1979 – Israel Egypt peace treaty (full English version)

No. 17813

Treaty of Peace 1 (with annexes, maps and agreed minutes).
Signed at Washington on 26 March 1979

Letter Agreement, additional to the above-mentioned Treaty, concerning the establishment of full autonomy
in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (with annexed “Framework for Peace in the Middle East agreed at
Camp David” and “Framework for the conclusion of a Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel”, signed at
Washington on 17 September 1978, and seven related letters dated 17 and 22 September 1978, concerning
(1) settlements in the Sinai, (2) Jerusalem, and (3) the position of Egypt with respect to the implementation of
the comprehensive settlement). Washington, 26 March 1979

Authentic texts of the Treaty and annexes I2 and HI: Arabic, Hebrew and English.
Authentic text of annex II, of the agreed minutes and of the Letter Agreement: English.
Registered by Egypt on 15 May 1979.

Full peace treaty (English version) as submitted on the website of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is available to download in PDF format here

Source: Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs