Red Letter Ltd‘.  Company House has her using the names ‘Jeanne Roberts‘ and ‘Jeanne Maria Roberts‘. She is listed as holding ‘overall control’. The accounts and Confirmation Statement are also both overdue, so if you are reading this Maria – chop-chop.

The smear tactics of the Prole Star

Maria Roberts decided I had made up the story about the DDos attack. In the article she calls me a ‘vicious online bully’ before ‘viciously’ going on to explicitly attack me. Roberts points out that I made the claim about the attack ‘shortly before asking for donations’. In other words, I engaged in ‘wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain’. Maria Roberts wrote an article to publicly accuse me of fraud.

The article contains one single piece of evidence. One. In an act of galactic idiocy, Maria wrongly reasoned that you could retroactively monitor the uptime of websites. This is simply absurd. A monitoring site only monitors whichever site you tell it to, after you have told it to do so. This is the image (evidence) that Maria used to support her accusation of fraud:

That is it. A screengrab from monitoring website Uptime Robot. Maria pointed to the figure on the right and declared that my site had enjoyed ‘100% ‘uptime’ for the previous 24 hours, seven days, and indeed thirty days.’ This is all she had. It is important to point out that the figure on the left shows that ‘Uptime Robot’ had been monitoring my website for exactly zero minutes. In other words this is a screengrab after approximately 30 seconds of research.

I could see how stupid Roberts had been. The only question of course would be, could I replicate it?

Proof of the stupidity of Maria Roberts

It wasn’t difficult to prove. I simply searched online for websites that have recently crashed. In a WordPress support forum I found that a couple of weeks ago the owner of a Chinese Language website was receiving a ‘gateway error’ when he tried to access his website.  I made sure it was working now, and then uploaded the site into Uptime Robot. This is the response:

You’ll notice two things. One is that the uptime reported is 100% for the last thirty days, even when we know it had experience downtime. The other is that the site has only been monitoring for 0 minutes at the time I took the screenshot. I tried a couple of others and got the same result. I therefore need to ask Prole Star: How is it possible that the owner of the Chinese Language website reported the crash, if Uptime Robot didn’t see it? Did he do it to make money or smear Jeremy Corbyn? No, of course not. The answer simply lies in the spiteful nature, stupidity and IT illiteracy of the Editor of the Prole Star, Maria Roberts.

The antisemitic writers of Prole Star

Maria isn’t the only writer at the Prole Star who apparently sees conspiracy whenever Jews complaints of abuse are concerned. They have run several articles that dismiss accusations of antisemitism inside Labour as a smear. Hardly surprising really given the editor, but she is not alone.  Patrick Millersland Dudley also writes articles for the online rag. Dudley is a member of the antisemitic Facebook Groups ‘Palestine Live’ and ‘Truthers against Zionist lobbies’. He has posted dozens of articles into the Palestine Live group. Here is one of the posts he has shared:

It is a Rothschild Conspiracy article from ‘‘, a website listed as ‘tin foil hat‘ territory. On Prole Star, Dudley has written several articles that touch on Rothschild Conspiracy. This one from October about ‘Genie Energy‘, relies on conspiracy websites such as, to build the story. Like most lovers of conspiracy, he switches between right and left with ease:

smear tactics

The article above is from ‘‘, a far-right website. It also appears on a list of fake-news sites. That’s not a quirk. Here is another one:

The article above on attacks Trump *from the right*.  The website ‘’ is listed as providing ‘right-wing conspiracies‘. Many articles Dudley shares are from rabid ‘alt-right’ quackery sites. Here is another article he shared inside Palestine Live that suggests Israel is ISIS.

As anyone who follows this blog would know, ‘TheUglyTruth‘ is a hard-core antisemitic website, that pushes Holocaust Denial (Take a look inside – NSFW). This seems to be the type of ‘writer’, that appears on Prole Star. Martin Odoni, another writer on the site (also of the Canary), is another member of Palestine Live:

Martin Odoni

The smear tactics of the Corbyn cult

Why is all this important? Because this is how Corbyn’s cult operates. They speak of creating ‘another world’ but it isn’t a nice one. It is a place where they smear opponents to silence them and use hard-left and *extreme-right* conspiracy websites to spread lies. Maria Roberts actively ridicules Jewish claims of antisemitism. Yet in reality she knows nothing about Jews or Israel or Zionism. With clearly limited intelligence, she has decided that Corbyn would be good for the country and the pesky Jewish people are getting in the way. From that point on in her mind, everything is fair game. I produce thousands of examples of antisemitism, she cannot even be bothered to look. Instead, she publicly accuses me of fraud without a serious shred of evidence.

