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Perdition and Margaret Corvid, the Labour councillor from Plymouth

Margaret Corvid is a Labour Party Councillor in Plymouth. She is extremely active and appears to play an important part of Luke Pollard’s re-election campaign. Margaret’s Facebook and Twitter are full of pro-Corbyn material and she is always on the street canvassing. She made over 400 tweets / retweets in just the last few weeks:

Margaret Corvid

Corvid is a solid Corbynite, joining the party after Corbyn took control in 2015. She describes herself as a Marxist and ‘proud entryist‘. Corvid does a lot of writing. Her name appears in the Guardian, Independent, Metro, Novara Media and New Statesman. Much of her writing is about the sex trade. Corvid makes her living as a dominatrix.

Oddly, Corvid’s Facebook friends list includes high profile players in the antisemitism row such as Tony Greenstein and Jackie Walker. Interestingly Mick Napier, the head of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign is in there too. Why would a local councillor in Plymouth be associated with a vile antisemitic group in Scotland?

It is because Margaret Corvid has not been using that name for long.

Corvid and Sassaman

I could find no active record for Margaret Corvid before 2013. She admits in an article it is her ‘professional name‘. What I did find was a political activist in Scotland named Esther Sassaman. Here is one of her tweets:

esther sassaman

Sassaman first appears in early 2003 with a blog about an upcoming visit to ‘Palestine’. She is American, defines herself as ‘ethnically Jewish but drawn to the black Baptist Christians’. She joined their Gospel Choir. It seems as if she was an anti-Israel ‘fanatic’ before she ever stepped foot there (she described herself as a ‘fanatic’ – Rachel Corrie was her inspiration).

Upon her return she continued with political activism. She even meets and interviews George Galloway during his visit to the States in 2005. Coincidence or not, within 7 months, Sassaman would surface as an activist in Galloway’s home town of Dundee.

Sassaman appears to have platformed with former Guantanamo Bay resident Moazzim Begg in 2006. At that point she was described as an ‘American’ resident in Scotland.

Corvid and Perdition

Sassaman came to public attention in Scotland during a row over the play Perdition, Perdition is a well-known antisemitic play. The play attempts to suggest that the Zionists needed Jewish corpses to raise more sympathy – and the Nazis begrudgingly obliged by destroying Hungarian Jewry. Thus the Jews become responsible, in no small part, for the Holocaust. It is a spectacularly twisted form of Holocaust denial – yes it may have happened, but it was the Jews fault.

The play was shown in Scotland by the SPSC. Incredibly (although not for those who know them) the SPSC decided it was fitting to run this during Holocaust Memorial Day.

Sassaman had a problem. She was highly active in the SWP and the association with Perdition on HMD was making for bad publicity. Apparently, they forced her to resign her position in the SPSC. But Sassaman would not go quietly – she said that despite the resignation she ‘supported’ Perdition claiming it had an ‘important story to tell’. She wrote this in her resignation letter:

My qualms about the staging of Perdition during HMW are tactical. The Zionists have certainly controlled the discourse about Holocaust remembrance for many years, and have aggressively quashed the truth about Zionist collaboration with Nazis. ….. Until then, Zionists will be able to marginalise and isolate alternative narratives during HMW and will use such efforts to strengthen their control of the Holocaust discourse.

By 2009 Sassaman was active as ‘Campaign Coordinator’, Glasgow North East for the Scottish National Party.

Corvid Sassaman

At some point after 2009, Perdition supporting Sassaman was left behind. She married and became Esther Owen. She divorced and headed for the south coast. It was there she became Margaret Corvid. She is now a Labour Party Councillor working for an institutionally antisemitic party, trying to get Jeremy Corbyn – and more locally – Luke Pollard, elected. ‘Zionists controlled the discourse of the Holocaust’. How on earth is she still inside the party?



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95 thoughts on “Perdition and Margaret Corvid, the Labour councillor from Plymouth

  1. “She is now a Labour Party Councillor working for an institutionally antisemitic party”

    Of course it isn’t an antisemitic party, but Collier receives charity money to lie about it, why would he stop?

    1. Farmer is another irredentist Soviet apparatchik condemning “Zionism” (nod, nod, wink, wink) for Labour.

        1. (Muck Framer calls any other group of people sordid and vile) Oh, this is just a 3-foot layup, Muck. You’ll always be a piece of shit but you used to try and not make it so damn obvious. You’re lazy now.

