The Guardian newspaper: Decades of baiting British Jews

This week the Guardian published a letter that was co-produced by Elleanne Green, founder of Palestine Live. The letter was a defence of Chris Williamson and a denial of the antisemitism in the Labour Party. That in itself is a disgrace. But the Guardian’s issue with Jewish people and Israel extends back much further than Corbyn. Anyone researching antisemitism today knows that Corbyn is a symptom of the problem, not the cause of it.

Better days at the Guardian

From the Guardian Newspaper, April 11 1950. ‘The Arab League is still in the wilderness. It made little headway at its recent meeting in Cairo. In its attitude towards Israel it has not yet advance beyond a sullen resentment at having been beaten‘.

Guardian 1

That was the Guardian seeing and telling the truth. Some of the Arab players never changed their stance. Never moved beyond the resentment of having been beaten. But somewhere along the line, the Guardian (along with many media outlets) either forgot or developed a serious case of blindness to the underlying truth of the conflict.

Antisemitism and anti-Zionism

The conspiracists will tell you that Jews started attacking the Labour Party only when Jeremy Corbyn took control, because of Corbyn’s sympathy for the Palestinians. Yet most Zionists have sympathy for the Palestinians, which makes the conspiracy a rather demonising straw man. If we step back again, this time to 1953, things become much clearer. It was the end of the Slánský trial. Fourteen leading Communist party members had been accused of a Zionist conspiracy and convicted. Eleven were hanged in Prague on December 3 1952. Most of the accused were Jewish. It was an antisemitic show-trial.

The Guardian never shirked from criticising this demonisation of Zionism. It recognised the anti-Jewish nature of the anti-Zionist accusations without reservation, and although the trials referenced ‘anti-Zionism’, the Guardian continually described the actions as ‘anti-Jewish’. This from a letter to the editor on January 19th 1953:

If we allow ourselves to be persuaded that the Soviet accusation is not antisemitism, but just anti-Zionist or anti-Israel, then we are helping to endanger two-and-a-half million Jews.”

Page two of that paper carried a major article describing the outrage of the Board of Deputies. The paper would talk about anti-Zionist policy as if it were antisemitism – without question. Representatives from the Board then made two interesting quotes. Firstly, the indivisibility of Jewish people and Zionism:

Zionism is essentially a Jewish movement which worked for the creation of a Jewish state in the ancient homeland of the Jewish people. Consequently, Zionism cannot be divorced from Jewry and in the public mind the two are identified

But then, they referenced a small group of Jewish people, who disagreed.

Jewish defenders

The whole world knows today, that those events were antisemitism trying to disguise itself as anti-Zionism. And yet a handful of Jewish people still defended the slaughter following this show-trial. How did they do it? By trying to legitimise the Soviet argument that it was anti-Zionism and not antisemitism. But consider this difference. The Guardian in 1953 gave oxygen only to the mainstream Jewish voice, and the dissenting minority were seen as little but apologists for murder, worthy only of disdain.

Today we can see all the old ‘anti-Zionist’ arguments of Soviet Communism being used again by the antisemites, as a means of disguising their dislike of Jews. Can you imagine in 1953 the Guardian ignoring the Board of Deputies and running apologist letters from a handful of dissenting communist Jews legitimising the antisemitic murders in Prague? Yet this is the type of action they take today. Thus we can see that the Guardian has changed. It now gives a voice to the extremists as a means of legitimising the things it once clearly saw as antisemitic. The Guardian has blatantly turned its back on the Jews.

The Guardian and the boycott

The Arabs have been boycotting the Jews for a hundred years. In the 1960s, some British firms readily cowed to Arab pressure. In 1963 Norwich Union forced the resignation of Lord Mancroft, because the Arabs had asked them to be rid of the Jewish Peer. The Guardian editorial on 4 Dec 1963 on the matter of the boycott was clear. It was bullying, no good for anyone and needed to be ignored:

Arab boycott

Here is a simple Guardian editorial headline; ‘How to beat the Arab boycott‘:

Zionism as racism

History shows us that since the defeat of Nazi Germany, the two most violent strains of antisemitism have been within the Islamic world and the Communist world. Both, often dressed up as anti-Zionism. During the cold war they formed an alliance, which often reared its head in international bodies such as the United Nations. Just look at this piece from the Guardian following the UN vote “Zionism is racism”:

Guardian zionism racism

There were numerous Guardian articles that referenced the vote throughout November and December 1975. All of them highly critical. An editorial titled ‘a wild swipe at Israel’ pointed out the racist, undemocratic nature and hypocrisy of the blocs voting in favour at the UN. And during this time they only carried one of the Guardian style letters they would later become so infamous for – a letter from around 150 British MPs clearly calling the anti-Zionist vote a form of antisemitism:

Guardian hostile

It is difficult to believe this is the same newspaper. The Guardian never had a problem identifying anti-Zionism for what it was. It recognised the Arab refusal to accept defeat as the underlying cause of the conflict, saw antisemitism in the anti-Zionist rhetoric of the Soviet Union and had no problem swiftly identifying the Arab boycott for what it was. The Guardian was often critical of Israeli government policy but easily saw through anti-Zionism as the antisemitic cause it so clearly is.

What changed at the Guardian?

This isn’t difficult. The ‘rational left’ lost its soul when it became infected by the very viruses it used to be able to identify. It saw Islamic antisemitism until it became infected with it. So too Soviet antisemitism. Today those people writing these letters to the Guardian support the same ideology as those the Guardian quickly dismissed back in 1953. They started to use these media outlets to push their obsession. This is a map of the increase in mentions of the word ‘Israel’ from 1947-2003:

Obsession1 guardian

1966-1967, which includes the six-day war and its aftermath, saw 960 articles. 2002-2003 was to reach 3,402. I can only imagine how bad things are today. To put this in perspective. Israel’s 3,402 came over 24 months. ‘Congo’ did not even make 1,500 articles over the whole five years of the Second Congo War that cost millions of lives. Adding Rwanda to the search terms didn’t make much difference. Israel has become a Guardian obsession.

It becomes even more interesting when we search for ‘anti-Zionism’. Beyond criticism, until the 1990s there were no references to the words in the Guardian archives and a whole year could pass without a single article using it. In 1998 there was one article. Another two in 1999 and 2000.  In 2001 that double to four and in 2003 it tripled to thirteen. Since then it has risen to a tsunami.

The only reference in 1998 was to a book from the 1930s. In 1999 the play ‘Perdition‘ was on the theatre pages as it enjoyed a short run at the Gate Theatre. January of 2000 saw David Ceserani used the term when he was critical of Norman Finkelstein. In June, John Fordham wrote a Jazz column about Gilad Atzmon. Then in August 2001, there was a mention in article about the Woodcraft folk, and the complexities of global politics. In September it was another Jazz advert for Gilad Atzmon.

Guardian and the new millennium

In 2001, the UN conference on Durban took place. Similar in tone to the ‘Zionism is Racism’ arguments from the 1970s, this was the UN at its very worst. And it is in 2001 we can draw comparisons. Where the Guardian had seen the hypocrisy of the UN in the 1970s, the Guardian of 2001 was now partially embedded into the same mindset. It ran several articles with some criticising the conference, but suggested in many, that Israel only had itself to blame. At the end of the year it allowed the UN’s Mary Robinson to write about the disgraceful event as a ‘remarkable coming together’. The NGOs had all fallen into the poisonous ditch at Durban and their long time ally, the Guardian, faithfully followed them.

Almost simultaneously things got worse. The first proper article in the Guardian on anti-Zionism that would be recognisable today was published on 22 Dec 2001. It was an article by Faisal Bodi. According to Mike Gapes, Faisal Bodi was a ‘polemicist for extreme Islamic causes‘. He blogs for the pro-Hezbollah IHRC and has been referenced in a CST report on antisemitism. After a few years he was removed from the Guardian pages but not before he had pushed dozens of articles on their pages. Islamist antisemitism, which sees Zionism as some type of global plot, had infected the Guardians editorial vision.

The movement down the dark path was swift. By January 4 2002, the Neturei Karta had their first letter printed in the paper. Anti-Zionism was a new hot topic. Liberal Jews were sought who would downplay the issue and articles such as one written by Rabbi David Goldberg telling Jews not to overstate antisemitism were published. Michael Rosen appeared on the Guardian pages in January 2002 as well.

On Feb 25 2002, the Guardian ran an article about leftist antisemitism. The author makes some serious statistical mistakes when talking about Zionism within British Jewry. He does try to maintain a balance, but only between the Jews and those that would destroy them. At one point he suggests opposition to Israel, including opposition to its existence is a legitimate position. This is important because the author was Gary Younge, the current Editor-at-large for the Guardian.

We can end this section on 9th May 2002. An article slamming the accusation of antisemitism. All of the current arguments are inside. Antisemitism is mainly a right-wing problem – Anti-Arab racism is a bigger problem – Accusations of antisemitism are bogus and it is really all about Israel – and of course – If there is antisemitism, it is all Israel’s fault. The author? Seamus Milne, mastermind of the Jeremy Corbyn project.

guardian seamus milneBy this time the Guardian had switched sides. All the pieces were in place. The Guardian was lost.

Boycott, boycott, boycott

The Arab league had tried and failed to reinstate the famous Arab boycott in the late 1990s. All references in the Guardian to boycotts of Israel, prior to 2002 were in reference to that. Until in February 2002, when the Guardian reported on a proposed student vote taking place at Manchester University to support the Boycott of Israeli goods. Then on Saturday April 6 2002, the Guardian changed the game completely. Where it had previously seen the boycott of Israel as something to oppose, it now ran a letter, signed by 125 academics calling for an academic and cultural boycott of Israel:

It didn’t know it yet but BDS had just been born and the Guardian had placed itself as the UK’s central BDS publishing outlet. There was clearly an editorial decision and since then, every major BDS push has been given space on the Guardian’s page. On 7 May 2002 there was a report on a conference of the Association of University Teachers. It was all about the gender pay gap. Suddenly towards the end of the article, the writer squeezed in a reference to the Israeli boycott. The AUT were not even considering a vote on it, nor did it fit the context of the article – but for some reason, it got a mention. Journalists at the Guardian were actively trying to normalise the anti-Israel boycott.

The hard-left had spoken, but what about the Islamists? On the same day as the AUT article, 7th May, the Guardian ran an advert calling for a boycott of Israel. The signatories? The Muslim Council of Britain, the Friends of Al Aqsa, the Palestine Return Centre, The Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the IHRA and all the other organisations that have spent the last two decades demonising Israel and spreading antisemitism:

The letters never stopped

With the seeds planted, BDS launched in late 2004, evolving into the movement we know today in 2005. Over the last two decades, the Guardian have slipped further and further into the abyss. Pushing an endless stream of letters calling for a boycott of Israel. Always the same names, over and over again. Whenever Israel could be criticised or antisemitism needed to be downplayed, the Guardian would publish a letter with multiple signatures. Gaza, settlements, antisemitism. The same letter, written and signed by the same people. On Israel the Guardian promote a pro-Islamist, pro-Marxist world vision, and have relegated the Jewish mainstream to an annoying afterthought. Anti-Zionists like Jonathan Rosenhead return dozens of results on the Guardian search engine. Why? Who on earth is he?

We know these names off by heart. We see them time and time again. People like Tony Greenstein, Haim Bresheeth, Steven Rose, Miriam Margolyes, Deborah Fink, Leah Levane, Richard Kuper, Graham Bash, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi and Mike Cushman. All those that have seen their name in print dozens, if not hundreds of times. And why? Just because they are Jewish opponents to Israel.

The Guardian had found the anti-Zionist Jewish fringe to use as cover, just as Jeremy Corbyn would do when he took power in 2015. Seamus Milne even left the Guardian to protect him, bringing with him no doubt the lessons that he had learned.

And today

The Guardian has been happily baiting British Jews for years. This week it ran yet another letter. This one co-organised from within the Palestine Live group by the Founder Elleanne Green.

At what point did the Guardian sell out the British Jewish community to the whims of the antisemitic haters of Palestine Live?

Over the past four years, I have been contacted by every single major newspaper in the UK, except one. This blog has been at the forefront of research of the slide of the Labour Party towards institutional antisemitism. I have lost count of the number of political figures I have helped to expose. Yet I have no recollection of any journalist from the Guardian ever contacting me.

In fact, those who write for the Guardian are actively telling people to block those like me and other anti-racist campaigners on Twitter.

David Hirsh wrote that ‘Antisemitic ways of thinking have seeped’ into what he called ‘the community of the good’ and says ‘most people in that community are not aware of them and don’t know how to defend against them‘. The Guardian is now indistinguishable from the very antisemitic organs that the newspaper itself used to hate. Unfortunately, like most of the ‘lost left’ if it had to undo the damage, it wouldn’t know where to start. It has swallowed far too much of the Islamist/Marxist ideological vision, to be able to distinguish the good from the bad. Baiting British Jews may as well be on the sports pages. The readers are left with nothing but a poisonous shadow of something that used to resemble a newspaper.