The Corbyn cult don’t need evidence, they need the smears. As we shall see.

The response of the cultists

Remember we can provide thousands of examples of antisemitism and yet Corbyn cultists can never see it. We can place screenshots of Holocaust Denial under their noses, and for whatever reason, they are too busy to notice. These people should be hard to convince – right? Wrong. All it takes is one silly article, based on nothing but smear tactics, and suddenly Corbyn cultists are wide awake. These smears are the only weapon they have. Take ‘wolfie‘. A Twitter account with over 18k followers. This is how he responded to the smear article:

He thought the smear article was great, yet this is how ‘wolfie‘ sees the thousands of examples of antisemitism presented by @gnasherjew:

So the accusations of antisemitism are smear tactics, but the hatchet job of an article that labels someone a fraud is ‘great work’? He wasn’t alone. There were several like this. Here is one other example. Carole-Anne is someone who hounds my posts. She automatically ‘bought’ into the smear:

Yet she is never convinced by the antisemitism on display, calling them ‘fake accusations’:

The point here is that it is a waste of time and energy confronting these individuals. They do not live in the real world and you cannot reach them with integrity and fair intentions. These people are either stupid or dishonest, they do not want evidence, they need the smears. It is the only thing that can keep them going. They do not have the intelligence to respond to carefully constructed arguments and so they reach for any weapon, however crudely constructed. Just like the one that the ‘intellectually challenged’ Maria Roberts created for them using smear tactics in her antisemitic rag. If you need to remind yourself every now and again, then just bookmark this page.



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98 thoughts on “The smear tactics of the Jeremy Corbyn cult. A case study.

    1. Oh, I see it’s “Mike” Farmer now!

      Mike aka Michael Farmer, accusing David of “smearing” others . . .

      no humour whatsoever, just “Mike” doing his usual “smears” against anyone who is pro-Israel, a Zionist or the “wrong” kind of Jew.

      I see you haven’t adopted any new New Year’s Resolutions, Mike. May I suggest one for you? To toddle off, stop trolling Jewish websites & get a life!

      To wish you a Happy 2019 is impossible because you are a nasty, trolling antisemite.

      1. Not a Jewish website, Ben. It’s a Zionist propaganda site.

        antisemite? Ah, Ben smears Mike (short form of Michael :-)). Never any facts …. only smears.

        1. Oh dear, another denier of truth. Mike – You need to bite the bullet. The Labour party has drifted so far to the left that they are virtually holding hands with far right. This is why Labour is riddled with antisemitism.

          1. You’re obviously one of the gullible that David hopes to persuade to see Labour, which has hundreds of thousands of members, as having a large percentage of antisemites.

            Corbyn is STILL leader of the Labour Party,. The Colliers, the Hodges, The Ellwoods, all have railed against but to no avail.

            Untrue accusations of Murals etc. show just how desperate the Zionist lobby are to have an Israel-appeasing replacement.

            1. oh Mike, you are having a go at someone that has probably personally witnessed more events than even I have. The extreme left and extreme right ARE holding hands and they are doing it whilst THEY BOTH hold membership of Corbyn’s Labour. Instead of wasting your time trying to deflect here, why don’t you go and spend some energy fighting to cleanse the party of the racists.

              1. Witnessing and twisting that seen are different things , David, as you yourself know..

                No deflection here. Time is never wasted in refuting those pushing falsehoods. Someone once said ‘The Truth Matters’. I believe that. Some use it as a slogan.

                How many members does the Labour Party have?
                How many have uttered racism?
                Seemingly 40% of Israelis feel uncomfortable on hearing Arabic. THERE lies your racism, as with Zionism and the Nation Law. Yet you constantly lobby for that state and condemn others.

                1. “Seemingly 40% of Israelis feel uncomfortable on hearing Arabic.”
                  Well, when you have been attacked 5 times in the last 70 years by people speaking Arabic, it’s hardly surprising you may find some people uncomfortable hearing Arabic – a bit akin to many British people feeling uncomfortable hearing people speaking German in the second half of the 20th Century, don’t you think?

                2. After 9/11, London’s 7/7, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Nice’s Bastille Day, Boston Marathon bombing, beheading of Lee Rigby and Daniel Pearl, assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, etc., people feel uncomfortable hearing Arabic.

