Labour Party Councillor was on Homeland Security watchlist

Labour Councillor Margaret Corvid’s antisemitism was exposed on this website just a few days ago. It doesn’t get much more blatant that supporting the antisemitic play ‘Perdition’ or suggesting ‘Zionists control the Holocaust narrative’. Corvid acts as a Councillor in Plymouth and since the news broke, Corvid has been suspended from her role. Since the suspension she has publicly given some details that only cloud the matter further.

Corvid announces her arrival

Corvid’s Labour party membership came as a result of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership election victory. My research has exposed many antisemitic extremists, white supremacists, Holocaust deniers and other disenfranchised elements of society who jumped into the Labour Party for Jeremy Corbyn. Corvid is another one of those. Corvid openly describes herself as ‘hard-left’ and says she has been a ‘Trotskyist’ since she was sixteen years old, In an early Stateside interview with Galloway she spoke up the value of the ‘red-green alliance’, seeking advice from Galloway about how to create a prosperous alliance in the United States, similar to the one Galloway had created in his far-left Respect Party.

In that interview Corvid openly praised ‘symbolic gestures’ and the ‘cultural currency’ of radical Islamist Iranians handing over the Israeli embassy to the PLO – and their renaming the street of the British Embassy after an IRA terrorist. When she arrived in Scotland, she naturally gravitated towards the Socialist Workers Party.

A hatred that is more recent than Councillor Corvid wants people to believe

Corvid claims in her apology that she does not hold these views anymore. I am not sure how true this is. Corvid has an issue with her memory. In fact she says she did not remember the Perdition episode at all. That would be astonishing. It was an event in her life that embroiled her in masses of unwanted publicity. She was forced to resign from the local solidarity campaign. It is fair to believe that it may have been behind one of the times she changed her name. It may be the reason she left Scotland. Yet she does not remember it?

The amnesia spreads far. When being interviewed by the Daily Mail in March 2017, she tells the reporter she moved to Plymouth from the US ‘eleven years before’. This would make that move in 2006. Which would be odd since she lived in Scotland in 2007 when the Perdition row occurred. She was an activist for the SNP as late as 2009. Maybe she just completely forgot she went to Scotland at all.

Which makes me doubt her current ‘opinion’ story too. Whilst canvassing for election to be councillor in early 2018, she apparently became engaged in an argument with a British Zionist Jew. Eventually the person she was standing alongside, another potential councillor seeking election, needed to hold her back and calm her down because she was ‘ranting about anti-Zionism’.

A councillor On the Homeland Security watchlist

So it is no surprise to learn that authorities in the United States knew of her before she came. In fact Corvid herself, in an on air interview, admits to having been on the ‘Homeland Security‘ watchlist, who in her words, considered her to be a ‘terrorist’. See this clip for evidence of that exchange:

The Plymouth Councillor was on the US watchlist from a department set up ‘to secure the nation from threats’. In Corbyn’s Labour she became a representative of the people. These are the type of people Corbyn has attracted to his Labour Party. This is not a one-off. Yesterday, Investigative Journalist Iggy Ostanin published footage of Jeremy Corbyn advisor Andrew Murray expressing sympathy and solidarity with forces fighting against NATO. Later the same day, footage emerged of Corbyn himself, calling NATO ‘a danger to world peace and a danger to world security’. This is a dangerous anti-western mindset that poses a danger to all of us.

Threats and Labour Party

It gets even more troubling. When I was doing research for my initial piece, I found that some people had publicly contacted Corvid making the accusation she was a terrorist sympathiser and antisemite. Corvid responded with threats. She told the accuser that the ‘Labour Party is aware’ and if they didn’t stop making the accusations, she or they (the message is not clear) will take legal action. Publicly she called people who approached her over antisemitism – ‘trolls’. Whatever else is in this message – the threatening tone is clear and Corvid is explicitly saying that by this point – the Labour Party knew about her antisemitic actions and her extremism and were ‘backing her’:

Councillor Maragret Corvid making threats

So, who knew she was an extremist and had promoted the play Perdition? Local Labour leader Tudor Evans was tagged into tweets on the subject of Margaret the extremist Councillor in March 2019, but it goes back even further. In Corvid’s recent statement she is explicit. She says this: ‘I reported them to Deputy Council Leader Pete Smith and Chief Whip Eddie Rennie in November 2018 in a face to face meeting.’ she goes on to say she has ‘kept them informed’. Which means we need to ask Pete Smith and Eddie Rennie why action wasn’t take against Margaret Corvid until my research in this blog exposed the story?

