Simone O’Broin: The white supremacy of the Palestinian cause and BDS

Last Saturday, Simone O’Broin, ‘let rip’ with a drunken rant aboard an Air India flight from Mumbai to London Heathrow. She has since been arrested for a racially aggravated public disorder offence. Simone O’Broin (also know as Simone Burns) is a UK trained International Lawyer that has worked for years for anti-Israel groups. This is a video of the foul mouth tirade. Pay less interest to the alcohol driven expletives than the underlying message:

Simone O’Broin the activist

Simone O’Broin has worked for BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights:

Some of the work Simone did for BADIL is still online. She is listed as ‘Head Researcher’ in the report. Simon O’Broin also aligned with ‘Jews for Justice for Palestinians’, one of the groups that helped create ‘Jewish Voice for Labour’. As a lawyer, Simone O’Broin clearly has an interesting perspective on Law:

Simone O'Broin

But as if often the case with anti-Israel activists, scratching the surface uncovers the racism.

Gilad Atzmon and Jenny Tonge are both on her Facebook friends list (Simone seems to have deactivated her account). In fact, Simone O’Broin often drinks from Gilad Atzmon’s hateful swamp. Atzmon wrote a piece attacking the sentence of Alison Chabloz. Chabloz had claimed the Holocaust was “a bunch of lies” and was given a suspended sentence over the broadcasting of anti-Semitic songs. This is what Simone O’Broin wrote:

Simone O'BroinThat post is not the only one. Simone is often commenting on Atzmon’s pieces and is clearly an admirer:

O’Broin also seems to appreciate the Islamic Jihad:

Simon O'Broin

It might be worth asking the question of whether this business class trip was paid for by an NGO and if so – which one is supporting such racism?

The white supremacy of the Palestinian cause and BDS

The expletives deflect from the important element of the video. Simone O’Broin comes across as a racist, clearly displaying a white supremacy mindset in the words that she hurls at the Air India employees. She mentions her credentials as an ‘International Human rights Lawyer for the Palestinian people about a dozen times. A snippet:

you’re the Captain aren’t you. I am working for all ‘your’ people…. don’t get any money for it by the way….I’m leader of the f..king boycott movement, if I say boycott Air India – done….do I not have the right f..king clothes on? rich Indian ‘f**king money grabbing bastards…I’ll turn you f**king inside out…

This happens far too often to be a coincidence. Racists attached to anti-Israel activism. Many put it down to simple old-school antisemitism, but it is deeper than that. If you listen to activist-academic Ilan Pappe closely, you’ll hear desperation in his voice when he talks about Palestinians not ‘leading the way’. Pappe clearly knows what needs to be done. He looks ‘white’ and is ‘clever’. In the video it seems that Pappe is implying that people like himself in the west created BDS and gave it as a present to the Palestinians because they are not capable of directing themselves. I’ve seen Pappe speak dozens of times, he often appears to treat Palestinians as incompetents who need help.

Raw racism

But the raw racism in the Air India rant leaves little for doubt. Simone O’Broin is a ‘white person’ who gives her time to help ‘non-whites’. Those who are ‘not white’ should be thankful. She clearly expects them to do her bidding. She is ‘white royalty’.

BDS, Palestinianism and anti-Israel activity is loaded with such messaging. A racist movement that views Palestinians as lesser people who have no agency and are incapable of improving their situation without ‘white man’s’ help. The truth is that BDS was designed that way. It was built to feed from antisemitism and the white- supremacist, imperialist nature of the west. Think about it. BDS wants to impose it’s own value system and redraw borders of a far-off landscape against the wishes of the majority of the inhabitants. BDS may as well just call itself Sykes-Picot 2.

All the Palestinians have to do is sit at the table and negotiate with Israel. But some feel this is clearly beyond them. The leaders of the Palestinian cause in the west tell them not to negotiate. They tell them who to talk to, when to talk and what to say. More people wave the Palestinian flag at the Labour Party conference than the Arabs do in Ramallah. How brutally obvious is this?

Antisemitism comes into play because the enemy is the ‘Jewish people’. Those poor Palestinians have no chance against the ‘chosen’ – the untrustworthy, manipulative people who secretly control the world. How can those ‘lesser-people’- possibly do it on their own. In this fashion the Palestinian cause (Palestinianism) has attracted a whole host of antisemites and white-supremacists, all willing to attack Israel in the name of ‘human rights’. Don’t believe me? Just give one of them too much to drink.