    1. Why don’t you go to Gaza with “Tonya Greenstein” and be Human Shields for HamAss?

      I can see you on all fours, with a dog leash around your neck and dominaturd Tonya walking you around over broken glass as you bark at the Moon.

      1. Ted, if all EDL and Britain First members are Christian, does that make all Christians racists?

        1. It makes you a sack of garbage that can barely type and brings extremely useful bad-faith volleys to this board so we can slam them back into your sub-normal face. Cheerio.

      Would definitely vote for her if I could. I’m another admirer!


        Would definitely vote for her if I could. I’m another admirer!

    3. Not going to return the sentiment to you because it would be unfair to ask that of someone with your, shall we say, LIMITATIONS.

  2. “Corvid”? Hilarious!
    Another dummy walking around with Marxist baggage dipped in corbynite.

  3. “A Labour activist, believed to be in her 70s, was attacked by a stranger calling her and fellow canvassers “Marxists” and telling them to leave Herefordshire.

    The woman was treated for suspected cracked ribs after the assault, which came as campaigners were delivering leaflets.

    “There is no place in politics or our society for such violence,” says a Labour spokesman.

    It is the second alleged attack on a Labour canvasser today. A man was arrestedfor grievous bodily harm after a 72-year-old campaigner was taken to hospital with a suspected broken jaw in South Yorkshire.”

    Well done, Collier ……. and you whine about a tripod boùght no doubt by your supporters’ money.

    1. I understand that Labour Party canvassers have been threatened on the doorstep in Newport West, and it has been reported to the Police.
      I have campaigned in Newport West on several occasions for Parliamentary, Welsh Assembly and City Council elections. I have NEVER heard of such things happening in Newport West before.

      It is not acceptable and those who are excessively demonising not just Jeremy Corbyn, but also Labour Party members and supporters need to be aware of the potential threats and attacks they are causing by their use of vitriolic language.

      I am not campaigning this time, and I have a postal vote which I have used and sent back.
      After considering everything and the potential damage that would be caused by Boris Johnson and the Conservative vermin getting back into power I voted Labour.

        1. Farmer someone was threatened while taking part in the election campaign. All you can do is to attempt to make an irrelevant and infantile comment.

          That says more about you than you intended as it shows that your priority is not in defending the democratic rights of people to take part in the elections without threat or intimidation, but to make a stupid comment and attempt to dress it up as a question.

          Fuck Off Farmer! Fascists like you make me vomit!

          1. ….. two were assaulted also, miss that?

            All down to the Zionist propaganda from such as lying Rabbis and your deceitful host.

            Again, would David take that as ‘self-hating’ and ‘antisemitic’ in his limited mind?

            1. Farmer when you mention the two who were assaulted, let us look at your post about it especially the final sentence.
              “Well done, Collier ……. and you whine about a tripod boùght no doubt by your supporters’ money.”

              You are more concerned with using the attacks on these two to launch an attack on David Collier, than you are with the fundamental right of people to take part in the election without the fear of being threatened or attacked.

              Twisting such attacks or threats to suit your twisted agenda, clearly demonstrates what a sick and twisted individual you are Farmer.
              Fascist scum such as you has no place in any democratic, or civilised society.

  4. I sympathise with Michael and Bruce. It is only natural that two lads that spend every day being furious and angry and frustrated with things would need a bit of calming submission in the evenings. Their loyal and very public defence of Madam Corvid may be part of their slavery contracts.

  5. Interesting

    She changes her name, but keeps her vile politics and opinions
    I wonder if there was any underlying reason for the name change

    1. Probably staying one step ahead of the tax man. Punters like Michael and Bruce probably pay her in readies which she will not want to declare. As we also know from Michael, it is prudent to have several aliases in certain circumstances.

  6. Chief Rabbi says “”the overwhelming majority of British Jews are gripped by anxiety”.

    More hasbara from this liar.

    I take it that the overwhelming majority of British Jews are gullible…… or dishonest.

  7. Because we live in a free society, this Fagin, this shyster, this self-appointed Jewish imposter ‘Chief Rabbi’ (who doesn’t represent me btw) should be allowed to say anything he wants.