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  1. “That in itself is a disgrace.”

    What is a disgrace, David, defending Williamson?

  2. The main charge here seems to be that the Guardian has not contacted David Collier. Could it be that it is nervous about David’s criminal associations eg Hoffman.Simple Simon, Tony Den Fi Fi Sharpe.

    ps I hate The Guardian

      1. That’s David’s targetted audience for his propaganda, Richard -the mindless.

        1. Sharmuta, Your Taqiyya ain’t flying so well with the Laboor Party breaking up like 1945 Berlin.

        2. That’s Mike Farmer for you: went into remission at UK Media Watch, metastasized on this website. No one does braindead bad faith better than Muck Framer does.

    1. Not only mindless comments Stephen, they are totally irrelevant to the conversation

      1. Hello Richard. Yes, you are dealing with a wind-up merchant with Bellamy. However, what is encouraging is knowing that David C. and I agree that the course of history since 1948 is about the inability of the Arabs to accept that they were beaten by a better army…and always have been.

        1. Many Jews had been trained by the British during the war. Many kept their weapons, just saying.

          More recently US taxpayers are bled over $3,500,000,000 to supply Israel’s military with FREE weapnry welfare ….EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

  3. David, as it turns out my article in ToI today, “The siren-call if anti-semitism” deals with Guardians antisrmitism as well, tho nowhere with snything like the detail u have provided. Keep up the good work. Alan

  4. Such brilliant research. I admire and appreciate your invaluable work.

  5. Excellent article

    Your article highlights the origins of the current BDS which started as the anti-Jewish boycott which the Arab League started in 1946 (before the State if Israel was declared)
    That anti-Jewish boycott morphed seamlessly into the Anab League boycott of Israel after the war of 1948-49 between the Arabs v Jews/Israelis ( note: this was not the Palestinians v Israel which only became the terminology in the late 1960’s)

    The current BDS began in the 1980-90’s in the western world to replace the failed Arab League boycott
    BDS became formalised at the UN Durban Conference on Racism in 2001 where it deteriorated into an anti-Israel hate fest.
    BDS finally gained traction when its proponents successfully used the ploy of saying that BDS was instituted as a grass roots movement of Palestinian civil society in 2005

    And The Guardian was there, enthusiastically helping BDS on its way with its anti-Israel editorial bent
    A shame; but there you go

    One could go so far as to say the original Arab League boycott against the Jews had morphed seamlessly from the Nazi boycott of the Jews from 1932 to 1945 (but we will leave that for another day)

    1. So, BDS to have Israel change its racist behaviour is the “morphed” Nazi boycott of ‘the Jews”, Richard?

      See you managed to slip “Nazi” in there. The same Nazis who sought to expand their land by Occupation and Annexation?

      1. Not quite sure when this Guardian hatred of Israelis started but I think it’s possibly around the time of the first Lebanon War in which for the first time Israel was wrongly considered to be the aggressor. Then came Sabra & Shatila. Couple that with the fact that the great Menachem Begin was prime minister, the man that has deposed a left wing government in Israel & hey presto you’ve all of a sudden got an excuse for the left wing extremists to slate Israel and the Jews.

          1. Mohammed Atta and the 18 other Sand Nazis of 9/11 were terrorists and have blood of 3,000+ (including First Responders who developed illnesses) have on their hands.

            The 4 terrorists of London’s 7/7 transport bombings have bood on their hands.

            The Islamofascists who placed a bomb on Pan Am 103 has blood on his hands.

            The terrorist who beheaded Lee Rigby on the streets showed off the blood on his hands.

            The terrorists who bombed a church on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka have blood on their hands.

            The terrorists who massacred the staff at Charlie Hebdo had blood on their hands.

            The terrorists who bombed the Boston Marathon have blood on their hands.

            The terrorist who ran over and killed 87 people with a truck on Bastille Day 2016 has blood on his hands.

            The terrorist who massacred people in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL has blood on his hands.

            Fascist Sharmuta, AKA “Mike Farmer” YOU have blood on your hands too.

      2. I don’t see an analogy in his comment, just a suggestion that there’s historic continuity. Do you concede his point in substance or were you about to argue that The Guardian hasn’t actually endorsed a rejectionist and revanchist campaign against (what is effectively) the Middle East’s only non-Muslim state?

  6. Hello David.

    Do you think that all Europeans are antisemite?

    Do you think that all Europeans should die?

  7. ‘Those put on trial confessed to all crimes (under duress or after torture) and were sentenced to punishment. Slánský attempted suicide while in prison. The people of Czechoslovakia signed petitions asking for death for the alleged traitors. Apropos of the conspiracy theories of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, prosecutors claimed that a “Zionist-Imperialist” summit had taken place in Washington DC in April 1947 with President Truman, undersecretary of state Dean Acheson, former treasury secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr, David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharret in attendance. The conspiracy charged that defendants were acting in accordance with a so called “Morgenthau Plan” to commit espionage and sabotage against Czechoslovakia for the US in exchange for American support for Israel. Ironically most of the defendants were known to be ardent ANTI-ZIONISTS. -Wiki.

    1. From the New York Times, Dec. 28, 1970.

      “Husak Gets Protest Letter

      In a related development, the sons of a party leader hanged with Mr. Slansky, Otto Sling, who was also a Jew, have sent a letter of protest to Gustav Husak, the party leader, condemning the current “anti Zionist” campaign. The sons, university students in Prague, are Jan Sling, 27, and Karel Sling, 25.

      In their strongly worded let ter, signed also by Vaclav and Jan Vlk, also sons of a late high party functionary, they criticize a recently published book and articles in periodicals, saying they distorted the records of the purge trials in order to make the Jewish victims appear more guilty than those who executed them.

      The four signers charged that in current propaganda the term “Zionist” is applied to all Jews. They continued, “The attacks on so‐called Zionists are not attacks on the Jews alone but on all humanity.”

      The signers urged Mr. Husak, himself a victim of a purge trial in the nineteen‐fifties, to halt the anti‐Semitic campaign lest it lead to results similar to those trials.”

      1. There is a sentence in the letter to Husak that sums up a disturbing number of those who proclaim that they are ‘not anti-Semitic but anti-Zionist’.

        It is this;
        “The attacks on so‐called Zionists are not attacks on the Jews alone but on all humanity.”

        Yes Farmer, I am looking straight at you.

        1. Firstly, every Jew is not a Zionist, and every Zionist is not a Jew.

          Gerald, are you equating Zionism with humanity? Seriously?

          My Slansky post above opines that the defendants were anti-Zionists. David views such as people whose views should be dismissed as they are a ‘fringe group’ and not part of the mainstream Jewish community, yet he includes them in his blog.


          1. No Farmer.

            I am stating, as does the sentence quoted from the letter, that there are those, like you Farmer, who claim to be attacking ‘Zionists’ when their attacks are on Jews and all humanity.

            1. But Zionist doesn’t mean Jew. Only in your mind.

              You seem to be whitewashing Zionism.

                  1. Farmer watching Wimbledon is the same as the content of your ‘posts’.

                    Very repetitive and a load of balls!

  8. Hey Bellers and Michael. Just saw all that Panorama stuff on the Beeb. What did you think of it?

    I can see why you’ve been working your arses off targeting David all this time. Your cunning plans haven’t really delivered for you though, have they? Bellers with your desperation to make the “all Dave’s bezzies are crims” approach stick and Michael with the auto-cue ” Bit like/see like Dave’s just a liar” have rather missed the mark.

    Still, as you keep telling me, “It’s the taking part that counts”. So keep it going lads. You’re changing the world.

    1. “targeting David all this time. ”

      Not David, but David’s contrived propaganda, which obviously does impact on his credibility.

      1. Michael, I think that in part, you and Bellers have contributed to the success of David’s work. You’ve trotted out the same slogans and insults, blog after blog for years now and kept them going even when there was clearly zero impact. You could have chosen cleverer tactics but you just plodded on with the same stuff. Bellers couldn’t make the discredit by association stick and your methods of insult and hollow accusation have got you nothing from any of this. Your political party still looks like a nasty bunch of antisemites and will certainly get battered by Boris at the ballot box and the obvious insincerity behind your posts always seems to strengthen rather than weaken the focus of the articles. I know we do the “just taking part” shtick but surely you guys hoped for more when you started all this. Isn’t it time to call it a day or at least attempt something more radical and effective?

        1. Shan’t burst into tears at your written assessment of my posts, Ian, have misplaced my tissues.

          Impact or no, David’s twisting of things should always be called out. Obviously not something imporrant to yourself.

          Same slogans? The truth will always be the truth. David declares “THE TRUTH MATTERS”. Good slogan … and there it ends.

          I know that you enjoy taking part, irrespective of the blog content, though you never comment it.

          1. Michael, this us the sort of stuff that you’ve been posting for ages now. Not only has it not helped you in any way it always seems to strengthen David’s position and his impact. That’s why I suggested that you were helping rather than hindering him. Look at it this way. Agree with him or not. He does the work. You just shout “Liar” and hurl vague insults. You see the disparity in effort? Surely you and your confederates had greater ambitions from all this.

            1. So, Ian thinks that pointing out untruths and mischevious that doesn’t pay in some way shouldn’t be undertaken?

              David’s ‘work’ has dual purpose. It puts food on his family’s table … AND may contribute in preventing a Labour government which would not continue to appease Israel’s racist endeavours.

              I’ll continue.

              1. “…contribute in preventing a Labour government..”
                Ok Farmer, so we know what you allege David is doing to prevent a Labour Government.

                But what, exactly, are you Farmer as an individual doing to bring about the election of a Labour Government?

                Before you ask me the same question Farmer. I resigned from the Labour Party, after being member for 30 years. It was increasingly obvious that the Party was spiralling towards disaster. I campaigned for the Labour Party during the 1983 General Election (when the manifesto was accurately described as ‘the longest suicide note in history’ )
                I will not repeat the same mistakes a couple of decades later, just because the Party’s ‘leadership’ has been captured by a sectarian cult.

                I will NOT support or vote Labour while Jeremy Corbyn is Leader.

                That is my answer Farmer, what is yours?

                1. I campaign for an end to the austerity, but that wouldn’t interest yourself, Gerald. It’s a policy.

                  1. Farmer are you incapable of asking the question put to you?

                    It is. “But what, exactly, are you Farmer as an individual doing to bring about the election of a Labour Government?”

                    Farmer, ‘I campaign for an end to the austerity’
                    Is not a policy. It is an aspiration.
                    Your aspirations are not an answer to the question I put to you.

                    Now answer the question I put to you.

    2. Balen Report

      Funny that an “impartial” news organization, AKA BBC, works so furiously to SUPPRESS news that reveals the ugly underbelly of the BBC..

      Why don’t people refuse to pay the BBC tax? Make it OPTIONAL. Those tools who love being lied to can pay, and others spend it at their favorite pub..

      1. BBC is the world’s best Broadcaster. Why refuse to watch its wonderful range of programs. The best entertainment channel by far.

        1. > BBC is the world’s best Broadcaster.

          Joseph Goebbles, Der Guardian, ISIS, Al Qada, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Fascist Iran

          all agree with you.

    1. Richard you have to understand that Stephen is a self-made man, who is greatly infatuated with his own creator.

  9. Michael, I think you missed my point. By all means continue to do the same things the same way and achieve the same results. I’m sure David would also actively encourage it too. From your perspective it must just feel so frustrating. I mean just continually trying to play the “David asks for money” hand is as pointless as Bellers’s “Look at Dave’s dodgy bezzies” as a tactic. Neither have troubled the scorers in years and even blokes like you two that must not make the tiniest concession, must be ready for a pivot. Surely you both still want to achieve something from all of this.

    1. I am not wanting to achieve anything from all of this. It’s the taking part that counts

      1. Played Bellers. That’s one slogan that has really stuck. Hat tip to your mate down the pub.

    2. Don’t knock “dodgy bezzies”, Ian.

      ‘Corbyn’s Dodgy Bezzies’ farce has been David’s bread and butter for years now.

      1. Bang on Michael. Thing is when David writes about them, the articles are picked up by loads of National newspapers and are then featured on shows produced by Britain’s finest broadcaster. When you and Bellers try the same thing……..well, not quite the same uptake, is it?

        Lucky for you guys it’s just the taking part that counts. Keep it up lads. Summat to tell your grandkids.

        1. Well scurrilous lies are always more interesting than real life. David’s Palestine Live report falsely claiming that Corbyn was ‘part of ‘ a vile facebook group that was deeply antisemitic was seized on by the Tory press and the Zionist tabloids to portray him as deeply antisemitic. In fact the antisemitic posts on that sight were trace..

          But as they say, a lie is half-way round the world before truth has got its boots on. David was the useful deceiver in that farce.

          That you’re proud of him tells all about your character.

          1. “Well scurrilous lies are always more interesting than real life.”

            You, might think so Farmer. That one sentence confirms your attitude to the truth.