This is the problem with Labour and antisemitism. Every single time. Why does it need us to drag them screaming before they take action?

Councillor Corvid posed with Corbyn. I have lost count of the number of people in antisemitism scandals that I have seen in selfies with Jeremy Corbyn. I was told Corvid played an important part of Luke Pollard’s re-election campaign. This has to be after the party already knew about the problems with her.

councillor margaret corvid

Plymouth local media

And then there is the local media. I am an investigative journalist. Corvid was elected to represent the people of Plymouth. How is nobody performing the most basic of checks on their own representatives? It isn’t like nobody knew who Margaret Corvid was. In fact, she is something of a celebrity in Plymouth. I have found four seperate female journalists who promote Corvid as something of a role model. The first was Katie French. Katie worked in Plymouth but was also working for the Mail. So Corvid gets plugged in the Daily Mail.  Corvid’s election was in 2018, so no doubt this celebrity status did her no harm.

Worse still, in March 2018, the local newspapers put together a list of ’70 of the most inspiring women in Devon.’ This was just two months before the May election. For whatever reason, Rachael Dodd and Anita Merritt listed Corvid as one of the inspiring women for International Women’s Day. That certainly didn’t do her case for election any harm. A year later, in the local ‘Plymouth Live ‘Katie Timms listed Corvid as one of ‘the most incredible Plymouth women’.

Katie French, Rachael Dodd, Anita Merritt and Katie Timms. It took me 10 minutes to realise there was a problem with Corvid’s backstory. Not one of these people even bothered to check the history of Margaret Corvid – of their local councillor – even as they strengthened her chances of election or promoted her as a role model.  At one point Margaret Corvid was apparently considered a ‘terrorist’ by US Homeland Security.

I live a long way from Plymouth and Corvid didn”t escape my attention. So my question to these ‘journalists’ (and I use the term loosely) is how did she escape theirs?



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92 thoughts on “Labour Party Councillor was on Homeland Security watchlist

  1. The stern Domina Corvid has also received ‘tributes’ from regulars here Bruce and Michael, who slavishly jumped to her defence in an earlier article.

    They may have more personal motives for this but unlike them, we will not go up that alley.

    1. Nice Top picture of Corvid and Corbyn.

      Who dominates whom?

      Does Corvid ride on Corbyn’s back while he’s on all fours.

  2. Is it my imagination or is the UK completely F’d up?

    Does the UK need a 9/11 scale atrocity, with thousands killed, to wake the UK up to the clear danger of Islamofascism AND its ally Regressive Socialism – AKA the Red/Green Axis of EVIL?

    1. “Is it my imagination or is the UK completely F’d up?”

      No, it’s David’s imagination….. as with his ‘rampant antisemitism’.

    2. and, Ted, …… David prefers to raise his family in the UK rather than raise them in Israel. Think on that.

      1. Why are you so keen to kick David and his family out of the UK?

        Don’t tell me. As a Trot Troll you are only following instructions.

        1. Trailer Trash Ted, I’m a republican so feel free to post as many anti-Royal videos as you like.

                1. Trailer Trash Ted it is noticeable that you do NOT deny that Trump had sex with you.
                  Now it is obvious why you support him.

                  1. If Boris Johnson wins, will you jump off the roof?

                    If so, please land on the Sharmuta “Mike Farmer”, Dumb Bellamy and Bruce Muhammed.

                    Take ’em to “a better place”. HELL.

