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We must not accept the normalisation of extremism

Let us imagine that a group of radical Islamic terrorists from Northern Iraq had managed to enter Europe and were shot as they tried to engage in an terrorist attack on civilians in London.

Now imagine a circle of Muslims in Parliament Square saying prayers for them. What would be the reaction?

Okay, I get that if a few Muslims were saying prayers for Islamic terrorists, then perhaps there would exist ideological identification with the cause itself. In this way the analogy I will draw would be rejected. So let’s not imagine a circle of Muslims, let this be a group of Christians. Imagine a circle of Christians in Parliament Square that were saying prayers for the dead terrorists instead. How would British citizens react to this image?

And here we see the problem. However we switch the identity of those that are saying a prayer for dead terrorists, the conclusion is is inescapable. Whatever their religion, the people involved are clearly extremists.

So when about forty-five Jewish people gathered to say a prayer for dead Hamas terrorists, then by any reasonable definition, these people can be labelled ‘extremists’. Their actions were on the fringe, wholly unacceptable and the vast majority of Jewish people were rightfully sickened. When it was exposed that the people involved had been shaped by liberal and reform movements from within the Jewish community, there was a sense of anger and shock.

That should have been the end of the argument. A signal that there needed to be some serious soul searching. Unfortunately, when it comes to extremism on the left, the factions involved never seem able to police themselves.

Naming the extremists

The identities of *some* of those people who said Kaddish were made public on this blog. Without showing that some of those saying Kaddish were ‘influencers’ in the community, the story almost becomes irrelevant. Instead, we now know that parents who have handed Jewish children over to liberal and reform groups in the belief they will have their Jewish faith strengthened, have had their children exposed to extremists who think it is okay to say prayers for Hamas terrorists.

This isn’t difficult to understand. The Kaddish was wrong, those who do not reject the Kaddish action are wrong and those who protect the system that produces these extremists in the first place are wrong.

So now there is also a different tale to tell. A story of hypocrisy, whataboutery and deflection. If Orthodoxy publicly oversteps, there is swift public condemnation from within the community. It has been shown that liberal and reform groups are developing an identity which is creating young extremists. Yet when they overstep, the groups ‘circle the wagons’.

Giving the extremists airtime

As the news became public, social media comments were filled with the anger of many in the Jewish community. Some of these comments were indeed outrageous. Why people make comments such as ‘I hope you commit suicide‘ is totally beyond me. But as awful as this may be, this isn’t news that is specific to this event. We know social media comments are full of hate. I personally receive ‘hate mail’ almost daily. Focusing on this element, rather than the fact that Jewish groups are creating extremists, was a matter of choice. It became a successful exercise in deflection.

Jewish News published a blog written by someone who had said Kaddish for terrorists.

Jewish News extremists blog

It wasn’t the blogger who chose to use the word ‘murder’ in the headline, it was the Jewish News editorial team (the Jewish News later changed the disgraceful headline). The blogger merely whines her way to the conclusion that Israel ‘does not value human life’. In any event, a party of forty-five extremists had been given a voice in the Jewish News.

How about giving Kahanist views airtime? Or does the paper’s pandering to more extreme views only reach out in one direction?

Forty-five people and one blog. Enough, right? Wrong. One hour later there was another one.

The second blog ran with an identical tune. Like the first it misled readers by suggesting the Kaddish group came from a ‘diverse’ range of opinions. Like the first it suggests the author is the one with a superior moral code that the rest of us need to aspire to. Just like the first it whines its way to the conclusion that outside of this band of extremists, Jewish people do not respect Jewish life.

Two is enough right? Wrong. The Rabbi who led the Kaddish also wrote a blog. That too was published. Forty five people – three blogs. But we are not finished.

More airtime

The fourth piece in Jewish News wasn’t just a blog. It was the front page of the printed version of the newspaper. An article written by Adam Decker that focused on the words of Senior Reform Rabbi Laura Janner Klausner. The article suggested the community ‘may rip itself apart’ and focused on the toxic nature of some of the response to the Kaddish event. I agree with Laura on one thing, that there is a sickness in our community. However like Joseph Cohen from the Israel Advocacy Movement, I don’t think Laura identified it. In fact, I think her words deflect attention away from it.

There is a long history of bitter Jewish ‘in-fighting’ that long predates both Israel and Zionism. Go watch ‘Life of Brian’. It makes a mockery of history to suggest this was worthy of a front page. The article does little but address vague notions of extremism and the fallout from the event. It does manage to say that Laura’s daughter was ‘incorrectly accused of being at the Kaddish’ (not by me), without pointing out that she had in fact listed herself as ‘going’ on the Facebook event page. Most notably, Laura does not criticise the event itself.

Four pieces is enough right? Wrong.

Online editorial editor Jack Mendel had to write one too. The message? Jack focuses on the toxicity of the abuse thrown at the attendees of the event.


In 2016, a speaker from Israeli NGO ‘Im Tirtzu was arriving from Israel for speaking engagements in the UK. The focus of ‘Im Tirtzu’ places them in direct opposition to the New Israel Fund (NIF) and left leaning political groups like Yachad. So how did those groups respond to ‘Im Tirtzu’s’ pending arrival?

They wanted the British Jewish Community to ‘avoid’ and ‘condemn’ them:

This from the NIF

“It would be a very bad thing if the British Jewish community began engaging with an organisation like this, particularly at a time like this. It is a discredited group, and I would expect Jewish community organisations to avoid it

This from Hannah Weisfeld of Yachad:

‘One would hope that any mainstream Jewish communal organisation would stay well away from such a dangerous organisation and even condemn their visit to the UK.’

This is a public declaration from both the NIF and Yachad that some groups should not be associated with and can be considered ‘dangerous’ to the community. Activists even successfully managed to lobby a synagogue to cancel the ‘Im Tirtzu’ event and a new venue had to be found.

The newspaper that pushed the story and published the quotes was Jewish News. It ran a clearly unbalanced article that sought to paint the group as unacceptably extreme. Whatever I think of them, ‘Im Tirtzu’ are 100x closer to the mainstream Israeli Zionist spectrum than the 45 people who said Kaddish. The problem here is that they lean to the right and not the left. They do not suit the ‘agenda’.

Compare the hard-line ‘no-platforming’ comments about ‘Im Tirtzu’ above to Hannah Weisfeld’s article in the Jewish Chronicle on the Kaddish event. An event she too failed to criticise.

We will not be drawn into conversations with those wishing to vilify those that did participate. Many of these individuals are deeply involved in communal life and deeply committed to Israel. Rather than attempting to ostracise those involved and incite against them, those that are doing so would be better served entering into a dialogue with them.

Successful deflection

By turning all the attention onto the response to the event, the groups on the left that groomed these individuals are trying to deflect criticism. On the one side we have a few idiots with a keyboard, on the other we have a failure of moral judgement from those who help shape our children’s future. Which is the more newsworthy?

Even the argument about maintaining civil discourse is politically loaded. There are *always red-lines*. I doubt Jewish News would run an article telling Jews to be civil to Gilad Atzmon. Why not? What’s the difference?

It is because the extreme right is viewed differently from the extreme left. This is wrong AND it is indicative of the problem. We have allowed for a poison to enter the system and this has dragged our entire conversation to the left. It is even evident in the way our own media handled the Kaddish issue. The spectrum here is badly skewed. People who are identified as being part of the ideology of the ruling coalition in Israel are considered extremists and no-platformed (as was ‘Im Tirtzu’), those who say Kaddish for Hamas terrorists are ‘good people’ who need to be protected.

This is absurd and dangerous. If anything will tear our community apart it is not addressing this poison.

Left = good

All this follows the basic law that ‘left=good and right=bad’. If the people who commit the act speak the same language (the humanitarian language of the hard-left), then the people are seen as part of the solution not the problem. If the act angers people, then the act has been ‘misinterpreted’. It is a world of ‘post-truth’ vision. When ‘tolerance’ no longer sees walls between what is real and what is not, then all red-lines disappear.