              1. Farmer, why do you feel a compulsion to attack David?
                I quoted, word for word, from your post above.

                Yet in a pathetic attempt to divert attention away from the fact that you prefer ‘scurrilous lies’ to ‘real life’, you attempt to divert, then waffle, then attempt to change the subject.

                No Farmer, it hasn’t worked.
                You are condemned by your own words.

                What a brainless schmuck you truly are.

            1. Farmer, now you are just being very silly.

              Still waiting for an answer to my question, “But what, exactly, are you Farmer as an individual doing to bring about the election of a Labour Government?”

              Is there a reason for your reluctance to answer?

              If you continue to fail to answer, then we can let everyone draw their own conclusions about why you will not answer the question.

              1. Don’t you always draw your own conclusions, twist that which is posted and misrepresent my posts?

                1. “Don’t you always draw your own conclusions, twist that which is posted and misrepresent my posts?”


        1. “Its all recorded Gerald.”

          Flights by UFOs, and landings by alien beings are all ‘recorded’ as well Stephen.

          Are you really that gullible that you believe if something is ‘recorded’ it must be true?
          Or, more likely, is it that you want it to be true because it fits in with your own twisted viewpoint?

            1. Really Stephen.
              “Its on tape”
              Of course, nobody ever edits, or splices tape, do they Stephen?

          1. I mean if there was an audio tape of me saying ” Gerald is a half witted cunt” most people would conclude that I had said that Gerald was a half witted cunt.

  10. Michael, I think you have a decent enough grasp of activism to have understood that David employs one approach and you and Bellers use another. David’s is widely read, quoted and re-circulated amongst national newspapers and online channels. One of these was described by you as Britain’s best only half a dozen posts ago. On the other hand you and Bellers have adopted tactics that have achieved nothing in years. Moreover the juxtaposition here alongside proper articles has assisted David in making his case time after time.

    Whatever your view of the subject matter, the persistence with the same tactics of opposition that you see failing year after year is noteworthy to say the least. Is this a lack of imagination on your part or simply a lack of source material to mount a serious rebuttal? Weird when Bellers has spent 4 years or more telling everyone how clever he is and now concedes he has no objectives here at all !

    1. ” Is this a lack of imagination on your part or simply a lack of source material to mount a serious rebuttal?”

      How many of David’s antisemitism examples did YOU agree with in his recent 56, Ian?

      1. Michael, the focus of our recent exchange has been the question,” why continue with a failed approach?” Its quite hard for you to switch that into a question or an accusation aimed at David. We have seen in our time here that his approach has brought loads more followers, quotes in many of the news channels, adverse attention drawn on the nastier elements of your political party and lots of support and sympathy for Jews. You and Bellers have tapped out the same half dozen slogans and tepid insults for years and have got nothing from it. Surely it’s time for a change of approach. Perhaps a start would be to at least put in 50-60% of David’s effort to show people that you were a serious poster.

        1. As I said previously, lies are far more interesting. The more anti-Corbyn fabrications the more a certain community feasts.

          You appear pleased that they’re swallowing the fiction, I pity their gullibility … and yours.

          1. “As I said previously,…..”

            No Farmer, as you wrote previously.

            If you are talking to your keyboard, or hearing voices, then it is time to increase your medication.

    2. Hey Michael. I’m a nice fella so I’m going to let you off the hook with this thread of questions about your failed approach. I was getting bored anyway and found this film.

      You know how you like to go on about Jews sniping innocent Arab babies and genocidal oppression and all. This is Arabs pretending to be shot and wounded. What do you think?

      1. No, Stephen.
        ‘Not having objectives’ is evidence of you being a lazy gobshite. Nothing more, and nothing less.

          1. Stephen to quote you, in your post above of July 12.
            “Pleased to have been of helo”

              1. It is a direct quote from YOUR post above genius.

                Why don’t you explain what it means you used the word.

    1. To be charitable to Bellers I used the same argument when I was awarded an F in my chemistry O Level suggesting it was evidence of my cleverness. Unhappily for me and Bellers it was simply confirmed as evidence of our respective failures.

      Good thread this.

      1. “To be charitable to Bellers … “?

        Why would you be, Ian? He’s not Jewish.

        1. Sure Michael, but what did you think of the film of all the Arabs pretending to be shot and rehearsing their reactions ?

          1. Less lucrative than David falsely claiming 56 examples of antisemitism, Ian.

            Perhaps you can show me that all 56 actually were.

              1. If you are rejecting my claim that David is ‘economical with the truth’ step through the 56 examples he claimed were antisemitism and give us how many of them actually are.

                Off you go, Ian.

          1. I have got Mossad onto the case. They are trying to find someone for whom the cap fits. It’s like Cinderella and the glass slipper. Oh no it doesn’t. Oh yes it does.

            Ian you are much too excitable and too heavily into immediate gratification to be an effective liar.

            1. Got me bang to rights Bellers. I’m like next doors puppy; not yours to control but will always come to the fence when I smell some shite. No shortage of that in Activist Land.

              1. I am always mindful of Gnasher’s sage advice. ” If you don’t have all the bases securely covered, telling the truth is the best policy”.

                Or as David’s bestest Scoffie famously told us ” When I lie I apologise”

    1. I don’t recall saying Arab ” Terror ” was less lucrative than blogging. You just made that up. You are a very naughty boy.

      1. I hold you responsible for all of Michael’s posts Bellers. You’re his gaffer.

    2. Given that Israel, against intternational humanitarian law committed the war-crime of destroying the Qawasmeh family home making his relatives homeless besides fining him $63,000 I’m sure we can all look on the PA money as some compensation for Israel crime.

    1. Michael, you’re Bellers’s bezzie so you bear collective responsibility. Bit like the Arabs eh?

    1. Calm down Michael. It’s only banter. Anyway I knew I’d be able to make you defend the murderer of teenage students. Eazi-peazi.

      Every time you post you’re promoting more sympathy for Jews and Israel. Are you an undercover Zio?

      1. Ian, congratulations.

        I take a day off to watch the Cricket World Cup Final, and come back to see you have had the two of them dancing to your tune like a couple of puppets on strings.

        We’ll have to see if we can’t raise your monthly stipend in recognition of your successful efforts in keeping Stephen, and the village idiot Farmer, under control.

          1. No Stephen.
            If it was my ‘day job’ my first task would be to throw out the rubbish.
            Would you like to hazard a guess who would be the first one I’d throw out.

      2. Your view of reality seems as skewed as David’s view ….. unless of course those are not really yours, David’s and Gerald’s views but there’s something about you three that compels you to twist, and deceive. What might that be I wonder? Zionism?

        1. To be lectured on ‘reality’ by Farmer, the Village Idiot, who posted above “Well scurrilous lies are always more interesting than real life.”, is just another example of Farmer’s hypocrisy, as well as his detached relationship with reality and the truth.

      3. Any sympathy for Israeli Jews ( not Jews elsewhere, the majority) that I ‘promote’ soon disappears when folk remember the number of civilians shot dead at the fence by Israeli firing-squads … considerably more than a mere three.

        p.s. remember that the three were killed in retaliation for the shooting dead of two palestinian youths by a border policemen, Nakba day.

        1. Sharmuta, 500,000 Arabs have died in the Syrian Civil War.

          How many of the 500,000 were children?

          1,000,000 Arabs/Muslims died in the 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran War.

          How many of the 1,000,000 were children?

          When Arabs run over people on Bastille Day in Nice France, how many of the dead were children?

          Your Pal-e-STINIANS don’t value the lives of children as civilized cultures do.

          1. Didn’t the US fund the rebels against Assad which has become the Syrian war?

    1. Do many things remind you of Jonathan Hoffman, Stephen?

      This fixation you have for Jonathan, is it fuelled by your unrequited passion for him?
      Or, do you just hate him because he is Jewish?

    2. Where’s your bezzie this morning Bellers? I was going to post him the clip of the Arab telling his mates to go and kill Diaspora Jews.I love it when he ties himself up like a pretzel trying to justify it.

      Been a top thread this.

  11. Hey Michael and Bellers. What do you think of the request by HM Opposition that Britain’s best broadcaster removes its Panorama programme about them from the iplayer ?

    Do you still think that they are Britain’s best broadcasters?

    1. Farmer, what do mean by “David, what do mean by “Jew Baiting”, used by posters too?” ?

      Me from Planet Earth, me speak English.
      What planet Farmer from?

        1. It’s loony Edward …. from Loony Land.

          Trump gone back to where he came from yet? Scotland?

          1. Farmer Scotland is guilty of many things.
            The Bagpipes,
            White Heather Club,
            Andy Stewart,
            Bay City Rollers,
            and the most disgusting pint of Guinness I ever had.

            But, they do not deserve to have Trump foisted onto them.

  12. Hey Bellers and Michael. What do you think of the callers on that former Islamists radio show today? Ex-members of your party saying that in private they never differentiate between Jews and Zios when doing all their prejudice.

    Not great is it ?

      1. “My party ? Which one is that then ?”

        Stephen, based on the content of your posts and your website ‘BumBitersRuS’,
        the Monster Raving Looney Party.

        1. Ian I don’t think that is the party you had in mind. I am betting you meant the Labour Party which is of course not my party but David’s party. See his video above. I wouldn’t be a member of any party that would have me

  13. Hey Bellers and Michael. What do you think of the Arab leader that has asked people to break through our border fence strapped into explosive belts? He reckons they’ve made loads of them.

    If they only murder “a mere three” innocent teenager students would that be okay by you Michael?

    1. If each loss of life is a tragedy aren’t 190 deaths at the fence by Israeli firing-squads much more to be regretted, Ian? Each life as valuable as an Israeli life?

      1. Just as Ham-Ass executes uncooperative Pal-e-STINIANS and drags their bodies behind motorcycles through the streets of Gaza, Ham-Ass shoots uncooperative Pal-e-STINIANS as a warning to other less enthusiastic Pal-e-STINIANS.

        Never let a Dead Pal go unutilized to further “The Cause” of Terrorist Pal-e-STINE.

    2. Sure Michael but what do you think about the value of life when Arabs use suicide belts? Do you understand the exchange rate they use?

        1. Correct Michael. You are right in saying that for every 3 innocent Jewish teenagers killed by Arab terrorists, they expect to lose 190. They don’t place the same value on life do they?

          Do you think that this is why they want their people to strap on explosive belts and attack our border fence?

            1. Not good at Math these Pal’s and their pals … drooling, Low-IQ Morlock members of Laboor.

      1. “I rarely, as close to never as makes little difference, think about Arab leaders”

        I don’t doubt you Stephen.
        You are far too busy slavering about the Jewish people you hate to have any time spare.

          1. “But thank you for your response”

            My pleasure Shit-head.
            As our great and wise prophet Stephen Bellamy wrote, above on July 12, in his own inscrutable way, “Pleased to have been of helo”

            All praise the wise and wonderful Stephen, truly a legend in his own lunchtime.

            All praise Stephen’s wise and wonderful cat Gnasher.
            Don’t forget Gnasher the wise words of the ancient Korean proverb,
            “So many cats, so few recipes.”

            1. “Pleased to have been of helo”

              Been pondering over the sentence that has so perplexed you, Gerald. Simple really. It’s just a TYPO.

              The ‘helo’ should be read as ‘help’. Surprised it diidn’t click with you.


              1. Farmer are you suggesting that a, self-proclaimed, genius and wit such as Stephen makes ‘typos’, or any mistakes?

                Wash your mouth out with soap and water, You vile blasphemer!

  14. Hey Bellers and Michael. I asked you why you kept on posting the same crap year after year and whether you just lacked imagination or source material. You replied with a link from 2010!!

    Is that British irony?

  15. Hey Michael and Bellers. You said above that if each loss of life is a tragedy aren’t 190 deaths at the fence by Israeli firing-squads much more to be regretted than a mere three ( referring to the kidnap and murder of 3 teenage Jewish students by Arab terrorists) .

    But you also said that the industrial genocide of six million Jews was ” still far less heinous” than when Jews kill Arabs attacking their border.

    That was you on both counts wasn’t it? (Hint. It was.)

    You are a very naughty antisemite Michael.

      1. Michael, a PLEASE would be nice. Just because you’re a nasty antisemite doesn’t mean you can forget your manners now.

              1. Still no PLEASE from you Michael?

                Poor form. Probably the sort if chap that leaves the band on his cigars.

      1. Stephen just because you “don’t recall saying any of that stuff”, does not mean you did not say it.
        As we are all well aware Stephen, you are not ‘playing with a full box of toys’.

          1. Stephen now you are just trying to excuse your laziness by pretending you have a superior intellect.

            If it makes you happy to dream such things, dream on. Reality will dawn on you one day, and you will realise that as well as being a lazy gobshite, you are a dumb, lazy gobshite.
            Keep your excuses for the Job Centre, for the next time you go to claim benefit.

  16. Hey Bellers and Michael. What did you think of the comments from Zevel, the UK Pro-Israel lobby group today about Hamas ‘representatives’ beating up members of Amnesty International based in Gaza?

