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Owen Jones – please don’t celebrate when people leave the UK out of fear

Owen Jones is not someone I usually bother with. I had him pinned as little more than an immature loud-mouth. As my research was geared towards anti-Zionist movements, I first stumbled across him whilst researching Jeremy Corbyn. In a similar fashion to his relationship with ‘Mr Apartheid‘, (Ben White), Jeremy Corbyn was all over Owen Jones’s timeline in 2012 and 2013. This from Christmas 2012:

Jeremy Corbyn

Over the past year, I saw Owen referenced many times by those fighting antisemitism in the Labour Party. Perhaps my favourite was when Lee Kern labelled Owen a ‘sad little dweeb’:

Lee Kern

Finding that Tweet led me to an entire thread on Owen Jones’s historical Wikipedia activity. It appears that he once argued that ‘the notion of Jewish ethnicity is a lie’. As the author of that Twitter thread commented on Twitter, ‘we all did and said stupid stuff when we were young, but I certainly never found myself publicly denying the existence of perhaps the most persecuted ethnic group of all human history‘.

Needless to say, I was left viewing Owen much as I do Aaron Bastani and the other Corbyn media groupies. As those who will be resigned to the political dustbin the day the Labour Party regains its ethical composure.

The Alan Sugar interview, the Owen Jones Tweet

Yesterday morning, on Good Morning Britain, Alan Sugar said that he would leave the UK if Jeremy Corbyn was to become Prime Minister of this country. He said if it were to happen, he is ‘out’, he is ‘leaving’. But then crucially, he went on to say this:

‘It is nothing to do with tax. I worry about my grandchildren, I worry about my grandchildren’s children under this fella’. I will leave this country.’

This is a stark statement ‘on record’ from a Labour man who was born and bred in London’s East End. As Lord Sugar makes this comment, he does so in unison with 40% of British Jews. There is no separation here. Jewish parents are worried for the future of their children and grandchildren. Put aside who this man is, this is a British citizen stating that the arrival of Jeremy Corbyn as PM would be such a disaster for the well-being of his family – he would leave.

There is nothing funny about this at all. Except Owen Jones decided to celebrate:

Owen JonesThat tweet, which has Owen suggesting Sugar’s departure would be something to celebrate received over 4k likes.

Let’s change minority groups

Now we need to exercise the ‘what-if’ function. Let us pretend it wasn’t Lord Sugar on the sofa, but rather any successful British Pakistani. Or perhaps a wealthy descendant of people who came to the UK from Jamaica, or somewhere in Central Africa. Now imagine they suggested that if the BNP or some other right-wing group were to take the reigns of Number Ten, they would leave the UK. Why? Because they fear for the safety of their children and grandchildren.

Now imagine we don’t like that person. Is it relevant? No of course not. The bigger issue here is that someone from a minority group is so scared for the future of the country they would actually leave the country.

Yet Owen Jones decided to make a joke about it. I cannot imagine *ANY* scenario where I would make fun of a man who would move his family out of the UK because of fear. What I personally thought of him wouldn’t matter. That’s the whole point of fighting racism. You don’t find excuses to belittle it or joke about it – you fight it. It seems Alan Sugar is mirroring the fears of the wider Jewish community, so just what on earth is Owen Jones ‘celebrating’?

My response and the Owen Jones trolls

So I responded to Owen Jones on Twitter:

Seems simple to me. I cannot imagine a man from any other minority group being publicly ridiculed after suggesting he would leave the country to protect his family from those taking power. Owen Jones though wasn’t having any of it – and at this point, with his 759k followers, he chose to ‘double-down’ and attack me rather than mull the issue over:

First things first. How can Owen Jones possibly say it is nothing to do with Alan Sugar being Jewish, if Alan’s Sugar’s ethnicity is at the heart of why he might be leaving? I’ve already established that if Alan was not a Jew, but a member of any other minority group, this situation would instantly be recognisable for what it is. If he were black, or Asian, people would openly call Owen either unbelievably insensitive or simply a racist for having made that tweet.

Instead, Owen Jones sets his ‘kinder politics’ thugs on me. Another Jewish person in the UK who happens to be fighting antisemitism.

The ‘it’s not because he is Jewish argument’

759k followers is a lot. After about half an hour I turned of notifications for a while. Some of the responses were truly sickening. The most reasonable responses were the ‘his being Jewish has nothing to do with it‘ argument, which would be nice, if his being Jewish wasn’t the very reason Alan Sugar is probably talking of leaving. In other words, the most reasonable comments were just wrong.

Anyone who has been following the Labour antisemitism crisis would know that Alan Sugar has been outspoken on the issue. He explicitly identified antisemitism as a key element as to why he views Corbyn as dangerous. He even had to delete a Tweet in which he had depicted Corbyn as sitting next to Hitler. It was during a talk on antisemitism in the House of Lords when Alan Sugar first said that the day Corbyn became leader, would be ‘the day Britain died‘.

For Owen Jones and his supporters to attempt to separate Alan Sugar’s ‘exit’ remarks from the issue of antisemitism is disingenuous at best. That they laughed about it was disgusting. Finally, the fact that they chose to defend the comment when criticised says everything you need to know about the dangers inherent in Corbyn running this country. Effectively they went some way to proving Alan Sugar’s point.