The Kaddish event evolved from within a world vision that believes Israel is wrong. That there is a ‘better way’. Those who exist with a world vision that sees ‘Israel is guilty’, view saying Kaddish for Hamas as a minor misdemeanor. From their perspective, a far graver error is made by those who support Israel’s case. These people are using our Liberal and Reform movements as vehicles for growth and children who are nurtured in these environments are sometimes being drip-fed anti-Zionist propaganda. If extremism develops within a tolerant group (as it inevitably will) the tolerant group will eventually be consumed by the extremism.

Nobody disputes that there have to be ‘red lines’. Those on the hard-left simply place their red-lines exclusively to the right of the spectrum. Those who suggest we need tolerance and understanding in this particular case speak in conveniently applied absolutes and are displaying blatant hypocrisy and double standards.

It is unacceptable that this poison should be allowed to spread unchecked. Nor can we allow ourselves to be fooled by deflective arguments. The organisations responsible for this need to address a growing problem they have within. Reasonable amounts of intolerance act like antibodies against the growth of extremism.

The people who teach our children should not be extremists. Surely this isn’t too much to ask.



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234 thoughts on “We must not accept the normalisation of extremism

    1. I am not in a ‘hole’ Stephen. What you ‘see’ and what ‘is’ are rarely connected.

  1. “and were shot as they tried to engage in an terrorist attack on civilians in London.”

    I see that David persists with his lies and deceit.

    Hamas claimed(?) that most of those shot dead on Gazan land were its members/operatives.

    David immediately rewrites that as terrorists.

    Were those shot dead posing any credible threat to the well-diug-in Israeli snipers? or were they shot because the IDF recognised them as members/operatives?


    1. Yes, Davy, we know that some of those shot dead posed an immediate credible threat to Israelis.

      1. Well, David, as a blagger … sorry, blogger, who proclaims ‘The Truth Matters’, how many of those shot dead by the snipers DID pose an immediate threat.

        How many were shot because they were members/operatives? Let’s try and ascertain the truth … which matters.

          1. But were the 50 engaging in ‘terrorist’ activities?

            The remaining 12, why were they shot?

            1. Hamass = Terrorist Organization – even by EU standards.

              The rest, Human Shields, Useful Idiots, TITs (Terrorists In Training)

              Happy Nakba Terrorist Sympathizer!

                1. Davy

                  You are a bit of a tosser because of the antagonistic but senseless way you comment.

                  Only thing I have to say to you is;

                  ‘Israel and Hamas are at war, and have been at war since Hamas’ inception. Thus rules of war apply’.

                  If this little bit of truth is unable to sink through the thick layer of anti-Israel Jew hate you employ, then whampap-whoolie-why-why and whatever other stupidity you will now employ to whatever against me.

                  1. “Jew hate”? You’ve been conditioned, haven’t you?

                    We have Jews here in Britain, they don’t all have venom towards others, or low humanity.

        1. Hamas were bringing or encouraging people right up to an international border. They instructed people to bring knives and guns, to kidnap soldiers, and to attack Israeli villages and farms. Had a major breach been made in the fence, thousands would have passed through. They would have been followed by heavily armed Hamas and Islamic jihad fighters, and within an hour or so there would have been many deaths on both sides. It is official Hamas policy to exterminate all Jews. A war would have started with who knows how many casualties. By its end, Israel would still have been there and Gazans would have been damaged physically and economically. No country on earth would permit an incursion by armed terrorists into its territory. Watch the videos. Did the rioters plan to get through the fence so they could go on to bring sweets and cuddly toys to Israeli residents, including children? You know perfectly well they planned to create mayhem. They have already burned acre upon acre of Israeli farmland. Of course they all posed a rteal and immediate threat to those whom they plasnned to kidnap or murder.

            1. Rodgers da bogger

              Have you ever read the Hamas charter from top to tail and absorbed what it says.

              By your commentary about this most recent Gaza imbroglio I can assume you have not read it and are tottaly ignorant of the Hamas ideology and the way it applies to Jews AND Israelis

              Their are a number of different translations of the charter from Arabic to English and it is worthwhile reading a few to understand the nuance in translation

              The one I normally reference is in
              ‘Journal of Palestine Studies XXII no4 (Summer 1993) pp122-134’
              translated by Muhammad Maqdsi for the Islamic Association for Palestine, Dallas, Texas 1990

              See end of Art 7 and start of Art 8

              The so-called revision released recently is directed at western liberal sensitivities and does not alter the Charter, which is unchanged

    2. Yes, Davy, you revolting POS – they attempted to enter Israel in order to murder Jews.

        1. 62 dead enter Islamic Paradise to be entertained by 72 exhausted virgins.

          Happy Nakba?

        2. Davy

          Somene who is involved in planning or threatening deadly activity or joins with people who do, does not need to enter the enemy territory to be dealt with . Some years ago the SAS executed Irish IRA members in Gibraltar who were allegedly planning terrorist attacks on Uk citizens or in the UK.

    3. People weren’t being targeted just for hanging out with a few signs and chanting kumbaya, no matter how much you and the BBC et al try to portray it that way. This was a financed operation meant to fool people who hunger to be fooled.
      The IDF’s response to people rushing the border intent on cutting through to threaten Israeli communities on the other side were dealt with in a measured way. How many of them were actual Hamas members or operatives is irrelevant. Civilians who engage in acts of war become combatants. Hamas members who shed their uniforms to mix in while directing violence are war criminals.
      “Were those shot dead posing any credible threat to the well-diug-in [sic] Israeli snipers? ”
      They posed a threat to the people of Israel. Those people were shot for a good reason. Lives wasted for Hamas’ stupid games, wasted for Hamas’ supremacist ideology.

  2. The ‘Normalisation of Extremism’. Well judging by the crap I’ve read on this blog these past three weeks, together with the Hasbara nonsense over Gaza, never mind the Kaddish crap, I think you and your cookie crew David have ‘Normalised Extremism’, an extremism I vehemently disagree with.

    Now, where’s your mate Jonathan (Scoffie) Hoffman to give us some more extremism, I mean, its not as if we have enough is it?

    1. Chris (the person who thinks the UK is more diverse than Israel). You hang around in forums liking and sharing pieces by Jackie Walker, Tony Greenstein and even our own resident Stephen. I have no interest in how you define ‘extremism’.

      1. Well, I’ve posted a response to this snide remark of yours twice, but will start making the point that you and your cookie crew do seem to have issues with coloured folk, namely Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth. Alas, your in good company with the KKK, EDF and Britain First gangster on that effect.

        However, please provide a direct linkage to me and anyone you care to mention, I mean a 6,000 mile distance does take some covering, so maybe I meet in little cabals in far flung places in the UK with these persons, instead of making any comment on public forums, which ain’t against the law. Alas, it will soon be if nutters like you keep pushing the ‘New Antisemitism’ meme and IHRA definitions with its crass 11 bullet point examples, all of which constitute an extreme threat to freedom of speech – our race laws being adequate to deal with actual Racist remarks or hate crimes don’t you think?

        Further, for 29 years I’ve lived in highly diverse societies with multiple ethnic groupings from around the World, many with differing religious views to those Non-Conformist ones I was raised in – today the only extremists I’ve met are Rightwing nut jobs.

        I could go on David, alas, as a Leftist and Universalist, I’ll stick to mysids of the fence, preferring equality & diversity over Master Races, all of which, due to inbreeding are doomed to fail.

        1. >you and your cookie crew do seem to have issues with coloured folk, namely Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth. Alas, your in good company with the KKK, EDF and Britain First gangster on that effect.

          See. Lies. That’s all you are armed with.

          1. Lies, David, Lies.

            Hardly old bean, I don’t knock around the likes of Jonathan Hoffman, who has some very unlikely peers it would seem from far right organisations – I don’t offer any support whatsoever to that fascist running Israeli, whom no doubt is a Leftist to you, and don’t cause real harm to young persons exercising their civil liberties, which you most certainly have done in your previous two posts.

            Still, do keep up the HATE David as this site is a disgrace in pushing agendas that have fuck all to do with ‘Bridging the Great Divide’, not least because your views are extreme and well on display on many of your posts and responses to those who can be arsed to post BTL. Well done sir, and thankfully I’m remain the happy leftist i am confronting views i find most distasteful. And, what, may I ask endangering the lives and livelihoods of youths opposing Israel’s aggressive foreign policy has to do with combatting Antisemitism God only knows, given the youths are Jewish and hardly Extremists as you claim them to be.