    It quoted Saleh Higazi, Deputy Middle East and North Africa Director at Amnesty International who reports on the systemic brutalisation of the civilian population of Gaza by Hamas and specifically it’s use of civilians as forced human shields at the Israeli border fence.

    Apparently the Arabs take a dim view of Amnesty reporting on these things. Are they right Michael?

    1. Shouldn’t you be justifying your accusations of me by quoting my post re. “less heinous”, Ian, and the date that I posted it?

      Unless you’re lying, in the spirit of this blog.

      1. Farmer, how is your reply a reply to Ian’s post directly above yours?

        You make accusations about Ian making accusations about you, but where in his post directly above your post is he making accusations against you?

        Unless, of course, you are one of these Hamas thugs beating people up, are you?

      2. Sure Michael. But what did you think of Amnesty International saying Hamas uses human shields to attack a sovereign border? Is it just more hasbara from a Jew-controlled NGO?

          1. Sure Michael. But what did you think of Amnesty International saying Hamas uses human shields to attack a sovereign border?

    1. “Maybe I will get around to thinking..”

      Yes Stephen, maybe one day you will.

      There is no evidence of you ever thinking in the past, so what will bring about this Damascene conversion?

    2. Too right Bellers. We’ve had decades to accept punishment beatings down that Ireland. Fookin’ softies.

        1. Wow Stephen, you have never made that quip before. (British Irony)

          Originality and sparkling wit, really are your trademarks. (British Irony)

          1. Lacking the inventiveness that yourself, David and Ian are infamous for, Gerald?

            1. Farmer, in your opinion, why does being inventive make you infamous?

              Is it because it is in direct contradiction to the kind of Stalinist Orthodox society, that you and Corbyn want to create in the U.K.?

              Do you already have your application in to join Milne’s Thought Police?

              1. When you’re INVENTING your own ‘truths’, ie LYING that kinda makes you infamous.

                1. You cannot invent truth Farmer.
                  It is either true, or it is a lie.

                  Let us not forget that you Farmer are the one with the predilection for lies.
                  Your post of July 13,
                  “Well scurrilous lies are always more interesting than real life”

                  1. Not competent with English are you, Gerald?

                    Meanwhile Ian’s too chicken to present my ‘post’ and the date it was posted.

                    1. “Not competent with English are you, Gerald?”

                      Really Farmer.
                      You might want to read through your ‘posts’ before you make such a silly remark.
                      For example, “David, what do mean by “Jew Baiting”, used by posters too?”

                      Hypocrisy, thy name is Farmer.

                    2. Never got an answer from David, prob. already banked the money for his blog.

                    3. “Goodbye, goodbye. Parting is such sweet sorrow”

                      Time for me to roll up my tent and move on to pastures new.

            1. What again?
              Another sample of original wit from the genius mind of Stephen. We are all doubly blessed today.

      1. 200 comments on this one. 96 from Bellers and Michael. Good effort lads.

        Are we keeping this one going or starting up again on the next one?

        1. You haven’t provided the quote and date yet that you have misrepresented over, Ian.

          Don’t slink away yet.

          1. You want to keep this one going for a while Michael? Excellent.

            Sadly, my slinking days are behind me now. Nonetheless I am happy to say that my civilities remain. So if you include some basic courtesies of your own and ask me nicely rather than barking your orders like a camp guard, we’ll get much further with this.

            Challenge accepted?

              1. Or alternatively afford another person a common courtesy. If you are prioritising rudeness over getting an answer to your request there’s not much I can do about that is there?

          1. At the risk of inflaming your rosacea again Bellers…I love it!!!

            Also worth gathering analytics on repetition of key phrases, copy/pastes etc. over say 4 years and attribution.

            Pity that old booby Chris gave up on all this. He was only a biscuit short of your solid 10 on the Sloganator.

  17. Some weeks ago David published a youtube video asking “Is it Mosley .. or is it Jeremy Corbyn” hoping to tar Jeremy Corbyn.

    Seems that Mosley’s descendant, guilty of publishing racist leaflets in the 50s, has been funding ‘Friend of Israel’ MP Tom ‘Brutus’ Watson.

    “Max Mosley was also quizzed about whether he was a “fit and proper person” to be funding the office of Labour’s Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, which has received £500,000 from Mr Mosley.”

    Wonder if David’s guilt by association accusation tic applies here. Mmm.

      1. Farmer, you make comment about a YouTube video David posted, “Some weeks ago..”
        Your response is to dredge up a report from 28th February 2018, that is right 72 weeks ago.

        So lets think about Today’s News.
        “Staff working for Labour have voted to condemn the party’s official response to the Panorama on claims of anti-Semitism.

        The GMB union’s branch of party workers voted 124-to-four to call on the leadership to issue an apology for attacks on whistleblowers.”

        Better to be a ‘Brutus’ like Tom Watson, than a ‘Caligula’ like Corbyn.

    1. “Wonder if David’s guilt by association accusation tic applies here. Mmm.”

      As I’m in a generous mood Farmer, I’ll correct your sentence for you.

      “I wonder if David’s guilt by association accusation applies here. A Tic-Tac would be nice Mmm”

  18. Hey Michael and Bellers. What did you think of Zevel hitting the news again? The influential Pro-Israel lobby group reports that UK PM-elect Boris has agreed to visit Israel as a priority for post Brexit trade talks. When reporters asked whether he’d be visiting ‘Palestine’ also, the blonde bombshell is said to have replied ” I want to leave ill-conceived and wholly fictional state projects, not enter them !” However this may have been mistranslated.

    We love The Boris over here.

    1. “We love The Boris over here.”

      I would love ‘The Boris’ to be over there. In fact anywhere but, here!
      Perhaps we should, to quote the Leader of the Free World President Doofus, “Send Him Back” to New York where he was born and festered.

      1. You surprise me Gerald. I can see why Bellers and Michael wouldn’t be Blondists but thought you chaps would want a guy that will certainly obliterate the Marxists at the polls. That would seem to be the main priority for the Brit-right, right?

        1. Boris will only succeed in obliterating the British economy. The damage and suffering he will cause to British Industry and the British people is beyond measure. If you want to see Corbyn as Prime Minister, put Boris in No. 10 first.
          Corbyn will suddenly become electable.

          I have no time for Corbyn.
          But if I was in a lift with Boris and Corbyn, with a gun but only one bullet.
          I’d shoot myself!.

            1. Stephen I very much doubt a lazy gobshite, such as yourself, could organise a piss-up in a brewery.

  19. David, the jargon you’ve used; “Jew-baiting” …. is that just another invented slight?

    What do you mean by “Jew-baiting”?

  20. All legitimate points Gerald. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree here. I still get a vote as a party member and would certainly vote for La Boris if I was a UK resident. I think he’s probably the best candidate to make Brexit happen and also the best candidate to win an election with a functional majority, enabling him to get things done. There are probably only a dozen people that have a real understanding of the economic realities of Brexit and I am not one of them so I’ll leave the speculation to others. In practical terms Israel is better off because El Al has been able to negotiate much more favourable terms with Rolls Royce for future supply of engines, parts and maintenance now that the UK is able to negotiate independently from the EU. Incidentally this generated advanced orders for £5bn for the UK securing the futures of loads of jobs at their main production line in Derby; close to the North Derby constituency of one C. Williamson Esq.

    1. Ian if you want to use ‘banter’, or bullshit, when you are dealing with Farmer and Stephen, that is your choice.
      Please don’t insult my intelligence by thinking you will get away with the same tactics with me.

      For example the contracts to supply and maintain the Trent engines from Rolls Royce for El Al dates back to October 2015. Ian that is before the Referendum in 2016. The U.K. is still an EU member so your line ” that the UK is able to negotiate independently from the EU.” is also incorrect.

      Incidentally if you are concerned about jobs at Rolls Royce, then you will campaign against the illegal sanctions against Iran by the Trump regime. A contract that could well be adversely affected by Trump’s sanctions, and is a much larger contract than the one for El Al.

      1. So sorry to have caused offence Gerald. Admittedly I took the unusual step for this place of attempting to speak normally. Clearly I am on safer ground remaining in character and talking bollox like everyone else here. Lesson learnt.

            1. It was a schoolboy error Bellers. I should have stuck with auto-fill responses like you suggest and avoid all of this unpleasantness. At least we have seen that Gerald sits closer to you than me on the Zio-tron.

              As they say “Every Kimmie needs a crank.”

              1. “Gerald sits closer to you than me”

                Ian have you ever thought that the reason nobody sits close to you could be caused by a personal hygiene problem?

                Or to put it, slightly, less diplomatically.
                Oi Dogbreath! You stink!

                1. You know Gerald, I re-read my earlier post that caused you to react in this way to see where the offence lay. I was civil and courteous. I indicated my own position and whilst conceding that we may not agree on things, did nothing to demean or insult your own views on things. Nonetheless you seemed to take my remarks very personally and this prompted a very extreme reaction. I wonder whether this is a sincere response or you’re simply compelled to behave to type like Michael and Bellers. Either way I will not be resorting to insults and name calling and bear no I’ll will towards you if you choose this course of action as you are perfectly entitled to do.

                  As I said “Every Kimmie needs a crank”.

                  1. “I was civil and courteous”
                    Ian, being civil and courteous means not spreading bullshit and attempting to pass it off as fact.

                    “I wonder whether this is a sincere response or you’re simply compelled to behave to type like Michael and Bellers”
                    You mean pointing out your egregious errors may not be a sincere response.

                    But, you then carry on “Either way I will not be resorting to insults and name calling”.
                    So calling into doubt the sincerity of my response, and making an allegation that I am ‘compelled’ to behave to type like Michael and Bellers, could not be considered an insult?

                    Most amusing of all has got to be, “if you choose this course of action as you are perfectly entitled to do.”
                    When I need your permission to carry out any course of action, I’ll let you know, but, don’t hold your breath waiting.

                    I need permission from no man, or you, to point out the truth.

                    Ian you have my permission to go and F*ck your self!

                    1. What an extraordinarily disproportionate response Gerald. In sum, I indicated that my politics are different to your own and your response was to suggest I have halitosis. I then attempt to clarify whether these are sincere responses or an activist tactic and you suggest that I go fuck myself.

                      It would seem that the dye is cast here and I suppose it should come as no surprise to me really. The style of activism here is entirely thematic; Bellers with his revolving carousel of slogans, Michael with his panto insults and now you with your self conscious defensiveness when you sense a slur. At least it makes things 33.33% more interesting for me. I was getting bored rigid with Michael and Bellers.

                    2. “In sum, I indicated that my politics are different to your own”

                      No Ian, you tried to pass off a story as fact when clearly it was not.
                      You lied.
                      Now whether that was a deliberate lie or your own ignorance, I don’t know and frankly don’t care.
                      Then in an attempt to cover up your stupidity you attempt the well known ‘Holier than thou’ gambit.

                      Not only are your politics different to mine, your lackadaisical attitude to facts is also different to mine.
                      I will continue to point out when you make a colourful interpretation of reality, although with your woeful level of ignorance that will probably take up a lot of time.

                      To paraphrase Macbeth, “Lay on Ian, and damned be he that first cries hold!”

    2. Ian, before you or one of the usual suspects asks me the inevitable next question. ‘Do I think the EU should stand by the JCPOA, and continue to trade with Iran.’
      Yes, I do.

      I also believe that the EEAS should have written on their walls, this quote from 1st March 1848 by Lord Palmerston. ” We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow.”

        1. “A tiff?”

          A tiff who? A tiff who?
          We all fall down.

          Sorry, I couldn’t resist that.
          I’ll go and sit on the naughty step, for the rest of the evening.

      1. What a day. Things have certainly livened up here. I was more than happy to throw Zevel at Bellers and Michael to pass the time. Now I’ve got a whole new alley up which to insert my crank. Fair warning Gerald.My inverted commas are as long and sharp as yours.

        Final clarification question. Are you really one of Bellers’s ultra personae?

  21. Hey Bellers and Jellers, you guys are so cute; love-bites and everyfink.

    Do you let Michael watch?

        1. Farmer, I have not watched the Panorama programme in question.
          I do know that John Ware has a long and distinguished record in investigative journalism, but I can’t comment further as I did not see the programme.

          I’m very wary of ‘independent media’. The anti-Muslim bigot, Yaxley-Lennon aka ‘Tommy Robinson’ describes himself as an independent media journalist. If he’s a journalist, I’m a Fighter Pilot for the Provisional Wing of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

          The report of the EHRC investigation into he Labour Party will be published and should be interesting reading.

          1. We ALL await the findings …and the subsequent investigation of racism in the Conservative Party.

            1. Farmer I hope that the Labour Party will call a Delegate Conference to discuss the Report, its findings, and to decide any future action.

              As far as racism in the Conservative Party, and their ingrained anti-Muslim bigotry. That will be rather a large report, about the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

              1. That won’t be necessary. I am thinking the Zios are going to be very dissapointed By way of a little side bet I am betting the agency gets called antisemitic

                1. Stephen, the main reason that I believe a Delegate Conference is necessary, is that irrespective of the findings of the EHRC report, the Labour Party needs to fully discuss what has happened and why it wasn’t dealt with effectively earlier.