    However, legislation should be passed so that if any religious entity decides to play partisan politics, they would immediately forfeit their tax free/charitable status. In this case the ‘Chief Rabbinate Trust’ would (and should) be struck off the register of UK charities and its assets seised

    If such legislation were passed, betcha that SOB Jewish imposter would keep his fat trap shut and stick to religion instead of politics.

    1. That would seriously fuck up your Muslim and pro-Pal Christian friends Brutes. But to a complete asshole like you, that’d probably be OK as long as you could screw over Jews in the process.

      1. Just diligent foot soldiers in the all-controlling Zio lobby that is steadily eroding all your hard won freedoms, Bellers

  8. Collier tweets “Just watched the @afneil interview @jeremycorbyn again. Simply brilliant skill by Andrew Neil but it raises an important question:

    How can anyone watch that brutal car crash –

    and still think they can vote for @uklabour?”

    Car crash? Far from it. He dealt with Neil superbly, refusing to ‘apologise’ for the lying Rabbi’s fabrication.

    Well done, Jeremy.

    1. Hey Michael, seen this?

      You and Bruce were furious recently when someone was bigging up our achievements and naturally you played your old “Lies, It’s all lies” card.

      Seeing us lead the way again in sustainable agriculture and water management and have our proposals endorsed by the UN must be so frustrating for you lads.

      And we’re creating thousands more well paid jobs for ALL Israelis at Sodastream Bruce.


  9. Another lovely morning in the Jewish State and another day when Michael and Bruce are furious and frustrated about something to do with Jews.

    I called Madam Corvid last night (for research purposes) and she confirmed that she can offer the Wicked Wednesday Dungeon Domme Special at half price for you both. She even has an opening for two (hehehe).

    Need a voucher?

    1. I recall when I was last in the apartheid state, it took me a few weeks to get the Zio stink out of my clothes.

      Ian, you just proved that in addition to being an anti-Palestinian Islamophobe, your also a misogynist.

      Apartheid Israel is not and will never be a Jewish state.

      Get over it.

      1. Yet another morning of fury and frustration for you Bruce. You’ll be having a fair few of them in the years to come.

        Fair play to you though for getting all the required activist vocab into three short sentences but no extra marks for the repetition of ” apartheid ”

        Now, calm yourself. It’s Whiplash Thursday with the comely Madam Corvid and I’ve sent you the voucher for you and Michael to have the ‘All you can eat Gimp-Gobble Special’ at her dungeon. Over 70s nibble for half price.


        1. Hey Ian

          Margaret Corvid has more morality in her little finger than you’ve had during your entire life.

          Go back to pleasuring yourself watching Palestinian homes being bulldozed and children being shot.

          1. HamASS using children as HUMAN SHIELDS.
            HamASS using journalists as HUMAN SHIELDS.

            Just as HamASS fires rockets from hospitals, mosques, schools.

            HamASS fighters dressed as CIVILIANS.

            All are WAR CRIMES that FASCIST Pal-e-STINE will stand trial for.

            Happy Nakba!

  10. Collier tweets “This letter appeared after the Chief Rabbi wrote an article about the fear of the British Jews.
    The letter is now viral and being used by @uklabour
    The number does not exist.
    The organisation has no history
    Its website is just a few months old
    The address is a bakery ”

    No less a fantasy than what Collier and the lying Rabbi peddle.

      1. Michael, you and Bruce really are cross with Jews this morning.

        I feel your frustration. The more furious and angry you get, the more sympathetic people are with Jews and the more they shun the antisemites.

        Is this what you had in mind?

        (Oh and btw, cracking effort with the ‘Collier tweets..’ slot. 1000 more followers this week!)

  11. Oh, and Bruce ICYMI, this in reference to your remarks about Klingons or Palestinians or some such nonsense. Check out this well known and very searchable quote from PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein, in a 1977 interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw.

    He said “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a
    Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle
    against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality
    today there is no difference between Jordanians,
    Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and
    tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of
    a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand
    that we posit the existence of a distinct ‘Palestinian
    people’ to oppose Zionism.”

    Of course, what you choose to fill your mind with in the privacy of your own home is entirely your own affair, so you carry on doing you boychik.