          2. “See. Lies. That’s all you are armed with.”?

            Would that be the pot trying to paint the kettle black?

            1. Nah. It’s All About

              N A K B A.

              Happy, Glorious Nakba*.

              The “Nakba” being the 1948 failure of 5 attacking Arab armies, NONE of which was the army of an existing “palestine” to slaughter the Jews of Israel, just 3 years after the end of WW2.

        2. Crazy Chris’ Narcissism on display again.

          It’s All About Wonderful ME!!!!!!

          1. Edward (The Trump/Fascist Voter)

            Have you managed to begin walking upright yet old bean, I mean, its been many, many years since the advent of Homo Erectus, which means you are a few million years behind. Never mind, at least they learned you how to put an ‘X’ in a Box next to a fascist, and that took the best part of 5000 hours training no doubt.

        3. Rogers, you really are utter scum. Just because someone has dark skin, doesn’t make them immune to criticism.

          1. Leah27z,

            Please could you present me evidence, evidence that would stand in an English Court of Law that Marc Wadsworth is an Antisemite, or actually said anything to Ms Ruth Smeeth (A CIA Asset) that was Antisemitic?

            The answer is you can’t, alas fuckers like Saul Freeman, Jonathan Hoffman and twats like you spread this shit. You you be ashamed of yourselves and damned for your actions.

            Again, the only extremists I see are many of the buggers posting here, like you love.

            In a nutshell, the attacks on Marc Wadsworth are racist and anyone accusing him of Antisemitism is a RACIST. End of.

            1. you speak so much poppycock. It it tiresome. There is nothing in your posts at all. The funny thing is that elsewhere you say that ‘Zionists have no arguments’ but you don’t actually put anything up to bat away. And when you have tried you have been embarrassed because you expose how little you know. Then you try this kind of crap, that could equally be reversed and thrown back at you. Why anyone bothers with you I don’t know. Go look up Israeli diversity – learn something.

      2. Only in David Collier’s own fashioned definitions of ‘antisemitism’, ‘hate’, and ‘extremism’ should there be any interest, is that right?

        1. Why should he have the burden of proving these things when you and your friends already demonstrate it for all to see?

  3. David, Im Tirtzu is an openly fascist movement, whose CEO, Matan Peleg, has characterised the New Israel Fund’s opposition to the forcible transfer of Eritrean and Sudanese refugees as the “Nazification of Israeli society”. Your defence of Im Tirtzu’s political legitimacy is most instructive, as it demonstrates the extent to which your far-right politics and ideology are at variance with mainstream Jewish opinion.

      1. David, you are equally guilty of that which you impute to the progressive left, namely, the normalisation of the extremism of Im Tirtzu. Keep on digging, old chap.

        1. nope. What you have done is simply reaffirm many of the points I mention in the blog. As I said, thank you.

        2. “progressive left”? LOL!

          What’s “progressive” about backing Islamofascists who execute gays, stone girls to death, execute suspected “collaborators”, who deny the holocaust and fly a swastika flag next to a flag of “palestine”, who assassinates US Senator Robert F. Kennedy, which has riddled the UK Laboor Party with anti-semites, calls for the destruction of the only Jewish majority nation in the world.

          Josh, You sound like a Fascist. Are you?

        3. You are a revolting idiot, Josh. David is not ‘far right’, and the so-called ‘progressive’ left is most facsist, racist and generally reactionary and regressive.

          1. Leah27z,

            If you were studying Politics at ‘A’ Level you’d fail to register an actual score given your ignorance, which is extreme I’m afraid to say. To put it bluntly, you actually are one of the extremists, a bloody Rightwing fruit bat extremist, one who supports murder and warmongering. Alas, you think you are a centrist, which may well be correct, a Totalitarian Centrist, which is a most dangerous beast.

            1. Rodgers dib dab bodge

              You always say the ‘right wing’ are warmongers and yet if you study your ‘left wing’ side that ostensibly calls for ‘peace’, you always support regimes/countries/political parties that are homophobic, mysoginistic, war mongering, ‘rule of law’ deniers etc etc.

              You seem to think in your ‘progresive racist bigotry’ that whites are the only ones that are capable of racism and that any person of colour is pure and incapable of hate and racism; this way of thinking is in itself racist to an extreme degree.

          2. it’s okay Leah. They are desperate to smear me with ‘far right’ labels, because it is the way they react when they have no actual arguments. Don’t bother fighting the straw man. There is nothing ‘far-right’ about me.

            1. Why is the Far Left in bed with the

              Ultra Conservative FAR RIGHT

              of Hamass, Hezbola, Al Qada, ISiS, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood?

            2. There goes the man that speaks on HarutUK Podiums – did not notice anyone further than to the Right on that Podium David, or did I miss someone, someone maybe you crucified for being a little bit too far to centre-Right?

    1. Josh, There is nothing more Ultra “Right-Wing” than Hamass and Hezbola and Fascist Iran which execute gays, stones girls to death over “family honour” infractions, mandate dress codes and facial hair for all, deny the Holocaust, call for genocide of Jews and other Non-Muslims, demand the death of those who mock their religion.

      You too must be an Ultra Fascist based on your posts..

    2. When you say “forcible transfer” what you really mean is deportation from a country which they had no right to enter. Whether or not these illegal migrants are deported is one question, your subversion of language is quite another. The reason you use the term “forcible transfer” is to somehow link this to those parts of the Geneva Conventions written in response to Nazi policies during WWII, when no such link exists. That’s immoral and quite disgusting.
      After you have confused the issue with your insincere and inaccurate blather you go on to accuse your host with accusations of so-called “far-right politics,” i.e., again, a way of linking your host to Hitler and Nazis.
      You couldn’t go any lower.

      1. If you recognised that the abuse, occupation and then annexation of a people’s land was a crime by the Nazis, why is it ok for a modern state to also do it?

        1. The Nazis didn’t occupy the land of the Jews, Dabydoo, the Arabs did.
          BTW, the Nazi Germany was a modern state, albeit a totalitarian one. Not everything that happened before you were hatched is ancient history. And as Germany slaughtered Jews your country closed the doors to their ancestral homeland. Your country was charged by international treaty to do just the opposite. At that time your country was in possession of that land. Before that the Turks were. So whose land are you talking about, Britain’s or the Turks’? I suppose at one time even the Arab/Muslim empires were considered modern. However, you are a throwback to a time when accusing Jews collectively of guilt through slander was perfectly respectable.
          That is what the Nazis did, i.e., slander an entire people so they could exterminate them. If that wasn’t OK then, why do you consider it OK now?

          1. Jeff21st,

            What’s all this ancestral homeland bollocks?

            I’m Welsh, of Celtic and Saxon heritage, which means I have claims on many parts of Western Europe by your strange definition, among them Germany, Spain and France – I wonder what they’ll do if I decide to turn up with a few peers, eject all the present inhabitants and instigate a racialist State only for the benefit of my own Celtic/Saxon mix. I think I’d be either shot or locked up in a mental institute.

            Lets talk the Palestine Mandate shall we now?

            1. Eurotrash.

              What did Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium do to Africa, North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, India?

    1. A good start would be to simply ignore silly little shits like you and the other quislings. I don’t know why people bother to respond to your remarks. You’re not going to change your position on anything. You’re not even interested in what opinions others may have. Pathetic little man(?).

      1. It’s probably countering the untruths and hatred put out on these blogs that brings him here.

    1. Pal? Slime?

      Looks like David’s pet heeler needs blog-training. Another delinquent owner.

  4. By the standards of the author of this Blog, and the fruit bats he cooperates with, I presume he believes the London Review of Books is not only a hot bed of Antisemitism, but a hot bed of Extremism too, which gives an idea how far to the Right Mr Collier actually is.

    1. Dumb Hamassholes announce their intention to invade and murder Israelis but Holy Nakba Batman!, end up with Darwin Awards and 72 virgins.