                  No matter what conclusions are in the Report, someone or some group will be unhappy. You will probably win your bet that the EHRC will be called anti-Semitic. It is also a safe bet that someone at EHRC will be found to be a “father to two Jewish children. Just saying.” ( father is a title Farmer so should be Father. Just saying)

                    1. Why not?

                      There was anti-Semitism in the Labour Party and Trades Unions before Corbyn became Leader. It has got worse in the last couple of years. But if you want to root something out, you have to find where its roots are.

                    2. Suppose you also have to recognise it by not being distracted with new fangled and invented descriptions of it too

                    3. Nice attempt to work in your ‘hobby horse’ about the definition of anti-Semitism.

                    4. Surely it’s important to differentiate between faux-antisemitism and real antisemitism accusations from a stable definition without moving goalposts to snare.

                    5. Yes, it is important.
                      That is why we have the internationally accepted and recognised IHRA Definition, to stop any confusion.

                      If you are unhappy that the IHRA Definition has been accepted by the U.K. Government and the European Parliament, among others, then petition the U.K. Parliament, and the European Parliament to change their acceptance of the IHRA Definition.

                      I’m sure you know how to petition the U.K. Parliament. The European Parliament can be petitioned by

                      Alternatively you can stand for election to either or both Parliaments and, if successful, campaign there.

                      Until you get it changed by either or both democratic bodies, ‘tough tits’ you’re stuck with it.

          2. In one Panorama episode(2016), Ware had accused a pro-Palestinian charity of being a front for terrorism. The following year, the BBC was forced to pay undisclosed damages to the charity’s former general manager for libel and to issue a public apology.

          3. John Ware is father to two Jewish children. Just saying.

            Ware has also written for the Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times, Guardian, JJEWISH CHRONICLE and Standpoint magazine.

          4. “The anti-Muslim bigot, Yaxley-Lennon aka ‘Tommy Robinson’ describes himself as an independent media journalist.”

            Couldn’t David fit that bill, Gerald? … not that I’m a fan of either.

        1. Also Michael, did you use your Farmer commas around Panorana because it is only an alleged thing to you. Its produced by Britains best broadcaster isn’t it?

          1. I’m looking forward to the Panorama Oscars. Have you decided who you are voting for as best actor and actress Ian ? Think I’m going for Sam and Izzy.

    1. Stephen I am happy frolicking and listening to the music on this thread.
      Apart from the one you posted of The Bay City Rollers strangling ‘Bella Ciao’.

        1. By the way Stephen.
          There are only two good things to come out of Modena.

          1) Luciano Pavarotti,
          2) Aceto Balsamico di Modena.

            1. Not a matter of using Google, Stephen.
              I always use Balsamic Vinegar from Modena for salad dressing.
              Been a fan of Pavarotti for more than three decades, before there was such a thing as Google.

                    1. What have you just done to my husband ? He’s gone a funny colour …… and he’s not moving ..

                    2. Farmer if you have died, could you confirm it by falling over.
                      Otherwise it will be hard to tell the difference between now and your usual vegetative state.

                    3. Thank goodness for the NHS, they’ve saved him. You’re a wicked person, Gerald. He’s a wonderful man.

                      He’ll be out of hospital tomorrow. We’re throwing a street party on his release from hospital.

                    4. Mrs. Farmer, if he is such a wonderful person.
                      Why is the Milkman spending so much time in your house, while he is in Hospital?

                      Asking for a friend and the neighbours.

  22. 300 more posts – Boom! Well played lads. The recipe shares and Rom-com shtick tipped it over.

    Fitting that it coincides with the impending coronation of La Boris and the launch of the campaign of the lovely Ayelet Shaked; proper right winger rather than some centrist softie like Bibi. Even the Hitler-moustache graffito can’t diminish her Genghis Khanian gorgeousness.

    1. “La Boris (sic)”

      Does anyone know when BoJo had a sex change operation?

      As French makes a distinction between “masculine and feminine objects”,people use le for masculine things/persons and la for feminine things/persons.

      The ignorance of other people’s cultures and languages, is a definite trait among Right-wingers and xenophobes.

      1. I’m not going to explain the gag Jellers.

        Cultural ignorance, comedy failure AND activist ineptitude. Thrice guilty.

        How can I possibly compete with brilliant stuff like “Oi Dog-breath” and “Go fuck yourself”. It’s way up there with Bellers’s timeless “you haven’t got the faintest fucking clue…” and Michael’s classic “you’re a lying wimp.”

        I offer the 3 of you my complete and unconditional surrender as today’s winners of this little bit of the internet.

        There. Doesn’t that feel good?

        1. No, it makes me feel sad.

          Sad that any education system could be responsible for such woeful ignorance. Sad that any education system could be responsible for producing someone who writes such a large dollop, of nauseating, self-pitying crap.

          Feel good, no.
          Sad, but not surprised.

          1. Less an education system and more a bent accountant that allegedly fiddled the means test to get me into a fancy private school They prized wonga over wisdom obviously.

            Cheer up though Jellers. It’s only social media. It’s not like any of this matters.

          2. …. and at great expense. Another example of expensive private education being unable to produce a silk purse from a sow’s ear.

            Feeling better already. Nurse, can I go home now?

      2. Geraldo, Nobody is more Right-Wing than Muslims.

        They HATE and seek to DOMINATE EVERYBODY.

        Jews, Christians, Gays, Hindus, Buddhists, Animists, Atheists, Zoroastrians AND the wrong kind of Muslim.

        They enforce dress and behaviour codes for women and demand that others Submit to Islam.

        1. Off you go Teddy.
          Back to your Infernal Snack Bar.

          Don’t forget to take your bigotry with you, it’s over there in the corner along with your KKK Robes.

            1. Teddy, do you think you could re-write your post.
              It would be helpful if you could write it in English this time.

  23. Here is a hoot for Ian. The Times tell us that there has been a catastrophic collapse in grass roots support for Corbyn, that is 38% want him gone. The same 38% that voted for Smith in the last leadership election presumably. It is unclear whether David is a grass roots member or some other kind of member

    1. Stephen I have read the story and looked at the graph that accompanies it.
      It is no secret that I would replace Corbyn straightaway with a different Leader.

      The story and accompanying graph is to put it mildly ‘not very helpful’ to the case to remove Corbyn.

      I still want to replace him asap, but I would not be using that story or graph.

      1. My husband has dictated to me that Gerald would perhaps prefer ‘Friend of Israel’ Tom Watson … or ‘Friend of Israel’ Maggie Hodge.

        He’d like to stick with friend of the UK people Corbyn.

        1. My preference would be Yvette Cooper.
          She is intelligent, quick on her feet in a debate, and capable of forensically demolishing an opponents case.
          BoJo would be in a tailspin in quick time, and out of office.

          I’m more concerned with her attitude towards Europe than whether she is a ‘Friend of Israel’ or not

          Tom Watson I don’t like, because he strikes me as a smug git.

        2. “He’d like to stick with friend of the UK people Corbyn.”

          What would he like to stick with Corbyn?

          Besides I thought it was Kim who was, “Friend of all the World.”

                1. No Gerald is feeling nauseous at the thought of the Draft-dodging cowardly, misogynistic, xenophobic, racist, lying son-of-a-bitch who currently infests the White House and demeans the memory of some of the great men who have held that office.

                  1. Geraldo,When your learned that Boris Johnson is the new PM of the UK, did your head explode???

                    1. “When your learned that..”
                      Sorry Teddy, do you think you might attempt to write coherent questions?

                      I don’t have the time to translate your gibberish into English.

                    2. Now that Geraldo’s head exploded when he learned that Boris was the new PM of the UK,

                      he is unable to wear his MUKGA baseball cap.

                    3. Crazy Eddie, why would my head explode because BoJo has become Prime Minister of the U.K.?

        1. “He can burn in hell for all I fucking care”

          Stephen that is a terrible thing to write.
          You should be more like me, kind, sympathetic, diplomatic and charitable to your fellow humans.

    2. Bellers gets it. Thank God for Zevel and the rest of the Zio lobby. If we weren’t controlling your batshit crazy country image the cobblers you’d be making of it.

      Only 48 hours until La Boris. Hurrah!

  24. “Britain’s Foreign Minister Boris Johnson urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to open an independent investigation into the dozens of Palestinians killed by Israeli troops during violent protcests on the Gaza border.”

    Le Boris not so crazy.

    1. Farmer, you’re out of Hospital.
      Although I do note, with some concern, that you put in a sick note to cover your absence here. But you were ‘posting’ still on a different website yesterday.

      Write out 100 times;
      “Throwing a sickie (and getting caught) is naughty, I must not do it again.”

  25. Had a doctor’s note, Gerald? He said I needed a tablet. My wife brought it in.

    Some 50 years ago on a glorious day, and with our first child, I threw a sickie and we all set of to walk to Todmorden miles from my employment. Who should drive past? ….. The managing director.

    What a bollocking that was the next day. Head was spinning for days.

    1. I know Todmorden.
      My Mother was born just outside Wakefield, so I have spent a fair bit of time walking in that area.
      I used to love walking from Haworth up to Top Withens then onto the Pennines. Back to Haworth, first pub then neck a few pints of Timothy Taylors to recover.

  26. Please excuse the brief intrusion into “Down your way” Jellers and Michael (I do miss that old nutter Chris. He’d have loved this shtick.)

    I am sure you’ll all join with me in offering 3 cheers to La Boris on his resounding victory. Nice to see your endorsement above Michael. His approach will certainly stick one up the socialists at the inevitable general election in the UK later this year and I have no doubt he’ll have one glad eye on the lovely Ayelet during his promised visit to our Jewish State, post-Brexit.

    All together now. Hip hip…………

      1. Yup, around 139,240 have shown themselves to be arsed Bellers. Really was the taking part for us. A little bit more Zio influence in your batshit crazy chaotic country.

  27. Hip, hip hooray for Boris Johnson.
    A man whose ambition in life is to be something, but, never to do anything.

    A man who will have been chosen by, in the main, geriatric, white, males. He will have been chosen by 50% of 0.3% of the electorate.
    In a day or so, he will be invited to become Prime Minister by The Queen. Her qualification is that her Father was King, his qualification was that his Brother was too much of a Nazi even for the Royal Family to stomach, so he became King in his place.

    Now the U.K. can fly to Venezuela, Gaza, Iran, or any number of other countries and lecture them about democracy.

    Yes, Hip, hip hooray for Boris and democracy.

    1. Yes Jellers. Them’s the breaks. You and Bellers and Michael can always write more stuff about it on the internet.

    2. Wonder if he’ll ask David to head the Ministry for Propaganda, he has the experience.

  28. Sort of reply I’d expect from a Public School Boy Ponce.

    Are you going to sit back on the ‘pity potty’, and whinge again.

    1. I may Jellers. I love my Tory Toff pity-potty; a cashmere-clad comforter for my expansive Zio-arse during the dump du jour. A really safe seat.

      Speaking of getting dumped on, all this privileged, white middle class influence looks like it’s playing hell with your reflux acid and Michael’s general health. No worries. I think La Boris has a plan to cut the cost of OTC drugs for the over 75s. Not sure the gorgeous Ayelet’s on the same page but as long as we’re slaughtering Iranians in the North and sniping innocent babies, medics and quadriplegics on our Gaza border I imagine it’s Benidorm again for you this year.

      1. I would never call you a ‘Toff’.
        That implies you have class, which clearly you do not.

        1. Correct Jellers, although the scamps that use the phrase these days rarely do so in a complimentary way. I’ll have to settle for Genocidal, Imperialist ZioNazi. You can use GIZ for short if you wish.

          I’m getting into these La Boris acronyms.

  29. “I’ll have to settle for Genocidal, Imperialist ZioNazi. You can use GIZ for short if you wish.”

    No, no that is far too grand a description for someone who is no more than, a mildly irritating Golf Club Bore.

    1. Golf Club Bore does fit with my general white bread persona Jellers.

      You’re nicking metaphors from that Jock Trot McDonnell now eh? Still it’s only fair if I’m using stuff from La Boris. It’s a step up from your classic ” go fuck yourself” earlier in the thread. Played.

      1. Oh dear you cannot even quote me correctly.
        My post is clear,
        I wrote, ” Ian you have my permission to go and F*ck your self!”

        Perhaps you should ask Farmer for Adult Literacy lessons. He is improving.
        But you for someone who claims to have had some kind if education, even if it was clearly inadequate, would improve with lessons from Farmer.

        1. Should read “of education” not “if education”.

          Your self description fits you quite accurately.
          “my general white bread persona”

          Something that is tasteless, stodgy, and unwholesome.

  30. Oh Jellers, purleeese. Surely i’m a lovely shiney shabbat challah; all warm and appealing on the outside but entirely superficial and with a very short shelf life. I was going to do a gag about you and sour dough but it was a bit obvious.

    Anyone know what the record for pointless posts on a single thread is ? We can’t be far off.