                    1. Trailer Trash Ted, is that a game you play with the Orange coloured moron in the White House.
                      Trampolining on Trumpolini?

                      What a pervert you are Ted.

    1. I’ve tried to warn you Bellers. Pretending to be Irish nationalists has consequences even if you’re a small budgie.

            1. Bellers, you get that YouTube programmatics play linked films on selected shuffle. So when you post your tunes I see a medley from The Greatest Showman or SuBo on BGT. Nice playlist though.

        1. I call them like I see them, Muck. You’re a braindead troll who gets the respect his “work” is accorded. Of course, you are free to fuck off and never come back, but you won’t.

  3. “suggesting ‘Zionists control the Holocaust narrative’.” is antisemitic? Seriously?

    Explain how, David.

    Remember your hypocritical slogan ‘THE TRUTH MATTERS’?

    1. Michael, Maitresse Corvid says that she helps clients with their stresses and frustrations. I hope you asked for a refund.

    2. Zionists aren’t Jews.

      Not only Jews died in the Holocaust & they weren’t the first to be targetted.

      1. There’s the incompetent revisionist historian you’ve always been, Muck. You can’t quite hide it; must be your mix of stupidity and arrogance.

          1. Ben, Michael writes reviews of restaurants he’s never eaten in and travel guides for places he’s never been. He has a limited audience.

            1. I’m quite certain Muck is limited in a great many ways, including some where I would have pity for him if he wasn’t shite coated in vomit.

  4. Plymouth Labour are without doubt an absolute disgrace. I hope the EHRC has been made aware of every last detail. They have bought Plymouth Council into disrepute. Tudor Evans should resign forthwith.

  5. I want to celebrate Scoffy’s upcoming b’day by making a donation in his name to which of the following humanitarian / human rights organisations.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Medical Aid for Palestinians
    2. Palestine Solidarity Campaign
    3. Labour Party
    4. Jewish Voice for Peace
    5. Jewish Voice for Labour
    6. Gaza Emergency Response
    7. Islamic Relief
    8. Palestine Children’s Relief Fund
    9. Interpal
    10. Code Pink
    11. United Nations Relief and Works Agency
    12. BDS Campaign
    13. Palestinian Red Crescent Society
    14. Gaza Mental Health Foundation
    15. Gaza Children in Crisis
    16. UNICEF

      1. “Defense”??!

        They don’t defend … their aggression is why they attack their neighbours.

        1. Meanwhile Israels “neighbours” attack and kill fellow Arabs/Muslims.

          500,000 dead in Syrian Civil War
          1,000,000 dead in 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war.

          Fascist Iran threatens Saudi Arabia – it’s a Sunni/Shiite thing
          Fascist Iran and HamASS executes gays, executes opponents.

          British Musilms kill their “neighbours” in the UK on 7/7, Pan Am 103, Lee Rigby, London bridge car ramming and recent knife attack.

          Sharmuta, keep up the good work promoting Islamofascism. One day you’ll get your own goat.

        2. Sharmut, Israel’s kind of “neighbours” …

          stab people on London bridge, run people over with cars, bomb London transport, behead soldiers like Lee Rigby, place bombs on Pan Am 103, fail to detonate bombs hidden in their sneakers and underwear, threaten the UK with 9/11 scale attacks, massacre the staff at Charlie Hebdo, massacre music lovers at Bataclan, drive trucks into crowds of people on Bastille day, bomb churches on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, …

          1. Pales when you remember the carnage that non-muslims visited on others in the 30/40s.

            Seek therapy, Ted.

      2. Trailer Trash Ted

        I’m certain that the ‘fake Jews’ (rhymes with ‘fake news’) like yourself, Ian, Dick and the rest would be pleased to know that a donation to Medical Aid for Palestinians will be made in Scoffy’s name in recognition of his birthday and the support he has given to Palestine-UK solidarity.

        Now I’d like to request that everyone stand.