  5. The standard of trollery has become so poor here that I am going to do a little research into the last couple of thousand posts just to satisfy some idle curiosity. The aim of this will be to work out the exact number of times a contributor has submitted a post that supports something, anything that Israel has done that is immediately followed by a post from Chris dismissing it as hasbara and following it with an insult. I have that much time on my hands. In the interests of balance I think that Bellers should commit to doing the same with a contributor of his choice. He likes to copy my posts with a small twist of his own. I’m starting now. Chris, you are on notice. We’re looking for far more sincerity and consistency. Leave the dull monosyllables to the anonomistas. You’re better than that.

    1. Ian,

      By what do you mean “you are on notice”?

      Notice of what exactly, objecting to the tone of the Blog over the past month, objecting to wanton murder & maiming, or just objecting to fruit bats pushing narratives that are wholly at odds with all evidence?

      Further, its none of your business what I contribute to be honest as my contributions are here for one purpose, namely to ensure Collier’s posts don’t appear without some objecting to the content, much of which has been a disgrace, particularly endangering the lives of Jewish liberal folks in the UK – I’d be more concerned about the shit going on in your own country mate, as I’m concerned about my own Country, Wales, and where I reside, a poxy little Island in the South China Sea afflicted by a barrage of filthy flotsam on a daily basis, oh, and poor broadband.

      1. “filthy flotsam”?

        Must you always inject yourself into every post, you strident Narcissist?

        1. Edward (I Vote4Trump Because I’m Stupid)

          What’s all this narcissistic crap you bleat about old bean, I mean, I usually think of others first, which is what Socialism and humanism dictate – now, you’re the Trump voter and Mr Trump is the greatest living Narcissist, or am I personally missing something you stupid Trump voter?

          1. Crazy Chris, I voted for Donald Trump because I am NOT a Stupid Fascist Socialist, NOT a regressive “progressive”, NOT a pro-Terrorist ahole.


            Happy Nakba!

            P.S. Not only did I vote for Donald Trump, millions of others did as well and today he is the President of the United States of America while you are a homeless moron.

            1. Edward (Crass Trumpeteer)

              Funny, did not realise the Greens and Bernie Sanders were pro-Terrorists. Gosh, learn something every day from our Racist voting chums.

              1. The Greens? LOL! They’re FASCISTS. REAL FASCISTS.

                Bernie Sanders is an old school stalinist. If Bernie Sanders ran against Trump, Trump would have won the Electoral College AND the Popular vote.

                America ain’t Socialist. Eurabia is. LOL!

                1. Edward (The Very Stupid Trump Troll)

                  I’d actually seek medical attention if I was you with such comments of pure ignorance its beyond parody – still, hope your padded cell in comfy?

  6. Notice from the Grand Cyclops of Trollery that as a non-anonamista you are obligated to up you game. You have broken cover and as such are required to offer more than the banal posts of the lads that bleat from behind the curtains; something a little meatier than ” he’s a fascist” or ” All Israeli are baby buggerers” You know the sort of shoite. The Order of the Sacred Troll expects more Chris. You are in the spotlight and you must deliver.

      1. Rattle Ian Davy, what’s the point, I rattled him over shouting Collier out for endangering decent Jewish folk in the UK – Ian’s cage was indeed rattled, but bugger all fell out apart from BS, which came out by the bucket load. Still, nice to know who the Antisemites are, most are ardent Zionists who apologise continually for Israeli war crimes and murders in the Gaza strip, which allegedly, that’s unarmed civilians, poise an existential threat to the World’s third most nuclear armed nation. You can’t make this shit up I’m afraid.

        1. Rodgers da flonkers

          We don’t apologise for Israels actions

          We celebrate Israel as it ndefends Jews from the genocidal callings of Hamas (see Hamas charter) and their Jew hating cohorts in the west

          We celebrate Israels technological, scientific, medical, artistic, literary and agricultural achievements

          We do not celebrate Palestinian contributions to society such as Aircraft Hijacking, Suicide Bombers, Car Ramming and Knife attacking murderr etc etc,

          We also celebrate that your Uncles Joe and Adolph were unable to clear the world of Jews, while we fully understand your chagrin and dissatisfaction at their inability to realise your hopes

          Go fluck a duck in the muck

  7. When you say incredible stuff you lose credibility. Its like using Nazi analogies in discourse about Israel. Even the least informed Joe on the street instinctively knows it to be batshit. So what does it profit you to do it?

    David has a big problem here. No honest person buys that the people he is conducting this vendetta against are extremists. He is just revealing HIMSELF to be the rabid extremist. He also has clearly revealed himself to be aligned with the nut job lunatic fringe of the Israel lobby.

      1. Davy, David chooses his own tune. He is not bought in any sense. He solicits donations but that is fair enough. His time commitment is immense. David is an ideologue and not a part of the lucrative antisemitism industry in the way that CST and CAA are for example.

    1. Thus Sprach Dumb Bellamy of the Fascist De Valera lobby.

      “Controversially,[75] de Valera formally offered his condolences to the German Minister in Dublin on the death of Adolf Hitler in 1945, in accordance with diplomatic protocol.[76] This did some damage to Ireland, particularly in the United States – and soon afterwards de Valera had a bitter exchange of words with Winston Churchill in two famous radio addresses after the end of the war in Europe.[77]”

        1. The usual cover. Sure he razed Europe to the ground, but, you know, diplomatic niceties were in order.
          Dabydoo is dumb dumb.

          1. Ireland at least helped the British against him.

            Bgin and Shamir sought to attack the British in Palestine, distracting their war effort. Those two didn’t help the Jews back in Europe.

      1. Edward (I Vote4Trump)

        Funny, the USA and Israel work hand in glove with the House of Saud, which so happens to sponsor Wahhabism globally, and most of the 9/11 Nutters were Saudi – God they make Trump voters stupid.

          1. Edward (The Trump Voting Troglodyte)

            As far as insults go, that’s so far off the scale you should audition for a part in the re-make of Spinal Tap.

            For your crass, stupid mind, the Left never issued support for the neoliberal, warmongering Obama, who, well apart from upsetting a few ardent Zionists, brought much war to the world, never mind enriching further the Global elite.

            Good try Edward, but you really are one of the most pathetic Posters on this Blog.

            1. Rodgers der flooks

              Why is it that the uber leftys of the Nobel prize for peace issued Obama with the prize shortly after his election

              The dear old ‘lefty liberal neo-fascist’ coalition of progressive racist bigots like you were slavering in joy at Obamas’ election.
              He was going to change the world in your lefty liberal image.
              So please don’t try to alter the facts of your behaviour in the very near past

          2. Edward (Crass Trumpeteer)

            Forgot to add, for the USA Elections I usually support the Greens, or persons like Sanders – who so happens to be Jewish, alas not enough of an Israeli-apologist and Zionist for many a nutter, be they Clintonites, or fascists.

            1. Not surprised that you support the Fascist “Greens” and Fascist Pal-e-STINE. It all goes together.

              Just today an “Allahu Akbar” yodeler shot 3 dead in Belgium

        1. Chris,
          It was hope of the world Prince Obama who bowed before the Saudi royals. Democrat Bill Clinton was POTUS for the preceding 8 years leading up to 9/11.
          Leftwing voters: too stupid to learn from history. Too dishonest to admit culpability.

          1. Jeff21st,

            As with Leah27 you’d get a fail in any Politics ‘A’ Level exam, never mind being thrown out of any University Politics or Political Theory course with knowledge that you have – in case you require reminding, Clinton was a ‘New Democrat’ and ushered in the period of Neoliberalism on steroids & ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ in overseas policy from 1998 onwards – nothing leftwing at all about any of this, but keep trying as love having a laugh.

  8. David, do you really think that the average practising Jew gives a damn what a few outliers say or do???

    This is, of course, a horrendous catastrophy for the liberal stream of Jews in the UK who want to be taken seriously by Orthodox Judaism. But for the vast majority of practicing Jewry, events in Parliament Square will be seen as evidence of the moral bankrupcy of Liberal Judaism and I expect, will be cited time after time when people call for closer collaboration between the two communities. I have the utmost respect for non-Orthodox streams of Judaism, but I also know the Orthodox community well and know how this looks. I am sure you do too, David. So, dealing with the Yachad/ NIF/ Judas/ etc issue is a matter of urgency for the non-Orthodox community, but hardly impactful for all Jews.