  12. Brucie Levy

    When I did my apprenticeship, my overseeing journeyman was a self proclaimed neo-Nazi sympathiser
    I hadn’t thought about him for years; yet recently I started recalling him.
    And everytime I found myself recalling him was when I was reading posts from you
    Coincidence??? ….or something else
    Reading Farmer doesn’t do it, reading Bellamy doesn’t trigger those recollections
    Just reading yours Brucie babes; so no coincidence

    1. “neo-Nazi sympathiser”?

      Begin and Shamir admired their character … if not the treatment against the Jews.

      It is of course Israel that is :




      seeking ‘racial purity’ in their state

      Are you blind to the similarities … or just the usual dishonesty?

    2. Hey Richie, the Nazi’s were the best friends your kind ever had. And betcha too, that the word ‘Nazi’ is the most commonly used word on David’s blog.

      The Zionists have conveniently used the Nazi’s as justification for the establishment of apartheid Israel despite sharing very similar ideologies. Now instead of the Jews, it’s the Palestinians who are the persecuted.

      In addition to the Zio’s collaborating with the Nazi’s during the 1930’s (that Tony Greenstein also covered on his excellent blog), you should be grateful to the Nazi’s because without them you’d be at a loss as to what to call your enemies.

      So this Thanksgiving, Zio’s throughout the world should be thankful to the Nazi’s for their services to the apartheid state.

  13. Stephen

    You are back to making your broad substance free accusations- previously against Israel and now against the Chief Rabbis of the UK past and present

    So I challenge you- what isa the substance and evidence behind your wild allegation that either Rabbi Mirvis and his predecessor were /are racists.
    These allegations you make are serious and would constitute a form of defamation of character if not backed up by factual evidence

    Facts only please.
    Your opinions are just that – opinions; and opinions are not fact

    So the factual evidence please

      1. Pro-Pali’s … therefore Racists, Fascists, Terrorists (9/11, London’s 7/7, Boston Marathon, Mumbai, Lee Rigby, Daniel Pearl, Theo van Gogh, Beslan, Manchester, Bastille Day, Pan Am 103, 1972 Olympics, shooting of Pope John Paul II, assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Grand Pooofti, homophobes, misogynists, family honour killings, genocidal threats against the US, thwarted in-flight bombings of passenger planes, Nairobi, Palmyra, Muslim v Muslim wars), …

        Pali’s using children as Human Shields.

        Celebratory funerals (candy and yodels) for Darwin Award Winners of Fascist Gaza.

  14. Brucie babes

    Israel is a Jewish majority state

    The leadership of the Third Reich tried to define who was a Jew

    The ‘great’ Brucie Levy is now taking on the mantle of deciding if Israel is a Jewish State , or not.
    A bit presumptuous, or what??????????

    1. Israel is a Jewish/Muslim/Christian etc. state.

      It’s name, taken from a shortlist is indeed ISRAEL … as it says on the tin.

      It’s Israel that flouts the Geneva Conventions.

      It’s Israel that shoots unarmed protestors at the fence … on their own land.

      It’s Israel that occupies Gazan skies and waters, shooting at Gazan fishermen.

      It’s Israel that puts Gazan families on a diet.

      It’s Israel that boards a Turkish ship in International Waters, shooting dead 9 of its crew.

      It’s Israel that is intent on moving towards a racially seperated state.

      It’s Israel that blitzes Gaza on a regular basis killing over a thousand childred …

      If you want to label such a vile state as ‘Jewish’ that hardly paints Jews as decent entity does it?

      A slur on the majority of world Jews who do NOT choose to live there.

  15. Gerald

    Vermin is very much a word that was used by the Third Reich to describe Jews and the other peoples deemed undesirable and needing eradication
    A word carelessly used, but ripe with terrible connotations.
    Please use language with more care

    The use of the word ‘vermin’ to describe Tory supporters brings to mind the use of the word deplorables’ by Hillary Clinton to describe Trump supporters.
    I believed then, when I heard that, and I believe it now that that contributed greatly to her loss in the 2016 Presidential Elections
    Gratuitous insults directed at vast swathes of the population often tends to be self-defeating

    1. I’m sure that the word ‘vermin’ was in existance prior to the Third Reich.

      Don’t attempt to forbid others to use it.