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97 thoughts on “Simone O’Broin: The white supremacy of the Palestinian cause and BDS

  1. Sometimes I look at the anti-Israel movement and think that it is a post WW2 European creation, created by Jew haters who had just lost their cause.

    UNRWA was created by the Europeans to look after refugees, while the Europeans ignored every other refugee crisis; and at that time there were millions of refugees from WW2 and new refugees being created as the begining of the colonial era collapse gained steam

    No other refugee crisis has gained the same European support as that of the Palestinians; and the only group that are victims of this European bias just happen to be the Jews

      1. “Galber conflates anti-Israel with anti-Jew.David does that.”
        Wrong, Farmer. That’s definitely your department. You do it constantly both here and elsewhere.

  2. When you need the “Whiskey” for courage- It means your brain becomes an infected rotten piece of meat.

  3. Unbelievable. This woman is a barrister??? Not only is she hatefully bigoted and disgustingly foul-mouthed; she is also, judging from her posts, illiterate! And a drunk. Surely, surely, the firm she works for will sack her.

  4. Reverse racism always reverses itself at some point.

    As Mr Collier rightly points out, this is not merely a case of a drunken oaf creating a PR disaster, but rather, exactly reflects the bigoted mindset that underlies the BDS movement.

          1. Yes, word association, and if we showed you a Rorschach blot shaped kind of like a dog, you’d tell us it looks like a bloodthirsty Jew with gore
            dripping from his fangs feasting on a “palestinian” infant.

  5. Brilliant deconstruction of the white’anti-colonialist’ mindset, with its underlying atavistic Hew hatred and infantilisation of ‘brown people.’

  6. “Simone O’Broin comes across as a racist,”

    Israel has recently confirmed itself as racist by the introduction of its Nation Law.

    p.s. None of her drunken antics detracts from the Palestinian right to a state of their own.

    1. You have clearly not understood the article. It does not argue that the Palestinians have no right to statehood because a BDS campaigner went on a drunken tirade. The author was not arguing against Palestinian statehood at all.

      You don’t seem to know how arguments work or how to construct one.

    2. There are no ‘Palestinians’ and they have no such ‘right’.
      You really are a pathetic POS.

    3. But the fact is that ‘palestinians’ do not actually have a right to a state. Sorry, Farmer, but that is a fact. Whether this newly invented nation ever gets a state is purely a political question, not a right. As sovereign rights go, there is no there there.

      1. Passed by the Knesset. You may take a copy and read it if you’d like!

        Basic Law: Israel – The nation state of the Jewish people

        1.  The State of Israel
        a) Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people in which the State of Israel was established.
        b) The state of Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people, in which it fulfills its natural, religious, and historic right to self-determination.
        c) The fulfillment of the right of national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.
        2.  National symbols of the State of Israel
        a) The name of the state is Israel.
        b) The flag of the state is white, two blue stripes near the edges, and a blue Star of David in the center.
        c) The symbol of the state is the Menorah with seven branches, olive leaves on each side, and the word Israel at the bottom.
        d) The national anthem of the state is “Hatikvah”
        e) [Further] details concerning the issue of state symbols will be determined by law.
        3. [The] unified and complete [city of] Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
        4. The Language of the State of Israel
        a) Hebrew is the language of the state.
        b) The Arabic language has a special status in the state; the regulation of the Arab language in state institutions or when facing them will be regulated by law.
        c) This clause does not change the status given to the Arabic language before the basic law was created.
        5. The state will be open to Jewish immigration and to the gathering of the exiled.
        6. The Diaspora
        a) The state will labor to ensure the safety of sons of the Jewish people and its citizens who are in trouble and captivity due to their Jewishness or their citizenship.
         b) The state will act to preserve the cultural, historical and religious legacy of the Jewish people among the Jewish diaspora.
        7. The state views Jewish settlement as a national value and will labor to encourage and promote its establishment and development.

        8. The Hebrew calendar is the official calendar of the state and alongside it the secular calendar will serve as an official calendar. The usage of the Hebrew calendar and of the secular calendar will be determined by law. 

        9. National Holidays
        a) Independence Day is the official holiday of the state.
        b) The Memorial Day for those who fell in the wars of Israel and the Memorial Day for the Holocaust and heroism are official memorial days of the state.  

        10. Saturday and the Jewish Holidays are the official days of rest in the state. Those who are not Jewish have the right to honor their days of rest and their holidays. Details concerning these matters will be determined by law. 