        Ladies; place your right hand over your heart. Gentlemen, please remove your caps and remain standing for ‘Fida’i’ the Palestinian national anthem:

    1. Bruce, I hope you’ve cleared this with The Domina first. You will note the Financial Slavery section of her website demands that her sissies relinquish all control to her when they sign up.

      La Corvid can be a cruel mistress when her slaves transgress. You wouldn’t want the Brucie buttocks paddled a nasty shade of Code Pink would you?

      1. Be very careful what you say ‘Ian’, because Cllr Corvid would easily be able to deal with you so that you’d experience first hand how Palestinians suffer at the hands of the IOF on a daily basis.

        Cllr Corvid has more morality in her small finger than you’ve had in your whole sorry life.

        1. Pal-e-STINIANS will continue to suffer due to their “demon-ratically” elected representatives of HamASS.

          Happy Nakba Bruce Muhammed!

        2. Decent first hand review of the pain and suffering administered by Domina Corvid Bruce.

          Think you supposed to put these punter reviews on her website rather than here. Is it still a tonne twenty for an hour?

  6. Collier tweets ” ….’esting…..’estin’……..’oo. Can …’yone…’ere….’ee?”

    Bugger! Wrong Collier.

    Go on Michael. What’s new on THE “Collier tweets…” today ?

    1. Your troll farm is no match for ours Michael. We are the masters of the game and we’re watching you now.

    2. The MOST Right-Wing groups today are

      Ayatoolas of Fascist Iran
      HamASS of Fascist Pal-e-STiNE
      Al Qada
      Muslim Brotherhood
      Boko Haram
      Al Shabab

      Happy Nakba to All!

        1. Sharmuta, You missed the Fascist Laboor/Arbeiters party.

          Happy Nakba to You!

          P.S. Look out for F-a-l-l-i-n-g Geralds on December 12 and 13!

    1. Yeah but “Collier tweets.. ” Michael?

      2 days without your links. I checked and his site isn’t down. Are you down?

      I wouldn’t blame you. The Zio lobby is too powerful for you, even when the Soviets try to help out at Trot Central. You must be furious.