                  1. Why not, David must be billing someone for all the times he includes the name ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ in his blogs, Ian, despite not being effective.

          2. Very true. No-one who is prepared to use their reason could fail to see this. But the anti-Semites of the far Left and far Right operate on knee-jerk emotional reactions. The far Right is slightly different however because at least they are upfront about their anti-Semitism. They know very well how deeply unpleasant they are, and rather revel in it. The far Left, though, terrified of being called racist and being knocked down off the moral high ground they think they occupy (something the far Right don’t care about), affect to be legitimately criticising Israeli government policy. They tend to use the word Zionist, pretending it carries the original meaning of a political organisation or way of thinking. This feeble lie deceives very few. The key words they invariably, boringly use (Rothschild, banking, world banking, world conspiracy, apartheid, Nazi, blah blah ad nauseam) always give the game away. Making the decision to bypass reason limits them morally and intellectually. They don’t, of course, see this.

            1. Using your ‘reason’ define YOUR understanding of Zionism.

              Also using ‘reason’ explain how the famous mural is ‘antisemitic’.

              Off you go, using of course Vuyelwa’s morals and intellect.

        2. Farmer is dead set against conflating Jews, Judaism, and Zionism, whenever he isn’t busy conflating them himself.

  1. For the sake of educating the uneducated, brainwashed, dishonest brokers of “justice”, like the Ignorant Sow AKA “Mike Farmer”, here is a link to a Youtube of a 30 second newsreel documenting a meeting between Fascist Socialist hitler and Islamofascist Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

      1. When you show up, Farmer, it merely shows who and what you and the cult of Corbyn are really about. It’s an effective tool.

        1. “the cult of Corbyn”.

          You’re really buying in David’s rubbish aren’t you, Jeff ….. or we have formation lobbying.

          1. Yes, er, of course, I am so naive. ROFLMAO

            BTW, David has the Jeremy Corbyn Cult and the Corbyn conspiracy cult.

            The cult of Corbyn is my own coinage.

            Which do you belong to? All 3, yes?

  2. Mr. Farmer – If you are going t suggest that i am gullible then you have run out of arguments. Let me tell you like it is.

    According to Corbyn, a good Jew is a left-wing, anti-Zionist. A bad Jew is a right-wing Zionist. This is how the likes of Wimborne-Idrissi and Lansman can be so close to Corbyn and still be ‘Jews’.To Corbyn, making statements about Zionist Jews is therefore justifiable. There exists no other example in the world where this concept exists except for Israel, which is the Jewish homeland. As leader, he has never taken up an offer to visit Israel due to his perception that Israel should not be there in the first place thus making it clear that Israel has no right to exist. THAT is antisemitism.

    1. “Let me tell you like it is.” … and ‘Mr. Abramov’ gives us his slant.

      Jew or not I’m sure Corbyn disagrees with Zionism, whether championed by Jew, Martian or Muslim!

      Corbyn believes in Democracy. Zionism is not Democracy.

      If Israel has a right to exist, a Palestinian State also has a right to exist.

      Your ‘Jewish State’ is a Jewish majority state only. Most world Jewry prefers not to live there.

      Again the fallacy that antiZionism = antisemitism. You HAVE swallowed David’s mantra.


      1. JORDAN is “palestine”.

        Israel (West bank of the Jordan river) and Jordan (East bank of the Jordan river)

        are the defacto Two-State Solution.

        Happy Nakba!

  3. “They do not live in the real world and you cannot reach them with integrity and fair intentions”. So true. But you can point out that they’re filthy evil-minded racist inadequates who troll pro Israel websites in lieu of a life.

    1. But David’s raison-d’etre is to create a virtual world where Jews are ‘hated’ for their being Jews.

      This is rare indeed in the UK or in its political parties. So much so that those that wish to push such things seize on an IHRA definition of the vaunted ‘antisemitism’ where unrelated actions have been SUGGESTED as possible reasons for the ACCUSATION..

      If you are Jewish, Barbara, and live in the UK you won’t recognise the world that David attempts (badly) to project. Only you and others know why you support his false narratives.

        1. Do you live in the UK, Jeff?

          If so you’ll know that David paints an untrue pictiure.

          If not, you’ll be fearing for the lives of all Jewish men, women and children.

          No doubt Barbara would prefer that all posters are duped by the blog with no enlightening truth being introduced by realists.