        11. This Basic Law may not be altered except by a Basic Law that gained the approval of the majority of the Knesset members.

  7. My first thoughts when I read this story earlier in the week is that she dislikes India/Indian people because it has a warm, friendly relationship with Israel and it’s leader is coming down hard on Muslims.

  8. Counter chant with this…

    From the River to the Sea,
    Pal-e-STINE Will NEVER BE!

    Here is a 30 second Youtube for SOCIALIST O’Groin and little Tony G. and their friends, of a 1941 newsreel showing national SOCIALIST hitler meeting and sitting down with the Fascist Grand Moofti of Jerusalem.

  9. The Air India crew should have radioed Bill Cosby to ask what to put in that Socialist witch’s next drink.

  10. How dare those Untermenschen on that plane tell her she’s had enough to drink! Why, the very idea!

    1. Toots, Your “palestinians” already have a State. It’s called JORDAN and it’s on the East bank of the Jordan River.

    2. Not only do the Palestinians (a people who never considered themselves by that name or identity) already have a state (Jordan), but they were offered another state (or, by a different division) two states and they turned it down in 1947, and despite repeated offers they still reject it, believing they can abolish Israel and take over everything themselves). No-one is denying the ‘Palestinians’ a state, except for the Palestinians. If you can’t get your brain round that simple fact, you should stay out oif debates you don’t understand. All pro-Israel people fervently wish the Palestinians would agree on a second state or states, give up violence, build their lives and become good neighbours. Thinking that way is positive for the Palestinians and could make them prosperous and free in their own land. Your attitude condemns them to perpetual poverty, loss of life, and resentment. You are not helping ‘Palestinians’ any more than the thick-headed Ms O’Broin.

        1. Not for you this one Bellers. Remember what you said on 4th Nov “Arguing about Israel is a deflection and a distraction.” Are you feeling distracted after being rumbled for stalking David on that Twitter?

            1. No need to be so defensive Bellers. They may have embarrassed you with your stalky tweets but we know you better than your own wife here. Another of your slogans was ” Don’t ask a question unless you already know the answer”. I can see that as you run out of steam, keeping up with your own shtick is becoming quite challenging for you.

              1. Nah whenever David comes up with something interesting and challenging I will find some steam. I don’t find ” pissed nut job gets abusive on plane” specially motivating.

                But since you mention steam, this post, together with its immediate predecessor, taken together, suggests it is David that is running out of it.

                But what is it about my simple question to Denis that has got you so exercised ?

        2. Not “who”, Bellamy, but “whom.”

          Ans: The UN General Assembly with the acquiescence of the Zionist movement in order to prevent the war being threatened by the Arabs to annihilate the Jews, which was in direct opposition to the UN’s legal commitment to the establishment of a Jewish state. There was never a legal commitment to the establishment of an Arab state west of the Jordan river, but the UNGA gave it a try anyway to head off the Arabs violent aggressive response to Jewish sovereignty and equality. While the UNGA has no law making powers, had the Arabs in Palestine accepted and signed a treaty with Israel it would have become binding law. Since they didn’t, it was just another lost opportunity for an additional Arab state in Mandate Palestine.
          They lost their war of aggression against the Jews, but have hopes in murdering them all in the future with your help.

    3. It has nothing to do with what I think, it’s just a fact.

      Why do you think Arabs have a right to 23 states and Jews none?

      1. Why do you?

        But I don’t!

        No state should just be for one race, one religion …. which is NOT a democracy. Israel has just legislated itself as non-democratic and racist by the introduction of its Nation law….. as with with Islamic states.

        1. Clearly you don’t know what you are talking about.
          Using upper case is no substitute for putting forth an effort to present a cogent argument.
          All you’ve presented here is a mish-mosh of buzz-words for the foggy headed emotionally bigoted types of which you are a representative. It’s all b.s. and double-standards all the time directed at, and only at, the only Jewish state in the world, a refuge for history’s most persecuted people. Although it receives massive amounts of enmity from most countries, collectively known as “the powerful,” amongst them some of the most undemocratic, racist, and sadistic regimes in the world, in addition to whole sections of the world with especially long virulent antisemitic attitudes, Israel has managed to maintain liberal and democratic principles for its majority and minority populations with real opportunities for its average Arab citizen not seen in any of those Arab states whose existences don’t seem to upset you very much as you want to even add to their number. Do we need to remind you that Israel had universal suffrage before certain European countries considered democracies?
          Israel is a democratic state under assault by Arabs/muslims and western sickos with some profound daddy issues, and antisemitic stereotypes rolling around in their empty heads where their narrow minds reside, working to replace it with one more racist, antisemitic, Arab kleptocracy. Nothing ‘progressive’ to see here: just some Arabs trying to put the Jews back in their place for the sake of Arab supremacy. The same old crap, sport. Only this time we’re not having it.