  9. Not sure Bellers. He was being filmed today. He’s the Mister May centrefold in Blood-Lust4U Magazine. Should be good. Last month featured one of his mates with his boot on the throat of an eviscerated Khaled Adil Mousa, one of the Hamas armourers. I think the edition came with a free Betty Spaghetti pencil case. Want the link?

  10. Strikes me that Bellamy and his fellow-travellers might be a fifth column for Orthodox Judaism since everything they say brings the ‘progressive’ movements further into disrepute.

    1. Really, really!

      What a fool, you espouse hate against your fellow Jewish peers for expressing empathy – something those who carried out Hitler’s orders never felt – alas, they, and the persons who post here bring shame on the Left?

      I don’t think so old bean.

  11. Breaking character for a moment here’s something that will not have escaped notice. This is the third piece on this subject and despite the way that the stunt has been written up and the participants characterised, it has not prompted a single response from the group under scrutiny.

    We have heard from all of the usual subjects in all of their customary and deflective tones but nothing from the group involved; no rebuttal or counterpoint, nothing at all. Instead the thread is populated by the usual handful of preposterous trolls and anonymous cowards who are rushing to run interference as fast as their keyboards will launch them here.

    Do the organisers and participants have so little confidence in their arguments and feel so vulnerable in public exchange that they are unable to offer anything unless it is presented from the relative safety of a 600 word blog in the ‘Times of Israel’. Moreover, do they believe that their best representation is coming from a few disingenuous trolls pretending to care but in truth, having very different sticks to flail in places like this?

    This is a serious subject and a defence based entirely on attempts to demean the messenger really does lead people to arrive at a common conclusion.

      1. Relative safety ? Too funny

        Anyway we have heard the last of it, except maybe for a desultory forlorn attempt by the lunatic fringe of the BoD to have Yachad kicked out at a plenary. This has already arrived where David and Scoffi’s petty vendettas always end up.


    1. “Do the organisers and participants have so little confidence in their arguments and feel so vulnerable in public exchange that they are unable to offer anything unless it is presented from the relative safety of a 600 word blog in the ‘Times of Israel’. “?

      But isn’t is for God to judge their prayer? Not the Israel pushers.

      From your post I take it that you are an atheist and aren’t of the Judaic fath.

    2. p.s.

      “attempts to demean the messenger really does lead people to arrive at a common conclusion.”

      David is a messenger? Mmmm. Whose message is he delivering for them?

      1. Davy,

        Who’s message and for whom would be a better enquiry, but one things for sure, such messages don’t come from those who adhere to a Leftist political philosophy.

    3. Ian,

      I must say, as Mr Bellamy has, that this is really desperate stuff.

      However, to clear up any confusion, if you support neoliberal socioeconomic prescriptions, a managerialism on steroids, a neoconservative interventionist foreign policy and total subservience to the State of Israel is no way can any person supportive of this stuff claim to be on the political left, or Left-of-Centre, which is why I oppose those who adhere to the above, particularly if they are effectively cuckoos in the nest of any Left-of-Centre political grouping.

      A definition of the ‘New Left’, or in reality the Traditional Left is quite simple, namely: support for the nation state, support for a mixed economy within the Nation State with private business being highly regulated; an emphasis on inclusiveness and reducing social inequality; an internationalist, humanitarian focused foreign policy under the auspices of the United Nations; opposition to colonialism/imperialism and opposition to wanton warmongering.

      Simple stuff really, but of course if you adhere to these principles in your vocabulary one is Trolling. Strange that!

  12. Chris, your view on the point is irrelevant.

    Unless to were a participant or an organiser, nothing has changed. There has not been a single response from those that would be expected to; lots of response from those that couldn’t give a toss. Mind the splinters on the stick.

    1. Ian,

      Oh really Sir, most of the extremism, namely of a rightwing bent, stems from the majority of posters on this Blog and Blog host himself, Re: the outing, naming and shaming of Jewish liberals for the crime of questioning Israel’s foreign policy or state structures themselves – that this naming and shaming has resulted in actual ‘death threats’ means bugger all to you. Alas, this is a real example of extremism, which you seem to adhere too yourself.

      1. Not really my concern. I was simply observing a glaring omission, not planning their media response strategy.

        Maybe a mistake to presume they care. Very common mistake that people make with you.

          1. On this we agree Bellers. Why bleat about damaged reputations and adverse publicity when they couldn’t give a toss. Your field of expertise I believe.

              1. I’m sure that the parents of the kids in their charge would be thrilled to be described in this way.

                  1. See that line in the sand you’re about to kick Bellers? I draw that at answering very stupid questions.

                    1. Actually so far as I can see the only reputation damaged is David’s. Previously his close alignment with the aforementioned nut job head bangers had not been widely recognised. It now is. Saved me a lot of work I could well do without.

  13. Chris, still irrelevant. You have not become an organiser or a participant by just posting here several more times. You cannot change that. So until an actual organiser or participant chooses to offer a response here the point stands.

    1. Ian,

      Not a clue what you are going on about, in the UK, when working in industry, I was a workshop organiser for the Transport & General Workers Union (Unite), whilst here in Asia, I’m one of a bunch of persons struggling to get decent Broadband on the small Island I live on. So, what type of organising are we discussing, or are you discussing informal organising structures i’ve worked with in denting BS about Jeremy Corbyn from the MSM and sites like this?

      1. Chris, let’s stick to topic (no pun intended….)

        Not a single organiser or participant of the stunt has commented on the reports of their activities and it does seem like the trolls care far more than they do, or at least pretend to. Any stick eh?

        1. Ian,

          What’s the topic mate, as far as i can discern the Title of the Blog Post is: “We Must Not Accept the Normalisation of Extremism.” What was it with the establishment of the Jewish State between 1945-1948 but the normalisation of Extremism, or in more polite circles, TERRORISM.

          I must be awfully confused, but usually I’m opposed to all extremism, including ardent Zionist extremism.

  14. Who’s dealing from the deck of desperation now Bellers?

    Despite all the posturing here by you and others, actually on both sides, there remains an issue which bothers me. It should bother others as well if they stopped being dicks for a second and thought about it. Maybe it does.

    Youth groups that look after kids on tours have a fundamental duty of care and whichever way you paint it to suit whichever cause you’re batting this week there is a strong case to be made that the youth groups have some way fallen short of that duty. And I speak as someone that has had to write the practice documents around this sort of stuff.

    Unless there is a line in a disclosure form that informs parents that the youth group and its leaders reserve the right to say Jewish memorial prayers in a public space in support of dead Arab terrorists and film & post it on social channels and the parents sign off on this with full knowledge, the groups are on a very sticky wicket.

    This is a point that should not be lost in the pointless exchanges that take place here. It’s one thing taking the piss out of your opponents but another to belittle the need to protect children.

    1. Ian,

      How about protecting the more than 1 million youths aged under 18 in Gaza – of course, they don’t count as they are Palestinian’s, and no doubt extremists, all 1 million of them, all under one year olds, all under 10 year olds and all under 17 year olds. All extremists Ian – funny old world ain’t it?

      1. Chris

        As ever you have made your choices. In this case you have chosen to write pointless posts that can never have any impact on anything or anyone. I have attempted to promote a sensible conversation about the subject at hand and move it onto apolitical grounds to make you feel less threatened; namely the importance of child protection in voluntary youth groups. Unlike everything else that you and other do here this could have been an area in which your contribution could have been more useful. Instead you have chosen to persist with a tired tactic of deflection and inane flailing.

        I sincerely hope that there is never a time when your family asks you how you allowed your daughter to fall victim to a youth leader who exerted a harmful and damaging influence over her and your only response is ” I was too busy being a dick on social media”

        1. Ian

          You are spot on in the fact that very few comments have even vaguely touched on the subject of the blog

          The dear odd walloper Rodgers is bessotted with his love of all that is not white people and Israell/Israeli
          Never going to get a sensible argument/debate out of him as his blinkered view of the world has obscured any nuance in his views

          1. Galber,

            One has very rarely come across persons who are white, unless they have some kind of genetic disorder – still, keep up the good work.