      1. Yes- Jewish, as are my children – not that it’s any of your business, and yes, have directly experienced antisemitism some of which they didn’t even bother to dress up as anti Zionism. You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Nobody cares. People come here to read David’s findings and nothing you say matters at all. It’s so strange that people like you, who claim to loathe Zionists and deny the existence of antisemitism spend so much of your time on sites like these trying to get the attention of Jews. Get some help.

        1. So, anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism dressed up then?

          Zionism is racism, to benefit Jews.

          You use the word ‘loathe’, David constantly uses the word ‘hate’. All is hyperbole.

          David’s constant attacks on Jeremy Corbyn (despite never having presented any evidence of antisemitism from him) border on the words you both use. Ironic.

          This site has for years implied that thd Labour Party is riddled with ‘Jew hatred’, never with any proof. It’s a propaganda site. Hence myself and others must rebuff the constant inferences.

  4. We’ve had an admission that Bellers is on the payroll here but still no confirmation whether it’s just him.

    We can wait for a reply but like the guard on the door to the showers said to my Uncle Leopold “don’t hold your breath “.

    Shabbat shalom bitches.

      1. Decent gag that !

        Miraculously Uncle Leopold survived and enjoyed a long career in sales in America although with mixed fortunes.

        He once turned up in the foyer of the KKK head office in Pigsknuckle Arkansas to be met by the Grand Cyclops and his hooded henchmen. ” What you doin’ here boy? We hate yids in these parts!”

        Came the reply ” I just want to see the textile buyer..”

  5. The ignorant anti-Israel idiots are still peddling their filth here, I see.

    You only have to read their bile filled comments (e.g. Zionism is racism etc) to see that this is ALL about antisemitism and NOTHING about ‘anti-Zionism’. How can some vile fu*kers come onto a site that highlights antisemitism and tell the Jews there that they are fabricating evidence of antisemitism in order to promote their own ‘wicked Jew-agenda’?

  6. “Ignorant anti-Israel idiots”

    Yep, i’m against the brutal, aggressive actions of Israel.

    “bile filled”? Seems, like David and others, you deliberately misrepresent the words of others.

    Your own post is hardly measured.

    In case I am mistaken re. Zionism explain what YOU understand by Zionism I understand it to be the goal of a ‘Jewish State’ where other cituzens have inferior rights in law( and its implementation) as is now the case in Israel.

    Again unfounded accusations of ‘antisemitism’ by linking it to Israel.

    The ‘evidence’, whaf little there is , is bring deliberately touted as horrendous.

    1. Mike – Jews know exactly what antisemitism is. If you have a problem with that go and complain to your chums on website like Stromfront or Palestine UberAlles.

        1. No, my mind is not ‘scrambled’. Your use of antisemitic terminology in a discussion about Israel is not ‘disagreement’, it is racism. I don’t buy into your little game that you only object to Israel, not Jews. You are a repugnant ignoramous hiding behind antiZionism to campaign against the existence of the world’s only Jewish state.

          1. A supporter of Israel accusing someone of racism? Rich indeed.

            What you do, or don’t, buy into is a product of your mind.

            Truth and facts ard not.

            I don’t objecg to Israel, I object to its actions znd to Zionism.

            This ‘Jewish state’ blackens their name!

            1. Mike – Read your own posts – you prove David Collier’s conclusion, entirely!!! “……They do not live in the real world and you cannot reach them with integrity and fair intentions. These people are either stupid or dishonest, they do not want evidence, they need the smears. It is the only thing that can keep them going. They do not have the intelligence to respond to carefully constructed arguments and so they reach for any weapon, however crudely constructed……”

              1. You speak of intelligence. Use any you have, Norm, to show that I “prove David’s conclusions”.

                David’s blogs prove nothing … they suggest and accuse.

                1. Mikey – You have proven your own bigotry and hate more effectively than I ever could. The fact that you don’t see that, while the rest of us here do, is exactly the point David makes. As David also says, quite clearly, you are either stupid or dishonest (I would suggest both). People will read your hate filled jibber-jabber and make their own decisions about what you are and what you stand for.

                  1. Ònly to your mind, David’s mind and the ‘rest of you’.

                    Having witnessed just how illogical and cavalier with the truth you all are your opinions of me phase me not.

    2. Ignorant sow, are you against the brutal, aggressive actions of “Pal-e-STINAINS”?

      Pal-e-STINIANS and their like minded Fascist Sand Nazis?