      No doubt the Zionists will attempt to make it’s use an example of ‘antisemitism’ …. that ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ jibe

    2. Richard.

      If you had been in the U.K. a little longer, than you clearly have, you would know that he description of “Tories/Conservatives being lower than vermin” was used by Nye Bevan many decades ago.
      Nye Bevan was one of the main driving forces behind the introduction of the NHS, as a Government Minister. Because of this, without any shadow of a doubt in my mind, I would point out to you that Nye Bevan did more for Britain and the British people than you will ever achieve.

      Nye Bevan was right when he said it, and it is still true today just look at the disgusting plans of the Tories/Conservatives to sell off the NHS to Trump and the American Big Pharma companies, to describe them as lower than vermin is mild.

      Your attempt to drag in the Third Reich and link it to my use of the word vermin is beneath contempt and unworthy of any further comment.

  16. Gerald

    So you are denying that the Third Reich used the term ‘vermin’ extensively to describe Jews and other undesirables, and that this was part of their propaganda that helped pave the way for the progression towards the Holocaust

    As I said, words are important and the way they are used and misused is incredibly important

    If you want to misinterpret what I said, and then reply with personal invective and insult, it says more about you and your worldview than anything I have said and done

  17. Gerald

    The document you reference about the NHS is nothing more than an initial paper introducing different approaches to forthcoming negotiations for a trade deal which will occur in the near future

    It is neither policy document or draft treaty.
    It is purely speculative items that MAY be discussed at a later date

    But you are more than welcome to misinterpret its value .

    1. Richard

      So apart from being a right-wing troll you are also an apologist for the Conservatives.

      Not a surprise really as in South Africa you used to have a Prime Minister and subsequently States President, B.J. Vorster who was a high ranking member of the paramilitary wing of a pro-Nazi organisation.

      I bet you really miss apartheid in South Africa, don’t you?

  18. Wow, everyone’s out to play today.

    There’s a real link between the self destruction of the UK Socialists+ sympathy for Jews and the growing fury and frustration of Michael and Bruce.

    More activist vocab per square millimetre, more wild flailing at the Jewish State, but noticeably less “Collier tweets..” from Michael. Is this becuase he’s realised that he’s actually David’s self appointed search engine?

    Never let the old folk near tech.

  19. Brucie babes

    As you will notice, I have never called anyone a Nazi
    The simple reason for that is that the Nazis perpetrated what is probably the most unique and evil crime in history

    The Nazis firstly called for the total destruction of an entire people. Sadly this is neither new or novel
    What makes the Nazis notoriously evil is the fact that they cold heartedly then built abbatoirs to murder their victims, thereby undertaking a crime unique in history.
    The cold blooded murder of people using the tools of a modern industrial system is what has holds the Nazis to a unique standard of evil

    To compare any other group or country to the evils perpetuated by the Nazis is to display a singular misunderstanding of history, and directing these accusations against Jews and Israel makes you into Antisemitic Jew hating racist bigot.

    1. “directing these accusations against Jews and Israel makes you into Antisemitic Jew hating racist bigot.”

      Again an example of your lack of comprehension.

      Where did Gerald level such accusations against Jews. Israel perhaps.

      Israel is NOT the Jews.

    2. An “Antisemitic Jew hating racist bigot?” I don’t think so, since I don’t hate myself. But don’t let that bother you since your kind always loves to pass judgement on others.

      The word ‘Nazis’ in your comment can be replaced with ‘Zionist’ and still be correct.

      Now whether you like it or not, I have a Thanksgiving meal to enjoy where I’ll be giving thanks for elected representatives like Margaret Corvid who was sent from America by Hashem to serve the people of Plymouth.

      They are are truly blessed.

  20. Gerald

    My my
    A whole post containing nothing
    A whole post that consisting of nothing more than invective and insult directed at me

    What is the connection between myself and John Vorster?
    Yes I was born in South Africa
    And so was Nelson Mandela and Joe Slovo and Helen Suzman
    Where one is born doers not dictate ones political and ethical views
    Therefore by your logic because I was born in South Africa, as well as the others I mentioned above, we must all be racist ideologues

    Your shallowness and ignorance of fact and history become ever more apparent with every post
    Do try to contribute to the conversation rather than joining the myriad of hate filled trolls that inhabit the internet, that’s a good lad

    1. Richard

      Obviously I have touched your sensitive point.
      Your futile attempt to compare yourself with Nelson Mandela, et al is appropriate for the start of pantomime season in the U.K.

