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I have been researching the conflicts involving Israel since 1990 and arguing Israel’s case since 2000. I recently spent several years undercover as an anti-Israeli activist. As is my style, I tend to work on a longer form of article, which involves a lot of time and painstaking research. I am however restricted in what I am able to do and how much time I can spend on this research.

This blog is unique and I engage in undercover research¬†into antisemitism and the revisionist narrative against Israel. The work is fully independent and I have uncovered many key stories on antisemitism on this site. I was recently named as one of the J100 (‘top 100 people positively influencing Jewish life’) by The Algemeiner.

Anything you can contribute will help. Whilst the outgoings are large, every little donation helps.  I consider myself someone who stands on the side of truth and I solidly believe that the narrative needs to be reclaimed. Together we can make a difference.

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