      Pal-e-STINIANS who
      – assassinated US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
      – attacked the 1972 Olympics and tortured and murdered athletes
      – celebrated the 9/11 attacks with candy as can be SEEN in the following video
      – hijacked passenger planes (Pre-9/11) and murdered passengers

      AND thanks to the allies of Pal-e-STINIAN fascism…
      9/11, 1993 truck bombing of the WTC, London’s 7/7, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan, Bastille Day in Nice France, Manchester, beheading of Lee Rigby and Daniel Pearl, murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, Pan Am 103, USS Cole, Boston Marathon, Pulse nightclub in Orlando, San Bernardino Christmas party, DC Beltway sniper, Manhattan bike path attack, Times Square SUV attack, underwear and sneaker bombers, death sentence on writer Salman Rushdie and Danish cartoonists, Luxor attack, attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt, 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war, Fascist Iran and Hamass executing gay teens and girls over “family honour”, Madrid train attack, Bali beach attack, Moscow subway, Brussels airport, Beslan school attack, destruction of two 1,500 year old Buddahs in Bamiyan Afghanistan, Rotherham rape gangs in the UK, Fort Hood and Garland Texas attacks, WMD attack on Halabja Iraq, constant calls for death to America.

        1. Ignorant sow, it’s your minority which commit the majority of World-Wide Terrorism and necessitate Checkpoints at every airport in the World.

          1. Spot the patterns Ed, old son.

            Since their admission that they get paid for this you can entirely disregard the tone and content which in any event is only a copy/paste of the same scripted slogans. Time is money after all and this is media response by the inch. Remind yourself of the brilliant Bellers admission also; “It’s the taking part that counts”. No real opinions necessary and certainly no need for direct engagement.

            Dead easy this paid activism. Even Uncle Leopold could do it and he’s been dead 9 years.

            1. “Since their admission that they get paid for this”

              Seems Ian has moved from where he lived in Israel to Cuckoo Land.

              1. No, he was real.

                Just becuase he spoke in broken biscuits people thought he was a Fig Roll of my imagination.

      1. Never forget…the USS LIBERTY.
        Attacked by Israeli aircraft. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
        How many American lives were lost Edward? And for what?

        1. “Bruce Levy”…
          Never forget…the USS COLE, Pan Am 103, 9/11 (~3,000 dead), 1993 truck bombing of the WTC, Assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy, bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut, bombing of US embassy in Nairobi, Nairobi mall massacre, Sadaam’s poison gas (a WMD) attack on Halabja Iraq AND Assad’s use of poison gas on Syria, …

          London’s 7/7, London and Westminster bridge rammings,

          Bastille Day in Nice France truck ramming jihad.

          500,000 dead in Syrian “Civil War”
          1,000,000 dead in Iraq/Fascist Iran war (1980-1988)

          “Bruce”, Let’s go. Bring it on, bitch.

          1. Edward, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, Lebanese, Egyptians, Americans (Rachel Corrie), even people of Europe (Tom Hurndall) lost their lives because of Zionism.

            In my eye, there’s no difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish death. Both just as horrible. But what I see is your failure Edward to acknowledge the deaths of thousands upon thousands of innocent Palestinian and Arab men, women and CHILDREN caused by Zio terrorists.

            Edward, people like you fail to mention what the Zios have done to the religion of Islam. They have made it to be a religion of evil. Many ignorant people think that Islam is a violent religion. This cannot be more wrong. It would be worth your time to educate yourself about Islam rather than post your silly comments and rather boring YouTube video.

            Prior to the creation of Israel Edward, many Jews lived in Palestine peacefully with their Muslim and Christian neighbors. Yes, there were violent skirmishes between immigrant Jews and Palestinians (Both Muslims and Christians) before the creation of the apartheid state of Israel, but that was due to the fact that many of those Jews who were there were brought to Palestine from other countries with the intent of creating a Zionist “Jewish” State.

            Edward, the Zios from the beginning were militants, murderers and terrorists. They terrorized the BRITISH until they left Palestine. The threat Zios posed to the Palestinian Arabs is what aroused them to action. The Palestinians never bothered the Jews before the age of Zionism. Even as late as the 1920’s, Jewish yeshiva students in Hebron testified that they could walk anywhere at any time of the day or night and they were on very friendly terms with the local Arabs. It was only in 1929, after the militant Zios declared that the Western Wall in Jerusalem belonged to them, that the Arabs were aroused to violence.