The ‘it’s to avoid taxes position’

Taxes? Another ignorant response. Let’s face it, whatever your position on the political spectrum, it is highly unlikely *any* of those commenting have given this country as much financial benefit as Alan Sugar. Whether it is in paying taxes, helping the economy or through employment. That argument was raised before and publicly demolished. This Tweet is a good example of somebody who managed to combine suggestions Sugar would run from taxes, with a slur about Zionism (when did anyone mention Israel?):

The antisemitism that Owen Jones breeds

In other words the main argument put forward was that an ‘odious’ man (who coincidentally is Jewish) wants to take his family out of the UK to avoid paying taxes. It was the only ‘semi-respectable’ (however devoid of accuracy) position. Many of the several hundred responses I received, were far from pleasant. Owen Jones has some truly dark hounds following him.


The common thread was that antisemitism is all made-up:

And of course there was Israel:

I had hundreds of such messages. Thanks Owen. Perhaps you should act more responsibly before you set them on people.

But the bottom line remains simple. Replace Alan Sugar with a representative from any other minority group and the hard-left would be picketing outside the TV studios in his defence. There is something about antisemitism and the Jews that the hard-left simply do not seem to fathom. And it results in Owen Jones failing to understand just why his joke wasn’t funny.

You see Owen, there is such a thing as context. And in an environment where 40% of British Jews are looking at Corbyn with enough fear to think about leaving the UK, laughing at one of them, no matter what you think of him personally, is quite a disgusting thing to do.


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19 thoughts on “Owen Jones – please don’t celebrate when people leave the UK out of fear

  1. Well I hate to find my on the side of Owen Jones . He is an anti Palestinian racist. Hilariously he blocked me on twitter for asking him if he was sulking. I took that as a yes.

    But seriously David this is pathetic. If you believe Sugar is going to leave the UK because he is afraid of goodness knows what you doubtless think there are fairies at the bottom of your garden.

    Alan Sugars cat…Sugar is not a bad actor but he is no Ruth Smeeth


    Anyway he claims he is leaving out of fear for his kids, grandkids and descendents yet unborn. Obviously for them to benefit from this melodrama he would have to take all these descendents with him. What if they didn’t want to leave. Would he still go?

    1. I am leaving for the same reason as Alan Sugar, but I have lived in London my entire life from birth.

      You are living in a bubble of denial while further aggravating antiJewish prejudice.

        1. What exactly are you saying, Stephen? You can’t quite get it out, can you, Stephen? You can’t quite refer to the “AS” word, can you? You can’t acknowledge the terrorism, the shootings in Europe. The bullying, the physical and verbal abuse on Jews. You can’t acknowledge how this has spread to the US and Australia. You can’t acknowledge the number of French Jews who have left Europe, or indeed, the latest poll – commissioned by the Fundamental Rights Agency, confirming the number of Jews who, can’t go out with anything that identifies themselves as Jews, cannot go to synagogues, Jewish events out of fear.

          Now, don’t you worry your little head about Jews because as you are implying, antisemitism, Jew hatred doesn’t exist. This is just Jewish, what’s the word Stephen – oh, yes, “melodrama” – but don’t worry because the recorded antisemitic crimes in Britain doesn’t count because, you know, it’s just them damn Joooos – you know – always playing the AS card, always the “melodrama” – after all, still in living memory, 6,000,000 Jews were slaughtered, but don’t worry, you can just blame the German speaking Nazis, no need to use what exists between your ears and acknowledge, that the reason 6 million Jews, including 1.5 million Jewish children, were exterminated, was because non-Jewish Europe slammed their doors, yawned and commented, that those damn Joos, were “stoking us up” and “exaggerating even more than the Poles” according the British Civil Servant memos during WWII!

          Therefore, Stephen, you carry on being the buffoon, the hideous worm that appears in the garden rubbish or the antisemitic troll who, like a bad smell, reappears on Jewish websites or blogs., again and again and again. Life would be as fun, without the “melodrama”? Isn’t that right, Stephen?

          1. Anyone remember Paul Daniels, Jim Davidson and Tarbuck threatening to leave if Labour won in 1997 ? They are still here and so wil the arsehole Sugar be. There is very little new under the sun. Right Ian ?

            1. Bellers Gold !!

              Tarby’s a gobshite ’cause he didn’t leave. Mandy’s a gobshite becuase she did. European Jews are at risk. British Jews are not. (Brexit for the win!) Longer acronyms are batshittier than shorter ones. Quality activism.

              Seriously boychik, stick to the gulping and yawning.

                  1. Wish I could train my dog Miko as easily as I’ve trained you Bellers. He won’t roll on his back or jump through hoops or anything.

    2. God, today going to be so boring. How many stories can you read about baby-murdering Arabs being ‘neutralised’ ?Then up pops Mr Stephen and it’s all in for a festive round of Bellers Bingo. Four paragraphs and a copy/paste later and I’ve nearly got a line.

  2. He is, indeed, an immature loud-mouth twerp, thick and ignorant and vile and nasty in every way.

  3. Stop weaponizing antisemitism? Did I read that right?
    Antisemitism is the weapon antisemites. It is the organization of politics against the Jews. Today, Israel is the lightning rod for the rabble pushing this execrable nonsense. British media and British discourse over this “issue” is far gone and beyond the pale. It is not based on objective measure of facts, but rather on obscurantist propaganda and emotional blackmail which paints Israeli Jews, by far the most progressive populations in the ME, as murderous moral pariahs. It’s the kind of thing one would see from dictatorial Arab governments to control their populations of illiterate ignoramuses. Why this is working in a first world country with libraries might point to a civilizational exhaustion. Antisemitism isn’t just bad for Jews. It’s victims range far and wide.
    Anyone who thinks Jeremy Corbyn is the cure for Britain has his head stuck straight up his ass, and had lots of help putting it there from the British establishment which still hasn’t lived down its obligational failures under the mandate and its screwing over the Jews of Mandate Palestine.

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