  7. Hey David, here’s some reasons why Zios like yourself shouldn’t vote for Jeremy Corbyn, courtesy of The Guardian:

    – Corbyn organised the Apr. 1977 defence of Jewish Wood Green from a Neo-Nazi march
    – 7 Nov. 1990: Corbyn signs motion condemning the rise of antisemitism
    – 11 Apr. 2000: Jeremy Corbyn signs motion condemning David Irving for being a Holocaust Denier
    – 6 Nov. 2000: Jeremy Corbyn praised the ‘British Schindler’, Bill Barazetti, for his WW2 kindertransport
    – 28 Jan. 2002: Jeremy Corbyn signs motion praising football clubs for commemorating Holocaust Day
    – 30 Apr. 2002: Corbyn was a primary sponsor on a motion condemning antisemitism
    – Jeremy led a clean up of Finsbury Park Synagogue after an anti-Semitic attack
    – 23 July 2002: Corbyn condemned attacks on a synagogue in Swansea
    – 26 Nov. 2003: Corbyn officially condemns attacks on 2 Istanbul synagogues
    – 16 Dec. 2003: Jeremy Corbyn signs motion commemorating International Holocaust Day
    – Jeremy condemned news that anti-Semitic hate crimes had risen for yet another year
    – 21 Jan. 2004: Jeremy Corbyn condemned the French government’s moves to ban the Jewish Kippa in French Schools
    – 26 Feb. 2004: Jeremy signed a motion praising Simon Wiesenthal for bringing Nazi perpetrators of the Holocaust to justice
    – 8 Sept. 2004: Corbyn co-sponsored a bill expressing fears for the future of the United Synagogue Pension Scheme
    – 11 Oct. 2004: Jeremy Corbyn condemned arbitrary attacks on civilians in Israel and Palestine
    – 12 Jan. 2005: Jeremy Corbyn signs a motion commemorating International Holocaust Day
    – 16 June 2005: Jeremy condemned the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in east London
    – 11 Jan. 2006: Jeremy Corbyn signs a motion commemorating International Holocaust Day
    – 8 Mar. 2006: Jeremy Corbyn led condemnations of an Iranian Magazine soliciting cartoons about the Holocaust
    – 16 Apr. 2006: Jeremy Corbyn condemned Bryan Ferry for anti-Semitic remarks
    – 26 June 2006: Jeremy Corbyn praised British war veterans for their efforts to combat the Holocaust
    – 10 Oct. 2006: Jeremy signed a motion marking the 70th anniversary of Cable Street
    – 14 Nov. 2007: Jeremy co-sponsored a motion lamenting the poverty and social exclusion East London Jews suffered
    – 12 May 2008: Corbyn praised the efforts of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto during the uprising of 1944
    – 27 Oct 2008: Jeremy Corbyn signs a motion marking the 70th anniversary of the horrors of the holocaust
    – 8 Dec. 2008: Jeremy condemned the Press Complaints Commission for refusing to sanction The Times for antisemitism
    – 14 Jan. 2009: Jeremy Corbyn condemned a wave of recent anti-Semitic incidents targeted
    – 27 Jan. 2009: Corbyn signed John Mann’s motion condemning antisemitism on university campuses
    – 26 Feb. 2009: Jeremy signs a motion condemning antisemitism on the internet
    – 24 Mar. 2009: Corbyn signs a motion praising the heroism of British Jews during Holocaust
    – 2 Dec. 2009: Jeremy Condemned Iran’s treatment of Jewish minorities in Iran
    – 9 Feb. 2010: Jeremy joins in calls for Facebook to do more to fight antisemitism
    – 22 Feb 2010: Corbyn co-sponsors a motion calling for Yemen’s Jews to be given refugee status to the UK
    – 27 Oct. 2010: Corbyn praises work of late Israeli PM in his pursuit of a 2 state solution
    – 27 Jan. 2011: Corbyn co-sponsored a motion praising the ‘never again for anyone initiative’
    – 3 Mar. 2011: Corbyn backed Ian Paisley’s motion condemning the anti-Semitic remarks of Dior’s lead fashion designer
    – 14 Mar. 2012: Jeremy Corbyn condemned the sale of Nazi memorabilia at an auction in Bristol
    – 14 Mar 2012: Jeremy Corbyn co-sponsored a bill condemning the rise of antisemitism in Lithuania
    – 20 Mar. 2012, Jeremy Corbyn condemned a terrorist attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse
    – 12 June 2012, Jeremy co-sponsored a motion condemning anti-Semitic attacks during EURO 2012 in Poland
    – 13 June 2012: Jeremy attacks BBC for cutting Jewish programmes from Its schedule
    – 1 Mar 2013: Corbyn joins a chorus of calls condemning antisemitism In sport
    – 1 Oct. 2013: Corbyn was one of the few MPs who defended Ralph Miliband from Daily Mail antisemitism
    – 9 Jan 2014: Jeremy praises Holocaust Memorial’s work on antisemitism education
    – 22 June 2015: Jeremy condemns a Neo-Nazi rally planned for a Jewish area of London
    – Sat 4 July 2015: Jeremy co-planned a counter-fascist demo in defence of Jewish residents at Golders Green. The march was re-routed
    – 18 Nov. 2015, Corbyn used one of his first PMQs to challenge Cameron to do more on antisemism
    – 9 Oct 2016: Corbyn, close to tears, leads commemoration of the Battle of Cable Street
    – 3 Dec. 2016: Corbyn visits Terezin Concentration Camp to commemorate Holocaust victims
    – In 2017-19 Jeremy introduced 20 new measures to combat antisemitism in the Labour Party

    That’s pretty weird behaviour for an anti-Semite. Isn’t it?

      1. Ian, Israel is not ‘the Jewish State’. Nothing Jewish about oppression, apartheid and discrimination. All those words describe Zionism, not Judaism.

        1. Sorry Bruce. Kicking and squealing may give you 2 or 3 seconds of self gratification but it is pretty irrelevant to everyone else. But please, don’t let me deter you.