    1. Nothing is pointless there is always something to learn. Though I have to admit the road from an F in O level chemistry to med skool promises to the mother of all learning experiences.

      To quote Gnasher ” thank fuck he is not a vet “

  31. While our resident Right-wing duo of Crazy Eddie and ‘Dog-breath’ are celebrating the election of BoJo, by 50% of 0.3% of the electorate.
    Let us ALL remember that sometimes even BoJo gets it right.
    This is BoJo talking about Trump, the draft-dodging coward, now in the White House.
    “As Boris Johnson braces for a possible meeting with Donald Trump, let’s hope the President doesn’t see what he said in 2015.

    The Tory leadership frontrunner said Trump was “clearly out of his mind”, “stupefyingly ignorant”, “unfit to be President” and “playing the game of terrorists”.

    Boris even added: “I would invite him to come and see the while of London and take him round the city.
    “Except I wouldn’t want to expose Londoners to any unnecessary risk of meeting Donald Trump.”

    Quite right BoJo.

      1. I’ve never had a nickname Jellers, so ‘Dogbreath’ is a first for me, really witty too. Nice work and top activism from you and the squad.

        1. “I’ve never had a nickname..”

          I’m sure you have, and I’ll bet they were not as polite as ‘Dog-Breath’.

          Or are you attempting to claim that it is only in the last few years that you have turned into a Golf Club Bore, who bores everyone while sitting on the ‘pity-potty’ and whining.

          1. Breaking that last post down Jellers, we have the essential inverted commas, the tepid personal insults and the re-hash of a previous slogan.

            You, Bellers and Michael are now virtually indistinguishable.

            Now, I freely admit that i have no purpose here at all. If you’re now the same I say please, keep coming at me. Between you, Bellers and Michael you’re a couple of falafels away from breaking the tedium of this place.

            Can we get to 400 today ?

            1. “Now, I freely admit that i (sic) have no purpose here at all.”
              Back on the ‘pity-potty’, and whining. Nothing new there.

              “i (sic) have” Oh dear. You had better hurry up and ask Farmer for literacy lessons. Your waste of, what you claim was, a Public School education is showing.

              You, “freely admit that i (sic) have no purpose here at all.”
              So where do you have any purpose?
              And, what is that purpose?

              1. Every Kimmie needs a crank Jellers. Ask your grandkids to explain the reference. You’re up early turning your crank this morning. I trust that the tepid array of insults has given you the sense of purpose you were hoping for.

                1. Interesting that you consider, a) pointing out your errors, and b) asking for clarification of your post, to be insults.
                  That tells me all I need to know about your fragile mental state.
                  No wonder you spend so much time on the ‘pity-potty’ whining.

                  1. Look Jellers, I have no problem in you taking this level of interest in me. If this is the crank you’ve chosen to turn then I imagine it is on a par with playing pishy-pashy with your pals or watching daytime makeover shows. I say, good for you. This sort of thing has been proven to keep dementia at bay and is a decent enough hobby.

                    The old ‘mental state’ and ‘whining’ chips are very Bellers and Michael though. You must be better than that.

                    1. Aaah the old deflection gambit.
                      Hackneyed and very ineffective.

                      Probably the best you can think of, but do try a little harder. You are becoming increasingly boring.

              2. Ian’s purpose plainly is to distract the few posters on here from showing how farcical David’s many ‘antisemitic encounters’ are.

                His ’56 antisemitic examples’ that obviously was untrue to his being bumped ‘because he was a Jew’, the deceitful ‘Palestine Live Corbyn Link’ etc. etc.

                1. Mrs. Farmer your husband is being very naughty and misleading you.

                  1) David did not write ’56 antisemitic examples’ he wrote, “Fifty-six antisemitic conspiracies- by members of the Labour Party ”

                  2) “bumped ‘because he was a Jew’ ”
                  The Macpherson Report is clear.
                  A racist incident is, and I quote, ” any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.”

                  When your husband comes home, make him sit on the naughty step for misleading you.

                  1. Truth is that David himelf knows that it wasn’t antisemitism although the weak of mind neurotics will read and swallow. It is his bread and butter job.

                    Only needs one gullible out of the whole world for someone somewhere to bleet ‘Oi, that’s antisemitic’.

                    1. “one gullible out of the whole world for someone somewhere”

                      But one if that one person is up the Amazon in a canoe, or in the middle of a desert, or between your ears, or some other similar place unknown to intelligent and civilised mankind?

                    2. “to bleet ‘Oi, that’s antisemitic’.

                      Whoops …. ‘bleat’ … the sound SHEEP make”

                      Farmer if you are hearing sheep bleating ‘Oi, that’s antisemitic’

                      What was in the tablet they gave you in Hospital?

                    3. “A Samsung, Gerald.”
                      Oh good, Farmer.

                      I do hope it was the 10″ version,
                      and it was administered anally.

  32. I am a secular jew living in London and I just came across this site and this thread… Can I just say that rather than having these pointless, childish spats on here, why don’t you all actively try and change the world we live in for the better? I apologise if im offending any of you, but surely that would be a better way to spend your days/evenings. Do some charity work if you have this much time on your hands perhaps? This is just like watching a bunch of guys wanking off and seeing whose ejaculate goes the furthest. Pointless, childish and frankly more than a little repulsive.

    Sadly I see a lot of racism in here, a lack of tolerance and a whole load of mental illness thrown in.
    Antisemitism is a massive problem and I am glad its being highlighted in the uk finally at least, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to be equally racist against muslims or any other groups. Clearly a site like this will attract antisemites (or anti-zionists as its the same thing), so why bother engaging with them? All you’re doing is enraging mentally unstable morons, how does that benefit anyone?
    We must remember to not rise to the bait and become as hate filled and ideologically repugnant as these idiots, because I’m seeing racism on both sides here and it pains me to say it and see it.

    Spread love guys! Show how amazing Israel and jews are and can be. Be a beacon for the world, not a voice of hate, anger and resentment. As jews, we need to be better, do better and vocalise that instead of giving examples of us being as vile as these despotic idiots.

    End of rant

    1. “This is just like watching a bunch of guys w……”

      I for one don’t wish to know how you and your friends spend your evenings, Ian and Gerald have already touched on that subject. Noted.

      Your post has a serious tone (other than the filth) until “antii-zionists as it’s the same thing”.

      What is YOUR understanding of Zionism, Dan. Is it racism?

      IF you abhor racism, you do realise who’s blog you are posting on?

  33. Cracking activism today lads. You fellas must all have been on the same course to do this stuff because you all use the same slogans and auto responses. I think Social Services used to run these for the over 70s at one of the Friendship Clubs before the cut backs. You may have met without ever knowing.

    Only 12 posts until the magic 400. I’ve got a nice packet of Werthers Originals for the lucky poster that gets us there.

    1. You may be right.
      Perhaps Stephen, Farmer and I meet regularly in the same bar.

      Ok you two, whose turn is it to get the drinks in next?

      1. Nice. Only 10 posts to go. Surely we can keep this bollox going to the big 400.

        Go on Jellers. Pick me up on some minor grammatical point or de-contextualise something and put it in inverted commas. I’ll even take one of your crushing put-downs relating to my mental health.

        Come on. Let me help. Something something Bellers’s made-up mentor from the pub who he knows better than his own wife or err… The IDF only kills Arabs who threaten the lives of Israelis and the security of their borders eh Michael? Surely you can’t resist that.

        Jump to it lads. We can’t run out of steam so close to the finish line.

    2. I think that with the arrival of ‘Dan’ and his appraisal we’ll get past 400.

      1. Frankly I believe the post in question is an attempt at satire.

        At every action, no matter by whom performed, make it a practice to ask yourself, ‘What is his object in doing this?’.

  34. Nearly there lads. 3 to go. Come on Jellers. How boring and pity-pottious am I? Remind me. Michael, I’m a proud Zio that hasn’t done any oppressive genocide at all today (although it’s still early). Bellers, what were you saying about all David’s bezzies being crims?

    Wake up lads. This activism’s not going to do itself.

    1. Hmmm….have I stumbled on an approach that inhibits you guys from posting?

      Anyway, only 2 posts to go and then it’s Werthers Originals all round.

  35. I am coming around to Peach’s view. If I were David I wouldn’t put up with this.. I am ok I am happy to have my little say and leave it at that.

    1. Hear, hear Stephen.
      You are a well known master of the arts of rhetoric and debate, so much so that you would put great speakers and advocates, such as Cicero and Marshall Hall to shame.

      Perhaps you would use your knowledge and experience to demonstrate where this blog is going wrong in comparison to your own.

      1. David’s neurosis of there being ‘hard core antisemitism’ throughout the UK but mentioning it only in relation to Labour leads to blog after blog of strained fiction. When challenged on the veracity he dither hides or proclaimx that others are missing something. I suggest that ‘TRUTH’ is the missing item.

        Hence the postings descend into playtime.

        1. I agree with you Farmer.
          Anyone who, ” he dither hides or proclaimx” should be soundly thrashed.

      2. Easy this one has you and the good doc turning it into a laughing stock, mine doesn’t. But anyway I am sure the people would much rather hear about your blog.

        1. “Easy this one has you and the good doc turning it into a laughing stock, mine doesn’t.”

          Of course it doesn’t.
          You have proven time and time again, that you are perfectly capable of turning your blog into a laughing stock all on your own. And indeed do so every time you post something on it.

          So tell us all. Exactly how many people look at your blog?

            1. Exactly how many is that?

              I don’t run a blog.
              Of course anyone who has seen your blog would also respond, neither does Stephen.
              But I would never be that unkind.

                1. I’m one, Farmer is another, so who can the third person be?
                  Obviously it”s not you.
                  Because if you read it you’d edit it to try and make it sensible, instead of it being the usual rambling collection of nonsense.

                    1. “Being right is my hobby”

                      Such a pity you don’t practise your hobby when you are writing your posts and blog.

      1. You lads are mad for your panto activism today.

        Are we going for 450 now? David’s SEO bod’ll be well chuffed as will my Werthers Originals supplier.

    1. Stephen, oh no!
      Don’t tell me after reading that turgid trash again you are going to shoot yourself?

      Sorry, Sorry.

      That should be;
      Please tell me after reading that turgid trash again you are going to shoot yourself.

        1. Please Miss, please Miss it’s not my fault. That naughty Adam made me do it.

          What a lame response, even by your standards Stephen.

        1. “Gerald you are so hopelessly ill informed”

          Stephen that is because I rely on your blog for my information.

  36. Well, in all the above posts not much has been said concerning David’s grumpyness at the Guardian, a British newspaper daring to publish a view from other than the Zionist Board of Deputies. But fun has been had, I suppose and money has changed hands.

    1. “But fun has been had, I suppose and money has changed hands.”

      What money?
      Where is my share?

        1. “gave it to charity”
          Farmer I shall tell you the same as I tell to those earnest young people who stop you in the streets, or telephone you, or call at your door.

          I smile, look like I’m interested, then in a loud clear voice, tell them to,
          Piss Off!

          Gave it to charity. My Arse!!

  37. Here’s a hoot for Ian. Scoffie is planning to boycott A GYM

    (((Jonathan Hoffman)))
    Jul 25
    Replying to
    Which gym? We start a boycott campaign unless he is found and expelled.

        1. Stylism, stylism.

          Says he’s Jewish, Gerald. David would spin that as antisemitic and Jew hatred…… rabid Jew hatred even.

            1. He’s a Zionist. That means he’s Jewish according to the ‘Collier Hypothesis’.

              1. “He’s a Zionist. That means he’s Jewish according to the ‘Collier Hypothesis’ ”

                Where will I find the hypothesis you term ‘Collier Hypothesis’?

                1. The CH states that Jew maps to Zionist, as in anti-Semitism = anti-Zionism. It’s an illogical hypothesis of course but pushed by certain interests.

                  1. If you look again you will notice I asked WHERE will I find the hypothesis you term ‘Collier Hypothesis’
                    I did not ask for your version of it.

                    “anti-Semitism = anti-Zionism” That is perfectly logical. If you are anti-Semitic (even by your definition) therefore anti-Jewish, then of course you are going to be against the Jewish people having their own state, (anti-Zionism).

                    I suspect you have it ‘arse about face’ and are referring to anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism. Which is not the same thing, as anti-Semitism=anti-Zionism. Work the logic out for yourself.

                    1. ” If you are anti-Semitic (even by your definition) therefore anti-Jewish”

                      No! No! No!

                    2. Farmer in your original post you wrote “anti-Semitism=anti-Zionism”
                      Now you have reverted back to “anti-Zionism=anti-Semitism”

                      Which is it?

                      WHERE can I find this ‘Collier Hypothesis’ that you mention?

                    3. “” If you are anti-Semitic (even by your definition) therefore anti-Jewish”

                      No! No! No!”

                      Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

                    4. “the Jewish people having their own state”

                      where all citizens, Jewish or not, have exactly the same rights, are equal members of the state, which will forever be democratic irrespective of ethnicity numbers?