          1. I wonder how many Jews live under PA or Hamass rule? If the PA or Hamass are truly inclusive, they should have a sizable population of Jews living under their beneficent Koran rule.

            OR maybe the PA and Hamass are racist, fascist, despotic terrorist Trojan horses – like those flooding into Eurabia.

  11. Jews have 52 states to live in the US alone. The immigrants to the M.E. are only a minority of world Jewry.

    1. There are 50 states in the US, you idiot, not 52. Englishmen are aloud to live in them as well.
      So what’s your point, other than to again demonstrate that you are a detestable antisemite?

      BTW, the Arab immigrants to “Palestine”, aka colonialist settlers on Jewish land, are only a tiny fraction of the Arab nation’s vast population. The Arabs have vast holdings of land, whereas about half of world Jewry lives in tiny Israel, i.e., on historic Jewish land.

      1. “Englishmen are aloud to live in them as well.”??!?

        Your cat write this post for you? Seriously?

    2. Putting aside the fact you just created two US states in your head, the majority of Israeli citizens Mike are from families that have never left the region. They are native by any definition. You talking about ‘immigrants’ who have other places to live makes you sound like a far-right racist. Oh.

      1. “Are there 52 states in the United States?
        The United States of America. The District of Columbia is a federal district, not a state. Many lists include DC and Puerto Rico, which makes for 52 “states and other jurisdictions”

        Seems, like Zionism, there are several answers.

        Those who were ethnically cleansed by Jewish militia, any of those native by any definition?

        noun: immigrant; plural noun: immigrants

        a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.”

        Your hearing, I suggest, is ok. It’s your thinking that is giving you problems.

        Far-right. Israel?

        Racist. Zionism? … and Israel since the Nation Law?

        1. Nice try at covering your butt, farm lad, but alas, no cigar.

          “noun: immigrant; plural noun: immigrants

          a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.”

          Example: Arabs

  12. Farmer boy

    On to many occasions over the years I have found that when the anti-Zionist and anti-Israel narrative being spouted by individuals gets challenged, they revert to classical Antisemetic and anti-Jewish tropes
    If it happens once or twice its ignorable; when it happens continuously, as I have found, then it becomes the factual reality.
    To many of the anti-Israel brigade are in my opinion, closet Antisemites and Jew haters

    I also use the term ‘anti-Israel’ as I cannot fathom how their actions and narrative do anything to further the position of the Palestinians vis-a-vis statehood or a peaceful future.
    Most are anti-Israel rather than pro-Palestinian

    1. “To(o) many of the anti-Israel brigade are in my opinion, closet Antisemites and Jew haters

      “Remember that opinion is not fact” – Richard Galber 18th Nov. 2017

  13. I said it was my opinion; or does that fact not matter to your addled thinking.
    If I had definitive fact I would have said as much.
    My opinion is based on anecdotal evidence based on my personal experience. Period

    1. … and it seems like you’re having yours!

      All that we hold are our opinions as to what is true … or not true. We may be correct .. or not correct.

  14. “undemocratic, racist, and sadistic regimes in the world” .. ironic really as that fits Israel to a tee….. as with some Islamic states. With the Nation Law Israel has joined the Club.

    1. “undemocratic, racist, and sadistic regimes in the world”

      Like Fascist Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria (Assad family dictatorship), Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and their terrorist proxies of ISIS, Hamass, Hezbola, Al Qada, Taliban, Bokko Haram, Al Shabab, Muslim Brotherhood, …

        1. So as a SJW,, where have YOU posted numerous opinion pieces questioning and lambasting *undemocratic, racist, and sadistic*

          Fascist Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria (Assad family dictatorship), Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and their terrorist proxies of ISIS, Hamass, Hezbola, Al Qada, Taliban, Bokko Haram, Al Shabab, Muslim Brotherhood ???

          1. “where have YOU posted numerous opinion pieces questioning and lambasting *undemocratic, racist, and sadistic*”

            Jewish News, Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, Jewish Chronicle, David Collier’s blogs … all those Zionist outlets.