            1. Crazy Chris, ever come across people who are black – is there such a genetic disorder?

              1. Edward (I Adore Trump Fan Club)

                Actually I believe Ian Smith was black, well he had a black heart at least – he was a good racist though, much like Trump so I’m told.

          2. “You are spot on in the fact that very few comments have even vaguely touched on the subject of the blog”

            The subject is nonsense … David calls them ‘extremists’. Ludicrous blog assertion.

    2. Protecting them from being groomed to become killers, under orders to shoot unarmed Palestinians on their own land. Sounds well done to me.

    3. extremist




      plural noun: extremists

      a person who holds extreme political or religious views, especially one who advocates illegal, violent, or other extreme action.


      Advocating shooting dead members of an organisation on their side of a border fence sounds like extremism to me.

      Seems David is an extremist. Surprise, surprise.

      1. Now, now Davy,

        The murders and maiming in Gaza were a Police Action, the deaths were caused by Hamas supporters shooting themselves with remote controlled sniper rifles to elicit positive PR – its all been explained in the Hasbara Play Book I have in front of me.

        As for any injuries, again, these were self inflicted allegedly!

    4. “Unless there is a line in a disclosure form that informs parents that the youth group and its leaders reserve the right to say Jewish memorial prayers in a public space in support of dead Arab terrorists and film & post it on social channels and the parents sign off on this with full knowledge, the groups are on a very sticky wicket.”

      I am going to be generous and assume this is feigned stupidity. If this were the case the document would have to disclose every right reserved, in order to avoid a sticky wicket. What is the special status of this reserved right ?

      The practice documents you signed off, what retained rights were disclosed?

      Maybe you can help the people out and write the disclosure you would like to see. You being our resident expert.

      To protect children from exactly what ?

      1. And….

        ” David’s reports have amplified this issue and caused the parental body to re-think their decisions.

        Who among the parental body you refer to has rethought their decision?

        Just waffling and making stuff up is not helpful to your cause.

        1. Pretty much making my point again Bellers. Placing your own self serving agenda of the day before issues relating to the protection of kids is just a dicks game. It would have saved you time to have simply copy/pasted your more traditional “not arsed”.

  15. Rodgers bla quagalogs

    There was a civil war

    Arabs were attacking Jews
    Arab irregulars from surrounding Arab countries were entering the Mandate of Palestine and attacking the British and Jews and local Arabs who did not kowtow to the Arab invaders ideology.
    The Arabs had effected a siege of Jerusalem
    Arabs (not Palestinians as the Palestinians then were Jews) were throwing bombs and shooting Jews and Jews were responding

    Not quite as simple as your asinine comment would sugest

    Again, I repeat; there was a civil war between Arabs and Palestinians (Jews) and lots of people were dying because Jews no longer rolled over and died like ‘the good Jews of the past’
    The Jew hating Antisemites did not like this new situation in the least

    1. Oh Galber,

      I’m hoping to form some Terrorist Gangs to expedite the notion of a Greater Wales, namely, given the Celts had ancestors in far flung places in Europe I think we need to unify these territories under a single dominion, namely the Welsh Celt fanatics – obviously, because we also have Saxon blood in our veins, we also make claims over all of Germany. I’m recruiting at the moment, but given your ardent Zionism, such an endeavour may be of interest too you?

      1. Rodgers dib dab

        Has anyone called for the destruction of Wales and the murder/genocide of the Welsh in a publicly avaiable Charter
        I think not.
        Therein lies the answer

        1. But the greater Wales hasn’t been created yet, when it has, those driven out would be inclined to want to see the new state revert to the original, or ‘destroyed’ in your parlance. Would you blame them for that? Ian?

        2. Galber,

          No doubt the EDL will be on the case, which means we’ll have to deal with them via nuclear weapons – its the only language these people understand I’m afraid!

    1. Well, I’m confident the EDL types would have something to say, particularly given they love parading with the Cross of St George Flag with Swastika’s superimposed on it – in Wales we’ll make do with just a blood drenched Flag, I’m confident others will get my meaning, alas, over your pay scale.

      1. Crazy Narcissist Chris, what makes you think that anyone cares about wales or welsh, especially here???

        Must you always bang on about yourself?

        Go to Gaza and tell the jihadis about wales.

  16. The reason I use the translation of the Hamas I do use is because with Palestinians/Arabs I have shown it to, they always remark favourably on the way the translation reflects the intent and meaning of the original Arabic

    I have read a number of different translations over the years

  17. Mrs Chris; “Evenin’ love. How was your day?”

    Mr. Chris; “Exhausting Mrs C. Put in a real shift giving those bastard ZioNazis what for.”

    Mrs Chris; “A-ha, and your job…?”

    Mr. Chris; “Job, shmob. Mrs C. This is important work. You should have seen ‘em. Asking me questions left write and centre and me just writing any old shit back at them; stuff about slippers, receipts, Wales, any bollocks. Brilliant tactic. It must be really pissing them off. I can tell.”

    Mrs Chris; “Hmmm… and work…?”

    Mr. Chris; “You don’t understand love. I’m a game changer me, and any minute now I’m going to bring that smug twat Collier to his knees.”

    Mrs Chris; “…. but love, it says here that he has 3000 more followers than when you started. His SEO stats are going mental with all your posts and he gets quoted as an attributable and reliable source of background research materials in most of the UK rags. Are you sure you’re doing it right?”

    Mr Chris; “Hasbara bollocks love. We all know the Jews run the internet. Just you wait. I’ve got him exactly where I want him. Now I just need to do some background on 17th Century nosegays, Flemish windmills and coal for tomorrow’s shift. How about that cuppa love………………… love……………………..LOVE!!!!!!!”

    1. “I’m going to bring that smug twat Collier to his knees.”

      Viewing his desperate last two blogs he’s already on them … scrabbling around for ways to fill the page.

      He’s had his ten minutes of fame when the Tory press seized on his fantasy piece slating Jeremy Corbyn. Think ‘useful idiot ‘ is apt.

    2. Ian,

      I find your Antisemitic trope about Jews running the Internet disgusting – so disgusting I’ve informed Saul Freeman and GnasherJew to deal with you – they are not persons to be trifled with and if you are a member of the Conservative Party, hopefully you’ll be suspended for this antisemitic slur against the Jewish community globally.

    3. Ian,

      Further, and worse than your Antisemitism is the fact you accuse me of drinking tea. I do nothing of the sort and never have. I drink coffee only, not Starbucks Coffee, just cheap Asda Roast Coffee on the Instant variety.

      Could you also ensure that when referencing my wife its written in Spanish as her English is not so good.

        1. Edward (Demented Trump Voter)

          I’d read up on the Treachery of the Blue Books, the treachery being Welsh was more or less banned being taught in Wales for best part of 100 years, hence, most of the Welsh inhabitants of wales had their language stolen by Colonialists.

          1. Crazy Chris (Demented Narcissist), NOBODY outside of dusty corners of academia or some ultra nationalist club gives a crap about welsh. It’s a dead or hobby language, one among many.

            Happy Nakba!

            1. Edward (I’m in a padded cell Trip Voter),

              I have no idea what a ultranationalist is, apart from the ardent Zionists who post on this Blog, however, try the shit you have written out in Wales and you’d find yourself in a Court of Law for inciting racial hatred – you really are a disgusting, low life cretin. Thank God your the best of the Zionists, I’d hate to see the worst.

              1. Crazy Chris, HA! Wave the flag of Terrorist Hezbola in Londonistan, then you’re the Belle of the Ball in Fascist Green/Socialist circles.

                Londonistan, the target of the 7/7 2005 transport attacks, the beheading of drummer Lee Rigby, the London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks, the open display of placards threatening 9/11 scale attacks.

                Happy Nakba!