                    5. “You can find it in David’s blogs … hence the name”

                      Or is it just a figment of your imagination?

                    6. “Too funny. Hesparus is phosphorous but phosphorous is not Hesparus. ( That will send him into a google frenzy) You truly are a fuck wit Gerald”

                      Is that the best you can manage Stephen?
                      No wonder you are unemployable and live by being a lazy gobshite and benefits scrounger.

    1. Weekend shift to keep up the numbers lads. Massive effort. 12 off the 450 and another Brucie bonus to bump the site up on the SEO.

      You fellas should be after a wedge from David for the support.

        1. “It’s ‘Dirty Money’.”

          No such thing Farmer.
          Money isn’t dirty, unless you’ve dropped it in the mud. Whether you use it for good or bad purposes, and whether you acquired it lawfully or not, is what counts.

          But money itself is not dirty.

            1. Colloquialism means used in ordinary conversation.
              Where do you go where the ordinary conversation includes, anti-Semitism and ‘Dirty Money’?
              You might want to shop at a different supermarket and change your pub

                1. Sport is about to start.

                  They are showing the Beach Volleyball National Championships from Nepal.

                2. “Money is absolutely filthy. Almost as bad as newsprint”

                  Stephen you write absolute bollocks. Almost as bad as the tabloid newspapers.

  38. I don’t usually do this for free but just having found the car keys i thought I had lost I am in an abnormally good mood. So having saved £100 I can afford a free 20 mins. So this is fror Gerald.

    Gerald honey antisemitism=antizionism is precisely the same as antizionism=antisemitism.

    The presence of = in an equation sets up an identity claim. 1+ 2 = 3 is precisely the same claim as 3 = 1+ 2. Even an F in O chemistry kinda guy can see that. At least my sisters pet canary’s retarded cousin can see it.

    Way back the ancients saw a star low down in the morning sky and called it Hesparus. (the morning star). They also noticed a star low down in the evening sky and called it Phosphorus ( the evening star) . It turned out that both apparitions were apparitions of the planet Venus. Now I may have got this the wrong way round, but if you have followed so far, you will realise that this doesn’t matter.

    So Heparus is Phosphorous. And Phosphorous is Hesparus. The ” is ” in all this is the is of identity. The law at play here is the law of the Indiscernability of Identicals. That is identicals have all their properties in common.

    Similarly if 3 = 1+ 2 then 1+2 = 3


    if antizionism = antisemitism then antisemitism = antizionism

    Now if this is beyond you, you can arrive at the same conclusion, by playing a few simple substitutivity games.

    Hope this helps

    1. Stephen do you really think that patchwork quilt of Bullshit terms, appears logical?
      Oh dear, if you do then, you are as dumb as Farmer.

      You cannot even cite the names the Ancient Greeks called Venus, correctly.

      Normally I would enjoy discussing ‘Classics’ but not with a numpty with an obviously limited education.

      Stephen, when it comes to ‘Classics’, logic, or rhetoric, on my worse day I am still 100 times better than you on your best day.
      To discuss these subjects with you, would be as fruitful as teaching a shrimp to whistle.

      Now I’m off to do something more fruitful, watch the Synchronised Swimming contest from the Sahara.

        1. Stephen, you are always very trying. But, thankfully, you never succeed.

          I would expect no more from you Stephen, a lazy gobshite and chancer.

            1. Stephen it’s hard to run when I’m laughing so much at your puerile attempts at logic, and blatant ignorance of the Classics.

    2. 259 more words to add to your tally Bellers and a cracking bunch of words they were. If I hadn’t got a U in my O level Classics I’d probably be chuckling away at that now.

      Anyway very solid effort at that activism and only 38 posts to go ’til the half grand. Bang on lads. You’re changing the world.

      1. …… at least we’re not destroying another’s world as Zionists are currently engaged in, Ian.

        1. Farmer whose World are Zionists currently engaged in destroying?

          Where is this World?

        1. Beats me Bellers. D in Maths. Wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box but then got an A in woodwork so the RE teacher, a vile antisemite may have been right when he accused me and mine of nailing up his lord Jesus Christ.

          A few more of your posts and I’m back in the chair for another pound of Werthers.

      2. Actually Ian I don’t rate my chances of changing the world. I merely was taking a punt on attempting to help Gerald, despite his lack of education and lack of focus get to grips with the force of the symbol =

        True to form he demonstrates his reliance on google rather than any depth of knowledge and reasoning skills.

        So I am going to make another attempt to get Gnasher to jump through a hoop. My chances however slim, are greater. Wish me luck

    1. So the answer to my question ‘Where is this World?’ is The West Bank and Gaza.

      You skipped the first question.
      Which is; Farmer whose World are Zionists currently engaged in destroying?

      Hurry up Farmer, there is a short interlude in the Synchronised Swimming while it rains.

      1. Gerald you really are a fuck wit. The IHRA batshit thing is not the law. On the other hand the Human Rights Act which guarantees freedom of expression is the law. Handing over to you to take it from there………..

        1. “The IHRA batshit thing is not the law”

          Perhaps Stephen you can show exactly where I have written that it is the law?

          It is an incontrovertible fact that a number of Governments, including the Government of the U.K., as well as the European Parliament have adopted the IHRA Definition.

          You might regard it as ‘batshit’ but that does not change the facts.

          The Human Rights Act is the law, but tell me Stephen as you are an expert. Is the ‘Freedom of expression’ covered by the Act, qualified or not?
          i.e. there are limits to the right of freedom of expression.

          Over to you Rumpole……..

            1. Stephen so O wise and knowledgeable one, inform those of us who have to rely on Google what these limitations are exactly?

              Or are you just being a Bullshit merchant and chancer, as usual, and you don’t have the remotest idea?

              1. Gerald I am not able to state them ” exactly ” and nor can you. Nor have I claimed to be able to do so. For present purposes I merely need to know that they don’t include saying shit about Israel.

                1. “saying shit about Israel.”
                  Stephen and that is all you ever do when you refer to Israel, you say and write shit.

                  1. IHRA says calling Israel a ”racist endeavour’ may be an example of antisemitism.

                    That means may not.

                    I say it is a racist endeavour.

                    Phoning the police now, Gerald?

                    1. No Farmer, the Matron at your care home.
                      You have escaped again, and are obviously in need of increased medication.

                    2. From the IHRA Definition adopted by the European Parliament,

                      “Contemporary examples of antisemitism in public life, the media,
                      schools, the workplace, and in the religious sphere could, taking
                      into account the overall context, include, but are not limited to:”

                      You are wrong as usual Farmer.

                    3. Told you once, I don’t work at the European Parliament.
                      Labour foolishly accepted SOME of this concocted definition which has no bearing on the day-to-day lives of UK folk…… or EU folk.

                    4. Farmer you really are as dumb as dogshit!
                      Where you work has no relevance whatsoever.

                      You might not be aware Farmer, but, the U.K. is still a member of the EU.

                      “UK folk…… or EU folk.”

                      U.K. folk are EU folk, you stupid toss-pot!

                    5. It’s not mandatory, Gerald.

                      It’s just a document that some institutions choose to recognise or not, as the case may be. 🙂

                    6. You mean like you constantly having your crew whine “antisemite” at those that aren’t Zionists?

                      Using of course the Collier Hypothesis.

                    7. Farmer, so everyone in the U.K. from school child to pensioner, inclusive, whether they are a pedestrian, a cyclist or a motorist knows whether the Highway Code is mandatory or not.

                      But Farmer the fake does not know.

                      Why am I not surprised that Farmer, who pretends to be English, is a fraud.

  39. Still no explanation of the jargon ‘Jew Baiting’. Still, it creates a blog I suppose.

    1. Farmer I am still waiting for you to answer this query I raised with you yesterday.

      ” “He’s a Zionist. That means he’s Jewish according to the ‘Collier Hypothesis’ ”
      Where will I find the hypothesis you term ‘Collier Hypothesis’? ”

      So far the only ‘answer’ you have given is “You can find it in David’s blogs … hence the name.”

      WHERE exactly in David’s blog is this alleged Hypothesis?

  40. Read his blogs. He constantly tries to map anti-Zionism to anti-semitism. If you can’t see that then you need treatment, Gerald.

    1. So, it is your interpretation of what you believe that David might be trying to say.
      And you call that a ‘Hypothesis’.
      Today you imagine this non-existent Hypothesis to be, and I quote from you above,”He constantly tries to map anti-Zionism to anti-semitism”

      Yesterday you imagined this non-existent Hypothesis to be, and again I quote you above, ” “He’s a Zionist. That means he’s Jewish according to the ‘Collier Hypothesis’ ”

      I wonder what you will imagine this non-existent Hypothesis to be tomorrow.

    1. Why would I dream of asking anyone, other than you, what you imagine will be in this non-existent Hypothesis tomorrow.
      It is a figment of your imagination Farmer.

        1. Farmer YOU are the one who made a claim about a non-existent Hypothesis.

          Either back up your claim with evidence or admit it, the same as a lot of the content of your posts, is a figment of the imagination of a deeply troubled anti-Semitic mind.

          1. ” a deeply troubled anti-Semitic mind.”

            Explain what I have said that is antisemitic. Why won’t YOU answer a question?

              1. Showing that Gerald, though not understanding my posts, has labelled me antisemitic. David has stolen your mind then. Trust others aren’t so gullible

                1. Farmer understand them, both content and intent, yes.
                  But they are more often than not written in such infantile gibberish, that it would be a task for Hercules to explain them.
                  Now whether it is due to your advanced age and you have entered your ‘second childhood’, or you are elderly but never left your first childhood I do not know, or frankly care.

                  You have already been informed that the second largest democratic body in the World, the European Parliament, has accepted the IHRA Definition. If, they change their opinion and adopt a different definition then so will I.
                  But, until or if, they do then as far as I am concerned you are an anti-Semite as defined by the IHRA Definition.
                  If you do not understand why or how, that is your problem. The IHRA Definition is freely available online and in hard copy if you request one from the appropriate office.

                  1. Farmer I am STILL waiting for a reply to my earlier post.
                    To refresh your, obviously malfunctioning, memory it was this;
                    “Farmer YOU are the one who made a claim about a non-existent Hypothesis.

                    Either back up your claim with evidence or admit it, the same as a lot of the content of your posts, is a figment of the imagination of a deeply troubled anti-Semitic mind.”

                  2. Sorry, Gerald, I don’t work for the European Parliament.

                    I note that if they change THEIR opinion then will also change YOURS. You’re obviously a man of convictions …. shan’t ask what for.

                    Do you share their opinion on the legality of the the Jewish settlements external the state of Israel,

                    1. “Sorry, Gerald, I don’t work for the European Parliament.”

                      Farmer, currently you are a citizen of the European Union. The European Parliament is the democratically elected body that covers ALL citizens of the EU, no matter who they work for.
                      Your attempt to use a ‘red herring’ about not working for the European Parliament, to cover up your contempt for European democracy is not a surprise.
                      Anti-Semites, such as you Farmer, are notable by their contempt for democracy and any opinion that doesn’t agree with their own twisted outlook on life.

                      The rest of your post was just poorly written gibberish.

                    2. The UN rules that the Jewish Settlements are illegal. No doubt you are of the same opinion given that both Israel and the UK are members, Gerald?

                    3. Farmer another failed attempt at using a red herring.
                      The European Parliament and the UN are completely different types of organisations.
                      I do not remember voting for the UN Security Council or the UN General Assembly.

                      Please keep digging. The hole you are in, is getting deeper and deeper.
                      You are being very amusing at the moment, please keep it up.

                    4. Farmer you claim to be a U.K. citizen.
                      The Government of the U.K., also accepts the IHRA Definition of anti-Semitism.
                      So as a loyal citizen of the U.K. you also accept the IHRA Definition.
                      Or does your loyalty only extend to the policies and decisions you agree with?

                      Repent now Farmer accept the IHRA Definition, and mend your evil ways.

                      Luke 15:7,
                      “I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.”

                    5. Gerald,

                      ““We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” ― Sirius Black, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”

                      p.s. are you a UK citizen, Gerald?

                    6. “and I didn’t vote in the European Elections, Gerald.”

                      Is that because you do not live in the EU?

                    7. Farmer you criticise David by alleging that the content of his blog is part of a conspiracy to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and prevent the Labour Party being elected.

                      But on the last occasion an election covering all the U.K. was held, what is the response from Farmer;
                      “and I didn’t vote in the European Elections, Gerald.”

                      I bet Corbyn and the Labour Party are really happy to have such a hypocritical, limp-wristed, bullshit merchant as you supporting them.

                    8. The UK gov. is NOT elected by voting in the European Elections, idiot.

                      ARE you a UK citizen, Gerald?

                    9. “The UK gov. is NOT elected by voting in the European Elections, idiot.”

                      Nobody suggested it was.

                      Are you claiming that the Labour Party did not contest the European Parliamentary elections?
                      Are you claiming that elections for the European Parliament did not cover every corner of the U.K.?

