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Beyond Crooked. Meet the Amnesty judges and jury

If you got to page ‘x’ in the new Amnesty ‘Apartheid report to argue about a comment in paragaph ‘y’, that contains a reference to Israel doing ‘z’ – you are already more than half way to losing the argument. This is about the clear big picture, not the distorted little ones – and engaging any accusation that comes from Amnesty is a waste of time.

You cannot possibly care about justice if you protect and promote the judgements of a crooked system. And Amnesty’s reports on Israel come from a system so dark, crooked, one-sided and filled with hate, that they’d be more suited to the 15th than the 21st century.

Just a few reminders why:

The Amnesty Police, Jury, Judges and Excecutioners

Saleh Hijazi is a key figure in Amnesty’s lynching of Israel. Unbelievably they made him a ‘Deputy Director’ for the entire MENA region. In reality he is a lifelong Palestinian anti-Israel activist. In 2007 he was part of a group called ‘Another’ Voice‘ – which was set up to oppose the peace movement called ‘One Voice‘. This is taken from their website at the time:

Saleh HijaziThat isn’t even the worst of it. His Facebook profile pics have included Leila Khaled, a PFLP terrorist and airline hijacker and Khader Adnan, a hero of Islamic Jihad:

Saleh Hijazi terrorist supporter.

Laith Abu Zeyad – is another key Amnesty voice – and guess what – another lifelong Palestinian anti-Israel activist. He and Hijazi helped put together the Amnesty attack on Airbnb, so have no doubt they are both involved in this latest attack. Here is an image of him retweeting a revolutionary socialist group in Egypt that has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. It was about the death of Morsi, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Before Amnesty, Abu Zeyad worked for the ‘PFLP affiliate’ Addameer.

Hind Khoudary – was Amnesty’s voice in Gaza until I exposed her extremism on this website and they were forced to publicly distance themselves from her. These two ‘heroes’ in the post are both members of the Islamic Jihad terrorist group.

Khoudary also retweeted this – which instructs people to lie to protect the resistance:

So it is no surprise that in 2020 Khoudary tagged three Hamas officials to betray someone in Gaza who was working on a peace project. Hamas then arrested him for “betraying our people.’

Mohammed Ali Abunajela was Amnesty’s ‘Media Manger’ but was just another Palestinian activist. On the Israel page of the Amnesty website, he was referenced alongside Sara Hashash for media enquiries. Which means if you are a member of the press and wanted information on Israel, Amnesty were directing you towards a graduate of the Hamas driven Islamic University in Gaza. This guy was nuts. His tweets included several from Sarah Wilkinson (a Holocaust denier).  But it was this section in a FB post he wrote in 2018, that really got my attention.

judge, jury, police

The post addresses the 2018 March of Return and raises suggestions to ensure its success. It suggests that ‘martyrs’ should be called ‘martyrs of the march of return’ and not be ‘claimed’ by ‘factions.’ In other words, it is suggesting that Hamas and the Islamic Jihad should refrain from publicly claiming ownership of fighters when they are killed by Israelis, to ‘hide them’ as innocent protestors who have been killed. All in order to positively influence international opinion. This appears to be the Amnesty International Media Manager for MENA asking terrorist factions such as Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, to ‘play along’.

Ashira Prem Rachana worked as a journalist and researcher for Amnesty. One of those people who decides what evidence to find and then writes about it in reports. Actually, she is just another lifelong Palestinian activist and was a presenter for the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation in 2010. By 2017 she was a ‘Regional Researcher’ for Amnesty.

Ashira publicly called on Arab Israelis not to vote in the elections. She told the ONLY free voting Arabs in the entire Middle East – not to use their vote.


Nadine Moawad Amnesty MENA Communications Manager calls for the full disbanding of Israel (and the military that protects the Jews from harm).