            1. Farmgirl, you characteristically left out the key part of the challenge,

              > where have YOU posted numerous opinion pieces questioning and lambasting *undemocratic, racist, and sadistic*

              > Fascist Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria (Assad family dictatorship), Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and their terrorist proxies of ISIS, Hamass, Hezbola, Al Qada, Taliban, Bokko Haram, Al Shabab, Muslim Brotherhood ???

              Sharmuta, Please provide some links to document your claims, otherwise you will again be proved to be Full of Shiite and your cat will continue to despise you.

    2. ” ironic really as that fits Israel to a tee”

      Not by any objective measure, Farm lad. Therefore one would have to be either completely ignorant or a narrow-minded bigot to believe it. And so you are.

      1. “undemocratic, racist, and sadistic regimes in the world” .. ironic really as that fits Israel to a tee.

        Yep, stand by that.

  15. Please give factual descriptions to back up your claim that Israel is ‘undemocratic’, ‘racist’ and ‘sadistic’.

    Remember,’opinion is not fact’. So, with such serious charges against Israel, a fact based reply is neccessary.

    Failure to back your claims with factual evidence can only confirm that you lack any form of comprehensive argument, and that your opinions are driven by a deep hatred towards Israel, and people who love Israel, and are devoid of reason and evidence

    1. Of course, Richard.

      Undemocratic – 1.c) The fulfillment of the right of national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.
      Racist – 1.c) The fulfillment of the right of national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.

      Sadistic – The bulldozing of the homes of innocent Palestinians where a family member has been suspected or convicted of a terrorism offence.

      The above are of course true according to my opinion.

      1. Undemocratic – wrong. A people’s right to National self-determination is neither democratic or undemocratic per se, i.e., it says nothing about the form of government adopted by a state. The majority of countries in the world are non-democratic states. All of them are based on the right of national self-determination. You yourself say you support a “Palestinian” state. Israel, however, is a democratic state, with universal suffrage and democratic institutions for all its citizens.

        Racist – Wrong again. Q: Do Jews have a right to national self-determination in the Arab Republic of Syria? In Lebanon? Iran? Greece? China? How about England?
        Again, you say you support a state for the “Palestinian people,” an explicit call for a unique self-determination.

        Sadistic – a law leftover from British rule. The houses of terrorists and their property should instead be confiscated and turned over to the Israeli victims, whether Jewish, Arab or other.

        Your opinion on the subject isn’t worth a pixel.

  16. My, my, what a demanding little puppy you are, Edward. Housetrained yet?

    p.s. I read and write only English.

  17. “Antisemitism comes into play because the enemy is the ‘Jewish people’.”

    False accusations of antisemitism come into play because Israel labels itself the ‘Jewish state’.

    1. Now it’s not a Jewish state? Imagine getting the words Jews and Israel mangled up like that! Clearly one has nothing to do with the other.

  18. Farmer boy

    Anyone fool can repeat the same mantra about racism and undemocratic actions and sadism about Israel.

    I asked for proof of these, with verifiable evidence to back up your claims.

    The ‘Nation State Law’ is a fairly bland document that does not restrict and/or penalise minorities.
    It’s whole point is to show our Palestinian bretheren that the dream of having a Muslim majority state in the place of Israel is not going to happen.
    It’s in response to the Palestinians refusing to recognise the Jewish nature of Israel, while demanding that all (Israel and the West) recognise the Palestinians right to a Muslim ruled state with the Koran as the basis of its constitution.
    Read both the PLO and Hamas Charters; they both leave no doubt as to the type of outcomes they desire and demand

      1. There already is a “palestine” along side Israel.

        It’s called JORDAN and sits on the EAST bank of the Jordan and has a King and Queen.

  19. I’ve enjoyed reading this particular thread Richard. There was a time when blog items here would attract some serious activists intent on disruption and deflection from the points with a nasty side order of abuse for the author. But it’s hard sustaining this approach if you don’t really have any sincere views on the subjects. As they finally run out of steam all that remains are a few hollow slogans from half hearted contributors. Social media eh!

    1. Haven’t been on facebook for a while so not seen much of what has been happening recently.
      Been following the news though

  20. There are almost as many Jews in the US as there are in Israel. That’s not a ‘Jewish state’.

    Israel is a Jewish-majority state …… with citizens of all ‘faiths’ … so far. No doubt Israel will move to change that. Nature of the beast.

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