                      I wonder why you would not be aware of those facts?
                      Unless of course you do not live in the U.K. or the EU.

                    10. Farmer show me where I wrote that the U.K Government is elected in the European elections, as you claim?

                      The rest of your responses are just laughable. If you had a brain you would notice that you are contradicting yourself.

                      So which is it Farmer, are you a liar or an idiot, or both?

                      Not only do you show your contempt for democracy, but also your contempt for the truth.

                    11. Stephen,
                      David bestie
                      is he any relation to
                      George Bestie,
                      the well known Footballer?

                  3. Farmer, I am STILL waiting for you to show where this non-existent ‘Collier Hypothesis’ is.

                    1. It is sad to see a youngster lie and think they will get away with it.
                      But, Farmer an old man in his late 60s/ 70s like you?
                      That is pathetic,
                      Obviously your dementia is getting worse.

                    2. Farmer, I am STILL waiting for you to show where this non-existent ‘Collier Hypothesis’ is.

                      Hurry up Farmer.

                    3. Farmer I am STILL waiting to see this non-existent ‘Collier Hypothesis’

                      Are you nervous?

                    4. “ARE you a UK citizen, Gerald?”

                      Yes, Farmer I am.
                      Born, raised, educated, worked and paid my taxes and N.I. in the U.K.
                      I hold a U.K. Passport.

                      And if anyone asks how I regard myself then I tell them, I am Welsh and European.

  41. The big 500 is in sight. You lads are really going for it. You now have to do 94 scrolls of an old fashioned mouse to get from first to most recent. This thread should be sponsored by Eucerin; a handy cream for the removal of calluses.

    Deep breaths fellas as you start another crucial day at the activism coal-face. Remember, you’re changing the world.

    1. Here in the UK, being more tecky, we have keyboards with [End] buttons.Just a tap is all it takes.

  42. Phew, you crazy kids are really going for it.Remember that episode of Friends where Ross and Chandler try to arm wrestle each other, one dressed as a pink rabbit and the other as a giant potato?

    Is 600 a possibility? Surely not.

      1. “..we can’t fail.”

        I’m sure you will find a way to fail Stephen, you usually do.
        Lazy gobshite, chancer, loser, and one of life’s failures are all part of your c.v..

          1. “I am the one that is widely read and highly educated.”

            Of course you are Stephen, you also hold the Victoria Cross and bar as well as being King of Scotland.

            What is it about you anti-Semites that turns you into deluded narcissists.

            1. That worthless phrase again …. like a US agreement.

              p.s, David declares anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism …. even though he himself can’t define Zionism.

              Wriggle … wriggle.

              1. Farmer is this patchwork quilt of meaningless slogans, badly stitched together, supposed to mean something.

                Time for you to go to your Geriatric Specialist Farmer, your dementia is getting worse.

  43. As much as I enjoy taunting our resident ‘gruesome twosome’ Twatman and Dobbin.
    Sport is about to start elsewhere.
    This afternoon I shall be watching the Underwater Cycling Championships from Venice.

    1. “Never justification for deliberate slaughter of women and kids”

      Tell the well dug-in snipers in the Israeli firing-squads at the fence that.

    1. Wow Stephen.
      No wonder you are so ‘widely read’. You are up to date with the news.

      That is if you consider a story that is over two years old, as up to date
      May 9, 2017, 11:45 am, to be precise.

      By the way Stephen, I didn’t need to use Google. Just the link you provided.
      The problem you anti-Semitic scum will always have Stephen, is that the truth will always catch you out. As you have demonstrated here, and on other websites, time and time again.

      1. ….truth as in claiming “Fifty-six antisemitic conspiracies ….”?


    2. “a compromise motion – to fly both the Israeli and Palestinian flag – was proposed by a Fine Gael councillor, this motion was overwhelmingly defeated.”

      The flag of Israel would be an embarrassment flapping in the fresh-air.

      1. Farmer if you had ever been to Dublin, you would see the flag of Israel flying proudly over the Embassy of Israel, EVERY day.

        Yes Farmer, I have been to Dublin on a few occasions. And Yes Farmer on every occasion the flag of Israel was flying proudly in Dublin.

        I don’t know which is greater, your ignorance or your stupidity.

          1. Yes Stephen.
            The flag of Israel, “Flying over the Embassy of Israel”

            Well it couldn’t fly over the Embassy of Palestine, because no such place exists.

                1. Geraldo, Explain the “lefts” alliance with ulra Right-Wing HamASS and Hezbola.

                  Which Leftist organization sides with Israel against Islamists? I guess we can rule out the quite Left Laboor Party and the quite Left Guardian/Independent.

                  (I don’t expect a rational response from Geraldo, after all, he has announced his “quite left” proclivities. )

    1. Farmer, I am STILL waiting for you to show a copy of what you call the ‘Collier Hypothesis’.

      Remember it Farmer,
      “He’s a Zionist. That means he’s Jewish according to the ‘Collier Hypothesis’.”

      Where is it Farmer?

  44. Phew. Breathtaking activism from you lads. 550 knocked off and now onward to the big 6-0-0.

    Remember in Lost when they persuaded the guy in the bunker to press the button every 108 minutes even though he never knew why?

    Keep pressing guys. You’re changing the world.

    (Dublin Town Hall. Brilliant)

  45. “That in itself is a disgrace.”

    What is a disgrace, David, defending Williamson?

  46. “Mike Farmer on July 31, 2019

    “That in itself is a disgrace.”

    What is a disgrace, David, defending Williamson?”

    Poor Farmer, his mental state is deteriorating quickly.
    His memory has gone.

    “Mike Farmer on July 11, 2019

    “That in itself is a disgrace.”

    What is a disgrace, David, defending Williamson?”

    Same post 20 days apart. Farmer is either a ‘Bot’ or a retard.
    Which is it?

    1. Repeating the question.

      David made a statement that lacked clarity.

      David hasn’t answered.

      1. Ok Farmer we’ll combine the possibilities.
        You are a retarded ‘Bot’.

        Farmer made a statement.
        Farmer hasn’t answered.
        “Farmer, I am STILL waiting for you to show a copy of what you call the ‘Collier Hypothesis’.

        Remember it Farmer,
        “He’s a Zionist. That means he’s Jewish according to the ‘Collier Hypothesis’.”

        Where is it Farmer?”

          1. You have answered Farmer.
            It is a figment of your imagination, but you are to much of a spineless liar to admit it.
            Whichever country you really live in, you are a disgrace to it

            1. “too much”, Gerald.

              England, of course.

              I believe that ‘on active-duty’ David also lives here, though his heart and head live elsewhere.

              1. Quite right Farmer.
                You are too much of a spineless liar to admit it.

                “England, of course”, your vocabulary gives you away, as well as many other mistakes you have made.
                If it smells rotten, it is rotten. And you Farmer and your pretence to be English, smells rotten.

  47. My, my, what’s up with you Zionists? Nasty spirited, unfounded slurs. Middle-age angst?

    1. Farmer STILL waiting for you to show this ‘Hypothesis’ by David Collier you manufactured.
      This one Farmer;
      “So, it is your interpretation of what you believe that David might be trying to say.
      And you call that a ‘Hypothesis’.
      Today you imagine this non-existent Hypothesis to be, and I quote from you above,”He constantly tries to map anti-Zionism to anti-semitism”

      Yesterday you imagined this non-existent Hypothesis to be, and again I quote you above, ” “He’s a Zionist. That means he’s Jewish according to the ‘Collier Hypothesis’ ”

      Waiting Farmer, waiting.

        1. Perfectly calm Farmer.
          Enjoying the view of your corpse swinging on the end of a rope.

  48. I have 569….569 with the man in the Big Potato suit. Can we get 570 from the Big Pink Rabbit?

    Are we all done at 569? Going once. Going twice…………….

  49. Sold for 572 to the man at the back with the “Bedouin Brickies Do It Up The Wall”. T shirt.

    Join us next time for another round of luke warm, 2nd gear activism featuring all your favourite nut-jobs off the internet.

        1. Wow, didn’t think you two would nibble at that one. 600 is back on.

          The Werthers have gone though, so you lads will have to find something else to suck on. That’s Michael covered. Maybe Bellers too. Carry On Activism. Such a hoot.

          1. Bugger! Forgot the activism, Ian. Ok then.

            Notice that I haven’t had any replies yet to my assertion that the ““Fifty-six antisemitic conspiracies” were mainly attacks on Zionism. Still what’s wrong with rewriting facts when you’re running a propaganda blog.

            1. Notice that Farmer has STILL NOT been able to show the ‘Collier Hypothesis’.

              Remember Farmer this ‘Hypothesis’,
              “He’s a Zionist. That means he’s Jewish according to the ‘Collier Hypothesis’ ”

              1. It’s in his blogs. Look at them. Whenever he trumpets “antisemitism” 10 ten to a penny it’s anti-Zionism …. a good position.

                1. Farmer are you illiterate?

                  Remember Farmer this ‘Hypothesis’,
                  “He’s a Zionist. That means he’s Jewish according to the ‘Collier Hypothesis’ ”

                    1. STILL waiting for this mythical ‘Collier Hypothesis’, Farmer.

                      You are either very slow, i.e. severely retarded. Or, you have realised that, again, you have been caught out in one of your lies.

                      Which is it Farmer, are you a liar or severely retarded?

                2. “10 ten to a penny”

                  Oh dear me Farmer, it’s “Ten a penny”
                  You are as genuine as a £3 pound note Farmer.

    1. Well, Ian, this is ‘crying wolf’ on an hilarious scale. Sold to an anti-Labour paper.

      “hard-core anti-Semites” betrays its source.

      Also, Gerald, evidence that the Collier Hypothesis that antiZionism is AntiSemitism is being fallen for farther afield.

      You woke us up to show us THAT?

      1. Well, Farmer you still cannot a) read your own posts, or b) show where the figment of your imagination that you call the ‘Collier Hypothesis’,is.

        Farmer, one more time, as your dementia is getting worse

        Remember Farmer this ‘Hypothesis’,
        “He’s a Zionist. That means he’s Jewish according to the ‘Collier Hypothesis’ ”

        Your corpse is twisting in the breeze on the end of a rope made of your own lies. Long may it continue.

        1. “He’s a Zionist. That means he’s Jewish according to the ‘Collier Hypothesis’ ”

          Yep, posted that. … and you’ve just seen it being used in the article.

              1. You claim that the ‘Collier Hypothesis’ which says “He’s a Zionist. That means he’s Jewish according to the ‘Collier Hypothesis’ ”, so you will not have any problem in copy and pasting those words from the article and pasting them here.

                Otherwise I stand by the obvious conclusion that the ‘Collier Hypothesis’ is a figment of the imagination of Farmer the liar and fraud.

    2. Yeah I read it in my free Telegraph I got with my My Waitrose card. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    3. Yeah I read it in my free Telegraph I got with my My Waitrose card. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

      1. So good, you read it twice.

        There are only a couple of newspapers I bother to read these days.
        The Guardian/ The Observer;
        The Financial Times;
        weekly The Economist.

        The rest of the U.K.s newspapers I wouldn’t wrap my Fish and Chips in.

        1. So, Gerald reads the Newspapers whose writers have the same point of view. Way of the world, Gerald.

          …… and for fiction you read ‘Beyond the Great Divide’?

          1. “So, Gerald reads the Newspapers whose writers have the same point of view”

            Really Farmer.
            At the last General Election in the U.K., 2017.
            The Guardian; supported the Labour Party
            The Financial Times; supported the Conservative Party
            The Economist; supported the Liberal Democrat Party.

            But, according to Farmer in these publications the “writers have the same point of view”

              1. No Farmer, I have not and have no intention of voting Conservative in the future.
                I have not voted Lib Dem, but, at the next election I might do so IF Corbyn is still Leader of the Labour Party.

            1. “point of vew (sic)”

              With a literacy level like yours Farmer, I can understand why you don’t attempt to read any of the publications I do. It also explains why you are unaware of the differences in points of view between the three publications

              1. Gerald’s views are taken from three diff. sources? Little wonder he’s a confused Gerald.

                1. Yes Farmer, it must be confusing for you.

                  But if you had a certain capability, you clearly lack, you would be able to look at different sources with different viewpoints, analyse them, then form your own viewpoint based on the best credibile evidence available.

                  That certain capability, you are clearly lacking Farmer, is called intelligence.

                  1. …. and Gerald, having that capability, reading the ‘antisemitism examples’ that David claims, analyses them and forms exactly the opinion that David’s words are designed to convey?

                    Ho ho.

                1. “Me sausage fingers ”

                  No Farmer. To type in the wrong letter by being clumsy would be ‘sausage fingers’. To completely miss a letter out and not notice is to be, as you clearly are, an illiterate toss-pot.

                    1. “Llo.(sic)”

                      Farmer when you can’t even spell ‘Lol’, describing you as an illiterate toss-pot is probably rating your abilities much higher than they actually are.

  50. “and for fiction you read ‘Beyond the Great Divide’?”

    No Farmer.
    For fiction, and bullshit, I read your posts.

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