Sahar Mandour Amnesty International‘s researcher on Lebanon wastes no time in letting people know she is unfit to work at a human rights organisation:

There are too many ‘unfit’ people to list here (it is why it took a 207 page report to do it), but I want to show one more image because it highlights the Amnesty problem more than any other. If for well over a decade Amnesty has been explicitly employing anti-Israel obsessives – then what about all of the people who are actually in need of Amnesty’s help?

The MENA region is full of despots. The role of Amnesty’s Deputy Director for the MENA region is to highlight the abuse that occurs there. This is a summary of his FB posts taken in 2019:

Not a single post relating to Iran, Syria or Saudi Arabia was found. Israel, a nation involved in a conflict that claimed about 90 casualties in 2019 took 100% of the attention of a MENA Director for Amnesty. That is the true crime here. A total betrayal of Amnesty donors – and even more tragically – of the people in need they are meant to be helping. Amnesty has just turned into an obsessive and antisemitic organisation.

Would you trust a report about Israel written by people like this? Would you accept their judgement? Amnesty is only the sum of the people that work for it and what is written above is only a fraction of what I found when I investigated Amnesty’s bias.

I write this today as Amnesty publish another report on Israel. If you want to see a take down of the latest Amnesty report – you can read what CAMERA and NGO Monitor have to say.

But if there is just one report you read today make sure it is the one which thoroughly exposes Amnesty’s crooks. And believe me – however bad  you think Amnesty has become – it is worse.



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35 thoughts on “Beyond Crooked. Meet the Amnesty judges and jury

  1. Not sure this has been asked before, but was this the charity that our long time house troll Stephen mentioned that he volunteered for on his one trip to Israel during his gap 9 months ? He reckoned he was a brickie for the Bedouins until someone pointed out that they live in tents !!

    Stephen, can you clarify ? I’d ask Brucie, but he says he’s never been to Israel.

  2. I don’t recognise Israel, but I do Palestine, which this Rabbi visited to dozens of times.

    1. Very good Brucie. But we agreed in a previous episode that you were in Luton. Getting there on a National Express coach should have been your big tip-off.

    2. Your the deputy chief Rabbi and the “mayer” of London ? Ok we believe you. Don’t know what a mayer is but fine. Your fictitious character is welcome to visit the make believe land of palestine

  3. I read the Amnesty report (pretty sure none of the trolls on this board did so, because doing so would involve being literate beyond a slow 2nd-grader’s level) and it’s great at preaching to the converted without being backed up by facts. That’s really all that the Left/Islamist side of the debate cares about doing, which is fine, but also means they don’t require any attention beyond being seen as what they are and then simply ignored after that. There’s zero chance anything in this report or its ilk will ever do more than inspire a lot of blog posts, but when your side is a failure and loser like theirs is, I guess that’s all that can be hoped for.

  4. For Amnesty, it seems that dozens of Muslim and Christian states are acceptable?

    But just one Jewish state in the world is one too many? An egregious moral double standard that is both antisemitic and, given the history and persistence of racist persecution against Jews – staggeringly cruel.


  5. ‘Boxcar Brucie’

    I know you’re a fake rabbi and all that, and you love mocking and denigrating the Holocaust, but I was wondering if you were also one of the editors on this ‘Der Sturmer’ type Antisemitic tract, with all its distortions and vagaries against one country while ignoring real transgressors of ‘human rights’ in the region and the wider world

    Still waiting to hear about China and its Uighur problem and its genocide of Tibet etc. etc.

  6. David….”A Jew in Israel can be treated by an Arab doctor, arrested by a Arab police officer, sentenced by an Arab judge, work or study alongside Christians and Muslims ”

    Can’t marry one though

    1. Stephen,

      Where in Israel is it forbidden for Jews and Arabs to be married

      All marriages etc are under the control of the various religious denominations; and the Jewish religious controlling bodies only allow Jews to marry in Synagogues. But non-religious marriages performed in foreign places are fully recognised. There are no civil marriages in Israel.
      Muslim authorities will not allow mixed marriages either

      1. Yes Richard. Stephen is actually trying to make a different point but hasn’t done sufficient research to frame it correctly. Instead he confirms his ignorance.