            1. Quite so Bruce and my kind are lucky to have our eternal Jewish State. This is what victory looks like so bleat on to someone that gives a shit boychik.

        2. > Nothing Jewish about oppression, apartheid and discrimination.


          But there are plenty of examples of oppression, apartheid and discrimination in Socialist and Arab/Muslim entities.

          HamASS controlled Gaza, Hezbola controlled Lebanon, Fascist Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Londonistan (London and Westminster bridge attacks, beheading of Lee Rigby), Pakistan and

          ISIS, Al Qada, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, Al Shabab, …

        3. Yep, Israel is home to a minority of world Jewry … and continues to sully the term ‘Jewish’.

            1. Neither could America till Hitler declared war on them and gave them NO CHOICE, Ted.

              Took ’em two years to come in! 🙂

  8. Well, well. Collier, who shouts that people block him, has blocked me from commenting on his fake news twitter channel.

    Worra wimp. Lol.

    1. Michael, you dimwit. You’ve just posted above that you’ve been blocked from posting.

      So, now we know you’re just a whiney baby tell us about today’s “Collier tweets..”

      1. Michael, fair warning. Your account has been hacked. Someone using your name posted the above link to David’s Twitter account and specifically to a post showing the story about Corbyn being supported by terrorist group Hamas.

        Thought you’d want to know.

  9. Surprise, surprise. A democratically elected government of a country that is currently occupied by Israel whose actions have been appeased for years by this Conservative gov. has come out in favour of a party that would cease this appeasement.

  10. Seems Collier tweets “I am at Parliament Square, where 1000s of British Jews have gathered #TogetherAgainstAntisemitism. 1000s. Still streaming into the square.
    It isn’t impressive, nor warming, nor hopeful.
    It is utterly and totally tragic that this is happening in the UK.”

    How long will it take for the stench of Zionism to clear from Parliament Square when this bunch of racists disperse having made the political statement that they would prefer that the current pals of Israel remain in power and appease Israel for another five years.

    What is tragic is that this sect through its lies and deceipt could be subjecting British families to even more poverty and austerity.

    1. Oh Mike. I see your are becoming even more unsettled. Three days until your Hamas operative in the UK gets absolutely trounced in the polls. Then you can deactivate.

  11. Again the “Oh Mike”. You really mustn’t let your appearance in a rogues’ gallery inflate your already undeserved ego.

    It is yourself that proclaims “the sky is falling” on British Jews each time you blog to claim your benefits. How many of them have the wit to see it for what it is I don’t know.Less than 20% I’d wager.

    1. Oh Michael. Such frustration. Your favourite Domina, de-selected, your antisemitic text books re-called, your political party heading for the abyss and your years of raging against David, Jews and Israel, all for nothing.

      Never mind.

  12. Your written attacks on Cllr Margaret Corvid is cruel and very un-Jewish. If you have any decency, you’d delete these posts NOW!

  13. Collier has tweeted “The tweet below blames the Jews for the Holocaust and all the persecution they suffered – put out as a ‘human rights’ message on #HumanRightsDay – it will receive 100s of retweets

    Human rights activism has been poisoned with #antisemitism and they simply cannot see it.”

    Collier is a deceiver and a liar.

    The tweet that he references is truthful in saying that at largd Jewish communities lived peacefully in Arab countries.
    When Jewish militia attacked Arab communities in Palestine, destroying their villages, murdering and driving out their populations SOME Arab countries did indeed harass the Jewish community to leave. Mossad and the Zionist cult in those countries also urged thei community to flood to their new state founded in Palestine.

    What Collier doesn’t admit is that some of these Arab countries tried to persuade them to remain.

    But when has this serial hasbarist EVER put forward an honest blog?

    1. Michael, you’ve changed the wording on your “Collier tweets…” feature presumably in the belief that this will prevent further growth of David’s following as a result of your plugs. It won’t.

      In fact, since you began this helpful approach, his coverage has actually grown by over 7%, hence your award for excellent service this month. Thank you.

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