            The longer the apartheid state exists Edward, the more human beings suffer. True Jews are terribly ashamed of Israeli atrocities and war crimes committed during the 1948 war, the expulsions and killings, massacres of the 1950s, the Lebanon violence of the 1970s and 1980s that culminated with the 1983 massacres in Lebanon was encouraged by Israel which tarnished the reputation of Jews as peaceful and moral people.

            Edward, many on this thread, including yourself, David, Scoff, Tesco Harv and others would like people to believe that their beloved apartheid Zionist state, its repression, terror and wars are all part of Judaism, but actually Israel has been the greatest violation and curse of the Jewish religion since its founding.

            1. 7 paragraphs of ingenious contortionism and a name check for several of Bellers’s mates. This is more like it Bruce. Been ages since we’ve seen much more than crass one line copy/pastes from the paid responders. More of this stuff please.

              1. Must echo Ian’s desire for more antidote to David’s glorifying of Zionism.

                Remember the saying ‘ You can’t polish poo.”

            2. Bruce paragraph after paragraph of antisemitic nonsense and bile. Of course, your arguments are fabrications and fantasy. They are the product of a Jew hating mind – yours or someone else’s! Your attempt to cast Israel actions as being ‘unreasonable’, ‘criminal’ and ‘exceptionally evil’ are simply part of a wider antisemitic agenda intent on the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel. No one but the most fanatical Jew haters buy into this perverse, biased and ignorant interpretation of middle east history. Let me tell you something Brucey! If Jews were not a moral and peaceful people the ‘Palestinian problem’ would have been resolved years ago in the same manner that they use to resolve such problems in Arab countries. So off you go and learn more about what you are talking about before you come here and start blindly parroting dumb nonsense, you antisemitic moron!!!

              1. Norm, could you specify just which part(s) of Mr. Levi’s comment was antisemitic?

                You seem to have a confusion as to what Jew(s) mean and Israel means

                This may of course be embarrassing for you but off you go.

                p.s. Most Jews do NOT live in Israel.

                1. All of it is antisemitic, farmer boy. The fact that you chose to spend your time on here jew baiting is, itself antisemitism.

                  There is no substance to your criticism of Jews and Israel, and when challenged you both change the subject. If we could force you to debate on facts and reality, (e.g. no occupation, no aparthied, no concentration camps, no genocide etc) rather than antisemitic bigotry and fantasy, you would be shamed and disgraced. That is what happens when you store your moral compass up your ass!!!

                  1. If ALL of it is antisemitic , ‘Norm’ it shouldn’t be difficult to tale a section of it and explain just how it is so.

                    Off you go (again).

                    1. Activist gold and like the customer experience of my relations (1943 vintage), suffocating by design.

                2. Mike said: “p.s. Most Jews do NOT live in Israel.”

                  myshlev says: Most Jews do not live in Israel YET.

                  Mike, approximately 45% of world Jewry live in Israel. That’s damn near HALF. You try to make it sound as though most Jews prefer not to live in Israel. That is not true. More and more Jews make aliyah every year.

                  P.S. anti-Zionism is a thin veneer over anti-Semitism (aka Jew-hatred).

                  1. “. anti-Zionism is a thin veneer over anti-Semitism (aka Jew-hatred).”

                    Yeah, I’ve heard THAT nonsense before. Mishlev.
                    Soon, it’ll be be NOT wearing a Kippa means you are anti-semitic. It’s a farce.

                    Why the eagerness to declare yourself ‘hated’?

              2. Hey Normie, the last refuge of Zio scoundrels is to accuse critics of apartheid Israel of being anti-Semitic.
                Guess what? I ain’t playing your game sunshine.

                1. “Since their admission that they get paid for this”

                  Is there one rate for the big 7 paragrapher and a different one for the pithy single paragraph put down?

            3. “Bruce Levy” AKA Mohammed Muhammed,

              Are ANY of the 19 identified 9/11 hijackers ALIVE? If so, that would prove that 9/11 is a “false flag” and that Bush and Cheney are liars.

  7. Uncle Leopold was never going to win any prizes for his English skills but he was always a stickler for good gramnar. He hated the rather frivolous overuse of the inverted comma and in his broken biscuits would often accuse the boorish transgressors of antisemanticism. What a guy!

    1. “Since their admission that they get paid for this”

      Can we get some confirmation from Bellers and the personae of the rate for this. There are hard working families that may welcome the extra income from this sort of low skilled work.

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