      2. “Where in Israel is it forbidden for Jews and Arabs to be married”

        tut tut Richard I never said thatNice try though

        “There are no civil marriages in Israel.”

        As I have previously pointed out, a complete fucking basket case of a country

        1. Aah yes eternal Israel. We like it. Funny that lickle rebel soljas like Stephen have their own places to play dress-up but always run to us. Bless.

  7. This RABBI fully supports Whoopi Goldberg and I thank HaShem for her courage to speak truth.

    Those who criticize her should direct their attention and criticism inwards.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to attend an online rehearsal with my band; ‘The Tattooed Rabbis.’

    ✡️ 🙏 🎸

  8. Zionists David Collier, Ian Kay, “Stinky Dick” Galber, Ken Dobkin (aka “Scoffy”) and Ben exposed themselves as some of the UK’s biggest antisemites for supporting apartheid Israel, the racist state that gives us REAL Jews a bad name.

    1. I’m hurt Brucie. No gang name. Not even any inverted commas and here’s me, a REAL Jew and extreme right wing Zio, honest !!

      Give me a gang name too.

      Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to get some gigs for the fictitious Celtic-Klezmer tribute band I’m managing; ‘The Uneven Stephens’

      Tattoo Ian (gettit? Star Wars reference)
      aka “Li’l Scoffee


  9. Gang of four right-wing Zionists –

    Ian “BabyKiller” Kay
    Ken “The Nose” Dobkin
    Joe “ConeHead”
    “Stinky Dick” Galber

  10. Good to see Levy (aka “Fake Doctor” aka “Fake Rabbi” aka “Fake Mayer”) in full meltdown mode today….


    Nurse will be round with your meds shortly…..


  11. ‘Boxcar Brucie’

    The fake rabbi, imaginary ‘mayer’ of London, and serial Holocaust revisionist and denigrator.

    I do so enjoy perusing your contextless meanderings that say so little; but then you are who you are

    As a matter of course I was wondering where the ‘stinky” came from; is it based on anything or just a figment of your febrile imagination. Do continue using it if it makes you happy

  12. I was wondering about that as well

    Maybe he is referring to Uncle Joe the man who is purported to have created the term ‘useful idiots’ to describe so-called western progressives who thought they were clever by aiding their enemies during the ‘cold war’

  13. Stephen

    You are practising the art of obfuscation.

    You say things, but on examination you say nothing.

    Years ago I asked you why you call Israel a basket case, and I am still waiting for an intelligent answer with some evidence to back it up; even a little smidgen would help, though conclusive evidence to back-up your allegations is actually the desired outcome.

    No empty and vacuous one liners, please….

      1. Stephen gets confused Richard, when he comes across people that aren’t lickle rebel soljas like him.

        To Stephen there is no dignity in difference. Only Jewish differences seem to bother him though. Have you noticed ?

  14. Stephen,

    There haven’t been ‘civil marriages’ in Israel since its inception.
    So what; what has it got to do with you.

    Many countries don’t have civil marriages; do you wiggle your wally about them. Or do you just shrug your shoulders and say ‘it ain’t Israel so who gives a toss’, but in your usual expletives laced ranting

  15. Gabriel old darling

    Why don’t you check here posts from a few years ago; unless she has of course deleted her previous which is what you do when you get caught out for your previous biases and/or Antisemitism

    1. *yawn*
      Already exhausted your arguments?
      Already whataboutism, shifting topics and ad hominem slurs?
      Before touching even one arguments in the merits?

      1. The arguments here are based on merits, that’s why someone of your abilities can’t keep up here. You’re an interloper who hasn’t made an intelligent post in years of trying and can’t even consistently spell your own name/register your own gender. I can loathe you on merit and talk to you like you’re a shootoff in a haymow. That’s what I’m going to keep doing.

  16. Gabriel

    Not quite sure what you are waffling on about, but if you are yawning you must be tired, so be a good little winky wally and get some sleep

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