  18. In the wake of the murder of 3 people in Belgium, here is a timeline of terrorism in Belgium.

    A timeline of recent terror attacks in Belgium

    There have been a number of high profile terrorist attacks across Belgium in recent years, all of which have been linked to Islamist extremism.

    On 24, May, 2014, Mehdi Nemmouche, a French national of Algerian origian opened fire at the Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels, killing four people.

    He was arrested in Marseille nearly a week later and was found to have had links to would-be ISIS Islamists in Syria

    In January 2015, police smashed a terror cell in the town of Verviers, which had been planning an attack on law enforcement.

    The Verviers cell had links to Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the mastermind of the November 2015 ISIS attacks on Paris that killed 130 people.

    On 22 March, 2016, Belgium was struck by co-ordinated ISIS suicide attacks on Brussels airport and a metro station which killed 32 people and injured more than 300.

    On August 6, 2016, a machete-wielding man shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is greatest) attacked two policewomen in the industrial town of Charleroi, before being shot dead. ISIS claimed the responsibility for the attack.

    On 5 October 2016, a 43-year-old army veteran with alleged links to ISIS fighters in Syria and a local Islamist party, attacks three police officers with a machete in the Schaerbeek neighborhood of Brussels, Belgium.

    On 20 June 2017, a small explosion takes place at Brussels Central station, carried out by a Moroccan national, who fails to cause any injury to any civilians, and is shot by security forces at the scene.

    On 25 August 2017, two soldiers are wounded by a machete-wielding a 30-year-old male Somali immigrant, an attack which is later claimed by ISIS.

    1. Edward (The Trump puppet),

      Funny old World, but I was under the illusion that FUKUS and Israel were sponsoring ISIS in Syria – maybe that news has not made its way in to that barren place between your ears where some grey matter should be.

      1. Crazy Chris, You are under the delusion of the illusion.

        Where have ISIS thanked the UK/US/Israel for their “support”???????????????

        Hezbola must thank elements of the UK for their waving Hezbola flags and support in London.

        You sound more and more like disgraced Red Ken Livingstone. Please ESAD.

        Happy Nakba!

        1. Nothing wrong with Hezbolla flags being waved in London.

          It’s the military wing that uses arms that sometimes kill people.

          Much like Israel and it’s military wing, the IDF. But Israeli flags are waved, as they were when a pro-Israeli mob(including Smeeth, Berger etc.) gathered in Parliament Square to lobby against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party.

          1. Dumb Davy, then the “military wing” and the “political wing” would have different flags to differentiate between the two, or more red herrings.

            Happy Nakba!

            Todays murder of 3 in Belgium demonstrates the threat of “The Religion of Peace”.

              1. Dopey Dave, reports say it was done by a convert to the oxymoron called “The Religion of Peace”.

        2. Edward (Trump Racist Voter)

          Not sure what you sound like, apart from an ‘extremist’ and out and out racist, as your little sick sign off always indicates.

          As for sounding like ken Livingstone, that’s would be difficult as I speak with a South wales accent, whilst Mr Livingstone has a London accent – still, nice try old bean, but please be more precise with your written word as mistakes are costly.

          1. Crazy Racist Rogers,

            FYI, “palestine”/”palestinian” is NOT a race. It’s a invented nationality comprised of Egyptians (arafart), Lebanese, Jordanians, Iraqis, Syrians and so on

            Happy Nakba!

            1. Edward The Moral Racist Trumpeteer,

              If persons were living in a certain part of the Ottoman Empire, then transferred over to UK Rule after WWI via the Palestine Mandate, then said persons, living on the lands of hundreds of years have every right to call themselves Palestinian’s, much as the Welsh can claim to be Welsh in their own Country, despite the Roman’s doing a good job in trying to wipe out the Celts, before a few Anges, Saxon’s and vikings came over to mix it up – fact remains, i’m Welsh and those born in the Palestine Mandate and partied Palestine mandate are Palestinians – no give your Hasbara geography, history and anthropology lessons to someone less ignorant please.

              1. Crazy Chris,

                List the PRE-1948 presidents/prime ministers of “palestine”.

                Should be EASY if there was an independent, pre-1948 “palestine”.

                Here is a Youtube of a 30 second Newsreel of Socialist hitler meeting and sitting down with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.


  19. It’s as well that the Kaddish was said in a civilised country.

    Had it been said in Israel these ‘extremists’ would have been subjected to live fire …. and David wouldn’t have been criticising Israel that day.

    Isn’t that right, David?

  20. Mrs Chris; “Want your brew now love?”

    Mr. Chris; ”One may presume that if one was in Wales now and said personage was confibrulated by ones good friend Cohen the one eyed lapsed tranny Jew then said Cohen would present one with the dilemma of whether to speak out against Smeeth and Berger as CIA stooges or turn ones attention to the said Zio-entity Collier and his cohort Squiffy Injoke-Naime, Right Mr. Stephen Sir.”

    Mrs Chris; “So was that a yes to the brew?”

    Mr. Chris; Put your insane hasbara away bitch. Forgot to take your meds again?”

    Mrs. Chris; “Whaaaaaaat?”

    Mr Chris; “Oh sorry love. Just practicing my weird speaking for my shift tomorrow. That shit Collier is history.”

    1. Ian,

      Gosh I’m a distraction for you am I not? Still, it keeps you busy and on your toes as they say. Also stops you propagandising elsewhere, which can’t be bad can it?

      1. Well, you’re certainly under his skin, Chris. As they say – Love is Respect.

  21. Got loads of time to kill Chris and the modest IDF pension keeps the wolf from the door. So we can see lots more of each other. Which is nice.

  22. Mrs Chris; “Oh dear! Just heard back from the Kier Hardy Academics Club for Welshmen Abroad love. Look like you’ve been blackballed for life. It says you don’t meet any of the criteria and to stop writing to them.”

    Mr. Chris; “Zionist, Imperialist Fuckers! One is indignant that one has been maligned in aforesaid manner Mrs Chris and had one been in said Wales then surely one may have lobbied ones lifelong eco-socialitistic colleagues from polytechnic to take appropriate action in terms of the abovementioned which clearly represents a zio-fascist, Jew plot led by that shit Collier.”

    Mrs Chris; “Whaaaaa?”

    Mr. Chris; “You ‘eard!!”

    1. “a zio-fascist, Jew plot led by that shit Collier.”

      Not led by.

      Wasn’t he described as merely the messenger?

    2. Ian,

      You at it again?

      Funny, you should be writing scripts for Radio Broadcast – your opinion of Collier ain’t high is it, I mean you like putting words allegedly in my mouth, but as a rule of thumb I’ve never used the word ‘Zio’ or ‘Zio-Fascist’, apart from typing it here now – so , with due respect, could we not use language I’d never use myself.

  23. Rogers ol fact blodgers

    Palestine was only defined as a state in 1917 when the British gave it defined borders such as your pony Wales
    Before 1917 the area had been defined as Southern Syria and divided into ‘villayets’ with local administrative centes such as Jaffa, Akko, Nablus and Jerusalem all under the overall control of Damascus and then Istanbull.
    At no time was there ever an administrative or province of Ottoman Turkey or the Arab colonies called Palestine
    Palestine is the creation of western Europe, firstly under the Romans, then the Crusaders and lastly the British from 1917 to 1948
    For a student of history, you are woefully ignorant

    1. So, the land or its inhabitants weren’t there pre-1917?

      Ah, you mean what it was called.

      Don’t think the State of Israel was there, even more recently.

    2. Galber,

      Shall we use the other Hasbara Play Book nonsense, namely, no one lived, farmed or inhabited the Palestine Mandate allegedly, we’ll apart from a lot of Palestinian Arabs, some Jewish folk and a few Christians – I’ve seen loads of paperwork of Jewish folk being registered as living in the Palestine Mandate, indeed, one of the Greens I knock around with, her father was actually born there, that’s Jerusalem by the way – well fancy that!

    1. Yes Galber,

      However, please produce anywhere in any posting of mine where I’ve used the word ‘Zio’ and ‘Zio-Fascist’ – you’ll have a long, unsuccessful search, as I don’t use words such as that. Further, i have a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes Fascism, namely the Fascism of the 1920’s Italian variety – now, for someone who allegedly works at the School of Oriental & African Studies, such understanding should be Politics 101.