      “Where one is born doers (sic) not dictate…” Now that you’re living in England have you thought of learning the language?
      Ask Mike Farmer, I’m sure he’d be happy to give you lessons.

  21. Gerald

    Picking up on a typo highlights your vacuous and meaningless contributions to this blog

    Your retorts are as silly as Farmers and deserve the same amount of attention
    Zero. Zilch.


  22. Richard.

    Are you not the same one who advised me that I should, and I quote “Please use language with more care.”
    Yet apart from the typo already mentioned, we also have your mangling of the English language with “is what has holds” And I have no doubt there are many more, but as you are such a boring and insignificant little wassock I can’t be bothered to look.
    Hypocrisy, I will not use the term double standards, as clearly you do not have any standards.

    The only thing around here that I note is vacuous is the space between your ears where a brain should be.

    Goodbye, goodbye until the morrow.

    1. Just had Domina Corvid on the phone. She’d kept her slot open for the Farmer Levy party with the voucher I sent to secure the reservation and guess what? A no-show. Shes not happy and said “typical yids” Tried to explain that you were both fellow antisemites but she wasn’t having any of it.

      You’ve got some grovelling to do. Apparently she charges extra for that.

  23. Anyone with half a brain can see through the very transparent hyperbole about antisemitism in the Labour Party. Research the facts, it’s not difficult! Racism in any form is abhorrent and should always be called out. Antisemitism is one form of racism among many others. There is no hierarchy in racism. Call out all racism everywhere. It is more prevalent in the general public than in the Labour Party.

    1. You should have said “anyone with 1/100th of a brain” because that would allow you to participate in the discussion as well, you cult member piece of shit troll. GTFO of here.

  24. Rabbi Mirvis represented Israel’s interests at government level and in the media…… as he did again several days ago

  25. Hey Bruce, hope you demanded a full refund when they BDS’ed Rog’s film premiere.

    Unhappily for you Madam Corvid is less forthcoming. Her exact words were ” I ain’t gonna be stiffed by no money-grabbing yids. These giant baby nappies don’t pay for themselves.”

    In the interests of keeping you antisemites happy I’ll try to negotiate. Give me your or Michael’s credit card details and I’ll try and arrange an instalment option before she goes legal.


  26. Hey Gerald, you’ve come out above as a chap who is keen on touching peoples’ sensitive spots. Would you be interested in taking Bruce and Michael’s booking with Domina Corvid ? There is obviously a charge for this sort of thing but she may be negotiable to fill her opening.

    Hint. She’s not keen on Jews so I suggest that when you meet her you pretend to be Welsh.

    1. Yawn

      I see the resident Golf Club bore is still belching out his alcohol fuelled nonsense. I suppose it is an improvement on his usual anti-Arab racist rants and ignorant, fact-free Bullshit about Aid and Development.

      1. Tired Gerald? You’ll be no use to Mistress Corvid in that state, not at her prices.

        Drop a bluey with your Sanatogen and take advantage of the Black Friday Early Bird Specials at her Dungeon.

        Tip. Try “The Brucie” where she dresses as a naughty Nazi and you have to wear striped bondage PJs while you clean her oven. Michael gave it 3 stars on She also does a thing with your golf wood but that’s extra.

    1. I do very little boring Gerald. Although Domina Corvid does appreciate a nice warm hand on her entry. I wouldn’t advise you tried any of your grammar shtick on her though. You may get a nasty kick between your parentheses. She hates smart arsed yids, real or pretend.

      1. No, actually you do a lot of boring intentionally or otherwise.
        Perhaps you find it humorous, such a pity nobody else does. Doubtless you have spent a lot of your time throughout your, boring and insignificant, life amusing yourself.

        You carry on sitting in the corner of the Golf Club bar playing the part of the resident bore, a part you play very well after years of practise.

        1. Oh come on Gerald, the deliberate grammatical error and the obvious spelling mistake . You’d have your inverted commas and sic parentheses out faster than you could say “get yer ‘ands on my reinforced shaft Mistress”

          I’m not rising to it.

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