  24. Mr & Mrs Chris

    Well well well .
    So you admit Jews lived in the Holy Land
    Only mistake you made there was that there was no Palestine in the Ottoman Empire.
    There were different ‘sanjaks’ and ‘vilayets’ in the Ottoman Empire, but never one called Palestine.
    There was Southern Syria, controlled from Damascus that controlled the admin districts of Akko, Nablus, Jaffa andJerusalem among others as the district boundaries and capitals changed.
    But never a district of Palestine.
    When my father was in Palestine, all his friends were Palestinians, and they were all Jews.
    His Arab and Christian acquaintances all called themselves Arabs
    Jews stopped being Palestinian on the 14/15th May 1948 when Israel was reborn and they became Israelis
    Fact chappie. Facts and rock and roll

    1. Now Galber is posting to Mrs. Rogers. Stop that. David take note…. and action.

  25. Mrs Chris; “Just popping down Tesco’s on the High Street love. Fancy a chop for your tea?”

    Mr Chris:” More mindless drivel from Mrs Chris. One will note that no such capitalist enterprise exists on the so-called street. Folk here know that there has never been any historic connection between said Imperialist retail aggressor that one will find is owned by Jews and the aforementioned location which rightfully belongs to indigenous Arabs who were ethnically cleansed when the old post office was pulled own. You’ve been reading that bastard Collier’s lies again. Get a grip woman !”

    Mrs. Chris; “So is that yes to a chop love?”

    Mr Chris; “Please, but not too fatty….”

      1. Davy,

        Their racism is openly on display here, which should cause concerns, particularly in relation to my non-European wife, who’d certainly not be welcomed in that alleged multicultural oasis, Israel, mind you, who in their right mind would want to live is such a State that gives preferred treatment to one group of persons and penalises all others as much as it can. And that’s before we discuss the Occupied Territories, which allegedly are not Occupied!!!!!!

        1. Davy,

          Check out Norman Garfield’s form in the Jewish Chronicle, he’s an acknowledged perjurer and stalker – nice company Mr Collier keeps!

          1. Doesn’t come as any surprise, morals aren’t a requisite for their hasbara cult.

  26. Mr chris

    As you said you never used the term ‘zio’ or ‘zio-fascist’, and I never accused you of such.
    But accusations of ‘zio-fascist’ still tap into the term fascist, and using an unbiased magnifyer on the MENA, Israel is the only non-fascist country in the area.

    There are a number of Israeli politicians that would like to try lead it down a similar road, but the Israeli Supreme Court, the judiciart and the chaotic political scene will hopefully prevent that happening
    Coalition politics prevents any single party ever getting vaguely enough seats for a majority thank G-d, and that has been the case since the 1950s’

  27. mS cHRIS

    The mindless banality of your last comment
    If you think Israel is racist – then so be it. But please offer some factual proof of this, something that differs from the common and garden type of racism that exists in every part of our merry old world.
    Please don’t try pretend that racism does not exist in those utopias called Finland, North Korea, Sweden, South Africa etc, You get my drift I hope.
    Otherwise go and ask Mrs Chris as she may have some answers to compliment your scintilating wit

      1. Galber,

        Given the Tories in the UK have ensured our nation at a State level is as racist as fuck, they join the ranks of Israel, or is the deportation efforts of African from the Jewish State also my imagination?

        Still, I give it with both barrels to all transgressors, including my own in the UK.

  28. Galber,

    In each place I’ve lived, be it Wales, England or now China, no preferential treatment of any kind is given to one group over another. Remind me, is not Israel know as the Jewish State, that Jewish folks, and no one else, has a right of return, and across Israeli society preference is given to Jewish folk, or, are those non-Jewish folks residing in Israel as second class citizens bullshitting?

    1. They are bullshitting the ignorant people, the stupid people and the Jew haters….you just have not realised it yet……

      1. Norm (Garfield the Stalker)

        I see your language is deplorable, so everyone in ‘Jew haters’ who expresses discontent with the set-up in Israel, which is what, some 20% plus of the population – what ya going to do about it Norm, expel them to Africa like those with Brown skin being expelled presently having entered Israel as refugees from war torn Horn of Africa nations. Sad U lot are, very sad.

  29. In the midst of all the waffle this neatly sums it up perfectly


    10h10 hours ago

    Even if all of the unarmed civilian protestors murdered in Gaza were Hamas agents (they weren’t), and even if affiliation with Hamas was a crime punishable by death (it isn’t), who the fuck ever said we’re only allowed to say kaddish for people we like?

    1. For murder to be a fact, was mens rea needs to be present
      If mens rea is lacking its not murder despite the best efforts of propogandists to say otherwise

  30. Or put another way……..


    In a Bellers thought bubble far far away

    I couldn’t give an Arab’s armpit about any of this, but pretending that I do seems like a brilliant way to wind up some Israelists (not a real word) on social media

    1. Well I dunno Ian I am not an expert .

      Does Judaism forbid praying for ones enemies ? Is there no requirement like ” forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us” ? Or any stuff like that.

      Norm is a bit of a practicer, maybe he could help us out.

      Maybe this could solve the disclosure problem you are concerned about.” Do you or have you ever, shown empathy for, a designated enemy of Israel ? Do you , or have you ever, said a prayer for such that has has been rendered as dead as a door nail by an Israeli sniper’s explosive bullet ” ?

      That would secure the emotional health of Jewish yoof for all time I am thinking.

      1. Is that the Norman who follows women around Supermarket aisles?

        Probably not if he also follows Judaism, wouldn’t gel would it?

  31. Mrs Chris; “It was a close call Jean, but I think I’m in the clear. To be honest, Mr Chris is a different bloke now he’s doing that racism. I can’t understand anything he says with all his funny words in the wrong order. It’s too weird. I get the feeling his new friends on the computer are just as bad, if not worse. Lucky for me it’s been a real distraction to him. I thought he’d spotted my Dana International T shirt in the wash basket the other day and I was nearly rumbled when I left my Ofra Haza compilation tape in the car. The old dafty thought it was Welsh! I don’t know what will upset him more; finding out I love Eurovision or finding out I’m a Zionist.”

    1. Ian,

      What are you blathering about now? There was me thinking you were spending your well earned IDF pension, alas, your now dancing with Kellers again – he does like the Two Step so I’m told, but certainly ain’t good enough for Come Dancing I’m afraid.

    1. Bellers,

      Seems as Arkush has been drinking far too much from the well of the IRHA and its much derided 11 Bullet Points, which even the turnip Galber has instructed us have no legal standing whatsoever in the UK – I suggest Mr galore have a quiet word with Arkush and fill him in with some realities. In other important news, Saul freeman has fallen out with the Jewish Chronicle’s Pollard – so now even Pollard is a ‘self-hating Jew’ allegedly.

  32. Rodgers bodgers

    The ‘right of return ‘ to Jews is a positive regulation that does not affect citizens and residents of Israel who are not Jews

    It was enacted with the specific purpose of righting the wrong that prevented Jews entry into other countries when they tried to escape the mass murder that the Nazis inflicted in particular on the Jews
    Their are thousands of stories of Jews turned back by Switzerland , by the UK, by Cuba and most other countries in the western hemisphere

    Therefore that law is a law positive to Jews but not negative to non-Jewish Israeli citizens
    If you don’t like it , it’s tough, it’s your problem;


  33. Rodgers

    You sound like a parrot; repeating repeats.
    The dead parrot sequence comes to mind, as you garble out nonsensical comparisons that are meaningless.
    Compare this country to that when there is some relevance to the comparison
    Don’t pluck ludicrous images/items that have a superficial resemblence and claim this as fact.

    You are supposed to be university educated, so display an element of diligence in discourse; there is a good lad

    1. It is a classic smear tactic that the hard-left use all the time. Everyone over here who fights antisemitism is labelled ‘extreme’. The reason it worked so well with Im Tirtzu is that Groups supported by New Israel Fund have a firm footing here and when they cried ‘fascist’ too few people knew enough to fight back. They didn’t realise it was probably just a smear campaign by political adversaries.

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